Sunday Slam Intro
Bobby Weitbrecht vs Barbwirefreak vs Blaze vs Nate Nytro
Ace/Josephine Miyazaki vs David Alastair/Ripper
Jack of Blades' Mystery Celebration
Tommy Havock/Road Rage vs Torture/Victor Taylor
Jack of Blades/Genocide vs Creeping Death/Burn Out
Bobby Cairo/JJ Biggs vs Ellis/Sean Hughes

WCF Sunday Slam Intro

Glasgow Megasnake by Mogwai blasts yet again, and Sunday Slam is on the air! The crowd roars as they hold up their signs and the like. After the pyro has gone off, we go to Zach and Shannan.

Zach Davis: Welcome to Sunday Slam!

Shannan Lerch: Tonight the Lethal Lottery begins. Are you excited, Zach?

Zach Davis: No, not really.

Shannan Lerch: ...?


Shannan Lerch: Oh, Zach. You got me!

Zach Davis: That's right. In our main event, we'll see OUR NEW WORLD CHAMPION, Bobby Cairo, teaming with JJ Biggs. They're taking on Ellis and newcomer Sean Hughes.

Shannan Lerch: An interesting match, indeed. Both Cairo and Biggs were victorious at Payback. Ellis, however, did not win her match for the Television Title. She didn't exactly lose, but she will certainly NOT be in a good mood.

Zach Davis: And for that, I pity everyone involved in the match. Including her tag team partner.

Shannan Lerch: We do, however, have the new Television Champion in action. He's teaming with the FORMER Hardcore Champion, Genocide, and taking on Creeping Death and Burn Out. What.. what interesting teams!

Zach Davis: Remember, Jack of Blades was involved as Special Guest Ref with Genocide recently. Plus, it seemed like he didn't much care about winning the Television Title. Does he care about winning this match?

Shannan Lerch: He should. If his team wins, there is a chance he'll go on to fight Ellis' team. Maybe not, but you never know.

Zach Davis: We've got Tommy Havock teaming with Road Rage to take on Torture and the former World Champ, Victor Taylor. I've heard rumors, though, that Outcast may not be showing up.

Shannan Lerch: Same here. Supposedly he was planning to retire once he lost the World Title and just didn't tell anybody. So who knows. Maybe he'll show up anyway. Or maybe Torture will go through a handicapped match.

Zach Davis: The new Hardcore Champion is in action, teaming with Ace, and taking on David Alastair and Ripper. What are the odds that Alastair and Ripper get teamed up? David defeated him at Payback, so who knows if these two will be able to get along.

Shannan Lerch: In our opening match, we have three interesting newcomers, plus the returning NATE NYTRO, in a ten minute Ironman match. The winner will get a spot in the Lethal Lottery if someone already in it needs to be replaced.

Zach Davis: That's the chance of a lifetime. Bobby Weitbrecht, Barbwirefreak, and Blaze are the new guys.

Shannan Lerch: Barbwirefreak loves him some barbwire!

Zach Davis: ..Yeah.. Well, let's get to the action, shall we?

10 Minute Lethal Lottery Fill In Ironman Match
Bobby Weitbrecht vs Barbwirefreak vs Blaze vs Nate Nytro

An eerie shade of green envelopes the arena. After the breif opening of "The Everlasting Gaze", the drums kick in, and green and grey light cues kick in, spinning and twirling. Nate Nytro makes his entrance and walks up the rampway. Upon entering the ring, he interacts with the crowd on the corners. He then enters the ring.

Shannan Lerch: And there is the returning Nate Nytro!

We wait a few seconds... no music hits.

Zach Davis: Hm? Where is Bobby Weitbrecht, or Barbwirefreak, or Blaze?

Metallica's "The Struggle Within" plays.

Shannan Lerch: Uh oh.

And out steps... Bobby Dole!

Zach Davis: That's Logan's VP. What does he want?

Bobby Dole: Hello, Nate Nytro. From my boss, King Logan, I congratulate you on coming back to the WCF. However, I also congratulate you on your first one, since none of these other guys showed up.

Nate shrugs, happy with the win, but probably looking forward to actually wrestling.

Bobby Dole: If one of the Lethal Lottery teams needs someone, you'll be there next week. And if more teams need someone, well... Logan will figure something out, I'm sure.

The Struggle Within plays again, and Dole makes his exit.

Shannan Lerch: Hm. Can't wait to see what that's about.

Ace/Josephine Miyazaki vs David Alastair/Ripper

David Alastair slowly steps out of the entranceway, looks around, and does his "Messiah Cross" taunt (arms spread with pumped fists while head banging to the music). He then sprints to the ring and slides under the ropes. He gets up to his feet, runs to the nearest turnbuckle, proceeds to do his "Messiah Cross" taunt, and steps off the turnbuckle, eager to start his upcoming match.

Zach Davis: Here is Alastair who scored an impressive win over Ripper on his debut at Payback, you wouldn’t think they would be tag team partners the next week would you Shannan.

Shannan Lerch: Well that’s what’s great about the lethal lottery Zach you get the most random of parings.

Ripper walks out to the ring, Hi-5ing everyone gets into the ring and raise one arm up.

Bits of Skin by Gotham Road hits. The lights turn off as a single spotlight shines on the stage about a minute in Ace appears. He stops at the top of the ramp and looks out at the crowd with distain and then points to himself proclaiming himself to be the highest card in the deck and that he can't be out drawn. He then slides under the bottom rope and climbs the nearest turnbuckle, pointing to himself and saying he can't be out drawn again. He then jumps down and slumps down and sits in the corner.

Tear You Apart by She Wants Revenge hits and cherry blossoms fall from the ceiling like confetti, and after a few seconds, Josephine "JoJo" Miyazaki bursts through the curtain, bottle of sake in one hand and kendo stick in the other, long black trenchcoat flowing as she slowly makes her way to the ring. Once finally getting to the ring steps, Jojo takes the bottle of sake and chugs it, getting half of it on herself and spraying a mouthful in the air before tossing the bottle out into the crowd. She then sets the kendo stick on the ground, and slides off her trenchcoat, tossing it on the ground as Jojo grabs her kendo stick again... she motions like she's gonna enter the ring, but instead strikes a couple of sexy poses for her fans before FINALLY entering the ring.

Shannan Lerch: And here is another strange partnering as well Zach.

Zach Davis: Yes without the lethal lottery I doubt we would have seen these to in the ring as tag team partners.

The bell rings as Ace steps out between the ropes leaving Jojo to start the match with Ripper.

Zach Davis: Well that’s very gentleman like of Ace letting Jojo start the match.

Shannan Lerch: I don’t think she gives a damn really she showed at Payback that she not scared of any of the guys in this federation.

They close in and lock up. Jojo quickly grabs the arm of Ripper and twist it into a hammerlock. Ripper then grabs her by the hair and snapmares her over they both stand up at the same time. They lock up again this time its ripper going around the back of Jojo and attempting a german suplex, this is blocked however by Jojo hooking her leg behind Rippers she then breaks Rippers grasp around her and switches to the back of Ripper, she then attempts a Dragon suplex that is reversed by Ripper clasping his hands and the bringing his elbow together forcing Jojo to lose the full nelson hold.

Zach Davis: Some good tech wrestling there showing that these two are not just brawlers and when it comes down to it they can straight out wrestle.

The two then lock up once again with Jojo getting the better of Ripper, she whips him off against the ropes and in a great show of strength lifts him and drops him down with a big tilt-a-whirl slam, she then drags him over to the corner where she tags in Ace.

Ace lifts Ripper up but as soon as he is to his feet Ace drop kicks him in the knee sending him face first into the mat.

Zach Davis: Good strategy there by Ace take out the big mans legs and that landing can’t have helped at all.

Shannan Lerch: No that landing just looked plain nasty.

Ace turns Ripper over and lays in a couple of punches to the face before standing and going back to working on the knee with some stomps.

At this point David Alistair noticing his partner is in tro9uble trys to enter the ring but is held back by the ref. Ace calls for Jojo to come into the ring, he gets her to hold Rippers leg in the air at a side ways angle.

Zach Davis: What are they going to do?

Ace runs off against the ropes and ropes and jumps into the air and lands with a brutal looking knee drop to the side of Rippers knee causing it to bend out sideways. Ripper’s roles on the floor obviously in a huge amount of pain from that brutal knee drop.

Shannan Lerch: Oh my god they may have just broken his knee.

Ace walks over and tags in Jojo who climbs to the top rope and drops down with a sick looking double stomp to the knee of Ripper. She lifts him up and tags in Ace. Jojo kicks the bad leg out from under Ripper who goes down, she then puts Rippers legs across her leg, Ace climbs to the top facing away from the to, he jumps of spinning 180 leg drop in the air landing on Rippers lower leg with a which is draped mover Jojo knee this causes the leg to bend violently across Jojo’s.

Zach Davis: Another impressive move there this looks like it could be a very good team.

Shannan Lerch: This team does look surprisingly impressive.

As Ace stands up he does Alistair’s own messiahs cross taunt over towards David Alistair.

Ripper who is now crawling over to David Alistair who has his arm out stretched to be tagged in. As Ace notices this he runs over and hits an elbow drop top the back of Rippers knee.

Ace stands up before locking in half boston crab in the centre of the ring.

Zach Davis: Ouch Ace and Jojo have been working on that knee the entire match and it may pay off here.

Shannan Lerch: Yeah Ripper looks like he may tap any second.

As Ace applies more pressure to the hold by sitting on the back of Ripper he starts to crawl over to his corner with David Alistair waiting arm out stretched for the tag. As Ace feels Ripper moving from underneath him he drags him back to the centre of the ring. Ace lays in a couple of stomps before lifting him to his feet. He lifts him up to belly to back cutter but Ripper slides of Aces back and Ace turns around into the Rippers Edge.

Zach Davis: Both guys are down Ace from the Rippers Edge and Ripper from two things pain and exhaustion.

Shannan Lerch: Yeah its all about who can get the tag first.

Ace and Ripper are both now crawling to there own corners, they both get the tag at the same time as Jojo and Alistair both come into the ring, Alistair runs and connects with a huge lariat to Jojo, then he connects with some stiff right hands to Ace before hitting a death valley driver on Ace, after the landing Ace rolls out of the ring holding the back of his neck. At this point the ref goes out to check on Ace. Jojo slides in behind Alistair with a brutal kendo stick shot right to the back of the head. Alistair also rolls out of the ring in nearly the exact same way Ace did, clutching the back of his head and neck. As Jojo turns she see Ripper miraculously on his feet she runs and attempts to hit him with the same kendo stick that sent Alistair out of the ring, she swings but Ripper ducks underneath the swing.

Zach Davis: Nice agility shown there by Ripper.

Shannan Lerch: Yeah that shot looked like it cold take your head off.

As Jojo turns around from the swing Ripper kicks her in the gut. He attempts to lift her for a powerslam but his knee buckles beneath him, sending him falling backwards with Jojo landing on him in a kind of cross body on top of Ripper.

Zach Davis: Damn I wish that was me.

Shannan Lerch: Put your tongue away Zach you pig.

Zach Davis: Fine but jealousy is not a nice thing Shannan.

Shannan Lerch: I’m not jealous im just sick of the way she flaunts her self around and everybody’s mouth drops opens.

By this time Ripper has kicked out of the crossbody pin at the count of one.

Ace and Alistair are starting to get up on the outside, they begin to exchange right hands with each other before Alistair takes the advantage. He whips Ace into the steel barrier outside the ring. As Ace hits the barrier he stumbles forward only to be hit with a brutal looking STO.

Back in the ring Jojo is working over Rippers knee. Alistair slides into the ring behind her and hits a forearm to the back, she stumbles forward this gives Alistair enough time to set up for a tornado DDT that he connects with as soon as Jojo turns around. Alistair goes over for the pin.



No Jojo just gets her shoulder up at two and a half.

Shannan Lerch: That was close.

Zach Davis: Yeah but im sure she’s had worse in her many hardcore matches.

Ace slowly makes his way to his feet on the outside obviously shaken by the earlier moves. He sees JoJo in need of a tag, and tags himself in. At this moment, Ripper is tagged in too. The two legal men run at each other, and Ace ducks a Clothesline and then hits a Lariat, sending Ripper down. Ripper is getting back up and Ace quickly hits his Cards Are Under The Table move!

Shannan Lerch: That's it!

Ace pins.




Zach Davis: Ace and JoJo move on in the Lethal Lottery!

Ace rolls out of the ring, as does JoJo. They share a glance at one another before heading to the back.

Jack of Blades' Mystery Surprise Celebration

The ring is adorned with what looks like accessories befitting a six-year old’s birthday party. A cluster of balloons, a table demonstrating light nibbles such as sausage rolls and quiches. The food selection is centralised around a decorative cake with numerous lit candles emerging from its icing. The canvas has been replaced by aluminium tiles to make it seem as if it were a dance-floor. A mountain of presents has been amounted at one turnbuckle and on its adjacent side is a clown, baggy pants and all.

Zach Davis: This has got Jack of Blades all over.

Shannan Lerch: This has got Jack of Blades, new Television Champion, all over.

A loud scratching riff pierces the arena before converting into Ennio Morricone’s Whistling Overture. The camera turns to the top of the ramp to see Jack of Blades crouched on the floor in his usual pose.

Zach Davis: What a surprise.

Shannan Lerch: God, because I love surprise parties and Jack’s obviously dressed up for it.

Zach Davis: You love any party that promotes your alcoholism.

Jack of Blades stands to his feet wiping the hair back demonstrating an insane smile. As this happens, two flames emerge from either side of the ramp.

Zach Davis: Seems as if Jack of Blades has some new pyro.

Jack begins his walk to the ring with the camera demonstrating his new Television Title that is wrapped around his fine Italian trousers. He slides into the ring, takes the belt off and without a touch of concern throws it over the ropes. He demands a microphone; a demand that is meant.

Jack of Blades: Hi de hi, Hi de ho. Tonight is a special night for a number of reasons. Firstly, this is the first Slam after Payback. The first Slam where you the fans get to see all three new champions in action principally the WCF Television champion, Jack of Blades. Moi.

The crowd meets his name with rapid booing. He just smiles and waits for it to hush up.

Jack of Blades: So, here it is. The coronation of the new Television champion and a party to remember it. So let’s do a Prescott, throw off our ties and for this one night get crazy.

Jack of Blades picks up a tray of sausage rolls and brings them outside the ring. He hands them out along the crowd. The crowd clamber to take a savoury souvenir and Jack is patient allowing those that want one to take them. He continues going down the crowd allowing people to take them off a tray. He stops at an attractive girl. She’s wearing a shirt with a fuzzy UFO on it.

Jack of Blades: I’ve pleasured many a woman before, ma’am. But I’ve never sent one into orbit before.

He bursts into laughter, as does the girl. She takes a sausage roll and kisses him on the cheek and mouths well done to him. He smiles at her and nods. He then back-steps and lobs the contents of the tray into the rows further away. A stream of hands clamber to catch them. Jack re-enters the ring as the camera shows a contented fan eating his sausage roll.

Jack of Blades is in the middle of the ring smiling before he notices a fan going to eat the snack he received off the Television Champion. Jack of Blades points at the fan and raises his microphone.

Jack of Blades: I swear to God if you take a bite of that, I will make Boffo here castrate you using his bare teeth and make a giraffe from his and your removal.

Boffo’s eyes enlarge and Jack realises this.

Jack of Blades: And you better not say anything in the nugatory. I had to pay for your perverted ass to get out of jail on drink-driving charges.

Zach Davis: Here’s the Jack we all know.

Jack of Blades: Like any good party, half of its attendees don’t know what we’re celebrating. You see in the spirit of party-life, I was just sexually attacked by some rampant animal. Everyone saw it, love and besides, everyone knows that I’m a one-woman guy.

A rope emerges from the ceiling and hovers over the ring.

Jack of Blades: So, let’s go on with the celebration. Oh yes, this isn’t inspired by my title victory, this is inspired by the story of a very lonely girl who just recently turned two-decades young, although, you wouldn’t tell it by looking at her. I know it’s a fortnight late but here it is.

Jack of Blades pulls the rope causing a banner to collapse saying ‘Ellis’ 20th Birthday Party’ along with a rain of confetti.

Jack of Blades: Ellis’ Island Surprise 20th Birthday Party. So can the girl of the moment come on down and enjoy her moment?

Ellis’ music hits but no movement from behind the curtain. The sound is cut and the camera moves back to a Jack of Blades.

Jack of Blades: Come on, it’s not like you’ve gotta face distant relatives here now is it?

Ellis’ music plays again but still no appearance. The camera switches to an infuriated Jack of Blades.

Jack of Blades: Listen, I’ve got a really great present for you. The present of knowing why Ace and I settled our differences and he planted the only person who has ever shown you any kind of friendly interest. But to get this present you’re going to have to make yourself, uh, present.

Jack of Blades’ responds at his use of homophones with hysterical laughter but it is soon broken by Ellis’ music. This time she makes herself apparent and moves through the curtain. She cradles a steel chair and runs down to the ring with it. Sliding under the rope, she quickly adjusts her posture and stands off with Jack, ready to collide the chair with his body if needed. Jack smiles. The blood-curdling scream ends her theme.

Jack of Blades: You’re obviously eager to play musical chairs. Very well, but let’s eat first.

He signals to Boffo the clown to get the cake and hold it. Jack picks up a knife from the table and goes to Boffo. He begins to slice into the cake. Ellis realises that this is all too familiar situation and backs-away and goes to strike Jack with the chair. He turns around to see her preparation to strike.

Jack of Blades: Of course, you’re a fussy eater, I forgot. How silly of me. Let’s just skip that and open some presents.

Ellis tentatively follows Jack over to the mound of wrapped gifts.

Jack of Blades: Aren’t you going to open them up then? You are if you want to know why Kikyo-Chan swallowed some floor.

She indulges Jack and throws her makeshift weapon away. She picks up a random present and tries to unwrap the bow. The roughness and size of her fingers make the action difficult. Jack goes to help but she gives him a death stare. She eventually succeeds and pulls out a set of matching clothes. A hat, a T-shirt, a necklace and a watch. All of them products of WCF’s merchandising department and all propagandising Jack of Blades. Ellis stretches a shirt out to demonstrate it as Jack of Blades’ trademark ‘Apollo/Dionysus’ T-shirt. She bares her teeth in disgust. Jack nods suggesting that she put it on if she wants to know about Kikyo. She begrudgingly does.

Jack of Blades: Well, I know clothes are boring but hey…the way you’re growing you should be thankful for them, huh?

He takes the cap and places it on her head before patting it to the extent it covers her eyesight. She adjusts it accordingly.

Jack of Blades: You’ve got a few more pressies, you know?

Jack of Blades points to the biggest one there and Ellis clasps it. The wrapping is so complex and ornate that it takes her a while to break through. When she does the whole thing falls apart as a hand on a spring protrudes from the top carrying a plush-toy of Jack of Blades.

Jack of Blades: A jack in the box!

He bursts into hysterics once more before regaining his composure and leaning his arm against Ellis shoulder.

Jack of Blades: I really should contain myself because well, I’m pretty sure this guest didn’t tolerate behaviour like that. Don’t worry, you can open the rest of your presents later or you can purchase them off WCF.COM/Shopping, doesn’t fuss me. Anyway, where we, oh yes, time to bring out someone whose been documenting your rise to the top and your inevitable fall. Oh yes, indeedy, it’s Mrs Watson, your third grade maths teacher.

For some reason, Mrs Watson enters to Meatloaf’s ‘I’ll do anything for love.’ She’s a meek sixty-something with grey pinned-back hair and her bespectacled eyes are the most noticeable feature of her cracked face. She struggles to get in the ring due to her age and the fact she’s wearing a skirt and yet wants to retain an amount of dignity. Ellis looks at Jack of Blades, he nods at her and she goes to sit on the bottom rope to let her in.

Jack of Blades: I see who you modelled your physical appearance on Ellis. Here you go, Teach.

Jack of Blades hands Mrs Watson the microphone. She coughs before looking at Ellis and speaking.

Mrs Watson: Well, uh, Ms Davis or is it Mrs Davis, now, I’m not sure. You used to be such a pretty thing and smart as well. Very smart. Her equations were always spot on.

She looks at Jack of Blades as she says this. He nods not particularly caring before noticing Buffo has a canister of drink. He takes it off and swallows a shot before passing it back as Mrs Watson continues.

Mrs. Watson: Admittedly, I didn’t think you’d be working in such an uh…unsavoury environment but it’s quaint and it’s got some colourful character.

She glares at Jack of Blades not sure how he will react. He waves madly. Ellis doesn’t take her eyes off Mrs Watson. She’s been glaring at the blouse pocket of Mrs Watson’s clothing. In the pocket, is a few loose biros. Quickly she snatches one and turns to stab Jack of Blades. Mrs Watson shrieks and falls into the arms of Buffo who gives up supporting her for another drink. As Ellis turns to stab Jack, he wraps her attacking arm as if to take her down with a Kimura armbar. She grunts in pain before extending a foot that connects with Jack of Blades head. They both roll out of it, pose as if to grapple one another, before Jack of Blades breaks his posture and picks the microphone up.

Jack of Blades: Play nicely otherwise you won’t get any jelly and ice-cream. Besides, you’ll love this next bit. Now, I know Buffo is entertaining enough…

As he says this, the camera zooms in on the clown to see him passed-out, snoring much to Mrs Watson’s protest, through drink. The crowd laughs.

Jack of Blades:…but I just couldn’t resist getting these guys. Oh yeah, you’re gonna be psyched for this. Introducing tonight’s special guests…Coheed and Cambria.

Ellis spins around in a sort of quasi-excitement to see if Jack of Blades has kept to his word. The trap door on the ramp opens and up emerges a bunch of aged yodellers in dungarees. The only attempt to mask this difference is that Jack of Blades has placed a giant tumbleweed of black nappy hair on the lead-singer.

Jack of Blades: Sing us a song.

After about thirty seconds of yodelling, Ellis turns around, pissed. The camera catches Mrs Watson bopping to the music. Jack of Blades realising that he’s really testing Ellis’ patience asks the band to cut the music.

Jack of Blades: You can see why they’re so popular. Speaking of popularity, the penultimate guest in this theatre of nightmares comes straight out of Hill Valley. Yes, I know you’re a closet ‘California Bay’ fan, the show where beautiful thirty-year-old teenagers deal with clothes, drugs and infidelity, so who better to celebrate your birthday than the show’s stair, Rachel Blowbeach.

Shannan Lerch: Whoa, Jack has brought in some big guns. Obviously you’re a big fan Zach.

Out comes a conceited stick of a girl, blonde highlights and all. As she walks down the ramp, she slaps every high-five and smiles. She’s an obvious contrast to Ellis. She enters the ring to wooing from the audiences male members. She glances at Ellis and flinches in repulsion before adjusting her perception and smiling.

Rachel Blowbeach: Whoa, when Jack of Blades told me what a big fan of mine you were I had to come and see you.

Jack of Blades: For a minimal charge of course.

Rachel Blowbeach: And, on your birthday, wow!

Rachel gets over-excited and madly hugs Ellis. Ellis repels but Blowbeach has it locked in pretty tight. Ellis just stares forward shocked at this human contact. Jack of Blades smiles to himself at his own crafted devices.

Rachel Blowbeach: And so, err…pretty as well.

Ellis pushes Rachel Blowbeach away and forces her out of the ring. She turns to Jack of Blades and grabs him by his jacket. Ellis snatches the microphone and begins to talk.

Ellis: This is over. It was over on Sunday. You won the match. There is no more need to be obsessed with me. Our conflict has stopped. You won the match but you didn’t accomplish what you wanted. If I’d have known this would have been the result, I’d have dropped you on your skull another two times. So are you going to tell me the reason why your idiot friend attacked Kikyo-Chan or can this charade end?

Jack of Blades snatches the microphone back.

Jack of Blades: Ok, ok. I’ll tell you why but first, let me get the final guest out. Trust me, you’ll wanna see this one. I had to scour every crack house, every whore-dwelling, her asylum for this one. The state knows him as Prisoner 8001-245-23923-ZM but you know him as Daddy Dearest. Oh, yes, it’s your first father, Michael Ian Davis!

Ellis turns to see if Jack of Blades speaks the truth. ‘Why can’t we be friends?’ plays from the sound-system as the curtain shakes and outcomes the same giant of a black man that featured in Jack’s ‘Wooden Epidermis’ sketch.

Zach Davis: Jack of Blades’ playing abhorrent mind games here.

Before Ellis can turn around and unleash her anger on her host. Jack of Blades runs forward with her back still turned and hits an Olympic Slam. Mrs Watson scurries off carrying Buffo as Rachel Blowbeach screams ‘I’ll sue’ at Jack of Blades. He responds with ‘go on’ as he picks up Ellis and strikes her down to the mat with a Cradle DDT.
Blades then moves other to the food table and eats a cocktail wiener before lowering himself and sitting next to Ellis’ motionless body.

Jack of Blades: You wanna know why we attacked Kikyo? For shits and giggles mostly although Ace may supply a different answer. Anyway, I’m making a match for this month’s pay-per-view. And before the ‘suits’ come down complaining that this will interrupt with their precious Lethal Lottery, shut up. You see it will be current Television Champion, Jack of Blades Vs…Kikyo!

The crowd gasps in excitement before realising who Jack just said he would be facing with a level of confusion.

Zach Davis: He can’t do that; Kikyo’s not a trained wrestler.

Shannan Lerch: Looks like he just did—

Jack of Blades: Of course all WCF cards are subject to change. Just depends whether you care more about the only being in this shitty existence that has ever demonstrated an inch of compassion to your scarred body or a chance at some titles, something you’ve already said you don’t care less about.

He takes a crumbled piece of paper out of his jacket pocket and reads what is written on it aloud.

Jack of Blades: “Eh... well, yeah. Don’t forget, I’ve been doing this for a year now. Gosh, I’ve even been through tables in Mexico. I’ll be okey-dokey” Sounds like a challenge!

Blades throws the microphone down before posing and leaving the ramp to the Whistling Overture. All the while staring at Ellis’ crumpled person. All the while laughing.

Tommy Havock/Road Rage vs Torture/Victor Taylor

Road Rage is already in the ring.

Three spotlights, (one red, one blue, and one silver) pan around the arena before meeting at the entrance ramp where they all turn white. Havock appears and stops to pose as pyrotechnics blast behind him. He is methodical in his approach to the ring, pauing to interact with the fans as appropriate. Before he enters the ring, he pauses on the apron to once again acknowledge the fans. He climbs to the middle turnbuckle and extends both arms to "show off" his body.

Zach Davis: Tommy Havock and Road Rage will be facing off against Torture in a handicap match.

Shannan Lerch: Care to explain the reason to our fans?

Zach Davis: Yes Lerch, Victory Taylor has retired from the WCF and went out on top. Thus Torture has to be by himself. If Torture wins tonight, the winner of the four man match will be his new teammate.

Shannan Lerch: Remember Winner goes to the next round, losers complain next week on why they're not getting Tag gold.

Both men stand in the ring. The arena goes dark, and the crowds begin to cheer.


Torture comes out to the stage and raises both arms in the air as the crowd pours in their love. Torture runs down the ramp and slides into the ring. The music stops and the bell sounds.

Zach Davis: He's starting it already!

Torture punches at Rage, then turns and punches at Havock. Turns back around and punches at Rage. Torture turns to swing at Havock. Havock ducks and Tort misses. Havock swings at Torture but Tort ducks and Havock knocks down Rage! Crowd laughs, as Torture german suplexes Havock. Torture gets up and catches Rages wild punch. A belly to belly suplex for Rage sends him rolling under the bottom ropes to the outside. Torture nips to his feet and taunts at the crowd.

Zach Davis: Thats what I'm talking about!

Shannan Lerch: God damn it's great to have this man back!

Torture turns around and notices Havock running at him. He lifts Havock over the ropes, but Tommy lands on his feet on the apron. Torture dropkicks the face off of Havock! Havock flies back into Rage, as he was getting back up, now they're back on the ground. Torture stands at the ropes as both men get up. Torture springboards to the top rope and Rage and Havock coward down. Torture does a 180 and lands on the apron. He then springboards back to the top rope as Havock and Rage look back up. Torture is moonsaulting in the air. He grabs both of their heads and drops them back into the guardrail as he lands on his feet on the other side into the crowd. A holy shit chant begins.

Shannan Lerch: Whoa! Never seen that before!

Zach Davis: Gotta love Torture..

Torture jumps to the rail, and hits a jumping Tornado DDT on Rage. He stands back up and clotheslines Havock back down. Torture grabs Rage and rolls him into the ring. Torture hits a flatliner on Road Rage in the middle of the ring. Torture stands up and notices Havock on climbing to the top rope. Road Rage rolls to the corner of the ring and Torture punches at Havock. Torture climbs up the corner too, as the crowd stands up. Torture knees Havock and turns him around, Tort is now behind Havock. Torture latches on to his head...

Zach Davis: .. No way..

Shannan Lerch: .. is he really going to..

Torture leaps off the top rope hitting a Tortures Device off the top! The crowd cheers as Torture covers Havock. The ref counts.




The bell sounds as Tortures arm is raised... Road Rage is already heading back up the ramp. Havock is rolling out of the ring as the music stops. Torture grabs Havock and pulls him back into the center of the ring and hits a Flatliner. Torture rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair.

Zach Davis: Torture won the match and advances, but what is he exactly doing?

Shannan Lerch: No clue..

Torture slides in the chair and rolls into the ring. Crowds begin to cheer as Creeping Death runs down the ramp. He slides in and picks up T. Havock. Torture puts the chair on the mat. Creeping Death taunts to the crowd as they all stand up and Creeping Death hits For Whom The Bells on the chair. Havock is out cold.

Zach Davis: Oh my!

Torture lifts up the chair high into the air as Havock is hardly moving. Torture drops the chair on Havocks face. A sickening thud is heard and Torture lifts his arms in the air. The crowd cheers. Torture lays down on his stomach next to Havock.

Shannan Lerch: WHAT IS HE SAYING?

Zach Davis: Looks like he said 'Thats A message for the Team of Treachery'

Shannan Lerch: Oh wow.

Torture's music hits again as He and CD both leave the ring up the ramp. WCF Officials try to get Havock out of the ring. Officials try hard but it is very tough to roll him out. They put him on a back board and slide him underneath the ropes. They put him on a stretcher. He's not moving at all. They roll up the ramp as we cut back to Davis and Lerch.

Zach Davis: We were just told that Havock has a broken neck.

Shannan Lerch: And we'd have to agree that the 'message' got across.

Zach Davis: Well, Torture is going to the next round, and next week, he will have a teammate!

Jack of Blades/Genocide vs Creeping Death/Burn Out

The lights fade out as the tolling of bells rises in intonation through the arena. Soon after, a short video plays demonstrating a crucifix being struck with lightning. The knelling bells sounds distort into ‘Raining Blood.’ A few explosions of scarlet later and the darkness gives up revealing Creeping Death making his way to the ring wearing a Pantera T-shirt amongst a red storm. Upon arriving in the ring, he removes his shirt, throws it into the crowd that causes the saturated top to spray a few speckles of blood onto the disgusted front rows. He lets out a bestial scream, which is interrupted by the roar of a motorbike up towards the ramp. Creeping Death sits on his nearest turnbuckle as Burn Out rides his way to the ring.

Zach Davis: Our first team here, Creeping Death and the returning brawler, Burn Out.

Shannan Lerch: These guys are worlds apart. Death makes his way to the ring by strolling through a blood monsoon and Burn Out enters on a Harley.

Burn Out stalls the engine as it lets out his last purr. He slips into the ring before sharing a few words of diatribe with Creeping Death. Death just stares at him before giving him a few sarcastic claps.

Zach Davis: That’s true. What’s also true is that there impromptu team is also one of contradictions. The sinister tactician in Jack of Blades and the hardcore titan that is Genocide will be working together.

Zach’s commentary is cut short by the song ‘Bodies’ by Drowning Pool. The music is accompanied by the appearance of Genocide waving a kendo stick in the air. Creeping Death and Burn Out, both seeing his accoutrement, break off their own barrage of heated words.

Zach Davis: Genocide may have lost his title but the crowd seems to be taking to him. Looks like we could have a new fan favourite after the match at Payback.

Genocide stands on the apron before entering the ring and nods at the crowd’s approval. Creeping Death and Burn Out use this opportunity to force him off the apron and onto the ground. The impact causes Genocide’s kendo stick to fly sideways. Burn Out tries to quickly follow up by leaving the ring; Creeping Death who tells him he will go from the top rope stops him. Death jumps to the nearest turnbuckle’s apex and flies outside with a crossbody. Burn Out just watches as Genocide catches Death and turns into a Catatonic Uranage. Genocide signals that Burn Out goes to attack causing Creeping Death’s teammate to miss a baseball slide to the outside. As he lands on his feet, Burn Out hits a flurry of straight hands before rolling him back into the ring, following quickly after him.

Shannan Lerch: Genocide seems to have it under control.

Zach Davis: But Jack of Blades has yet to make an appearance. Mind you at 6’11, does Genocide really need him?

Shannan Lerch: Well, he didn’t seem to struck on this tournament his discussion with Ellis earlier.

Genocide picks up Burn Out and forces him back down with a Scoop Slam. After this, he relents and looks at the ramp as if to encourage Jack of Blades to make his entrance. Genocide turns to the referee and they have a small discussion about his missing partner. It is shortly interrupted by a returning Creeping Death who runs at Genocide only to be met with a fist for his troubles. Burn Out is soon back up and Genocide takes him back down with a clothesline before shouting ‘Jack!’ towards the ramp.

Zach Davis: Still no sign of Blades. And Genocide is tiring out.

Creeping Death moves to his feet only for Genocide to meet him with a clothesline. Soon after, Burn Out returns and Genocide, once again, manages to take him down all the while shouting for Jack of Blades.

Shannan Lerch: We know that Jack is a stylish guy. Maybe he’s just being fashionably late?

Burn Out again gets to his feet only to be met with an Irish Whip and then a Big Boot. Genocide pants, out of breath, due to his quick offence. He turns around only to see Creeping Death sitting on a turnbuckle. Genocide quickly rushes him and forces Creeping Death’s genitalia to connect with the turnbuckle. He falls to the outside gently but still cradling his groin. Genocide turns around demanding that the referee do something about Jack of Blades and his disappearance. The referee somewhat gormlessly tells him that he will have to continue on his own or let them win by default. Genocide angrily spits on the floor before signalling to the referee to ring the bell and officially start the match.

Zach Davis: There’s the bell, but still no appearance from Jack of Blades.

Genocide goes to pick up Burn Out who is using the ropes to get to his feet. From behind, he picks up Burn Out and puts him in a Torture Rack. Burn Out screams with pain as Genocide strolls around the ring. As Burn Out writhes in pain, Creeping Death slyly enters the ring and as Genocide turns in his direction connects with a super-kick forcing Genocide and the captive Burn Out to fly outside to the ground. Creeping Death catches his breath before flipping over the ropes and landing on Genocide’s lower back with a Leg Drop.

Zach Davis: It was bound to happen. Genocide has been overwhelmed.

The recovered Burn Out climbs onto the barrier diving the crowd and the ring and careers off it connecting with the lower back of Genocide with an elbow.

Zach Davis: Looks as if they’re going to be focusing on the muscles resting on Genocide’s tailbone.

Shannan Lerch: What a pain in the ass. ZING!

Creeping Death yanks Genocide to his feet and Irish whips him into the metal steps. The steel rim of the steps connects with Genocide’s back but does not disrupt the placement of the steps. Genocide falls forward in pain only to be picked up by Burn Out who also Irish whips him into the same set of steel chairs. This time, however, Genocide connects with his left shoulder that does cause the stairs to collapse. The removal of the stairs reveals a turnbuckle pole. Burn Out goes to pick up Genocide but the latter’s size prevents that from happening. That is until Creeping Death helps by wrapping Genocide in a Front Chancery. The pair of them then charge Genocide’s lower back into the pole.

Zach Davis: Looks like they're functioning as a tag team.

Shannan Lerch: Surprisingly.

The referee counts to eight as Burn Out nominates himself as the legal man and rolls back in and then out to restart the count. Creeping Death picks up the weakened Genocide and smashes him face first into the turnbuckle pole. He hands Genocide over to his tag partner who does the same and returns the gesture. This continues for another eight connections with the turnbuckle before they relinquish their attack and reveal that Genocide is bleeding. They collectively roll him back into the ring as Creeping Death goes to the corner and Burn Out goes to pin.



Genocide gets his shoulder up causing Burn Out to release the pin and fall onto the shoulder with an elbow drop. This, combined with his connection with the chairs causes him to writhe in pain. Burn Out follows it up with an abdominal stretch, raising his free hand to tag in Creeping Death. Death connects with a kick to the captive gut of Genocide before apply a Fujiwara armbar on his hurt shoulder as Burn Out kicks away at it. The referee eventually sends Burn Out back to his corner. Genocide raises his hand as if to tap before managing to roll his attacker into a pin.



Creeping Death releases the hold knowing he would lose otherwise. He gets to his feet angrily as Genocide rubs his arm as if to soothe the ache. Genocide makes his way to his feet to be met with a single-handed bulldog of Creeping Death. He follows this up by tagging in Burn Out. With Genocide on the floor they both go to separate ends of the ring as Burn Out lowers his kneepad. He then drives his naked knee into the lower back of Genocide as Creeping Death falls forward and head-butts the same area. Genocide flays in pain simultaneously flicking blood over the canvas. He tries to move to his feet only to be met with a hard punch from Creeping Death. Death looks at his stained-red hand and rubs into his face paint. Burn Out places Genocide in a front chancery and tells his partner to do the same. He obliges and they fall back connecting with a Double DDT. Creeping Death rolls out of the ring as Burn Out covers him for the count.



Genocide manages to kick out. Burn Out, somewhat shocked, rolls backwards as if to prepare himself for a future comeback. This is slightly prophetic as Genocide angrily reaches out for Burn Out’s neck and forces him downwards onto his knee.

Zach Davis: Ow! Chokeslam into a Backbreaker.

Genocide roars with rage and raises his arm to signify another chokeslam. This one to finish the match. As Burn Out gets to his feet, he finds an arm clasping his neck. He is lifted into the air as Genocide prepares to finish him off. As he goes to force him downwards, he collapses and clenches his previously injured lower back. The camera turns to show Creeping Death raise Genocide’s lost kendo stick through the ropes and to his back at such an angle the referee cannot see. Burn Out smiling at his partner’s stratagem raises Genocide and connects with his finisher ‘The Burn.’

Shannan Lerch: Gotta be over now.

As Zach says this, Death climbs to the turnbuckle. The impact of Burn Out’s move caused Genocide to roll onto his back. Burn Out grins wildly as Creeping Death flies into ‘The Phoenix.’ The move connects straight with the worked-over lower back of Genocide. The pain wakes him up slightly before overcoming his senses and causing him to fall unconscious. Creeping Death and Burn Out, knowing the match is won, take some time to taunt the audience and prepare for them for their impending victory.

Zach Davis: They should pin now but whatever suits them. I’m not going to argue. Really working the crowd over, here. One member of the audience is even trying to pull a ‘Payback’ and jump the barrier. Wha--?

The camera pans over to reveal the audience member wearing sunglasses, a Johnny Cash ‘tribute’ T-shirt, and denim jeans. His shoulder-length black hair and menacing smile makes it obvious who this is. With Creeping Death and Burn Out completely unaware, Blades slides in behind them and rises to his feet. He rushes Creeping Death and connects with an Olympic Slam. Burn Out, completely taken aware, makes an attempt to attack Jack of Blades only to be met with his finisher, The Joker’s Wild. After taking out the opposing team, Blades moves over to Genocide and laughs in his face before revealing a pack of cards and flinging them into the air. The referee goes to reprimand him but.. the lights go out.

Shannan Lerch: What is this?

The lights STAY off. For several seconds. When they come back on... Ellis is in the ring. With a scythe. And Jack of Blades is on the ground, his body slashed, dripping blood. The same blood drips off of Ellis' scythe.

Zach Davis: Oh my God.

Creeping Death and Burn Out are untouched. Genocide is still out from Jack's move, but he also has a deep scythe wound. Ellis leaves the ring, going slowly to the back.

Shannan Lerch: What's going on with this match?

The ref calls for the bell.

Zach Davis: It.. it actually looks like Jack of Blades and Genocide have won via DQ!

Creeping Death is obviously angry. He turns to Burn Out, shrugs, and hits the For Whom The Bell Tolls.

Shannan Lerch: That bastard!

Creeps rolls out of the ring and heads to the back.

Bobby Cairo/JJ Biggs vs Ellis/Sean Hughes

The lights in the arena dim down, and the words "And Now, Your Feature Presentation!" are heard in a deep male's voice. The opening to "When World's Collide" by Powerman 5000 begins. When the song hits the chorus, three multi colored strobe lights fly around the arena as the lights go on and off like lightning. After a moment, they stop, and "The Feature Presentation" Sean Hughes is seen walking down the ramp. He has on icy blue wrestling shorts and a black "Feature Presentation" shirt. He has a cocky grin on his face. Occasionally, he stops to give a fan a dirty look and spit at them. He rolls into the ring takes his shirt off, and fakes throwing it into the ring before handing it to a ring assistant.

Zach Davis: Sean Hughes is making his WCF debut. What can you tell us about Hughes, Shannan?

Shannan Lerch: I'm told that he enjoys marshmallow smores and long, moonlit walks on the beach, Zach.

Zach Davis: Really?

Shannan Lerch: Nah, I'm just making this stuff up as I go along.

"Welcome Home" by Coheed and Cambria starts playing, and the lights in the arena go dim, then blue, bathing everything in a dark blue, with slight interference... a water-like effect, as if thin black clouds were covering the blue sky and casting fast-moving shadows. Ellis appears as the metal guitar kicks in, and slowly makes her way to the ring, carrying a large scythe that's slung over one shoulder. Her manager Kikyo Daioh slowly follows, keeping a respectful distance. Ellis' hair hides her eyes. When she gets into the ring, she hands the scythe to Kikyo, who bows in respect, and climbs into the ring. The lights go back to normal, but the music keeps playing as she closes her eyes and whispers something under her breath.

Zach Davis: This woman frightens me, Shannan.

Shannan Lerch: All of us women frighten you, Zach.

Zach Davis: Liar!

Voices by Disturbed hits the PA system. The curtain brushes open and out steps JJ Biggs. JJ walks down the ramp at a steady pace. JJ climbs up onto the ring apron and enters the ring. He walks over to a corner and waits.

Zach Davis: It's important to note that JJ Biggs is without Jake Hudson tonight. Jake is back home in Miami with his sister Erica who is recovering from a recent illness.

Shannan Lerch: I have to wonder if JJ will have his usual focus without Jake here to guide him.

There's a huge pyro explosion at the entranceway followed by the opening strains of Helmet's In The Meantime. Bobby Cairo appears at the top of the ramp, the WCF World Title hoisted above his head, and a highlight package plays on the Jumbotron. Bobby arrogantly struts down to the ring with the title slung over his shoulder. He climbs into the ring and starts talking trash to his opponents.

Zach Davis: Well, he is the World Champion, Shannan, but that's probably the only good thing that you can say about Bobby Cairo right now.

Shannan Lerch: Bobby hasn't been winning any friends in the locker room with his new, cocky attitude, but I have to say that I like him a lot more.

Zach Davis: What?!

Shannan Lerch: At least he has some personality, Zach. That's more than I can say about you!

Bobby snatches the microphone from the ring announcer, then poses for the camera.

Bobby Cairo: Hahahahaha! It's good to be the king! Now before we begin this little rasslin' match, I just want to say a few words. First of all, everyone in the audience tonight is a piece of crap.

The crowd boos wildly, some people throw trash into the ring.

Bobby Cairo: Hey don't you throw that stuff at me! I'm the champ, you show me some respect!

The boos grow louder and angrier; Ellis, Hughes and Biggs grow impatient.

Bobby Cairo: To hell with you people! I don't need any of you! You know what? I'm done talking! You scumbags don't deserve to hear my words of wisdom!

Bobby tosses the mic back to the ring announcer and hands his title belt to the referee.

Zach Davis: Man, what a jerk!

Shannan Lerch: I thought that was a very good speech!

The ref signals for the bell. Hughes and Biggs lockup to start the match with Biggs using his size and strength to gain the advantage. He whips Hughes into the corner and follows him in with a big clothesline. The impact causes Hughes to stumble around for a moment before JJ takes him down with a tilt-a-whirl slam.

Zach Davis: Good show of power by JJ Biggs. He gains the early advantage on the rookie.

JJ whips Sean into the corner again, but this time The Feature Presentation is able to move out of the way when Biggs charges him; JJ crashes into the turnbuckles and falls to the mat in a heap.

Shannan Lerch: Somehow, I don't think Jake Hudson would have advised JJ to do that!

Zach Davis: Probably not.

Sean kicks Biggs a couple of times while Biggs is still down on the mat. Hughes waits for JJ to stand up before connecting with a beautiful spinning back kick which knocks JJ back into the corner.

Zach Davis: A great move by the kid.

Sean follows up with some knifehand chops to JJ's chest cavity, but this only angers Biggs. JJ goes berserk on Hughes with a massive headbutt and three consecutive clotheslines.

Zach Davis: You don't want to piss off the big man!

Shannan Lerch: Yeah, he might sit on you!

Hughes manages to avoid further punishment by tagging Ellis into the match. Ellis immediately ascends to the top rope and knocks Biggs off of his feet with an impressive missile dropkick.

Zach Davis: What an unbelievable move by Ellis!

Shannan Lerch: JJ Biggs just got his ass kicked by a girl!

JJ rolls over to his corner and tags Cairo into the match. Bobby is taken aback by this gesture, but he steps into the ring and circles Ellis. Finally, they lockup and Ellis manages to overpower Bobby. She firmly locks Cairo into a headlock and begins pummeling the World Champion with stiff punches.

Shannan Lerch: Ellis is doing what a lot of people would love to do to Bobby Cairo... but I still like the guy!

Ellis releases the hold and Cairo falls into a pile at her feet. Ellis re-ascends to the top rope and connects with a perfectly executed Shooting Star press. She hooks Cairo's leg and gets a near three count.

Zach Davis: Ellis nearly pinned the World Champion!

Ellis pulls Cairo up by his hair and whips him into the ropes, but Bobby alertly grabs the top rope and slides outside to the floor. Cairo attempts to compose himself on the outside, but Ellis surprises Bobby with a baseball slide.

Zach Davis: Cairo might have a few less teeth after that move by Ellis!

Shannan Lerch: Poor Bobby didn't even see that one coming!

Ellis drops Cairo across the guardrail in front of the fans. She tosses Bobby back into the ring and makes another cover, but Bobby again kicks out after two. Ellis hits a neckbreaker and then locks Cairo in the Figure Four leglock.

Zach Davis: Ellis has Cairo in the Figure Four! Can Ellis make the World Champion tap?

Cairo writhes on the mat in pain and struggles to reach the ropes. Ellis increases the pressure and sends Cairo to further agony. After watching Cairo scream and cry on the mat for several moments, JJ Biggs finally decides to go into the ring and break the hold saving his team from certain defeat.

Shannan Lerch: I don't think JJ wanted to save Bobby, but he does want to win this match.

The referee admonishes JJ, but Ellis is undeterred. She whips Cairo into the turnbuckles and follows with a devastating handspring elbow. Ellis whips Cairo into the other corner and attempts another handspring, but Cairo manages to duck out of the way. Ellis is sent crashing into the turnbuckles and immediately drops to the mat.

Zach Davis: Oh no! What a disastrous turn of events for the team of Ellis and Sean Hughes!

Cairo takes a moment to shake off the cobwebs, then drills Ellis with a fallaway slam. Cairo inflicts further damage with a Samoan drop before climbing to the top rope and hitting a big splash. Bobby attempts a pin, but Ellis kicks out after two.

Zach Davis: Cairo nearly had the pin that time, but Ellis managed to kickout.

Shannan Lerch: She's a tough broad, Zach!

Bobby hits a pair of German suplexes and makes the cover, but Ellis kicks out after another near-fall. Sean Hughes begins to try and get in the ring, but the ref goes to stop him.

Zach Davis: What is Hughes doing?

Meanwhile, Cairo is frustrated and decides to tag JJ by slapping him hard on his shoulder. JJ is less than appreciative and he engages Cairo in a brief staredown before shoving him to the mat. Bobby is pissed and he walks out on the match.

Zach Davis: I can't believe that Bobby Cairo is walking out on this match! What a punk! What a coward! What a punk coward!

Shannan Lerch: I think Bobby feels disrespected by his tag team partner JJ Biggs.

Zach Davis: Who cares what Bobby feels?!

Shannan Lerch: You don't have to yell at me, you big bully!

Ellis uses the distraction to make the hot tag to Sean Hughes. Hughes charges into the ring and strikes JJ with a side kick, then hits a jumping DDT. Hughes hooks the leg and gets a near pinfall.

Zach Davis: Biggs is in serious trouble right now. He's without his manager or his tag team partner. Plus, he's facing a fresh Sean Hughes.

Hughes plants JJ in the middle of the ring with a brainbuster, then climbs to the top rope. Hughes goes for the Kamikaze, but JJ Biggs rolls away. Biggs is to his feet, as is Hughes, and Biggs hits the Biggs Implant!

Shannan Lerch: THIS IS IT!

And the bell rings.

Zach Davis: What!?

The ref declares Ellis and Sean Hughes the winners... due to count out.

Zach Davis: OH! Remember, Hughes was distracting the ref when Cairo made the tag! As far as the ref knew, Cairo was still the legal man. And he got counted out.

Shannan Lerch: Ouch.

Biggs storms out of the ring, heading to the back.

Zach Davis: Well fans, we'll see you next week. Ace and JoJo vs Torture and a teammate to be announced later this week, and Jack of Blades with another mystery teammate against Ellis and Sean Hughes! See you then!

Copyright info, show fades out.