Slam Intro
D-Day vs Prince Jimmy Dean
Dake Ken Segment
Ryan Daniels vs Captain Jack Dancer
Tag Titles: The Breathtakers vs The Superfans
Gravedigger Segment
Tank Reaper vs Anastasia Petrova
Apollo vs Anthrax
Torture/Death/Havoc Segment
Dake Ken vs Doc Henry
World Title: Havoc vs Johnny Reb
Seth Lerch's Announcement

Slam Intro

Kids by MGMT hits and we're live from the Richmond Coliseum in Richmond, Virginia! The fans roar and there are a few Logan signs in the arena seeing as it is his home state. We go to the announcers, Kyle Steel and Shannan Lerch.

Kyle Steel: Welcome to Slam! Once again we've got a huge card for you tonight.

Shannan Lerch: That we do! Havoc is next up in the WCF Championship Series, taking on Johnny Reb here tonight.

Kyle Steel: This is an interesting matchup. Although Johnny Reb is as hated as anyone here in WCF, as we're traveling the south he's been getting decent face reactions. Virginia is the hometown of Logan, and Logan fans tend to be avid Torture haters.. and last week, Havoc joined Torture and Death. So I think the crowd will be absolutely hating him.

Shannan Lerch: I agree with that. We should have seen it coming: Havoc came back to WCF around the same time Death did, and all three of these men have a history together. Torture alone is nearly unstoppable, but Torture with those two watching his back? Dios mio.

Kyle Steel: And of course, we found out that Torture will be facing Johnny Reb (or whomever is the Champion at that point) at Revenge as the last opponent in this year's Championship Series.

Shannan Lerch: Two of Johnny Reb's arch nemesis will do battle tonight, when Dake Ken takes on Doc Henry. Dake suffered a leg injury at Ultimate Showdown and was unable to compete last week, but tonight he's back.

Kyle Steel: Our Television Title Tournament continues on with two matches. Apollo taking on Anthrax, and Tank Reaper vs Anastasia Petrova...

Shannan Lerch: We'll see if that sex addict pig Tank Reaper can wrestle Anastasia Petrova without sexually harrassing her.

Kyle Steel: He's a FORMER sex addict, Shannan, and he has a girlfriend. We'll see. I'm really interested in Anthrax vs Apollo myself... Apollo has been pulling out all the stops lately so I can't wait to see if Anthrax can stop him.

Shannan Lerch: We have a Tag Team Titles match, with the Breathtakers taking on the Superfans. The Superfans did guest commentary for the Breathtakers' match last week, so this'll be interesting.

Kyle Steel: We'll see Ryan Daniels up against Captain Jack Dancer, and D-Day facing the returning Prince Jimmy Dean! I can't wait!

D-Day vs Prince Jimmy Dean

Dead and Gone by T.I. ft Juston Timberlake plays in the speakers. The lights are dim.The lights flash on to D-Day walking out to the top of the ramp and falls on his knees and throws his arms in the air, as soon as he throws them in the air fire works go off and surround him. The screen shows all of D-Day moments of his dead and forgotten special move. As also the screen shows a ring then the words in white and in cursive, the words D-Day. When D-Day get in the ring he raises his hands to his name on the screen.

Shannan Lerch: This is D-Day!

The lights go and Jerry "The King" beginnings of the music of Lawler that play. A single shines of the projector in a passageway and the empty Prince Force with crowbar to Dean is removed majestically in a golden car for two white horses. The multitude is silent in the admiration in the grandeur of the entrance. The prince Jimmy Dean is thrown around the ring while the multitude looks in silence on its car in the admiration. The leaves slowly of the carriage and elegantly walks in the ring and backups in the center as the alone shines of projector in it. The light goes and he expects his adversary to be approached.

Kyle Steel: Very strange.

The bell rings. D-Day approaches Dean but Dean goes crazy and runs at D-Day, tackling him down and hitting lots of punches. D-Day quickly escapes and Dean runs at him again, but this time D-Day quickly snaps off a quick Superkick!

Shannan Lerch: Damn!

Dean hits the mat hard. D-Day pins him quickly, one, two, thr-, no! Dean's return match isn't ended so shortly. D-Day picks Dean up and then hits a Neckbreaker, bringing him back down. He stomps Dean a few times, picking his spots. He then starts climbing to the top rope.

Kyle Steel: D-Day, going high risk here.

But Jimmy Dean quickly gets up and hits the ropes, causing D-Day to fall and hit his crotch on the turnbuckle. Dean then climbs up to the top with him, both men standing up..

Shannan Lerch: This is even more high risk! What's going to happen here!?

Dean Superplexes D-Day back down to the mat! After a few moments of resting Dean rolls over and pins D-Day!



D-Day kicks out!

Kyle Steel: The Prince was almost victorious in his return match!

Dean picks D-Day up and kicks him hard in the gut and grabs him for a Stunner!

Shannan Lerch: He calls that the Sausage Slammer!

But D-Day pushes him away into the ropes! Dean bounces off and as he comes back at D-Day, D-Day hits a Judo Hip Toss. He's back in control. He stomps at Prince Jimmy Dean a bunch of times before dropping an elbow on him. He then waits for Dean to stand up before starting to kick him several times, very quickly! And he finishes with a kick directly between Dean's eyes!

Kyle Steel: That's his D for Destruction!

Dean hits the mat and D-Day pins him!



No! Prince Jimmy somehow kicks out!

Shannan Lerch: I don't believe it!

Dean shows he's going to end the match. He picks Jimmy up and then follows up with the Samoa Slam!

Kyle Steel: He's done!

Another pin.




Shannan Lerch: D-Day gets the win!

D-Day stands up and raises his arms in victory! He exits the ring and heads to the back.

Dake Ken Segment

Seth Lerch is backstage, shuffling through papers.

Seth Lerch: Ratings reports, buyrates reports.. contracts.. argh, so much work..

There is a knock on Seth's office door.

Seth Lerch: Come in!

Dake Ken walks into Seth's office. Seth is sorting through a large pile of papers to his left and is not aware of who has stepped into his office.

Dake Ken: Seth.

Seth looks up from his papers, almost relieved to have a distraction.

Seth Lerch: Dake!

Dake nods at Seth and takes a look at the papers on his desk. He looks at the pile to Seth's left. He points.

Dake Ken: What do you have there? Looks like ...

Seth Lerch: Contracts.

Dake smiles. He looks at the contracts and back to Seth.

Dake Ken: Well, that's great! Because it just so happens that we need to sit down and take a close look at my contract Seth.

Seth looks a bit perplexed at first but suddenly realization come to him.

Dake Ken: As the former WCF World Champion I have a right to a rematch. It is in my contract Seth! I'm gone for one week and now that's out the window? Why is Torture getting a shot and not me?

Seth Lerch: Dake, listen to me. I'm sorry, but it can't happen. We're in the middle of the WCF Championship Series, and you were already a part of that, and I already have opponents lined up. Torture put me in a position that I could not negotiate out of therefore I made him a part of the Championship Series. Secondly, I did not know what the status of your health was. I had no contact with you and you know I can't book someone in a main event match who can't perform.

Dake Ken: You can't just take my shot away from me Lerch!

Seth Lerch: There's more to it Dake, did you pay attention to Slickie T last week? You're not the only one that wants to get at that Title. War is coming up, and if you want a Title rematch... maybe you should look forward to winning that.

Dake looks away from Lerch. His face is hard and cold.

Dake Ken: I have a rematch clause in my contract. I will eventually get that clause honored. When I came back months ago I ripped through the WCF and got to the top, if I have to do that again, even if it means that I have to do it all at once in WAR, then I will. But believe me, I will not forget about this, and at some point in time, I will have you grant me my rematch.

Dake walks out of Seth's office and slams the door closed. Seth shakes his head and goes back to his paper work.

Ryan Daniels vs Captain Jack Dancer

Voice: Welcome to Hollywood, may all your dreams come true

The suspenceful tone of the intro plays as the violins set the lets to flicker red.


Guitars hits and the crowd is on their feet and pyro rains down on the entrance ramp and Ryan Daniels emerges from the back with a random T-shirt on he stands underneath the pyro, his head bowed as the intro continues to play. After it finishes the pyro stops and Ryan walks down the ramp

This is a wake up call
To all who their eyes
This is our hope,
Hopeless beaten strife

HE stops at the middle and starts to hop up and down, getting himself hyped up and ready for his match.

You kill the messenger not to hear it
It doesn't mean it never happened
It doesn't mean it never happened

He runs up the ring steps and slingshots into the ring. HE runs up the turnbuckles and stop, one foot on the top buckle and the other on the second he points out tot he crowd, mouthing the chorus to the song.

"This is our mission
statement to go show the world
We must survive"

HE hops off the turnbuckle and removes his shirt as the music starts to fade out.

Kyle Steel: WCF's most underrated superstar, Ryan Daniels.


A pirateish howl fills the arena, "Poker Face" plays. Jack Dancer and Lucy prance to the top of the stage, hands gripped on the handles of the swords pushed into their side hostlers. Ready for battle they prance moar down the ramp, sliding into the ring, relinquishing their plastic weapons to officials.

Shannan Lerch: WCF's most freaky superstar, Jack Dancer.

The bell rings. Ryan Daniels runs at Dancer and tackles him down, hitting him with lots of punches.

Kyle Steel: There is a fire in Ryan Daniels' eyes! He wants this win!

Daniels picks Dancer up and throws him to the ropes... as Dancer comes back, Daniels grabs him and hits a Uranage Backbreaker! The crowd ooh's, and Lucy barks angrily from outside.

Shannan Lerch: That damn dog is so annoying.

Daniels stands in the corner, and waits for Dancer to stand up. Daniels starts stomping the mat. Stomp, stomp, stomp...

Kyle Steel: He's going for-

Daniels runs and hits the Yakuza Kick! Dancer flies back into the turnbuckle, falling down. Daniels starts sliding his boot across Dancer's face several times, then runs and hits a big Facewash! The crowd ooh's once more.

Shannan Lerch: Ryan Daniels, just having his way with Jack Dancer here.

And Daniels signals that he's done. He picks Dancer up... and executes the Breaking Point! He pins, hooking the leg.




Kyle Steel: Ding ding, winner.

Daniels stands up, getting his arm raised, a big smile across his face. But that smile quickly disappears as blood rains from the ceiling once more!

Shannan Lerch: We saw this before! What in the world is going on!?

Ryan Daniels is drenched in the red liquid. As soon as he can, he rolls out of the ring and walks to the back, wiping the blood away from his eyes.

Kyle Steel: I really want to find out what's going on with this blood...

The Breathtakers vs The Superfans

"Taking It To The Top", a catchy, upbeat rock number by Silver Ice hits and Chris and Brandon appears on the ramp, accompanied by Wendy. They strike a pose for a few seconds - the Breathtakers down on one knee pointing towards the ring, his sister/manager standing behind them, hands on their shoulders,- and run to the ring, exchanging high fives with the fans on the way. They slide under the bottom rope and Brandon and Chris mount the turnbuckle pointing into the crowd and crossing their hands in front of them in a Lightning X-press taunt, while Wendy leads the applause.

Kyle Steel: The Breathtakers are here! And they look focused on winning the Tag Titles tonight!

Shannan Lerch: Next up, the Champs, the Superfans. Wonder who they'll be tonight.


Kyle Steel: I think that answers our question!

Mark steps out wearing a black suit and bowtie, dressed just as Ted Dibiase. Marc is wearing black pants and a sleeveless white shirt with red suspenders and a red tie, and also a pair of glasses, just like IRS. He's carrying a briefcase. They walk to the ring, both men sneering at the fans.

Shannan Lerch: The Superfans, playing Money, Inc. to a tee.

Mark gets on the mic as the two enter the ring.

Mark: Well, Breathtakers, tonight I'm here to prove one thing: Every man has a price... and so does every team. We're going to offer you the contents of this briefcase-

Mark points to Marc's briefcase.

Mark: -if just walk away, and let us retain the Tag Team Titles!

Chris and Brandon turn to each other and whisper for a few moments before turning back towards Mark and Marc... and running at them and tackling them down!

Kyle Steel: I guess the Breathtakers aren't the Bribetakers!

Shannan Lerch: What an awful joke.

The bell rings. Chris and Brandon rain rights and lefts down on Mark and Marc, but soon get back up as the fans are cheering. Mark and Marc roll out of the ring to catch their breath. The briefcase is still inside, and Chris picks it up. Marc and Mark's eyes both go wide as Chris goes to open it up!

Kyle Steel: What's in there, anyway!?

The case is full of money!.... monopoly money. Chris frowns in disappointment, and turns to Brandon, who is now on the apron, shrugging his shoulders. In this moment Marc and Mark slide back into the ring and hit a Double Clothesline, sending Chris down. They then stomp and stomp on him, laughing while they do it.

Shannan Lerch: Good thing the Breathtakers didn't accept "Money, Inc."'s offer... though Money Inc is getting the last laugh now!

Mark gets on the apron, leaving Marc as the legal man. Marc stomps Chris a few more times before picking him up and executing a Snap Suplex! He then backs up a few paces, waiting for Chris to begin to get up. Once Chris is to his knees, Marc runs at him and hits a Shining Wizard! The crowd oohs as Chris drops back down to the mat and Marc covers him.



Chris kicks out. Marc stomps him a few times and then climbs to the top rope.

Kyle Steel: Going high risk here!

Marc again waits for Chris to begin getting to his feet. Once Chris is vertical, Marc flies off the top and connects with a Missile Dropkick! Chris flies back and Marc gets to his feet. He then tags in Mark.

Shannan Lerch: Here comes the "Million Dollar Man."

Mark gets in and picks Chris up, executing a Backbreaker. He stands up and stomps Chris a few times, laughing. The crowd begins to boo, and a "BREATH-TAKE-ERS!" chant starts ringing through the arena. Mark is unphased, and picks Chris back up. He executes a Belly to Belly Suplex! He quickly goes for another pin.



No, Brandon is in the ring to break it up. The ref admonishes Brandon and tells him to get out of the ring, and of course Brandon argues. This gives Marc the chance to sneak in, and the Superfans throw Chris to the ropes. They then execute a double back elbow strike! Marc gets back on the apron as the ref turns around. Mark picks Chris up, but Chris has had enough and hits several shots to Mark's gut. The fans are coming alive as Chris is fighting back, and he soon has Mark reeling! He gets Mark to the ropes, throws him across the ring, runs at him then Clotheslines him down!

Kyle Steel: The Breathtakers are back in this match, but Chris needs to make a tag!

Mark is back up, swings with a wild shot of his own, Chris ducks it.. and hits a big German Suplex! The crowd pops, Chris has used up all his energy now.. He gets up and lunges to his partner... and tags him in!

Shannan Lerch: Here comes Brandon Phlash!

Brandon is in as Mark stumbles up. Brandon hits him with a knife edge chop, and the crowd WHOOO's! He hits several more, and gets more WHOOO's. Mark is backed into a corner, and Brandon grabs him and sets him up on top of it. Brandon then climbs up with him... and executes a Hurricanrana!

Kyle Steel: That is a move Mark better learn if he ever wants to impersonate the Steiner Brothers! Brandon hit it perfectly!

Brandon quickly pins Mark, hooking the leg!



Shannan Lerch: New Tag Team Champions?!

No! Marc is in the ring and kicks him off. Chris goes to get in the ring to even the odds, but the ref starts fighting with him. Once again, the Superfans have the chance to double team, and they execute a Double Suplex before Marc once again leaves the ring. Chris stops arguing and the ref's attention turns back to the mat. Mark stands behind Brandon as he gets up.. and locks in the Million Dollar Dream!

Kyle Steel: This could be it!

Brandon slumps down, and the ref raises his arm. It falls. He raises it again.. and again, it falls.

Shannan Lerch: One more time and the Superfans retain!

The ref lifts it again... and it falls.

Kyle Steel: No one escapes the Million Dollar Dream! The Superfans retain!

The bell rings, and the Money, Inc. theme plays. Mark releases the hold as Brandon drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring, and the Superfans begin to celebrate.

Shannan Lerch: Another succesful defense! Can anyone stop them?

The Superfans leave the ring, heading to the back.

Gravedigger Segment

"Awaiting the Turmoil" by Valley of the Dead hits the speakers and out walks Gravedigger from the back. The crowd starts booing Gravedigger as he walks down to the ring by himself, steps up into the ring and walks across it asking for a microphone. He then lifts it up and speaks.

Gravedigger: Yeah, so last week on Slam I finally was given a shot at the world title....and I lost the match. Johnny Reb, that was a fluke that you defeated me. Like I've been saying for weeks. People like you, the Superfans, you're fluke champions. You're paper champions.

Before Gravedigger can say another word "Master of Puppets" hits the speakers and out from the back walks Seth Lerch, carrying a microphone. Gravedigger looks pissed off at the interruption.

Seth Lerch: Gravedigger, shut the hell up!

The crowd goes crazy. Gravedigger gets livid and starts to speak again.

Seth Lerch: No, I'm serious! Guys in the back, cut off his microphone.

Gravedigger starts to say something again and it turns out his microphone is turned off. He starts yelling in it and still cannot be heard. The crowd cheers again.

Seth Lerch: You know, I keep hearing you make comments about how we have paper champions in WCF. You called The Superfans paper champions. You called Johnny Reb a paper champion. And you know what happened? You were given title shots at them and you LOST both matches. You want another shot at a title belt, Gravedigger?

Gravedigger nods.

Seth Lerch: Fine, you know what,. despite our past and all the problems we had, I'm going to do you this favor. Next week here on Slam, I'm putting you in a match. In a match with your brother. It's going to be a tag team match featuring Exodus vs. The Superfans.

The crowd pops at the mention of The Superfans. Gravedigger smirks.

Seth Lerch: Wipe that smirk off your face, Gravedigger. It's not a shot at the tag team titles next week.

Gravedigger looks pissed off again.

Seth Lerch: This is a match with special stipulations. IF, by some chance you or Chester pin The Superfans, you will get a choice. Either you will get a shot at the tag team titles in the near future. OR you can both have a shot at a singles title of your choosing. Think about it. Gravedigger getting another shot at the world title while your brother Chester gets a shot at the United States title.

The crowd boos. Gravedigger nods, smiling at the thought.

Seth Lerch: HOWEVER. IF YOU OR CHESTER LOSE next week in the tag team match. No matter if it's a pin, a submission, a count out, or a disqualification, IF YOU LOSE, both Gravedigger and Chester are GONE from WCF.

The crowd goes nuts and Gravedigger is livid in the ring again.

Seth Lerch: Turn his microphone back on.

Gravedigger's microphone comes back on. After a few seconds he calms down from the second stipulation in Seth's proposal.

Gravedigger: You have yourself a deal.

"Master of Puppets" hits the speakers again as Seth Lerch heads to the back. Gravedigger climbs out of the ring and heads up the ramp, his mind somewhere else.

Television Title Tournament Match
Tank Reaper vs Anastasia Petrova

Na Rasputye by Kipelov plays and the lights turn red as Anastasia Petrova prances about the stage. She goes to the ring and says hi to the fans and blows them kisses while shaking her booty!

Kyle Steel: Anastasia looking to tangle with our next participant in the semi-finals of the Television Championship tournament!

Fireworks explode on the ramp, and everyone quickly turns their attention to it. Sympathy by Non Divine hits the speakers and the crowd goes nuts. Tank Reaper walks slowly out on the stage putting both arms in the air ala Stone Cold Steve Austin. The crowd again reaches their feet and cheers for their new favorite wrestler. Tank walks down the ramp pointing to his opponent in the ring and then pointing to the crowd for the approval of his fan base. Tank reaches the ring, where he pulls himself up onto the apron, and then steps his seven foot body over the ropes. Flashbulbs light from every which direction for the simple fact that Tank is one hell of an athlete to look at. Tank taunts one more time in the center of the ring for good measure. Fireworks explode off the ring posts and Tank's music stops.

Shannan Lerch: Tank Reaper, and like this was promoted, has to be on his toes in this match up, as he may get a good lashing in his sex addiction meetings!

Kyle Steel: No doubt about that, this is one lawsuit waiting to happen.

The ref rings the bell and the action begins, though Tank and Anastasia have no hatred towards each other, they tie up. Though it's kind of awkward. Tank is over seven feet tall, and Anastasia is just near six foot. Anastasia pushes, but Tank doesn't budge, and instead she goes for a punch, but Tank blocks it with his huge palm. She goes for another punch and Tank blocks that, and now holding both fists of Anastasia, he smiles. He lets go, and they circle each other once more.

Kyle Steel: Well obviously respect is in this ring right now.

Shannan Lerch: Crowd is into both participants..

Tank and Anastasia tie up, but this time Tank backs her down into the corner, the ref breaks them apart and Tank takes a step back, that's when Anastasia short steps into a leaping slap across Tank's face! Tank is shocked. Anastasia begins trash talking and the crowd is on her side.

Kyle Steel: All things considered, Anastasia is a professional wrestler! Size doesn't matter to her!

Shannan Lerch: Really? You just HAD to go with that line?

Kyle Steel: Couldn't help myself.

Tank kicks Anastasia in the thigh, then throws her across the ring. She quickly gets to her feet, and action rolls while Tank jumps into the ropes. She brings a rush of kicks to the back of the leg of Tank as he stumbles around the ring. Anastasia begins to land more meaningful kicks to the back of the legs, and then hits a shoulder tackle to the leg. Tank still isn't going down. Anastasia goes for a running-something, but Tank just throws her out of the ring. Anastasia mildly crashes down, but gets back to her feet. Tank takes a quick breather and steps back into action. Anastasia leaps to the apron then gets back into the ring and gets back on the offense against Tank! Slaps to the chest, and kicks to the leg have Tank reeling back to the ropes. Anastasia runs against the ropes and rebounds with a running and jumping clothesline. Tank doesn't go down. Instead he stumbles a few feet then turns around as Anastasia hits another running and jumping clothesline. Again, not going down. Anastasia runs and hits a leaping dropkick but Tank still doesn't go down. Anastasia gets on the top rope, jumps and hits a flying headbutt on Tank Reaper and he stands in one place swinging his arms as he's almost falling back. Anastasia feels the crowds momentum, and runs and hits the ropes, she hits a flying clothesline again and Tank is so close to falling backwards..

Kyle Steel: She almost has it!

Shannan Lerch: Cut that monster-tree down!

Anastasia runs and hits the ropes for the umpteenth time, and instead of jumping in the air, she dropkicks to the knee of Tank, and he goes down on both knees, Anastasia gets up and grabs the head of Tank and hits a DDT! Tank goes down! Anastasia jumps up in the air and raises her arms in success! The crowd eats it up!

Kyle Steel: Oh my! Anastasia is on a roll!

Anastasia turns around and notices Tank on his knees once again, so she dropkicks him in the back of the head and he flies forward into the ropes. Anastasia looks around and the crowd stands up! Anastasia runs, hits the ropes once again, then hits the 619 !!!

Shannan Lerch: Oh yeah!

Anastasia stands up on the apron, and gets on the top rope and taunts to the crowd while Tank sells the move in the middle of the ring. Tank stands up..

Kyle Steel: Anastasia on the top rope!

Anastasia jumps from the top rope and hits the The Cold War!! Tank goes down! Anastasia pins!

Shannan Lerch: One! Two!

Kyle Steel: Three! It's over! Anastasia wins! She chopped Tank down like a tree, and performed her moves with speed and athleticism and picked up the win!

Shannan Lerch: Anastasia is going to the finals of the Television Championship Tournament! And Look at this!

Anastasia gets her arm raised by the ref, but afterwords she bends down, and helps Tank up. Tank raises her arm and claps his arms together as he slides out of the ring. Anastasia is the winner!

Kyle Steel: Well, they're still on friendly terms it seems like.

Shannan Lerch: Hopefully not TOO friendly.. otherwise Matroshka wouldn't be too happy.

They disappear to the back.

Television Title Tournament Match
Apollo vs Anthrax

The lights flicker on and off and Metallica's Cyanide kicks through the airwaves. Anthrax steps outs through the smoke but stops on the edge of the ramp. Colton stands with him and both men do the same taunt; both hands in the air with a very mean face. Colt leads Anthrax down the ramp and into the ring. Colton makes sure everyone knows that Anthrax is here to fight.

Kyle Steel: Anthrax and Colt looking to advance, and I say Colt because we all know how involved he'll get to pick up a win for Anthrax.

Shannan Lerch: True, true.

"The Running Free" by Coheed and Cambria. The first few rift of Running Free by Coheed and Cambria play through the speakers.

"All non-believers stand aside in fear...
a new day is marching through the door..."

Apollo enters the stage from behind the curtain

"How could you ever think you might get here?...
Did it bleed?
was it sore?
Through all the struggles you've endured.
You've come so far from innocence,
provided only consequence,
only what does it matter now?"

Apollo gets to the base of the ramp and points to the stars. fire works shoot down mimicking falling stars. and explode near him on stage. As the star pyro touches down on stage Apollo leaps forward and sprints to the ring.

"Cause you're coming home,
you're running free.
As only you would be
if you never owed them anything
and now you've found your way out
In the trust you've seen, the path on home"

Apollo slides across the edge of the ring, climbing the turnbuckle halfway up on the outside. He looks out to the crowd, points at all of the fans in attendance, then points up and hops into the ring.

Shannan Lerch: Apollo has been on a run as of late, beating the likes of Tank Reaper, Doc Henry, and Chris Avery.

Kyle Steel: And looking to add Anthrax to that short, but impressive-so far-list.

The ref rings the bell and they tie up, Anthrax takes the advantage but gets a punch to the face and that reels him back. Apollo spears Anthrax down and strikes with right hands. Apollo gets up and picks up Anthrax and hits a snap suplex, Apollo puts Anthrax into a headlock sleeper hold and trash talks the sell out crowd. They boo, as Apollo puts his legs on the ropes to get better leverage with the sleeper. The ref notices, and Apollo rakes Anthrax in the eyes as he moves Apollo's legs off the ropes. Anthrax stumbles to his feet to the corner, as Apollo grabs Anthrax from behind and hits a straight-up back suplex. Apollo backs up on the middle rope, jumps and hits an elbow drop right into the eyes of Anthrax! Apollo pins.

Shannan Lerch: Fast pin fall, but only a two count!

Apollo puts Anthrax right back into a sleeper hold. Anthrax reaches for the ropes quite a few times, but Apollo mats him, and then applies the sleeper hold from behind in a much stronger fashion. Anthrax is slowly going away. The ref raises Anthrax arm and drops it. One! Colton begins to demand Anthrax to wake up! The ref holds up the right arm of Anthrax for the two count, his arm falls. TWO! The ref raises the arm of Anthrax and drops it, but the arm doesn't fall, Anthrax keeps his arm half way and Apollo let's go of the hold and stands up, he raises his arms in the air as if he won.

Kyle Steel: Anthrax isn't done.. he kept his arm up, does Apollo think he won?

Shannan Lerch: I think so!

Apollo demands the ref raise his arm in victory. The ref explains that Anthrax isn't done yet. Apollo, now frustrated, picks up Anthrax and throws him shoulder first into the turnbuckle post through the ropes in the corner. Apollo grabs Anthrax by the back of the head and drags him out of the corner and throws him through the ropes to the outside. Apollo demands the ref to count him out. One! Two! Three!

Shannan Lerch: Anthrax could be counted out!

Five! Six! Colton picks up Anthrax and throws him and slaps the ring apron to get up. Apollo bends down, and Anthrax kicks Apollo off of him! Anthrax rolls to his feet and clotheslines Apollo down as he just gotten back up! Apollo gets up again and Anthrax hits a shoulder tackle! Apollo gets back up again, and Anthrax hits a swinging neck breacker, Anthrax gets to his hands and knees and makes the cover! One! Two! Kickup. Anthrax picks up Apollo and throws him headfirst on the turnbuckle. He turns around so Anthrax can hit a few more punches. Anthrax takes a few steps back and taunts at his opponent. A few cheers, but mostly boos. Anthrax runs and leaps in the air, but Apollo catches him and hits a spine buster back in the center of the ring! Apollo and Anthrax are both down! The ref starts the count. One! Two! Three! Four!

Kyle Steel: If this match ends in a draw, we'll have to have a rematch next week!

Shannan Lerch: The ref is at eight! Nine!

Apollo gets to his feet and the ref stops the count. Apollo bends down to pick up Anthrax, and Anthrax rolls him up! One! Two! kickup! Apollo gets to his feet and kicks Anthrax in the head! Apollo picks him up and throws him into the corner! Anthrax lands in the corner back first but stays put. Apollo puts both arms over the shoulders of Anthrax and it looks as if he's choking him, but he's actually untying the corner pad from the top rope, he throws the pad to the ground, then grabs Anthrax and walks him out five feet before laying him out with a Russian Leg Sweep! Apollo doesn't pin, instead he points to the sky which insults Colton and he jumps on the apron. Apollo goes for a punch, but Colton jumps off the apron and Apollo gets caught up on the top rope, but turns around and Anthrax rolls him up! One! Two! Kick out! Apollo gets to his feet first, and goes for another spear, but Anthrax drop toe holds him into the ropes, where Colton slaps the spit right out of Apollo's mouth! Apollo stands up holding his face, and Anthrax hits Lethal-izer!

Shannan Lerch: Anthrax's trademark move!

Kyle Steel: Anthrax pins, it could be over!

One! Two! Apollo kicks up! Anthrax can't believe it, so he gets up and picks up Apollo and backs him in the corner hitting a few more punches with a back hand chop for good measure. Anthrax eye's the pad on the top turn buckle removed across the ring, and throws Apollo in that direction, but Apollo reverses the throw and Anthrax hits the uncovered ring turnbuckle right in his back! Anthrax stumbles out, and Apollo goes for another running move, but Anthrax picks up Apollo and drops him head first on the metal of the turnbuckle pad! Apollo turns around and Anthrax kicks in the midsection, then grabs an arm for good measure. Anthrax picks him up on the shoulder looking for Torque (Anthrax Finisher) but out of nowhere, Apollo gets out of it, and connects with the Shattered Star right in the middle of the ring. It's a pin!

Shannan Lerch: One! Two! Three! It's over! Apollo defeats Anthrax!

Kyle Steel: Out of nowhere again, Apollo pulls out the win!

Apollo slides out of the ring as Colton slides in all pissed off. Colt helps up Anthrax, as Apollo taunts walking up the ramp and holding his head from the knock on the un-padded corner turnbuckle. Coheed and Cambria plays through out the arena.

Kyle Steel: Apollo is in the finals of the Television Championship Tournament.

Shannan Lerch: Anthrax and Colt will live to fight another day while Apollo gets a golden invitation to fight at Revenge!

Torture/Death/Havoc Segment

The camera cuts to a hallway then makes a sharp left into a dressing room. Death is shown standing in front of Havoc.

Death: You got this man. Johnny Reb has no idea about the pain he's going to encounter tonight, Havoc. You have to hurt him! Make him feel pain!

Havoc: Yeah.

Havoc and Death are now joined by Torture, the #1 Contender to Johnny Reb's World Championship at Revenge.

Torture: Listen, Havoc. Win or lose, you have the opportunity to make Johnny Reb think twice about opening his big southern mouth and talk bad about us. Death and I won't be going down to the ring tonight, you're going to do this on your own and in that ring, Havoc, you're going to make Johnny Reb wish.. he never had that World Heavyweight Championship gold around his waist.

Havoc: You got it Torture.

Havoc exits the dressing room and walks passed the camera. Torture stares at the door as Death stands next to him. The intensity in their eyes is visible.

Kyle Steel: Wow. Torture is not joking around.

Shannan Lerch: No he's not, but Johnny Reb is one tough son of a bitch. Don't get me wrong, Torture is at the top of his game, and a bit unstable with his stoned face and all, but ..

Kyle Steel: But Johnny Reb has that World Championship title for a reason and later tonight, he'll defend that title against Havoc in the second match up of the World Championship Series!

Dake Ken vs Doc Henry

Kyle Steel: Wow! Apollo and Anthrax both proved themselves to be worthy competitors tonight, but only one man could advance in the Television Title Tournament!

Shannan Lerch: Right you are, Kyle! Things are really heating up here in Richmond tonight, and I’m not just talking about the weather! Up next, we’ve got the man Apollo defeated last week – Doc Henry – taking on former World Champion Dake Ken.

Lights dim, to an orange glow as if at sunrise, as music starts.

With the main guitar riff, Doc enters the arena in a light haze.

As lyrics start, he slowly raises his head looking into the ring, raising his hands up for a slow pop. Lights fade up as he does this.

I wake up in the morning
And I raise my weary head
I got an old coat for a pillow
And the earth was last nights bed

Doc proceeds to the ring high fiving the crowd.

Only God knows where Ive been
Im a devil on the run
A six gun lover
A candle in the wind

Walking up the steps and ducks under the top rope. Pumping his fists and getting the crowd riled, he fist pumps facing all four sides.

When youre brought into this world
They say youre born in sin
Well at least they gave me something
I didnt have to steal or have to win
Well they tell me that Im wanted
Yeah Im a wanted man

Gallantly removes hat and saddle coat before extinguishing cigarette on ring post.

Im colt in your stable
Im what cain was to abel
Mister catch me if you can
Im going down in a blaze of glory...

Kyle Steel: For some reason, the fans really love this guy...

Shannan Lerch: Only because he makes Johnny Reb nervous, Kyle. They love our next competitor even more.

"Bow Down" by Born of Osiris hits on the PA system. The lights dim down as the guitars and drums hit as spot lights focus on the curtain. Dake pops out from behind the curtain with both arms raised. He pauses for a moment and looks around the arena, soaking in the fan reaction, before lowering his arms and starting down the ramp. He slaps a few fans' hands as he makes his way to the ring. He walks over to the steps and quickly walks up them. He plays to the crowd a bit before stepping into the ring and making his way to the far turnbuckle. He hops up onto the second rope and poses to the crowd.

And indeed, the crowd responds with possibly the loudest pop of the night. Dake Ken offers his hand to Doc Henry in a show of sportsmanship. Henry looks at him suspiciously for a moment, then hesitantly grasps Ken’s hand – and sucker punches him right in the face!

Kyle Steel: I can’t believe Doc Henry just did that! The man’s got some huge, brass –

Shannan Lerch: Family show, Kyle...

The bell rings, and Dake Ken immediately returns the favor, launching a stiff right hand at Doc Henry’s jaw. Doc staggers, turning his back on his opponent, and shakes his head, trying to clear the cobwebs. Dake applies a waistlock from behind and starts to lift Henry up for a German suplex, but Doc Henry elbows his way out of it.

Kyle Steel: Close call for the other resident Southerner. Doc Henry is not a big man, and it’s going to be a challenge for him to find a way to put Dake Ken down tonight.

Shannan Lerch: Truthfully, Kyle, I don’t think Henry stands a chance. Doc makes a run for the ropes, but Ken pulls him back down and just starts raining fists on Doc Henry!

Under the onslaught, Doc brings his arms up to try and defend himself while the referee attempts to get things under control again. Ken finally backs off, and Henry leans heavily on the ropes, already looking beaten. Dake Ken grabs him by the arm and whips him across the ring. Henry has just enough presence of mind to grab the top rope and stop his momentum.

Ken charges at Doc, looking to clothesline him to the outside, but at the last possible instant, Henry drops his weight, pulling down on the top rope and sending his opponent out instead.

Kyle Steel: You may have spoken too soon, Shannan! Henry with a plancha to the outside, right as Dake Ken starts to get to his feet!

Shannan Lerch: Maybe so, Kyle. The official is really on top of things tonight, yelling at both men to get back in the ring... but I don’t know if they can!

Kyle Steel: No, wait... Dake Ken’s up again! He hauls Doc Henry upright – who is looking worse for the wear – and rolls him into the ring!

Shannan Lerch: Well, Kyle, the man’s a former WCF World Champion. It’s going to take more than whatever Doc has up his sleeve...

Ken follows Doc into the ring and the ref backs off to give them room. Dake starts pulling Doc to his feet. Henry responds with a kick to the back of Ken’s previously injured leg. The crowd promptly voices their displeasure. Another kick staggers Ken, and he backs toward the middle of the ring with a slight limp.

Doc presses the attack, rushing toward Dake, who miraculously seems to recover and takes Henry to the mat with an arm drag. Quickly, he’s on his feet again, pulling Doc up with him. Ken applies a waistlock again, lifts his opponent, and drops him with a German suplex. Dake maintains the bridge, keeping Henry’s shoulders on the mat, and the ref starts to count.

1 ...

2 ...

NO! Henry manages to get a shoulder up at the last moment.

Kyle Steel: Dake Ken looking frustrated with the situation, and who can blame him? I thought it was over for sure.

Dake Ken goes on the offensive again, whipping Doc Henry into the nearest corner. He taunts to the crowd, who roar their approval.

Shannan Lerch: Here it comes, Kyle! He’s calling for the Bitch Kick!

But Doc sees it coming, and moves out of the way, causing Dake to get hung up on the ropes. Sensing his opportunity, Henry starts laying fists to Dake Ken, lefts and rights with seemingly no end – until the referee’s count reaches four. Henry stops, and Ken disentangles himself, slumping in the corner.

Kyle Steel: Things are looking pretty bad for Dake. Doc Henry’s got the advantage now, and they both know it.

Shannan Lerch: Not for long, Kyle! Doc goes to unleash another assault, but Ken stops him with a kick to the gut.

Doc Henry stumbles backward, doubled over. Dake Ken is right there, ready with a DDT! And another cover!

1 ...

2 .. –

Kyle Steel: Doc Henry kicks out again! I don’t believe it!

Slowly, looking dazed, Doc finds his way to his knees. Ken’s ready for him, urging him to his feet with a beckoning motion. Henry stands unsteadily, and Dake Ken makes a grab for him, only to be met with a vicious eye rake.

Shannan Lerch: Oh jeez. What is it with these Southern guys and cheating?

Dake Ken turns away, momentarily blinded, but Doc Henry seizes him and sets him up for a side slam... But Ken powers out of it! He sets Doc up for the exact same move.

Shannan Lerch: Uranage Slam from Dake Ken! Doc Henry is done! He’s out of it!

Dake covers.

1 ...

2 ...

3 !!!

Shannan Lerch: And another impressive win for Dake Ken! I guess whatever message Doc had for his old rival is going to have to wait another week...

Havoc vs Johnny Reb

"Undead" by Hollywood Undead hits the speakers and the fans stand to boo. Havoc walks out and ignores each and everyone of them. Havoc slides into the ring after walking down the ramp and awaits the World Heavyweight Champion.

Kyle Steel: Havoc who has recently aligned himself with Torture and Death, long time friends, is now getting a World Title shot in our World Championship Series

The opening chords of "Bad Company" by Bad Company filter through the arena. The stage and the surrounding area go dark. As the actual lyrics begin, blue lights illuminate a pair of figures: Johnny Reb, with the WCF title around his waist, and Dixie Pride.

Always on the run.

They both step out onto the ramp and the stage lights return to normal.

Is the rising sun.

Johnny’s appearance draws a mixed reaction from the crowd, largely of a negative variety.

I was born 6-gun in my hand,
Behind a gun, I make my final stand.

The Inveterate Confederate starts down the ramp, slowly, and pauses halfway down.

That's why they call me...

Suddenly, a fountain of pyros erupts behind him to coincide with the change in the song's tempo. Johnny raises his hands and lifts his head, making a beckoning motion, reveling in the crowd’s attentions, favorable or not.

Bad Company. And I can't deny,
Bad Company, til the day I die.

Reb lowers his arms and gives the dissenting fans a disdainful sneer.

Rebel souls.
Deserters we are called,
Chose a gun
And threw away the sun.

Johnny keeps walking toward the ring at a stately pace, ignoring taunts. Dixie remains at his side, casting the occasional insult back at an over exuberant dissident.

Now these towns,
They all know our name.
6-gun sound...
Is our claim to fame.

Reb walks up the steel steps and holds the ropes for Dixie. He stalks to the far corner and climbs onto the second turnbuckle, removing the belt from around his waist and raising it high overhead for all to see.

I can hear them say..
Bad Company, and I won’t deny.
Bad. Bad Company, til the day I die.

Dixie works the crowd as Johnny hops off the turnbuckle and removes the hat and coat. The music fades away.

Shannan Lerch: World Champion Johnny Reb is here and ready to fight.

The ref demands the bell to be rung, and the two tie up. Havoc takes advantage backing Reb in the corner. The ref breaks them apart but Havoc slaps Reb right across the face. Havoc moves the ref between them as Reb darts out of the corner. The ref breaks them apart, and they tie up again, but Reb backs Havoc down this time, the ref breaks them apart but Havoc slaps Reb across the face again! The ref gets inbetween the two men as Reb is backed up to the center of the ring.

Shannan Lerch: Havoc disrespecting our World Champion.

Kyle Steel: Oh look out!

Reb picks up Havoc out of the corner, turns and slams him down with a spinebuster. More ground and pound, and Havoc tries to block most of them. Finally Havoc catches an arm but is then given a stiff fist to the face from the other hand. Havoc begins to roll out of the ring but Reb catches him and picks him up. Throws him to the ropes and hits a HUGE back body drop! Havoc stumbles back to his feet, turns around and Reb lands a huge clothesline! Havoc lands on his back. Reb pins! Just a two count. Reb picks up Havoc and Havoc hits his back but grabs the trunks of Reb and throws him through the ropes out of the ring. The crowd reacts with boos. Havoc rolls out and throws Reb into the guardrail. Havoc then throws Reb into the ring post before rolling him inside the ring. Havoc slides in and throws Reb against the ropes, upon the rebound Havoc bends down in the middle of the ring but Reb stops and kicks Havoc right in the face! Havoc stumbles up and Reb goes for a dropkick! Havoc backs up and Reb falls right on his back. Havoc motions that he's much smarter than Reb by pointing his index finger to his head. Havoc then walks towards the fallen Reb and gets rolled up!!


Shannan Lerch: Just a two count.. What a close call!

When Havoc kicks out he rolls to his feet but Reb ducks a clothesline/punch from Havoc and hits a russian-leg sweep. Reb rolls into the pin but Havoc kicks Reb off of him before the ref can even count. Reb is to his feet first and just as Havoc gets to his feet Reb sets him up with a drop toe hold, and Reb floats over for Southern Hospitality! Havoc crawls out of the ring however, and gets out. Reb pounds the mat as he almost had it so he rolls out of the ring and follows Havoc. Havoc doesn't know and he turns around to take a breath and gets a stiff clothesline from Reb! The crowds cheer. Reb picks up Havoc and slides him into the ring. Reb climbs up on top of the ropes and Havoc gets to his feet, and Reb flys off the top rope with a crossbody which turns into a pin!

Kyle Steel: One! Two!

Shannan Lerch: Havoc kicked up again!

Reb bends down, and Havoc rakes the eyes, and then rolls Reb up! Another two count. Reb gets to his feet, but Havoc is there to float over behind Reb and hit an amatuer-style wrestling suplex. Havoc then stands to his feet and stomps on Reb's head! Havoc stands up and drags Reb to the bottom rope. He drapes a leg over the bottom rope and Havoc goes to the apron. Havoc jumps from the apron and axe-handle smashes the ankle of Johnny Reb! Havoc rolls in and grabs the legs of Reb. Reb struggles and kicks Havoc off.. Reb gets to his feet and grabs Havoc from behind shoves Havoc to the corner-chest first, Havoc stumbles backwards and Reb hits the Inverted Frankensteiner! Havoc lands on his face, and Reb gets to his feet and goes to the top rope. The crowd cheers!

Shannan Lerch: Where the hell is the World Champion going?

Reb jumps off and hits the Confederate Cannonball! Reb pins Havoc! One! Two! Havoc kicks up!

Kyle Steel: Oh man! Reb almost defeated Havoc to retain his World title!

Reb slowly gets up and grabs Havoc as he's to his feet now too. Reb armbars Havoc, and twists it up. Reb then climbs on the ropes. Reb walks across the top rope and Havoc nudges the ref into the ropes and Reb breaks the hold and falls on the top rope right on his groin! The ref shoves Havoc and gives him a warning. Reb falls onto the mat and Havoc picks him up. Havoc grabs Reb and nails a picture-perfect T-bone suplex! Havoc turns and Reb tries to get to his feet but Havoc knees him in the head causing Reb to sit back in the corner. Havoc then drops his boot on Reb's chest over and over again stomping him dry! The ref breaks Havoc off after a five count and backs him out of the corner. Havoc moves the ref and begins stomping Reb down again! Havoc, again, gets backed out of the corner by the ref where Reb gets up to the crowds approval. Havoc goes for a punch but Reb blocks and then lands a right of his own. Havoc goes for another but is blocked once more and then punched in the face by Reb! Havoc for a third time, but Reb gets one more punch then throws Havoc against the ropes, Reb bends down and Havoc grabs Reb just like a DDT, smiles, and plants Reb face first into the mat. Havoc sits next to the downed Reb and soakes in the boo's. Havoc turns Reb over and pins. One! Two!


Shannan Lerch: Just a two count!

Havoc picks up Reb and puts him in a neck-rest hold in the center of the ring and won't let him get anywhere near the ropes. Reb tries to get to one side, but Havoc breaks the rest hold, then grabs Rebs head and goes for a bulldog but not before taunting. Reb shoves Havoc to the ropes and then bends down again, but Havoc gives a boot to the face of Reb causing him to stand straight up, that's when Reb just levels Havoc with a stiff clothesline sending both men down to the mat. The crowd comes alive for the World Heavyweight Champion. The ref counts to seven before Reb gets to his feet first, but Havoc is also on his way up. Reb turns around and goes for another clothesline, but Havoc ducks, then grabs Reb from behind for a German suplex, but Reb backflips and lands on his feet behind Havoc. Havoc turns around and clotheslines Reb over the top rope and both men fall to the outside right in front of the announcers table.

Shannan Lerch: Look out, Havoc is pissed!

Kyle Steel: Reb's just as pissed too!

The ref begins his ten count. One! Two! Havoc tries to slide in but Reb grabs him from behind and the both of them begin punching like crazy. Reb throws Havoc into the announcers table and then goes to get into the ring. The count is at six. Havoc grabs Reb from behind, turns him around and irish whips him into the guardrail, which causes Reb to go over it and into the crowd. Havoc doesn't even turn to the ring, he just walks over to the guardrail, leaps over it, and continues punching away at Reb.

Kyle Steel: Eight! Nine!

Shannan Lerch: Ten! It's over?

The ref demands the bell to be rung, and the crowd starts to boo, but then more-or-so cheer when the announcer states that Johnny Reb is still World Heavyweight Champion.

Kyle Steel: Havoc and Johnny Reb are in the crowd still!

Reb now throws Havoc over the gaurdrail back into the ring area. Reb gets on the guardrail and drops an axe handle smash over the head of Havoc. Reb picks up Havoc and throws him into the ring. Reb slides in, and Havoc goes for a move but Reb hits a facebreaker DDT! The crowd goes crazy even though this is after the match.

Kyle Steel: Reb retains the World Title but he's looking for more pain on Havoc!

Shannan Lerch: Look! Backstage! Torture is pissed!

Shown Backstage as Torture and Death go to leave the dressing room and down the hallway. Except, Torture is the only one who leaves the dressing room, and a figure in the shadows sneaks into the dressing room. The video feed cuts back to the action in the ring.

Kyle Steel: Wait?! Who went into the dressing room! Torture is on his way here, but he doesn't know he's by himself!

Reb points at the crowd and smiles, the sold out arena chanting to jump off and nail Havoc with a high-flying move! Then the cheers turn to boo's as Torture jumps on the apron and shoves Reb off the top rope. Reb lands on the mat, and Torture gets into the ring, turns him over and begins punching away at Reb's head. More and more, and more and of course, more punches to Reb as Torture is kneeled over Reb's near lifeless body. The crowd is boo'ing. Havoc gets up to his feet. Torture get's off Reb and picks him up. He throws him into Havoc for a stiff clothesline. Havoc picks up Reb and Torture takes his suit jacket off and throws it out of the ring. He rolls up his long sleeve button up shirt and sadistically smiles. He grabs Reb from behind and locks him in the hold for the Tortures Device.

Kyle Steel: Torture is going to hit the Tortures Device on Reb!

Shannan Lerch: Teasing the crowd with it, ugh. I hate Torture, and so does everyone else.

Torture adjusts the hold and right when he's about to hit it to the taunting of Havoc, fireworks explode on the stage and Kids by MGMT hits the airwaves, and the videoscreen lights up with some text and past video montages, the crowd cheers!

Kyle Steel: OH YEAH! HE'S BACK!

More fireworks explode as Zach Davis stands on the ramp.. he rips off his shirt and throws it down. Looking stronger, and meaner, Zach Davis yells in excitement and runs down the ramp.


Davis slides into the ring and ducks Havoc's clothesline and hits a huge dropkick to the top of Havoc's head sending him out of the ring. Torture goes to grab Zach Davis as he drops Johnny Reb, but Reb holds onto the leg of Torture causing him to turn around and Zach Davis hit's a bulldog on Torture from behind! Davis pops up and yells out at the crowd and points towards Torture. Davis and Reb pick up Torture and throw him to the ropes, but Havoc trips Torture down to his face, and then pulls Torture out of the ring by his legs and the crowd goes right back to boo's. Torture holds his chin from the face plant he just took to the ring, and Havoc trash talks as he backs Torture up the ramp. Torture and Reb stare at each other as Bad Company's Bad Company hits the speakers and the crowd cheers for Reb. Zach Davis raises Reb's arm in the air and Reb holds up the World Heavyweight Championship. Torture is shown yelling the words "MY TITLE YOU SON OF A BITCH! MY GOD DAMN TITLE!". Reb laughs and taunts with Zach Davis in the middle of the ring. Havoc and Torture leave the stage area.

Kyle Steel: We're just about out of time.. but wait! I'm getting word that Seth has ordered a mandatory overrun tonight!

Shannan Lerch: What? Does Seth have some kind of announcement?

Kyle Steel: I guess we'll find out after this very last commercial break, Shannan!

Seth Lerch's Announcement

Shannan Lerch: Welcome back from commercials, fans.

Master of Puppets by Metallica plays.

Kyle Steel: Well, here we go, Shannan! Let's see what Seth has up his sleeve tonight.

The crowd cheers as Seth walks out from the back, smiling. He walks to the ring, rolls in, and grabs a mic.

Shannan Lerch: What sort of announcement does he have now?

Seth Lerch: There are several ways I could have gone about making this announcement, but I decided that I owe it to everyone to do it out here, by myself, openly and honestly.

Kyle Steel: Um.. are we closing?

Seth Lerch: It is no secret that Logan and I have-

At the mere mention of the name Logan, his hometown fans all erupt. Some cheer, some boo. Seth waits for them to calm down.

Seth Lerch: Logan and I have always had a love/hate relationship. I respect the man, but sometimes I don't respect his decisions. And back in June, I didn't respect what he was doing. I felt like he was playing with me, playing games with WCF. So did I fire him? Did he quit? Did I suspend him? I'm not even sure myself. All I know is that I told Logan that he wasn't welcome in WCF anymore.

The crowd boos at that.

Seth Lerch: ...Not until August, anyway.

Chia Like, I Shall Grow hits and the fans ERUPT. Logan steps out from the back, a grin on his face.

Shannan Lerch: MY LOGAN IS BACK!

Kyle Steel: I don't believe it. The Face of Treachery.. back in a WCF ring. Once again, things are as they should be in the Wrestling Championship Federation.

Logan walks to the ring, slaps some hands, and slides in. He shakes Seth's hand before climbing a turnbuckle and raising his arms to a huge pop. He then climbs back down and tries to take the mic, but Seth stops him.

Seth Lerch: Hold on, Logan. I wasn't done quite yet!

Logan looks annoyed, but lets Seth continue.

Seth Lerch: No, back in June I told Logan he had to sit the month of July out. See, because of Logan, Madd Dogg also left WCF. Now, I'm not friends with Madd Dogg or anything but I spent quite a lot of time and money signing him to a contract he turned out to not care about. And because of Logan, Madd Dogg left. Madd Dogg, who because of Logan, ended up seriously injuring Gravedigger's valet Jessie, so WCF had to foot the bill for all those medical expenses. All because of you, Logan. But I let him come back, because that's the kind of guy I am!

Shannan Lerch: See? Seth doesn't hold grudges.

Seth Lerch: And without any further adeu.. LOGAN!

The crowd pops and Seth goes to hand the mic to Logan, but as Logan is going to grab it, Seth takes it away again.

Seth Lerch: Actually Logan, no, I'm not done yet. Sorry, I know, I'm venting. But this feels good, I want to get it out. Logan, you left me and WCF high and dry. But I forgive you! I do. I forgive you. True, I panicked after you left. You and your friend Jack of Blades, both. I panicked. I thought WCF didn't have enough star power to survive. But then I realized... Slickie T, he defeated both of you. I have a star in Slickie T. Then new stars returned, such as Apollo. I signed new superstars in The Superfans. Truth is, Logan, that without you, WCF flourished!

The fans are getting bored of Seth talking and want to hear Logan. They chant "We want Logan!", which annoys Seth.

Seth Lerch: Oh, you want Logan, huh? Well you better not want him too bad or he just might walk out and give up again!

More booing for Seth.

Seth Lerch: But it's okay, Logan. It's okay. Like I said, I forgive you. And now that you're back, I know you're going to enjoy starting from the bottom again. And I know you want gold around your waist...

The fans cheer, and Logan's ears perk up at the mention of Titles.

Seth Lerch: So maybe, JUST MAYBE, if you win a bunch of matches and you show I can trust you.. MAYBE I'll give you a TV Title shot.

More booing.

Seth Lerch: But okay, okay. Logan, go ahead.

Seth, finally, hands the mic to Logan. The fans cheer, their anticipation is incredible...

Logan: A TV title shot? You'd do that for me?

Looking certainly amused with himself, appreciative of Lerch, Logan hands the microphone back to Seth.

Seth Lerch: Well.. maybe. I'm a fair guy and to be hones--

Logan grabs the microphone out of Seth's hands and meets his face in inches with his own.

Logan: .. SHUT.. UP!

The crowd literally explodes in response pouncing to their feet and jumping in place. Looking a little shaken up, Seth glares in the Face of Treachery. The animosity between the two steadily grows. The Virginia crowd furrow Seth's brows even further with a 'Logan' chant. Stepping back from Seth, Logan raises the microphone back to his lips.

Logan: Since you've seen it so necessary to bring it up, let's get down to the REAL bottom of this because obviously, you're delusional. Last June, beginning of the summer time heat, the heat.. yes, it can make people nutty sometimes, can't it? After what happened I'd like to think so.

The hometown star nods before going on.

Logan: Yes! You see, someone had been stalking me for the eighth billion time this year, you KNOW it got on my nerves all the while, but yet, even after helping return WCF ownership back to you, you still didn't really seem to care did you? No. You'd just let it happen, you'd figure I'd just be your little wrestling robot and happily do whatever came my way. So, during my match with Gravedigger, when Madd Dogg, ripped his way through the ring with a sword..

Logan pauses. The crowd amusingly laughs at the idiotic efforts WCF lets Madd Dogg do.

Logan: You all got the idea that would be my last official match with WCF till another contract was signed. Not exactly wanting anything to do with Madd Dogg, I decided to relax, take a few weeks out of this long busy year to rest the ole' bones, knock back a few hotdog's, maybe lay out in the back, sip some lemonade, get some sun. During that time Madd Dogg's little crazed obsession with me dies as fast as it was gained, and.. he quits. I call you, attempt to renegotiate a new contract and.. what do you say? H'm?

He puts the microphone near Seth's mouth.

Seth Lerch: You da--

Logan: SHUT UP!

Cheap pop. Logan continues in a mocking tone.

Logan: No, Logan, I can't resign you. Sit July out, I has big talents, I has television titles now. WCF has brightened without you.

The two exchange a glare.

Logan: WCF doesn't need me? I AM WCF. And--and-- you're wrong, Seth. WCF didn't 'flourish' because of my absence, no, it wasn't because of me.. it was because a so called 'King' was dethroned.

The smart fans gasp to his hint of acknowledging that.. certain someone.

Logan: What had I been saying these last four months? H'm? Nobody listened. They just thought I was sitting around telling little stories.

Logan grins.

Logan: Maybe I was, but, you see.. those stories had meaning. I was so openly certain that if the King was dethroned, the WCF would return to it's natural ways. It'd be free. It'd be the wild west all over again, it'd return to the way that originally made this place popular. And it did. People no longer need a political backstage pull around this place to achieve success. It's happened? Hasn't it? Look at the current title holders. And.. before leaving, before the 'King' was dethroned, I had only one real objective here that fueled me on..


Logan: Taking him out. Dethroning the king with my own hands. Dragging him back down to the dirty bottom barrel he deserves to be in. Of course, if you know anything about me then you'll know who I'm talking about..

Shannan Lerch: ...Torture.

Kyle Steel: ...Torture.

Logan: Torture.

The crowd buzzes with the possibility of another confrontation between the two. Seth swallows hard. Logan turns his attention to the camera man in the ring and addresses the one he's speaking of.

Logan: I'm the one, Torture. I'm the 'one and only'.

The arena is filled with an absolute ecstatic response from the crowd, Logan smiles.

Logan: See you around..

Seth Lerch simply stares at Logan, the entire place is filled with indescribable electricity at the thought of their two names paired together. Logan turns away from the camera, smirks at Lerch and tosses him the microphone before exiting the ring. The Virginia audience cheer and chant his name all the way to his exit to the back.