Slam Intro
Martin Waverly Washington V vs Ryan Daniels vs Jimmy Dean vs Anthrax vs Jay Price
TV Title: Justin Turner vs Anastasia Petrova
Truth Addiction vs The Big Time Jerks
Rick Mad Segment
Logan vs Greenfever
Slickie T vs Craig Jacobs vs D-Day vs Hector Rodriguez
Seth Lerch/Returning Star Segment
Torture/Havoc/Death vs Johnny Reb/Doc Henry/Mikami

Slam Intro

Kids by MGMT hits and Slam is live! We let the fans get their signs on TV and show off the big pyro explosions before going to the announcers.

Zach Davis: Welcome to Slam! Once again, a huge show tonight.

Shannan Lerch: For the first time in WCF history, Torture, Havoc, and Death will all team up as a unified front. They'll be facing Johnny Reb, Doc Henry, and Mikami.

Zach Davis: Johnny Reb and Mikami will be hell bent on getting to Torture. Doc Henry, too, I'm sure!

Shannan Lerch: Last week, Torture took WCF announcer Luscious Jackson. True, I hated him, but still. Not cool. What he'll do this week is anyone's guess...

Zach Davis: And we're still waiting to see who he'll be facing at War!

Shannan Lerch: Speaking of War, we have two battle royal matches tonight. One of them is Slickie T, Craig Jacobs, D-Day, and Hector Rodriguez all in the ring at once. That is going to be crazy.

Zach Davis: Over the top rules, but you know everyone's going to be looking to make themselves look good leading up to War.

Shannan Lerch: We have Logan up against Greenfever. Logan is the new United States Champion.. but as per the match stipulation from Revenge, Seth has ordered Logan to give up the US Title to him tonight. And forcing him to fight that maniac Greenfever is a punishment too!

Zach Davis: We have Truth Addiction, one on one with the Big Time Jerks.

Shannan Lerch: I think you mean "two on two," but yes, we do! The BTJ got the upper hand on Truth Addiction last week, so we'll see if Truth Addiction can avenge that loss.

Zach Davis: In tonight's Television Title match, Justin Turner faces Anastasia Petrova. Petrova just barely made it out with the Title when she fought Ryan Daniels last week, can she escape this week?

Shannan Lerch: And our opener is another battle royal. Two newcomers, Martin Waverly Washington V and Jay Price, are in this match. Along with some solid WCF stars, Ryan Daniels, Jimmy Dean, and Anthrax. This should be an exciting one, I'd say!

Battle Royal
Martin Waverly Washington V vs Ryan Daniels vs Jimmy Dean vs Anthrax vs Jay Price

Battleflag by Lo Fidelity Allstars plays and out walks Martin Waverly Washington V. He heads to the ring.

Zach Davis: This man seems to basically be a manager, but I guess he's trying his hand at wrestling too!

Voice: Welcome to Hollywood, may all your dreams come true

The suspenceful tone of the intro plays as the violins set the lets to flicker red.


Guitars hits and the crowd is on their feet and pyro rains down on the entrance ramp and Ryan Daniels emerges from the back with a random T-shirt on he stands underneath the pyro, his head bowed as the intro continues to play. After it finishes the pyro stops and Ryan walks down the ramp

This is a wake up call
To all who their eyes
This is our hope,
Hopeless beaten strife

HE stops at the middle and starts to hop up and down, getting himself hyped up and ready for his match.

You kill the messenger not to hear it
It doesn't mean it never happened
It doesn't mean it never happened

He runs up the ring steps and slingshots into the ring. HE runs up the turnbuckles and stop, one foot on the top buckle and the other on the second he points out tot he crowd, mouthing the chorus to the song.

"This is our mission
statement to go show the world
We must survive"

HE hops off the turnbuckle and removes his shirt as the music starts to fade out.

Shannan Lerch: Ryan Daniels!

Zach Davis: Personally I think he should've won the TV Title last week, but that's just me.

The lights go and Jerry "The King" beginnings of the music of Lawler that play. A single shines of the projector in a passageway and the empty Prince Force with crowbar to Dean is removed majestically in a golden car for two white horses. The multitude is silent in the admiration in the grandeur of the entrance. The prince Jimmy Dean is thrown around the ring while the multitude looks in silence on its car in the admiration. The leaves slowly of the carriage and elegantly walks in the ring and backups in the center as the alone shines of projector in it. The light goes and he expects his adversary to be approached.

Shannan Lerch: Well.. always good to have royalty around, I guess.

The lights flicker on and off and Metallica's Cyanide kicks through the airwaves. Anthrax steps outs through the smoke but stops on the edge of the ramp. Colton stands with him and both men do the same taunt; both hands in the air with a very mean face. Colt leads Anthrax down the ramp and into the ring. Colton makes sure everyone knows that Anthrax is here to fight.

Zach Davis: Anthrax. Not the band, not the disease, but the man.

Shannan Lerch: Anthrax is another underrated star here in WCF, I'd say. Sure he cheats, but he works hard, and I don't think his win/loss record shows just how good he really is.

Get Down On The Ground by Gillie Da Kid plays and Jay Price comes out to the top of the entrance ramp in his ring attire along with a wife beater and Red Phillies fitted baseball cap. He stands at the top looking at the crowd with a pissed off expression before staring down his opponent while walking down to the ring. He walks up ring steps, goes under the top rope and continues to stare down opponent while taking off beater and hat.

Zach Davis: Definitely a Philly native here. Wonder how he feels about Michael Vick.

Shannan Lerch: All I know is, I'm tired of hearing about him!

All five men are in the ring, and the bell rings. Washington huddles in the corner, avoiding fighting anyone. Anthrax runs at Price, hitting him with several shots. Price ducks a Clothesline attempt and then hits a Belly to Belly!

Zach Davis: Big move from the new guy!

Daniels is viciously attacking Jimmy Dean. He has him in a corner, and he's hitting lefts and rights over and over. Daniels kicks Dean in the gut, making him drop to the mat, against the turnbuckle. Daniels then begins scraping his boot against his face.

Shannan Lerch: What a humiliating move..

After several boot scrapes, Daniels runs to the ropes, back at Dean and hits a Facewash! Dean slumps into the corner. Daniels picks him back up and goes for a Standing Dropkick, meant to throw Dean out of the ring, but Dean avoids it. As Daniels gets back up Dean goes for a DDT, but Daniels reverses it into a Northern Lights Suplex!

Zach Davis: Great reversal there!

Meanwhile, Price has Anthrax on the mat. He hits a Knee Drop to Anthrax's leg, causing Anthrax to hold it in pain. Price then picks Anthrax up and throws him to the ropes. Anthrax comes back... Powerslam! Price picks Anthrax up and goes to toss him over the top rope, but Anthrax lands on the apron. Anthrax hits Price with a few lefts and rights and then tries to Suplex Price out of the ring, from the apron.

Shannan Lerch: Uh oh. This is dangerous for both men...

But no, Price manages to block it. But Anthrax hits him with a big kick to the gut, and then climbs back into the ring. While Price is dazed, Anthrax hits a Backbreaker.

Zach Davis: Great move by Anthrax, stayin' alive.

Anthrax turns away from Price, looking at Martin Waverly Washington V, who is still hiding in a corner. Anthrax grabs Martin and goes to throw him out... but instead kicks him in the gut, doubling him over, and hits the Torque!

Shannan Lerch: Great move by Anthrax! Looked painful!

Zach Davis: Yeah, but he didn't really have to do that to the poor guy. Coulda just eliminated him, you know.

Anthrax picks Waverly back up and throws him out of the ring.

Shannan Lerch: Well there you go, Zach. Our first elimination.

Jimmy Dean runs up behind Anthrax, going to attack him. Anthrax simply sidesteps him, and throws Dean out too! The fans boo heavily.

Zach Davis: And there goes Prince Jimmy Dean!

Shannan Lerch: We're down to three!

And on the other side of the ring, Jay Price has just hit Ryan Daniels with the Busted Grill! Price quickly picks Daniels up and throws him out!

Zach Davis: Make that down to two!

Price and Anthrax turn to one another, realizing the match has just gone from five people to two. The two meet in the middle of the ring and trade lefts and rights, neither one giving the other an inch!

Shannan Lerch: These are two tough mofos.

Price swings for a Clothesline, Anthrax ducks it and hits a big Belly to Belly Suplex, sending Jay Price over the top rope!

Zach Davis: This is it! Anthrax wins!

But no, Price grabs the ropes before hitting the floor, and pulls himself back up and into the ring. Anthrax didn't see, however, and as he's celebrating Jay comes up from behind him, grabs him, and tosses him out!

Shannan Lerch: There it is! Jay Price is your winner!

But just as Jay Price has begun celebrating, a man slides into the ring. He kicks Price in the gut, picks him up and hits a huge Gorilla Press Slam!

Zach Davis: Is that.. is that one of WCF's newest acquisitions, Hot Johnny Hott?

Shannan Lerch: I believe it is, Zach! What's he doing here? He isn't supposed to be here tonight..

He looks down at Price, but security has quickly gotten into the ring. Hott can't do anything else as security grabs him and takes him out of the ring. Hott cooperates, having accomplished what he came to do, and has a smile on his face even as he's being accompanied out by security.

Zach Davis: I have no idea what his motives were, but Johnny Hott has made a statement here tonight, that's for sure.

Justin Turner vs Anastasia Petrova

The Lights in the arena go out. We see the flashs of cameras before the words "The Freak" are posted on the tron. After a moment "Matter Of Time" by HellYeah hits.


Can’t touch this, we rule it with a clenched fist,
On, top fuel with a death grip
Judged, by a weak little man with a pen in his hand and just doesn’t fucking get it
Own, couldn’t stop us if you wanted to
School, breaking knuckles with a ruler,
Done, no more, emergence, to dominate you

From the back comes out a confident Justin Turner. The fans raise to their feet and cheer as he makes his way down the ramp.

Run, hide, your time is coming
Hunt, find, walking a fine line
Run, hide, my time is coming
Hunt, find, it’s just a matter of time

Justin rolls under the bottom rope before posing for the crowd.

Shannan Lerch: Here he is, the challenger for Anastasia Petrova’s Television Title, Justin Turner!

Zach Davis: The High Flying Freak has his work cut out for him tonight, Shannan. After last week’s loss to Greenfever, can he turn things around?

Shannan Lerch: We’re about to find out!

Na Rasputye by Kipelov plays and the lights turn red as Anastasia Petrova prances about the stage. She goes to the ring and says hi to the fans and blows them kisses while shaking her booty!

Zach Davis: And the ever-impressive entrance of our TV Champ! You can’t deny that the audience loves her!

The two competitors meet in the middle of the ring and shake hands in a display of sportsmanship that draws a huge pop from the crowd. The bell rings, and the two lock up. Petrova’s advantage in height and leverage gives her the upper hand right away. She locks on a front facelock and puts Turner down with a DDT.

Shannan Lerch: Early cover! And the ref doesn’t even get to count...

Zach Davis: It’s too soon for that, Shannan. Petrova’s employing a classic, common-sense strategy. You always want to keep the high flyers grounded.

Both wrestlers are back on their feet now, and Petrova goes for a punch. Turner dodges, grabs her arm, and whips the champ into the ropes. He goes for a clothesline as she comes back toward him, but she ducks. Turner sprints for the ropes, springboards off into a backflip, and nails Petrova with a back elbow.

Shannan Lerch: Oooh! That was definitely creative!

Turner covers. He gets a one-and-a-half count before Anastasia kicks up with authority. She springs to her feet again and nails Justin Turner with a hard right. He staggers backward, and she follows up, tripping him so that he lands against the middle rope.

Zach Davis: Here it comes!

Petrova dashes across the ring, leaps through the ropes.... And catches herself on the ring apron as Turner realizes the position he’s in and scrambles out of the way. Anastasia vaults over the top rope, only to be met with a standing superkick. She backs off, winded. Justin takes the opportunity to climb the nearest turnbuckle. He launches himself into the air, but Petrova catches him and quickly executes another DDT.

Shannan Lerch: There’s Anastasia with the cover again!

1 ...

2 ...

Zach Davis: And a kickout. Justin’s still in this thing, but maybe not for much longer!

Petrova hauls Justin back to his feet again. He backs her off with a haymaker that goes wide, but nevertheless has the intended effect. Turner goes on the offensive now, setting Petrova up for a Northern Lights Suplex. Petrova counters, hooking her leg around his to keep him from lifting her. He tries again. She stops him again. Turner tries one final time, nails it, and follows through with a leg hook brainbuster.

Shannan Lerch: Impressive move by Turner! He pins....and it’s just a two count, but close.

Zach Davis: And both competitors are looking a little worse for the wear, Shannan. Petrova’s still on the mat, and Turner’s going for the ropes!

Indeed, he is. He climbs to the top turnbuckle, signaling for his finisher.

Shannan Lerch: He's going for the Freak Out!

But all of a sudden, Hot Johnny Hott comes through the crowd! Justin Turner turns to him, confused what he's doing out during his match.

Zach Davis: This guy again!? He just signed onto WCF, didn't even get a match yet, and AGAIN he's interfering!?

As Justin Turner is looking at Hott, Petrova grabs his head while he's still on the turnbuckle and hits the Rasputin!

Shannan Lerch: What a move! She can hit it from anywhere!

Petrova pins Turner, hooking his leg.




Zach Davis: Ding ding, winner. Petrova hangs onto the TV Title once more!

But immediately as Petrova stands up, Hot Johnny Hott gets into the ring! He kicks her in the stomach and hits a Gutwrench Powerbomb!

Shannan Lerch: Johnny Hott just assaulted the Television Champion! We just saw him in the last match, too, what is he doing?!

Hott stands up and raises his arms in the air as the crowd boos mercilessly at the newcomer.

Zach Davis: I don't know who he thinks he is, but.. what a jerk. I'm sure he'll be escorted out of the building now.

Once again, security heads out from the back. As soon as Hott sees them, he slides out of the ring and runs back out through the crowd.

Shannan Lerch: Well, he'll be in action next week, I'm sure. Hopefully someone kicks his ass.

Petrova slowly gets to her feet, getting her Title back and heading out of the ring.

Truth Addiction vs The Big Time Jerks

Let It Rock by Kevin Rudolf hits the airwaves. A special dance-techno remix special for the Wrestling Championship Federation and the crowd goes crazy. Avery comes out from behind the curtain with his hoodie on over his head. He's looking down and hopping around but he stops with both his hands together in front of him. Through the smoke comes Tank Reaper walking right up behind him and stops. As the music continues to play, Avery spreads out one arm in unison with a huge gold firework. He stretches out the other arm with another huge gold firework. Then Tank raises both arms in the either with the third and final bang as the firework explodes into the air and the smoke clears. With that third firework, Avery flashes his head up and the hoodie slides off and both men begin to high five the fans as they jog their way down to the ring. Avery slides in first and jumps on to the nearest ring corner. He spreads out his arms then folds them together. Tank steps over the top rope and just raises both arms in the air and the crowd eats it up. Avery takes off his sweatshirt, and both men prepare for the match.

Zach Davis: Truth Addiction looking to get back into top form to chase after those Tag Team Champions; Superfans.

Shannan Lerch: Superfans taking a well deserved two week break after narrowly defeating Truth Addiction just two weeks ago at Revenge.

Zach Davis: And they'll be taking on..

The arena lights go out and the jumbotron reads BTJ in silver letters. "Our House" by Burn Halo hits and huge bursts of pyro burst from under the stage up. Out walk Adam and Austin in black BTJ t-shirts. They walk to the ring with ice glares.

Zach Davis: The Big Time Jerks!

Shannan Lerch: Those Jerks and their Ice Glares!

Zach Davis: Is that anything like Torture's stoned face?

Shannan Lerch: Eerily similar, Zach, haha!

Zach Davis: Looks like we're going to get Chris Avery and Austin to start out!

The ref rings the bell. Ding. Ding. Ding. Avery and Austin start out with a tie up, and Avery gets the advantage but Austin shoves him out of the corner and when Avery walks back to the face of Austin, Avery gets a slap! Austin grabs Avery and throws him to the ropes and when Chris returns, Austin hits a clothesline. Austin taunts and then hits a vertical-leaping leg drop! Austin pins, but Avery kicks out! Chris stands up, and Austin throws him into the corner. Chris springboards to the top rope and 180's into a cross body, but Austin ducks and Chris lands on his hands and knees, barely. Chris stands back up and Austin hits a running enziguri! Chris rolls over into his own team corner and holds his head as the crowd boo's at the Big Time Jerks.

Zach Davis: Looks like Austin is going to tag out to Adam!

Adam gets into the ring and taunts at Chris Avery to the crowd's chorus of boos. Avery reaches up and tags in Tank Reaper, the crowd goes crazy and Reaper steps over the top rope. Reaper smiles and taunts and the crowd goes CRAZY! Adam goes running up to Reaper for a crazy attack, punches, kicks, everything but the kitchen sink. Reaper stops Adam with one hand, and then stops his other hand from a punch and lifts him up in the air by his wrists!

Zach Davis: OH WHAT POWER!

Shannan Lerch: You're telling me!

Tank gets a knee in the face, and Adam gets out of the hold and then hits the ropes! Adam rebounds off the ropes but Tank goes for a big, very big boot, Adam ducks and then hits the other ropes he jumps and lands on Tanks back! Adam puts Tank in a sleeper hold. The camera zooms in on Tank's face and he over-sells the sleeper hold with his facial expression, and then stops. He then smiles and the crowd goes crazy! Tank flips Adam over to his back on the mat and then gets a big leg drop from Reaper! Tank stands up and taunts as Austin shoots into the ring looking for an attack! Chris stops him and then hits a spin kick sending Austin back against the ropes, where Tank hits a vicious clothesline sending Austin right over the top rope and to the outside!

Shannan Lerch: Look out! Here comes Adam!

Adam jumps but gets nowhere as Tank catches him and throws him over the top rope to Austin! They both crash down! Tank and Avery look at each other and the crowd goes crazy once again!

Zach Davis: This might be the tag team move, where Tank sends Chris flying through the air!

Avery keeps nodding his head no, but Tank is egging him on to do something.

Shannan Lerch: What is going on?

Tank says JUST DO IT! Chris agrees. Avery sticks out both fists, and Tank pounds downwards, then upwards, and then bumps fists straight on! Then they lock it and 'put the chain on it'. Tank then spins in a circle and stops and starts doing the robot! Avery runs against the ropes and when he comes back Tank is in perfect unison with his hands to catch Avery and throw him through the air to the outside! However, as Avery is airborne Adam and Austin slide into the ring! Avery slams on the mats down below knocking himself out cold! A very hard landing!

Zach Davis: First of all what the hell was that all about? and Second of all, Chris just took a nasty spill!

Tank is yelling at Chris to get up from inside the ring when Austin and Adam hit a double drop kick sending Tank into the ropes! Adam gets up and kicks Tank in the leg, and Austin hits another dropkick to the chest of Tank! Adam goes to the top rope where the ref is demanding the legal man stay in the ring! The ref isn't sure which one the legal man is! Austin holds Tank against the ropes and Adam hits a flying knee to the face of Tank! Adam grabs Tank and throws him to the ground! Austin lays on Tank's legs trying to keep him down as Austin goes to the top rope. Austin leaps hitting a splash on Tank and covering. The ref counts! ONE! TWO! Kick out!

Shannan Lerch: Close one!

Zach Davis: Wait! Chris Avery is moving!

Avery gets to the apron, and Austin notices. Avery lands a few punches, but Austin gets a hold of Chris and while he's on the apron he goes to slam him on the turnbuckle, Avery blocks it with his foot and slams Austins head into the turnbuckle. Austin turns around and Avery kicks Austin right in the head sending him back first into the corner! He stands and stays put! Avery springboards off the ropes and catches Adam with a dropkick! Tank stands up and notices Austin in the corner! Tank eagerly looks around the arena and they all stand up! Tank raises his arms in unison of the chant he screams out with the crowd! "WHO!? WANTS?! SEX!?" Tank then runs across the ring, while the crowd slowly raises their voices while humming "oohhhhhh".. Reaper hits a running (no-leaping) body splash in the corner on Austin, and as Austin stumbles out, Tank points out at the crowd to which they chant "EVERYBODDYY!!!"

Zach Davis: Oh wow!

Shannan Lerch: Tank is the peoples champion, tonight!

Tank lifts up Austin and slams him down with a chokeslam/spinebuster move! Avery leaps to the top rope and the crowd goes bizurk! Avery hits a huge frog splash and pins!



Adam slides into the ring but Tank Reaper hits a big boot sending him right back through the ropes to the outside!


Zach Davis: Truth Addiction wins!

Shannan Lerch: Big Time Jerks came close, they surely had an uphill battle to begin with!

Truth Addiction begins to celebrate in the ring, until Hysteria by Muse begins to play over the PA system as a wave of blue and yellow lights hit the stage.

Zach Davis: Oh.. what the.. The Superfans are in the building?

The crowd explodes as Marc, Mark, and Tiffany Jane make their way out onto the stage, carrying their tag team titles in hand.

Shannan Lerch: I thought they had last week and this week off?

Zach Davis: I thought so, too. Seth gave them a lot of pull in their contract, I've heard, in addition to giving them the Tag Team Titles in their debut.

The reigning tag team champions are just a tad out of their normal attire. Both are wearing the new blue Superfans t-shirt, with a new catchphrase, in yellow lettering, “Even better than the real thing!” Carrying the microphone, Tiffany Jane speaks to Truth Addiction, who are still in the ring celebrating their win.

Tiffany Jane: Truth Addiction, I have to be honest with you, that was an impressive win! Chris Avery coming off of the top rope with a frog splash… shades of the late, great Eddie Guerrero! And to be sure, while executed well, no one can do a frog splash better than he can. Well, maybe Mark can.

Mark smiles and takes the microphone from Tiffany Jane.

Mark: You know, Truth Addiction, we’ve thought about what you’ve been saying in your promos. You keep talking about us, noting how you are going to be at the top of a very short list. Well, if truth be told, despite winning a tag team match, you’re not at the top of the list. We are. See, we have Tag Team Championships around our waists and that makes us number one. If you want to be at the top of the list, we have an offer that‘s sure to please you and our fans.

Mark then hands the stick to his younger brother, Marc.

Marc: But don’t think that just because we haven’t been on-screen and in the ring the last two weeks that we’re being lazy or arrogant. We had things to take care of: fans to see, and promos to do for the company. After all, it is pretty hard, the life of a champion. So, onto the surprise.

Marc takes a deep breath, breathing in the cheers from the crowd.

Marc: Truth Addiction, next week on Slam, we are giving you the opportunity to put your money where your mouths are. We’re giving you a second chance at the WCF Tag Team Championships. We are accepting your inevitable challenge, and hope that come next Monday you’ll be bringing your A-game to Slam.

Marc passes the stick to his older brother.

Mark: At Slam, we will meet you in that ring. And not only in that ring, but in a fifteen foot high steel cage. The question to you two, Truth Addiction, is simply...

Mark takes a deep breath.

Mark: Are you ready?

Hysteria by Muse hits again as the Superfans and Tiffany Jane exit from the stage and through the curtains.

Rick Mad Segment

Evenflow by Pearl Jam plays, and the fans begin to boo. Green lights shine throughout the arena as Rick Mad walks out.

Zach Davis: And here is Rick Mad. What's he doing here?

Shannan Lerch: It is true, we haven't seen much of him since Steve Carr returned...

Zach Davis: Yeah, I guess its kinda obvious what he's doing here. He'll be addressing Steve Carr.

Shannan Lerch: AND Mikami, I'm sure. Remember, Mikami said he'd "make his decision" at War.. Mikami said he doesn't trust Mad OR Carr, so Rick definitely wants Mikami on his side.

Rick heads to the ring, slides in, and grabs a mic.

Rick Mad: At Revenge, the world as I know it finally came crashing down. I knew it would, I knew it was just a matter of time... what I'd done couldn't stay hidden forever. Mikami, I know you're in the back listening, so listen carefully.

Zach Davis: Here we go. He's going to try and make nearly killing Steve Carr and manipulating Mikami sound "okay" or "just" somehow.

Rick Mad: Let's review the facts. Steve Carr doesn't like Torture and Corey Black. Makes sense, neither do I. Well, Carr prepares you, Mikami, to do his dirty work because he can't. But plans don't go as expected! They never do, do they? You, Mikami, you proved that you were more than just clay to be molded to someone's will. You proved that you're your own man, and you didn't become what Carr wanted you to become.

Rick paces around the ring before continuing.

Rick Mad: So, Steve Carr doesn't like it. He's going to come and straighten things out. And that's when I come in. I'd heard rumors about Carr mentoring someone in WCF, I'd seen what Mikami was doing, I put two and two together. Now I've known Steve Carr for literally my entire career. I've known Steve Carr since before WCF even existed. So when I approached him at the airport, he didn't really suspect anything. I don't know if Carr had had a drink too many at the airport bar or what, because once I got him on the subject of Torture, it seemed like he couldn't shut up. It did take me a little bit of time before he confided his secret about you, Mikami, but I just needed my suspicions confirmed. So I took him out. I knew that if he came back and tried to mold you, Mikami, it would benefit no one. You were on the right track by yourself, you didn't NEED Carr. But I needed you.

Rick leans against the ropes as he continues speaking, directly into the camera.

Rick Mad: Corey Black? Long time rival, he knows me as well as anyone, and he has a million dirty tricks up his sleeve. Torture? He always has some kind of posse with him, no way I could take him out alone. In my mind, Mikami, you were my partner. Yes, I had to take up the mantle of "mastermind behind Mikami" because that is what Steve Carr had already set up, but that was NOT my intention. I didn't try to turn you into my vision; I left you become who you were destined to become on your own.

Shannan Lerch: Sounds noble enough to me!

Zach Davis: It's twisted logic, and it's Rick spinning events so that he looks like the good guy. There IS no "good guy" in this situation, Shannan.

Rick Mad: And once I found out that Steve Carr was coming back, I didn't know what to do. What options did I have? If I told you what I'd done, who knows how you'd react. So I made sure that you got into the Championship Series, because unlike Steve Carr, I believed in you. I thought that right now you'd be holding the World Title, and I'd be holding the US Title, and we'd be running this show. I thought that if we held the gold, there was nothing Steve Carr could do to tear us apart. But as I mentioned before, plans never go the way we want. We both got screwed out of our Title opportunities, and here we are.

Rick paces around again before continuing.

Rick Mad: So there it is, Mikami. I've always considered you my partner, nothing less. I know what it is like to be someone's pawn; I'd been brainwashed by Jack of Blades, myself. I'd never wish that on you, and that is exactly what Steve Carr will do to you. Brainwash you and ruin you.

The crowd boos Rick, though he doesn't pay attention to them.

Rick Mad: Nuff.. f'n.. said.

Evenflow plays again, and Rick Mad throws the microphone into the crowd as he leaves the ring.

Zach Davis: He hasn't done that in a while. I think he may have hit someone.

Rick heads to the back, disappearing behind the curtain.

Logan vs Greenfever

Zach Davis: And now, the Logan match of the night.

Shannan Lerch: We haven't seen Seth here yet tonight.. but I think Logan's reign as US Champion is about to come to an end.

A drum beat rolls, it rolls, it rolls, it beats and echoes dying to make the fans ears bleed. Say Anything "Chia-Like, I Shall Grow" BLASTS the speakers. The crowd explode cheering the bastard they love to hate, the Face of Treachery, Logan. He pops out from behind the black curtains just as ecstatic as the crowd, jumping in place, happily soaking in the energy from the audience. He's wearing the US Title around his waist. He takes off in a focused march down the ramp way. Taking advantage of the ring steps, Logan climbs up them and enters the ring stepping through the middle rope. Logan climbs the rings turnbuckle, his eyes scanning the audience who anticipate what's next.. he throws both arms high in the air, US Title in one hand, and on que the crowd screams and does so as well. Letting his arms slowly fall to his sides, Logan hops off the turnbuckle and his theme music cuts. He hands the Title to the ref.

Zach Davis: He really does love that Title.

The lights drop inside the arena as "Run Rabbit Run" by Rob Zombie begins over the P.A. system. As the first verse kicks in Greenfever emerges from the darkness. His face and hands are dripping fresh blood. His clothes are covered in bloodstains. Some of them are old, some are brand new.

Shannan Lerch: This man needs to be locked away. Why is he here, Zach? Why?

Zach Davis: Well, on the bright side for Logan, Logan is used to dealing with maniacs. Jack of Blades is his best friend, after all.

The bell rings. Greenfever dives at Logan, who does his best to avoid him. Greenfever dives again, a madman, but Logan avoids him again. Logan runs at him and hits a quick kick to the gut, then follows up with a few forearms to Greenfever's head. Logan throws Greenfever to the ropes, and as Greenfever is coming back Logan hits a Tiltawhirl Backbreaker!

Shannan Lerch: That's my man!

Zach Davis: He avoided the rabid Greenfever until he could pick his moment to strike. Smart.

As Greenfever starts getting up, Logan puts him in a Front Chancery. Logan cranks on the hold for several moments, trying to wear Greenfever down, but Greenfever works his way up and pushes Logan off. Logan goes for a big Clothesline but Greenfever ducks it and hits a Deathdrop!

Shannan Lerch: Big move by Greenfever to get back into the match here.

Greenfever quickly pins Logan. One, two, no! Logan gets the shoulder up. Greenfever stands and quickly drops several elbow drops onto him, one after another after another. Logan rolls out of the ring as soon as he's able to.

Zach Davis: Greenfever has Logan on the defensive.. not good for the Face of Treachery.

Greenfever slides out of the ring as well. He grabs Logan's head and slams it into the guardrail. Again, and again, and again. Greenfever then picks Logan up and drops him with a Snake Eyes onto the guardrail. Logan reels back, and Greenfever throws him into the ring steps!

Shannan Lerch: I don't like this. Greenfever is firmly in control..

Finally, Greenfever rolls Logan back into the ring. Greenfever slides in with him and goes for a pin.



Logan kicks out.

Zach Davis: Logan IS a legend in the business, a multi-time Champion. He isn't going to be someone easy to pin, this is going to take everything Greenfever has.

Greenfever picks Logan up, and now he tries to pick him up for the Electric Chair Powerbomb. Logan manages to slip behind Greenfever, though, and hits a huge German Suplex! The crowd cheers as Logan hits a big move!

Shannan Lerch: There we go! Turning point!

Greenfever holds his head in pain as Logan stumbles to his feet, shaking off the cobwebs. He measures Greenfever, waiting for him to get to his feet... goes for a Superkick!, Greenfever ducks it however and hits an STO!

Zach Davis: Uh oh.. this is the start of a great combination by Greenfever. Not good for Logan though!

Indeed, Greenfever follows up with a Russian Legsweep. And he finishes his combination by hitting a huge Chokeslam!

Shannan Lerch: There it is! This could be it for my Logan!...

Greenfever goes for the pin!




Zach Davis: CLOSE! So damn close. Logan got his shoulder up at the last second.

Greenfever stands up, ready to put the finishing touches on Logan. He looks at him... and locks in The Move That You Fear!

Shannan Lerch: NO NO NO!

Zach Davis: This is the move that won Greenfever his match last week! Could it make the legendary Logan tap!?

Shannan Lerch: What a boon for Greenfever's career if he could do that. Not very many men in the history of wrestling have ever made Logan tap.. Greenfever might actually be the first!

Logan fights it, fights it... he doesn't want to give up. The fans start clapping, urging Logan on... the Face of Treachery reaches for the ropes.. Greenfever cranks on the move more and more... Logan reaches... and grabs the ropes!

Zach Davis: Logan has gotten out of the Move That You Fear! He may have a chance here!

Greenfever is forced to release the hold. He stands up, waiting for Logan to stand up too. He pulls Logan in, going for the Dislocated Piledriver!, but Logan reverses it with a Back Bodydrop!

Shannan Lerch: Once again Logan back in the match!

Zach Davis: Logan HAS to capitalize now or else it may be all over..

Logan rolls out of the ring while Greenfever lays on the mat. Logan grabs a bag from out from under the ring and slides back inside.

Shannan Lerch: What is this?

Zach Davis: I think I may have an idea...

Logan pulls his strait jacket out from the bag! The crowd pops and Logan kicks Greenfever in the head several times. Logan then begins putting Greenfever into the jacket!

Shannan Lerch: Is this legal?

Zach Davis: Like, by law, or in the match? I'm not too sure about either.

Eventually Logan gets the jacket basically on Greenfever, and keeps kicking him while Greenfever lays on the mat, unable to fight back. Logan picks Greenfever up, throws him to the ropes... Greenfever bounces back, Logan locks him in a Sleeper..

Shannan Lerch: Time for a trip to Connector City!

But as Logan has the Sleeper locked in, Seth Lerch has run out from the back! He's going full speed, he gets to the ring, grabs the US Title, and without even stopping he keeps running all the way back up the entrance ramp!

Zach Davis: What is this!? What a coward!

Shannan Lerch: I wouldn't want to try and take that belt from Logan either if I was Seth!

Logan very well may not have seen it, because he flips and hits the Connector on Greenfever, who is still wearing the strait jacket! Logan then pins him..




Zach Davis: Logan wins after a GREAT match! Good showing tonight by Greenfever, he's crazy but he's a great fighter in that ring. And I'm not sure if Logan using that jacket win was altogether fair.

Logan stands up and expects to be handed the United States Title.. but isn't, as Seth took it moments ago. Logan is instantly furious.

Shannan Lerch: That belt means A LOT to Logan. For Seth to just take it like that, without Logan really losing it.. Logan isn't happy.

Logan exits the ring and storms to the back as referees get Greenfever out of the strait jacket. As they help him, Greenfever is struggling and going crazy, not making their job any easier. Once Greenfever is free he exits the ring and is instantly met with security, who escorts him to the back as well.

Battle Royal
Slickie T vs Craig Jacobs vs D-Day vs Hector Rodriguez

Gasolina by Daddy Yankee starts playing in the arena and the crowd is cheering a little bit. Out from the back steps Carlos Estrada to a small amount of cheers. Carlos walks to each side of the ramp and points at the crowd. He finally turns around and points to the entryway and out steps Hector Rodriguez and a surprising amount of cheers comes from the crowd in attendance.

Shannan Lerch: Here comes Hector Rodriguez. Wow, did you hear those cheers?

Zach Davis: Yes I did, Shannan. A surprising amount at that. He did pin former world champion Dake Ken last week here on Slam.

Shannan Lerch: His first match in the federation and he pins a former champion whose partner was the former US champion.

Hector Rodriguez and Carlos Estrada walk down opposite sides of the ramp slapping hands with the fans. They reach the bottom of the ramp and Carlos walks up the ring steps ahead of Hector. He holds down the ropes and Hector steps past him and through the ropes into the ring. Hector walks to each side of the ring and holds up an arm to the crowd and each side cheers loudly as he reaches them. Carlos walks over and hops out of the ring and stands at ringside as Hector looks to the entryway.

The house lights begin to dim down as "Rain Wizard" by Black Stone Cherry starts to play.


Craig Jacobs steps from out behind the curtain. Looking out into the crowd, he begins to walk towards the ring, slapping any hands that appear in front of him.

Shannan Lerch: And here's Craig Jacobs, he also looked strong in his debut match. However the win was stolen from one of his tag team partners and you know he's not going to forget that.

When Craig reaches the ring, he runs and hops up onto the ring apron, entering the ring through the middle ropes. He backs into a corner, his eyes going from Hector to the entryway.

Dead and Gone by T.I. ft Justin Timberlake plays in the speakers. The lights are dim.The lights flash on to D-Day walking out to the top of the ramp and falls on his knees and throws his arms in the air, as soon as he throws them in the air fire works go off and surround him. The screen shows all of D-Day moments of his dead and forgotten special move. As also the screen shows a ring then the words in white and in cursive, the words D-Day. When D-Day get in the ring he raises his hands to his name on the screen. D-Day gets in one of the remaining corners of the ring, his eyes on both Craig Jacobs and Hector Rodriguez who nods at him with a smirk.

Zach Davis: The two of them, Hector and D-Day shocked everyone by defeating the team of Slickie T and Dake Ken.

Shannan Lerch: Thanks to the incredible debut by Hector Rodriguez both his own stock and D-Day's stock in the company certainly went up a little bit.

The arena fades to black as a red, white, and green spotlights begin to circle the crowd and a red glow appears on the left side of the stage, a white glow in the middle, and a green glow on the right, as “Gravesend (Lake of Fire)” by Lordz of Brooklyn begins to blast over the speakers and the three lights come together in the center of the stage where Slickie T stands with his back turned to the crowd, his arms extended to form the shape of a “T”. He watches as the screen shows a roulette wheel spinning as the pill comes to settle on the green 00 space and the camera zooms in on the pill until the screen becomes completely white and then “Slickie T the Ace of Hardcore” scrolls across the screen in black in front of a waving Italian flag. Slickie then quickly turns as the pill settles in the 00 space and red, white, and green pyros explode behind him as he slowly makes his way down the ramp, slapping hands with those who are reaching out to him. As he reaches the ring, he quickly climbs the ring stairs, looking out over the crowd before grabbing the top rope and vaulting over the top of it and into the middle of the ring. After glancing over the crowd with a thin smile on his face, he climbs a turnbuckle and throws his arms out once again to form a “T” before backflipping off the top turnbuckle and back into the middle of the ring as the lights come up once again.

Shannan Lerch: Well this should be a great match to watch as we have four possible contenders to the WCF world title in this ring. All four men are in the War match at the self-titled pay-per-view War.

Zach Davis: The difference though is that Slickie T can sit back and relax, knowing he's the last entrant into the match. The other three men we see here with him in the ring are going to be a bundle of nerves until they hear their music in the arena. Any one of them could be the first entrant into the match.

D-Day, Craig Jacobs, and Hector Rodriguez realize that Slickie is the final entrant into the War match and all three men have their eyes on each other. Slickie T looks across the ring, past both D-Day and Craig Jacobs and points at Hector Rodriguez. The crowd goes crazy as Slickie T gestures that he wants to start with Hector. Hector looks out at the crowd who cheers. He shrugs and walks towards him. However, D-Day decides he'd rather have a crack at him and shoves Hector back with one arm and advances on Slickie T. Hector comes to a dead standstill and looks down where D-Day shoved him.

Zach Davis: Uh oh.

Before D-Day can get out of arm's reach, Hector grabs him by the shoulder and spins him around. D-Day gets pissed off and swings a fist at Hector Rodriguez. Hector ducks and kicks D-Day in the gut. He grabs D-Day by the head but before he can do anything, Slickie T walks over and grabs D-Day, too, and signals to the outside. Hector and Slickie T run D-Day over to the ropes and attempt to throw him over the top, but D-Day miraculously lands on the apron.

Shannan Lerch: Well, there goes the idea that Hector and D-Day were willing tag team partners. It's obvious Seth chose them to team up randomly last week.

Craig Jacobs is over and delivers a couple of stiff rights to Slickie T and irish whips Slickie across the ring. Hector turns around and before Jacobs can do anything, Hector kicks him in the midsection and DDTs him to the mat. Hector bounces back up and Slickie T and Hector come face-to-face. Slickie T grins at Hector and turns to Jacobs. Slickie T picks Jacobs up and body slams him back to the mat. Hector holds him down while Slickie T mounts the turnbuckle. Slickie T leaps off and hits a shooting star press!

Shannan Lerch: What the hell? They shook hands before and now they're working together in a four-way match. Are these two a team?

Before the referee can slap the mat twice, Hector grabs Slickie T's boot and pulls him off of Craig Jacobs.

Zach Davis: Well there goes that.

Slickie T gets up and gets in Hector's face again but before anything can go down, D-Day comes out of nowhere back into the ring and performs a double dropkick taking both Hector and Slickie down to the mat. D-Day bounces back up and walks over and kicks Slickie T a couple of times in the corner as he starts to get back up. Craig Jacobs is back up and goes after Hector Rodriguez, finally pairing the four men off for the first time in the match. D-Day hits Slickie T with a DDT and applies an armbar. Across the ring, Hector has his hands full with the smaller Craig Jacobs who is keeping Hector off-balance with a dropkick, followed by a spear which manages to double Hector over. Craig Jacbos runs over as he gets back up and goes for a lariat, but Hector ducks the attempt, and catches Craig Jacobs on the rebound with a perfect-looking belly-to-belly suplex.

Shannan Lerch: Nice, nice.

Hector picks Jacobs back up, whips him across the ring and nails him with a big boot. Hector turns around and notices D-Day being irish-whipped across the ring. Hector steps into his path and nearly decapitates him with a vicious clothesline from hell that has the crowd going "OOOOH" really loud. Hector picks him up and goes to throw him over the top rope, but Slickie T grabs him and says something about how that was supposed to be his elimination. Hector shrugs and the two start trading rights in the center of the ring. Slickie T manages to get the upper hand despite the size difference and irish whips Hector across the ring.

Zach Davis: Slickie T can go toe to toe with anyone, no matter what size.

Shannan Lerch: This is going to be a good match-up, we didn't really get to see these two face off in last week's tag team match.

Zach Davis: Some people are saying if it had been Slickie T in the ring instead of Dake Ken, that Hector would be entering this match with a loss for his first match.

Hector bounces back across the ring and goes down to the mat by a quick cross-body block by Slickie T. Hector gets back up and is put down by a dropkick from Slickie T. Hector gets up once more and is downed by a second drop kick. Hector doesn't jump up so quickly and slaps the mat in frustration. He stands back up as Slickie T comes running at him. Hector bends down and is leapfrogged by the former US champion. Slickie T bounces off the ropes and jumps up as Hector turns around. Slickie T goes for a hurracanrana but Hector catches him, spins around and nails a sit-down powerbomb in the middle of the ring!

Shannan Lerch: If there were pinfalls in this match we could have very well had a winner just now!

Hector gets up and walks over to Craig Jacobs who has been watching from the side. Hector grabs out at him, but Criag Jacobs slides out of the way and delivers a couple of stiff kicks to the side of Hector Rodriguez. Hector holds his side a little bit. Craig Jacobs plants Hector with a DDT and then hits him with a double knee gutbuster. Craig goes to throw Hector out, but D-Day comes up from behind, grabbing Craig and hitting a big Backbreaker! Slickie T is back up as D-Day gets up. They both glance at Hector who is standing up. They both run at him at the same time and nail him with a double dropkick, putting him back on the mat. Slickie T picks up Hector and nails him with a Russian Leg Sweep. D-Day is on the top rope and flies off, nailing a leg drop. Slickie T is already climbing the turnbuckle and leaps off, hitting a 450 splash.

Zach Davis: Teamwork by D-Day and Slickie T now.

Shannan Lerch: Alliances are formed and broken minute by minute in a match like this, Zach.

Hector gets up a little pissed off, but is put down again by a combination of a snap suplex by Slickie T and a standing leg drop by D-Day. D-Days picks up Hector and sends him across the ring. Both men nail Hector with the back of their elbows, sending him to the mat, dazed. Hector gets up and walks into an Omerta by Slickie T and the crowd goes crazy.

Zach Davis: Hector has to be done!

Slickie picks Hector up and goes to throw him out, but Craig Jacobs stops him. Angrily, Slickie turns around and hits another Omerta, sending Jacobs flying! He goes right into D-Day, who grabs him and lifts him up for the Dead and Forgotten!

Shannan Lerch: Great move by D-Day!

D-Day then picks Craig Jacobs up and throws him out of the ring!

Zach Davis: Welp, Craig Jacobs has been eliminated by D-Day!

D-Day follows up by climbing to the top rope. He looks at Hector, who had just gotten back up, and jumps, going for a Flying Body Press. Hector catches him, however... and hits a Fallaway Slam, sending D-Day flying over the top rope and out of the ring!

Shannan Lerch: What a show of power! There goes D-Day.

Zach Davis: And we're down to two.

Hector turns and flexes his muscles at Slickie T. Slickie runs at him and goes for a Clothesline, Hector ducks it and grabs him for the Respecto! Slickie elbows him in the head, though, and gets out of it. Slickie goes for an Omerta, but now Hector ducks that, grabs Slickie and hits the Toluca Slam!

Shannan Lerch: Hector might have it here, he needs to throw Slickie over the top!

But Hector isn't so sure. He indicates that he's going to finish Slickie T off for good and begins climbing to the top rope.

Zach Davis: He's gonna go for the Toluca Drop!

Hector reaches the top. But as he gets there, Slickie lunges at him, throwing all of his weight into him and knocking him off the top rope and to the floor! The crowd gasps as the bell rings.

Shannan Lerch: There you have it! Slickie T has won this over the top battle royal!

Slickie's music hits as the ref raises his hand. On the outside, medics are attending to Hector, making sure he's okay. Luckily he landed safely and seems to be uninjured.

Zach Davis: That was scary, honestly. Hector could've been seriously injured.

Hector gets up and slaps the side of the ring in frustration. In the ring, Slickie has climbed the turnbuckle and is celebrating. After several moments, Slickie gets down and Hector slides in. The two men go face to face once more.

Shannan Lerch: Uh oh. Is Hector mad about what Slickie did?

Zach Davis: It won Slickie the match, you can't blame him for doing what he had to do.

Slickie simply stares back, waiting for Rodriguez to make a move. But Hector eventually extends his hand. Slickie, also relunctantly, shakes it.

Shannan Lerch: There is something about Slickie T that makes people want to show good sportsmanship, I swear.

Hector then drops down and slides out of the ring as Slickie continues his celebration.

Zach Davis: If Slickie T can do the same thing at War, we'll have a new number one contender!

Slickie eventually leaves the ring and heads to the back.

Seth Lerch/Returning Star Segment

Master of Puppets plays.


Zach Davis: Ugh...

Seth steps out onto the stage, with the United States Title he took from Logan earlier in the night around his waist. He waltzes around the stage, showing off the belt to a chorus of booing. He has a microphone with him.

Shannan Lerch: Let's see what he has to say!

Seth Lerch: Why are you booing me!? I got this belt fair and square! I beat Logan at Revenge, and I deserve this!

The crowd boos.

Seth Lerch: Some may say I'm abusing my power. That the owner of the company shouldn't be wearing gold. Well.. I don't care! Honestly, if you don't like abuses of power.. well.. let's just say, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

More booing.

Zach Davis: What does he mean by that?

Shannan Lerch: Beats me.

Seth Lerch: But that is only partially what I'm out here for. I'm also out here to introduce you to a returning superstar. He was set to debut at Revenge, but that didn't happen. For whatever reason, he didn't show up last week. But tonight, THIS MAN IS IN THE BUILDING. The next superstar that is going to make it big in WCF-

Rub Rabbit Run hits.

Zach Davis: Isn't that... Greenfever's music?

Seth Lerch looks confused for a second, until he realizes the music that is playing.

Seth Lerch: Oh, no. Oh God no.

And, indeed, Greenfever runs out. He runs directly for Seth, who quickly runs away, towards the ring. Greenfever follows him, chasing after.

Shannan Lerch: Why is that madman after my brother!?

Zach Davis: I think after his match with Logan earlier in the night, he feels like he deserves the US Title!

Shannan Lerch: Who knows what goes on in that twisted mind of his...

Seth rolls into the ring, which he immediately realizes was a bad idea. Greenfever slides in after him, runs at him grabs him. Greenfever hits him with the Dislocated Piledriver!

Shannan Lerch: NOO!

The Title falls from Seth's waist. Greenfever grabs it, smiles, and rolls out of the ring, running to the back.

Zach Davis: Greenfever is now in possession of the US Title! Seth can't be happy.

Shannan Lerch: What is that crazy maniac going to do with that belt!? I'm scared, Zach. I'm scared.

Zach Davis: And I'm scared for Seth. He's going to try to get the belt back from Greenfever, I'm sure, but who knows what he'll do..

Shannan Lerch: And is he ever going to get to introduce this returning star to WCF?! Geez!

Seth slides out of the ring and stumbles to the back.

Torture/Havoc/Death vs Johnny Reb/Doc Henry/Mikami

The lights go out and Mikami's double-M logo appears on the JumboTron as "The Beast" by Tech N9ne plays, starting at the first chorus. The lights turn back on but are now red, revealing Mikami standing at the top of the ramp. He runs down the ramp, dives into the ring and then jumps back up to his feet.

Zach Davis: Mikami has the crowds attention in this one. Looking for some physical payback on Torture.

Shannan Lerch: Although Zach, He's teaming with these two men..

The opening chords of "Bad Company" by Bad Company filter through the arena. The stage and the surrounding area go dark. As the actual lyrics begin, blue lights illuminate a trio of figures: Johnny Reb, Doc Henry, and Dixie Pride. They continue down to the ring as the song and crowd play out for them. They enter the ring as Dixie stands on the outside near the apron.

Zach Davis: Reb and Mikami having some words here.

Shannan Lerch: Doesn't look too bad, as they both have one goal in mind. Get retribution on Torture and his gang. Doc Henry telling them words of approval now.

The men continue to talk to each other in the ring but they stop when Jamais Vu by Dredg hits the speakers. The crowd goes into it's normal routine of booing, with a side of booing. Death and Havoc walk out first and stretch their necks and arms as Torture comes out from the curtain behind them with his Wrestling Championship Federation World Heavyweight Championship belt on his shoulder. The three men walk down the ramp slowly as if their stalking their opponents who are already in the ring. They enter the ring and do their respective taunts as Mikami, Reb and Doc give them room.

Zach Davis: What a main event tonight! Former World Champions, soon to be World Champions? The World Champion! I mean, it doesn't get any bigger than this!

Shannan Lerch: Double true, Zach. Six man tag team main event is brought to you by, WCF dot com! Get up to the second breaking news, live results, video feeds, and of course blogs from your favorite wrestlers! It's all you ever need in life.. WCF! Dot com.

Zach Davis: Well look at this, Shannan. Looks like Death is going to start out as Torture and Havoc take to the apron. Mikami is going to start for the other team here.

Shannan Lerch: We've only see so much of Death here in Wrestling Championship Federation but my god look at that muscular frame. Mikami has his work cut out.

Zach Davis: The ever so smart, and high-risk-huge-reward wrestling of Mikami will come in to play, you can count on it.

Mikami and Death tangle up in the center of the ring and Death backs Mikami into the corner. The ref breaks them apart and Death backs up smiling. Mikami shakes it off and circles Death before attempting another tie up. Death gets the advantage again, and the ref breaks the two apart. Death goes for a clothesline out of the blue, but Mikami ducks it and starts a lethal attack of kicks to the back of the thighs, the kidneys and spine of Death as he lay standing up in the corner. Death turns around and catches a spin kick from Mikami and throws him across the ring. Mikami action rolls back to his feet, and ducks yet another clothesline from Death and when Death turns around, Mikami hits a hurricanrana! Death stumbles back to his feet and faces off with Mikami! The crowd cheers, but they quickly turn to boo's as Death spits on Mikami. A single gasp from Mikami has he wipes it off his forehead or wherever it landed. Death smiles and puts his hand in the air and Havoc tags in. Mikami seems a bit pissed off and Doc slaps him on the back tagging himself in. Mikami is shocked once more..

Zach Davis: Havoc tags in, and Doc wanted some! Doc tags himself in!

Shannan Lerch: You see Mikami get spit on by Death? Wow.

Doc and Havoc go to tie up but Havoc hits a kick to the mid-section and throws him into the corner where Havoc punches away at Doc Henry! Havoc throws Doc to the ropes and hits a Kitchen Sink knee right to the gut of Doc sending him over in a flip. Havoc drags Doc Henry by the legs to the team's corner and stomps on him a bit before picking him up and slamming him down in a Russian Leg Sweep. Havoc twists the ankle of Doc Henry but he gets to the ropes. The ref breaks the hold but Havoc flips Doc over and grabs the legs of Doc once more. Havoc catapults Doc's throat into the bottom rope! Havoc taunts to the crowd then taunts at Mikami and Reb! The ref gets distracted with them as they both try to enter the ring! Death jumps down off the apron and begins to choke out Doc Henry. Havoc twists the ankle some more and Doc yells out in pain. Death slides into the ring as the ref turns around and Havoc stands on the apron along side Torture. Death picks up Doc Henry and drops him on the top rope on his throat, and then kicks the calf of his twisted ankle! Doc goes down like a bag of sand. Death throws Doc off his knees into the corner! Doc slides down on his ass and sits in the corner of Torture's team. Death stomps on Doc's chest twice! Death tags in Havoc. Havoc jumps into the ring and stomps on Doc's chest once! twice! three times! A fourth! Five times! Havoc looks over at Torture whose all giddy and is sadistically smiling! Havoc smiles and winks at Reb and Mikami and tags in Torture. The Tort gets into the ring, looks straight at Mikami and Reb, turns his attention to Doc and stomps on his chest! The crowd is hating every second of it! Torture stomps a second and third time! Torture picks up Doc Henry by his head and hits a stiff DDT! Torture stands up and tags in Havoc.

Zach Davis: Obviously the team work is paying off for Havoc, Death and Torture.

Shannan Lerch: Cohesion is existent with those three men.

Zach Davis: It's what I just said.

Havoc picks up Doc Henry and slaps him on the back of the head before hitting a huge German suplex! Havoc slides to the outside of the ring but grabs the legs of Doc and slides him over to the ring post. Torture and Death move away from the ring post as the ref makes sure they don't interfere. Havoc takes the banged up ankle and slams it against the ring post! Havoc slides in and punches at Mikami! The crowd boos, and Mikami and Reb try to get into the ring but the ref stops them. Death jumps off the apron and wraps the leg around the ring post and pulls on it trying to snap it in half! The ref turns around and Death throws his arms in the air as if he wasn't doing anything. Havoc pulls Doc Henry out of the corner and pins. The ref counts! One! Two! Mikami breaks it up by putting a boot on the back of Havoc. Mikami turns around and Havoc shoves him into the corner! Mikami and Reb look to retaliate but the ref gets distracted with them again, and Doc is just to his feet when Torture grabs him by the throat and starts to choke him out! Death then hits a huge right hand to the face of Doc sending him right back down to the mat. Havoc tags in Death and the ref turns back around to notice the tag. Death picks up Doc and throws him into the corner. Death hits a few angled punches to the face and then chest of Doc opening him up for two huge back hand chops. Doc stumbles out of the corner towards the center of the ring reaching his hand out for a tag, the crowd stands up, but Death stomps on the back of the ankle of Doc which causes him to crash down on his stomach and face. The crowd boo's but Death laughs. Death hits the ropes and hits a leg drop right on the back of the legs of Doc Henry!

Zach Davis: Methodical approach here! Trying to keep Doc away from the corner for one, and trying to take his legs out from underneath him. Specifically that right ankle!

Shannan Lerch: If Doc can't walk to make a tag, Doc, Reb and Mikami can't win!

Zach Davis: Hate it or not, it's plain and simple!

Death picks up Doc and applies a sleeper hold from behind. Death smiles at Reb and Mikami who both want to be tagged in! Doc reaches an arm out but he slowly falls asleep. Doc kneels down to both knees and Death keeps the pressure on. The ref bends down and checks on Doc's condition. He's out. The ref raises the arm of Doc and it drops back down. Death nods in head in approval.

Zach Davis: One! It could be over!

The ref raises the arm again and it drops right back down! Death smiles at Reb and Mikami who really wanted to be tagged in!

Shannan Lerch: The count is full! Doc has to get out of this!

The ref raises the arm and let's go. The crowd comes alive as Doc is still out but his index finger goes straight up. It slowly wags back and forth as the camera zooms in. Doc feels the energy off the crowd and gets to his feet, Death still has the sleeper hold locked on. Doc hits a few back elbows breaking the hold, he shoves Death to the corner and Doc goes to make a tag, but Death catches him just in time, picks him up and slams his back into the turnbuckle! Doc is back in the corner of Torture's team and Death tags in Torture. The Tort gets into the ring and grabs Doc and throws an arm under Doc's upper body/throat area and locks on the hold for the Gamblers Hand. (Doc's Rock Bottom.) Torture walks around the ring with this hold on taunting at the crowd who are now booing louder and louder and Reb whose telling Torture to knock it off. Torture smiles and then picks up Doc and slams him down with his own finisher! Torture bounces back to his feet and slowly walks backwards tagging in Havoc!

Zach Davis: Damn him! Torture will do anything to get under the skin of his opponents!

Shannan Lerch: Stealing Doc Henry's finisher is like the ultimate put down!

Zach Davis: Torture; Mr. Put Down.

Shannan Lerch: That's right, Zach. Give it to him harder.

Zach Davis: I tend to watch what I say now a days, he hurt me you know.

Shannan Lerch: Oh look at this! Doc's trying to make a tag again!

Havoc has Doc by the leg and Doc is bouncing over to his own corner. Merely inches away from Reb or Mikami and Havoc sweeps the leg sending Doc to his back, and Havoc hits a stomp to the midsection and pulls Doc back to the center of the ring locking on a figure four leg lock! Doc screams out in pain and Havoc wrenches the move even more to get the full potential out of it! Doc slams the mat in pain, and Havoc wrenches some more, even as going as far as twisting the ankle that's vulnerable! Doc gets a nice chant from the crowd, and feels the energy, Doc slowly but surely turns the move over and applies that same pressure to Havoc! Havoc breaks the old, and goes to pick up Doc but Henry rolls him up in a small package!

Zach Davis: ONE! TWO! Havoc kicked up!

Havoc gets to his feet first and goes for a kick to the head, but Doc catches the foot, and brings Havoc in for a clothesline! Death gets into the ring and Doc Henry hits a flying back elbow sending Death to the mat! Doc Henry eyes up Torture and hits a flying lariat knocking him off the apron and down onto the mats! The crowd goes crazy. Doc turns around and notices Death running and he hits a back body drop over the top rope! Havoc catches Doc with a few back hand chops before throwing him against the ropes, Havoc stops and bends down and Doc sizes him up and realizes the opportunity! Doc field goal punts the bent-over Havoc, and turns around and leaps for a tag and when he does, Torture nails him across the face sending him back down from the mat!


Doc is out on the mats and Torture slides out of the ring as Mikami and Johnny Reb let out a huge sigh. Death gets back on the apron holding his head, as Torture jumps back up there. Havoc bends down and taunts at Doc Henry. Havoc hits the ropes and Doc jumps up and hits a spinning heel kick! Both men go down!

Shannan Lerch: Henry used whatever was left in his tank! He needs to make a tag!

Zach Davis: Havoc needs to tag out as well! Torture wants in! Torture wants in!

Havoc and Doc start crawling over to their teams corners.. Havoc reaches out and tags in Torture, he gets into the ring and the crowd goes crazy as Doc leaps, dives, reaches out and tags in Johnny Reb! Reb gets into the ring and goes for a clothesline on Torture, but The Tort ducks and hits the ropes! Reb goes for a second clothesline but Torture ducks and hits the ropes and dives to tag in Death! Death steps over the top rope and Reb knocks him out of the ring! Havoc gets in, but Reb throws him against the ropes and hits a belly to belly suplex when he returns. Torture stands on the outside of the ring behind the ring post watching it go down. Reb eyes Torture and the crowd goes crazy. Reb steps closer, but still inside the ring when Death hits Reb from behind! Death throws Reb against the ropes but Reb returns with a flying lariat! Torture is pissed! Reb bounces up and leap frogs to the ropes. He turns around and hits the Southern Star! Havoc gets back in the ring, but Reb just throws him into the corner and then distracts the ref! Mikami begins to lay into Havoc! The crowd goes crazy!

Zach Davis: Mikami giving Havoc a taste of his own medicine!

Shannan Lerch: Oh hell yeah! Torture is in the ring! Look out!

The ref stops Torture before he can do anything, and Death goes to attack Reb from behind but Doc spears him on a gimp leg and they roll out of the ring! Mikami lets go of Havoc and Reb picks him up on his shoulders and hits a DVD! Mikami goes to the top rope as Reb slides out to get the legal man which is Death. Mikami leaps off the top rope and hits a Hammer of Justice! Havoc rolls out of the ring in pain, as Mikami gets back to the apron, Torture gets out of the ring demanding Death tag back in. Death gets thrown back into the ring by Reb. Reb points at Torture and picks up the very large Death. Johnny Reb hits a facebreaker DDT on Death! Torture yells at Death to tag him in. Reb points back to the top rope and gets near the corner where Mikami just tags himself in and gets into the ring and pins Death!

Shannan Lerch: Hooks the leg!

Zach Davis: ONE! TWO! Havoc broke it up!

Havoc slide the ref out of the ring and slides in. The ref slides in right behind him. Mikami ducks a wild attack by Havoc and hits a spin kick of his own. Havoc flies back into the turnbuckle post. Havoc stumbles out, and Mikami runs, catches Havoc and hits the Diamond Dust! Havoc rolls back out of the ring. Death then clotheslines Mikami just as he turns around! All of a sudden, Torture is back to smiling, and doesn't want to be tagged back in. Death wipes the sweat off his brow and takes a breather before picking up Mikami and hitting a mean stalling vertical suplex! Death cocky pins but it's only a two count. Death picks up Mikami once again and lifts him up to the top rope. Death hits a huge punch and then looks over for approval of Torture. Tort nods his head yes. Death goes to the apron and climbs up the side of the turnbuckle behind Mikami. Out of nowhere though, the crowd goes nuts as Mikami elbows Death in the head. Mikami jumps off the top rope down to the ring mat. Mikami then front flips into the air catching Death by the neck with his legs and hurricanrana'ing Death right off the top rope!

Zach Davis: Masaya Complex!

Shannan Lerch: Masaya is out on the mat too though! He may need to make a tag!

Zach Davis: Havoc has finally made it back to the apron with Torture. Both of them looking to tag in!

Mikami crawls over to the corner and tags in Doc Henry, Henry gets to Death, but Death kicks him off to his back! Death doesn't make a tag. He stands up as does Doc and throws Henry against the ropes! When Henry hits the ropes Reb tags himself in and the crowd goes nuts! Death hits a back body drop but Doc rolls out of the ring. Death wonders where the hell he's going. Death turns around and guess what? Johnny Reb. Death goes for a punch but Reb blocks and returns a right hand of his own. Throws Death against the ropes and hits a flying neckbreaker! Reb gets to his feet and Havoc is in the ring but Mikami flies off the top rope with a crossbody landing on Havoc and they go flying out of the ring after the move! Torture jumps down off the apron again, avoiding conflict with Johnny Reb. Reb doesn't pay much attention to it and picks up Death and locks on an arm bar and goes to the top rope.. he walks across the rope and hits a chop off the rope, and then just twists the arm again and throws Death right over the top rope! Reb stands up and taunts! Death is on the ground but he sneaks something from under the ring. Mikami throws Havoc into the guardrail, and Doc Henry is nursing his sore ankle. The match has somewhat lost control! Torture jumps on the apron to distract the ref and Death nails Reb who just bent between the ropes with brass knuckles! Death takes off the knuckles and throws them under the ring and turns around. Doc Henry hits a wild looking spear on Death! Torture slaps the apron and slides back into the ring! He pins both legs up over Reb's ears and puts his feet on the ropes! The ref goes to his knees but doesn't count the pinfall. The crowd cheers. Torture's eyes open wide. He jumps up and begins shouting at the ref. "COUNT THE PIN! COUNT ME YOU ASSHOLE!" The ref yells back "NOT THE LEGAL MAN, TORT!" Torture shoves the ref in the corner and Torture becomes intent on hurting the WCF official now..

Zach Davis: Oh no! This does not look good!


Torture turns around and Doc hits Gambler's Hand on Torture right in the middle of the ring! Doc jumps up and taunts to the crowds approval! Mikami drags Torture out of the ring and throws him into the guardrail near the bottom of the ramp! Mikami goes and picks up Death and throws him into the ring! Havoc crawls over to where Torture is and they both try to get to their feet. Death stumbles up to his feet and Doc hits Gambler's Hand on Death! Johnny Reb leaps to the top rope and the crowd goes crazy. Reb points to the crowd and they, in unison with Doc and Reb, scream out..


Johnny Reb leaps in the air and nails Southern Discomfort right on Death! He's out cold! Mikami slides in, and Reb, Mikami and Doc all put their feet on Death for the official count. As the ref hits his knees to make the pinfall, all three men smile at Torture and Havoc who are standing on the entrance ramp.

Zach Davis: One!

Shannan Lerch: Two!

Zach Davis: Three! They did it! They beat the team of Death, Havoc and Torture!

Shannan Lerch: And this Memphis crowd is LOVING it!

They kick Death out of the ring and Havoc picks him up and walks him over to the ramp where Torture is standing. Reb and Doc smile at Torture and his men as if Doc and Reb, along with Mikami have won the war already. The crowd is loud, the crowd is into it, then..



Mikami is thrown out of the ring, A chair shot is nailed across the back of Johnny Reb, and another chair shot over Doc Henry's head! The chairs get slammed down on the mat and the crowd is booing. Torture, Havoc and Death are confused.

Ryan Daniels and Anthrax stand over Reb and Doc. Both men panting with intense fire in their eyes.

Zach Davis: What the hell is this all about?

Shannan Lerch: Torture and his men are getting into the ring..

Zach Davis: They going to fight?

Torture, Havoc and Death face off with Daniels and Anthrax.. and then smile! Torture claps as Death and Havoc raise arms with Ryan Daniels and Anthrax! The crowd boo's. Torture is handed his WCF World Heavyweight Championship belt. Death, Havoc, Daniels and Anthrax raise their arms in the air as Torture holds the strap on his shoulder. He looks out at the crowd and into the camera.

Zach Davis: Oh god. Oh hell no.

Shannan Lerch: Just to think.. I thought they were almost done.. now they get bigger?

Zach Davis: Torture has quite the team now..

Shannan Lerch: What's he doing?

Torture reaches out his hand and makes a 'T' in the air..

Zach Davis: What?

Torture then makes the letter 'O'..

Shannan Lerch: You have. GOT. To be kidding me..

Torture then makes the letter 'T' once again..

Zach Davis: Team.. of.. Torture??

Shannan Lerch: Low. God damn him.. this is low. Despicable and low!

Torture smiles and looks back at his men to his left.. and to his right. Torture smiles and slowly drags his World Heavyweight Championship off his shoulder and then slowly.. thrusts it into the air. The boo's soak in as Torture, Havoc, Daniels, Anthrax and Death celebrate in the ring.

Zach Davis: How is anyone going to contend with this new group?

Shannan Lerch: I guess we'll find out next Slam-

Suddenly, the lights go out.

Zach Davis: Um.. ?

A spotlight shines on the ring. Torture and his group are looking around, confused. Torture soon realizes that something is wrong and is about to leave the ring when blood pours from the ceiling. A MASSIVE amount of blood, more than any of the other attacks. All five men in the ring are soaked.

Shannan Lerch: Blood has rained once more from the ceiling! What does this mean!?

Zach Davis: Shannan... look toward the entryway.

A large red curtain has come down over the stage setup. Torture and his group struggle to their feet as dozens of men come out from behind the curtain, on the floor. They're all dressed in ripped up jeans and band shirts.

Shannan Lerch: The hell?

The men all circle the ring. Machine Head's cover of "Hallowed Be Thy Name" by Iron Maiden begins, and they all start running around the ring, bouncing into each other.

Zach Davis: It's ... it's a literal circle pit around the ring and Torture! But that song...

As the men run around, the men inside the ring are livid, especially Torture. A spotlight shines from behind the big red curtain, catching everyone's attention. A silhouette of a man standing on a box projects forth. He's just standing there, as if he's been waiting for a long time.

Zach Davis: Is this the number one contender for War?!

The curtain slowly rises as the song kicks into full gear. The men running around the ring start moshing with each other. Torture stands amid his friends and blood. Slowly but surely, the curtain reveals Torture's opponent at War.

Shannan Lerch: Oh. My. God. I just realized the song, too!

Standing on a glass box on the stage, the man is dressed in black pants with white outlines, and a hoodie. His head is down and black hair with subtle red highlights flows from the opening.

Zach Davis: Can't be..

The man removes his hood methodically. Torture's eyes are wide. As the man flips his hair back and reveals his face, the crowd explodes. White face paint. Jagged black circles around his eyes. Five black dots forming eyebrows, and matching lines above them. Two black lines of tears from each eye. A single black line from the bottom of his nose to his chin. A newer black design around his mouth. All outlined in red. It's him.

Shannan Lerch: CREEPING DEATH?!

Creeping Death stands on the stage as the curtain rises. Everyone in the ring is absolutely stunned. And soaked. But Torture stands alone at the ropes, jaw open.

Zach Davis: Corey Black is once again Creeping Death! Torture can't believe it! Death can't believe it! Daniels can't believe it! The crowd can't believe it! Hell, I can't believe it!

Shannan Lerch: Goddamnit I hate CD!

CD doesn't move an inch, just stares down the ramp and into the ring at Torture. The WCF logo appears on the screen and fades out from the wide shot of the entire WCF Arena.