Sunday Slam Intro
Reckless Jack Segment
Crimsin Apocalypse vs Nate Nytro
Logan/Lawnmower Jones Segment
The Brotherhood/Shaun Sexton vs The Dreadnoks
Logan Interviews... ?
Ace vs JJ Biggs vs Bobby Cairo
Another Logan Segment!
World Title: Creeping Death vs Torture

WCF Sunday Slam Intro

Glasgow Megasnake by Mogwai blasts over the speakers and the audience comes alive for another Sunday Slam! We pan around the crowd, as always, as pyro and fireworks shoot from the stage, as always. Also as always, we go to our announce team for the evening.

Zach Davis: Hello, fans! Welcome to the first Slam coming off an impressive PPV, Explosion! You have a new World Champion, Torture!

Shannan Lerch: And a fighting Champion he'll be, facing the one and only... Creeping Death.

Zach Davis: Creeping Death went through hell to beat David Alastair and retain the Hardcore Title. He's being rewarded with a World Title shot. Torture went through hell to defeat JJ Biggs in Biggs' most impressive shownig to date. This will be a good match.

Shannan Lerch: But remember... Reckless Jack made his return, somehow, I don't know, but he attacked Torture after his celebration.

Zach Davis: It was disgusting and I am NOT happy that piece of crap is back. Will we hear from him tonight? I don't know, hopefully he has quit already.

Shannan Lerch: We also have a big Triple Threat match. Ace, Biggs, and Cairo going one on one on one.

Zach Davis: Ace lost to Sexton last week, but he's still an impressive competitor. Biggs lost as well, but like we've said, he gave his most impressive performance, almost having Torture beat time after time and putting on the best World Title match WCF has seen in a long time. And Bobby Cairo. He won a Battle Royal where he was severely handicapped, numbers wise. These are three impressive men, and this should be a good match.

Shannan Lerch: Almost more importantly, last week we found out neither Seth Lerch nor Bobby Dole are getting the ownership! Logan is keeping it. I've heard rumors that he'll be looking for new potential owners tonight, however.

Zach Davis: Great. Anyone but Logan.... Tonight, we also have the Television Champion, Shaun Sexton, teaming up with the Brotherhood to face the Dreadnoks. This is not a Title match, because the Brotherhood are getting their shot at the PPV. But they could use this to get the upper hand, and Shaun Sexton could send a message to Bobby Cairo, who HE will face at the PPV for his Title.

Shannan Lerch: And in our opening match, we'll have the mysterious Crimsin Apocalypse one on one with Nate Nytro. Nate could really use the win, but this Crimsin guy... I don't know.

Zach Davis: We saw him after Alastair's match, when Alastair disappeared, didn't we?

Shannan Lerch: Yeah. So is he a friend? Is that why he's going after Creeping Death's friend Nate Nytro? Maybe we'll find out...

Reckless Jack Segment

The lights go out as the intro for “This Fire Burns” hits. When we hear Howard Jones yell, strobe light starts up.

Zach Davis: What the hell is this?

Shannan Lerch: Maybe it isn't time for our opening match after all...

The arena stays dark as the first verse is being sung. Once the chorus starts, fog fills the stage as we see a figure come out. Light bulbs are flashing to get a picture. As the figure steps out of the fog, we see that is it Reckless Jack. The fans boo as he flips them off. He shakes his head as he starts to walk down to the ring. When on the ramp way, he spits out his gum towards the fans. They boo at him some more. He continues walking to the ring. Once on the ring apron, he taunts the fans to which they respond with hateful words and such. He spits towards them and gets into the ring. Reckless Jack goes onto the top turnbuckle and poses for the fans. He rolls his neck before hopping down. He demands a mic from ringside. He tries to speak, but the fans boo him.

Reckless Jack: It’s nice to know you people missed me these short weeks.

The crowd boos louder.

Reckless Jack: You can’t mean that. I saved a horrible Pay Per View last week. The rumors of Reckless Jack showing up brought the buy rates through the damn roof. People don’t care about Creeping Death, David Alastair, Bobby Cairo, Shaun Sexton, Ace, J.J. Biggs or even the person I put in the hospital, Torture.

The crowd cheers and starts a “Tort!” chant. Reckless Jack laughs.

Reckless Jack: I bet he loves hearing his name called as it is the only time he gets his name called. But back to what I was saying, I made Explosion what it was. Not those “wrestlers.” All they did was the same old shit you would see week in and week out. CD with his high spots, J.J. Biggs with his punch, punch, kick, Suplex approach and Torture with his usual “I am sooo fucking cool, get on your knees and worship the ground I walk on.” I am sick of that crap. So I took it upon myself to make Torture an example.

“Asshole” chants start up.

Reckless Jack: I am an asshole, thanks for noticing. The reason why I had to make Torture an example is because he has something that I need. I need that WCF World Title back Torture. I know you are back there, I saw you earlier. I know that you are scared of me. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about at all. Plenty of people don’t want to face me because it always ends up the same. They end up on their back looking at the lights. So Tort…


The crowd goes apeshit as Tort sprints down to the ring. Reckless Jack drops his mic and gets out of the ring. Tort picks up the mic.

Torture: Reckless Jack, did you get fired like two weeks ago?

The crowd cheers and starts a “You Got Fired” chant. Reckless Jack talks trash to some of the fans in the front row.

Torture: I am here Jack, what in the hell are you going to do? You want a match against me, get in this ring right now.

Reckless Jack stands on the outside of the ring. He nods his head and gets on the ring apron. Tort goes to hit him but he is interrupted. Logan is on the stage with a mic.

Logan: If you two boudles lay one finger on each other, you are suspended! This would be bad for business. I looked back through out the history of WCF and never did I see a match between Reckless Jack and Torture.

The crowd is dead silent.

Logan: You two want to fight each other?

Both men nod.

Logan: Good, because at Aftermath, it will be, for the first time ever, Reckless Jack vs. Torture for the WCF World Title.

The crowd explodes at this announcement. Tort smiles as does Reckless Jack.

Logan: But since both of you have used chairs on each other in the past month, this is not going to be a normal match. It’s going to be a HARDCORE MATCH!

The crowd cheers even louder then before.

Logan: So, I suggest you two boudles not touch each other before Aftermath. People really want to see this match, and I'm gonna make them pay to see you two fight each other! It ain't gonna be on free TV!

The crowd boos a bit at that.

Logan: Reckless Jack, you know I've always hated you. You took that World Title from the Face of Treachery. And Torture, as far as I'm concerned, that is MY belt and you don't deserve it any more than some bum off the street.

The crowd boos even more.

Logan: Keep that in mind. I hope you both kick each other's asses. Have fun, boudles.

Torture and Reckless Jack look at each other as Logan leaves. Torture is mouthing “I have the title” while Jack is making the title motion around his waist.

Zach Davis: What an announcement by Logan!

Shannan Lerch: Reckless Jack vs. Torture in a Hardcore match for the WCF World Title at Aftermath!

Zach Davis: Unless Creeping Death takes the Title from Torture tonight...

Crimsin Apocalypse vs Nate Nytro

All the lights of WCF Arena go pitch black as the opening riff of Chimairia’s “Salvation” begins. A red spotlight appears on the entrance ramp as the drums kick in, revealing a dark figure knelt down, whose face is hidden by the hood he wears. In his hand, he opens up a vile of dark liquid and whips some of the substance over his shoulders, eventually splashing the liquid into an ‘X’ motion in front of him. As the vocalist screams, “Endless nights filled with misery/ Sick of familiar patterns/Bruise after cut/Can't wash away my scars/This the night of…” The figure rises up, leading to the chorus, “This is a night of... salvation (salvation) On the night of salvation (salvation)…” He whips back his cloak and heads down the ramp as the red spotlight follows him. He slides into the ring, turns to the nearest turnbuckle, and raises his arms outwards, prompting the spotlight to turn into a red strobe lights. After a few seconds, he finally whips down the hood itself, revealing his mask. The lights go back to normal as he steps off the turnbuckle, as Crimsin Apocalypse takes off his entrance attire and prepares for his match…

Shannan Lerch: Now that our first match is underway... this Crimsin guy, I don't know what the deal is, but.... I just don't know. I hope we find out tonight.

An eerie shade of green envelopes the arena. After the breif opening of "The Everlasting Gaze", the drums kick in, and green and grey light cues kick in, spinning and twirling. Nate Nytro makes his entrance and walks up the rampway. Upon entering the ring, he interacts with the crowd on the corners.

Zach Davis: There's a huge size difference here. Nate needs to use his speed to his advanta-

Before Zach can finish, Crimsin Apocalypse has already attacked, Clotheslining Nate into a corner. Crimsin hits him with several lefts and rights, then irish whips him across the ring to the other corner. Nytro slams into it and then falls down onto the mat, gasping for breath. Crimsin isn't done, and picks Nytro up and slams him into the turnbuckle. He hits a MEAN chop to the chest, and the audience gasps, as does Nate. But he's still not done. He hits chop after chop after chop, Nate yelling out in pain.

Shannan Lerch: OW! Those things look brutal.

Crimsin Apocalypse finishes up and hits a big Crazy Cyclone Chop, and Nate again falls to the mat. Crimsin stomps at him repeatedly before picking him up and throwing him to the ropes. Crimsin picks Nytro up onto his shoulders in the Fireman's Carry position, about to go for a Death Valley Driver, but Nytro slides out of it behind him and Dropkicks him! This sends Crimsin flying forward and tumbling out of the ring. Nate catches his breath for a second, bounces off one side, running towards Crimsin, and flies out of the ring with a Suicide Plancha!

Zach Davis: Whoa! Nate Nytro hitting his first big offensive move of the match, and it was fantastic.

Both men lay outside the ring, catching their breath, and Nytro is the first one up. Crimsin Apocalypse is soon up as well, and the two begin trading fists. Crimsin soon has the advantage, and grabs Nate and whips him into the guardrail. Nate yells in pain. Crimsin picks him up and throws him into the ring before sliding in and pinning him.



No, Nate gets the shoulder up.

Shannan Lerch: He should have just let himself get pinned. How is he going to stop this monster?

Crimsin Apocalypse picks Nate up and throws him into the turnbuckle. He then measures him, runs, going for a Spear... but Nate just barely moves out of the way!

Zach Davis: That's how!

Nate quickly rolls Crimsin up!


Nate puts his feet on the ropes!



Shannan Lerch: What?!

Nate's music hits and he quickly slides out of the ring, walking to the back. Crimsin gets up, furious, can't believing he lost.

Zach Davis: It may not have been completely clean, but Nate Nytro has pulled off the victory!

Nate disappears to the back.

Logan/Lawnmower Jones Segment

The camera cuts backstage with Logan sitting behind his desk, trying to concentrate on paperwork. After a moment, he becomes flustered and pushes the table off of the desk.

Logan: Stupid boudle lawyers! 3 million this, settle that! Jesus, can't a stud like me ever catch a damn break?

Suddenly, a knock is heard on the door.

Logan: What do you want you stupid boudle?

The door opens and in comes a man wearing blue overalls and a white wife beater underneath. He has on workout gloves. He is a middle aged man with short, spiky blonde hair. When he sees Logan, his mouth drops. Logan looks the man up and down, with a disgusted look on his face.

Logan: What the hell are you?

The man immediatly kneels down and grabs Logan's hand, who quickly grabs it back. The man has a Scottish accent.

Man: I sir, am Lawnmower Jones. I am inquiring about a job with your beautiful wrestling organization.

Logan: Lawnmower what?

Lawnmower Jones: Jones. I would love to work full time for your company! You are a God. A genius. Pure inspiration. And if you hire me, I would be delighted to mow your lawn anytime, day or night!

Logan's face goes to immediate disgust and he begins to back away from Jones. Jones has arisen to his feet and has an eager look on his face.

Logan: You're not a gay stripper from Seth again, are you? Because I swear if the stupid boudle does this one more time-

Lawnmower Jones: No, no. Logan, I'm inquiring about a wrestling position. Please, give me this chance. I won't disappoint you!

Logan: You said you would mow my lawn?

Lawnmower Jones: Happily.

Logan takes to thinking.

Lawnmower Jones: Free of charge, your greatness. I promise you, I do only the best. I was ranked number 1 yardsmen in my native Scotland. I am also the toughest son of a bit-

Logan: SHUT UP!!! SHUT UP YOU STUPID BOUDLE!!!!!!!!! Can't you see I'm thinking? I'll hire you. The roster is a bit low. But I'll hire you. Now about this lawnmowing job-

Lawnmower Jones: I'm already prepared!

Lawnmower Jones runs out of the room and hurries back in, this time pushing a lawnmower. Jones has a huge grin on his face, and Logan looks shocked.

Lawnmower Jones: This is my baby, the Craftsmen F-Series 2300. Ain't she a beaut?

Logan: Holy shit. You've lost your damn marbles, you crazy boudle you. Be here next week.

Lawnmower Jones: Ay yi, cap'n!

Jones turns around and runs out of the room, pushing his lawnmower and screaming ecstatically. Logan his hand rubbing his forehead.

Logan: What the fuck is wrong with these people? I used to be "The Jan Man" when I was forced to be a janitor back in the day, but this is ridiculous.

We go back to ringside.

The Brotherhood/Shaun Sexton vs The Dreadnoks

Revolutionary Beat by Flipsyde plays throughout the arena as John and David Cook come out from behind the curtain. Ready for action as always. They slide into the ring together and taunt. They pound their chest and point to the air above.

Zach Davis: Here are the challengers for the Tag Titles at Aftermath, the Brotherhood.

Shannan Lerch: And here comes the Television Champion!

Battle Without Honor or Humanity plays, and Shaun Sexton comes out with a vest that is white trimmed with pink and white fur, the vest has a hood made of this pink and white fur. A star and two S on each side of the star are on the back. He walks to the ring. He steps up on the apron and makes the ref open the ropes so he can walk through. Once in the ring he ascends to the second rope flips his hood off, and brushes off his chiseled abs. After jumping down from the second rope he poses in the ring showing off his body for the women in the audience as he waits for his opponent.

Zach Davis: And now, their opponents, and tag team Champions.. the Dreadnoks!

Road Rage, Ripper, and Burn Out all walk out to the ring climb in and all three men go to a corner and raise a arm.

Shannan Lerch: There they are-

The Brotherhood and Sexton attack. John Cook attacks Road Rage, David Cook attacks Burn Out, and Shaun Sexton attacks Ripper. Almost as if it was planned, The Cooks both Clothesline their opponents out of the ring, flying out with them, leaving Sexton and Ripper in the ring as the legal men. Sexton picks Ripper up and throws him to the corner, then runs at him and hits a Dropkick!

Zach Davis: Oh Shit!

Shannan Lerch: Zach, watch your mouth.

Zach Davis: Sorry. Its the name of the move!

Ripper falls to the mat and Sexton goes for a quick pin. One, two, no Ripper gets the shoulder up. Sexton tags in David Cook.

Shannan Lerch: Here comes the calmer of the Cook brothers.

David doesn't SEEM too calm as he goes to stomping away at Ripper. David picks him up and throws him to the ropes before hitting a Hiptoss and then locking in an Armbar. David has it locked in for a few seconds before Road Rage enters the ring and kicks him off. Road Rage then gets back on the apron, Ripper crawls over and tags him in. Road Rage runs at David Cook, who is already up, and Clotheslines him back down. He then picks Cook up and hits a quick Neckbreaker, sending him right back down.

Zach Davis: The Tag Team Champions are in charge here!

Road Rage tags in Burn Out. Road Rage quickly picks up David, throws him to the ropes, and hits a Powerslam. Burn Out quickly hits a Leg Drop!

Shannan Lerch: Great combo!

Road Rage rolls out of the ring as Burn Out pins David.



No! John is in the ring and kicks him off. And John is pissed, and screaming "I'M GONNA BREAK THEIR NECKS!" He quickly picks Burn Out up and DDTs him to the mat. Road Rage is back in the ring, and he gets a DDT too! Ripper gets in the ring, and he gets hit with the DDT too!

Zach Davis: John Cook is breakin' necks and clearing house! He's a madman!

Shaun Sexton gets into the ring. But John Cook is still going crazy! Cook grabs him and hits the Break-A-Back!

Shannan Lerch: What is he doing?!

Zach Davis: He's in a trance Shannan! He doesn't even know what's going on!

Shannan Lerch: But he just attacked the Television Champion!

Still on some kind of crazy adrenaline rush, Cook picks Ripper up and puts him on the top rope. He hits the BREAK-A-NECK!

Zach Davis: That's it!

He makes the pin!




Shannan Lerch: Well, the Brotherhood and The Shuggah win. Although Sexton doesn't look like a winner right now.

John Cook rolls out of the ring and heads to the back. He's still going crazy. David Cook runs after him.

Logan Interviews... ?

Logan is backstage, sitting at his desk.

Logan: Welcome, WCF boudles. Tonight, I'm going to interview a few people who have come to be interviewed to be the new owner of WCF. Let's see who we have tonight...

The camera pans back, and we see three individuals sitting in two chairs. One is former World Champion Rick Mad, and on his lap is a 40 something woman who looks like a whore with way too much makeup, even for her profession. In the other chair is Rick's long time tag team partner, Bob the Cameraman.

Rick Mad: Thanks, Logan, for giving us this opportunity.

Logan: No problem boudles. Now tell the Face of Treachery why he should make you owner.

Rick Mad: Well, I'm a former World Champion, by beating you-

Logan: Next.

Rick Mad: What? I wasn't done!


The woman on Rick's lap speaks.

Woman: Well, Logan... I think I should be the new owner because I LOVE Jumbo Hotdogs of Treachery... and by that I mean I love sucking cocks.

Logan: ...

Woman: No, but seriously, I think I have the power to make all the men do EXACTLY what I want them to.

Logan: Well... thank you, um.. what was your name?

Woman: Hooty McBoob.

Logan: Okay. Thank you, Ms. McBoob. Now, Bob the Cameraman... your turn.

Bob: Well, Logan. I've got a pretty serious wrestling mind. I'm a long time fan AND wrestler, and I know what people want to see. More importantly, I'll videotape anything that goes on between you and Hooty for free, for your own personal home video library.

Logan: Okay, consider this meeting done. Hooty, Bob, let's you and me go find someplace more private. Rick, get the hell out of my building.

Rick Mad: Logan, I really think-

It's too late. Logan has left his office with Hooty McBoob and Bob the Cameraman, leaving Rick Mad alone. He sighs.

Rick Mad: Looks like its back to the unemployment office for me!

We go back to ringside.

Ace vs JJ Biggs vs Bobby Cairo

As "The Noose" plays in over the sound system as the song begins the lights go dim and you can only just make out the stage, about a minute into the song the lights come back on with Ace at the top of the ramp, he begins to make his way to the ring, halfway down he turns in a half circle whilst raising his arms, he turns back around shruging his arms before pointing to himself, when he gets to the ring he slides under the bottom rope and sits in the corner waiting for the match.

Zach Davis: And here comes Ace, one of the best talents we have. This is a big match for all three of these men.

Shannan Lerch: But now... the former World Champion! JJ Biggs!

"Voices" by Disturbed hits the PA System. The curtain brushes open and out steps JJ Biggs followed by Jake Hudson. JJ walks down the ramp at a steady pace with Hudson by his side. Both men climb up onto the ring apron and enter the ring. They walk over to a corner and talk the match over as JJ waits.

Zach Davis: And lastly, another former World Champion, Bobby Cairo. In fact, Cairo lost his Title to Biggs, so this could get interesting.

There's a huge pyro explosion at the entranceway followed by the opening strains of Helmet's "In The Meantime". Bobby Cairo and his manager El Diablo Fantástico suddenly appear at the top of the ramp. Bobby hoists his arms above his head with a smug look on his face, while the masked El Diablo stands motionless. They walk down to the ring while a highlight package plays on the big screen.

Shannan Lerch: This should be interesting, indeed.

Bobby Cairo is in the ring, and the bell rings. The three eye each other nervously, pacing around. Biggs makes the first move, running at Cairo and tackling him down, throwing punches at him. Cairo, taken by surprise, manages to roll out of the ring. Biggs get up and is met with an attack from behind by Ace, who grabs him and hits a big Release German Suplex!

Zach Davis: Ouch! Big move to start the match off!

Ace then goes to kicking at Biggs, who grabs at the ropes and pulls himself up. Ace runs at him, but Biggs hits a Back Bodydrop, sending Ace flying out of the ring to the hard floor below!

Shannan Lerch: Ouch. Not a great landing by Ace, and it looks like he may have hurt his leg.

Regardless, before Biggs can turn around he's once again attacked from behind, as Bobby Cairo is back in the ring. Cairo pounds at Biggs, before grabbing him and putting a German Suplex of his own! Cairo bridges it, though, and the ref drops to count. One... two... Biggs gets the shoulder up and escapes.

Zach Davis: Cairo almost had it. Ace wouldn't have been happy. And well, neither would Biggs, for that matter.

Cairo picks Biggs up quickly and whips him to the ropes. He tries to catch him in a Samoan Drop but Biggs slides behind him, spins him around and hits a big Double Arm DDT!

Shannan Lerch: Biggs getting control back! Let's see if he can keep it.

But as Biggs gets up, now Ace is back up on the apron. His leg is visibly injured, however. Despite this, he Springboards off the ropes and hits a Missile Dropkick to Biggs. Biggs flies back and Ace gets to his feet, favoring one leg. This doesn't stop him, however, as he runs at Biggs and goes for a Shining Wizard!

Zach Davis: Ace is tough as nails.

But Biggs ducks the move, and grabs Ace's leg. He hits a Dragonscrew Legwhip, and Ace is screaming in pain. Biggs, sensing the weakness, quickly locks in a Grapevine Leglock.

Shannan Lerch: Biggs is far from a technical wrestler, but he's a shark who smells blood. He's going for that injured leg.

All of a sudden, however, Bobby Cairo is on the top rope. He looks at both men and hits a big Frogsplash!, landing on the legs where he could hit both Biggs and Ace at the same time. Both men roll away, yelling in pain; especially Ace. Cairo, too, rest on the mat, somewhat in pain after performing the move differently than one would normally hit a Frogsplash.

Zach Davis: All three men are down, it is anyone's match here!

Bobby Cairo is the first one up. He picks Biggs up and throws him to the ropes, then hits a mean Yakuza Kick, sending Biggs flying out. Ace is struggling to get up in the ring, and Cairo grabs him... and hits the Thrill Kill!

Shannan Lerch: There it is!

Cairo goes for the pin.




Zach Davis: And we have a winner! Bobby Cairo, proving why he's the number one contender for Shaun Sexton's belt.

Cairo rolls out, heading to the back. JJ Biggs looks on, very unhappy. And in the ring, Ace is holding his leg in pain.

Shannan Lerch: I think Ace might be seriously injured here. Good for him for sticking out the match to the end, though.

Road agents come to help Ace walk to the back where he can get medical attention.

Another Logan Segment!

"The Struggle Within" by Metallica plays throughout the arena, as the crowd stand to their feet with boos.

Zach Davis: Hogging MORE airtime?!

Shannan Lerch: He's Logan. The WCF owner.

Zach Davis: So, he can just do what he wants?

Logan steps out from behind the black curtains, with a microphone in his hand.

Shannan Lerch: You stand up, and you clap for your king!

Zach Davis: Where's the red carpet?

Metallica stops playing, as Logan begins to speak.

Logan: You know, running WCF isn't exactly that fun as some of you boudles may think. I don't enjoy doing it, but I'm going to, and I will continue to run WCF until I can find a suitable replacement.

Zach Davis: What's this about?

Logan: But I didn't come out here to tell you boudles about the future of WCF's ownership, no.. I've come to a more important matter. Me.

The crowd boos.

Logan: Yes, boudles, that's what I want.. I want you all to boo The Face of Treachery once more, I want you to all hate me more than ever, because next week on Slam I am returning to the ring!

Shannan Lerch: It's about time!

Logan: Why? Because I am WCF. I'm the best this company has ever seen, even when I wasn't wrestling. There has never been a man in the ranks of WCF to accomplish what I have. I've destroyed every WCF world champion there ever was BEFORE me, I ripped through the Hall of Fame ranks like pie. I am the legend, the icon, and I always will be. But.. lately, since The War there has been new talent running around this place like they're the new era, like they're the new generation of WCF. Everyone knows who I'm talking about, people like Biggs, Torture, Reckless Jack, boudle this, boudle that.. I don't care about their names. The fact is, that ever since Creeping Death lost my World Title over that boudle Reckless Jack nothing has ever been the same. Sure, I tried to hide it.. I took a few months away from the ring, and look what happened. The people who were too scared to step up while I was wrestling, well, they did when I became owner. All these new boudles think they define WCF, they think they are WCF..

Logan paces back a bit.

Logan: Well that is all coming to an end. I've realized that this is the best time to come back, I have new boudles to wrestle. Yes, this is a new era.. but I'm still here, and I always will be. So this is a message to EVERYONE in WCF, that I'm back, and this treachery era starts next Sunday. I'm not going to use my power to jump to the main event, and just take the title that easily. No, I'm going to prove to WCF why I'm Logan, why I became The Face of Treachery, and how I became the legend of WCF.

Logan drops the microphone on the stage, and glares at the crowd.

Zach Davis: Well, I guess he's been getting tired of all these guys parading over HIS WCF.

Shannan Lerch: You're right about that Zach.

Zach Davis: With Logan running WCF, and wrestling.. this should be interesting.

Logan walks off the stage, heading to the back.

World Title Match
Creeping Death vs Torture

Shannan Lerch: And now... it is time for our main event.

Zach Davis: Torture's first Title defense.

Shannan Lerch: First, the challenger.. and the most undeserving challenger here.. Creeping Death.

The lights slowly fade to black. Bells toll as the screen shows shots of a big wooden cross wrapped in barbed wire in the middle of a thunderstorm. While the cross is shown, "Take This Life" by In Flames begins to play. When it kicks into high gear, around the 17 second mark, the lights come on just a tad, giving light to the dark. Standing on the stage is Creeping Death, arms stretched out in a crucifix fashion, Hardcore Title around his waist. CD stands there for a second, taking in the crowd's reaction. Then he slowly makes his way down the ramp, looking out into the audience. As he reaches the ring, he slides in under the bottom rope, and pops to his feet. CD walks over to a turnbuckle, jumps to the middle rope facing in the ring, does the crucifix pose once again, and then takes a seat on the top turnbuckle, awaiting the match to begin.

Zach Davis: Torture's fans are waiting... IT'S TIME FOR THE CHAMP!


Torture's music hits, and the crowd goes wild!


The music plays for several moments, but it eventually dies down.

Zach Davis: Where... where is Tort-

Before Zach can finish his sentence, Torture bursts out of the back and the crowd goes CARZY! They roar in approval as Torture takes the World Title off his waist and holds it into the air. He walks quickly into the ring, slides in and climbs up a turnbuckle, raising the Title high above his head. He gets another huge pop.

Shannan Lerch: Zach if these fans don't shut up I'm going to get permanent ear damage!

Zach Davis: Pee in my butt, Shannan!

Shannan Lerch: What?!

Zach Davis: I don't know! I'm just so damn excited!

Eventually Torture climbs down and steps into the middle of the ring. The ref takes his belt, and the bell rings.

Shannan Lerch: Alright... this is Creeping Death's big chance. God, I hope he doesn't win.

Creeping Death and Torture shake hands, before stepping back. They both know what the other is capable of.

Zach Davis: These two are going to give us a good match. They may be friends, but in a World Title match, after the handshake, that won't mean much.

Creeping Death starts by rushing Torture, but Torture moves out of the way and shoves Creeps front first into a turnbuckle. CD stumbles back and Torture grapples from behind. CD elbows him a few times and gets out of it, pushing him away. CD quickly hoists himself up onto the top rope while Torture is gazed and jumps off with a Dropkick, but Torture moves out of the way fast. Creeps gets to his feet and Torture grabs him, hitting a Snapmare and then locking in a Sleeper.

Shannan Lerch: This is smart. It grounds CD, and it also wears him down.

Creeping Death eventually starts standing up, but Torture knows whats coming. He lets go of the Sleeper and then goes for a Short Clothesline to the back of the head. Creeps senses it and drops down, giving Torture nothing but air. CD then grabs Torture and hits a quick Lungblower! Creeps quickly covers him.



No, Torture gets the shoulder up, and the crowd cheers.

Zach Davis: Creeps knew Torture wouldn't lose like that, but making someone kick out takes some of their energy away.

Creeps jumps to the top rope and goes for a quick Split Legged Moonsault, but Torture gets his knees up! The crowd again cheers. Torture rolls away and uses the ropes to get to his feet. As Creeping Death stands, Torture grabs him and lifts him up... Death Valley Driver!

Shannan Lerch: Cover him Torture! Win the match!

Torture does indeed cover him.



No! Creeping Death kicks out.

Zach Davis: Sorry Shannan.

Torture kicks at Creeps a few times, and then picks him up. He puts his head between his legs... and hits a huge Powerbomb!

Shannan Lerch: YES GET HIM!

Zach Davis: Another huge power move!

Torture then slowly begins climbing to the top.

Shannan Lerch: He's going up for the Cool Mint! This should be it!

But no! Someone slides into the ring and starts kicking away at Creeping Death!

Zach Davis: What the-

Shannan Lerch: It's Reckless Jack!

Indeed, Reckless Jack is kicking Creeping Death. He picks him up and hits the Reckless Driver! The crowd chants "TORTURE, TORTURE" wanting Torture to kick his ass. The bell has rung, showing that the match has been throw out.

Zach Davis: He can't! Torture and Jack have already agreed they won't attack each other! Torture is helpless!

Jack smirks at Torture and taunts him. Torture just stares back, still on the turnbuckle, a fire in his eyes, waiting to be unleashed.

Shannan Lerch: Get him, Torture! Get him!

Jack rolls out of the ring and gets a chair before rolling back in. He raises it high above his head and slams it down on Creeping Death. Repeatedly. Over and over. Blasting Creep with chairshots. Torture has had enough, and gets off the turnbuckle. He's had enough. He's going to attack.

Zach Davis: Don't do it Torture! You can't!

Shannan Lerch: HE HAS TO ZACH!

Before anything else can happen, Nate Nytro runs out from the back! He slides into the ring, and he has a chair. Not liking these odds, Reckless Jack slides out, walking backwards towards the entrance ramp. Still smirking.

Zach Davis: This is disgusting! Torture's enemies already took his family, and now Reckless Jack forced Torture to watch his friend get beat down without him being able to do anything!

Shannan Lerch: What's going to happen next week!?

Zach Davis: I don't know, Shannan. See you then, fans.

The copyright info appears, and Slam fades out.