Sunday Slam Intro
Chris North vs Thunder
The Brotherhood vs Sick Individuals
Ace vs JackHammer
Skyler Striker vs Shane Sires
Danny Vice vs Reckless Jack
Logan/Beyond vs Satan's Apprentice/Terry Cross
Reckless Jack Segment
Dake Ken vs Twister
Torture Segment
TV Title: Nate Nytro vs Lawnmower Jones

WCF Sunday Slam Intro

Glasgow Megasnake by Mogwai blasts over the speakers as the crowd begins popping like popcorn set on high. We pan across the crowd and see signs such as "Devistation STINK", one with Reckless Jack's head on Pikachu, "Ellis > Zafirah", and "Taco Salad". We cut to Zach Davis and Shannan Lerch sitting at the announce table.

Zach Davis: Hello everyone, and welcome to WCF Sunday Slam! We've got ourselves a jam-packed show tonight, featuring a Television Title match and only two tag matches!

Shannan Lerch: That's right, in our main event, the Television Champion, Lawnmower Jones will go one on one with the man he took the TV Title from, Nate Nytro!

Zach Davis: The match is yet another example of the Team of Treachery verses the New Dynasty fued that has been boiling over at this point. Last week, however, the Dyansty cut a few members in J-X and Twister, the latter going one on one with Dake Ken later tonight!

Shannan Lerch: Also, Logan ... and Beyond, take on Satan's Apprentice and Terry Cross of Devastation, Inc.

Zach Davis: Reckless Jack will try to continue his winning ways against one Danny "The Vagrant" Vi-

And suddenly, the lights go out. Half of the crowd is confused, a quarter of the crowd is mad, and the other quarter begins marking because they know what is coming. Soon after, "Battery" by Metallica begins to play with the cross on the JumboTron, and everybody starts cheering. When the song picks up, Creeping Death comes out to a little spotlight on the stage, showing no emotion whatsoever. CD simply walks down to the ring, not jumping around and headbanging, nothing. The crowd, however, does enough headbanging to make up for CD's lack. As CD reaches the ring, he climbs up the stairs to the apron, and steps in.

Shannan Lerch: So, it looks like we'll get his wishes already. Hopefully he'll wish to be wished luck in his future endeavors.

The lights are back on now, Creeping Death pulls a microphone out of his pocket, and the crowd is going banana nut crunch all over the place. Chants of "C-D! C-D! C-D!" starts to take form as "Battery" fades down. Unhindered, and uncaring, CD puts the microphone to his mask covered mouth.

Creeping Death: Two weeks ago at Ultimate Showdown, I was one-upped. However, not one-upped by Jack of Blades, or Logan, or anyone in the Team of Treachery. I was one-upped by Steve Carr. He came back with, seemingly, the sole purpose of eliminating me and everything I stood for, including the Hardcore Title.

The crowd loudly boos at CD's statements, obviously siding with him.

Creeping Death: When Carr wrapped that steel chair around my skull and eventually counted my shoulders down, he effectively destroyed Creeping Death. My first Hardcore Title reign came to an end on such shitty terms, and all because of Steve Carr, the guy that basically got me to come to WCF in the first place. Yeah that's right, a well known yet very left out fact. Steve Carr ran Net Championship Wrestling, basically the sister company to WCF. I put on match after match for that guy, giving everything I had, winning his World Title, the whole nine yards. Every step of the way, I wrestled exactly how I do now, yet the man waits until a few weeks ago to show his displeasure?

Crowd boos.

Creeping Death: Whatever man, wish number one, Steve Carr, you're fucking gone. I've already discussed this with the WCF brass, and in your place will be a group of guys that will handle the big decisions here. A couple familiar faces that wish to remain nameless. However, their spokesman does not reserve this right.

Glasgow Megasnake, Slam's theme, hits and the crowd buzzes. From the backstage area walks former WCF commentator Kyle Steel! He waves to the crowd and bows slightly to CD. Creeping Death returns the favor and Kyle walks back.

Creeping Death: With that part out of the way, and securing a leadership position within WCF that can grant me my final two wishes, I'd like to move right along. Next month is October. The month of spooky creepy shit. Halloween falls in October, one of the best holidays ever. But, also in October, is the second Friday. Yeah, there's a second Friday in every month, but not like this one. This Friday, my friends, is Friday the 13th.

Murmerings in the crowd.

Creeping Death: That's right, the last Friday the 13th was in January. But this one, this Friday the 13th will be special. See, as my second wish, I'd like to be able to book a WCF show for Friday, October the 13th. Whatever matches I want. No restrictions. None. For one night, I'm taking over WCF, and nobody can say a fucking word about it.

The crowd begins marking out like crazy. They begin chanting "The thir-teenth! The thir-teenth!"

Creeping Death: Yeah. For my final wish, though, I'm putting that bad boy in my pocket and saving it for a rainy day. Never know when it'll come in handy. Whatever happens, the bell.. will toll.. for somebody. ... or something.... yeah.

Battery plays again, and Creeping Death slides out of the ring and begins heading to the back.

Shannan Lerch: What a jackass. I wish the New Dynasty would stop interrupting our intros.

Zach Davis: Whatever! We've got NEW OWNERSHIP! Finally, the "who's the owner" garbage that has plagued WCF from the beginning is over. Not only that, but we have a special show on Friday the 13th!

Shannan Lerch: And who knows what the third wish will be. I don't want to find out.

Zach Davis: Regardless of that, we've got our first match of the night.

Chris North vs Thunder

"Money" by Pink Floyd begins to play. As the cash register sound ends and the music begins, Thunder walks towards the ring. He reaches the apron and climbs the turnbuckle, taunting the fans.

Zach Davis: Thunder awaiting Chris North.

"The Enemy" by Godsmack hits. He walks to the ring and steps inside, getting a beat down from Thunder.

Shannan Lerch: Wasting no time!

The bell sounds. Thunder throws North to the ropes and crossbodies him down. Pin. Kickout. Thunder throws North to the corner turnbuckles! Thunder tigerdrivers North to the mats. He pins again, but another kick out.

Zach Davis: Thunder is ready to rock and roll!

Thunder picks up North and goes for a death valley driver!


North escapes the move and kicks Thunder to the gut and hits a release belly to belly suplex over his own head! Thunders legs land in the ropes and he flips back over to his stomach. North lifts up Thunder and punches him into the corner. North turns Thunder around and hits a german suplex! North pins!


Zach Davis: Thunder kicks out!

North goes to the top rope and taunts to the crowd. Thunder nips up and jumps to the top rope and hits a T-Bone Suplex off the top rope!

Shannan Lerch: Oh my!

Zach Davis: Both men are out in the ring.

North uses the ropes to get up, as Thunder stumbles his way to his feet. North goes for a Short Arm Clothesline, but Thunder ducks it, picks him up, and hits a Death Valley Driver!

Shannan Lerch: He calls that the Thunder and Lightning!

Thunder goes for the pin!




Zach Davis: And Thunder picks up the victory.

He rolls out of the ring and heads to the back.

The Brotherhood vs Sick Individuals

Flipsyde's Revolutionary Beat hits the airwaves as David and John Cook come out to the stage. David walks down as John jogs to the ring and slides in taunting, and crazily shaking the ropes.

Zach Davis: A whole lotta energy.

The bagpipes and guitars of KoRn’s “ shoots and ladders” kick in over the loudspeakers as the lights go to a light blue color. From the back steps the Lovely Shanon, in her deerskin skirt and a Blue and White cut off “Kill Yourself” t-shirt. She motions to the back as “The Wolf” and “The Suicide King” make their way onto the ramp, Chad in his black shorts and Conrad in his Black utilikilt, both wearing the new “Sick Individual” t-shirt. Chad lets out a evil laugh as Conrad raise a fist into the air, setting off a blue and red pyro blast. All three Sick Individuals make their way down the ramp, Conrad and Shanon hand in hand, Chad taking his time to mock the fans at ringside. Chad and Conrad jump onto the apron, and hold the ropes open for Shanon to slink into the ring. All three pose to the crowd, with Conrad crouching down flexing with Shanon hugging him under one arm and Chad towering over them with a fist in the air as the lights come back to normal.

Shannan Lerch: This should be a great tag match!

The ref asks for the bell to ring. John and Chad start out, with Chad getting hte upperhand on John. Chad backs off John from the corner. They tie up once more this time with John getting the advantage. John throws Chad to the corner. Throws him to the ropes and clotheslines him down. John runs over and knocks Conrad off the apron. John grabs Chad and tags in David. David hiptosses Chad to the mat, and locks on an armbar. Conrad tries to slide into the ring, but the ref stops that nonsense. John gets in and grabs Chad and slams him into the turnbuckles. He holds Chad while David kicks to the midsection several times before hitting a spinkick to Chads jaw. The ref turns around as David gets to the apron. John throws Chad to the corner and as he stumbles out, John wants to hit a mean looking gore! But Conrad walks over to where John is and slams him down from behind, to his back! David gets in the ring and runs over to Conrad. David flies over the ropes, knocking Conrad and taking himself down to the guardrail.

Zach Davis: Whoa! Bloods thicker than water, I suppose.

Shannan Lerch: You got that right! Chad is moving in the ring though!

Chad grabs John and hits BOW TO THE KING!


John gets pinned by Chad Allen.

1....2.... John kicks out.

Shannan Lerch: Big John kicked out!

Zach Davis: Must take more than that to put down John.

Chad lifts up John and throws him to the corner. David slides in the ring and clotheslines Chad right to the mat. The ref lets it go, but warns David to get to his corner. As he does so, John crawls and stumbles over for a legal tag! David hops in and goes to grab Chad. David bends down, and gets a stiff kick to the face. Chad hops up and goes for the tag to Conrad, who just made it back to the apron. He tags in Conrad! He jumps into the ring and hits a DDT on David! Conrad pins! A quick kickout for David. Conrad lifts him up and throws him to the corner. Conrad runs and leaps, but John pulls David out of the corner. Conrad lands on the top rope. He turns and dropkicks John, as David ducked out of the way! John hits the mats below! David grabs Conrad and hits a german suplex dead center of the ring. Chad jumps into the ring, but David quickly ducks, Chad hits the ropes and John grabs his feet and trips him, then drags him out to where John is. David turns around and grabs Conrad. David lifts Conrad and hits a DVD. The ref notices the outside chaos, as John and Chad are throwing punches like no tomorrow. David goes for a pin but notices the ref isn't even paying attention.

Shannan Lerch: The ref is trying to stop the outside mess first!

David begins to yell at John to stop fighting. David sticks his head through the ropes as John goes to hit Chad with a chair. Chad ducks and John lands a nice stiff, mean chair shot right on Davids face!

Zach Davis: OH MY!

Shannan Lerch: WHAT A SHOT!

David stumbles and turns around, when Conrad hits a Fisherman Driver in the ring!

Zach Davis: QUICK DROP..

Shannan Lerch: WITH A SUDDEN STOP!

Conrad pins David. 1...2....3...

Zach Davis: Conrad wins for Sick Individuals!

Shannan Lerch: Well, kind of dissapointed. Was hoping to see someone break-their-necks.

Conrad and Chad celebrate while walking up the ramp. John tries to wake up David as he keeps apologizing.

Shannan Lerch: John should have never had the chair..

Zach Davis: Interesting Tag Match none the less, Lerch.

Ace vs JackHammer

As "Skin on Skin" by Queens of the Stone Age plays over the sound system, the lights go dim and you can only just make out the stage. About a minute into the song the lights come back on as pyro rains down from the top of the screen wh then see Ace at the top of the ramp. Halfway down he turns in a half circle whilst raising his arms, he then turns back around shrugging his arms before pointing to himself. When he gets to the ring he hops up onto one knee onto the apron. He looks into the audience smiling, soaking up the reaction. He then gets up onto the apron fully and goes over to the closest turnbuckle and climbs to the middle rope and points to himself. He then hops down and and takes off his entrance jacket and pants revealing his wrestling tights, waiting for the match to begin.

Tear Away by Drowning Pool plays on the PA as JackHammer and Angel come through the curtain and head down the ramp to the ring. Angel heads to the corner as JackHammer climbs the ring steps, he then stops at the top and raises his left fist sending pyros shooting out of the ring posts. JackHammer then steps into the ring over the top rope and removes his duster and bandana.

Shannan Lerch: And here we go. Team of Treachery vs Devastation, Inc.

JackHammer runs at Ace, and the two tie up. But as they do, Chad Allen and Conrad Howell both slide into the ring and attack them!

Zach Davis: What the hell?! Usually interferences happen near the end of the match! Damn these impatient Sick Individuals!

The Suicide King attacks JackHammer as The Wolf attacks Ace. The bell rings, and the match has been thrown out. JJ Biggs runs out from the back, as does Chino! As those two slide into the ring, the Sick Individuals slide out.

Shannan Lerch: Looks like they don't want to play the numbers game when it isn't in their favor! Well, duh, though, I guess...

Suddenly, Ace and Biggs and Chino and JackHammer realize who they're in the ring with. Ace and Biggs immediately start brawling with Chino and JackHammer!

Zach Davis: The Tag Title challengers are going at it with the Champs!

And of course, Howell and Allen take this opportunity to slide in and start attacking both teams as well! Eventually, a bunch of referees and security run out and begin seperating the teams.

Shannan Lerch: The Sick Individuals deserve a chance at the belts too, I'd say!

Eventually the security gets them apart, and forces them out of the ring and to the back.

Skyler Striker vs Shane Sires

"Down With The Sickness" by Disturbed plays over the PA System as Shane Sires makes his way out onto the entrance stage, after walking to the end of the entrance stage he leans slightly backwards and raises his arms in the air and screams as red pyros explode all around him. He than walks down the entrance ramp and jumps up on the ring apron and steps over the top rope into the ring. He walks over to the middle of the ropes and pushes the top rope down with his left hand some, he raises the other in the air and than red pyros explode on all four turnbuckles.

Shannan Lerch: This match is going to be painful. No disqualifications, falls count anywhere. And by the looks of Sires, it’s going to be twice as bad.

Zach Davis: Don’t count Skyler out. He showed last week that he can be hardcore.

Shannan Lerch: Like he said himself, though, his arm may not be working right.

Zach Davis: We’ll just have to wait, but not for long!

’Your Fate’ and ‘My Destiny’ shoot in big letters toward the viewer’s sight of the TitanTron as the opening riff for ‘Deadly Game’ hits and the lights flash black and white until the main intro comes in, and Skyler arrives on the stage. The crowd pop louder than ever for him as he grins. His sling is still attached to his arm, and many of the fans see this. He walks to the ring, giving that ever-confident smile, giving as many hi-fives to the audience on the ramp as he can with his one good arm as the first verse plays. On the second verse, he jumps onto the apron facing him, does a quick jump over the ropes and goes to the second turnbuckle, opens his right arm and palm to the audience, and does a backflip. He walks to the middle of the ring, and stands, head down, and clicks his fingers as the chorus hits, causing alternating black and white pyro to burst from the turnbuckles.

Shannan Lerch: All that fancy pyro doesn’t count for anything, Skyler.

Zach Davis: Oh, let him enjoy it. He needs all the enjoyment he can get at the moment.

Skyler removes his sling and hands it to the ref, who removes it from the ring. Striker rubs his arm, rotates it a few times, and readies himself as Shane looks on, laughing.

Shannan Lerch: Definitely an advantage for the newcomer Shane Sires here!

The bell rings and Shane and Skyler lock up, with Shane, being the bigger man, gaining the advantage and simply pushing Skyler to the mat. Skyler is not fazed and comes back up, nailing a step up enzuigiri on Sires, who collapses, but only to his knees. Skyler cannot believe it, as he has floored Danny with the move before, but he continues, hitting the ropes and hitting a shining wizard on Sires, who falls to the mat face first.

Shannan Lerch: He couldn’t knock him down in one move!

Zach Davis: That’s a bad sign..

Striker hits a leg drop to the back of Sires’ neck and hits the ropes, coming back with a baseball slide which knocks Sires to the outside. As Sires stands, Striker grabs the top rope and swings under the bottom rope with his legs, hitting a dropkick straight to the chest of Sires, who once again does not fall. Striker sighs and pulls back the top rope, holding it and letting it spring so Striker comes over in a cross-body splash, which does succeed in knocking both men to the floor. Skyler gets to his knees and rubs his arm again. He looks under the apron, taking out a table and setting it up so it hangs between the ring and the barrier. Striker lifts Sires to his feet and grabs his head before dropping to his knees, hitting a jawbreaker on the massive Sires, who falls backwards onto the table. Skyler rolls into the ring and climbs to the top turnbuckle, and the crowd go wild as he nails the Destiny Dive on Sires through the table!

Shannan Lerch: Holy shit!

The crowd echo Shannan’s sentiments, starting a chant of ‘HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!’ as both Striker and Sires are on the floor. However, to the crowd’s disappointment, it is Sires who gets to his feet first, laughing at Striker. He looks under the apron and grabs a chair, which he brings down hard on Striker. Striker pulls himself to his knees and slowly to his feet with the help of the ring post, and Sires waits patiently for him to do so. When Skyler gets to his feet, Shane swings the chair around right into the left arm of Striker, who lets out a massive cry of pain.

Shannan Lerch: He’s located the weak spot!

Zach Davis: That chair shot could do more than a little damage to that arm of Striker’s.

Sires swings the chair over his own head and brings it down hard on the forehead of Striker, busting him wide open. Shane throws the chair away, lifting Striker up and running him left shoulder first into the ring post, and Striker collapses again, holding his arm in pain. Sires laughs and lifts Skyler again, picking him up for a vertical suplex and dropping him over the barrier into the crowd, who Shane ignores as he follows Striker over the barricade.

Shannan Lerch: Looks like Sires is going to do exactly what he said he would and take this outside the ring area!

Zach Davis: That’s not a good sign for Striker, he’s already bleeding!

Shane does indeed proceed to drag Skyler through the crowd and into the arena hallways and merchandise stands. Sires pulls Striker’s head back and brings it down on a merchandising table, and the blood starts running even faster down Skyler’s face. Sires goes for a cover on Striker, the first of the match, 1..2..No! Skyler kicks out!

Shannan Lerch: How the hell did he kick out!?

Zach Davis: You can go ask Shane or Skyler in person if you really want.

Skyler is pulled to his feet by Sires, and Sires throws a right at him, but Skyler blocks it and throws one right back at him. It hits the bigger man square in the face and Skyler moves back from Shane, who gets infuriated. However, Skyler has a plan and when Shane rushes at him in anger, Striker puts his face to the concrete with a drop toehold! Shane gets busted wide open and the blood pours down his forehead and from his nose, which looks to be broken. Striker does not let up and hits a leg drop to the back of the neck of Sires, before picking him up and whipping him into the wall. He then grabs Shane again and attempts to whip him through the glass door that leads outside the arena, but Shane counters into a whip of his own and Skyler goes straight through the glass pane. The referee is still following both men, although barely being able to keep up. Shane picks Skyler up in a military press and nails a spinebuster!

Shannan Lerch: He calls that Satan’s Calling, and I think that he is definitely calling for Skyler!

Zach Davis: That’s concrete out there, folks. Hard concrete.

Sires goes for the pin on Skyler, and the ref counts, 1..2..3.. Skyler kicks out!

Shannan Lerch: Oh my God!

Zach Davis: There is no way that actually happened!

But regardless of whether or not Zach thinks it happened, it most certainly did, and Sires is furious. He argues with the referee and gets in his face, and the ref backs away, but Sires will not have it and gets a hand to the throat of the ref, nailing the Ride To Hell on him, and the ref, as do all of them when they even get poked, immediately goes unconscious. Sires turns back to Striker, but he is gone. Sires surveys the area only to turn around and see Skyler on the arena entrance roof above him, and Skyler jumps, hitting a sharp missile dropkick to the chest of Sires, and kicking off his chest to make sure he does not hit the ground hard. Skyler lands on his feet and drops to one knee, panting heavily, wiping the blood off his face. He goes over to the fallen giant and lays some boots to the stomach of Sires to make sure he stays down. Striker walks over to the nearest taxi and rips off its numberplate, bringing it back to Sires, who has made it to his knees. Skyler smashes the numberplate across Sires’ head and brings it down across his back for the second shot, but Sires does not fall. Skyler throws the numberplate away, looking around for a weapon of some sort. He spies a valet, and turns back to Sires, who is kneeling, and Striker floors him with an enzuigiri. Striker grins and grabs the valet, holding him above his head. He wavers a bit due to his arm injury, but he keeps going with the plan. He brings the valet to Sires and throws him straight onto the grounded giant, which lands the valet in a crossbody splash on Sires.

Shannan Lerch: Now that is creativity!

Zach Davis: Indeed! Look at that, he just threw the valet onto Sires! That’s classic! And especially with that arm of his!

At this point another ref rushes out to referee the match, making sure to stay well clear of Sires so as not to make the same mistake as the first ref. Striker still does not relent and drags Sires along the ground to the same car he ripped the numberplate off. He brings Sires’ head down towards the bonnet but Sires counters and puts Skyler into it instead! Striker bleeds like all hell and collapses to the ground. Sires will not rest and grabs the throat of Striker, picking him up and hitting the Ride To Hell on Skyler on the car bonnet!

Shannan Lerch: There is no way he can get out of that one.

Zach Davis: This is intense. Skyler is being put through hell and back, and Sires still won’t relent.

Sires spies a glass truck and runs to it, wiping the blood off his face as he goes. He grabs a pane of glass and as Skyler gets to his knees on the car bonnet, Sires brings it down straight over Striker’s head, and Skyler falls to his back again. Sires jumps onto the car bonnet and hooks the leg of Striker, 1..2..3NO!!!

Shannan Lerch: I’m tempted to not even call this match anymore. All of these things are just in my imagination. No-one kicks out of a pin after all of that. No-one.

Zach Davis: Except for Skyler Striker, of course!

Striker refuses to give up and Sires refuses to let up. The bigger man grabs Skyler by the throat again and lifts him to chokeslam off the car onto the concrete floor, but Skyler sees this coming and kicks Sires in the groin.

Shannan Lerch: That is a nasty shot. A very nasty shot indeed.

Zach Davis: But it did the job!

Sires collapses onto the car’s roof because of his size and Striker sees his chance. He slowly lifts Shane to his feet and hooks only his right arm, spinning 180 degrees and dropping to his back, nailing the Last Card DDT on Sires right on the car roof. Skyler lifts Sires again and wraps the arms, and as Striker flips backwards for the Final Revelation, there is no roof for Sires to hit and so he goes crashing to the concrete floor instead!

Shannan Lerch: That must have broken his spine!

Zach Davis: …

Shannan Lerch: Zach?

Zach Davis: I’m speechless.

Skyler jumps off the car and drags Sires with some difficulty back inside. He is heard by the camera muttering ‘in the ring… end it in the ring.’ He pulls Shane into the crowd entrance and they begin to cheer again as Skyler and Shane return to their own view. Skyler drops Shane and lays a few boots to him before pulling four fans to his side and asking that they pull Shane because of Skyler’s arm. They agree, and warily pick up one of the limbs of Sires each, pulling him towards the barricade. Skyler jumps over and rolls into the ring, catching whatever breath he can and wiping the blood off his face. However, the four fans have difficulty lifting Sires and they drop him. Sires regains his vision at this point and sees the four fans trying to lift him. He lets out a roar of anger and punches one fan right in the kneecap. The fan collapses and Sires gets to his feet, the crowd clearing away from him. Skyler sees this and Shane jumps over the barricade, rolling into the ring. Striker tries to put a few more boots to Sires by Shane rises first and lays a massive haymaker into Skyler!

Shannan Lerch: Skyler just lost his advantage!

Sires pulls Striker to his feet and whips him into the ropes, but Skyler comes back with a massive spear to Sires! Skyler falls into the corner and tries to regain some stamina. Sires, however, does not stay down long and raises again. He runs in an attempt to clothesline Striker against the turnbuckle, but Skyler jumps over Sires with both feet and Sires runs chest first into the buckle. As Skyler comes back down from his jump, he lands Sires’ head right between his legs.

Zach Davis: If he’s doing what I think he’s doing, then I have to say that I’ve heard that he’s only ever had to use this move once! We may see something special here!

Striker hooks both arms of Sires, and with an obvious look of pain on his face, and with great difficulty, he pulls Sires up to the third rope, which he too climbs up to. At this point, he has both arms of Sires hooked under and Sires’ head trapped.

Shannan Lerch: : He is! He’s going to do it! This is a rare occurrence, folks, make sure you tape this one!

Striker lets out a warcry and jumps forward, using all his momentum to hit the Fatebringer top rope double underhook DDT on Shane! The blood flows from both men as they collapse in pain.

Zach Davis: Never in my life have I seen something like that. Ever. That is one of the greatest sacrifices that Skyler could ever make, to risk himself with an injured arm to hit the Fatebringer just to get one up on Sires.

For thirty seconds the crowd is stunned silent, and it is then that Skyler, blood pouring down his face, and with bloodshot eyes, and a dead arm, reaches over with his left arm, the injured one and also the one closest to Shane, and drapes it over Sires’ chest, with a great amount of pain flowing through his body. The referee drops to the mat and counts.




Shannan Lerch: SKYLER WINS! He pinned Sires after all of that! That was amazing. Those two men beat the living hell out of each other. This one isn’t going to be forgotten for a while.

‘Deadly Game’ powers out over the P.A. and Skyler Striker remains on the mat. The ref lifts him to a sitting position and raises his good arm, helping him put his sling back on. EMT’s rush to the ring and put Sires on a stretcher and carry him out, and they try to do the same with Striker, but he refuses. He puts his sling on and allows them to wipe the blood off of his forehead, but nothing else. He gets to his feet and the crowd cheer tremendously for Skyler who basks it in.

Zach Davis: He deserves it.

As the ref raises his arm, however, a black clothed man appears from under the ring and rolls in behind Striker. He has a chair in hand and as Skyler turns, the man swings the chair right into the left, slinged arm of Striker. The music stops and Striker collapses to the mat in pain. The man with the chair smashes it down again on the back of Striker. He throws the chair away and laughs at Skyler on the mat in pain. The crowd boo and they have an idea of who it is, and it is confirmed when the man takes off his balaclava and reveals himself to be “The Vagrant” Danny Vice. The crowd’s boos increase in volume and they start a chant of ‘ASSHOLE! ASSHOLE!’

Shannan Lerch: Vice gets payback for Skyler’s attack earlier in the week!

Zach Davis: That may put Skyler out of commission if his arm has taken more damage!

The crowd continue their chants and boo Vice out of the entranceway, as the EMT’s come back to deal with the now incapacitated Striker.

Shannan Lerch: And Vice's match is next! All we need is Reckless Jack.

Danny Vice vs Reckless Jack

The lights go out in the arena as we hear the opening for In Flames’s “Only For The Weak” fills the place. Red mist fills the arena. When the vocals start, a figure stands in the entrance way. The crowd is buzzing as the drums start to crash a lot. The mist clears away as strobe light starts to go crazy all over the arena. As “Only For The Weak” continues, the figure is still shrouded in the darkness despite the strobe lights all over the arena. The people are taking pictures as the chorus comes into the arena finally. Pyro explodes all around the stage and the strobe light stops. A red spotlight shines brightly on Reckless Jack as he is standing in the entry way, rolling his neck. Some are cheering and some are booing him as he starts to headbang to the song. As he starts to walk to the ring, the spotlight stays on him as the people continue to cheer/boo. He dismisses a few of them on his trip to the ring. Once he is in the middle of the ramp, he stops and starts to hype himself up. A string of pyro shoots down the ramp. He flips off the jeering fans. After he gets to the ring apron, he rolls into the ring, hopping on the nearest turnbuckle, talking trash to the fans. He then hops down and does the same on the opposite turnbuckle. Reckless Jack then crouches down, waiting for his opponent.

Shannan Lerch: Reckless Jack won his redebut match last week against Chris North and Thunder.

Zach Davis: Looked decent as well.

The bell rings as both men circle around each other. Reckless Jack starts to clap his hands. The crowd joins in. Vice runs towards Reckless going for a Clothesline. Reckless ducks and goes for one of his own. Vice ducks that. Vice gets a Hammerlock in. Reckless reverses into one of his own. Vice Snapmares out of the hold. Reckless gets up and Snapmares Vice. Vice and Reckless both hit a Dropkick on each other. They both kip up. But Reckless is able to kip up into a Hurricrana. Vice gets back up and Hurricranas Reckless right back. Reckless is down as Vice gets a Headlock in. Reckless fights his way up to a standing base and throws Vice into the ropes. Vice comes back with a Spinning Wheel Kick, but Reckless is able to catch Vice mid air. Reckless amazingly hitsthe 90º Belly-to-Belly Hold into Swinging Backbreaker on Danny Vice. Vice holds his back as Reckless starts to stomp on this area. Vice is able to trip Reckless Jack. Vice locks in a Single Leg Crab on Reckless. Reckless struggles a bit. He gets out of the hold by turning Vice over and hits in the back of the head. Reckless then locks in the Armbar. Vice fights for a bit before breaking his way out of the hold. Vice picks Reckless up and goes for a Double Arm move, but Reckless is able to Back Body Drop Vice over his head. Reckless then hits a quick Standing Shooting Star Press. Both men get back up as the crowd gives them a standing ovation.

Zach Davis: What a start.

Shannan Lerch: Nothing new though from Reckless Jack. SPOT MONKEY!

Zach Davis: Danny Vice looked very fluid I thought.

Shannan Lerch: You love man fluid.

Zach Davis: Quit talking about yourself.

Both men get back to their feet. Vice fakes out Reckless Jack with a low kick, before hitting Reckless in the head with a stiff kick to the head. Reckless staggers back as Vice runs and hits a Standing Crossbody. He keeps the cover.



Reckless Jack gets that shoulder up as Vice gets back to his feet. Vice Dropkicks Reckless in the face when Reckless is on his hands and knees. Danny Vice covers again.



Reckless Jack kicks out.

Shannan Lerch: Danny Vice is taking it to Reckless Jack here tonight.

Zach Davis: Yeah, that’s the way to make a name for yourself.

Danny Vice picks up Reckless Jack and hits an Inverted Underhook DDT. Vice doesn’t cover but instead heads to the top rope. He flies off with a picture perfect Moonsault that connects on Reckless Jack’s stomach. Vice covers.



No, Reckless Jack gets his shoulder up once again. Danny Vice gets to his feet and starts stomping at Reckless. Reckless Jack is able to get to his feet and hit a few kicks to the midsection before Danny Vice hits a Snap DDT. Danny Vice goes to the corner and gives the fans the signal.

Zach Davis: Could we see The Outcast?

Shannan Lerch: I thought he retired?

Zach Davis: No, that is the move Danny Vice is going for.

Danny Vice waits for Reckless Jack to get up. Once Reckless does, Danny goes for The Outcast. Reckless Jack catches the foot of Danny Vice. Vice hops around on one foot and goes for an Enziguri. Reckless Jack ducks the move. He flips Danny Vice into the air and catches him with a Facebuster on the way down! The crowd cheers for such an inventive maneuver.

Shannan Lerch: Whoa! That was kinda nice…

Zach Davis: Yes it was.

Both men are down as the ref starts his ten count. Danny Vice is able to get to his feet first after five, then Reckless Jack follows suit at seven. Reckless Jack hits Danny with a few forearms before whipping him into the ropes. Danny ducks a Lariat. When he turns around though, Reckless Jack catches Danny Vice with an Exploder Suplex. Reckless gets to his feet and heads to the top rope. Reckless Jack flies off with a Corkscrew Somersault Senton but Danny moves out of the way! Reckless Jack gets up to get drilled with The Outcast. Danny Vice crawls for a cover!




NO! Reckless Jack gets his shoulder up in time. Danny Vice is frustrated as he picks up Reckless Jack. However, going on pure adrenaline, Reckless Jack lifts Danny Vice on his shoulders and drops Danny’s face into his knee.


Reckless Jack runs off the ropes as Danny Vice is staggering on his feet. He jumps and hits the Busaiku Knee Kick.

Shannan Lerch: Shades of KENTA right there.

Reckless Jack goes for a cover.




Danny Vice gets his shoulder up at the last second. Jack picks him up, but Vice starts fighting back. Vice goes to toss Jack into the ropes, but Jack reverses it. Vice goes into them instead, bounces off, Jack picks him up in the Torture Rack... and hits the Reckless Killing!

Zach Davis: That's gotta be it.

Jack makes the pin.




Shannan Lerch: Got it this time!

Zach Davis: I think Vice was a little preoccupied with his personal life tonight, and one Skyler Striker.

Jack rolls out of the ring, cockily, and heads to the back. Vice, inside, is getting up, looking unhappy about the loss.

Shannan Lerch: Plus, Striker got the win earlier in the night. This can't be good for Vice, who will face Striker yet again at School of Pain...

Vice rolls out and begins heading to the back, obviously unhappy.

Logan/Beyond vs Satan's Apprentice/Terry Cross

Master of Puppets hits, and the crowd immediately begins to boo. Logan and Beyond step out from the back. They wait a few moments, and after that, Seth Lerch steps out from the back as well!

Zach Davis: Oh my!

Shannan Lerch: Looks like Seth will be accompanying the Team of Treachery to the ring, and I couldn't be happier.

Zach Davis: Is he officially with them or not?

Logan and Beyond walk to the ring, cockily, with Seth following behind them. Seth is carrying a briefcase.

Shannan Lerch: Seth's a serious businessman, obviously. Very fine briefcase he's got there.

Zach Davis: I wonder what he's got inside. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a "Money in the Bank" guaranteed Title Shot for Logan, knowing how the ToT works.

Shannan Lerch: Logan doesn't need Title shots.

Logan and Beyond slide into the ring as Seth stands on the outside.

Zach Davis: Next, their opponents, from Devastation, Inc...

Dance with the Devil by Breaking Benjamin hits, and Terry Cross and Satan's Apprentice waste no time, sprinting out from the back. They slide right into the ring and start brawling with Logan and Beyond! The bell rings, and the match is on!

Shannan Lerch: Well here we go!

Logan quickly gains the upper hand against Satan's Apprentice, throwing him to the ropes and Clotheslining him over. Beyond and Cross are even, until Logan adds himself to the fight. Logan and Beyond throw Cross to the other side of the ring, then hit a Linked Clothesline, sending Cross over the top as well. The crowd boos.

Zach Davis: Like it or not, Logan and Beyond are firmly in control to start this match.

Logan slides out of the ring and rolls Satan's Apprentice back inside, before climbing up and onto the apron. Beyond and SA are now the legal men. Beyond starts kicking away at SA. He picks him up, but Satan's Apprentice starts fighting back now. SA hits a mean uppercut, sending Beyond reeling. SA then bounces off the ropes and hits a Running Big Boot, sending Beyond flying back into the ToT corner. He goes to tag Logan, but Logan drops down onto the apron.

Shannan Lerch: Uh oh.

Zach Davis: What is he doing?

Logan laughs, and Beyond looks at him like "what the hell." Meanwhile, Satan's Apprentice rolls Beyond up from behind!



No, Logan is in the ring and he kicked Satan's Apprentice off, not wanting to accept a loss. He quickly picks him up and hits a Belly to Belly Suplex. Cross enters the ring, running at Logan, but Logan hits the Impact Style!

Shannan Lerch: Logan has taken out Devastation, Inc!

Zach Davis: But what is the deal with Beyond?

Beyond wants to know too. He's beginning to argue with Logan, but Logan shrugs, kicks him in the gut, puts him in the Sleeper and bam, hits the Connector.

Shannan Lerch: I think that answers that, Zach.

Logan picks Beyond up and throws him out of the ring, and then pins Satan's Apprentice and Terry Cross, both at once.




Zach Davis: Well, another victory for Logan.

Seth applauds from the outside. He throws Beyond back into the ring, and then climbs in himself. As he gets inside, he grabs a mic.

Seth Lerch: Alright, alright. Someone needs to dispose of this piece of trash. We need a Team of Treachery member to do the honors.

Logan raises his hand.

Seth Lerch: No, Logan, I already have a surprise for you, and you've kicked enough ass tonight. No, how about... someone new, someone fresh... Shane Sires, come on out!

Down with the Sickness by Disturbed hits, and out comes Shane Sires.

Shannan Lerch: This man is a monster, as we found out earlier tonight.

Sires slides into the ring and picks Beyond up. He puts him up in the Crucifix position, and then hits his Nail in the Coffin, sending Beyond flying out of the ring and into the cold hard concrete!

Zach Davis: OUCH. And this man is in the ToT!?

The crowd boos heavily as Sires raises his arms up. Logan and Seth smile, and Seth gets back on the mic.

Seth Lerch: Furthermore, tonight, Logan. My surprise for you... is in this briefcase.

Seth motions towards it, and then opens it up.... and it is the WCF World Heavyweight Title.

Shannan Lerch: YES!

Zach Davis: WHAT?!

A small slip of paper falls out of the briefcase as well, but Seth disregards it. He takes the belt and hands it to Logan, who is ecstatic. On the outside, Zach quickly gets up from his seat and grabs the paper.

Shannan Lerch: Hey, what are you doing-

Zach Davis: What the... this is a receipt from the WCF merchandise table! That belts just one of the same replicas we sell to fans!

Shannan Lerch: You are a dirty liar.

Logan takes the mic from Seth.

Logan: Finally! After defeating Torture at Ultimate Showdown, after hitting the Connector and pinning him for the ONE, TWO, THREE, Logan has his World Title belt!

Zach Davis: ....That didn't even happen!!

Seth Lerch: That's right, Logan! YOU ARE THE CHAMPION!


Queen's "We Are The Champions" blasts over the speakers as Logan slides out of the ring and heads to the back, throwing the Title up in the air and kissing it, happy as can be.


Zach Davis: We know Logan has had mental problems in the past, with multiple personalities, but... come on. What the hell.

Logan, Lerch, and Sires leave to the back.

Reckless Jack Segment

We are backstage following Reckless Jack after his match. He enters the locker room and goes to his area. He sits down as he hears some clapping. An unfamiliar man shows up on screen.

Man: Good job out there tonight Reckless.

Reckless Jack doesn’t look up but he nods to show he is listening.

Man: Aren’t you going to say hello to an old friend?

This time Reckless Jack looks up to see its his old tag team partner, Fantastic Joe. You know, Reckless Jack’s manager from last year. Anyways, the two men shake hands as Fantastic Joe takes a seat next to Reckless Jack.

Reckless Jack: So, what brings you around here?

Fantastic Joe: Well, I heard you were wrestling from the bottom up here in WCF so I figured I’d check in on you.

Reckless Jack: It’s going good. Had a hellva good match tonight against Danny Vice. Good kid.

Fantastic Joe: Yeah… but I am here for another reason.

Reckless Jack: What is it? You aren’t going to manage me again are you?

Fantastic Joe shakes his head.

Fantastic Joe: Not at all. I went to Steve Carr earlier today and asked for a match.

Reckless Jack: You’re gonna be in WCF?

Fantastic Joe: Kind of, I asked him for a match at School of Pain.

Reckless Jack: Against who?

Fantastic Joe: You!

Reckless Jack is perplexed at this new situation.

Reckless Jack: Why do you want to face me at School of Pain?

Fantastic Joe: You talked about being that old Reckless Jack for a while now and I want to put that in a test. Seeing as how WCF has so much going on right now, I’d figured I would be the best person to face you to see if what you are saying is true. So, what do you say Jack, do you accept?

Reckless Jack: You got yourself a match for School of Pain in a couple of weeks Joe.

Fantastic Joe: Excellent. Well, I’ll see you then at School of Pain.

Reckless Jack: Wouldn’t miss it for the world bud.

The two shake hands again as Fantastic Joe leaves the scene. Reckless Jack leans back in his seat.

Reckless Jack: This is going to classic…

We head to a commercial break.

Dake Ken vs Twister

Shannan Lerch: We’ve had a great card tonight filled with exciting and aggressive matches but none are more passionate than the one that is about to happen now.

Zach Davis: That’s right. A quasi-dream match is about to take place as two halves of perhaps the most prominent tag teams in the WCF records go against each other in a battle of pride. Twister Vs. Dake Ken. Last week, we witnessed Twister’s redundancy package from The New Dynasty, with Torture, Dake and Creeping Death declaring both him and J-X, as surplus elements. And now, Dake Ken has been given the task of ending Twister, with his opponent and former New Dynasty member wanting nothing more than revenge and a way of extending his singles care—

‘Das Duell’ breaks into action interrupting Zach’s detailing of events. The camera quickly veers to the top of the ramp to catch the lighting of the two fire pyros going off and Jack standing in the middle of the exploding displays. Wearing his trenchcoat and usual suit, he struts down closer to the ring carrying his title over his shoulder. His attire shows he’s not prepared for in-ring action and so he moves around the ring as the camera follows him Acknowledging that Jack of Blades is a member of the Team of Treachery, the fanatical crowd begin chanting ‘New Dynasty’ as if to upset Blades. He realises that this is happening, stops his movement, takes a quick look around before beginning to repeatedly shout out ‘Torture Uber Alles’ in a thick German accent. The crowd begins to boo but Blades just continues insulting them by throwing up the ‘Sieg Heil’ gesture and ‘baa-ing’ at the crowd suggesting them as sheep.

Zach Davis: Did Jack of Blades just refer to ‘The New Dynasty’ and their fans as similar to the German National Socialists?

Shannan Lerch: That’s right, you little facist.

Zach Davis: Oh, I’m sorry I forgot Jack being a bastion of liberalism, that he of course is, what with all the reference to Eugenics and selective breeding he makes reference to.

Shannan Lerch: You’d be the first to be eliminated if and when the revolution comes.

The crowd are now incensed and begin booing Blades heavily, which just causes a deeper smile. Both the crowd and him know he’s not there for in-ring action, so he avoids the ring by going around it, stopping at the commentary booth. He lays his belt down onto the table and goes around to where Zach and Shannan give commentary.

Zach Davis: Looks like were going to be joined by Hardcore champ, Jack of Blades, at least for this match.

Shannan Lerch: It sure does. Good to finally have a man behind the table isn’t it, Zach?

Shannan stands up to greet Blades and he does the same, taking her hand and kissing it softly. He ignores Zach completely, and the response is mutual. He seats himself down on a spare chair and crosses his feet over the table.

Shannan Lerch: What a gentleman. So you’re taking an active interest in the happenings of The New Dynasty?

Jack of Blades: Yes, I am enjoying it so much. There is more inside bickering than the Labour cabinet.

Zach Davis: Well, that’s hypocritical, after the Team of Treachery cut some fat earlier tonight.

Jack of Blades: That was not cutting fat. That was the equivalent of a liposuction. Have you not seen whom we have instead?

Zach Davis: Sires is impressive, yes, but right now I’m more interested in these two talents going head to head.

Shannan Lerch: And here we go.

“TNT” from AC/DC begins to play as the radical factor, Twister, arrives at the top of the ramp permeating the fog that has been made by the expensive smoke machines. Twister takes a quick glance at each side of the audience with a scowl before flexing a muscle causing the green strobes of his usual entrance to turn into giant pyro explosions. He makes his way to the ring mocking the audience before jumping through the ropes and once again flexing a bicep. This continues for ten seconds as pyro roars from each turnbuckle consecutively, all the time, while he flexes.

Zach Davis: Likes his pyro.

Jack of Blades: Yes, what a fantastic display. Surpasses the entire armoury of the elite Iraqi army.

Twister moves towards the commentary side of the squared circle and starts shouting veiled threats at Jack, unknowing of what his purpose there could be. The screeching guitar of ‘Bad Horsie’ by Stevie Vai and an arena black-out soon distracts him. Stevie Vai continues to stretch the harmonics before finally blowing the arena into illumination. The crowd rush to examine the top of the ramp where Dake Ken makes his entrance in his usual opulent attire. Some of the crowd boo him for his comments last week but fans appreciating his technical skill overwhelm them. Dake makes his way down to the ring with his usual degree of confidence and professionalism before climbing into the ring. He throws a few taunts in the direction of Twister before leaving the ring and handing his sunglasses to an eager female fan. As he does this, he stares at Jack behind the commentary desk.

Zach Davis: Dake, obviously concerned about the presence of a member of the Team of Treachery especially one who made reference to him as a traitor and arrogant last week.

Jack of Blades: I’d be surprised if Dake Ken is really that worried about my presence here tonight. I am almost certain he’s more worried about being held back by his superiors in a supposed effort to extinguish the WCF. And yet, he is not the leader. He’s not even Georring, he’s Goebells, he’s that hamster bastard propagandist.
Shannan Lerch: And he’s frightened of you.

Dake, cool as the proverbial cucumber, just stares at Jack as he narrows closer to the ring before giving out a tiny laugh before sliding in. Meanwhile, Twister does a few pulls on the ropes to warm himself up for the following match, whereas the halcyon nature of Dake keeps him still and ready for the bell to ring. It does.

Zach Davis: Here we go. Dake versus Twister, New Dynasty versus the rebels, technical versus conventional –

Jack of Blades: Ennui Vs. Boredom.

Regardless, Dake and Twister tie up with a single arm grapple. Twister holds onto the back of his opponent whereas Dake holds a grapple on the shoulder of Twister’s active arm. After a few seconds of trying to gain control, Twister uses his free arm to put pressure on Dake’s jaw thus reclining his neck in an odd angle. Dake responds by simply using his free arm to tie and loop an arm drag on Twister, throwing him over his head.

Shannan Lerch: And that’s why you don’t want to get into a technical competition with Dake Ken. Unless your Jack of Blades or any other member of The Team of Treachery, of course.

Dake quickly follows up on the grounded Twister with a single arm sleeper keeping his weight down for a while. Still in the early stages of the contest, Twister is energetic enough not to be kept down and swivels around to face Dake, fishooking his mouth with both hands. This causes Dake to relinquish the hold and stumble backwards. Quickly, Twister gets to his feet, bounces the ropes, and jumps over the stunned Dake, holding on with his arms, also causing him to topple over into a pinning situation.



Dake rolls backwards with extreme haste leaving the seated Twister completely open. Dake simply looks at the unprotected Twister before driving a powerful kick straight into his facial features. The impact causes the crowd to groan in how devastating it sounded while Twister collapses onto his back. Dake does not take an opportunity to build momentum, instead preferring to pick his opponent up and force him into a nearby turnbuckle face first. Rearranging his position, he drives Twister’s shoulder into the turnbuckle and goes to do it again. The camera catches the look of pain on Twister’s face as Dake purveys the damage. Dake suddenly runs behind and locks his arms throwing Twister into a German Suplex causing the crowd to coo in appreciation. Dake follows this up by running into a pin.



Twister raises an arm and slightly rolls out of it. Dake picks himself up and helps Twister get to his feet forcefully. He then bounces Twister off the ropes and lies on the canvas causing the rebounded Twister to force himself over and bounce the other rope. Twister returns but this time Dake is standing and prepares to hit to the ground with a Powerslam. Rather than hold it over him for a pin, Dake gets up and attempts to hit a Kneedrop but Twister rolls from it hitting him. They both make it to their feet, Twister with the ropes helping him, and charge at each other. Twister extends an arm in an attempt to clothesline his opponent but Dake intercepts it wraps one of his own arms around Twister and goes for the DevaDakeTion. Twister however, elbows his opponent in the face and drops him with an Evenflow DDT before he has the chance. Twister soon kips up and prepares for Dake to move.

Zach Davis: A show of agility from the heavyweight there.

Jack of Blades: Popping up like a friendship between the President and an Oil conglomerate in wartime.

Dake soon stands up and makes an effort to grapple Twister but because he remains stunned, Twister wraps the arm with a wristlock and then drives a fist into the left pectoral of his chest.

Zach Davis: The heart punch.

Jack of Blades: Reminiscent of um...who was it...

Zach Davis: Ricky Steamboat?

Jack of Blades: No, the Stingray Vs. Steve Irwin match.

Twister soon picks the floored Dake Ken up and flurries with kicks akin to a kickboxer style. He uses the move’s effect to pick Dake Ken up over his shoulder and throw him over with a body drop. The impact of his considerable size makes Dake bounce and hang on the second rope. Taking a chance, Twister leaves the ring and stands on the apron. He looks at the dangling Dake and takes a charge at him before attempting to scissor kick. Dake moves out of the way and thus causes Twister to collapse on the small portion of apron available outside the ring. Following his strategy, Dake bounces off the ropes and forces a Baseball Slide on Twister causing him to fly into the nearby announcer table. The crowd roars as Dake poses inside the squared circle.

Zach Davis: Dake’s still got life in him.

Jack of Blades: About as much as a clubbed seal on Valium with a tremendous bout of rigimortis.

On the ring’s outside, Twister clambers to a more comfortable position only to lift his head and see Dake jump from the turnbuckle to his disorientated person with a Super Stinger Splash. The projectile that was Dake takes out Twister completely with little ill effect on Dake as he gets up. Dake then goes on to force his opponent into the ring before throwing a few swears towards Jack’s direction. Dake soon follows Twister into the ring and forces him to his feet once more. He positions Twister to a nearby turnbuckle before whipping him into the completely opposite turnbuckle. Dake chases after him to follow up with a strike of sorts but Twister pre-empts this as jumps onto the turnbuckle. He quickly turns around and tries to aim a Flying Karate Kick but Dake intercepts and dodges this, throws a side arm choke and slams him with a Side Effect. Twister escapes any future attack by rolling out of the ring still favouring the damage done by the Side Effect; the referee starts his count.


Twister throws a gesture at the ring as if to say he cannot be bothered with it anymore.


The crowd begins to cheer over something unseen.


Twister starts to clutch at his head in frustration at, for the moment, being equalled by Dake.


Twister turns around only to see Dake dive through the second rope and connect with him, forcing his lower back into the announcer table.


Dake quickly gets to his feet and fires a few chops into the chest of Twister, who is still leant over the table.


Twister manages an arrant kick to Dake’s gut stunning him. He quickly lifts his opponent and viciously hits a Snake Eyes on Dake at the near barrier.


With Dake still over the barrier, Twister begins punching away at the back of Dake in a frenzied manner.


The punching continues to be demolishing as the camera shows the agony on Dake’s face. Twister soon quits his brutality and rolls in and then out of the ring to break the count. The referee does so and restarts it.


Twister meets Dake on the outside and forces his skull into the nearby turnbuckle pole as Dake clumps into a human heap. Twister soon re-enters the ring to catch his gourd, Dake stumbles around on the outside allowing Twister to reach over the rope and clutch onto his styled locks. Looking to pull him in, Twister fails to see Dake jump onto the apron and turn his opponent around as if to German Suplex him over the rope. The crowd motions in approval but Twister proves to be too much of a difficulty forcing Dake to simply drive him into a nearby turnbuckle while still on the outside of the apron. With Twister stunned, Dake re-enters and begins to climb the turnbuckle while forcing Twister to do so. At the top, he places Twister’s skull in between his legs and pulls him vertical signalling for a top-rope Stalling Piledriver.

Zach Davis: This will end the career of Twister. The blow could even end his life.

Jack of Blades: Oh no, will the world really miss another McDonalds employee?

Dake smiles as he prepares to drop Twister but his opponent’s leg begin moving and force themselves back onto the top rope. Dake, losing his agility, lets go allowing Twister to pick him up and hit a powerful powerbomb from an elevated position. The fact that he lands on his head just worsens the look of the move. Rather than attempting anything from the top rope, Twister jumps down and decides to pick his enemy up. After hitting a series of fists, Twister places Dake against the ropes, who is still favouring his skull from the powerbomb, and forces him to run. On coming back to him, Dake is hit with a Discus Punch. Twister soon goes behind his victim as Dake tries to get some bearings. Swivelling round to face Twister, Dake is picked up at the waist and slowly forces upwards as Twister prepares for his signature Slow Release Spinebuster. However, the time it takes Twister to build momentum is advantageous to Dake as he manages to duck under his opponent’s leg and roll forward with the Canadian Maple Leaf. With Twister stuck in the ring’s centre, screaming in pain and having no method of escape, it looks to be over.

Zach Davis: Canadian Maple Leaf locked in on Twister and there looks to be no escape.

Shannan Lerch: No escape, huh? Much like your pants.

As Twister makes one last valiant effort to escape and failed to achieve any sort of freedom, the referee prepares to notice any tap-out. However, he soon sees J-X running down the ramp with a chair in hand. Stopping him from entering the ring, the referee leaves the scene of Dake and his opponent to reprimand J-X. Dake, notices this in between his reclining of Twister’s body, and releases the hold. J-X sees Dake come closer and makes an effort to swing his chair but Dake simply connects with The Bitch Kick before he has a chance. It sends both J-X and the referee who J-X clutched onto flying from the apron to the outside. Satisfied, Dake turns around only to be greeted with a straight punch from Twister who had put brass knuckles on during the distraction provided. Dake does a neat little spin in the air due to the force of the brass knuckles and Twister goes to cover, only to realise that the referee is out. Annoyed, he begins to shout at Dake with a progression of threats.

Shannan Lerch: What the --?

Zach Davis: Jack’s just left his seat; just what Dake Ken needs right now.

Engrossed in his taunts, Twister does not notice Jack slide into the ring and is completely surprised when the ‘Bastard Clown’ applies a reverse chancery before sliding it into a rolling cutter.

Zach Davis: Weird. Jack just hit Twister with one of his finisher moves, the Ubermensch and yet we were all expecting it to be on Dake.

The crowd is slightly bemused but cheers anyway. After hitting Twister with the impact, Jack slides out allowing a new referee to rush into the ring to replace the dilapidated one. Dake crawls over and uses an arm for the cover pin.




The crowd explode as the referee raises Dake by his hand. Still clutching his head from the powerbomb, he makes an effort at appeasing the crowd only to find his other arm raised by Jack of Blades. Reacting by snatching it away, Dake starts scowling at Blades and calls him a few unsavoury titles before continuing his celebration. He soon leaves the referee and jumps onto a nearby turnbuckle on the second rope. Gesturing, he tries to get the crowd even more motivated about his victory. With his back turned, he fails to see J-X return from his position, with the chair, and try and attack him. Jack intercepts J-X, however, by clutching his waist. The surprise of Jack’s defence causes the chair to slip from J-X’s grasp causing Jack to force J-X onto the grounded steel chair with an epic Spinebuster. Dake hearing the impact turns around to witness this. Blades lets out a small laugh as he leaves the ring with his title. Dake, taking the advantage, jumps from his turnbuckle onto J-X with The Full Moon finishing him off.
Dake soon returns to his feet only to stare at Blades making his way up the ramp and consider why he helped him in his effort. The camera then cuts to the wild Jack of Blades laughing madly, but never removing his sight of Dake Ken, exiting up the ramp.

Shannan Lerch: A New Dynasty member being helped out by a member of the Team of Treachery? It’s like that story…what is it?

Zach Davis: The Good Samaritan?

Shannan Lerch: Nope, Turner and Hooch.

Jack of Blades disappears behind the curtain, leaving more questions than answers.

Torture Segment

Shannan Lerch: What an action packed night so far, Zach.

Zach Davis: And we still have a main event left.

Shannan Lerch: Kyle Steel is in the ring!

The crowd cheers as Mr. Steel stands in the ring with a small desk-like table. A red cloth drapes over something on top of the table.

Kyle Steel: I stand in this ring tonight to take care of two very important matters here at the Wrestling Championship Federation. First, I'm going to need your... WCF WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION... TORTURE!

The crowd explodes as Wanna Be A Rock Superstar hits the airwaves. Twenty something seconds into it, Torture comes out to the stage to the overwhelming cheers and screams. He walks down the ramp with his World Title around his waist. He steps into the ring, and stands on the other side of the table.

Kyle Steel: Torture is here tonight to help me bring something out of retirement. Wrestling Championship Federation has decided to bring back another piece of gold to the company, another Championship. This Championship is special to WCF, and Torture, because it was one of the stepping stones that brought Torture to the top of this company in a short period of time. Torture, retired this Championship belt in 2005, and The One and Only is going to bring it back out of retirement for us.

The Tort grabs the red cloth and slides it off the belt. Kyle puts it high into the air.

Kyle Steel: The Peoples Championship!!

The crowd cheers.

Kyle Steel: It was only fitting that we brought this Championship back, as WCF keeps growing, getting bigger and better. Torture, the only two-time Peoples Champion, the first and last Champion, do you have anything to say?

Torture: Thanks Kyle! The People's Championship can throw you right up the ladder here in WCF. It's a stepping stone for sure. Thanks Kyle!

Torture waves to the crowd, and Kyle gets a concerned look on his face.

Kyle Steel: Before you go, Torture.. I have another matter to handle.

Torture stops himself from leaving the ring. Kyle, with a clipboard now, begins to speak.

Kyle Steel: Your current Contract in Wrestling Championship Federation has you stating, if you lose in a match, via pinfall or submission, you're forced into retirement. The WCF Committee has changed that stipulation to a one year contract starting tonight. Meaning, you lose, you're still in WCF for one year, no matter what. All you have to do is sign it.

Kyle still looks concerned. As if Torture is going to be mad. However, Torture nods in agreement and tells Kyle it's cool.

Kyle Steel: Thanks Torture!

Kyle puts the contract down onto the desk-like table. Torture takes the pen from Kyle Steel and reads it over, and then signs on the dotted line. Torture hands the contract and pen back to Kyle. Right then, the lights go off, and pyro explodes from the stage. Torture looks at the stage as does Mr. Steel. Namless by Slipknot hits the airwaves as more pyro shoots up to the roof. Chino makes his way down the ramp to a huge chorus of boo's. He steps into the ring with Microphone already in hand.

Chino: You know.. i've had enough of this crap. Seriously, Torture this... Torture that.. Dynasty this... Treachery that... Peoples title... Backstage politics.. i'm TIRED OF IT! I sit in the back, with Devastation Inc., and all we've heard since we've been here, is how Torture is the best, or how New Dynasty is the greatest. I'm tired of it!

The crowd boo's even more.

Chino: So, I've decided, what better time than to come out to the ring while a Representitive of the Company, and our "World Champion" gloat. What better time than to make a Challenge...

Torture looks confused..

Chino: At School of Pain, I challenge Torture to a one on one match for his World Championship strap. Torture defends.. against me!

Kyle Steel: You got it! Chino vs Torture, World Title at School of Pain..

Torture: Wait a minute.. what makes you think you deserve a shot at my gold? What did you go through to get to me? How many times have you actually fought in this ring? You're a nothing, Chino. You don't deserve to be here..

Chino decks Torture right in the face! Torture reels back as Chino hits a reversed Angle Slam onto the table, smashing it into pieces. The crood jeers Chino, as he flips off the crowd. Kyle Steel snuck out of the ring as fast as he could. Chino grabs the Heavyweight Championship and stands over Torture, holding it into the air. The crowd pours out the boos as hard as they can.

Zach Davis: What the hell Shannan? Chino vs Torture for the World Title?!

Shannan Lerch: School of Pain, just got it's main event announced!

Chino throws the Title back down onto Torture before walking out.

Zach Davis: The leader of the New Dynasty will take on the leader of Devastation, Inc.!

TV Title: Nate Nytro vs Lawnmower Jones

An eerie shade of green envelopes the arena. After the breif opening of "The Everlasting Gaze", the drums kick in, and green and grey light cues kick in, spinning and twirling. Nate Nytro makes his entrance and walks up the rampway. Upon entering the ring, he interacts with the crowd on the corners however his mood sees fit.

Zach Davis: Our Main Event! This match pits two of WCF's prized pigs in some sort of rematch from Ultimate Showdown!

Shannan Lerch: That's right, Zach. Nytro lost his title by submitting to the Jonesmission. Nytro thinks he has a chance to regain his title, but he can't beat the man with the mower!

Zach Davis: I wouldn't be too cocky! Nytro is one of the most idolized wrestlers of our time!

The words "My Name is Lawnmower Jones, and I Love to Mow!" are heard across the arena. Then, Scottish bagpipes are heard around the arena, as a motor starting then a lawnmower mowing is heard. Lawnmower Jones walks out from the back flaunting his TV title. Lonnie is nowhere to be seen, instead Jones is alone. As Jones gets into the ring, he yells at a few fans.

Zach Davis: And for the second consecutive week, no Lonnie. A bit unusual, you think?

Shannan Lerch: Well, rumor has it that the two's honeymoon is no more. All we can do is hope for the best from the two, and watch Jones take out any pent up frustration on this lazy fuck Nate Nytro!

Zach Davis: I...I..I don't think you're allowed to say that..

The bell rings and Jones goes to grab Nytro. Nytro elusively dodges the hold, and dropkicks Jones' back. Jones is pushed into the turn buckle, chest first. Nytro quickly follows up with a splash, and Jones falls down. The crowd cheers as Nytro gets to his feet and pumps them up.

Zach Davis: Nytro quickly out of the gates! Momentum is a huge factor for the New Dynasty, and you can bet they always bring it!

Shannan Lerch: Maybe if they had more talent than momentum, they could be somewhere close to the Team of Treachery.

As Jones is making his way up, Nytro bounces off the ropes and gives Jones a cross body dive. Jones catches the lighter Nytro and begins to show off his strength. Nytro however, uses his speed to reverse Jones' mistake into a small package pin.



Zach Davis: Close!

Shannan Lerch: But no cigar!

Jones kicks out from the pin and quickly gets up. He runs full speed at Nytro while Nytro is on his knees. Jones begins delivering clubs to the back of Nytro's neck. Nytro clutches his neck and Jones hooks on a headlock.

Shannan Lerch: See, Jones is a fundamentally sound wrestler. He knows how to beat an opponent. I guess he can "mow" over the competition!

Zach Davis: Old.

Nytro pushes off of Jones, sending him into the ropes. Jones comes back and gives a stiff shoulder to Nytro, knocking him down. Jones quickly springs off the ropes and prepares a leg drop to Nytro. Nytro rolls out of the way at the last moment and Jones clutches his buttocks. Nytro gets up and delivers a dropkick to the face of the sitting Jones. Nate goes for the quick cover.


Zach Davis: He won't get the fall this time!

Shannan Lerch: He'll never get the fall.

Jones immediately kicks out. Nytro quickly runs to the turnbuckles as Jones is slowly making his way to his feet. Nytro is already prepared to deliver his move.

Zach Davis: Nytro showing why he is one of the most dangerous high flyers in the business!

Shannan Lerch: He's also showing why he doesn't have a title! Stupid mistakes like this will always kill you!

As Jones turns around, Nytro jumps to give Jones a cross body attack. Jones sees the move, but is not quick enough to move. He takes the move and Nytro follows up with another pin.



Zach Davis: New champ!

Shannan Lerch: Dream on, doofy.

Zach Davis: Did you just call me doofy?

Shannan Lerch: Silence

Zach Davis: That's really lame..

Jones barely gets his shoulder up. Nytro grabs Jones head and lifts him up. He kicks him in the stomach and delivers an X-Factor. Jones seems to be tired.

Zach Davis: Jones showing signs of fatigue. I wonder how much gas he has in the tank.

Shannan Lerch: He has enough gas in the mower to outlast Nytro!

The crowd cheers for Nytro as he lifts Jones up. He grabs Jones' right arm and sets up for the Armbar, a signature of Nytro. The crowd cheers loudly in anticipation!

Zach Davis: If he gets this, it's over!

Jones quickly comes to the realization that Nytro is in control of the match. He uses his power to whip Nytro into the ropes. As he comes back, Jones hits a belly to belly suplex. Nate springs up quickly and charges full speed at Jones, sidesteps Nytro and throws him over the ropes. Jones turns around too early, as Nytro catches himself on the outside. He vaults back into the ring and Jones turns around. He runs to Jones, who lowers his head.

Shannan Lerch: Watch out, Jones!

Nytro puts on the brakes and sets Jones up with the "Catatonic Finish". As Nate jumps a little, Jones drives him back, causing Nytro to let go. Nytro is thrown off the ropes and comes back to Jones, who hits the "Rev the Engine" his version of a T-Bone suplex.

Zach Davis: Oh, and Jones with the "Rev the Engine"!

Shannan Lerch: Ha-ha! A devastating move from a devastating man! Nice work, Jones!

The crowd boo's as Jones locks in the "Jonesmission", a ground Tazmission. The ref quickly raises Nytro's arms and drops them three times. He calls for the match and declares Jones the winner.

Shannan Lerch: Put it in the books, Jones is still the champ! I am in no way surprised. Jones by far is the better technical wrestler!

Zach Davis: Well, Jones may have pulled out the victory here, but Nytro was a worthy opponent.

Shannan Lerch: But will the New Dynasty accept the loss? I'd say we'd find out next week!

Jones gets up and raises his Title high in the air as Nytro heads to the back. The copyright info is shown.

Zach Davis: See you next week!

We fade to black.