Sunday Slam Intro
Hardcore Champion of the Year Award
Infra-Red vs Eric Kennedy vs Miguel Sanchez vs Conrad Howell
Tag Team Champions of the Year Award
Disorder by Design vs The Wal-Mart Liberation Front
Jack of Blades/Logan Segment
Hardcore Title: Thunder vs Skyler Striker
Television Champ of the Year Award
Reckless Jack vs Jack of Blades
World Champ of the Year Award
Logan vs Creeping Death
Wrestler of the Year Award

Sunday Slam Intro

Glasgow Megasnake by Mogwai hits, and the first Sunday Slam in weeks is on the air!! The crowd roars like crazy as pyro explodes from the entrance ramp and in the ring. We soon go to our announcers, Zach Davis and Shannan Lerch.

Zach Davis: Well, fans, we're back! After a backstage power struggle that resulted in us losing a week or two of TV time, we're back.

Shannan Lerch: And Seth Lerch is the rightful owner of WCF once again.

Zach Davis: Yes, somehow, Seth was able to get power back from Kyle Steel and the WCF Committee and is now running things by himself. Bigger news, however, is that in the few weeks we've been gone, we've learned that Torture has had his last match in WCF. He's done. The World Champion is leaving.

Shannan Lerch: Tonight is his last night, and I understand he'll have a segment. As of midnight tonight, once 2007 hits, the Title will be officially stripped from him and become vacated.

Zach Davis: Our One main event, Logan vs Creeping Death vs Reckless Jack vs Torture, is no more. Instead, tonight, we will determine the two men that will fight for the belt at our biggest PPV of the year. Reckless Jack takes on Jack of Blades, while Creeping Death battles Logan.

Shannan Lerch: This is a very interesting situation. Reckless Jack, Creeping Death and Logan all thought they had the Title match for sure, but all that is out the window now. Jack of Blades is the dark horse, having never really been in the World Title picture before now.

Zach Davis: Not only that, but CD and Logan will compete in a 2 out of 3 Tables match, in which you must put your opponent through two tables to win. Jack vs Jack is "Must be a winner," which means there will be no DQs, no countouts, someone absolutely has to make the other guy pin or submit. We don't want any tomfoolery, we need a clear cut winner here.

Shannan Lerch: We've also got a great Hardcore Title match. Thunder is getting the chance at his FOURTH Title at once. Standing in his way, however, is the man he's holding the Tag Titles with, Skyler Striker.

Zach Davis: This is very interesting. These two aren't a real established tag team yet, and this match could tear them apart. Not to mention... will Disorder by Design interfere?

Shannan Lerch: They have their own hands full with the Wal-Mart Liberation Front, whom they'll be fighting to earn a shot at the very Tag Titles that Striker and Thunder hold. You KNOW DbD isn't happy about losing those Tag Titles and want them back, so this is a big match for them.

Zach Davis: And in our opener, we've got two men debuting: Infra-Red and Eric Kennedy. We've also got Miguel Sanchez, who looked awfully good last show, and the returning Conrad Howell.

Shannan Lerch: But first, it is time to reveal who won the title of ‘WCF Hardcore Champion of the Year 2006.’ And over to Jesper Reisert for the nominees...

Zach Davis: Oh, Jesus!

Hardcore Champion of the Year Award

The graduation theme begins to play over the sound system for some inaccurate yet fitting reason. The camera pans to the ring where the guest host is eagerly waiting to tear into the envelope and reveal the winner. More startling, however, is his choice of attire, which perfectly resembles the low-cut, ‘Nazi Dominatrix’ outfit that Britney Spears supported at the 2002 MTV Music Awards. Despite suffering heavy chaffing, he continues none the less to present the award.

Jesper Reisert: Many people dismiss the Hardcore Championship as doing nothing but promoting sex, violence and rock n’ roll. But Shannan does that anyway...turn and wink at camera. Wasn’t supposed to read that bit, boss said. And on with the negotiations...nominations.

The camera revolves to the large screen at the top of the ramp where we see images corresponding with the name Jesper announces.

Jesper Reisert: Dark Prophet...who I have no residual knowledge of.

A picture of Dark Prophet appears on the screen but rather than a roster image or thumbnail picture, his face has been superimposed to an image of Hitler, moustache and all.

Jesper Reisert: Genocide...Blades useless dead weight of a former tag team partner.

An image of Genocide replaces Dark Prophet who suffers the Hitler treatment as well.

Jesper Reisert: Shigeru Miyamoto.

Zach Davis: Doesn’t he mean Josephine Miyazaki?

Shannan Lerch: Sure, why not?

Zach Davis: And even he’s given her the ‘Adolf Moustache.’

Shannan Lerch: I’m pretty sure that was already there.

Jesper Reisert: Creeping Death.

Creeping Death is once again shown as a certain German dictator on screen.

Jesper Reisert: Jack of Blades.

We see an image of Jack of Blades, if that’s what you can call a photograph that previously had Mother Theresa’s face where Jack’s smiling visage now is while he lovingly embraces two starving children.

Jesper Reisert: Skyler Striker.

Striker’s image is demonstrated on screen with him differing from the others as he shares a similar visage to Mussolini.

Jesper Reisert: And the winner is...

Jesper desperately grapples with the envelope finding the edges a true challenge to pierce. After a considerable struggle, he eventually manages to force his way through to the writing within.

Jesper Reisert: Jack of Blades! Unfortunately, Jack is not with us tonight as he is at the Latin Grammies beating off a parched J-Lo with a barge pole. However, he says that you can either see the title on eBay or lodged in Reckless Jack’s windpipe later tonight. Back to you, Roger.

Zach Davis: Well that was... interesting... to say the least.

Infra-Red vs Eric Kennedy vs Miguel Sanchez vs Conrad Howell

Shannan Lerch: And now we have two new guys debuting in a Fatal Four Way match.

Zach Davis: Fresh Meat!

The Only Medicine by Scary Kids Scaring Kids picks up over the speaker system. The songs plays loudly over the system, as from backstage Infra-Red walks out anxiously. Red paces down the ramp, and tags his caring fans on each side of the ramp. At the bottom of the ramp, Infra-Red pulls himself up onto the apron, and tightly grasp the top rope. The fans are going nuts, as Infra-Red hops over the top rope into the ring. Infra-Red quickly follows up by walking to the nearby ropes, and climbs up onto the middle rope, and raises his arms in the air. Red then hops back down onto the mat, and awaits for the three other participants.

Zach Davis: Look at this kid...He’s a runt...NEXT!

King's Collide by Godsmack begins to play slowly over the PA System. King Kennedy walks out onto the entrance ramp wearing a red and white robe. He holds a golden scepter in his right hand and raises it in the air as golden pyros shoot out of the ramp. Kennedy begins making his way down the aisle, stopping occasionally to taunt some of the fans who are booing him. Kennedy walks slowly up the ring steps and walks to the middle apron where he steps into the ring. He walks to the middle of the ring and again raises the scepter into the air as golden pyros begin to spray out of the apron of the ring. Kennedy slowly removes his robe and hands it to the referee who quickly takes it outside. Kennedy walks over to the turnbuckle and lays his scepter underneath it as the music begins to die down.

Shannan Lerch: The King, Eric Kennedy!

Zach Davis: The fans seem to hate this guy already.

Pain Redefined by Disturbed begins to boom through the arena. Not long after, Miguel Sanchez walks down the stage and onto the ramp with a robe on and a hood on his head. He goes down the ramp slowly and approaches the steel ring steps. He walks up slowly. At the top of the steps he takes off the hood and crosses himself with his fingers. He then walks onto the apron and into the ring. He takes off the black robe and begins to stretch for his opponent.

Zach Davis: Miguel Sanchez currently holds a 1 and 0 record. As he was victorious at our last taping of Slam.

Shannan Lerch: But does he have what it takes to defeat four other men tonight?

In bed with quinsy by Albannach starts to play, the crowd gives a mixed reaction, as Conrad Howell with the lovely Shanon walk out to the center of the entrance. Conrad sticks his arms out to the side and tilts his head to look up as Shanon stands behind him with her arms around his waist. After a few seconds of posing, a pyro archway fires down the aisle as Conrad and Shanon make their way to the ring, while Conrad bounces to the music. Conrad stops at the ring side area and watches Shanon walk up the ring steps onto the ring apron. She then turns and leans against the ropes facing Conrad and flips backwards over the top rope into the ring. Conrad then starts bouncing from one foot to the other in sync with the drums, then slides in the ring as Shanon walks over and sits on the top turnbuckle. Conrad backs in front of her and raises his arms as she takes his shirt off while his music fades.

Shannan Lerch: Well it seems that Conrad Howell is now a singles competitor.

The bell sounds, as each four men are standing in by a turnbuckle. Each man glances at the surrounding competition, as they all four slowly walk towards the center of the ring. Howell, Sanchez, Infra-Red, and Kennedy stand toe to toe, as Eric Kennedy slowly backs away. The remaining three men all engage in trash talking to one another, as Miguel Sanchez follows up by slapping Infra-Red. Red nearly loses his balance, as Eric Kennedy ambushes Infra-Red form behind, sending him to the mat. Conrad Howell, and Sanchez lock out, as Sanchez whips Conrad into the ropes. Howell bounces back into a dropkick from Sanchez. Sanchez quickly returns to his feet, as Eric Kennedy grabs Miguel from behind, and tosses him over the top rope.

Zach Davis: The King is cleaning house!

Infra-Red is back to his feet, as he spins Eric Kennedy to face him. Red and Kennedy exchange some back and forth hard shots. The action comes to a halt, as Kennedy gets a shot into the mid section of Infra-Red. Eric Kennedy follows up by whipping Red into the ropes.

Shannan Lerch: There’s so much action, it’s hard to call this match.

Red bounces off of the ropes, as Kennedy prepares to catch Infra-Red with a overhead toss. Kennedy catches Red, and nails the overhead toss, but somehow Infra-Red lands on his feet.

Zach Davis: Did you see that!?

Red staggers against the ropes, as Miguel Sanchez quickly pulls himself onto the apron. Sanchez nails a hard kick across the back of Infra-Red, and follows up by pulling Red out of the ring, sending him to the mat below. Eric Kennedy can’t believe what he just seen, as he turns around into a huge spear by Conrad Howell. Kennedy is down on the mat, as Howell goes for the pin.



Miguel Sanchez springs off of the top rope with a flying leg drop, saving Kennedy, and breaking the pin.

Shannan Lerch: For those at home who don’t know what’s going on. This isn’t a tag team match. This is a fatal four way.

Zach Davis: There are no eliminations; the first man to get a pinfall or submission will be declared the winner!

Howell quickly goes to attack Miguel Sanchez, as Eric Kennedy slowly rolls himself into a nearby corner. Infra-Red emerges to his feet from the outside, and he quickly slides into the ring. Conrad Howell is getting to his feet, as Sanchez nails a huge blind low blow, sending Howell to the mat once again. Infra-Red bounces off of the ropes, and catches Sanchez with a running head scissors, sending Miguel Sanchez down to the mat too. Infra-Red quickly gets back to his feet, and taunts the crown begging for Sanchez to get back up. Miguel Sanchez slowly reaches his feet, as Infra-Red prepares to attack. From behind Eric Kennedy quickly rolls Red up for a school boy pin.


Kennedy grabs the tights of Infra-Red for some extra leverage.


Miguel Sanchez quickly breaks up the pin yet again. Eric Kennedy sits up to his knees, as Sanchez shouts a plan to him. Kennedy gets to his feet, and pulls Infra-Red up with him. They both whip Red into the ropes, but miss with Red bounces back. Sanchez, and Kennedy turn around and get nailed with a huge double clothesline by Conrad Howell, sending the two heel competitors to the mat.

Shannan Lerch: Conrad nearly took their heads off!

Zach Davis: You’re ruining the match, shut it.

Infra-Red and Conrad Howell motion a plan to one another, as Howell picks Sanchez up from off the of the mat. Red climbs to the top turnbuckle, as Conrad locks Miguel Sanchez into a bear hug. Sanchez’s body becomes limber, and nearly breaks in the hold. Howell then gets into a kneeling position, as Sanchez’s back rests on top of Conrad’s knee. Infra-Red jumps off of the top turnbuckle, and connects with a huge flying leg drop across the exposed jaw of Miguel Sanchez. Eric Kennedy slowly rolls out of the ring, and drops to the mat below. Kennedy doesn’t want to be apart of the action so he hides under the ring.

Zach Davis: Wait! Where did the king go?

Infra-Red gets back to his feet, as he pulls Sanchez back to his feet. Howell goes to a nearby corner, as Red drags Sanchez to the other side. Red positions Sanchez in the corner of the ring, as Howell charges at Sanchez with a full head of steam. Sanchez quickly reacts with pulls Infra-Red in front of him, as Conrad collides into Infra-Red.

Shannan Lerch: I don’t think it was meant to happen like this!

Infra-Red falls to the mat crippled, as Conrad Howell goes to his aid. Miguel Sanchez walks to the corner of the ring, and notices Eric Kennedy’s scepter.

Zach Davis: He has some evil intentions I see!

Conrad Howell picks up Infra-Red, as Red slowly comes back to life. Miguel Sanchez bends down to pick up the scepter, as Eric Kennedy rolls out from under the ring. Eric quickly grabs the scepter away, as Kennedy and Sanchez play a game of tug-of-war with it.

Shannan Lerch: Hello, there’s a match going on!

The referee goes to the aid of Infra-Red too, as Eric Kennedy wins control of his scepter. Eric quickly nails it across the skull of Miguel Sanchez, sending him through the ropes crashing to the outside.

Zach Davis: I think that’s the end of Miguel Sanchez!

Kennedy quickly pins Sanchez, hooking the leg.




Shannan Lerch: Eric Kennedy gets the win!

The King rolls out and heads up the ramp.

Tag Team Champions of the Year Award

"Duality" by Slipknot hits as JJ Biggs and Danny "The Vagrant" Vice walk out to a cloud of smoke. Just as the drums kick in JJ lifts one fist directly in the air as Danny throws up his double SuFi and the pyrotechnics fire three huge shots into the air. The duo walk to the ring then pose on the turnbuckles in opposing corners before getting prepared together in their corner for the match. Jake Hudson follows the pair down to the ring, taunting the crowd the entire way. Biggs takes a mic.

JJ Biggs: Tag Team Of The Year, eh? It's a nice award, I suppose, but it doesn't match-up to any of my past accomplishments in this company. Would you rather have the WCF World Championship around your waist or have the Tag Team Of The Year plaque sitting on a shelf collecting dust? Or, hell, would you rather have the actual WCF Tag Team Titles in your possession or would you rather have, again, this plaque. When I think about it, this award in general doesn't have THAT much meaning. Throughout the year the tag team division had it's issues. Hell, it became so bad that I managed to defend the titles by myself at one point. And, judging by the polls conducted on WCF's website, it was a runaway victory for Disorder by Design. Danny Vice and myself have only been a team for about a month or so, and we beat out another eleven months worth of tag teams? It's embarrassing. So, allow me to repeat myself. This award is nice, but it isn't, and I repeat, it ISN'T gold around my waist.

JJ steps back and allows Danny to address the award.

Danny Vice: First of all, The Vagrant wants to thank The Team of Treachery, JJ Biggs, and of course, himself, for being an absolute dominant force in the tag team division here in the WCF. And as those titles were so elegantly and courageously defended by Disorder by Design in the past, they were ungracefully and cowardly stolen from us three weeks ago on Slam. There is no respect from Thunder and Skyler Striker for true heroes and champions like JJ Biggs and The Vagrant, but Disorder by Design will teach them respect, and once again reign supreme in the WCF as the greatest tag team of all-time. Thank you Team of Treachery. Thank you JJ Biggs. And the rest of you, The Vagrant hopes you all enjoy a painful exit from this world, and an eternity of misery in hell.

Zach Davis: What a speech.

Shannan Lerch: Is that sarcasm, Zach?

Zach Davis: Me? Sarcasm? Never.

Shannan Lerch: There it is again! Regardless, get these men's challengers out here!

Tag Titles Contendership Match
Disorder by Design vs The Wal-Mart Liberation Front

“Bring Tha Noise” by Public Enemy fills the arena as it goes dark. A fog envelops the entrance way as we see images on the tron screen. When the chorus hits, pyro explodes from the stage as strobe lights have kicked in on the ramp. David Alastair (in his hooded trenchcoat) steps out of the pyro with Craig right beside him. David spreads his arms outward and stays like that until the chorus comes in. Craig stands on the stage and raises his arms in the air. When they are on the ramp way, Craig and David Alastair stop and throw their arms out into a cross like manner. Red and Gold pyro explodes down the ramp way as they continue on their way to the ring. Craig and David enter the ring and head up on the turnbuckles, making the cross with their arms. Craig hops down and head bangs to the music as David hops down takes his hooded trenchcoat off. They then wait for Disorder by Design.

Zach Davis: You’d have to imagine that Wal-Mart Liberation Front is a little pissed off at the way the former champs talked about them leading into this match.

Shannan Lerch: They better be more than just pissed off. This is for #1 contender for the Tag Team titles. Disorder by Design shouldn’t have to waste their time with these two, those titles are rightfully theirs.

Craig and Biggs start the match off. The two lock up in the center of the ring, and surprisingly it is Shultz who wins the exchange, powering Biggs into a neutral corner and delivering two vicious chops. Attempted Irish whip is reversed and Biggs follows it up with a big boot that nearly sends Shultz over the turnbuckle to the floor, but Shultz lands on the apron, and delivers two right hands to the skull of Biggs before re-entering the ring.

Zach Davis: All power with these two, expect the high flying from Vice and Alastair tonight.

Shultz hits Biggs with a scoop slam near his corner and tags in Alastair. Shultz applies an armbar as Alastair leaps to the top turnbuckle and hits a double foot stomp across the chest of Biggs.

Zach Davis: Quick cover by Alastair. 1.......2.....Biggs just tossed Alastair off him like a rag doll. That press just sent Alastair 6 feet away and to the mat.

Shannan Lerch: That little stomp isn’t going to hold big JJ Biggs down for long.

Biggs to his feet and is met by a quick kick to the knee from Alastair. Alastair kicks him again, bringing Biggs down to one knee. Alastair bounds off the ropes and tries a springboard cross-body but is caught in midair by Biggs. Biggs walks Alastair over toward the Disorder by Design corner and drives him to the mat with a Samoan driver. Biggs begins to taunt the crowd who boo loudly.

Shannan Lerch: Disrespect. That is a former champion. One of the all-time greats.

Zach Davis: That doesn’t mean they have to like him, and believe me they don’t like anything about these two.

Biggs tags in Danny Vice who ascends the top rope. Biggs steps one of his giant feet across the throat of Alastair, and Vice hits a huge shooting star press off the top. Cover by Vice.

Zach Davis: 1...2....broken up by Shultz. Biggs was too busy with the crowd to not even notice Shultz come over to make the save.

All four men in the ring. Biggs and Shultz exchange right hands. Vice comes over to the aid Biggs and hits Shultz with a dropkick that he never saw coming. Alastair is up and spins Biggs around and hits him with a kick to the stomach, followed by a quebrada into an inverted DDT. Biggs rolls out of the ring, seemingly dazed from the maneuver.

Zach Davis: Wow! Stylin’ DDT by Alastair on Biggs.

Vice is pulling Shultz to his feet when he’s hit across the back by a forearm from Alastair. Shultz whips Vice into the rope as Alastair climbs the top turnbuckle. Spinebuster by Shultz, followed up by Believer’s End from Alastair.


Shannan Lerch: No! Get up Danny! Get up!

Zach Davis: 1.....2........3..NO! How did Danny Vice kick out of that? The spinebuster was absolutely massive, followed with the finisher from Alastair. I don’t understand how he got up.

Shannan Lerch: *breathes heavily*

Zach Davis: The referee is situating the ring, getting Alastair and Vice back in the center with their opponents outside. Both men seamed to have lost a lot after that last big move by the Wal-Mart Liberation Front, who have clearly dominated the match thus far.

Alastair goes back on the offensive and hits Vice with several quick kicks and punches to the midsection, then whips Vice into the ropes. Blind tag made by Biggs as Alastair leaps over Vice, then hits him with a standing dropkick, sending Vice through the ropes to the outside. Biggs grabs Alastair and spins him around, then hits a two-handed sitout chokeslam. Outside the ring, Vice pulls Shultz off the apron, and the two begin to exchange blows. Shultz gains the advantage and then slams Vice head against the announce table.

Zach Davis: Up close and personal there with The Vagrant.

Shannan Lerch: But look behind Shultz...

Jake Hudson sneaks up behind Shultz and hits him across the back with a steel chair. Shultz never saw him coming.

Shannan Lerch: ...Team of Treachery. Everything has a purpose.

Back in the ring Biggs holds Alastair high over his head for a long ten count, then delivers a vicious brainbuster. Biggs with the cover, but a kickout at 2 by Alastair. Vice tagged in by Biggs and comes in with a legdrop across the chest of Alastair. Another cover, but another kickout at 2. Hudson leaps onto the apron to argue with the official. Vice also is arguing with the referee. Shultz rushes into the ring and catches Vice by surprise, and hits an Iowa Driver. Vice is out as Alastair rolls over on top. Shultz attempts to get the officials attention but is tossed out of the ring from behind by Biggs as he enters the ring. Shultz tries to grab on to something as he flies over the top rope, but accidentally grabs and snaps the referees head, bringing him down on the top rope. The referee clutches his throat as he hits the mat gasping for air. Biggs lifts Alastair and in one swift motion delivers Biggs Implant. Biggs leaves the ring as Vice rolls over, semi-conscious, and applies the Vicelock to David Alastair. The referee recognizes Alastair motionless in the submission hold and calls for the bell.

Zach Davis: Dammit! Disorder by Design gets the #1 contendership simply because of JJ Biggs massive size and massive interference in the match.

Shannan Lerch: Hey! It was Craig D. Shultz who interfered first. It’s not Biggs fault that Shultz snapped the ref in half across the rope. Disorder by Design won because they are a superior talent.

Zach Davis: I guess that all makes sense in the dream world which you exist.

The referee lifts Biggs and a still groggy Vice’s hands in the air, only to be pushed away by Jake Hudson who celebrates with the former champions.

Jack of Blades/Logan Segment

We cut to Logan moving through the backstage area. He moves past a few doors and staff hands before stopping one with a bluetooth phone.

Logan: Boudle, you seen him?

The stagehand shakes his head which angers Logan and forces him to take the handless phone from him and scream the same question down it?

Logan: Boudle, you there?

Logan receives no answer which makes him launch the phone against the floor before continuing on his search. After some pacing, he stops dead finding who he wanted. After pausing for a moment, he approaches the figure smiling as the camera follows revealing it to be Jack of Blades. It seems as if the WCF Hardcore Champion of the year is busy talking to an extra as well.

Jack of Blades: So I kept poking Lopez with this stick...

Logan: Blades. Congratulations on your award tonight, buddy. But, me and you...

Jack of Blades: You and I.

Logan: ...Have got more important things to talk about. Like the opportunity to have both the leader and mouthpiece of the Team of Treachery together in the main event for One. How about that? The present and the future of the WCF in lights at One.

Jack of Blades: I like it. The thing about the future is that it eventually it has to come.

Jack walks off leaving Logan slightly flustered and annoyed before he quickly returns.

Jack of Blades: And when I say come, I don’t mean that in a sexual way. I said it as in a synonym for arriving.

Jack leaves Logan looking the same as before.

Hardcore Title Match
Thunder vs Skyler Striker

"Money" by Pink Floyd begins to play. As the cash register sound ends and the music begins, Thunder walks towards the ring, with the Television belt over his right shoulder, the People’s Title over his left shoulder, and the Tag Team Championship around his waist. He reaches the apron and climbs the turnbuckle, taunting the fans.

Shannan Lerch: Here comes Thunder! Ready to fight.

Zach Davis: Ready to fight his own co-champion Tag partner for his partner’s title.

The low bass of "Animal I Have Become" starts up and Skyler Striker walks onstage as the guitar comes in. His Hardcore Championship is around his waist and the Tag belt is over his shoulder. He runs to the ring and slides in , standing and lowering his head at the end of the verse and the lights go out. As the chorus hits, the red lights flash on and Skyler spreads his arms in a crucifix pose, letting out an animalistic cry as white fireworks explode from each ring post. He goes to the turnbuckle and does another crucifix pose as a red glitter rains down from the ceiling.

Zach Davis: And our other Tag Champion, and Hardcore Champion, Skyler Striker.

Shannan Lerch: It’s a Hardcore match, so Striker has his element as an advantage, but the connection between Thunder and Striker is... interesting.

Zach Davis: And you know all this because?

Shannan Lerch: Because I’m the one who always does the work around here.

Zach Davis: Well, this is a Hardcore Championship match, so pressure is on Striker.

Striker turns to Thunder and the two exchange a handshake before the bell rings. The two men circle each other and lock up, Thunder pushing Striker to the corner where the referee breaks it up and the two lock up in the centre again, still evenly matched. It is Thunder who gets the advantage again, this time grabbing Striker’s arm and twisting it backwards, pulling it down in an arm wrench and following up with a kick to Striker’s gut and a step-up enzuigiri by Thunder. Thunder takes a quick step back and takes a running jump over Striker’s prone form on the mat onto the second rope, coming back with a springboard moonsault into a pin, and the referee counts,, Striker kicks out. Thunder stands and lays a few boots to Striker before lifting him by the head and hanging him on the bottom rope. Thunder then grabs Striker’s legs and twists them into a Texas cloverleaf, putting pressure on Striker’s legs as well as on the neck, with Striker’s weight being pushed onto the rope.

Zach Davis: Innovative manoeuvre there by Thunder, and it’s all legal!

Shannan Lerch: Yes it is, and this is what Thunder is all about. Use everything at your disposal to win. That’s why he’s a triple crown champion.

Striker refuses to tap out, however, and slowly pulls himself further and further out of the ring, and eventually Thunder releases the hold. Striker falls to the mat and rummages under the apron, which Thunder does not see, and when Thunder moves to the ropes to grab Striker again, Striker pops up with a steel sign in hand and he brings it down over the head of Thunder three times, putting a rather large dent in it before dropping it. Striker rolls back in as Thunder moves away, grabbing his head in pain, and Striker runs to Thunder, grabs his head and brings him to the mat in a bulldog. Striker ascends the top turnbuckle and stands tall, jumping onto Thunder’s neck with a leg drop.

Zach Davis: Game of Life! Striker has the momentum at the moment.

Shannan Lerch: Early days yet, Zachary.

Striker turns Thunder over and goes for the pin,, Thunder kicks out easily and Striker lifts him up before bringing him down just as quickly with a scoop slam. Striker ascends again and this time goes for a 450 degree splash, but Thunder rolls away and Striker hits the mat hard. Thunder rolls out of the ring and goes to ringside to grab a chair off one of the ringside attendants, but as he turns around, Striker has recovered quicker than he thought and Striker drives over the top rope, nailing Thunder with a diving spear and both men topple into a heap along with a camera man and a few other ringside crew.

Zach Davis: There’s a massive pile of men next to us!

Shannan Lerch: And that didn’t sound gay at all.

Striker throws a few punches into Thunder’s head before dragging him away and to the steel steps, where he lifts Thunder and slams his head into the ringside steps. Striker raises Thunder’s head to do it again but Thunder counters it and lifts Striker up, dropping him onto the steps stomach first before throwing him into the ring. Thunder follows and lifts Striker, grabbing his arm and hitting a short-arm clothesline before leaving the ring again to take the chair he wanted earlier. Thunder grabs it and rolls into the ring with it, raising it high and daring Striker to stand. Striker slowly does and turns around to a shot in the face from Thunder with the chair and this busts Striker wide open.

Zach Davis: He’s bleeding heavily!

Shannan Lerch: Didn’t expect THAT in a hardcore title match, did you, Zach?

Zach Davis: Well, yeah, of course, but it’s still dangerous.

Shannan Lerch: Where did you take Captain Obvious 101? Because they obviously did a damn good job on you, moron.

Zach Davis: Bitch.

Thunder follows up with a shot to Striker’s back and another to his leg, and at the leg, Striker lets out a yell of pain, Danny Vice having attacked that same leg last week. Thunder sees this and hits it twice more for effect, throwing the chair to the ground and lifting Striker again, heading to the top turnbuckle ready for a corkscrew heel kick.

Zach Davis: Thunder’s using Striker’s advantage in skill against him, will it pay off?

Shannan Lerch: Tune in next time to find out, right?

Striker, however, regains focus and climbs to the top turnbuckle just as quickly, throwing a few punches to Thunder’s head and grabbing his neck, pointing to the announce table, but he hesitates and heads backwards for a superplex instead.

Shannan Lerch: He’s a coward! He didn’t want to do it, the idiot.

Striker rolls out of the ring and searches under the apron, pulling out a ladder and throwing it into the ring, where he follows it and sets it up on the side of the ring closest to the announce table.

Zach Davis: I don’t think he’s a coward at all! He’s going higher!

Striker grabs Thunder and throws him onto the ladder, and Thunder, feeling the ladder and still dazed, instinctively starts climbing as if in a ladder match. Striker follows him to the top and stands on the second highest rung, grabbing Thunder and throwing a few more punches at him before grabbing him around the neck and jumping with him straight towards the announce tables. Thunder goes straight through Davis’ and Lerch’s table, which collapses under the weight, but Striker has misestimated the jump and landed his lower half on the Mexican announce table, while his upper half hangs towards the ground over the edge of the table, so Striker’s spine has landed right on the edge and the table itself has not collapsed.

Zach Davis: Oh my God! That could have broken his back!

Shannan Lerch: I know, Thunder could be seriously hurt! Striker was an idiot!

Zach Davis: Striker was obviously more hurt by the move, you dumbass!

The two men lay semi-conscious and gasping for breath on the ground for another minute or so before Thunder finally starts getting up. He notices Striker, still hung backwards over the edge of the table, and smiles, grabbing Striker and rolling him off the announce table and throwing him into the ring. Thunder follows in and notices the ladder, throwing Striker onto it this time, and Striker also instinctively begins climbing. Thunder reaches him at the top and grabs him ready for a superplex off the ladder and both men fall to the mat hard, but the ladder falls as well and it falls on top of both men.

Zach Davis: Hey, wait! Thunder didn’t hit the superplex, what gives?

At ringside, having just pushed the ladder and both men over, is Danny Vice. J.J. Biggs is running down the ramp as well, and both men hop into the ring at the same time. Vice heads to Striker and lifts him, nailing his Rejection finisher on Striker, who is still bleeding and Biggs hits the Biggs Implant on Thunder. Vice requests a mic from ringside and the bell rings for the no contest.

Zach Davis: That’s ridiculous! They lost the titles fair and square last week, and Vice’s match with Striker isn’t until One!

Shannan Lerch: Teamwork, payback, treachery, that’s what my boys are about! Now shut up, Danny is going to speak.

Vice grins at Biggs before lifting the microphone to his mouth, and the crowd boo like crazy.

Danny Vice: Shut up. Biggs and the Vagrant – Disorder by Design – are here because we were robbed of our titles last week and we wanted payback. Skyler Striker and Thunder have felt the pain we should have dealt to them last week. The other reason that the Vagrant saw fit to interfere here was that the Hardcore Title is on the line, and when the inevitable would have happened and Thunder come out victorious, the Vagrant’s match with Striker at One would not have been for the Hardcore Title. If the Vagrant beats Striker – sorry, WHEN the Vagrant beats Striker at One, he may as well get something out of it besides the satisfaction of having finally eliminated Skyler Striker.

The crowd boo all the more and Vice waits for them to quiet their chants and profanities.

Danny Vice: So, Striker, remember that we have a match at One. A Hell in a Cell match. The Vagrant has made a few changes to that match courtesy of Seth Lerch. Hell in a Cell is all well and good, but that’s the equivalent of a more hardcore singles match. So what is a more hardcore equivalent of a hardcore match? An Extreme Hell in a Cell match. Same structure as Hell in a Cell, but with weapons hanging from the walls. Like this chair here.

Vice lifts the chair Thunder used earlier and spins it around, looking at it thoroughly before nailing Striker right in the head with it on the ground.

Danny Vice: Make sure you’re fully recovered by One, Striker. The Vagrant would hate for you to have an excuse as to why he destroys you in the Extreme Hell of One.

‘Rookie’ by Boy Sets Fire hits and Vice and Biggs leave the ring, heading up the entrance ramp and laughing. They reach the top and turn around to survey their carnage, but Striker is standing at the ropes, bleeding, grinning at Vice and holding up his index finger to say ‘One’. Striker’s pain, however, is too great and he collapses to the mat unconscious. Vice grins again and walks backstage with Biggs.

Zach Davis: These two get more hardcore every week. Next week they’ll probably announce they’re fighting in Hell itself.

Shannan Lerch: There couldn't be any worse hell than sitting next to you, Zach.

Television Champion of the Year Award

The words “My Name is Lawnmower Jones, and I Love to Mow!” are heard over the PA system, followed by Scottish bagpipes. Out comes Lawnmower Jones from the back, wearing his usual blue overalls with a white beater underneath. Lonnie is nowhere to be seen.

Zach Davis: Well hello Shirley! It’s Lawnmower Jones!

Shannan Lerch: Hiya Jones! It’s been awhile!

Zach Davis: I don’t think he can hear you...

Jones walks down to the ring with his usual nasty look. He jerks away from all the fans trying to touch him. A couple drunk college kids cheer, but mostly we hear boos with an occasional laughter from the crowd.

Zach Davis: Folks, it’s been nearly two months since we’ve seen Jones. He left for...for...well, for-

Shannan Lerch: Lonnie’s pregnancy...

Zach Davis: Yes, his wife Lonnie-well, she got knocked up somehow...

Jones rolls under the ropes and grabs a microphone. He stands up and looks into the sea of fans. The music cuts and all we hear is the crowd.

Zach Davis: I’m actually interested in hearing how the uh, the uh, uh, offspring if you will-

Shannan Lerch: The baby. You want to know about the baby.

Zach Davis: Yes.

Shannan Lerch: Well if you weren’t yapping so much, Jones would probably tell us.

Lawnmower Jones: It’s been a bittersweet holiday for Lawnmower Jones, and you’re all going to hear about it!

A couple of fans take offense to being told what to do.

Lawnmower Jones: As you all know, I was out of action for a while because my wife, Lonnie was pregnant.

A couple of fans whistle and hoot. Jones just nods and grins to the camera.

Zach Davis: I want pictures of the baby.

Lawnmower Jones: But if you’re a doctor or a mechanic, you know that the gestation period of a lawnmower is not two months.

Zach Davis: Oh boy.

Lawnmower Jones: Yea, you don’t have to be one of them multipliers to realize that the math doesn’t subtract up. But in case any of you can’t read the lines, Lonnie had a damn miscarriage!

A couple of fans laugh.

Shannan Lerch: That’s very unfortunate. Do you think we can get a moment of silence?

Zach Davis: We own Barnum and Bailey’s Circus. We truly own them.

Lawnmower Jones: Now, I know you people may be asking yourselves ‘Jones, why don’t you take more time off? Recover, take some time with Lonnie?’ Well I’m done taking time! It’s a new year, a new time. It’s time for me to put a hurting back on these fat barrels of monkey spunk trying to imitate Logan!

The crowd boos at the mention of Logan.

Lawnmower Jones: I thought the time was perfect. WCF Management called me and asked if I could show up here tonight and accept my TV Champion of the Year Award!

Shannan Lerch: Finally, some recognition!

Zach Davis: Well, Jones won champion of the year in a very heavy division that’s almost as talent packed as the heavyweights! We’ve seen stars such as CD, Jack of Blades, Nate Nytro, former champ JJ Biggs, and even current rising star Thunder!

Shannan Lerch: Thank you, Encyclopedia Brown.

Lawnmower Jones: Yea, I’m the TV Champion of the Year, not by choice. Not by favoritism. But by fact. And right now, the TV Champion of the Year feels like picking a fight with the current TV Champion, and finding out who the real TV Champion is!

The crowd pops for the challenge.

Zach Davis: Well hello there! Strong words from Jones! That sounded like a challenge to me!

Shannan Lerch: You’re not lying Zach! Strong words from a strong man!

Lawnmower Jones: Now play my damn music!

The bagpipes hit and Jones exits.

"There Must Be A Winner" World Title Contendership Match
Reckless Jack vs Jack of Blades

We see Reckless Jack highlights on the screen as the arena is dark. Then huge pictures of Reckless Jack are shown with the words “He has arrived” on them. Now we hear the opening to Trivium's "Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr" fills the arena. The only hints of light are those of faint red strobe lights. As the chorus fills the arena, a trap door raises up. A red spotlight shines brightly on Reckless Jack as he is kneeling down. He springs to his feet and throws his arms out with a rain of pyro coming down behind him. The fans are cheering seeing Reckless Jack as he starts to headbang to the song. As he starts to walk to the ring, the spotlight stays on him as the people continue to cheer him. He slaps the hands of a few fans on his way to the ring. Once he is in the middle of the ramp, he stops and starts to hype himself up as he throws his arm into the air and lifts it high. A string of pyro shoots down the ramp as he brings the arm back down. He continues slap hands with the cheering fans. After he gets to the ring apron, he rolls into the ring, hopping on the nearest turnbuckle, throwing out his arms once more. The crowd cheers, as he hops down and does the same on the opposite turnbuckle. He jumps off the turnbuckle, then crouches down, waiting for his opponent.

Zach Davis: Match number one here tonight. Whoever wins this one gets the chance to main event One. And folks, there must be a winner in this one.

Shannan Lerch: Biggest match of Reckless Jack's life.

Das Duell by Ennio Morricone plays. There's a short blackout before the arena is enveloped in bright crimson light. A solitary spotlight focuses on Jack of Blades through the blackout and then leaves when it turns red. The opening image of Jack is him kneeling cradling his face. When the whistling begins in his theme music he moves his hands back and slicks his hair revealing an insane grin of ecstasy. He walks to the ring muttering things to himself but in a very controlled manner. At the ring, he turns right and slides in. When in, he runs diagonal to the turnbuckle. He jumps onto the second rope and remains static before spinning off and running back towards the camera and mounting himself on the ropes. He then proceeds to run the opposite diagonal direction (so his movements have created a 'V') and jumps on the turnbuckle. This time he reveals a red rose from his trenchcoat pocket raises it up beyond his head before catching it in his other and crushing it. The entrance ends with Jack still on the turnbuckle while rose petals fall in front of him.

Shannan Lerch: Biggest match of Jack of Blades life.

Zach Davis: You are right Shannan. Neither man can afford to lose this match.

Shannan Lerch: Time to find out who the better Jack in WCF really is.

Blades and Reckless are standing in the middle of the ring explains the rules of the match to the two wrestlers. Once he is done the ref signals for the bell to be rung and it is. The crowd starts to cheer as both men circle around each other. Neither of them wanting to make the first move. Blades shoots in first with a Double Leg Takedown. Reckless blocks it as Blades gets to his feet. Reckless quickly locks up with Blades in a collar and elbow lock up. Blades uses his slight size advantage to push Reckless into the corner with the lock up. The ref comes over and starts his five count. They break it clean and raise their hands in the air. They both move towards the enter of the ring and quickly lock up again in the same move. This time, Reckless gets the better of the lock up and forces Blades into the corner. Once again, the ref comes over and starts his five count. The hold is let go of as Reckless raises his hands in the air but only to get bitchslapped by Blades. The crowd lets out that "OHHHHH" type of sound as Reckless nods his head. Reckless then smiles and just bitchslaps Blades right back. Blades is pissed and runs at Reckless. Reckless catches him with a Headlock Takedown and keeps the Headlock applied on the mat as Blades struggles to his feet. Once Blades does get to his feet, the throws Reckless into the ropes. Reckless comes back towards Blades and gets caught with an Armdrag. Reckless gets back up and hits an Armdrag himself on Blades. Blades gets to his feet and runs at Reckless again, only to be taken down with the Headlock again. The crowd claps at the wrestling so far in the ring.

Zach Davis: I don't know if Reckless Jack should keep this on the mat.

Shannan Lerch: Jack of Blades is toying with him.

Blades gets back up to his feet again. He grabs the back of Reckless and goes for a Backdrop Suplex. Reckless lands his feet and locks his hands around the waist of Blades. Blades plants his foot and spins behind Reckless, getting the Waistlock himself now. Reckless hits a couple of elbows to the face of Blades as Blades releases the hold. Reckless grabs Blades's arm and goes for another Armdrag but Blades blocks and grabs Reckless's arm and Hiptosses him down to the mat. Reckless gets up and runs at Blades, only to get caught with same Headlock Takedown he was using a few seconds ago. The crowd claps again as Blades forces the shoulders of Reckless down on the mat.


Reckless gets his shoulders off the mat from the headlock position. Reckless gets to his feet and throws Blades into the corner. Blades's chest connects with the top turnbuckle as he staggers backwards. Reckless gets the Waistlock applied again. Blades forces the hands of Reckless apart and grabs onto Reckless's left arm. Blades tries for a Clothesline but Reckless ducks down, goes behind Blades, grab his left arm and take him down with a Fujiwara Armbar! Blades quickly finds the ropes as Reckless lets go and gets to his feet as does Blades. Blades shakes his arm, not wanting to lose feeling in it so early in this match. Reckless mocks him by shaking his arm as the fans cheer for their hero. Blades puts his arms out as if he wants to lock up with Reckless in the middle of the ring. Reckless looks at the crowd and locks up with Blades. However, Blades kicks Reckless right in the stomach as soon as they lock up. Reckless lets go as Blades hits a chop to the chest, followed by a second, then a third before Reckless reverses and hits a chop of his own. During these chops, the crowd "WOOOOOs!" every chance they get which is often because Blades and Reckless are just stiffing the hell out of the chops. Reckless gets the last chop in as both men's chests are just bright red from the stiff chops. Reckless hits Blades in the face with an Elbow before whipping him into the ropes. Blades comes back and kicks Reckless who was bent over, most likely looking for a Back Body Drop. Blades grabs Reckless's head, runs towards the turnbuckle, jumps in the air and uses the ropes to spin around, looking for a Tornado DDT. But Reckless throws him off right before he completes the move. Blades goes to the mat and holds his back. Reckless walks over and rears his leg back before kicking Blades as hard as he possibly can. Blades yells in pain as Reckless does it for a second time.

Shannan Lerch: Ow!

Zach Davis: They are rather loud.

Blades holds onto his back as Reckless puts him down for a pinning position.



No, Blades gets his shoulder up in time. Reckless picks Blades back up and hooks his arm over his head, looking for a Suplex. While in the air, Blades drops down behind Reckless, gets the Waistlock applied and dumps Reckless flush on his neck with a nasty German Suplex. BUT Reckless NO SELLS IT AND GETS BACK UP! Blades turns around and nearly takes off Reckless's head with a stiff as hell Lariat. Reckless stays down as Blades leans against the ropes, catching his breath. Blades starts to stomp on Reckless. Reckless holds his neck and slowly fights his way to his feet. Reckless gets a couple of elbows into the face of Blades but before anything can come of it, Blades kicks Reckless right in the face with a Roundhouse. Reckless goes back down to the mat as Blades follows his advantage with a Headscissors. Reckless is trying to get to the ropes while Blades has the move locked in to perfection. Reckless is able to roll grabs the legs of Blades. Reckless uses pure strength to pick up Blades and go for a Powerbomb but Blades hits a Rana out of the hold though. Reckless slides out of the ring, holding his neck as Blades runs off the ropes and jumps through the middle ropes with a Tope. But Reckless catches him and dumps him face first on the floor. Reckless rolls into the ring, lying on the mat as Blades is starting to get back to his feet. Blades is back on his feet as Reckless grabs the ropes and fakes a Plancha. Blades ducks out of the way and when he turns around to face the crowd, Reckless slides out of the ring with a Baseball Slide. Blades goes face first into the guard rail as Reckless holds his neck. He picks up Blades and whips him towards the ring post but Blades reverses the whip and sends Reckless face first into the post. Reckless is laid out as Blades checks to see if his nose is bleeding after going into the rail. He walks towards Reckless and turns Reckless over. Reckless is busted open, blooding flowing from his head. Blades grins as he gets Reckless up and rolls him into the ring.

Zach Davis: Is that some blood I see from Reckless Jack?

Shannan Lerch: It is.

Blades starts to punch at the open wound of Reckless, trying to get more blood out of it. Reckless grabs the ropes to pull himself up. Blades hits him in the face with a few elbows but Reckless fires right back with some of his own. Reckless yells out and spins around and hits a Roaring Forearm to Blades. Blades goes down as Reckless wipes some of the blood out of his face. Reckless points to the top as he scales the ropes. He jumps off with a Moonsault but Blades gets the knees up. Reckless holds his ribs as Blades gets back to his feet. Blades picks up Reckless and drops him on his head again with a Brainbuster DDT. Reckless rolls around, holding his neck in pain as Blades grabs Reckless’s head and puts him in a Front Headlock on the mat. Reckless fights his way up to his feet but once he does, Blades just spins the Front Headlock into a Neckbreaker variation. Blades covers for a pin.



No, Reckless gets a shoulder up just after two. Blades pounds the mat as he picks Reckless back up to a vertical base. Reckless gets whipped into the ropes as Blades goes for another Lariat. Reckless ducks, bounces back off the ropes and scores with a Busaiku Knee Kick. Reckless gets back to his feet as does Blades but only for a moment as Reckless scores with a second Busaiku Knee Kick that sends Blades back down to the mat. Reckless has stopped bleeding as he goes over to Blades and stomps on him a few times before picking him back up. Reckless has Blades in a Front Facelock and drops down, hitting a DDT. Blades’s face bounces off the mat as Reckless gets to his feet and grabs the top rope. He jumps off the second rope and hits the Rope Slingshot Moonsault. He hooks the leg when he covers.



Blades gets his shoulder off the mat before the three count. Reckless grabs the head of Blades and quickly locks in a Dragon Sleeper. The crowd starts to cheer as Blades is fighting for his life here. The ref keeps on asking him if he wants to give it up and Blades refuses at this point. He uses his strength to pull Reckless to the ropes, forcing Reckless to break the hold. Reckless gets back to his feet and leans against the ropes, catching his breath. Blades is on his knees, breathing a bit hard as well. Reckless rears his leg back and drills Blades in the back with a stiff kick, then a second. Reckless varies it up as he kicks the chest of Blades this time. Reckless then tries to pick up Blades but Blades catches him in an Inside Cradle pin!




NOOO, Reckless gets his should up just before the three. Both men get back to their feet and start chopping the ever living shit out of each other again. Each strike is harder then the next until hits a Discus Chop followed with MULTIPLE CHOPS TO THE NECK! Reckless is worn down as Blades grabs Reckless’s head and jumps, spinning around, hitting the Tornado DDT!

Shannan Lerch: Oh jesus christ, just pin Reckless Jack.

Zach Davis: Oh lordy...

Blades does a cutthroat motion and heads to the top rope. He flies off with his own Moonsault and it connects with just the head of Reckless! Reckless holds his head and neck as Blades covers again, hooking the leg.



Reckless gets his leg on the rope. Blades pounds the mat in frustration. Blades just sits there and starts to chop the chest of Reckless as he lies on the mat. Blades picks Reckless back up and whips him into the turnbuckle. Blades grabs Reckless’s head and climbs behind him. Blades jumps off and hits a modified Directors Cut. The crowd is booing as Blades knows it’s all over. He covers hooking the legs.




The bell rings as Jack of Blades rolls off of Reckless Jack.

Zach Davis: Blades wins and rather suddenly.

Shannan Lerch: Yeah. But new blood will be getting a shot at the World Title at One.

Zach Davis: I just hope Reckless Jack can make it there with what is going on in his personal life.

World Champion of the Year Award

We come back from our commercials just in time to see the crowd cheering and what not as Cypress Hill bangs out over the speakers. The crowd erupts into the biggest jeers ever. Torture and Drew Rosenhaus step out from the curtain and walk their way down to the ramp. Torture has his World Title firmly on his shoulder. Torture and Drew step into the ring. Tux's for the both of them. This is obviously, no laughing matter. Torture asks for a mic from a ring crew person. Torture, then, puts the microphone to his lips.

Torture: You sit down and listen. I don't have the energy to waste on you people, nor do you really give a crap about what i'm going to say.

Drew nods towards Torture.

Torture: As of January 1st of 2007, everyone knows this World Title is vacant. There is a reason to that. The wrestlers in the back can talk about how it was my fault the federation went through it's drama, and the wrestlers in the back can talk all the shit they want to my back. I will say this. WCF doesn't deserve me, and I don't want to no longer give my all to a company that doesn't even recognize me as one of the best that has ever graced tihs federation. Best Hardcore Champion, Best World Champion, I was handed the TV Championship, I was the first Peoples Champion, and I was the first two-time Peoples Champion. I was a Tag Team Champion in this damn federation, and again was never recognized. I've been undefeated since 2004, and I'm leaving on top. I don't think highly of myself, and no, i'm not going to throw this title down on the ground and spit on it. I won this gold fair in square. I defended this World Title fair in square, taking out the best, and never once risking anyones lifes. I've been through it all, and i've done it all in WCF. There is not one thing that Torture can do. Except for this. Sigh. As of tonight, Torture is retired as a Wrestler, and is leaving WCF forever. Will you see me one day? Will you ever hear from me again? I just don't know. All I do know is that Torture is done wrestling, and i'm done defending all of my beliefs and respect in this ring. I'm hanging them up. So, to those in the back. I'm going to miss some of you. Most of you hate me anyway, so i'm not really going to be missed. I understand that. I do regret not giving you my best in most situations, and thats something I'm going to live with. To Nate Nytro. I wish you did more. I really did. To Logan. I'm not going to miss you, but I will always have the memories. Good or bad. Thanks. To Creeping Death, you know my number, don't be a stranger. Thanks for everything you ever gave me as a wrestler. Even way back in the Gonz0 days. We had some of the best runs man. Royal Rumbles, World Title matches, everything. I will love and remember everything we did.

The fans are silent.

Torture: To the rest of you. Good luck. You'll never understand the pressure till you hold this thing. Don't think it's easy. It's not.

We show a few fan reactions, most of them listening intently, showing little emotion.

Torture: Finally, to Seth Lerch. You and I kind of go way back, and it sucks that it ended this way. However, no leafs are turned, and everyone moves in different directions and different paths in thier lives. I'll miss ya buddy. And last. To my World Title. It was fun. The run was long. The longest to be exact. But like everything in life, there is an ending. This is it. This is the end.

Torture walks over to the ropes. He unbelts his World Title and drapes it over the ropes. He rolls out of the ring as Drew exits with him. They walk up the ramp with thier heads high and the crowd giving a great standing ovation. The camera zooms in on the World Title hanging off the ropes.

2 Out of 3 Tables Match
Logan vs Creeping Death

The lights dim in the arena, blue pryos shoot down the ramp, and a drum beat rolls into the PA speakers. Metallica's "The Struggle Within" blasts out of the speakers, and Logan steps out from behind the black curtain with a cocky look on his face as he walks down to the ring. On the way, Logan spits at the fans every now and then, telling them to shut up and whatnot. Once he's by the ring Logan climbs the steps, stepping into the ring through the middles ropes and climbing the turnbuckle to throw both arms into the air for a booing crowd. Logan hops off the turnbuckle, pacing around the ring intill his music cuts.

Shannan Lerch: I'll never get tired of seeing him come out.

The lights slowly fade to black. Bells toll as the screen shows shots of a big wooden cross wrapped in barbed wire. It's a sunny day as the "happy" opening to "Battery" by Metallica plays.The crowd goes along with the sounds. "Doo-da-doo dooing" along with it. As the song gets darker and darker, the sunny day turns to night. Black clouds roll in and rain begins falling on the cross. Lightning crashes about. As the lightning crashes, white lights in the arena flash. When the song kicks up, one minute and sixteen seconds in, the entire crowd begins headbanging in unison and throwing the horns in the air as the lights come on just a tad, giving light to the dark. Standing on the stage is Creeping Death, wearing a hockey mask and his white jersey, arms stretched out in a crucifix fashion. CD stands there for a second, taking in the crowd's reaction. Then he slowly makes his way down the ramp, looking out into the audience. As he reaches the ring, he slides in under the bottom rope, and pops to his feet. CD walks over to a turnbuckle, jumps to the middle rope facing in the ring, does the crucifix pose once again, takes the hockey mask and jersey off, and then takes a seat on the top turnbuckle, awaiting the match to begin.

Zach Davis: These two have a well documented history with one another that dates back to WCF's FIRST ever TLC match.

Shannan Lerch: Wow.

Creeping Death hops off the turnbuckle, and meets Logan in the center of the ring. Four tables are stood up on the outside of the ring, one in every corner. Logan sends a right to Creeping Death, and he blocks it sending one back as the bell rings. They exchange blows in the middle of the ring for a moment, before Logan irish whips CD to the ropes. CD comes back, Logan drops down, CD hops over Logan, and runs to the other side of the ring bouncing off the ropes. As CD runs back to Logan, Logan runs in going for a violent closeline, CD dodges the attempt slipping behind Logan, and hitting a back body drop. But Logan is quickly back on his feet at the start of this match, and kicks CD in the gut dropping him down with a deadly DDT. Logan reaches down to pick CD up but is met with a quick stiff fist to the face from CD. Logan holds his jaw as CD makes it back to his feet, and close lines Logan down. CD kicks Logan around the ring, sending boots to his midsection before Logan finally makes it back to his feet. Logan, and CD lock up. Logan knees CD in the ribs, and hits a quick snap suplex. Logan goes to pick up CD, and as he picks CD up to his feet CD comes out of nowhere firing lefts, and rights to Logan. It dazes Logan a bit, as he stumbles towards CD trying to exchange blows, but then CD runs to the ropes, and comes back hitting a super kick right into Logan's jaw. Logan falls backwards, and hits the ropes leaning up against them for support. The super kick has Logan still looking a little dazed, and CD takes advantage of this running back, and hitting another super kick on Logan. Logan falls back over the ropes, and lands perfectly on a table which is set up on the outside of the ring. Creeping Death quickly runs up the turnbuckle, and leaps off landing a swanton bomb onto Logan breaking the table in half. The bell rings, signaling for the first fall in this match.

Zach Davis: Already?

Shannan Lerch: Creeping Death getting the first win, if Logan doesn't come back he'll be out of this match for sure if CD can put him through another table.

Creeping Death stands up picking Logan up from all the wreckage of that table, and drags him over to another table which is set up on the outside of the ring. CD tries to pick Logan up, and slide him on top of the table but Logan elbows CD, and grabs his head slamming it down on the table. CD falls back holding his forehead giving Logan a little time to recover. Logan stomps CD a few times, before picking him up, and whipping him into the steel steps. It makes a loud thud as soon as CD's shoulder bounces off the steel.

Zach Davis: Did you hear that? Creeping Death has got to be in pain after that.

CD drapes his arm over the knocked off steel steps, trying to make it back to his feet, and as soon as he does Logan is behind him hitting a nicely executed german suplex. This sends CD's body against the guard rail. CD lays laid out against the rails, as Logan takes his time to grab another table, and stack it onto another one.

Shannan Lerch: Logan stacking tables!

Logan pulls CD up, and slides him back into the ring. Logan slides in afterwards, and picks CD up going for a suplex. CD counters this, and hits Logan with a suplex of his own. Logan lays on his back for a few seconds, before coming back to his feet to meet CD. Logan goes for a quick closeline, but CD ducks this, and hits a diamond cutter on Logan!

Zach Davis: That came out of nowhere.

Creeping Death slides out of the ring, and grabs a table slipping it inside the ring. CD gets back into the ring, and sits the table up. Logan climbs to his feet grabbing onto the ropes for support, CD gets right back onto Logan sending lefts, and rights to him. Logan fires back, but CD gains advantage, and close lines Logan right over the table. Logan lays half slumped over the table as CD climbs onto the table as well, CD picks Logan up going for a piledriver through the table.

Zach Davis: Creeping Death is going win this thing!

But no! Logan reverses it, and lifts CD up throwing him over his shoulders. CD lands on his back inside the ring, and Logan jumps off the table hitting an elbow drop onto CD.

Shannan Lerch: Logan isn't out of this thing yet.

Logan picks CD to his feet, and irish whips him into the turnbuckle. CD leans against the turnbuckle, as Logan punches CD a few times before climbing the turnbuckle pulling CD up with him. Logan wraps CD in a sleeper on top of the turnbuckle, and the table is set up right in front of them as Logan flips over CD's shoulder hitting The Connector off the top rope, and crashing CD right through the table!

Zach Davis: Oh my God!

The bell rings, giving Logan a victory.

Shannan Lerch: I don't know how Creeping Death is going to be able to recover from that.

Zach Davis: Whoever goes through the table next loses, and the winner will go to the main event at One.

Logan slowly makes it to his feet, as CD just lays there in the piles of broken tables. Logan picks CD up, and again throws him against the turnbuckle. Logan climbs the turnbuckle, and pulls CD him with him wrapping him back into a sleeper, and signaling to the stacked up tables that Logan previously set up on the outside of the ring.

Shannan Lerch: Logan going for it again?!

Zach Davis: And them tables are stacked! This will hurt CD, if not Logan too.

Creeping Death shows signs of life, and battles back elbowing Logan in his ribs. Logan, and Creeping Death battle on the tight spot on top of the turnbuckle. They both suddenly lose their balance, and both go flying off the turnbuckle to the outside of the ring. They both go through the stacked tables crashing through both levels!

Shannan Lerch: HOLY CRAP!

The crowd stand to their feet gasping.

Zach Davis: They both went through the stacked tables!

The bell rings.

Shannan Lerch: But.. who won..?

The crowd begin talking, as the referee grabs a microphone.

Referee: We will review this, and declare a winner.

The jumbo tron comes to life, and shows a slow motion instant replay of Logan, and CD falling off the turnbuckle. As the footage rolls on, Creeping Death did indeed crash through the table first.

Referee: And the winner of this match.. Logan!

Zach Davis: It couldn't get any closer than that! This match could've went either way.

Shannan Lerch: But it didn't, and now Logan is going to main event One for the first time in his career! YES!

Logan, and Creeping Death lay side by side in a mess of broken up pieces of table. We go to a video package before the Wrestler of the Year award.

Wrestler of the Year Award

Zach Davis: The big one. WCF’s wrestler of the year. Kind of like Best Film at the Oscars, or Best Vapour Configuration Refrigeration Coil at the Fannies.

Shannan Lerch: The fannies?

Zach Davis: I presented an air ventilation manufacturer awards show once. Called ‘the fannies.’

Shannan Lerch: Whatever. Anyway, ignoring the fact that Zach cannot get any decent bookings outside of this federation, it is time to focus on what we’ve all been waiting for. Beginning with one of the most intense War matches in wrestling memory and ending with this fantastic and packed edition of Slam!, 2006 has been a revolutionary year for the Wrestling Championship Federation. We have witnessed a man finally capture the championship after an unbelievable victorious streak and the envy that was invoked within the Face of Treachery, Logan at such a title win. We saw the arrival of new blood as well as the inevitable spilling of said blood with talents such as Skyler Striker, Jackhammer, Danny Vice and Conrad Howell all making their introductions very noticeable. Speaking of original talent, the summer saw the first appearances of one of the most malicious and cerebral competitors to ever grace the ring, Jack of Blades. And those first appearances were spent beating the life out of his reason d’etre to quote him, Ellis Island. The summer also ushered in the coming of perhaps the fastest Triple Crown champion in history, JJ Biggs who after a whirlwind debut lifted the Tag Team, Television and World titles over his head before joining a reborn Team of Treachery with the aforementioned Jack of Blades and Danny Vice. Along with Lawnmower Jones and united by Logan, the Team of Treachery returned to destroy a fragile alliance of talented veteran performers in a war that brought the Wrestling Championship Federation to almost mortal wounds. The feud had two climaxes with the leaders of the respective teams facing off in a singles bout, Logan versus Torture that became the most heated individual encounter of the year and then, we saw the two teams face off against one another in an elimination match that ended shockingly with Torture finding new enemies. That is not to say that this was a one off occurrence as Torture has been involved in almost every moment this year that could be labelled controversial with his matches against Chino and Reckless Jack mirroring Logan’s title shot. And now as we enter a new year for the WCF, it is time to see whom the old year belonged to with Torture, Logan, Reckless Jack, Jack of Blades, Creeping Death, Bobby Cairo, Lawnmower Jones and Thunder all in contention for the title.

As Shannan finishes her speech, the camera pans to the top of the ramp. After a delay of pregnant pause, Ennio Morricone’s Das Duell plays over the arena as an erratic Jack of Blades makes his way to the ring.

Zach Davis: Looks like WCF’s Wrestler of the Year 2006 is none other than Jack of Blades...

Shannan Lerch: It’s a dream come true. For all involved.

Blades slides into the ring where Seth Lerch is waiting for him with what appears to be an modern art take on a trophy. Larger than the others handed out, the trophy is handed to Blades with a handshake. Looking happy as opposed to ecstatic for once, Blades begins to shout for the music to be played and that he wants his ‘sash.’ Suddenly, the song played for the winner of ‘Miss Universe’ hits the speakers as a referee rushes down with a sash saying ‘Mr WCF 2006.’ Satisfied, Blades takes it and begins parading around the ring.

Shannan Lerch: “Isn’t he lovely? Isn’t he wonderful?”

Zach Davis: Why does it always have to become a giant parade with him?

Shannan Lerch: Don’t you speak about my messiah like that.

Zach Davis: He’s Christ now?

Jack of Blades: Where’s my crown of thorns?

A second referee moves from the back to the ring carrying a ring of thorns which he carefully lifts onto Blades’ head. We cut to Zach Davis who simply plants his head into his desk in absolute bewilderment and disgust. Out of nowhere, some champagne bottles are brought into the ring and handed out to those celebrating. Blades quickly opens one and sprays it everywhere similar to how winners of particular sports do in victory. As the champagne pours everywhere, banners emerge from the roof along with a monsoon of balloons all indicating Jack’s award. Soon becoming bored with dancing to his victory alone, Blades leaving the ring and moves over to Shannan. He holds out his arm indicating that he wants to dance with her.

Shannan Lerch: It’s like Cinderella or some shit.

Zach Davis: Or Beauty and the Beast. I can’t determine which is which.

Shannan accepts and Jack brings her to the ring. They begin dancing with Shannan looking rather pleased to be immortalized in such an event. Blades pours some champagne in Shannan’s mouth as everyone looks on having a good time. Blades then taking the bottle and jumps onto an opposing turnbuckle. He begins to taunt the crowd before taking a large gulp of the bubbly drink. However, soon after his expression turns cold and he launches himself from the turnbuckle and hits Shannan with a Spear rolling through it.

Zach Davis: What the--?

Jack looks over Shannan Lerch, quite satisfied with his assault and the purpose of it. Before anyone can question him, he rolls out of the ring taking his award with him and begins to move up the ramp. As the referees and Seth tend to Shannan, the camera gets numerous close-ups of the damage done before turning to Blades who is watching on while proudly demonstrating the award he has been given.