Sunday Slam Intro
Jack of Blades Segment
Infra-Red/Eric Kennedy vs Conrad Howell/Chris Avery
Lawnmower Jones vs David Alastair
Reckless Jack Segment
Skyler Striker vs JJ Biggs
Danny Vice vs Thunder
Creeping Death/Reckless Jack vs Logan/Jack of Blades

Sunday Slam Intro

Glasgow Megasnake by Mogwai explodes over the speakers as Sunday Slam is on the air! Pyro blasts from the entranceway and fireworks shoot from the sky as the crowd cheers and wave their signs. Before long we go to our announcers of the night.

Zach Davis: Welcome to the first Sunday Slam of the new year! I'm Zach Davis, here with Shannan Lerch.

Shannan Lerch: What a main event tonight, Zach! Creeping Death and Reckless Jack teaming up to face Logan and Jack of Blades.

Zach Davis: Well, we know Logan and Jack of Blades will wrestle at One for the World Title. However, Creeping Death and Reckless Jack, two men that were originally supposed to wrestle for that Title as well, are currently match-less.

Shannan Lerch: Reckless Jack better watch his back, because I wouldn't be surprised if Creeping Death turned on him just for the hell of it.

Zach Davis: Yeah... right.

Shannan Lerch: And I hope SOMEONE takes out Jack of Blades for what he did to me last week. Anyone. Logan, Reckless Jack, Creeping Death, anyone.

Zach Davis: Well hopefully we'll get answers tonight as to why he did that in the first place. Anyway, we also have a pair of very interesting singles matches. Last week, Disorder by Design, Danny Vice and JJ Biggs, earned the right to a rematch against Skyler Striker and Thunder for the Tag Team Titles. That match will happen next week. And we know that at One, Vice and Striker face off, as do Biggs and Thunder. So, tonight, everything is mismatched: Vice goes one on one with Thunder, while Biggs is up against Striker.

Shannan Lerch: These are interesting matches, indeed. Those four are truly the future of our business, and I'm sure we'll see some great action tonight.

Zach Davis: Speaking of great action, we also have Lawnmower Jones making his long awaited in ring return up against David Alastair. Jones has been gone for quite a while now, away with Lonnie, but made his return last week for the Television Champion of the Year award.

Shannan Lerch: However, I wouldn't count David Alastair out. He's one of the most underrated guys in this company, and this isn't going to be an easy match for Jones by any means.

Zach Davis: And in our opener, we have Infra-Red and Eric Kennedy now teaming up to take on the team of Conrad Howell and Chris Avery. Chris Avery is a newcomer, and Conrad Howell is a tag team specialist. Can Howell manage to avenge his loss from last week?

Shannan Lerch: We'll see!

Jack of Blades Segment

Ennio Morricone’s ‘Das Duell’ plays and hits the speaker system as the crowd turns to the ramp in preparation to show their disapproval for the arriving wrestler.

Zach Davis: Looks like the fans, myself and more importantly, you are going to get an explanation, Shannan...

Shannan Lerch: I already know that he’s a spineless asshole...

Zach Davis: It’s not often that I agree with you but after seeing what happened last night, I’m and everyone else who watched are inclined to agree with you. And if you didn’t, sorry Shannan, but this is what happened.

The scene turns to a video package demonstrating Jack’s arrival and announcement at being WCF’s Wrestler of the Year. The music is typically upbeat of the Jazz Fusion style with cuts of the champagne being opened, Blades going over to ask Shannan for a dance. As the music reaches its monumental peak, it turns sour and typically dramatic. On screen, Blades is at the moment where he’s on the turnbuckle and his smile fades as he launches his offensive on Shannan. As the haunting track continues to play, we get numerous shots of Blades screaming insults at the top of the ramp alternating with money shots of Shannan’s injuries and physical well being. We then return live back to the studio where Blades has made his way to the middle of the ring and the crowd are madly booing him and his actions. Blades simply soaks the hostility and vitriol in before beginning to talk and perhaps explain last Sunday night.

Jack of Blades: Everybody have a gregarious good new year?

The crowd boos at his obfuscation. Blades’ smile furthers as his question whips them into another session of disapproving groans and chagrined chants. The microphone is once again lifted to his lips as he returns to baiting the crowd.

Jack of Blades: Did you provide an example on how to turn a house into a raging inferno with testosterone alone? Did you act as if the word ‘abstemious’ is absent from the dictionary? Or instead did you have a New Year like mine dealing with a vacuum of talent incarnated into the corporeal form of a strumpet? Dealing with complaints and questions? Dealing with insecure, nymphomaniac bearers of Herpes Simplex? No, I bet you didn’t. I bet you went out, had your fill of name brand toxins, eyed up some female attention but never dared to approach, just so that when you wake up in the morning, your existence, for as long as that haze lasted, seemed slightly easier. What I did was a true resolution of epic proportions? And yet, all I hear are questions as to why I did it? Was it because she supported Ellis in our little scuffle? Was it because she valued me as the Team of Treachery’s propagandist? Was it because of an unheard about pregnancy scare? No. It was done because in war, you go for an opponent’s heart and you do that by going through the blood. That’s right. I consider you, my little casualty, to be my first assault on the suits of this place. At One, my name in lights but it won’t be because of your brother, it will be because of my achievements. I had a very packed night last Sunday with one of the defining moments being planting Reckless Jack’s scarred face into the mat. Reckless Jack, an automatic choice for the main event. Myself, nothing more than a ‘dark horse.’ And so, Shannan, no simple malice just the first bullet against the suited bourgeoisie. And, I know, somewhere, your sibling is turning some pencils thinking of whom he can get to halt my revolution before the climax at One and as a consequence, I’ve got myself a little support of my own. A tentative alliance of sorts so that nothing can prevent my participation in One. An ally to cover my back as opposed to panting over yours, Shannan. And as a result, let me introduce him to the world.

Zach Davis: I can’t believe I’m interested as to knowing who this is.

Shannan Lerch: No!

‘The Struggle Within’ by Metallica playing over the arena inspires Shannan’s last sentence as Logan finds his way down the ramp and into the ring. The camera’s catch Blades smiling wildly as he holds out an arm to his former leader. Logan accepts it and shares Blades’ expression. They then raise both their hands as if in victory to a series of coarse reactions from the crowd. Demonstrating their alliance to all, Blades and Logan, still with raised arms, parade around the ring as if to further antagonize the fans.

Zach Davis: I think this is unprecedented. The two opponents for a main event at not only a major pay-per-view but One, forming an alliance of this sort.

Blades soon rolls out of the ring and begins to move to the backstage. The camera captures a few shots of him radiating some sort of sinister plot. In the mean time, the focus is returned to the ring where Logan still stands looking soulfully and somewhat apologetically at Shannan.

Zach Davis: What a crazy start to the night. This cannot get any weirder. So shall we get on with it Shannan? Shannan?

Infra-Red/Eric Kennedy vs Conrad Howell/Chris Avery

"King's Collide" by Godsmack begins to play slowly over the PA System. King Kennedy walks out onto the entrance ramp wearing a red and white robe. He holds a golden scepter in his right hand and raises it in the air as golden pyros shoot out of the ramp. Kennedy begins making his way down the aisle, stopping occasionally to taunt some of the fans who are booing him. Kennedy walks slowly up the ring steps and walks to the middle apron where he steps into the ring. He walks to the middle of the ring and again raises the scepter into the air as golden pyros begin to spray out of the apron of the ring. Kennedy slowly removes his robe and hands it to the referee who quickly takes it outside. Kennedy walks over to the turnbuckle and lays his scepter underneath it as the music begins to die down.

Shannan Lerch: Well.. I need to focus on the match. Here is the King.

Zach Davis: He was successful in the fatal-four way last week, but how will he do in tag team action?

Shannan Lerch: Why dont you just shut it, here comes his partner.

The Only Medicine by Scary Kids Scaring Kids picks up over the speaker system. The songs plays loudly over the system, as from backstage Infra-Red walks out anxiously. Red paces down the ramp, and tags his caring fans on each side of the ramp. At the bottom of the ramp, Infra-Red pulls himself up onto the apron, and tightly grasp the top rope. The fans are going nuts, as Infra-Red hops over the top rope into the ring. Infra-Red quickly follows up by walking to the nearby ropes, and climbs up onto the middle rope, and raises his arms in the air. Red then hops back down onto the mat, and awaits for the match to begin.

Zach Davis: Poor Infra-Red, he has to team up with that jerk tonight.

Baby Boy comes over the loud speakers and Chris Avery makes his way to the ramp. He takes in all of the cheers and applause and makes his way down the ramp. He slides into the ring and awaits his opponent.

“In bed with quinsy” by Albannach starts to play, the crowd gives a mixed reaction, as Conrad Howell with the lovely Shanon walk out to the center of the entrance. Conrad sticks his arms out to the side and tilts his head to look up as Shanon stands behind him with her arms around his waist. After a few seconds of posing, a pyro archway fires down the aisle as Conrad and Shanon make their way to the ring, while Conrad bounces to the music. Conrad stops at the ring side area and watches Shanon walk up the ring steps onto the ring apron. She then turns and leans against the ropes facing Conrad and flips backwards over the top rope into the ring. Conrad then starts bouncing from one foot to the other in sync with the drums, then slides in the ring as Shanon walks over and sits on the top turnbuckle. Conrad backs in front of her and raises his arms as she takes his shirt off while his music fades.

Shannan Lerch: Ok, lets get this show on the road than!

Ding, Ding Ding!

Both teams stand on different sides of the ring debating who is going to start. After a few seconds of debating, Conrad and Kennedy step to the outside of the ring. Infra-Red and Chris Avery walk to the middle of the ring standing toe to toe. Avery clearly has the height and weight advantage over Infra-Red. They begin to talk trash to each other, until finally Avery levels Infra-Red with a hard right. Infra-Red quickly gets back to his feet only to get knocked back down by a clothesline. Avery drops a quick legdrop across the forehead of Infra-Red. Than stands back up and drops an elbow to his chest. Avery grabs Infra-Red by the hair and pulls him to his feet. Avery picks him up for a suplex but Infra-Red spins around and lands on his feet behind Avery. He delivers a swift kick to the back of Averys knee, dropping Avery to one knee. Infra-Red grabs Averys head and flips over him, driving him face first into the mat. Infra-Red picks him up and tries to irish whip Avery, who counters. Avery goes for a clothesline but Infra-Red ducks under it. Kennedy makes a blind tag as Infra-Red bounces off the ropes. Avery connects a kneeling elbow to the gut of Infra-Red as he comes off the ropes. Avery picks Infra-Red up on his shoulders, hanging his body across his back.

Zach Davis: This could be what Chris Avery calls the Blue Line Express.

Shannan Lerch: But he doesn't realize that Kennedy made a blind tag to Infra-Red.

Kennedy enters the ring, drawing Conrad in who also didnt see the tag. The referee runs over to Conrad trying to get him out of the ring. Avery now has Infra-Red set up, but Kennedy delivers a vicious low blow to Avery, causing him to fall forward, and Infra-Red nails him with a DDT. Kennedy picks up Avery and Infra-Red and him deliver a double standing dropkick to Avery. Conrad finally leaves the ring, as well as Infra-Red. Kennedy walks around a fallen Chris Avery, stalking him. Kennedy walks to his side and drops to one knee, sizing Avery up.

Shannan Lerch: Kennedy is sizing Chris Avery up for what I think he calls the New Jersey Naptime.

Kennedy leaps up just as Avery stands up and nails him with the New Jersey Naptime. Avery lays out cold on the mat as Kennedy crawls over him for the cover.



Conrad runs in and breaks up the pin. Conrad begins to stomp on Kennedys head and than drops an elbow to the temple. Infra-Red runs in and tackles Conrad and a huge fist fight begins between the both. Avery and Kennedy are now slowly getting up. They both reach their feet at the same time and a fist fight breaks out between them too. Avery kicks Kennedy in the gut and rolls him up, but the referee is still busy trying to get Conrad and Infra-Red apart.

Zach Davis: Come on ref! 1...2...3...! This should be over!!

Shannan Lerch: He cant call what he doesnt see.

The referee finally breaks Conrad and Infra-Red up and get them out of the ring. The referee turns around and sees the pin but before he gets down to count, Kennedy breaks out of the small package. Avery gets up and tags Conrad in, who quickly runs over and drops a forearm across the back of Kennedys head. Conrad lays down infront of Kennedy and locks in a front facelock. Conrad does a sort of handstand to apply more pressure. Kennedy screams in pain, but finally manages to rise to one knee, than two, than stand up. Conrad tries to sinch it up but Kennedy rolls out of it, turning the front facelock from Conrad into a Wristlock from Kennedy. Kennedy breaks the wristlock and whips Conrad hard into the turnbuckle. Kennedy goes over to Infra-Red and tags him in. Infra-Red runs at Conrad and springboards off the rope, hitting Conrad with a shining wizard. Conrad flops face first onto the mat. Infra-Red jumps up on the turnbuckle preparing for a moonsault, but Avery runs over and nails Infra-Red in the face with his forearm, causing Infra-Red to fall and straddle the top rope. Avery pushes Infra-Red off the ropes, sending him crashing shoulders and neck first to the mat. Conrad crawls over to the corner and tags in Chris Avery. Avery runs in begins to stomp Infra-Red in the kidneys. Kennedy sneaks his way around to the other side of the ring where Conrad is standing, not noticing him. Kennedy walks up behind Conrad and grabs him by the waist, pulling him ontop of his shoulders. Kennedy drops Conrad into a nasty powerbomb on the outside. Shanon runs over to the aid of Conrad. Kennedy looks down at them and lets out a small chuckle. He grabs Shanon by the hair and pulls her up. He pulls her to him and raises his fist into the air.

Zach Davis: No! Dont do it! Thats a woman for gods sake!

Right before Kennedy punches her, Avery comes flying over the top rope with a plancha, taking both Kennedy and Shanon out. Conrad sees this and stands up, screaming at Chris Avery for taking her out. Soon after, Avery and Conrad begin exchanging blows. Infra-Red knocks slides underneath the rope with a baseball slide, knocking both Conrad and Avery into the barricade. Kennedy, bleeding now from the nose and lip, stands up and picks Avery up into a bear hug and drives him hard into the ring post.

Zach Davis: And this thing has broken out of control ladies and gentlemen, this is going to turn into a blood bath if someone doesnt get in here and stop this.

Shannan Lerch: Aw, I want to see a blood bath! Thats what makes this sport so much fun!

Zach Davis: Ever think about seeing a therapist?

Several referees run to the ring to help break up the fight, but it doesnt do much good. The beating continues outside with Kennedy beating on Avery, and Conrad beating on Infra-Red. Conrad grabs Infra-Red by the head and slams it into the announcers table. He than irish whips him into the ring apron and than over the announcers table, sending Infra-Red crashing on top of the spanish announce team. Conrad than grabs him and again whips him into the ring apron, than rolls him into the ring. Conrad runs over to Kennedy, who has beaten Avery to a bloody mess, and clubs him in the back of the head with his forearm, sending Kennedy down to his knees. Conrad picks up Chris Avery and rolls him back into the ring, instructing him to get on Infra-Red. Avery picks Red up and tries picking him onto his shoulders for a Death Valley Driver, but Avery is too worn out and Red is able to slide behind him. Red grabs him, about to go for a Russian Legsweep, but Avery elbows him off. Avery takes a deep breath, gathering strength, and manages to hit the Blue Line Express! He goes for the pin.




Shannan Lerch: Conrad Howell and Chris Avery pick up the win.

Avery rolls out of the ring, heading to the back. Howell heads to the back too. Meanwhile, Eric Kennedy rolls back into the ring and begins arguing with Infra-Red over the loss. Infra-Red argues back, and soon they're in each other's faces.

Zach Davis: They're both blaming each other for the loss.. not the way to start a tag team.

Both men exit the ring and head to the back, still arguing.

Lawnmower Jones vs David Alastair

The beginning of "Atomic Garden" introduces a sheet of light fog, which covers the entrance way. Seen at the right angle, one can manage to see a figure standing behind the fog. As the words "Everybody wants to dance in a playpen/But nobody wants to play in my garden/I see the hippies on an angry line/Guess they don't get my meaning" rattles through the arena, David Alastair steps out of the fog.

A good deal of cheers reign down on David, as he inhales, exhales, and looks around, giving the impression of scanning the path before him. "I'm enchanted by the birds in my blossoms/I'm enamored by young lovers on the weekend/I like the Fourth of July/When bombs start flashing/And I wish I had a shiny red top/A bugle with a big brass bell would cheer me up/Or maybe something bigger that could really go pop!" rings into the sound system, David spreads his arms outward and stays like that until the chorus comes in.

"So I could make the gardening stop/Come out to play/Come out to play/And we'll pretend it's Christmas Day/In my atomic..."

As "Atomic Garden" continues to play, David then proceeds down the ramp and slides into the ring. David proceeds to taunt on the nearest turnbuckle. He embraces the crowd reactions by extending his arms out and proceeds to slowly step off the turnbuckle, preparing for his upcoming match..

Zach Davis: David Alastair making his entrance for tonight’s match against the returning Lawnmower Jones.

Shannan Lerch: Jones has been out of action for the past few months, due to personal reasons. I’m not one to dwell on them.

Zach Davis: Jones shouldn’t be, either. He has a tough match tonight with David Alastair. Alastair has seen some success here in WCF, but can be streaky at times. You and I both know that when Alastair brings his A-game, there are few who can compete.

The words "My Name is Lawnmower Jones, and I Love to Mow!" are heard across the arena. Then, Scottish bagpipes are heard around the arena, as a motor starting then a lawnmower mowing is heard. Lawnmower Jones walks out from the back pushing his lawnmower Lonnie to the ring. He sneers at all the fans and refuses to touch anyone. When he gets ringside, he leaves Lonnie by the lower left ringpost, and slides into the ring. He shouts thing at the crowd then stretches in one corner.

Shannan Lerch: Here he is! Lawnmower Jones! I can’t tell you how excited I am to see him! And look, he brought Lonnie!

Zach Davis: From my understanding they had a little squabble at Wal-Mart this past week, a place where David Alastair does not like. I’m starting to think Wal-Mart is the root of all evil..

The bell sounds and Alastair and Jones lock up. Jones takes the quick advantage, pulling DA into a side headlock. DA pushes LJ off and into the ropes. As LJ comes back, DA leapfrogs over LJ. LJ is surprised by DA’s quickness and agility and quickly grabs onto the ropes.

Zach Davis: Alastair is a daredevil, in a sense. He’s not afraid to put his balls out there. Except when you’re around, Shannan.

Shannan Lerch: Hardy har har.

LJ regathers himself and goes in to lock up with DA. Before the two lock up, LJ gives a forearm to DA’s face, catching him off-guard. LJ follows with a few more punches. LJ grabs DA’s arm and wrenches it, pulling him towards him and putting him into a fireman’s carry.

Zach Davis: Jones using his strength here.

LJ stumbles forward a couple of steps, and DA escapes the hold. With LJ’s back turned, DA springs off the ropes and delivers a dropkick. LJ drops to his knees. DA quickly delivers another, sending LJ to the mat on his stomach. DA quickly runs to the turnbuckles and hops to the top rope. He performs a leg drop onto LJ, landing it.

Zach Davis: Alastair goes flying! That probably doesn’t feel good on Jones’s head!

Shannan Lerch: Or on Lonnie’s soul..

DA quickly turns LJ over and goes for the pin.


LJ quickly kicks out. Both men hurry to their feet. LJ tries to hit DA with a clothesline, but DA ducks and springs off the ropes and delivers a flying forearm.

Zach Davis: Alastair springing to life! Could this be his opening?

Shannan Lerch: No..

LJ tries to get up, but it’s too much too fast. DA catches him in a belly to belly suplex. LJ lay flat on his back and DA sees it. He looks to the crowd, who are cheering, and signals to the top rope. The crowd pops.

Zach Davis: What’s Alastair doing?

Shannan Lerch: Ruining his chance..

DA outstretches his arms, signaling for the Descending Phoenix Star Press. DA hits the move, much to the crowd’s pleasure.

Zach Davis: Gotcha!

Shannan Lerch: Are we fishing?

Instead of going for the pin, DA grabs Jones’s head and lifts him up, setting him up for the Saviour’s Reign. Just as DA is about to finish the move, LJ wiggles free and falls to the mat. DA makes a half-attempt to turn, but LJ quickly springs to life to lock in the Jonesmission.

Zach Davis: Jonesmission! He countered the Saviour’s Reign into his finisher!

Shannan Lerch: Stick a fork in him, he’s done.

DA falls to the ground, and LJ wraps his legs around him, signaling the kill. Moments later, DA quits trying, and the ref raises his arm.




The ref calls for the bell, and LJ lets go. The ref raises LJ’s arm, who quickly fights it away.

Zach Davis: Jones looked rusty out there, but who could blame him returning against someone like David Alastair?

Shannan Lerch: He didn’t look “rusty”, he looked brilliant. He obviously set him up the whole match, choosing not to take control so he could ruin these fans’ night.

Zach Davis: Whatever. All I know is Lawnmower Jones is the victor in his return.

Reckless Jack Segment

"Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr" starts to echo through the WCF Arena as Reckless Jack appears on stage with street clothes on. He slowly walks down to the ring and slaps a few hands along the way. Reckless rolls into the ring and produces a microphone from his hooded sweatshirt. He looks out at the crowd as he turns the mic on.

Reckless Jack: As we all know, One is just a few weeks away from now. One, the biggest show that WCF has ever produced is happening in just a few short weeks. There is just one small problem though. I have no idea if I am going to make it to One.

The crowd is in a shocked state.

Reckless Jack: I have recently gotten huge offers from elsewhere to work for them. Hell, I have been working for that promotion for about ten months. During that time, I have been thinking about my future here in WCF and what more I could have done. I face Logan, Torture, Creeping Death, Outcast, all of the big names WCF has had to offer and the names I knew the best. You people still know them but guys like Creeping Death and Logan are hardly what they used to be. During this time, I have held the WCF World Title and challenged for it. During this time, I have taken time off to think this decision through. No one else knows this decision but me and soon you will find out.

Reckless Jack leans against the ropes.

Reckless Jack: You see, I have been at the first two Ones this company has put out. There is no way in hell I am missing the third One!

The crowd cheers.

Reckless Jack: Folks, hold your cheers. Because after One, it's over and done. This is my last hurrah here in WCF. During 2006, I did everything I wanted to do in WCF. I beat Logan, I beat Creeping Death, I beat Outcast, I won the World Title. I couldn't beat Torture nor never since he took his fucking ball and went home like a bitch because he didn't want to lose and folks, that is a shoot. But, at One, I will go out in style. I will go out the same way I came in basically, at One...

Reckless Jack is cut off by the opening of "Master of Puppets." Seth Lerch appears on stage with a microphone.

Seth Lerch: You asshole! You are going to leave WCF, again, might I add, just because some flash in the pan company is high up on you. Give me a damn break Jack. This place has just come back, it just got back under my control, and you want to LEAVE? You never cared about WCF, only about yourself!

Reckless Jack: WHOA! You shut your damn mouth!

Seth Lerch: No, YOU shut your damn mouth! I run this son of a bitch. You listen to me, not the other way around.

Reckless Jack: Lerch, I am not being selfish. If anything, I am leaving so the young blood can go up.

Seth Lerch: Cut the bullshit Jack. I know you pretty damn well. You are just sucking up to the fans.

Reckless Jack: Sucking up to the fans? When have I ever done that? Oh that's right, I really haven't. These people deserve the truth and I gave it to them. It explains why my heart hasn't been in this place since Torture "beat" me.

Seth Lerch: You could have left at any time. But no, you just want put yourself over.

Reckless Jack: Put myself over? The hell I am.

Seth Lerch: Reckless Jack, you are nothing but a bitch and a traitor to WCF, and you know it.

Reckless Jack: So if making a bigger name for myself and other companies and getting out of the way is being a traitor to WCF, then by all means I am.

Seth Lerch: Dammit Jack, WCF made you... And I will made sure WCF ends you before One.

Reckless Jack throws the microhone down and jumps out of the ring and runs up the ramp, going for Seth Lerch. Lerch puts his hands up in the air.

Seth Lerch: If you want to make it to One, you better not do a goddamn thing.

Reckless Jack mouths a few choice words for Seth as we go to the announcers.

Zach Davis: ...Reckless Jack... is leaving?!

Shannan Lerch: That asshole!

Zach Davis: And he's still wrestling tonight, too!

Shannan Lerch: I can't wait for the main event.. I hope he gets what's coming to him.

Skyler Striker vs JJ Biggs

The low bass of "Animal I Have Become" starts up and Skyler Striker walks onstage as the guitar comes in. He walks to the ring and slides in slowly, lowering his head at the end of the verse and the lights go out. As the chorus hits, the red lights flash on and Skyler spreads his arms in a crucifix pose, letting out an animalistic cry as white fireworks explode from each ring post. He goes to the turnbuckle and does another crucifix pose as a red glitter rains down from the ceiling.

"Voices" by Disturbed hits the sound system and it echoes throughout the arena. The audience, with an exception of a few, are on their feets yelling insults and such in the direction of the entrance ram. A few moments later, the curtain brushes aside and Jake Hudson walks out onto the top of the stage and he's followed by JJ Biggs. Biggs is wearing a pair of expensive sunglasses and a self-promotion shirt. The shirt reads, "The Greatest" on the front and on the back it reads, "That Ever Lived." The two men slowly make their way down the ring. Jake climbs up onto the ring apron while Biggs makes his way up the steel steps. Hudson holds down the middle rope as Biggs enters the ring. Biggs takes off his shirt and sunglasses; and he acts as if he's going to throw them into the crowd for souvenirs, instead, he hands them to Hudson.

Zach Davis: These two men will meet next week as well, when the Tag Team Titles are on the line.

They meet in the middle of the ring and tie up. Biggs gets the early advantage, putting Striker in a headlock. Biggs cranks on it, but Striker soon pushes him off. Biggs runs, hits the ropes, bounces, ducks a Clothesline from Striker, bounces off the other side, then Clotheslines Striker down himself. Striker gets to his feet quickly, Biggs throws him to the ropes now, and then follows up with a Tiltawhirl Slam! Biggs goes for a quick pin.



Striker kicks out.

Shannan Lerch: It takes much more than that to put away the Hardcore Champion.

Biggs picks Striker up, but Striker starts fighting back, hitting several shots to the gut. He grabs Biggs and hits a Kneeling Jawbreaker. He then stomps Biggs several times, taking his time and picking his shots. Eventually Striker begins climbing to the top rope. By the time he's up top, Biggs is to his feet. Biggs turns around, and Striker flies off with a Flying Leg Lariat! He connects perfectly, and now he goes for the pin.



No! Biggs gets the shoulder up.

Zach Davis: Good move, but too early in the match to put him away.

Striker pulls Biggs up and wraps him in an abdominal stretch. Biggs' face shows pain, and Striker hits him with his forearm a few times. The ref keeps asking Biggs if he wants to give it up, but he declines.

Shannan Lerch: While this move rarely makes anyone give up the match, that isn't the point. Striker is trying to wear Biggs down.

After several moments, Striker positions himself so he can drop Biggs down with a Reverse DDT. He immediately follows this up with a Standing Moonsault!

Zach Davis: Another pin!



No! Biggs kicks out again!

Shannan Lerch: ALMOST had him.

This time Striker positions Biggs near the ropes, and then runs to the other side. He executes the Rolling Thunder roll, then goes for a Leg Drop, but Biggs rolls out of the ring in the nick of time! Striker stumbles to his feet and Biggs trips him from under the ropes before pulling him out with him.

Zach Davis: This is NOT a Hardcore Title match, and this is not Hardcore rules. Biggs doesn't have a lot of time outside the ring, nor can he use weapons.

Biggs grabs Striker and throws him hard into the guardrail. Striker crashes into it hard. The fans scatter as Biggs goes on the attack, hitting several kicks to Striker's gut. Biggs then grabs him and whips him into the ring post! Striker crashes into that hard too, but before he can fall down Biggs grabs him and rolls him back into the ring. Biggs then rolls back in himself and goes for a pin.



No! Striker gets his foot on the ropes.

Shannan Lerch: Those were some brutal shots, but the Hardcore Champion is used to more than that, for sure.

Biggs is looking to end the match. He picks Striker up... and hits the Lights Out!

Zach Davis: That has gotta be it.

And another pin.



NO! Striker somehow gets his shoulder up!

Shannan Lerch: How did he do that?!

Biggs is furious. He quickly gets Striker up and signals that he's ready to end it. He positions him for the Biggs Implant, but Striker hits a few jabs and then reverses it into a Northern Lights Suplex into pin!



No! Biggs gets out of it. Again, he gets to his feet, and Striker is to his feet as well. Biggs wastes no time, however, and hits a stiff kick to Striker's gut before grabbing him again and hitting the Biggs Implant for real this time! And a pin.




Zach Davis: JJ Biggs has pinned the Hardcore Champion!

Biggs smiles and slides out of the ring. Striker slowly begins pulling himself up, realizing what happened.

Shannan Lerch: Will lightning strike twice? Will Disorder by Design win the Tag Titles back next week?

Zach Davis: Hell, will Vice defeat Thunder? That match is coming up!

Danny Vice vs Thunder

"Money" by Pink Floyd begins to play. As the cash register sound ends and the music begins, Thunder walks towards the ring. He reaches the apron and climbs the turnbuckle, taunting the fans.

Zach Davis: Thunder is certainly out for revenge tonight.

"Rookie" by Boy Sets Fire plays. The lights of the arena go out for several seconds. Two spotlights with strobe-like effects shine at the top of the ramp where Danny "The Vagrant" Vice stands. His arms are at his sides, bent at the elbow with his hands pointing upwards. His hands form two SuFis (middle, ring finger, and thumb extended). He lets out one loud scream then runs to the ring, sliding in under the bottom rope.

Immediately after entering the ring, Vice is struck with several right hands by Thunder. Thunder then sends him out over the top rope with a clothesline and then rolls out on the floor after him. Vice is sent into the guard rail with an irish whip. Thunder comes charging at Vice, but Vice backdrops Thunder into the crowd and onto several chairs. Vice pulls Thunder out of the crowd and a double underhook slam on the ramp.

Shannan Lerch: The match has just started and it’s already brutal!

The referee yells at Vice, telling him to get back in the ring. As this is happening, Thunder sneaks up behind Vice and low blows him. He follows it up with a t-bone suplex and then a piledriver.

Zach Davis: Dear God! Danny Vice may have broken his neck!

Shannan Lerch: The referee already has no control of this.

The referee now threatens to disqualify both men and bring an end to the match. Thunder shoves the referee out of the way and rolls Vice into the ring. He lifts Vice up for Thunder and Lightning, but Vice slips out and hits a standing dropkick.

Shannan Lerch: I can’t believe Vice has any energy left after what he went through only moments ago.

Zach Davis: Well, apparently he does.

Shannan Lerch: Obviously.

Vice sends Thunder into the ropes and slows down the pace by putting him in a sleeperhold. Thunder fights, but is soon practically out cold. The referee raises Thunder’s arm once and drops, and does the same a second time. On the third drop of the arm, Thunder shows signs of life. Thunder reaches his feet and bounces off the ropes, rolling up Vice afterwards.



Vice kicks out. Thunder, resting in the corner, removes the top turnbuckle pad. Vice comes charging at Thunder and Thunder shoves him into the exposed turnbuckle. With Vice now dazed, Thunder locks in the Cobra Clutch.

Shannan Lerch: Cobra Clutch! Vice has no chance now!

Zach Davis: But Thunder used the exposed turnbuckle to get the advantage.

Shannan Lerch: Who cares? Remember this: Win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat.

Zach Davis: Isn’t that a Jesse Ventura line?

Shannan Lerch: ....maybe...

The referee asks Vice if he gives up, but Vice is struggling conscious after the shot into the turnbuckle. He low blows Thunder and sends him into the exposed turnbuckle. He follows it up with Rejection.

Zach Davis: Nobody gets up from that!

Vice goes for the pin.



Thr...Thunder’s foot is on the ropes.

Shannan Lerch: So close.

Vice is upset, but immediately climbs the ropes. He goes for the Halo, but Thunder gets his knees up. Thunder reaches his feet and hits Vice with the Thunder and Lightning, followed by a cover.



Thr...this time Vice has his foot on the ropes.

Shannan Lerch: Once again, extremely close.

Zach Davis: Both these men have done it all, and neither wants to lose this one.

Thunder picks up Vice again for the Thunder and Lightning, but Vice slips out and sends Thunder into the ropes. Vice then catches him... and executes the Rejection! Vice pins, hooking the leg.



Shannan Lerch: Could this be it?!


Zach Davis: That's it! Vice has the win.

The Vagrant slides out of the ring after getting his arm raised.

Shannan Lerch: Both members of Disorder by Design were victorious tonight. Does this spell doom next week for the team of Striker and Thunder?

Zach Davis: I can't wait to find out.

Creeping Death/Reckless Jack vs Logan/Jack of Blades

We see Reckless Jack highlights on the screen as the arena is dark. Then huge pictures of Reckless Jack are shown with the words “He has arrived” on them.

Shannan Lerch: I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m supporting Reckless Jack and Creeping Death to beat Blades into a bloody pulp.

Now we hear the opening to Trivium's "Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr" fills the arena. The only hints of light are those of faint red strobe lights. As the chorus fills the arena, a trap door raises up. A red spotlight shines brightly on Reckless Jack as he is kneeling down. He springs to his feet and throws his arms out with a rain of pyro coming down behind him. The fans are cheering seeing Reckless Jack as he starts to headbang to the song. As he starts to walk to the ring, the spotlight stays on him as the people continue to cheer him. He slaps the hands of a few fans on his way to the ring. Once he is in the middle of the ramp, he stops and starts to hype himself up as he throws his arm into the air and lifts it high. A string of pyro shoots down the ramp as he brings the arm back down. He continues slap hands with the cheering fans. After he gets to the ring apron, he rolls into the ring, hopping on the nearest turnbuckle, throwing out his arms once more. The crowd cheers, as he hops down and does the same on the opposite turnbuckle.

Zach Davis: As we know, Reckless Jack, like his tag partner for the match, was scheduled to take part in the main event for One but was forcibly substituted for the Bastard Clown. Could be looking for revenge tonight.

The lights slowly fade to black. Bells toll as the screen shows shots of a big wooden cross wrapped in barbed wire. It's a sunny day as the "happy" opening to "The Light That Blinds" by Shadows Fall plays. The crowd goes along with the sounds. "Doo-da-doo dooing" along with it. As the song gets darker and darker, the sunny day turns to night. Black clouds roll in and rain begins falling on the cross. Lightning crashes about. As the lightning crashes, white lights in the arena flash. When the song kicks up, thirty four seconds in, the entire crowd begins headbanging in unison and throwing the horns in the air as the lights come on just a tad, giving light to the dark. Standing on the stage is Creeping Death, wearing a black hoodie with the hood up, arms stretched out in a crucifix fashion. CD stands there for a second or thirty, until the vocals start, taking in the crowd's reaction. Then he slowly makes his way down the ramp, looking out into the audience. As he reaches the ring, he slides in under the bottom rope, and pops to his feet. He gives a slow nod to Reckless as they wait for the entrances of Blades and Logan.

Shannan Lerch: Do him in, CD!

‘Master of Puppets’ hits the arena much to the surprise of everyone. The cameras quickly trail to the top of the ramp where a pyro display comparable to that of Hiroshima takes place featuring solid explosions of pure brightness and red embers falling onto the entrance plateau. Logan, on one side, is zoomed upon as he shares a smile at the sight of the competition in the ring. His ally, Blades also comes into view as he begins taunting the audience members closest to the entrance path. As the pyrotech finishes its display, they both move down the ramp in unison sharing a few tactics and jokes about the encounter. Meanwhile, some images from the entrance video are shown seeing it as an amalgamation of both Blades and Logan’s individual reels. It occasionally shows the pair during their Team of Treachery days looking on at whatever mayhem they have catalysed before returning to the pair waiting to enter the ring.

Zach Davis: Well, they did say there were going to be a united front so I suppose that includes simultaneous entrances and spliced movies.

They both take their usual pathways into the ring with Logan launching himself into the ring over the rope and Blades sliding through the ropes and up to his feet. Together in the ring, Reckless and CD watch on in preparation to find a sore, workable attack. Blades ignores them and moves closer to the announcement table while The Face of Treachery, ever the performer, gets closer to the camera and raises his arm in pre-emptive celebration. The camera quickly moves to Blades who is leaning out through the ropes and leering at Shannan with his usual grin. Suddenly, Reckless Jack rushes Blades and begins striking him to the extent that he forces him out of the ring. Reckless quickly follows up, as the bell rings, with a Somersault Dive on Blades from the ring to the outside. Logan, disturbed by the suddenness of the bell, turns around to find Creeping Death in a run. Logan manages to counter this by dropping him with a Drop Toe Hold but Creeping Death prevents full impact by pushing his body up from the canvas. Taking the momentum, Creeping Death slides out of the hold and applies a grounded shoulder bar on Logan. Logan, after a few moments of pain, manages to avoid this by turning the weight around and applying a Crossface.

Zach Davis: They’re really going at it but the problem is that the legal men haven’t been decided. The referee doesn’t know whether to count the Jacks out or view the submission hold in the ring.

We cut to the crash outside of the ring only to find that they have gotten to their feet and only to witness Reckless Jack having his shoulder impacted onto the steel steps. Blades uses the opportunity to move to his turnbuckle with Reckless doing the exact same after recovering. Given the opportunity to decide the official starting combatants for the match, Logan says he’ll ‘start’ whereas Creeping Death allows Reckless Jack to take his place. Jack moves into the ring and shakes off his shoulder before moving into position. Logan emulates him as they move around one another. Reckless Jack looks to enter a grapple but Logan instead grabs a Headlock. Applying pressure, Logan looks to focus on his neck. However, Reckless Jack’s experience allows him to quickly push Logan onto the ropes. Logan soon bounces back towards Jack trying a Knee Strike. Reckless Jack is fully aware of this and instead jumps into the air and connects with a beautiful Hurricanrana. Logan flips forward, very disorientated, and hangs up on the ropes. Reckless Jack quickly takes the offence by smashing a perfect Dropkick to his exposed back, which rotates so that RJ lands in a standing position.

Zach Davis: Very nice follow up from Reckless’ arsenal.

Logan, now favouring his back, tries in vain to escape any further attack but Reckless Jack hooks an arm back and drags him into an Overhead Belly-to-Belly. Forcing him over and into a bridge, Reckless holds for a pin.



Logan picks himself up early but keeps in reach of Reckless’ body positioning. Turning the bridge into a Double Underhook, Logan drags his enemy to a crouch and begins burying him with knees. After absorbing a few, Reckless Jack manages to unhook a single arm and apply a Face Lock forcing Logan into a Suplex. Before Logan is dropped vertically though, Reckless lowers him gently onto his feet so that Logan is perpendicular to him but still has his neck bent over Reckless Jack’s upper back. Jack then takes the opportunity to run forward while still cradling Logan’s head and force him into a Neckbreaker.

Shannan Lerch: Very inventive neckbreaker and show of control from Reckless. Pity it was on the wrong guy.

Logan tries to pick himself up but finds himself tending to his neck in doing so. Reckless lets out a audible show of his eclecticism and begins to charge at Logan hoping to connect with a Grounded Wizard Strike. Logan manages to gain enough composure to move away from Reckless and turn him around with a Butterfly Lock and thus forcing him over with a desperate German Suplex. Reckless Jack simply flips over though much to the unknowing Logan who eventually turns around to find a Three Quarter Face-Lock. With Logan stuck, Reckless signals that it is time for the Shirnai.

Zach Davis: Logan looks to have his neck turned inside out before being smashed into pieces.

In one final effort, Logan pushes Reckless Jack away and into the direction of Jack of Blades. Quickly taking the advantage, Blades, who still resides on the apron, grabs the charging Jack and forces him over the ropes and to the outside with a Grapple Choke Suplex. The crowd cheers madly at such a spectacle but is somewhat ambiguous about the injury that Reckless could have possibly suffered. The cameraman scramble to capture the brutal angle in which Reckless Jack landed and replays confirm that the force was at its most impressive on his neck. Of such impact was the landing is that it forced Reckless Jack’s body to buckle into an arc before atrophying into lifelessness. Logan, panting but thankful, nods at his partner for his interference and ability.

Zach Davis: Reckless Jack’s neck could have been broken there. Vicious attack from the opposing tag team.

The move seems to have had a mesmeric effect on the fans as they just look on hoping for some sign from Reckless. Logan moves through the ropes to presumably finish him off while Blades simply props himself onto the turnbuckle and looks on, enjoying the scene. Creeping Death tries to fend Logan off but the referee prevents his interference and sends him back to his area. Slapping his opponent on the floor, Logan sends Reckless through the ropes before following suit. With Reckless Jack either unconscious or asleep, Logan lifts him up and begins pummelling him with fists. Reckless Jack immediately falls back down to the ground much to Logan’s enjoyment. He lifts him up once more and does something similar barraging him with straights.

Zach Davis: Reckless Jack needs to get out of that ring.

Logan soon picks Reckless Jack and brings him into his corner. Tagging Blades in, Logan lifts Reckless Jack into a position across his chest. Jack of Blades, knowing fully what to do, bounces against the ropes and comes off, placing his foot directly against Reckless Jack’s head. Spinning around due to the force, Reckless Jack is thrown to the ground to complete the combination with a Gunn Slinger. Logan moves through the ropes allowing Blades to continue on with the attack. He lifts Reckless Jack up and whips him closer to him before driving him back with a European Uppercut. Bringing him to his feet, Jack of Blades continues with the attack, toying with his counterpart. After the fourth attempt of trying to whip Reckless into a European uppercut, Reckless Jack manages to get his breath and force a reversal trying to whip Blades into a turnbuckle. However, Blades, the less fatigued man, manages to counter this as well and powerfully whips Reckless Jack into the turnbuckle. Before reaching it, Reckless Jack, in a moment of sheer ability, launches himself onto the top rope and flies off onto Blades with a Inverted Corkscrew Splash. Both men collapse after the move has been hit as the crowd applauds for Reckless Jack to attempt a tag to CD.

Shannan Lerch: This is the time for Reckless to tag in Creeping Death. And for him to then beat the living daylights out of the bastard...

Zach Davis: ...Clown.

Reckless crawls along to CD and tags him in who rushes into the ring excitedly. Blades also manages a quick tag to Logan. Logan runs into the ring only to realise an energized Creeping Death is also present. Before he can escape, Logan finds himself receiving a Scoop Slam. CD then turns his attention to Blades but he manages to jump from the apron before Creeping Death can attack. Remaining low, Blades moves to the other side of the ring where Reckless Jack is perched trying to catch his breath. Blades pulls him down from the apron and punches him in the jaw as he lands. He continues his assault by smashing his face into the nearby announce table while leering at Shannan. He does it again and again as the camera captures Shannan’s anger growing. As he prepares to slam Reckless’ head into the table once more, Shannan suddenly slaps the taste from Blades’ mouth as if to confront him.

Zach Davis: What the --?

After recovering from the slap, Blades let out a large smile and moves away before rushing Jack once more and smashing his skull into the table with the most zeal. The cameras return to the ring where Creeping Death hits Logan with a Flipping Underhook Bomb. After laying Logan flat, Creeping Death points up and signals he’s going to leap. He soon does off a nearby turnbuckle with a 450 Phoenix Bomb. He remains over his body for the cover.



Logan kicks out!

Shannan Lerch: Go Logan! I guess!

Logan and CD both get to their feet. but CD dives and tags in Jack! RJ comes in with a head of steam and goes for a quick Clothesline, but Logan ducks. Both men turn, this time Logan goes for the Clothesline, RJ ducks, and BAM, Logan's arm hits the referee, sending him down.

Zach Davis: If I didn't know better, I'd say that was intentional.

And, coming as a surprise to no one, Seth Lerch is soon in the ring, chair in hand. He quickly hits RJ right in the back with it. Creeping Death is about to get in to attack, but Jack of Blades enters the ring and Clotheslines CD, sending him flying off the apron and into the guardrail. Seth smashes RJ across the back several times.

Shannan Lerch: On one hand, yay Seth! On the other hand, damnit, Blades.

Zach Davis: Shouldn't your brother be attacking Blades, to defend your honor or some such?

Shannan Lerch: Hey.... Good point, damn it.

Jack and Logan pick RJ up, and throw him to the ropes. Seth catches him... AND SETH HITS THE RECKLESS KILLING ONTO THE CHAIR!

Zach Davis: This isn't right! That was an amazing feat on Seth's part, but this isn't right!

Seth leaves the ring, taking his chair. Logan makes the pin as the ref comes to, right at the perfect time.




Shannan Lerch: Logan and Jack of Blades pick up the win. Sigh.

From outside the ring, Seth has a mic.

Seth Lerch: Don't be fooled, Reckless Jack. I know for a fact Logan and Blades would have easily won this match on their own. I didn't need to help them... I just wanted to get to you. And guess what? Next week, you'll be competing in a big handicap match! See you then!

Slam closes with Seth smiling and Jack of Blades and Logan, the two men that will face at One for the World Title, shaking hands over Reckless Jack's fallen body.