Sunday Slam Intro
Seth Lerch/Alliance of Violence Segment
MCE Gauntlet: Nick Woo vs Dehart vs Keiji Ezaki vs Nemesis vs Pennywise vs Colibri vs Jaa Panom vs Jigsaw vs Nate Nytro vs Creeping Death
Alliance of Violence Segment
Tag Titles: Jason Briggs/Mike Ragnal vs The Alliance of Violence
Outcast vs Conrad Howell
Davey Boone/Dys Segment
Seth Lerch vs Skyler Striker
Jesper Reisert/Willy Carter Segment
Danny Vice/Lawnmower Jones vs Bobby Cairo/Thunder
Jack of Blades/Logan/Alliance of Violence Segment

Sunday Slam Intro

Sitting by M83 blasts over the speakers, and Slam is on the air! The fans roar like madness, as always. Actually, for a change of pace, nevermind. The fans are a mediocre crowd tonight, making some noise but not SO much. It happens sometimes. We go to the announcers.

Zach Davis: Welcome, fans, to Sunday Slam! Last stop before Till Death Do Us Part. Shannan, get any new STDs over the Valentine's Day holiday?

Shannan Lerch: Alex Shelley gave me chlamydia.

Zach Davis: That is wonderful. Tonight we have a big card, with the main event of Danny Vice and Lawnmower Jones teaming up to face Bobby Cairo and Thunder.

Shannan Lerch: I almost feel bad for poor Jones, not getting to spend Valentine's Day with his poor Lonnie.

Zach Davis: Yes. Jones and Vice are in similar situations here, as Vice has been seperated from his sister, Janie Vice. However, Janie actively turned on him, hitting him with a chair and allowing Thunder to get the victory.

Shannan Lerch: Either way, Vice and Jones will be looking for revenge against the wife and sister stealing due of Cairo and Thunder.

Zach Davis: We have a Hardcore match with Seth Lerch taking on the Hardcore Champion, Skyler Striker. Skyler said he wanted a main event player, Seth came and argued and the challenge was made. Now, Seth and Striker go one on one.

Shannan Lerch: It's a shame it's just a non title match tonight, because I guarantee a Lerch victory and I'd like to see him walk out with the belt.

Zach Davis: Right.

Shannan Lerch: Outcast and Conrad Howell will go one on one. At Till Death Do Us Part, Outcast faces Chris Avery for the People's Title, while Howell faces JJ Biggs for the TV Title. One of these challengers will have the opportunity to get the upper hand and get a win before their big match, which will it be?

Zach Davis: We also have a Tag Title match tonight. You know, the Tag Division is really the most exciting it has been in a while, in my opinion.

Shannan Lerch: Well, we have new Champions in the Alliance of Violence, Davey Boone and Adam Knite. They'll face Jason Briggs and Mike Ragnal.

Zach Davis: Briggs and Ragnal have been having a bit of a rivalry since they debuted, and face each other at the PPV, so we'll have to see if they can get it together.

Shannan Lerch: We have the debut of the Modern Cutting Edge divison tonight. A brainchild of Creeping Death, we'll see superstars from all around the world compete.

Zach Davis: You almost seem excited about this, Shannan. You hate Creeping Death.

Shannan Lerch: I'm just excited because with all this talent, it'll be a chance to see some new people kicking CD's ass.

Zach Davis: I should have known.

Seth Lerch/Alliance of Violence Segment

Willy Carter and Davey Boone are both seen sitting in the office of Seth Lerch as Adam Knite is pacing back and forth. There is a doctor in the room doing another exam of Davey Boone, from an injury that must have occured last week.

Seth Lerch: Doctor, can he go tonight?

WCF Doctor: I....I don't think so Mr. Lerch.

Davey Boone: I'm going tonight! I don't give a damn what the doctor says!

Boone grabs a piece of paper off of Seth's desk and begins writing.

Seth Lerch: If the doctor says you can't wrestle tonight, then you guys will have to forfeit the titles to your opponents Ragnal and Briggs.

Adam is fuming mad now as he begins to head over towards Lerch to choke him out, but not before Carter grabs him and pulls him back!

"Sweet" Willy Carter: Alright! Seth, your Hardcore match against the Hardcore champ.... If AoV promises to have your back in this match, would you allow Boone to wrestle tonight?

Seth Lerch: Hmmm...that's an interesting concept that I haven't considered. Yeah... you have yourselves a deal.

Davey Boone: Alright, there...signed and delivered. I do not hold the WCF or any official or representative of the WCF responsible for any further injuries that may be caused to me tonight. So now I can wrestle the match, right doctor?

WCF Doctor: I'm not held responsible, and none of the front office is held responsible so I don't see why you can't go now. Good luck and I'll be standing by.....

The doctor leaves the office as Boone gets up and Carter helps him out the door as Knite points at Lerch and gives the throat slash sign as Lerch is smiling. Will Seth Lerch use AoV to help him in his hardcore match against Striker?

Modern Cutting Edge Division Gauntlet Match
Nick Woo vs Dehart vs Keiji Ezaki vs Nemesis vs Pennywise vs Colibri vs Jaa Panom vs Jigsaw vs Nate Nytro vs Creeping Death

Zach Davis: This is the Modern Cutting Edge Division Gauntlet Match. Every single MCE match will be contested under No DQ rules, but run-ins are highly frowned upon and could permit a disqualification. Two men will begin, and once one man pins or submits, he goes to the back and another man comes out. We've only seen two of these men before, so this should be rather intereseting. We have not been allowed to do commentary, as for a good reason, we have no idea who is who and their history, outside Nate Nytro and CD. I imagine Creeping Death would have done the commentary, but he is participating.

The lights go dim as the beginning of “Before I Forget” hits. After the drums and bass kick in, on each hard beat, a blue strobe flashes simultaneously with it, while at the same time smoke pours from the entranceway, shrouding it in a fog. Once the word “Go!” is heard in the song and the rhythm picks up, Nate Nytro runs out to the stage. He begins to head bang a little and then approaches the ring. He slides in and taunts on two opposite turnbuckles. On the first, he usually head bangs a bit to psyche-up the crowd. On the other, he gives the traditional, heavy metal devil horns.

"Buscandome" by nonpoint hits and the crowd begins to stir. From out of the back comes the man from Mexico, Colibri. Colibri runs down and slides right into the ring.

The bell sounds and the match is under way.

Nate and Colibri lock up, with Nate obviously having the upper hand. Nate whips Colibri into the ropes, but Colibri slides under them. Nate goes on the attack and eats a forearm to the head. Colibri springboards off the top rope and catches Nate with a picture perfect huricanranna, sending Nate into the corner upside down. Nate bounces off and lands on his feet, however, as Colibri comes in with a spinning head scissors. Even with the time off, Nate is quick, and sits out with an inverted powerbomb. Colibri bounces off his chest. Nate turns Colibri over and hits a moonsault splash. The pin..



kickout. Nate lifts Colibri off the mat, dead life style up into a powerbomb and runs full speed at the ropes. Colibri counters and sends Nate through the top and middle rope to the floor. Colibri comes off the top rope in a Tope con Hilo, but Nate catches him and powerbombs Colibri onto the guard rail, almost breaking the little man in two pieces.

Nate picks little Colibri up and throws him into the ring. With one move, Nate comes off the top with his frog splash, the Inspyration, and pins.




Suddenly, the Mortal Kombat Theme hits the airwaves and Nick Woo runs down and slides into the ring. Nick Woo goes to town on Nate, punches and kicks before snapping around and owning Nytro with a Stone Cold Stunner! Nate bounces off and Woo quickly covers.



Nate kicks out, barely. Woo picks Nate up and throws him into the turnbuckle, following with a rolling heel kick to the face, and following that up with a belly to belly suplex. Nate stands right up and is met with a Woo Bottom, but Nate backflips out and picks Woo up into the Catatonic Finish, but Woo turns in mid air and armdrags Nate, goes for a dropkick and misses, goes for a clothesline but Nate ducks and hits the ropes, and Nate just levels Woo with a rolling clothesline. Woo backrolls through and is met with a kick to the gut, but he catches the foot. Woo once again grabs Nate in the Woo Bottom, but Nate elbows his way free and rolls Woo up quick...




Woo is stunned. Nate flops over to his back as demented circus music hits. Pennywise the Clown runs down to the ring at full speed and basement dropkicks Nate in the skull. Pennywise picks Nate up in a Canadian Backbreaker and drops it into a DDT, spiking Nate on the top of his head.




Pennywise rolls Nate to the outside while "Deserver" by Index Case hits. Dehart makes his way down to the ring, gets in, and stands face to face with Pennywise. Dehart invites Pennywise to hit the ropes and shoulder block him. Pennywise agrees, and knocks Dehart down. Dehart stands up and asks him to do it again. Pennywise does, and once again, Dehart goes down. He gets back up and asks for a third. Pennywise does, but on the way back, eats a drop toe hold and then a middle rope launch legdrop to to the head! Dehart hits a Fisherman Buster, and Pennywise sits up from the impact. Dehart bounces off the ropes behind Pennywise, jumps over him and lands on the middle rope he's facing, springboards back and dropkicks Pennywise in the face!

Pennywise staggers to his feet and gets caught in a Burning Hammer. Dehart, however, has pumphandled one arm and cutthroatted the other. Dehart spins around, sits out and dumps Pennywise over right on his head between Dehart's legs, folding him up. Pennywise is caught in the accordian position due to his arms beind trapped.




Thai Techno Blast Beats come over the WCF PA system, as Jaa Panom runs down to the ring, hands wrapped in rope. He slides into the ring and frontkicks Dehart right in the stomach, then brings his foot up in an uppercut, knocking Dehart into a backflip. Dehart struggles to stand up, and when he does, Jaa comes flying across the ring with an elbow strike to the forehead, knocking Dehart to the apron. Jaa comes at Dehart again with both knees, knocking Dehart literally into the crowd. Dehart flew off the apron straight over the guard rail into the crowd. Jaa climbs to the top rope and jumps in but is met with a superkick, knocking him over the guardrail and back to the ringside area! Dehart flips over the rail and lands on Jaa with a senton. Dehart is slow to get up, but he has to assist Jaa in standing. Dehart sets up a table on the floor and slides into the ring with Jaa. Dehart picks Jaa up in a suplex and goes toward the ropes, but Jaa falls behind him and lands on his feet. Jaa swings with a roundhouse but Dehart ducks and connects with a Mortal Kombat style uppercut. Dehart covers.




Jaa is out. "The Light that Blinds" by Shadows Fall hits and Creeping Death runs down to the ring. He slides in and locks up with Dehart. Dehart goes behind and throws CD back in a German Suplex, but CD backflips and lands on his feet, and then meets Dehart with an enziguri. Dehart stumbles to the corner where CD comes flying out of nowhere with a dropkick, trapping Dehart. Dehart stumbles out and CD takes his head off with a face claw STO, bouncing Dehart's skull off the mat. CD pins.




Acedemic. The lights just turn off. "Pathetic" by Lamb of God hits and two glowing red eyes come out from the back, but that is all you can see. They enter the ring and the lights come on to show a man dressed in all black. Baggy black pants, black shirt long sleeve shirt, almost a hoodie, with a hood that is up, no face can be seen, just glowing red eyes. Black gloves and boots. Likely a pure black mask or a black screen attached to the hood, but nobody can really tell. Just black. That man must be Nemesis. Nemesis grabs CD by the throat, picks him up, and launches CD into the corner where Nemesis follows with a clothesline and then a Death Valley Driver. Nemesis climbs the ropes and comes off with a giant Shooting Star Leg Drop to CD. Nemesis pins..



CD kicks out. Nemesis isn't happy, slamming his fist on the mat. He picks CD up and throws him into the ropes, but CD comes back with an Eulogy of the Dead flipping piledriver, spiking Nemsis! CD quickly exits the ring, looks under, grabs a ladder, and slides it in. CD sets up the ladder in the corner and climbs it. CD flies off the top of the 12 foot ladder in a 450 Splash, crushing himself and Nemesis in the process! CD lays on Nemesis.




As quick as a hiccup, Keiji Ezaki is in the ring and pinning Creeping Death!




Ezaki rolls CD out of the ring and awaits Jigsaw. Jigsaw hits the ring and it met with a big boot to the face, and then gets picked up in a press slam ... and is thrown over the top rope head first through the table Dehart set up earlier! Jigsaw lands awkwardly on his head and is not moving. The ref begins counting him out ... and does it. Keiji Ezaki dominates the last man to win the first ever Modern Cutting Edge Gauntlet.

Alliance of Violence Segment

The scene cuts to the backstage area as the AoV are all sitting around in the locker room polishing up on their tag team belts. Carter has a piece of paper and a pencil and is writing stuff down.

Davey Boone: What are you writing down over there? Notes on how to beat these guys?

Adam Knite: Yeah man, you hear Mike Ragnal...he could take a dumb and eat a donut on this match...he just hates Briggs.

"Sweet" Willy Carter: I don’t know what I’m doing really...

Davey Boone: Oh lord..

Adam Knite: Just like a little nigger man....

"Sweet" Willy Carter: I mean, I know what I’m doing but I don’t know what made me want to do it.

Davey Boone: You pervert, sleeping with little children again is against the law!

Adam Knite: Maybe you should speak for yourself over the PEDO-ASS!

Davey Boone: SHUT UP!

"Sweet" Willy Carter: No idiots, Mike said he wants to “create a name for himself”...that he’s got a “name to protect”...I’ve been brainstorming here and I’ve come up with a couple of names here that he might could use. We have “The Savior” Davey Boone, Adam “Raptor” Knite, and “Sweet” Willy ready for this?

Adam Knite: Yeah, I’ve been thinking a little on that too..hmmm..what do you have?

"Sweet" Willy Carter: Mike “On the Rag” Ragnal?

Davey Boone: HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Mike does sound like he’s on his period when he speaks, does sound like a good name.

"Sweet" Willy Carter: Or how about this one...”The Raging” Mike Ragnal?

Adam Knite: No, nothing raging about him except his hormones. How about Mike “The Ragenetic Homosexual Rapscallion” Ragnal?

"Sweet" Willy Carter: Ragerentic isn’t a word you white jerk!

Davey Boone: Uhhh, what is a Rapscallion? I don’t know, let’s see how he does in the ring and we will figure something out. I say if we kick his ass like we did the former tag team champions then we get to call him whatever name we want. He wants to win and create a name for himself, when we beat him we get to create a name for himself!

Adam Knite: Cool, speaking of which I think we are up next...time to defend the gold!

"Sweet" Willy Carter: By the way guys, I’ve been talking to Seth some about us feeling we need to “expand” the competition a little bit. Not sure about the pay per view yet, but if Seth doesn’t book us in a match then I’ve got a couple of guys lined up for the pay per view in a non:sanctioned, non:title match and possibly a street fight!

Davey Boone: That sounds pretty extreme, who do you have in mind?

All three of the guys get up and are heading out the door, as they open the door their old friend The Violent One is walking in the backstage area.

"Sweet" Willy Carter: HIM!

Davey Boone: Sweet! Team Xtreme! But where is TXO?

The Violent One: Hey guys, good luck with your tag match tonight!

The scene cuts back to the ring as the tag team title match is next!

Tag Team Titles Match
Jason Briggs/Mike Ragnal vs The Alliance of Violence

The lights begin blinking several different colors as High Voltage (Footsoldier Remix) by Linkin Park hits. A lightning-like pyro blasts, and Mike Ragnal steps out from the back. He walks to the ring, looking towards the ring and sometimes at the fans. He steps up onto the apron, looks out into the crowd, then enters.

Zach Davis: And the first competitor has entered the ring in Mike Ragnal! I don’t see how he and Briggs are going to co-exist tonight fighting for one cause and that becoming Tag Team Champions?

Shannan Lerch: I don’t see how you can even see to pee when you use the bathroom!

The lights go out and Ride With Me hits the P/A speakers and fireworks spray off the speakers and lights flash back on. Out walks Jason Briggs and Mr Anderson walking ahead of him. Jason heads to the ring and slides in and lays on the ropes as Mr.Anderson stands in front of him, waiting for his match. Mike has stepped outside the ring to allow Briggs to do his thing around the ring as Mr. Anderson is clapping his hands together.

Shannan Lerch: Wow, he looks like the biggest loser in wrestling history...but then I see you sitting beside me!

Zach Davis: Jason Briggs is a great addition to the WCF locker room and I’m sure he’ll take Mike Ragnal to the limit at the pay per view! That being said, folks Till Death Do Us Part will be coming to you live February 25th! Big matches have already been signed including the same 2 men that are teaming up today Mike Ragnal and Jason Briggs as well as Chris Avery defending his People’s Title against Outcast and the big main event as Jack of Blades defends his title against Logan!

Shannan Lerch: As long as either of those 2 are champions then NOBODY will ever get a chance at the title! That’s just how things go around here Zach.

“Rooster” by Alice and Chains hits over the PA as the Alliance of Violence lead by “Sweet” Willy Carter their manager head towards the ring wearing their tag team gold as they stop to slap the hands of their loving fans. They climb into the ring as Mr. Anderson and Briggs step out of the ring in respect to allow AoV do their thing as they stand on the opposite turnbuckles and hold up their tag team titles! Mike Ragnal takes advantage of this opportunity without discussing anything with Briggs and attacks Adam Knite while he’s on the turnbuckle as Carter slides out of the ring and Boone not knowing what is going on, the referee calls for the bell to start the match as he takes Adam’s tag belt and slides it out of the ring to Carter.

Shannan Lerch: There you go Mike, lay it to them! That’s the only way you will become a champion is by jumping on your opponent quick!

Zach Davis: Mike Ragnal is an @$$hole for this and Briggs has no idea what’s going on!

Mike has Knite in a headlock as Boone is now in his corner begging for Knite to tag him. Mike continues his assault by slamming his fist into the head of Knite as the ref is counting for Mike to stop. Knite pushes Mike back into the ropes and swings him off of him and ducks a clothesline attempt by Mike and slinging himself off the opposite ropes and HUGE CLOTHESLINE BY KNITE! Knite makes the cover.




Adam Knite now has Mike in a rear chin lock as the crowd is cheering AoV on as Carter is getting the crowd more and more involved. Briggs is reaching out for a tag as well, Mike finally gets back to a knee but falls back down to the pressure of the chin lock. The referee is checking Mike, but Mike refuses to quit! He’s coming back to his feet now and slams a couple of elbow shots into Adam that causes him to break the hold. Mike slings himself off the ropes and is nailed with another huge clothesline by Adam Knite! Knite has Mike up on his shoulders, swings Mike into a neck breaker!!! Knite makes another cover.....




Knite grabs Mike and pulls him over to Boone and tags him in as Boone lands a right hand to Mike and pushes him back into their corner. He begins stomping on Mike in the corner before the referee finally asks him to back off. Boone backs up and then comes in on Mike again who delivers a thumb to the eyes and then slams an elbow into the face of Adam Knite and comes back with a huge right hand to Boone which knocks him clear to the middle of the ring. Mike crawls over to his corner and tags in Briggs who gets a mild pop from the crowd as he enters the ring.

Shannan Lerch: This should be BORING!

Zach Davis: Mike has made the tag to Jason Briggs as Jason is looking to get them back into the match!

Briggs immediately runs at a stunned Boone and jumps up...SWINGING DDT! Briggs makes a quick cover! This is it!! NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!



KICK OUT BY BOONE! Briggs can’t believe it and continues his assault on Davey Boone. He hooks an arm behind his head and delivers a snap suplex to Boone and makes another cover...


Boone kicks out quicker this time as Briggs stands up and looks around the arena as the crowd is going crazy as Briggs is now placing Boone in the SHARPSHOOTER!! Briggs has Davey Boone in his own trademark move in the middle of the ring! Boone is riving in pain as he reaches out for the ropes as Knite is trying to rally the crowd behind him! Mr. Anderson walks around the ring and is cheering on Briggs! Knite notices Briggs is getting close to their corner as he hops off the apron and runs over to Mr. Anderson and grabs him as Carter is now up on the apron as the referee is trying to tell him to get down. Briggs lets go of the hold to go to the aid of his manager Mr. Anderson who is in a tie up with Adam Knite on the outside. Knite and Anderson finally let go of each other as Mike is now in the ring and has Boone picked up as he runs across the ring nailing Boone with Briggs’ own finisher, the Lightsout Bomb. Briggs turns around and is visibly disgusted with the acts of Mike Ragnal and begins yelling at him to stay in the corner as the 2 come nose to nose with each other. Mike slides out of the ring as the referee has now turned his attention back into the ring and notices the tag between Knite and Boone. Knite enters the ring as Briggs still has his head turned towards Mike still upset with what he saw as Knite nails Briggs with a bull dog!

Zach Davis: Briggs is wanting to win the titles fair and square, but Mike Ragnal decided to take matters into his own hands!

Shannan Lerch: Briggs slowed the match down with his sharp shooter and Ragnal just wanted to quicken the pace a little bit. No harm done!

Knite looks towards the crowd as he nails Briggs with the Knites of the Round! Knite stands back and waits for Briggs to get to his feet as the crowd is going nuts behind the AoV. Briggs crawls over to the corner where Mike is at and reaches out to make the tag as Mike reaches down and then pulls back and drops off the apron. The crowd is booing wildly at Mike for his actions as he throws his hands up towards Briggs in disgust. Knite seeing this opportunity tags in Davey Boone and says something to him. Boone is in the ring as Briggs stands up and is immediately met with a SUPER KICK! Knite turns towards Boone who is perched up on the turnbuckle as Carter has Mike’s attention telling him he can’t leave the ring and he must get back in his corner. Mike turns around as Boone leaps off doing a front flip and plants Mike to the mat! The crowd is going crazy as Carter picks up Mike and flips him back into the ring as Boone quickly follows!

Zach Davis: What an awesome match this has been! Finally Mike Ragnal gets his just dues from the way he’s been treating Jason Briggs!

Knite grabs Mike in the Knites of the Round as Boone grabs from the other side....UP AND DOUBLE KNITES OF THE ROUND DOWN! Knite kicks the limp body of Mike Ragnal out of the ring as Boone draws his attention towards Briggs and pulls him to the center of the ring, and now he’s got Briggs locked in the SHARP SHOOTER! Riggs is in tremendous pain as Mr. Anderson is now up on the apron as the referee has drawn his attention towards him with Adam helping by pointing out him interfering. Willy Carter takes the initiative to end the match his own way as he’s got a chair and is now in the ring and is fixing to smash Briggs in the face with the chair. Suddenly a man is seen sprinting towards the ring as it is JESPER REISERT! He climbs into the ring and grabs the chair from Carter’s hand as they are jousting for the rights of the chair. Carter yanks on the chair as Jesper lets go and Carter accidently slams the chair into his OWN face! Carter flips out of the ring as Jesper rakes the chair out of the ring and begins heading back up towards the ramp. Boone still has the sharp shooter locked in as Briggs is still trying to get out of the hold! He’s clawing and giving everything he’s got and comes within inches of reaching the ropes but is pulled back out into the middle of the ring! He taps out!

Shannan Lerch: Looks like the Alliance of Violence has retained the belts!

Boone releases the hold, and Briggs rolls out of the ring. He and Knite take the Tag Team Titles and raise them high in the air to a chorus of boos.

Zach Davis: Somehow, I doubt this is the last we'll be seeing of the AoV tonight...

Outcast vs Conrad Howell

"God of Thunder" hits and Outcast walks out. He points to his NCW shirt halfway down the ring. He slides into the ring and takes off his shirt, holding it up for everyone to see before putting it back on.

Shannan Lerch: This is the man that will be facing the People's Champ at Till Death Do Us Part.

“In Bed With Quinsy” by Albannach starts to play; the crowd gives a mixed reaction, as Conrad Howell walks out to the center of the entrance. Conrad sticks his arms out to the side and tilts his head to look up. After a few seconds of posing, Conrad's bodyguard joins him and they both make their way to the ring, Conrad stops at the ring side area starts bouncing from one foot to the other in sync with the drums, then slides in the ring as his Bodyguard walks around the outside.

Zach Davis: And THIS is the man that will be facing JJ Biggs for the Television Title.

The bell rings. Outcast and Howell approach each other and tie up. Outcast overpower Howell, pushing him into a corner. Outcast then takes a swing, but Howell ducks it and hits a few stiff kicks to Outcast's midsection, sending him into the turnbuckle. Outcast stumbles out from the corner and Howell hits a quick Superkick, sending him back down. He then goes for a pin.



No, Outcast kicks out.

Shannan Lerch: The Wolf not able to get the win quite yet.

Howell then picks Outcast up, but Outcast uses sheer power and pushes him away. Howell approaches him again, but Outcast grabs him and hits a big Belly to Belly Suplex. He then starts kicking away at him. Howell crawls to the ropes and slides out to ringside. Outcast immediately rolls out to follow him, but as he does Howell is ready, hitting some stiff kicks to his legs. The Wolf then throws Outcast hard into the steel steps. Outcast gets back up to his feet and stumbles towards Howell, who executes a Drop Toe Hold, sending Outcast falling to the mat.

Zach Davis: The Wolf on the offense here, let's see if he can keep it going.

Howell climbs onto the turnbuckle, and looks behind him before execuing an Asai Moonsault!

Shannan Lerch: We don't see him go high risk often, but it just paid off!

He hits Outcast picture perfectly, and then picks him up and slides him into the ring. He then gets back onto the apron, Springboards into the ring and hits a Leg Drop. He follows this up with a pin.



No, Outcast kicks out again.

Zach Davis: Howell is using his speed to combat Outcast's size and strength.

Howell lets Outcast begin to stand, and it looks like he's measuring him up to hit a big move... until JJ Biggs begins walking down the ramp, and Howell looks down that way.

Shannan Lerch: And here is The Greatest.

The Television Title is around Biggs' waist, and he's pointing at it, yelling trash to Howell. Howell yells back, and is distracted long enough for Outcast to roll him up from behind!



No! Howell kicks out. Getting his head back in the match, he stands up, only to be greeted with a hard forearm to the face by Outcast. Outcast hits several more forearms before backing Howell into the ropes and then throwing him to the other side. The Wolf bounces off, and Outcast catches him in a Nail in the Coffin! He grabs the leg for a pin.



NO! Conrad again kicks out!

Zach Davis: The Wolf refuses to be pinned.

Outcast stands up, arguing with the ref. Biggs jumps up onto the apron, TV Title in hand. He's behind the ref, who keeps backing up as Outcast is arguing with him... BAM! Once he's in reach, Biggs clocks the ref in the head with the belt. Biggs then enters the ring, runs at a now standing Howell, and clocks him with the belt to the head as well!

Shannan Lerch: Howell is getting what he deserves! He wanted the Title from Biggs and he got it!

Biggs rolls out, but Outcast isn't finished yet. He picks Howell up and takes him to the top rope... and executes the Black Out! He then pins, and Biggs gets the ref to wake up and make the count.




Zach Davis: Outcast wins this one, and may be well on his way to the People's Title.

Outcast rolls out of the ring, satisfied with the victory, and heads to the back. Meanwhile, Biggs is in the ring, talking more trash to the fallen Conrad Howell.

Shannan Lerch: Those two will meet in the ring at Till Death Do Us Part, and I can't wait.

Davey Boone/Dys Segment

Backstage, Davey Boone of the AoV is seen leaving the office of Seth Lerch and at the same time, Dysphoria, Jack of Blades' assistant so to speak, is walking by. With her and perhaps as attractive to the Alliance of Violence as herself is Jack of Blades' World Heavyweight Championship.

Davey Boone: Hey, you know how I beat your boss last week for the Tag Team belts? Does it come with any other little extras?

Boone approaches her with the utmost confidence in his ability to seduce her.

Dys: Well considering that you haven't inherited any of Jack's innate charm, elegant vernacular or his elusive train of thought, I'm guessing no.

Boone, not being one to give up, follows her down the corridor.

Davey Boone: Wow, pretty and smart! Maybe it's because your blonde, but I'd have thought you'd have had a greater interest as to what is in this document. It could concern your boss! It could be a request for a title shot, what considering Adam and I pinned his ass, or it could be a simple contract extension...

Dys, her attention mounted, moves back to Boone and looks at the paper document in his hand.

Dys: Well, if that thing you do have is a title request, you should write all thoughts and ideas on a comment card and post it through our dressing room door where Jack will proceed to acknowledge it, force Jesper to swallow it before passing through his digestive system and forming a physical representation of Jack's opinion of you.

Davey Boone: A simple no would have sufficed!

Dys: Ok. No, I'm not interested.

Davey Boone: Would you be interested if I mentioned the words 'Lion's Den' and 'match?'

Dys sighs and goes to move away from Boone but the pair of them are stopped by gurgled screams coming from off-camera. They move to investigate seeing Jesper Reisert delivering numerous elbow-drops on a crumpled figure of a lady, with mops and other such cleaning equipment surrounding her.

Jesper Reisert: How do you like me now, Carter? How do you like me now?

Jesper delivers another elbow drop before being wrangled off her by Dysphoria.

Dys: Goddamnit, Jesper! That's not Carter, that's just another random cleaner that you have attacked in the past four days.

Jesper Reisert: Well, I got confused. They both look like sun-dried raisins! And the ammonia they use sets me off on a bloody rampage!

Jesper notices Boone watching the defeated cleaner draw steroid breath from her inhaler, in complete awe of Jesper's seemingly logical stupidity.

Jesper Reisert: Boone, you're that guy who gives orders to Carter. Tell him I want to see him in the ring later tonight with five million dollars or the girl...she dies!

Dysphoria just stares in confusion at Jesper reminding him of his mistake.

Jesper Reisert: I may have confused two different events going on in my life at this moment but I still want to see him in the ring.

Jesper Reisert is forced away to some area without any stimuli to set him off into a rabid state of moronity by Dysphoria while the camera focuses on Boone nodding his head in agreement with some conclusion he has drawn collectively with his inner voice. Nobody pays any heed to the floored worker who is in deep hyperventilation.

Hardcore Non-Title Match
Seth Lerch vs Skyler Striker

Zach Davis: Well, I guess it’s time for our Hardcore Match.

Shannan Lerch: Oh God. It’s impossible for me to keep NOT feeling sorry for Seth.

Master of Puppets by Metallica hits, and Seth walks out. He walks to the ring, slapping a few hands, and rolls in. He headbangs a bit to the music once he's in the ring.

Zach Davis: This match is basically the owner of the WCF versus possibly the most violent member on the roster.

A bell rings and the arena lights shut off completely except for a dark blue light that covers the entrance. Another bell replaces it with the same ring. This too fades until a guitar powers out over the P.A., and the bell rings a third time as the introduction to Metallica’s “For Whom The Bell Tolls” plays. The haunting sounds continue as more blue lights come and go around the arena. The preceding lyricless verse and chorus play, instead the song leads straight into the first verse with words. A shadowy figure emerges at the entranceway, completely black in the dark blue light. A flash of light reveals Skyler Striker, dressed in an unbuttoned black shirt and his torn maroon pants. He steps out onto the entrance stage and stands completely still for a moment. He begins his walk to the ring as the lone light follows him down, the arena still black. Skyler slides into the ring and stops in the middle, throwing off his shirt and spreads his arms in a crucifix pose as the lights come up with red pyro exploding from the turnbuckles. Skyler walks to the turnbuckle and does another crucifix, before turning to Seth and raising his Hardcore Title in the air.

Shannan Lerch: The Hardcore Champion is here!

Zach Davis: He’s ready, but I’m still not sure about Seth. Seth has never had too much luck in actual wrestling. A great businessman, but a pathetic wrestler.

Shannan Lerch: Shut up, you want to keep your job?

Seth motions at Skyler to start, and the bell rings. Striker dives at Seth out of nowhere, spearing him hard in the stomach, and Seth folds in half from the impact. Skyler goes for an early pin, 1..2, Seth kicks out.

Zach Davis: You don’t pin anyone that easy. Not even Seth.

Seth gets to his feet and goes for a run at Skyler but Skyler ducks and grabs Seth under the arm and across the neck as he runs, hitting a nasty Side Effect. Skyler one again goes for a pin,, Seth kicks out again, and the two are straight back up. Skyler goes and grabs Seth by the torso, putting him in an abdominal stretch. Holding control of Seth’s left leg, Skyler jumps with his right and pulls Seth’s leg out from under him, and twists forward, pushing Seth into the mat hard. Another pin,, Seth kicks out again. Striker stands and grabs Seth’s leg before pushing his knee into Seth’s back and pulling the leg back into a one arm Boston crab. Seth yells in pain but manages to throw his arm far enough to reach the bottom rope, and the ref tells Striker to break the hold. Striker lets go, having established dominance over Seth in the early going.

Zach Davis: Striker has established dominance over Seth in the early going!

Shannan Lerch: What the hell. Deja’vu.

Striker lifts Seth to his feet and hits the ropes, jumping over Seth, who is bent over trying to recover, and as he comes back, he leapfrogs Seth again – or would have, had Seth not got in perfect position to block it and hit a nasty spinebuster.

Zach Davis: Ouch. Stopped in midair by Seth and brought back down easily as hard.

Seth covers Striker,, Striker kicks out this time. Seth rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair from ringside, folding it in half and rolling back into the ring. He swings at Striker, who is making it to his feet, and with a loud bang, hits the side of Striker’s forehead. Striker starts bleeding and Seth grins maniacally, drilling Striker again with the chair. Striker collapses, and after a third chair shot to the sternum, Seth drops the bloodstained chair and goes for a pin,! Striker kicks out and Seth yells something about pay checks at the ref. He grabs the chair again and swings it again, but Striker rolls out of the way, and as Seth stands in the middle of the ring reverberating from the shot, Striker jumps to the middle rope and hits a springboard spear on Seth, driving him to the mat. Striker collapses also and the ref begins his count to ten.


Striker sits up, still dazed, and spots the chair.


Seth is also on his knees, seeing Striker crawling for the chair.


Seth stands, and conveniently steps on Striker’s hand. Striker yells in pain and Seth drops an elbow on him before going to pin him, rubbing his forearm into the side of Striker’s head, which is bleeding nastily., Striker kicks out and Seth gets to his feet, rolling out of the ring on the side closest the entrance ramp and looking under the ring.

Shannan Lerch: What’s he looking for now?

Zach Davis: Probably something that will hurt.

Shannan Lerch: What innovation.

Seth grabs a wooden table out from under the ring and sets it up before rolling back into the ring. Striker, however, is on his feet, and he grabs Seth by the head and jumps onto the second rope, spinning back around to drill Seth with an Impaler DDT – right onto a steel chair!

Zach Davis: He sorta walked into that one, didn’t he?

Striker covers Lerch, 1..2..3NO! Seth kicks out yet again.

Shannan Lerch: Seth has a lot more in him than it would first seem.

Striker grabs the chair and poises in the corner, waiting for Seth to stand. As he looks around, there is a commotion in the crowd. Someone is rushing towards the barricade, but as Skyler looks closer, it is just a fan who ran to the back to get a beer, and Striker, caught unawares, has the chair grabbed off him by Lerch, who swings it into the side of Striker’s head again. Striker begins bleeding again, and drops to the mat. Seth drags him to the entrance ramp side of the ring, and lifts him to his feet, turning him around and hanging Skyler on the rope so that Striker’s head is facing the entrance ramp. Seth steps through the second and third ropes, Skyler draped on them still, and takes a run from the end of the apron before getting a massive uppercut on Striker, who swings, but does not fall. Seth goes under the ring again, grabbing a chair and swinging it violently into Striker’s head. Striker looks completely out of it, and Seth grabs a mic from ringside.

Seth Lerch: Now, now!

Davey Boone and Adam Knite run down from the entrance and Seth grins as they jump onto the apron.

Zach Davis: It’s the WCF Tag Champions, the Alliance of Violence!

Seth drills Striker with the chair a final time as the Alliance of Violence grab Striker by the head and hook his arms over their shoulders. Taking an equal weight, both members lift Striker and fall backwards, hitting a dual vertical suplex right through the table set up there!

Shannan Lerch: Well, Striker is gone.

Seth throws Striker into the ring and covers him with the Alliance standing guard..




Zach Davis: Well, with some illegal help, Seth wins this one.

Shannan Lerch: It’s all legal, idiot! It’s a hardcore match! No rules!

Seth stands as ‘Master of Puppets’ hits and he grabs a mic. The music fades again and the crowd boo as the Alliance grin and applaud Seth.

Seth Lerch: Well, Striker, there you go. How can you be main event material if you can’t even beat me? In fact, I think you’re in line for a demotion. You’re without an opponent for Till Death Do Us Part, and I’m going to give you one.

Zach Davis: Here we go.

Seth Lerch: This Sunday, Skyler Striker, you will defend your hardcore title… against ME.

Shannan Lerch: Whoa!

Zach Davis: Come on, that’s a little overboard.

Seth Lerch: So, Striker, enjoy your last days of being champion. I haven’t worn gold for a while, it’ll be a nice change. Oh, and just to prove I can do it alone, I’m banning the Alliance from ringside at that match. Enjoy.

The Alliance are briefly shocked, but as Seth drops the mic and walks up the ramp, with Striker still out of it, the Alliance grab one of the two chairs floating around each and walk into the ring. The both help Striker to his feet, and then deliver a crushing conchairto which brings Striker straight back down. The Alliance leave as Seth grins from the entrance, and medics rush down to attend to Striker.

Jesper Reisert/Willy Carter Segment

Zach Davis: This week's Slam! is brought to you by "Chatte de poissons' from Wilhelm Dark. "When you need to smell like an unclean vagina, you use "Chatte de poissons.'

Shannan Lerch: And "Southern Fried Kitten. When it's not meowing, we know it'll be…melting. In your mouth. Like butter.' Jesus, we need some better sponsors.

Zach Davis: Well, after the fiasco that the WCF contingent did at the Academy Award Nominations, we haven't exactly had the offers flowing in.

Shannan Lerch: It went right over Sid Ganis, didn't it?

Zach Davis: The irreplaceable Helen Mirren had a stroke because of it! And we wish her the best as she begins to eat solids again.

Shannan Lerch: Well, now you mention it, I have been talking with some clients –

Zach Davis: Neo-Nazis, Shannan, are not sponsoring us.

Shannan Lerch: Worth a shot. I suppose we better get on with announcing the action.

Zach Davis: Yes, and with that, I wonder just what is going on right now...

The cameras cut to the ring where Jesper Reisert is waiting for the opportunity to converse with the audience. More obtuse a prospect, however, is the gaggle of security guards surrounding the ring presumably protecting the savant. Jesper brings the microphone upwards and begins his rant.

Jesper Reisert: Now, first thing is somewhere near the start and so I feel that I must apologize to you guys for not entertaining you this week. I was snowed into a grocery store and couldn't get out for ages! I had to eat nothing but raw chickens for forty-eight hours!

Zach Davis: Don't they have more than just chickens in grocery markets?

Shannan Lerch: I wouldn't ask.

Jesper Reisert: Anyway, I'm out here to talk to you about a much more pressing problem: the lack of peep-holes in the female changing room.

Shannan Lerch: We have a female changing room?

Zach Davis: I wouldn't have thought so. Dysphoria stays in Jack's pad, Jodia is at home and that only leaves...

Shannan Lerch: Oh my God! Sick bastard!

Zach Davis: You knew, didn't you?

Shannan Lerch: On occasion, it can feel nice to be loved.

Jesper Reisert: But before, I start making more holes for my peeping with a drill, I want to call the copycat, "Sweet' Willy Carter out here for a little talk. Get out of here!

"Voodoo Child' by Jimmy Hendrix hits the arena as "Sweet' Willy Carter moves from behind the curtain, without his usual teammates. He has a huge grin mounted on his face which when seen by Jesper causes him to go into a rage, bouncing against the ropes. The security guards tighten themselves up as to not let the intruder attack the precious ex-convict.

Jesper Reisert: Why are you smiling? Tell me!

At this, "Sweet' Willy Carter removes a potato and a can of hairspray from behind his back and aims the makeshift weapon at the ring. Setting it off with a flick of his lighter, the flaming spud projects itself in Jesper's direction. Ducking it, Blades' handicapped handyman becomes irate.

Jesper Reisert: I'm the only one who can use potatoes as weapons! Let me at him! Leave!

The security guards move away from the ring giving "Sweet' Willy Carter opportunity to slide into the ring and face off with Jesper. As Carter moves to his feet both adopt fighting stances and the crowd cheers at the face-off. However, David Draiman's "Forsaken' begins to play, breaking the confrontation, and promoting the arrival of Jack of Blades. Even Jesper seems somewhat surprised at this drawing his attention to the entrance curtain, which tells everyone that this is not an ambush attempt.

Jack of Blades: That's it. As much as I'd enjoy seeing two tertiary characters in my life batter the living excrement out of one another, I'm throwing a proverbial spanner in the proverbial mechanism. You see, Jesper, although I am enjoying my abode not smelling of vagisil and not stained with what can only be described as a rainbow compound of illegal and carnal materials, you have been delineating your attentions away from my ego. Something that I'm not fond of. I have lights that need changing, autographs that need signing, fans that need abused and how am I supposed to test the gas ratio in my oven without you sticking your head in there. Although I could get another dancing monkey, I've become quite attached to your ability to absorb considerable damage. As a champion, I've been considerably conservative in that I have not thrown my weight around. That's about to change. You see, Jesper, if you truly wish to prove yourself as this federation's capital parasite, then you've got it. I just went to see Lerch using the amount of leverage I have earned to be given these two contracts. One will be used now, one will be used later. The one that is used now will allow at "Till Death Do Us Part', "Sweet' Willy Carter to take on Jesper Reisert in a ladder match.

Jack of Blades throws the microphone down to the ground and turns around leaving a smiling "Sweet' Willy Carter and a somewhat concerned Jesper Reisert. Jack goes to leave behind the curtain but something catches him and he turns back, lifting the microphone to talk once again.

Jack of Blades: Of course, this isn't going to be your typical ladder match as the combatants aren't atypical in their own way. Instead, this ladder match will carry a few unique stipulations. Like, and this is an improvised example, the ladder match will be a "If Carter Touches The Ladder In Any Manner, He Will Automatically Lose The Match' match. I'm even tempted to say that if you even breathe on it Carter, you're going to be put in front of a shooting line-up of my choosing. But I don't like Jesper enough for that. Enjoy!

Zach Davis: "Till Death Do Us Part.' Jesper Reisert. "Sweet' Willy Carter. In a "If Carter Touches The Ladder In Any Manner, He Will Automatically Lose The Match' Ladder Match!

Shannan Lerch: This is why we don't get good sponsors.

Danny Vice/Lawnmower Jones vs Bobby Cairo/Thunder

Faint by Linkin Park hits the speakers as the lights of the arena go out for several seconds. Two spotlights shine at the top of the ramp where Danny The Vagrant Vice stands. He is dressed in black long tights, and a long black leather jacket. He looks to his left and right as the crowd cheers, but his eyes give off almost a look of paranoia. He walks to the ring with a dead stare towards the center of the ring before sliding under the bottom rope. He climbs the top rope and lifts a single fist in the air as a “V” pyro hits behind him.

Zach Davis: This young man has a serious axe to grind with Thunder.

Shannan Lerch: That right, Zach. Everybody saw what happened last week when Danny's sister Janie turned on him and aligned herself with Thunder.

Zach Davis: Hey, Shannan, have you ever considered turning on Seth?

Shannan Lerch: ...

The words My Name is Lawnmower Jones, and I Love to Mow! are heard across the arena. Then, Scottish bagpipes are heard around the arena, as a motor starting then a lawnmower mowing is heard. Lawnmower Jones appears on the stage without Lonnie, his lawnmower. He looks saddened and depressed as he walks down the ramp and he rolls into the ring.

Zach Davis: Jones hasn't been doing any mowing lately and you just know that he's itching to get his hands on Cairo.

Shannan Lerch: There’s no doubt about it, Zach. This man would murder Bobby Cairo with his bare hands if it weren't prohibited by state and federal law.

Money by Pink Floyd begins to play. As the cash register sound ends and the music begins, Thunder walks towards the ring. He reaches the apron and climbs the turnbuckle, taunting the fans.

Zach Davis: What do you say about a man who causes another man's sister to turn on him?

Shannan Lerch: I don't say anything about him, Zach. I just call him P-I-M-P.

Pyrotechnics explode at the top of the ramp, the lights in the arena flicker. 11 Dreams by Mercenary echoes throughout the building and the crowd immediately pops. Bobby Cairo appears at the top of the ramp and the crowd cheers even louder. Cairo struts down to the ring with a smug look on his face as flashbulbs go off all around the arena.

Zach Davis: Cairo is walking a very thin line these days, Shannan. I've never seen anyone as distraught as Jones has been these past few weeks.

Shannan Lerch: You're not kidding, Zach. I tried to talk to LJ before the show tonight and he was mumbling something about the ancient lawnmower gods of Aberdeen. Reminded me a little of the Ultimate Warrior.

The bell rings to start the match. Jones points at Cairo and threatens to kill him. Cairo responds by flipping Jones the bird. They circle the ring and lock up. Cairo gains the advantage with a headlock, but Jones reverses it with a headlock of his own into a hiptoss. Cairo complains to the ref about Jones pulling his hair, but the ref tells him to shut up and wrestle.

Zach Davis: There's no love lost between these two, Shannan.

Shannan Lerch: If disemboweling a man and hanging his entrails as Christmas decorations were legal, we'd be celebrating an early Christmas here at the WCF Allegheny, Pennsylvania.

Jones and Cairo lock up again and Cairo gains the advantage with a knee to the midsection. Cairo whips Jones into the ropes and Jones runs into a leg lariat from Cairo. Cairo drops an elbow and goes for the pin, but gets only a two count. Cairo tries to whip Jones into the ropes again, but Jones reverses it, hits a Thesz press and unleashes a flurry of punches onto Cairo.

Zach Davis: Jones has been waiting for this! Look at him go!

Shannan Lerch: He looks like a Rottweiler on a pork chop, Zach.

Jones pulls Cairo up by his hair and whips him hard into the corner. Jones then charges after Cairo, but Cairo lifts his boot and catches Jones in the mouth. Jones spins around and grabs his mouth as Cairo climbs to the top rope. When Jones turns around Cairo connects with a missile dropkick and makes a cover. Jones kicks out after a near pinfall.

Zach Davis: Cairo gets a near fall and he's managed to turn the momentum around after that early flurry by Jones.

Shannan Lerch: There's no doubt that Cairo is physically gifted despite his mental...illness.

Cairo drags Jones over to the corner and tags Thunder into the match. Cairo holds Jones while Thunder comes off the top with an axe handle smash.

Zach Davis: A nice show of teamwork by two men who are teaming for the first time.

Shannan Lerch: I heard that Thunder and Cairo spent the past week scheming together at Disney World.

Zach Davis: Disney World, Shannan?

Shannan Lerch: Disney World is the root of all evil, Zach.

Thunder goes to work on Jones with an arm wringer followed by some stiff knees to Jones' gut. Thunder whips Jones hard into the corner. Jones gets his second wind and charges at Thunder but a short arm clothesline quickly cuts him down. Thunder makes a cover and hooks Jones' leg, but Jones kicks out after two.

Zach Davis: Jones has a lot of fight in him, but Cairo and Thunder have managed to keep him subdued so far, Shannan.

Shannan Lerch: I wouldn't count him out just yet, Zach.

Thunder abruptly turns his attention to Vice and begins verbally taunting him. Vice loses his cool and tries to go after Thunder, but the ref quickly cuts him off. While the ref is distracted, Thunder drags Jones into Cairo's corner. Cairo chokes Jones with the tag rope as Thunder works him over with kicks and punches.

Zach Davis: This is exactly the type of cowardly double-teaming I would expect from these two. Come on, ref, turn around!

The ref finally turns his attention back to the action. Thunder tags Cairo into the match. Cairo stomps away at Jones and screams obscenities at him.

Shannan Lerch: Does he kiss his mother with that mouth?

Cairo pulls Jones to his feet before taking him down hard with a double underhook suplex. Cairo pulls Jones up again and this time hits a Northern Lights suplex into a bridging pin attempt. Jones kicks out just before the ref's hand hits the mat for the three count and Cairo is livid. He immediately jumps up and argues with the referee.

Zach Davis: Cairo is making a mistake here, Shannan. He has the advantage right now and he should stay focused on Jones.

Cairo continues to argue with the referee as Jones slowly rises to his feet. Cairo finally turns his attention back to his opponent and doesn't even have time to react before Jones connects with a combination of right and left hands.

Shannan Lerch: Looks like you were right, Zach. Jones got the opening he needed.

Jones whips Cairo into the ropes and takes him down with a huge spear.

Zach Davis: I think that spear just took Bobby Cairo out of his boots! Jones is on fire!

Thunder runs into the ring without being tagged and goes after Jones, but Jones greets him with a clothesline followed by a devastating spinebuster.

Zach Davis: Thunder just got him some! Thunder just got him some!

Jones picks Thunder up and goes for the Rev The Engine, but Cairo takes Jones down from behind with a chop block. Danny Vice charges into the ring and he takes Cairo down with a running enzuigiri.

Zach Davis: Vice damn near took Cairo's head off!

Vice turns his attention to Thunder. Vice charges at Thunder and clotheslines him over the top rope.

Shannan Lerch: Vice has been waiting to get his hands on Thunder all week long and he's not wasting any time, Zach!

Vice and Thunder continue their brawl outside of the ring. The referee leaves the ring and attempts to separate the two men.

Shannan Lerch: The ref is trying to restore some order, but I don't know if it's a wise idea to get between Thunder and Vice.

Meanwhile, back in the ring Cairo and Jones slowly climb to their feet. Cairo shakes off the cobwebs and lunges toward Jones, but Jones traps Cairo in a bearhug and takes him down with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Jones makes the cover but the ref is still trying to separate Thunder and Vice outside of the ring.

Zach Davis: Jones has Cairo beat in the middle of the ring, but the ref isn't there to make the count!

Shannan Lerch: I don't know why we don't just hire two refs.

Security guards finally manage to separate Thunder and Vice and the ref sends them back to their respective corners. Back in the ring, Cairo reverses Jones' Death Valley driver attempt into a DDT and both men are once again down on the mat.

Zach Davis: Cairo and Jones are both looking to make a tag here, Shannan.

Shannan Lerch: I don't know if either of these guys know where they are right now, Zach.

Jones and Cairo each struggle to find their respective corners. Cairo finally tags Thunder and Jones tags Vice a split second later. Thunder and Vice both run into the ring and Vice takes Thunder down with a pair of clotheslines followed by a big slam in the middle of the ring.

Zach Davis: Vice is exacting some revenge right now on Thunder!

Vice hits a second rope elbow drop and hooks Thunder's leg but gets only a two count. Vice whips Thunder into the ropes and connects with a dropkick. Vice once again ascends to the top rope and hits Thunder with a moonsault, but Cairo enters the ring and breaks up the pinfall attempt. Jones enters the ring and charges over to Cairo, knocking him over the top rope down to the floor.

Shannan Lerch: Wow, Cairo hit the ground pretty hard, Zach. I hope his blood didn't splatter onto any of the fans sitting in the front row.

The ref reprimands Jones and Jones walks back to his corner. Meanwhile, Vice attempts to whip Thunder into the ropes but Thunder reverses it into a dragon screw leg whip. Thunder stomps Vice's knee a couple of times and locks him in the Texas cloverleaf.

Zach Davis: Thunder has it locked in! Will Vice tap out or can he summon the strength to reach the ropes?!

Thunder leans back and increases the pressure, but Vice struggles with all of his might and manages to reach the bottom rope.

Zach Davis: He got it! Vice made it to the ropes!

Shannan Lerch: Danny must have had images of Thunder banging Janie in his head, Zach. That's what motivated him.

Zach Davis: That's a disturbing thought, Shannan!

Thunder refuses to release the hold. The referee threatens to disqualify Thunder and Thunder finally breaks the hold. Thunder measures Vice and then connects with a vicious-looking Shining Wizard. Thunder makes the cover, but Vice kicks out just before the three.

Zach Davis: A near victory for Thunder and Danny Vice finds himself in a world of hurt right now, Shannan.

Shannan Lerch: Yes he does, Zach. Yes he does.

Thunder goes for his Thunder and Lightning finisher, but Vice manages to shake loose. Vice kicks Thunder in the midsection and takes him down with a running bulldog.

Zach Davis: It looks like Vice has some life left after all, Shannan!

Shannan Lerch: I never doubted him, Zach. Well, maybe for a brief moment.

Vice slowly climbs to the top rope when his sister Janie suddenly appears running down the aisle with a metal folding chair in hand. Danny is perched atop the turnbuckle, completely oblivious to his sister's presence, when Janie smacks him with the chair and sends him crashing down to the mat. The referee immediately calls for the bell.

Zach Davis: This is unbelievable! What the hell is Janie doing out here?!

Shannan Lerch: She's saving her man from getting beat, Zach, and that is a woman's prerogative.

Janie helps Thunder to his feet and they slowly walk off together as Danny lays unconscious on the mat.

Zach Davis: How the hell does Janie Vice sleep at night?!

Shannan Lerch: From what I can gather she sleeps right beside Thunder or perhaps even on top of him, Zach. I guess now we know why the ladies call him Thunder.

Elsewhere, Cairo finally regains consciousness on the outside of the ring and begins walking away from the ringside area until Jones grabs a mic.

Lawnmower Jones: Hey, Cairo!

Cairo stops walking and turns his attention back to the ring where Jones is standing.

Lawnmower Jones: I have a little business proposal for ya! Why don't we raise the stakes for our match this Sunday at Til Death Do Us Part?

Cairo grabs a mic of his own from the ringside announcer but he remains on the outside of the ring, away from Jones.

Bobby Cairo: Raise the stakes? What exactly do you have in mind, Jones?

Lawnmower Jones: I'm thinking that we should make Sunday's match a winner takes all match. If you win, you keep Lonnie. If I win, I get Lonnie back!

Cairo takes a moment to ponder Jones' proposal.

Bobby Cairo: I accept your terms, Jones, but I can promise you one thing. When I beat you on Sunday at Til Death Do Us Part, you will never see Lonnie ever again!

Cairo drops the mic and begins strutting up the aisle while Jones stares at him with a look of pure hatred on his face.

Zach Davis: I'm absolutely floored by the announcement that we've just heard, Shannan. In one week's time Lawnmower Jones has the chance to be reunited with Lonnie or he could lose her forever!

Shannan Lerch: I just hope Jones knows what he's doing, Zach.

Jack of Blades/Logan/Alliance of Violence Segment

David Draiman's 'Forsaken' plays.

Zach Davis: Well, he wasn't scheduled for any part of tonight's matches but he's already made his presence known tonight, so I guess he just wants to be on-top-of-things.

Shannan Lerch: Sure.

The camera pans to the top of the ramp where Jack of Blades stands basking in the crowd's riotous reaction. With him, are his two associates, Jesper Reisert and Dysphoria, the latter of who is wearing Blades' title over her left shoulder. After a few moments of arrogant pause, Blades and his 'messengers' continue down to the ring. Upon reaching the bottom, Blades slides into the ring and gets to his feet almost immediately before snatching a microphone from a nearby source. Jesper, climbs onto the apron and lowers himself onto a rope allowing Dysphoria to enter with some elegance. Perhaps most important about this whole thing is the fact that Blades is lacking the cruel smile that has gained him so much reverence and repugnance. The three of them stand side-by-side as Blades begins to speak into the microphone.

Jack of Blades: I'm going to skip all the superfluous articulation and topical phaticism and just get to the burning apex of my entrance here: Logan, get out here!

The crowd roars at Jack's short imperative as it appears all the weeks of friendship and allegiance is about to come to an end. Logan leaves a few moments of dramatic pause before allowing 'The Struggle Within' to play and making his way outside. He shares Jack's intense glare as he goes to the ring, jumps over the ropes and immediately rushes Blades, driving his head against Blades forehead. They compromise any sort of posture to butt heads and stare each other in the eye.

Jack of Blades: Logan! Last week, we lost the titles.

Logan snatches the microphone from him.

Logan: I know!

Jack of Blades snatches Logan's arm with the microphone and forces it closer to him so he can reply.

Jack of Blades: And it was my fault.

Jack of Blades pulls his head away from the Face of Treachery, which in turn catalyses, the crowd into chagrin. Jack of Blades extends a hand out to Logan, which is deeply received by his friend causing both of their smiles to return, if somewhat less daemonic than those we are used to observing. Logan is passed a microphone by some anonymous entity and begins to use it.

Logan: I'm not sure, Jack, I was the one that was pinned.

The camera catches a shot of Dys nodding her head at Logan's admission.

Logan: It was mostly my fault.

Jack of Blades: Nonsense. I should have been there for you. I should have prized the useless torso of Goon Number. 1 from you before the third hand touched the mat. It is my responsibility. And as such, I feel an appeasement is in need. That is why...

Jack removes the contract from between Dysphoria's cleavage.

Jack of Blades: ...I want to give you this. It is the first ever 'Logan's Choice' clause.

Logan takes it from Blades and begins to read its content.

Jack of Blades: What it means, past all the hyperbole and register, is that for our match at 'Till Death Do Us Part', that you, Logan, for simply being Logan, will be able to choose what match type we will compete in. It could be a handicap match. It could be a flaming cage match. It could be a over-the-rope match. Whatever you think is fitting.

Logan nods at the gesture as he is passed a pen by Jack of Blades to decree his chosen structure. Before he does write it down though, he stops much to Blades' interest and begins to speak again.

Logan: This is going to be quite an anecdote, Blades, but I came out to actually apologize to you. And I actually got you a little peace-offering. Well, it's more of a gift to Jesper but...

Jesper Reisert: A life-size statue of Ryan Seacrest?

Logan: No.

Jesper Reisert: Ryan Seacrest, really him?

Logan: Anyway. Joe, if you would.

Logan gestures to the ramp where Joe Smith is seen moving the curtain and dragging out something appearing quite heavy. As he struggles with it more, it becomes obvious that he is bringing the defeated body of one 'Sweet' Willy Carter. Joe Smith makes his best not to leave Carter lying and thus causing a heavy blood-pool to stain the ramp and as he grates the already bruised torso of the manager down the ramp, Logan decides to help. They roll him into the ring where Blades, with Dys on his arm like something from a cheerleader/football captain couple, and Jesper stand over him. Jesper bursts into a large smile as Blades picks him up and plants him between his thighs. Jack then lifts him up so he is completely vertical before dropping him down with a Jack-Driver on his already heavily shred forehead. As Carter bounces on the ground, Logan dives from the top rope and smashes his nose open with a Kneedrop.

Zach Davis: This is a pretty sickening show of envy from the former tag champs. I doubt it has anything to do with Jesper's upcoming match.

As chants reign down onto the ring, they soon convert into positive cheering. Blades, Logan and Jesper all veterans to the environment assume that its probably Carter's allies attempting to rescue him in a surprise flank and so dive below the buckles. Knite and Boone do make their entrance from behind and move to their fallen friend. However, there is still another person unaccounted for: Dys. Unaccustomed to such action, she didn't follow her beau or Logan from the ring and instead ignites Knite into a frenzy. She screams as if to resist them but can't stop Knite from wrapping an arm around her neck. Meanwhile, the camera catches Blades, Logan, and Jesper looking on. Logan then turns to Blades expecting him to make an attempt to save her. Blades, on the other hand, seems non-plussed and just carries on walking. Jesper, however, makes one final plea for Blades to try and save his friend. Blades reluctantly agrees and charges the ring, spearing Knite and then Boone. This gives Dysphoria the opportunity to run from the ring and into the arms of Jesper.

Shannan Lerch: Looks like Blades saves the day for that whore!

As she says this, Knite smashes Blades in the face with a heavy fist. As he stumbles back, Jack is also caught by a dropkick from Boone. Seemingly in control, Davey then passes Jack over to Adam Knite, who follows up by repeatedly Crossface punching Blades in the head. To add insult to injury, Boone gives Carter some breathing room before moving over to the World Title that Dys forgot. Boone, with the title, moves onto a nearby turnbuckle and poses for the attention of Dysphoria, Logan and Jesper. They all seem vexed at the infidel with his gold especially The Face of Treachery. After catching their expressions, the camera returns to Jack's crumpled heap that is being repeatedly hit by Knite, so much so that the World Champion is now bleeding. Given enough time, Logan is forced into action, grabbing a steel chair from a paying crowd member and sliding into the ring. As Logan stands with the chair in the direction of Boone, Knite raises his fist up in preparation for a final blow.

Shannan Lerch: Stand off! Stand off!

Zach Davis: Logan wants Blades safe and Knite wants Boone not particularly crippled.

Knite in a show of compromise, throws Blades bleeding mass towards Logan as if to secure Boone's wellbeing. Boone, still with the title, goes to move to his partner hoping that Logan is satisfied by the exchange. Logan shakes his head.

Shannan Lerch: Logan wants more!

Zach Davis: What's this?

Logan's shaking his head not because he wants Blades. He wants the title. Boone carefully lifts the title over to Logan, himself confused by Logan's cold heartedness. Logan snatches the title away from Boone and runs out of the ring taking the steel chair with him but completely leaving Blades for more punishment. Boone and Knite confirm what just went on before grimacing and returning back to Jack. Unable to fight back, Jack of Blades is lifted by the pair of them before being smashed back to earth with a thunderous double strike. The only thing heard over the implosive thump of the hit is the screaming of Dys.

Zach Davis: Logan has proved his moniker again by betraying Jack of Blades for that World Title.

Seemingly happy with their attack, Knite and Boone lift Carter from the ring and follow suit. They are passed by Dysphoria and Jesper rushing into the ring to check on their lover and employer respectively. As Dysphoria passes Logan, she snatches the title from him leaving him empty-handed. Logan, perplexed by his own actions as well as the others, is glared at by the Alliance of Violence but they decide enough of a message has been sent courtesy of the World Champion. In the ring, Dysphoria lifts the bleeding Blades onto her knee and leans over him in a deep embrace, thanking him for his efforts. She removes her mouth from his, her usually china cheeks stained by crimson. Blades, seemingly regaining some life in him pulls the belt over his waist and stares upwards.

Zach Davis: Is the friendship over between Logan and Blades? What's going on?

Blades finds more strength to raise his head off the floor using Dysphoria to balance himself. He stares at the top of the ramp with utmost hatred although as the camera turns to where he is staring, it is not known whether the hateful look is for Logan or the Alliance of Violence. In response, a nervous Logan removes the contract and signs it with the pen he was given earlier.

Shannan Lerch: Who is Blades looking at? What did Logan just do?

In the closing moments, we turn back to Blades, his arm over Dysphoria, shaking with complete fury as blood drops from his grimacing features. The final shot of Slam is the soft splashes of blood falling onto the indentations of the Wrestling Championship Federation World Title.