Sunday Slam Intro
Skyler Striker Segment
Logan Segment
Logan vs The Red Devil Mafia
Mike Ragnal vs Jimpy
Davey Boone vs The Violent One
Mike Ragnal Segment
Texas Red Segment
Lawnmower Jones vs Biohazard
Dehart vs Jack of Blades
Seth Lerch/Jesper Reisert Segment
Team NCW vs Disorder by Design
Seth Lerch/Jesper Reisert Segment
Skyler Striker vs Thunder

Sunday Slam Intro

Sitting by M83 blasts, and the 40th edition of Sunday Slam is on the air! The fans cheer and hold their signs, many of which are about Skyler Striker. We then go to our announcers.

Zach Davis: Welcome to Sunday Slam! I'm here with Shannan Lerch, as always, and we're one week removed from War VII.

Shannan Lerch: No matter how you look at it, it was one of the most interesting shows in a while. We saw the debut of Biohazard, the reuniting of Disorder by Design, Rick Mad joining Team NCW, the debut of ... Safestyle Jack ... Bobby Cairo lasting over an hour in the match.. and finally, we saw Skyler Striker winning the whole damn thing.

Zach Davis: Don't forget, we also saw the return of one of WCF's most controversial stars, Madd Dogg. Creator of the Euthanasia Chamber. And he's sided with Logan.

Shannan Lerch: But why? He and Logan were never exactly friends. Also in that match, Seth decided the future of WCF. And he chose Jack of Blades, delivering a stiff kick to the face of the Face of Treachery.

Zach Davis: And tonight, we'll see that man, Logan, face off against the Red Devil Mafia, in a handicapped match. We'll see how that goes.

Shannan Lerch: But let's talk about the big story. Skyler Striker won War. He now has a contract to face Jack of Blades whenever he pleases.

Zach Davis: I'd say that Blades must be worried, but I don't think he's the worrying type. And Striker has his hands full. He'll be defending his Hardcore Title at Blast against Danny Vice and Thunder.

Shannan Lerch: But tonight he's up against Thunder himself. And hey, didn't Striker win that Hardcore Title from Blades to begin with?

Zach Davis: That is correct.

Shannan Lerch: We've also got Team NCW taking on Disorder by Design. We saw these two teams fight in the beginning of War, and now they've got a straight up tag match.

Zach Davis: Outcast vs Biggs has also been booked for Blast, to unify the People's and Television Titles. Interesting.

Shannan Lerch: The World Champion, Jack of Blades... is taking on Dehart from the MCE Division. Apparently, Dehart felt that the division wasn't getting as much attention as it deserved, and wanted to prove something.

Zach Davis: Well, he sure has that chance!, if he can defeat Blades.

Shannan Lerch: We have Lawnmower Jones going one on one with Biohazard. Biohazard formed an unlikely alliance with Bobby Cairo, and the duo spent a good portion of War beating down Jones. This is Jones' chance at revenge, and also Biohazard's chance for redemption, as Jones was the one who pinned him.

Zach Davis: Don't forget, though. Bobby Cairo is the special guest referee. Jones is going to have a lot to overcome if he expects to win this match. Not the least of which is Biohazard's toxic ooze.

Shannan Lerch: Well.. uh, yeah.

Zach Davis: We have Davey Boone returning from injury up against The Violent One. You know, Shannan, if I was returning from an injury I wouldn't want to fight someone called The Violent One.

Shannan Lerch: Well, TVO is the one that injured Boone in the first place. In addition to that, TVO and TXO eliminated Boone's partner, Adam Knite, from War.

Zach Davis: The AoV is set to face TXO and TVO at Blast, so this is one of these teams' chance to gain the upper hand.

Shannan Lerch: We also have Mike Ragnal up against the debuting Jimpy. Now that is a name I like.

Zach Davis: But without further adieu, I think it is time we hear from the War winner himself!

Skyler Striker Segment

“Fallen Angels” by Ra hits the PA and the crowd are on their feet cheering as Skyler Striker makes his entrance.

Zach Davis: And here’s our War VII winner! The crowd are on their feet for Striker!

Shannan Lerch: War winners are over-rated.

Striker has his Hardcore Title around his waist as he enters the ring. Ringside throws Striker a mic and he lets the crowd die down before he starts speaking.

Skyler Striker: Before I say anything, I want to give my respect to Bobby Cairo.

The crowd cheer for Cairo and Striker’s show of respect.

Skyler Striker: Now that that’s said and done, I can address the few other issues that have cropped up recently. First off – War. I have in my possession a shot at the World Championship at any time I see fit. I’m not going to divulge when I’m going to take the shot – simply because I haven’t decided yet. Jack is going to have to find some other play toy to occupy him, because I’m preparing myself for Blast. I’m-

Striker never gets to say what he is going to do because he is interrupted by “Money”. Thunder enters the stage, microphone in hand, and he shakes his head as the crowd deliver a thunderous chorus of boos. Thunder walks down to the ring and slides in, Striker grinning.

Thunder: Oh, talk, talk, talk, Striker, that’s all you ever do. All I’ve been hearing in the locker room are whispers of you and your title shot. To be honest, I don’t mind the whispers. I’ve learned something, Striker. There’s a giant target on your back. And I get the chance to shoot it tonight, and then again at Blast. I-

This time Thunder is interrupted by “Faint”, and Danny Vice appears onstage to loud cheers of approval from the crowd. Vice has a mic in hand also and he slides into the ring, making sure not to come too close to Thunder or Striker.

Danny Vice: Thunder, you talk more than he does. Face it, what have you done lately? You won the People’s Title, the Television Title, the Tag Titles, and since then you’ve done nothing but fail. You lost the Tag Titles to me, you lost the Television Title to JJ Biggs, and you lost the People’s Title to Outcast. And then you lost to me at Till Death Do Us Part, and after that, you managed to fail AGAIN at War, when Striker and I eliminated you!

Thunder is speechless as the crowd cheer. Striker leans back on the ropes, almost enjoying the show, but Vice turns to him next.

Danny Vice: As for you, Striker, at Blast I get another shot at your title. This time things will be different.

Skyler Striker: Different? Vice, take a look back. Not ONCE have you managed to defeat me one on one. Only when you had Biggs at your side did you ever beat me.

Thunder: Yeah, Vice. Who was the team that took your title off you the first time? Striker and I. I know you inside and out!

The three men begin arguing loudly in the middle of the ring, getting in each other’s faces. Thunder gets behind Striker and pushes him into Vice, and Vice reacts by delivering the Outcast superkick to Striker!

Zach Davis: The hostilities begin!

Shannan Lerch: Good move by Thunder.

Thunder has managed to sneak up on Vice from behind and he grabs him, delivering the Thunder and Lightning! Thunder stands tall over Vice but at this point Striker has recovered and he delivers the Final Revelation to Thunder!

Zach Davis: This is chaos! Somebody stop this!

Shannan Lerch: Why? This is fun!

Suddenly, the lights dim to a deep crimson and “Forsaken” by David Draiman hits the arena.

Zach Davis: Oh, no…

Shannan Lerch: Be careful what you wish for, Zach! You brought him out! Nice one.

Jack of Blades appears at the entrance, suit and tie, simply standing and laughing and the three in the ring, his insane smile resting on his face. Blades does not move and Striker glares at Blades at the ropes as Vice and Thunder begin assaulting each other outside the ring. Referees come to break up the Vice/Thunder fight and Blades simply exits without a word, and Striker heads backstage with caution as “Fallen Angels” hits the sound system again.

Zach Davis: Thunder was right – Striker has a target on his back now.

Shannan Lerch: We should have more triple threats and fatal four-ways, they’re much more fun.

Logan Segment

"The Struggle Within" by Metallica shouts over the speakers, Logan makes his way from behind the curtains with a pissed off look on his face.

Zach Davis: Logan doesn't look too happy.

Logan doesn't waste his time doing poses or what have you, instead he simply slides into the ring demanding a microphone. An official from the outside of the ring hands Logan a microphone as his music cuts.

Logan: You know..

The crowd cheers due to Logan's appearance, Logan pauses a bit soaking it in before he raises the microphone back to his lips.

Logan: You know, there is somebody in WCF today that I have more history with than anybody. There is somebody here today that I've bled with, cried with, and smiled with. You might even be thinking of names like Outcast, or Rick Mad. But no, there is a man here today that I share more history with like none other, and this man happens to be Seth Lerch.

Crowd boos.

Logan: But in my wildest dreams, I would've never thought that he'd ever screw me over.. again. It's funny, because the last time he screwed me over, and cost me a WCF championship that was actually ON Blast. Seeing as he did it now a month before Blast, I guess he felt like history was going to repeat itself, well Seth.. it is. Because at Blast this month, I want you one on one, no stupid special referees, no more Jack of Bouldes, no titles, just me, and you. You think you can screw me over? After all we've been through you boudle, hell.. four months ago we we're both in the Team of Treachery. We've been on good terms for years!

Logan looks into the camera, a more serious look coming over his face.

Logan: Listen up boudle, nobody screws over The Face of Treachery, and gets away with it. I'm going to make your life a living hell, you son of a--

Master of Puppets by Metallica hits.

Shannan Lerch: Uh oh.

Seth fearlessly walks down the ramp with a microphone in his hand staring straight at Logan, he slides into the ring going underneath the bottom ropes standing face to face with Logan as his music cuts.

Seth Lerch: You want to make my life a liv--

Logan: SHUT UP!

The crowd cheers for Logan interrupting Seth. Logan, and Lerch take this time to glare holes through each other before Logan begins to speak.

Logan: You need to take a little trip back to grade school? You forget how to count to three, boudle?!

Seth chuckles a bit.

Logan: Oh, that's funny is it.. you costing me my chance at becoming a five time WCF champion is funny?

Seth Lerch: Indeed it is, Logan. And that's exactly the point when you say "five time WCF champion." You see, nobody has ever come close to capturing the WCF title that many times besides you, and even though that might be a good thing on your part, well, it's a bad thing on my part. You don't deserve the spotlight anymore, Logan. You've been around here too long, your time has passed, and Jack of Blades makes a better champion. I don't care how much these fans wanted to see Logan win that title one more time. To be more blunt about this.. you're washed up.

Zach Davis: Ouch.

Seth Lerch: You're nothing more than a has-been, Logan. Did you know when I announced Logan vs Blades at One, did you know how many people came backstage and said "Hey, Seth. I know you like Logan, but do you think this is a good idea?" And, Logan. I believed in you. I thought that if I gave you the spotlight, if I put you in the One main event for the FIRST TIME IN YOUR CAREER you'd take that opportunity and you'd run with it. Sure, maybe you wouldn't defeat Blades there and then. But I thought you'd at least step up your game afterwards. I didn't think the great and almighty Logan would let someone beat him THREE TIMES IN A ROW.

The crowd oooh's.

Seth Lerch: Logan, I didn't turn on you. YOU turned on ME. I put my faith in you, and you let me down. I gave you one last chance at War, to impress me, to show me I'd made the right decision. And you proved that I was wrong all along, and you opened up my eyes. WCF isn't about you anymore. It isn't about Creeping Death or Outcast and it sure as HELL isn't about Madd Dogg, either. It is about Jack of Blades, Bobby Cairo-

Logan cuts him off.

Logan: Wait wait wait, uh-uh. Did you call me... a has been? The only has been around here is my foot, after it HAS BEEN in your ass!

The crowd cheers.

Logan: How'd you like that big shot?

Seth Lerch: Logan. Why don't you be true sport, a true WCFer, and accept facts. This is what is good for WCF.

Logan: The only thing that I think would be good for WCF, and it's fan is them seeing me, you, a ring, and your blood. You know what, I don't even care if we have our match at Blast, we can have it right now! Tonight!

Zach Davis: Seth Lerch versus Logan tonight?! That's huge.

Shannan Lerch: I hate seeing these two argue.

Seth Lerch rubs his chin a bit before speaking.

Seth Lerch: Tonight? No, I've got better things to do. Blast? I've got a feeling that your going to be wrestling someone else at Blast.

Zach Davis: Who could that be?

Logan glares at Seth.

Seth Lerch: Furthermore, I've got things to do. Don't waste my time anymore, Logan.

Seth Lerch drops the microphone, cockily leaving the ring, Logan quickly rushes after him, and once he does Seth picks up the pace, sliding out of the ring, running up the ramp to the back.

Zach Davis: That coward!

Shannan Lerch: Hey!

Logan takes off his t-shirt he was wearing, pacing back, and fourth in the ring waiting for The Red Devil Mafia.

Logan vs The Red Devil Mafia

"Headstrong" by Trapt hits as the lights in the arena die one by one before the lights turn blue and red as they whirl around the arena. Dudley Boyz pyro hits as Corral walks out along with Twizted.

Zach Davis: This has got to be the work of Seth Lerch, pitting two men against Logan like this.

Shannan Lerch: The Red Mafia actually consists of three men. Christopher Michaels appears to be missing.

Zach Davis: Maybe Madd Dogg took him out backstage. Speaking of which, Dogg SHOULD be out here tonight.. Logan needs all the help he can get.

Shannan Lerch: Logan needs no help.

Corral gets into a Justin Credible pose as Twizted raises his arm in a Sabin pose and Bella just stands there looking at her two men as pyro goes off. As they both walk down to the ring, Twizted hops onto the apron and does the Y2J pose as Corral slides into the ring and Bella stands at ringside. Before they get the chance to do their usual poses Logan fires off at the two men, taking turns punching each of them.

Shannan Lerch: Logan's exploded!

Logan punches Clark to the turnbuckle, spins around, and lays down rights on Corral. Logan pushes Corral into the turnbuckle, kicking him repeatedly in the gut until Corral falls down into a sitting position against the turnbuckle. Logan keeps stomping Corral, Clark grabs Logan shoulder spinning him around throwing right hands, Logan manages to block one of them exchanging blows with Clark for a bit before irish whipping him, and throwing him against the ropes. Clark runs across the ring coming back to Logan, and is met with a vicious closeline from Logan. Corral gets back to his feet but is soon closelined back down by Logan. Logan walks around the ring taunting both of them, throwing his arms in the air for a cheering crowd before walking back over to Corral kicking him. Logan then moves to Clark giving him a stomp too trying to keep both of the men down. Logan picks up Clark, but Clark comes out of nowhere punching Logan, kicking him in the stomach, and then setting Logan up for a suplex. Logan counters it, wrapping his leg around Clerks, and then hits a suplex on Clerk. Logan gets back to his feet, as does Corral whom runs at Logan with a closeline, Logan also counters that, and hits a big belly to belly on Corral. Logan is back on his feet parading around the ring, he then looks over to Red Mafia's manager, Bella, and blows her a kiss.

Zach Davis: Haha, Logan is cleaning house, and he blew Bella a kiss!

Shannan Lerch: I thought he blew it this way..?

Logan then signals to the crowd for the end. Logan picks Corral up, wraps him in a sleeper, and is ready to hit The Connector before Clark jumps back to his feet knocking Logan down from behind. Once Logan falls down, Corral, and Clark begin stomping Logan.

Zach Davis: Red Mafia taking control of this match.

They violently kick Logan till he rolls out of the ring looking for some time to recover. Just as Logan makes it to his feet on the outside of the ring, Corral, and Clark are there to meet Logan with right hands. Logan tries to fight back, but two men is just too much. They beat Logan against the side of the ring before irish whipping him into the steel steps making a loud thud. Logan nurses his back while yelling out in pain. Clark picks Logan up, and out of nowhere Logan kicks Clark in the gut hitting a quick DDT on the outside mats. But as soon as Logan can get up he is met with a huge closeline from Corral. Corral helps Clark back to his feet as they continue their assault on Logan, stomping on him, and picking him up as they slide him back into the ring. Red Mafia slips back into the ring picking Logan up, and hitting a double suplex. Clark then climbs on the top turnbuckle as Corral holds Logan down in the ring, Clark jumps off the top rope with a huge elbow crashing down on Logan's chest. Corral, and Clark talk to each other a bit on whom should make the pin, they finally make up their minds, and Clark pins Logan.

Shannan Lerch: NO!



Logan amazingly gets the shoulder up just in time. Clark, and Corral look at each stunned. They both pick Logan up irish whipping him into the ropes, Logan bounces off the ropes, comes back to Red Mafia, and hits a double closeline! They both pop back up to their feet, Logan grabs both their heads, and smashes them together. Clark, and Corral stumble around a bit before Logan closelines Corral over the top rope sending him to the outside of the ring. Logan punches Clark, irish whips him into the ropes, and hits a belly to belly suplex as Clark runs back to Logan. Logan grabs one of Clarks legs looking around at the crowd as they cheer.

Zach Davis: It looks like it's time for the Loganshooter.

Logan sure enough puts Clark into a sharpshooter. Clark is in the middle of the ring, with nowhere to go, and looks like he's seconds away from tapping. Corral slides into the ring closelining Logan off of Clark. Logan falls backward landing on his back as Corral begins stomping Logan.

Shannan Lerch: Logan almost made him tap. Damn these handicap matches.

Clark manages to make it back to his feet, and joins Corral as they both kick Logan. They both pick Logan up, Clark kicks Logan in the stomach, Corral grabs Logan, and hits a violent piledriver. This time Corral pins Logan.




Logan kicks out at the last spilt second. Corral moves out of the way as Clark drops an elbow on Logan before pinning him.




Logan again barely kicks out.

Zach Davis: Their doing a great job working on Logan. It's smart to keep Logan down as much as possible, and give him as little offense as you can.

They both once again stand Logan up to his feet, Clark holds Logan, as Corral grabs him hitting a backbreaker. Logan's back crashes down hard on Corral's knee as he simply drops down face first in the ring. Clark jumps on top of Logan pinning him.



Logan puts his foot on the ropes, and Corral kicks his foot away from the ropes just in time before the referee can see the ropebreak.


NO! Logan manages to kick out. The Red Mafia look frustrated as they pick Logan up again, setting him back up for another one of them double suplexes. Logan somehow manages to reserve it, and hits a suplex on both of them.

Shannan Lerch: The strength of Logan.

Logan doesn't get up immediately though as the damage has been done. Logan slowly grabs onto the ropes using them for support has it climbs back to his feet, by now though, Clark, and Corral have managed to make it to their feet. Clark quickly runs at Logan, Logan sidesteps Clark, and slings him over the top rope sending him to the outside. Corral goes to closeline Logan, but Logan ducks it, and wraps Corral into a sleeper quickly hitting The Connector!

Zach Davis: The Connector! It's over!

Shannan Lerch: No! Look, Clark is already up, and getting back into the ring.

Clark slides into the ring before Logan can make a pinfall attempt. Clark, and Logan exchange punches. Clark irish whips Logan, but no, Logan reserves the irish whip, and whips Clark to the ropes. Clark makes his way back to Logan but is soon met with an Impact Style! Logan drops on top fo the laid out Corral pinning him.



Thr-- NO! Bella pulls the referee out from under the bottom rope.

Zach Davis: That bitch!

Shannan Lerch: Hey!

The referee argues with Bella a bit before pointing to the top of the ramp telling her to leave. Logan stares daggers at her before slipping underneath the rope, and between Bella and the ref. She begins to walk away heading up the ramp but Logan shakes his head no, and suddenly grabs her by the hair dragging her back to the ring.

Zach Davis: What is Logan doing?

Logan slides her into as the referee simply watches with enjoyment. Logan, and the ref slide back into the ring also.

Shannan Lerch: The referee doesn't even care!

Logan grabs her as she tries to slip away, he wraps her in a sleeper. The crowd cheers egging Logan on to give her a Connector. But no! Clark is back to his feet, and attacks Logan from behind. Bella quickly jets out of the ring running up the ramp.

Zach Davis: Damnit. I wanted to see Bella get a Connector.

Clark fires away at Logan with lefts, rights, and forearms. Logan is knocked back into the turnbuckle, but suddenly comes back exchanging punches with Clark. Logan grabs Clark and changes places with him. Now Logan is beating Clark into the turnbuckle. Logan places Clark on the top rope of the turnbuckle, climbing up with him, Logan sets Clark up for a suplerplex but Corral is up, he sneaks behind Logan grabbing him from behind, and brings Logan back down to the mat with a back body drop. Logan lays sprawled out in the middle of the ring as Clark whom is already on the top of the turnbuckle flies off with a huge leg drop. Logan somehow gathers the strength to roll out of the way as Clark lands on his ass. Logan back to his feet, he quicks Corral, hitting a quick but lethal brainbuster. Logan drops down behind Clark rolling him up in a school boy pin.



Thre-- Clark kicks out at the last second. Logan stands up looking a bit pissed as he kicks Clark out of the ring, Corral whom Logan pays no attention to grabs Logan from behind hitting a german suplex. Logan lands on his back, as Corral stands over Logan grabbing Logan's legs, and slipping him into a sharpshooter. Clark is amazingly back to his feet on the outside, and slides into the ring putting Logan into a camel clutch while Corral keeps the sharpshooter held in.

Zach Davis: These guys just won't give Logan a break, and now they have him in their move they like to call The Oracle.

Shannan Lerch: I don't think we've ever seen Logan tap before, but this pain must be excruciating.

Logan screams out in pain, a look of fear forming over his face as he reaches out to the ropes which is only inches away. After attempting to reach the ropes Logan's hand suddenly drops as his eyes glaze over shutting. The referee checks Logan, raising his hand, and letting it drop. The referee goes it do it again, but suddenly Logan's eyes open back up, and he slowly inches forward to the ropes. He grabs the bottom rope!

Zach Davis: Logan made it!

The referee breaks the hold. Corral, and Clark let go of Logan. They drag him to the middle of the ring, Corral goes to lock the sharpshooter back onto Logan but Logan kicks Corral away. Logan slowly makes it back to his feet but Clark is there with rights. Logan battles back, hitting Clark with right, Clark blocks one of Logan's rights, irish whipping him, but no Logan reserves, and irish whips Clark right into Corral. They bump into each other, Corral goes down, but Clark slowly stumbles around. Clark slowly turns around, and is met with an DDT from Logan! Corral makes it to his feet, Logan punches him a few times before irish whipping him into the ropes, as Corral comes back Logan hits an Impact Style! Logan quickly drops down pinning.



Clark crawls towards Logan.

Three! But Clark doesn't make it in time! Logan wins.

Shannan Lerch: Logan has defeated The Red Mafia! Yes!

Clark runs to Logan before he can get up hitting a quick elbow drop. Clark stomps on Logan as Logan rolls towards the turnbuckle taking stomps from Clark. Logan tries to get up but keeps getting stomped from Clark as he ends up in a sitting position. Corral soon gets up, and joins Clark in beating down Logan. What's this? Madd Dogg is running down the ramp with a chair in his hand!

Zach Davis: It's Madd Dogg! I knew Logan, and Dogg had some hidden alliance here.

Madd Dogg slides into the ring with the chair looking like he's ready to explode. Clark, and Corral back away holding their hands up trying to reason with him. Logan slowly begins making it back to his feet, but NO.. Madd Dogg is turning to Logan with the steel chair in his hand!

Shannan Lerch: Don't tell me Madd Dogg is going to hit Logan!

The Red Mafia stand in the back smiling. Logan is to his feet realizing Madd Dogg is standing in front of him with a steel chair staring straight into his eyes. Madd Dogg simply hands the confused Logan a chair. Logan shrugs grabbing the chair charging towards Red Mafia giving them both a chair shot. Clark, and Corral lay in the middle of the ring as Logan raises the chair up for a cheering crowd. Logan turns to Madd Dogg with a look of confusion still drawn over his face as he drops the chair, Madd Dogg sits on the bottom rope lowering it down for Logan as Logan suspiciously climbs through the ropes dropping down to the outside of the ring. Logan walks backwards up the ramp still staring at Madd Dogg.

Zach Davis: What the hell..?

Madd Dogg soon leaves the ring too, following Logan.

Shannan Lerch: That's weird, I've got to say.. I'm probably confused right just as much as Logan. Maybe we'll find out more answers next week.

Mike Ragnal vs Jimpy

The lights go out, and "It's All Over" by Three Days Grace plays. Once the main guitar solo hits on my theme song, a big bang of pyrotechnics go off and Jimpy standing at the top of the ramp. Then there is a medley of lights flashing on and off at different points of the arena. He gets into the ring and goes to the turnbuckle. Jimpy does a backflip off the top rope and lands dead center in the ring and at the moment he lands, 4 fireworks burst out of the 4 turnbuckles, just like Kanes.

Zach Davis: And here is the newest wrestler to enter a WCF ring, Jimpy.

Shannan Lerch: What an interesting name.

The lights begin blinking several different colors as High Voltage (Footsoldier Remix) by Linkin Park hits. A lightning-like pyro blasts, and Mike Ragnal steps out from the back, Sasha Pehl following behind. He walks to the ring, looking towards the ring and sometimes at the fans. He steps up onto the apron, looks out into the crowd, then enters, while Sasha heads over to a corner outside the ring.

Zach Davis: And here is Mike Ragnal, the Master of Elemental Disaster!

As soon as the pyroes die down, Mike runs at Jimpy and clotheslines him in the back of the neck. Mike picks him up and hits him with a back suplex. Mike runs to the ropes and bounces back for an elbow drop, but Jimpy rolls out of the way. Mike's elbow hits the canvas, and Jimpy gets to his feet, kicking at Mike as he attempts to get up. Jimpy then picks Mike up, grabs his leg, and hits a 3 Handled Crodenza. Jimpy goes to pin Mike.


Shannan Lerch: Oof, only a one count.

Mike kicks out. Jimpy picks Mike up and whips him into the ropes, looking for a brain chop, but Mike ducks under and hits Jimpy with an enziguri. Mike runs to the ropes and leaps off, hitting Jimpy's back with a Lionsault. Rather than roll him over for the pin, Mike puts Jimpy into a crossface. Jimpy is able to crawl towards the ropes, and grabs the bottom rope. Mike lets go at four, but then pulls Jimpy away from the ropes, and attempts to put him into a double Boston Crab. Jimpy kicks Mike off of him, and as Mike stumbles back into a corner, Jimpy runs at him and clotheslines him. Mike stumbles out of the corner, and Jimpy strikes with a Brain Chop. Jimpy puts his foot on top of Mike and poses as the ref count.



Zach Davis: Kickout!

Mike grabs Jimpy's leg and pulls him to the canvas, and opens his legs wide. The ref sees what Mike is doing, and tries to stop it, but Sasha Pehl gets on the apron. The crowd boos as the ref tries to keep her out of the ring, and all the while, Mike leaps up, and drops both legs onto Jimpy's groin. Sasha finally leaves the apron, and the ref goes back to the action. Mike nails a standing moonsault to Jimpy and hooks his legs for the pin.



Shannan Lerch: Kickout from Jimpy! So close.

Mike picks Jimpy up and whips him into the ropes, and looks to clothesline, but Jimpy ducks under and hits a drop toe hold on Mike, then locking in the STF. Stuck with nowhere to go, Mike claws at Jimpy's hands, hoping the pain will make him let go. Eventually it does, and Jimpy grabs his hands in pain while Mike gets to his feet. Jimpy spins Mike around and kicks him in the gut, then lifts him up for a suplex. Mike takes one of his knees and drives it into Jimpy's skull, and then falls back in front of Jimpy. Mike leaps up and connects with an enziguri to Jimpy's head, then turning him over for a pin.



Zach Davis: Another shoulder up! So many nearfalls in this match.

Mike kicks at Jimpy several times and then climbs the ropes for the High Voltage...

Shannan Lerch: This has to be it!

But no, Jimpy lunges and throws himself into the ropes. This sends Ragnal down, crotching the turnbuckle. Jimpy slowly makes his way over, and grabs Ragnal in the Crucifix position...

Zach Davis: I know what he's going for-

He hits a Razor's Edge!

Shannan Lerch: He calls that the Hangman's Horror!

Jimpy goes for the pin.




Zach Davis: And Jimpy wins his debut match.

Jimpy stands up as his music plays and the ref raises his hand. Meanwhile, Sasha helps Mike to his feet. Ragnal seems VERY pissed off at the loss.

Shannan Lerch: Another good showing by Ragnal, but... he just didn't come out on top tonight.

Ragnal storms out of the ring and to the back.

Davey Boone vs The Violent One

The lights fade to black, Alice N Chains: Man In a Box begins to blare, red and white pyro shoots out from the entrance as The Violent One Emerges from the smoke. He makes his way to the ring very slowly making sure to smack the hands of the fans. He enters the ring and makes his way to the corner and cracks his knuckels while waiting for his opponent to enter the ring.

Shannan Lerch: And now he's making his return to the ring and I really fear for his life here.

Zach Davis: Davey Boone had already told fellow AoV members Willy Carter and Adam Knite to not get involved this week at all that he wanted to finish this on his own. And I'm being told that backstage, Seth Lerch made the announcement that if any member of the AoV were to get involved before, during, or after Boone's match that they would forfiet their Tag Team Titles over immediately.

"Voodoo Child" by Jimi Hendrix hits over the PA as Davey Boone makes his way down to the ring alone as he pauses at the end of the ramp and then enters the ring to a huge ovation. The referee is telling both competitors to wait for the bell. But not before "Voodoo" by Godsmack blaring as The Xtreme One heads to the ring and stops pointing in the ring at Boone and laughing. He then walks over to the announce table and sits down with Zach Davis and Shannan Lerch. He places a head set on his head as the referee calls for the bell and the 2 competitors dance around the ring.

Zach Davis: We are being joined here by The Xtreme One, usually we don't have guests like this unless it is a pay per view. What are you doing out here?

The Xtreme One: I'm out here to promote my match next week and to support my fellow Team Xtreme member TVO.

Shannan Lerch: Match next week? What do you mean?

The Xtreme One: Next week it will be TXO taking on Adam Knite of the AoV with the same stipulations as tonight, no member of AoV may come to the ring to aid him and TVO will be at ringside with me just like I am with him!

TVO and Boone finally lock up as TVO has him back into the corner and then breaks the hold and slaps Boone across the face in disgust. TVO backs up as the referee is telling Boone to calm down, Boone does and comes out of the corner and locks up with TVO again who turns into a side headlock and begins slapping Boone on top of the head again before slinging him across the ring as Boone is again pissed off!

Zach Davis: Looks as if TVO is taunting Davey Boone in this match.

The Xtreme One: That's exactly what he's doing, Team Xtreme can have their way with AoV any night of the week Zach.

Shannan Lerch: I wish Logan would have his way with me!

Zach Davis: What?

Shannan Lerch: Nothing....

TVO is dancing around laughing at Boone as the 2 lock up again as Boone gets the upper hand and has TVO in the corner as the referee is asking for a break. Boone gives a clean break as TVO slaps Boone in the face again, now Boone has snapped! Boone grabs TVO and throws him down on the mat and starts delivering rights and lefts to the face of TVO as the ref is trying to stop him. Boone finally stops and picks up TVO and swings him into the ropes...BACK BODY DROP! Boone makes the cover...


kick out!

The Xtreme One: I think I should go have a closer look at this match, it was nice talking to you!

TXO slams down the head set and jumps over the announce table and starts pounding on the side of the apron. Boone has TVO grounded with a rear chin lock as the crowd is coming to life for TVO now as he fires back up to his feet and starts to deliver huge elbows into the side of Boone. Boone lets go of the hold as TVO comes off the ropes and nails Boone with a huge shoulder block take down! TVO waits for Boone to get up HUGE clothesline down as Boone gets back up again, again he's clotheslined down to the mat as TVO makes the cover!




Boone is fighting up as TVO begins to land kicks to the lower back of Boone as Boone is grabbing the ropes to help himself up and has now found himself off into the corner. TVO is battering Boone with an array of punches and kicks as Boone is beat down into the corner. TVO stops and runs towards the opposite corner and then runs back towards Boone...HUGE KNEE LIFT INTO THE SKULL OF BOONE! Boone is busted open and looks to be knocked out cold! TXO is cheering on TVO from the outside and there is a lot of mixed reaction. TVO has Boone's limp body up...and out of the corner BULL DOG! TVO taunts around for a moment before making a cover and hooking the leg!




Zach Davis: How did he do it?

Boone kicked out and TVO is beside himself! TXO is trying to calm him down as TVO gets ready and awaits Boone to get to his feet! Boone is up and kick to the gut by TVO and he's looking for the Violent Drop but somehow Boone finds a way out of it by grabbing the legs of TVO and causing him to fall to the mat back first. He's fixing to lock on the sharpshooter! HE'S GOT IT ON! TVO is looking to tap out but refuses! Boone is screaming out as blood drips from his face, Boone is looking at TXO and laughing at him as he's got his tag team partner in the middle of the ring in his trademark move!


TXO climbs up on the apron as Boone lets go of the hold and runs over and knocks him off the apron! The crowd is already on their feet and going crazy at these actions. TVO is back to his feet as the referee is turned around looking towards TXO to check on him. Boone turns around, TVO hoists him up and then spins him around as his feet knock the referee in the side of the head and down...VIOLENT DROP!!! TVO makes the cover but there is no referee as the crowd is counting along. 1....2....3! TVO would have won the match but the referee is down as TXO is back up on his feet and yanks the tag team title belt from the hands of the ring announcer on the outside and climbs into the ring. He's waiting for Davey Boone to climb back to his feet as he finally does TXO runs at Boone and knocks him in the head with the title belt! TXO climbs out of the ring and holds up his arms in victory as the crowd is going crazy. TVO makes the cover as the referee slowly makes his way over to start the count.




Zach Davis: How is he doing it and where is he getting the strength from? There is no way Boone can overcome this on his own, he's going to have to have the aid of the AoV to survive!

TVO is now so upset that he begins slamming his fist into the skull of Boone as the referee has fully recovered and begins his count as TVO finally quits. TXO has climbed back up on the apron as he's visibly upset with the referee's count as the referee has his back turned again from the action.

Zach Davis: The crowd has turned their attention from the match as there is a large man coming through the crowd wearing bandanas on his head and face. Who is that?

The man steps over the crowd barrier and stands on the outside as TVO turns his attention towards the large man. TVO is pointing his finger at the man as the man climbs up on the apron and grabs the back of TVO's neck and slings him downward! TVO clutches his throat as Boone is back up and rolls up! The referee turns around to make the count!




Shannan Lerch: So close!

Boone staggers around as TXO climbs up on the apron again as now the referee is telling "Texas Red" to get away from ringside. TXO grabs a chair and SMACK! More blood poors from the face of Davey Boone! He staggers back around and begins to fall, TVO picks him back up and VIOLENT DROPPED DOWN! TVO makes the cover as the referee turns around!




Zach Davis: The Violent One picks up the HUGE victory!

TXO climbs back into the ring sliding in a chair to TVO and grabbing a chair for himself.

Shannan Lerch: Oh no, not another conchairto! And Team Xtreme knows AoV can't come to his aid!

"Texas Red" enters the ring as the referee clears himself out of harms way as TXO runs towards Red only to get met with a big boot! TXO rolls out of the ring as TVO is taunting Boone and doesn't notice Texas Red is even in the ring. TVO turns around as Texas Red slaps the hands around TVO's throat and picks him up and CHOKESLAM! TVO clears the ring as he and TXO head back up the ramp, but not before TVO grabs a mic.

The Violent One: WAIT A MINUTE! Texas Red, you think you can just walk into the WCF and screw me out of my match like this? We all already know that Adam Knite will be taking on TXO next week with the same rules applying that applied to Boone this week! No AoV before, during, or after the match and also next week I say The Violent One takes on "Texas Red" so I can go ahead and eliminate you from interferring in TXO's HUGE victory over Adam Knite! What do you say to that?

TVO drops the mic as Boone and this "Texas Red" head on to the backstage area.

Zach Davis: Wow, what a full card we will have for next week's Slam! "Texas Red" has really made an impact here tonight, do we even know his name?

Shannan Lerch: I think his real name is Johnny Craven.

Zach Davis: Well, Johnny Craven has opened many eyes here tonight especially with Team Xtreme and AoV. I think Hank Brown has "Texas Red" Johnny Craven in the back.

Mike Ragnal Segment

Mike Ragnal is backstage, a pissed off look in his eyes as he looks into the camera.

Mike Ragnal: Lemme say this. I've been in WCF for the last month and a half, and what have I done? I've beaten a Pie F*cking Nobody, and a guy who hold his TV Title close and dear. And then I get eliminated in that War, when I was so close to taking out Creeping Death. THEN Skyler Striker eliminates ME from the match. Great. Just F*cking great! But you know something? The fact I had a match with ANOTHER loser, a guy who in a month prolly won't be making matches and with a moveset stolen from a video game, it means SHIT!

Mike sniffles, then wipes his nose with his hand before moving on.

Mike Ragnal: This crap has kept me from doing what I cam here to do. And that's make a NAME for myself! So what am I gonna do next? Call out Death? Nah, too busy with his Ministry of Cut-up Emos. Striker? Too busy deciding when he's going to choose his title match. know what I AM going to do?

Sasha pops in, and stares at the camera with a smile.

Sasha: Why, goodness, luv, what on earth are you going to do?

Mike chuckles and pats Sasha on the back.

Mike Ragnal: Call someone out, that's what. And who's that guy going to be?

Ragnal turns back to the camera

Mike Ragnal: A former WCF champion himself. A man who lost to Jack of Blades last week. Oh yes. Logan...The Master of Elemental Disaster...IS CALLING YOU OUT!

And all of a sudden, Seth Lerch steps up to Mike Ragnal. Seth shakes his hand, smiling.

Seth Lerch: You won't regret this, Mike. Logan is a washed up has been, everyone knows it, and you're going to be the man who takes him out for good. So I don't have to do it myself.

Seth walks off the screen, smiling. Mike and Sasha watch him leave, smiling themselves.

Texas Red Segment

The scene cuts to the backstage area as Boone walks away from Craven holding his head as Knite and Carter help him to the locker room as Craven stops and looks at Brown. Craven takes off his sunglasses and pulls down the bandana around his face.

Hank Brown: Mr. Craven, you came out to help Davey Boone in his match here tonight. Can you explain why you did what you did?

"Texas Red" Johnny Craven: ...

Hank Brown: Why did you do what you did to TVO and what do you have to say about him challenging you for next week?

"Texas Red" Johnny Craven: ...

Hank Brown: We need to know something sir, please say something!

"Texas Red" Johnny Craven: TVO........takes on....."Texas Red" Johnny Craven NEXT WEEK!

Craven glares at Hank Brown and then walks away as the scene fades.

Lawnmower Jones vs Biohazard
Special Guest Referee: Bobby Cairo

"Breakdown" by Biohazard plays and Biohazard comes out and walks to the ring as yellow and purple lights flash

Zach Davis: Biohazard made his debut last week in the War match and he had a very impressive showing.

Shannan Lerch: That's correct, Zach. Biohazard feels that he should have won the War match and he blames his loss on the man who eliminated him from that match, tonight's opponent Lawnmower Jones. Biohazard would certainly like to gain a measure of revenge in this match.

The words My Name is Lawnmower Jones, and I Love to Mow! are heard across the arena. Then, Scottish bagpipes are heard around the arena, as a motor starting then a lawnmower mowing is heard. Lawnmower Jones appears on the stage without Lonnie, his lawnmower. He looks saddened and depressed as he walks down the ramp and he rolls into the ring.

Zach Davis: Lawnmower Jones is still in a great deal of emotional turmoil. His wife Lonnie remains in critical condition after the assault by Cairo some weeks ago.

Shannan Lerch: Jones has to get his head in the game, Zach. This ain't tiddlywinks, this is professional wrestling! You don't use your head, you gonna lose your head!

Pyrotechnics explode at the top of the ramp, the lights in the arena flicker. "11 Dreams" by Mercenary echoes throughout the building and the crowd immediately boos. Bobby Cairo appears at the top of the ramp and the crowd boos even louder. Cairo slowly walks down to the ring with no expression on his face as middle fingers go up all around the arena.

Zach Davis: Here comes the special guest referee Bobby Cairo and I'm still not sure how he got this job.

Shannan Lerch: You slip Seth a fin and every possibility becomes a reality, Zach.

Zach Davis: That reserved parking space by the cafetorium that has those nice slices of apple pie à la mode?

Shannan Lerch: That can be reality, Zach.

Zach Davis: Wow!

Cairo walks over to Jones and begins to search him for foreign objects. Jones is having none of that nonsense and he gets in Cairo's face. Cairo reminds Jones that he is the referee and striking a referee is punishable by fine and/or suspension. Jones grits his teeth and grudgingly allows Cairo to search him. Cairo finds a nothing of interest and walks away.

Zach Davis: This should be a very interesting dynamic, Shannan. We have Lawnmower Jones vs. Biohazard and the referee is Jones' mortal enemy Bobby Cairo. Also worth noting is the alliance that was formed at War last week between Cairo and Biohazard. How will that play into this match?

Shannan Lerch: Jones is one of the toughest guys in the locker room, Zach, but I don't know how he can possibly overcome these odds. You can bet that Cairo and Biohazard have been scheming all week long while eating buckets of KFC and fondling the bosoms of Maggie Gyllenhaal lookalikes. Jones has his work cut out for him.

Cairo signals to the timekeeper. The timekeeper rings the bell to start the match. Biohazard and Jones go in for the lock-up. Jones overpowers Biohazard into a headlock. Biohazard shoves Jones into the ropes. Biohazard leapfrogs Jones. Biohazard takes Jones down with a flying head scissors. Jones immediately jumps to his feet with a pissed look on his face. Jones and Biohazard lock up again. This time Jones simply shoves Biohazard to the mat. Biohazard complains to Cairo. Cairo shrugs. Biohazard charges Jones and hits a spinning heel kick that staggers Jones. Jones is still on his feet. Biohazard quickly ascends to the top rope. Biohazard attempts a flying body press, but Jones catches him in mid-air. Jones lifts Biohazard above his head. Jones does a couple of military presses and drops Biohazard hard to the mat. Jones makes the cover. Cairo makes the count. Biohazard kicks out after two.

Zach Davis: That's interesting, Shannan. Cairo made a fair count. For some reason I thought that he would try to screw Jones.

Shannan Lerch: It looks like we were both wrong, Zach. I guess Lawnmower Jones can trust Bobby Cairo after all.

Jones plants Biohazard with a belly-to-belly suplex. Jones climbs to the second rope. Jones connects with a flying legdrop across Biohazard's throat. Jones makes the cover. Biohazard kicks out after two. Jones whips Biohazard into the ropes. Jones sends Biohazard crashing to the mat with a back body drop. Jones signals that the end is near and waits for Biohazard to stand up. The crowd jumps to its feet and cheers. Biohazard slowly climbs to his feet. Jones hits Biohazard with a huge spear. The crowd cheers louder. Jones makes the cover. Cairo drops to the mat and makes a veeeeery slooooow cooooount. Biohazard kicks out after two.

Zach Davis: I knew it! That damned dirty rat Cairo is screwing Jones! I knew that bastard was up to no good!

Shannan Lerch: Let's not jump to conclusions, Zach. Bobby could have had a particle of dust in his eye that stopped him from making a proper count.

Jones jumps up and gets in Cairo's face. Cairo reaches into his pants and pulls out a parking meter. Cairo clobbers Jones with the parking meter. The crowd boos and throws trash into the ring.

Zach Davis: Oh my god! I don't believe what I just saw! The sniveling weasel Bobby Cairo just assaulted Lawnmower Jones with a...parking meter?!?! How the hell did he fit a parking meter into those custom designed referee pants?!

Shannan Lerch: I guess it wasn't a particle of dust after all. Oh well, I have unstable chemicals running through my body.

Cairo helps Biohazard up and the two good friends take a moment to debate the merits of drug testing in professional wrestling. Biohazard walks over to where Jones lying and pulls him up. Biohazard holds Jones while Cairo "warms up the band" ala HBK. The crowd is going bonkers at this point and throwing stuff like a Republican minister at a gay marriage convention. Back to the action, Cairo hits Jones with a superkick that nearly takes Jones' head off. Biohazard and Cairo high five and flip off the fans.

Zach Davis: This is the most classless and distasteful display that I have ever seen inside of a wrestling ring. What the hell are Biohazard and Cairo hoping to accomplish with this performance?

Shannan Lerch: I almost had a baby with that, man. Can you believe that, Zach?

Zach Davis: Which man? Biohazard?

Shannan Lerch: Yes, Biohazard. I thought I was pregnant with his child but it was just gas. I took a Zantac and went to bed.

Red and black balloons are falling from the rafters. Jones does the Undertaker zombie sit-up. Cairo and Biohazard are freaked out and don't know what to do. The crowd cheers wildly as Jones stalks his prey. Jones grabs Cairo and Biohazard by the throat. Cairo and Biohazard struggle to free themselves from Jones' grip. Jones picks up both men and hits a double chokeslam. The crowd goes into near pandemonium.

Zach Davis: Oh my goodness gracious what a comeback by Lawnmower Jones! He looked dead in the water, but Jones is kicking ass!

Shannan Lerch: That's great, Zach, but what the hell is with these balloons? They're starting to obscure the ring. I can't even see what's going on down there!

A puff of smoke fills the ring. Nobody can see what's can see what's happening, but a shrill woman's scream can be heard. The smoke dissipates. All the balloons have disappeared. Jones is standing outside of the ring. Biohazard dives through the ropes onto Jones.

Zach Davis: Suicide dive by Biohazard onto Jones! What a move!

Shannan Lerch: Wow this match is crazy. There's been so much action and we're not even in bed yet!

Zach Davis: It's like a magic ocean of chicken and children.

Cairo is wielding a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire and he grabs the microphone from the ring announcer.

Bobby Cairo: Lawnmower Jones, I've had enough of your shenanigans! I don't want to wait until Blast to have out handicap match! I want to get that shiz in the hizzle right here tonight in this very ring on Slam! You smell me, cousin? Biohazard and I want to kick your ass tonight, young man.

Biohazard helps Jones to his feet and hands him a microphone.

Lawnmower Jones: Ye want to tangle with the iron octopus, Cairo? That can be arranged. Who shall preside over ye contested quintessence?

Cairo rubs his imaginary beard and ponders the scenario.

Bobby Cairo: Hmm...I had not considered that, Jones. I guess I could wrestle and officiate at the same time, right? After all, I am the Man of the Hour.

"The Payback" by James Brown pulsates through the arena. Ken Griffey Jr. appears at the top of the entrance ramp. The crowd explodes.

Zach Davis: Holy cow, Ken Griffey Jr. is in the house! Could he be the special guest referee for this impromptu handicap match?

Shannan Lerch: I don't think so, Zach. He might pull a hamstring or crack an ankle on his way to the ring. He's kinda like Kevin Nash in that sense.

Griffey slaps hands with the fans as he makes his way down to ringside.

Bobby Cairo: Ladies and gentlemen, let's give it up for baseball legend Ken Griffey Jr.! This guy used to have the sweetest swing in baseball before he got old and washed up!

Griffey climbs into the ring and grabs the microphone from Cairo.

Ken Griffey Jr.: What's up, Allegheny, Pennsylvania? What's up, WCF! Ken Griffey Jr. in da hooooooouse!

The crowd cheers Griffey's every word and savors them like so many perfectly tendered slabs of beef.

Ken Griffey Jr.: I heard y'all suckas need a referee.

Griffey pulls off his Cincinnati Reds jersey to reveal a striped referee's shirt. The crowd cheers.

Ken Griffey Jr.: Looks like yall suckas got a referee! Ring the bell and let’s start the damn match!

The timekeeper rings the bell. Jones and Biohazard got at it while Cairo perches himself on the ring apron.

Zach Davis: Once again another shocking turn of events as baseball legend Ken Griffey Jr. is the new special guest referee and this one-on-one match between Jones and Biohazard has been converted to a handicap match.

Shannan Lerch: It's like we always say, Zach, anything can happen in WCF!

Jones gains the advantage against Biohazard with some old school brawling. Jones slings Biohazard into a seated position on the top turnbuckle. Jones hooks Biohazard and plants him in the middle of the ring with a superplex. The crowd cheers as Jones makes the cover. Cairo runs into the ring to break up the pin attempt. Griffey chastises Cairo and sends him back to his corner.

Zach Davis: Griffey is asserting his authority and finally restoring some order to this match-up.

Shannan Lerch: Griffey does look damn good in a striped shirt. I wouldn't mind getting me some of that man!

Zach Davis: You wouldn't mind getting you some of Ronald McDonald neither, Shannan! You can't help yourself!

Jones whips Biohazard into the corner. Jones charges in, but Biohazard spits green ooze in Jones' face. The sudden influx of green ooze causes Jones to be lifted into the air and slammed hard and into the opposite corner. Biohazard seizes the opening and hits a handspring back elbow on Jones in the corner.

Zach Davis: That green ooze is nasty stuff, Shannan. I once mixed up the ooze with a bottle of Russian dressing and man oh man was I barfing up some big stuff!

Shannan Lerch: If you think the green ooze is bad, you obviously haven't seen the acid ooze! That stuff ate through my favorite pair of high-heeled stiletto Nazi boots!

Biohazard levels Jones with a tornado DDT and makes the cover. Jones kicks out after two. Biohazard leaps to the top rope. Biohazard goes for the Frog splash, but Jones rolls out of the way. Biohazard goes splat onto the mat. Jones takes a moment to shake loose the cobwebs. Jones goes on the offensive with a pair of shoulder tackles that knock Biohazard on his ass. Jones clotheslines Biohazard over the top rope and pounds his chest like a mad orangutan.

Zach Davis: Oh yeah Jones is on fire! How do you stop the Lawnmower Man when he gets on a roll?

Shannan Lerch: The Lawnmower Man? What are you drinking? What is that? Iced tea? Vodka?

Cairo tries to sneak up behind Jones but he gets drilled with a spinebuster. Jones pounds away at Cairo and whips him into the ropes. Jones hammers Cairo with the Yakuza Kick. Jones signals for the end and attempts to Rev the Engine, but Cairo slips out and goes downstairs with a low bow. Cairo does the Ric Flair strut while the crowd boos like crazy. Cairo pulls Jones up by his hair and plants him with a spike piledriver. Cairo prances around the ring like a bullfighter.

Zach Davis: Oh no! It's that Tito Santana shit!

Shannan Lerch: And you know what that means!

Cairo locks Jones in the Clap Trap and pulls back on that sumnumabitch while Jones screams like a stuck pig. The crowd cheers encouragement for Jones. Cairo threatens to break Jones' arm off if he doesn't tap out. Jones shouts obscenities toward Cairo as he struggles to escape. Jones deviously pulls back even further and literally tries to breaks Jones' arm right off the hinges. Jones uses his free arm to reach into his overalls and grabs a handful of talcum powder. Jones throws the powder in Cairo's face and Cairo immediately releases the hold and screams out in dire agony.

Zach Davis: That's a very resourceful move by Lawnmower Jones! Normally throwing powder into your opponent's eyes would result in a disqualification, but it looks like the special referee Ken Griffey Jr. is going to allow this.

Shannan Lerch: With everything that's happened tonight, can you blame him? Powder to the eyes is the most normal thing that we've seen in this match!

Jones rubs the feeling back into his arm. Jones stalks after Cairo and hits him in the back with a double axehandle blow. Jones scoops Cairo up and plants him with a running powerslam. Jones goes in for the kill and locks Cairo in the Jonesmission. The crowd goes into hyper excitement mode.

Zach Davis: This is it! Nobody escapes from the Jonesmission! Cairo's gonna tap! I can feel it in my pants!

Shannan Lerch: Not so fast, Zach! It looks like Biohazard is perched on the top rope!

Biohazard hits a perfectly executed corkscrew senton onto both Cairo and Jones. Biohazard makes the cover on Jones. Jones barely kicks out before the three. Biohazard revives Cairo with some smelling salts. Cairo whips Jones into the ropes. Cairo catches Jones, does the flapjack toss, Biohazard swings in and hits the elevated cutter. Biohazard makes the cover.

Zach Davis: That's their finisher! They call that the Goodbye Shopkeep! Will it be enough?!




Zach Davis: Biohazard and Cairo beat Lawnmower Jones! What an unbelievable match-up this was, Shannan!

Shannan Lerch: This was certainly one for the books, Zach. I don't think I've seen this many twists and turns outside of a Vince Russo--

Lawnmower Jones: Ahhh ye bloody Yanks stole the match from me, ye bastards!

Jones rolled out of the ring and grabbed the microphone from the ring announcer as Biohazard and Cairo were celebrating their victory in the ring.

Lawnmower Jones: Ye want a challenge? Ye want a real competition? Why don't we change the handicap match at Blahhst into a tag team match? You two arseclowns versus me and a tag team partner of me choosing? What do ye say, boys? Is ye feeling all ginned up or should me call ye mums?

Jones tosses the mic into the ring and it hits Biohazard in the head, knocking him unconscious. Cairo picks up the mic.

Bobby Cairo: I accept your challenge, you stupid piece of tangerine jizz! Not only that, but I'm gonna give you a friendly piece of advice. I'm gonna tell you something right now, sucker. You can recruit Bill Goldberg, Brock Lesnar or John Stamos and it ain't gonna make one damn bit of difference. Nobody can beat Bobby Cairo and Biohazard! The combined NATO forces can't stop these two sick motherfreakers!

Cairo tosses the mic back to the ring announcer and engages in a long, deep staring showdown with Jones as the medics check on Biohazard.

Zach Davis: What a huge announcement! Bobby Cairo and Biohazard will be teaming up a Blast to face Lawnmower Jones and a mystery partner of his choosing!

Shannan Lerch: Who will it be? It could be you, it could be me, it could be Daisy Fuentes! After what we've seen tonight it could be anybody!

Cairo finally notices the plight of his tag team partner as Jones grabs a chair and is held back by security guards.

Dehart vs Jack of Blades

Jodia: Hello WCF fans, and welcome to the craziest match og the night. Jack of Blades, WCF World Champion, verses Dehart, contender in the Modern Cutting Edge Division.

Nate Nytro: This is either going to be a massacre or a treat.

Jodia: Well that's NEWZ to us...

"Deserver" by Index Case hits the PA system, and Dehart comes out from the backstage area to cheers. The crowd cheers as he reaches the ring and slides in.

Nate Nytro: Dehart, Dehart, Dehart. Why in the world would he sign on the dotted line to face Jack of Blades?

Jodia: Well in an odd turn of events, Jack of Blades was straight up asked to participate in the MCE Division for a match or two by Creeping Death himself. Word is he has asked other WCF wrestlers as well.

The sharp fiddle that opens David Draiman's 'Forsaken' preludes Jack's entrance. Simultaneously, a deep crimson envelops the entire arena. The large video screen begins to play a video featuring dark silhouettes. As the fiddle dies out in transfer for the gruff vocals and electric guitar, the red is dispelled with a sharp explosion of fireworks coming from the ramp. As well as this, the silhouettes in the opening video are also given form showing Jack seemingly in a ritual of preparation and grimacing. As the pyro clears and the video evolves, the camera pulls to the top of the ramp where Jack of Blades is kneeling in ceremony, World Title around his waist. Soon after, Jack of Blades moves upwards to his feet and poses as if he were being crucified; his arms leant out, his body forced forwards. At the same time, a red rain of sparks fall from behind him where the curtain lays, adding effect. As the 'rain' dies down, two walls of flame burst from the each side of the ramp and Jack sets down it, his face changing from ecstatic grin to professional glare. When at the ring, he slides through the bottom rope and spends a few moments on the canvas as if establishing the surroundings before charismatically getting to his feet by spinning on his heels. At his feet, he launches himself onto the second rope of a turnbuckle, sideways, and reveals to the crowd a red rose from his trenchcoat pocket, raising it up beyond his head with one hand before catching it in his other and crushing it. This cues a steady stream of rose petals to fall from the ceiling around him as he apes the same crucifix gesture.

Jodia: WCF World Champion, Jack of Blades, looking as good as ever, but also with the weirdest entrance ever thought up.

Blades gets into the ring, removes his trenchcoat, and waits for the match to begin. The bell rings and we are under way. The two men circle eachother and tie up. Blades gets the upper hand and whips Dehart into the ropes. On the way back, Jack goes for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, but Dehart slips out the back door and lands on his feet. Blades is perplexes, as he goes for a clothesline, but Dehart ducks under. The two men spin toward eachother, but Dehart tries for a dropsault. Blades ducks it and Dehart spins back, landing on his feet. Blades quickly grabs Dehart in a powerbomb, swings him up ... but Dehart flies over top and lands on the ropes behind JoB. Dehart springboards back towards Jack, landing on Jack in a powerbomb position again, and rolls back with a hurricanrana.

Nate Nytro: What did I just see? I think I went blind. Amazing.

Jack rolls through unharmed and savate kicks Dehart's skull to pieces. Blades quickly locks on a Muta Lock, bridging back and bending Dehart in half. Dehart reaches out and grabs a hold of the bottom rope, forcing the move to be released. Jack helps Dehart to his feet, but Dehart breaks JoB's grip and hits a bend down-spring up Mortal Kombat style uppercut!

Jodia: Ha! That'll teach Jack to use video games to make fun of MCE!

Jack lands hard on his back and eats a running double stomp to the chest. Dehart then hits a spinning leg drop, crushing JoB's throat. Dehart picks JoB up and lays him on the middle rope, bounces off the other side, and comes back with a 619! JoB flies to the middle of the ring and eats a springboard Frog Splash into a pin!

Nate Nytro: He has it!




Jodia: WCF World Champion, can't keep him down for long.

Dehart quickly gets JoB to the turnbuckle and begins kicking at Blades' ribcage. Jack grabs one kick, picks Dehart up and throws his legs over the top rope, snags his head and drops him into a "Dart" DDT! Dehart folds over to his back from the impact. Blades sits Dehart up, double underhooks him, and lifts him back in a Tiger Suplex from a sitting position, sending Dehart upside down into the ropes. Blades keeps on the attack, throwing Dehart into the turnbuckle, climbing up, and flying off with a Tiger Driver! A pin...



Nate Nytro: KICKOUT! WHAT?!

Indeed, Dehart barely kicked out.

Jodia: High impact moves a-plenty.

Jack of Blades is stunned. Jack picks Dehart up, and throws him into the ropes. On the way back however, Dehart spins around and clocks Blades with a spinning heel kick. Jack hits the mat and bounces to a sitting position. Dehart springs off the middle rope he is facing and flies back in a Sabu style kick thing, sending Jack to his back. Dehart quickly picks Jack up and grabs him in a reverse DDT, runs off the ropes and spins ... but Blades SOMEHOW blocks it, spins around himself and his the Ubermensch!

Jodia: AMAZING counter into his finisher!

Blades with the pin...




Nate Nytro: WHAT?!

Jodia: KICKOUT?!

Yes, yes, Dehart kicked out of one of Blades' finishers. Jack is stunned. The crowd is stunned. You are stunned. Blades picks Dehart up and looks for The Joker's Wild. Before Jack can pick Dehart up to spin him around, Dehart bridges back and hits a Northern Lights Suplex right into the corner, and Jack of Blades lands in the Tree of Woe! Dehart stumbles back and hits a quick low dropkick to Jack's skull. Dehart calls for a chair, and is handed one. He sets it up next to Blades, and puts Blades' head on it. Dehart goes to the apron, springboards off the top rope, and hits a legdrop to Blades on the chair and in the Tree of Woe!

Jodia: Oh my GOD!

Blades falls to the mat and Dehart pins..




Nate Nytro: WHAT THE HELL!?

Both men are basically dead. They lay on the mat for at least a minute before Dehart begins to stir. Dehart stands up and goes over to Blades, who hits Dehart with a straight jab to the face. Blades uses the ropes to get up. Dehart flies at Blades, looking for a clothesline, but Jack ducks it, spins Dehart around, and nails him with The Joker's Wild!

Jodia: Oh no...

Blades pins, hooking both legs..




Nate Nytro: Jack of Blades pins Dehart, but not without an awesome fight.

Jodia: Looks like something about Dehart has caught Jack's attention.

Blades returns to the supine Dehart and crosses his victim's legs over one another. Jack then pauses for dramatic effect allowing the audience to predict the outcome of this effort. The collective booing of the fans are soon put to worth as Jack pulls Dehart onto his back and Jack reclines his posture.

Nate Nytro: Jack of Blades' Judgment Day Jolt! Post-match credit isn't exactly a predicate of the 'Modern Cutting Edge' Division.

Dehart at first tries to fight against the pain and pull himself out of it. Although valiant in his resistance, it eventually fails him and his body goes limp. The referee makes a feeble effort to pry Blades from the hold but the World Champion seems particularly determined to inflict some harm. However, the crowd exploding with cheers soon instigate his escape from the ring as Creeping Death slides in. After a quick glance at Jack, CD moves to his 'student' to check the full scale of the attack.

Nate Nytro: Creeping Death obviously has an ambiguous interest in the MCE division. Not only was it his idea to introduce this style but the roster was also hand-picked by the man himself.

Meanwhile, the cameras cut away from the concerned faces in the ring to Jack who is perched on the ramp. He has conjured a microphone in which to magnify the damage he has done. He brings it to his lips which in turn, crystallizes a symphony of boos and taunts, without Jack even saying a word.

Jack of Blades: Ahh, what a 'Hallmark' moment? Unfortunately, I don't think they make overpriced greetings cards for the occasion 'I'm Sorry You Just Got Completely Devastated By The World Champion!' Regardless, this whole 'Mr. Miyagi' phase you've found yourself in doesn't suit your established demeanor, does it? I've always considered your people skills to be on par with that of a German nationalist circa 1943. Therefore, I'm quite surprised to see you come to the defence of your progeny with such zeal and maternal instinct. But hey, I'll give you this. I quite enjoyed myself today. My expectations didn't extend beyond entertaining a timid neophyte with all the technical ability of an amputee, but hey, he proved me wrong. And in the spirit of good will and with the full knowledge that I'm a giver...I'm going to give the MCE a title shot. You see, there is a vacancy at 'Blast' for a number one contender what with Skyler hoping that I am struck by misfortune or disease before he cashes in his 'WAR' contract so that there is at least a modicum of a chance of him succeeding and with Logan tired of the ritual beatings, I'm all willing for a new challenge. Therefore, CD, I'm granting you the task of choosing a contender for my World Title from your personal rogues gallery. But of course, you are also a registered member of the MCE, right? Well, I guess we're going to see which is stronger: your mothering instinct or your greed.

Jack throws the microphone to the floor and hastily permeates the backstage curtain disappearing from sight. The cameras catch a luck of ambivalence on CD's face; one that seems to be completely unique to the situation he has been placed in.

Jodia: Jack of Blades. A complete jackass but also a master of mind games!

Nate Nytro: I guess we'll have to see whether CD is going to take the opportunity at the belt himself or charitably give it to one of his prodigies.

Seth Lerch/Jesper Reisert Segment

The cameras cut from the live action of the arena to backstage or more specifically, Seth Lerch's office. The man himself is seated on the fine leather sofa busy discussing important work matters with an unknown converser over his cellular phone.

Seth Lerch: So, that's pepperoni, anchovies, pineapples and three cheeses. Got that? Ok --

A loud rapping is heard coming from outside Seth's front door. Although it detracts from the important task of ordering a pizza, Seth, nonetheless, responds.

Seth Lerch: Come in! No, not you. Also, can I get a 'Shannan Lerch special?' Yes, that's right. Four pizzas and a jug of fat. Ok. I'll see you in less than thirty minutes or you do my taxes free. Bye!

Seth closes the receiver and lifts his head up. Standing in complete juxtaposition with the hand-crafted Indian Oak coffee table and the clinical minimalism of the room in general is a 6'4 ethnic savant with a predilection for enjoying porcelain way past the limits of normalcy.

Seth Lerch: Damn it, Jesper, what do you want?

Jesper Reisert: Well, you know, how the boss is going to be fighting 'Restart' tonight in that 'Muccee' match...

Seth Lerch: It's Dehart and you say the letters individually. 'M-C-E' not 'Muccee.'

Jesper Reisert: Ok, well you know, how Creeping Death came up with the idea?

Seth Lerch: Yes.

Jesper Reisert: Well, maybe, I could make up a division of my own.

Seth Lerch's head collapses into his hands.

Seth Lerch: Oh God!

Jesper Reisert: It'll be called 'Tossing Interactive Trial' Division!

Seth Lerch 'Tossing Interactive --', so it'll be abbreviated to the 'T.I.T' Division?

Jesper Reisert: Yep. Anyway, I'll get a group of my friends together and what we'll do is take part in a load of different fun stuff like 'cooking, egg-and-spoon races, lacrosse, wearing women's clothing, swimming, wearing women's clothing, lacrosse--'

Seth Lerch: Get out.

Jesper Reisert goes to leave, dejected that his brainchild was so harshly cut down. He stops before reaching the door and returns to Seth who seems to be suffering the effect of a stress-induced migrane.

Jesper Reisert: We'll also be wearing uncooked chickens over our heads and charging each other, if you'd like.

Seth thinks about the prospect of an entire division devoted to wearing poultry before pointing to the door without even looking at it.

Jesper Reisert: Ok. I'll go. But, oh yeah! I forgot to tell you that there is a lot of shouting and fussing going on in the female changing rooms.

Seth Lerch: What?

Jesper Reisert: Well, Dysphoria wanted to go in there and tell all the other girls about how she'd managed to lose 'four pounds in a week' on her 'dust and crackers' diet and call the rest of them 'food vacuums', but as she went in all I could hear was screaming.

Seth Lerch: Did you follow her in trying to pull off your dinkle so you can, and I quote, 'dress with you girls 'cause I've killed my worm?'

Jesper Reisert: No, boss says after all the incidents involving my hoo-dilly, he's going to keep it safe in a jar for me.

Seth Lerch's eyes enlargen at this revelation only for him to shake it off and move from his seat.

Seth Lerch: For God's sake, what's going on over there?

Seth and Jesper follow each other through the door. As they do so, Jesper rests a hand on Seth's shoulder as if suggesting a partnership between them. It is soon removed.

Team NCW vs Disorder by Design

''Remedy'' By Seether hits as Outcast and Davey Ortega emerge fromt he back. They smile, Outcast giving the finger to the fans as Davey waves to them. However, following behind them are Rick Mad, and the man who had been interfering on NCW's behalf the last few weeks.

Zach Davis: The only thing we know about this man right now is that his name is Merc, short for Mercenary.

They walk to the ring as confident as ever. Outcast and Ortega enter the ring holding up their hands. They wait for their opponents.

Zach Davis: Here is Team NCW.

Shannan Lerch: Indeed. And here comes Disorder by Design!

"Duality" by Slipknot hits as JJ Biggs and Danny "The Vagrant" Vice walk out to a cloud of smoke. Just as the drums kick in JJ lifts one fist direclty in the air as Danny throws up his double SuFi and the pyrotechnics fire three huge shots into the air. The duo walk to the ring then pose on the turnbuckles in opposing corners.

Zach Davis: These two are former Tag Team Champions and they reunited at War VII!

Shannan Lerch: Indeed. It'll be interesting to see if they have any rust from not working together for so long.

The bell rings. Davey "The GM" Ortega is going to start the match off for Team NCW and Danny "The Vagrant" Vice is starting the match off for Disorder by Design. The two competitors slowly begin to circle around the ring, trying to get a feel for their opponent. Ortega finally charges in Vice's direction and he tries to go for a Clothesline, but Vice ducks under it and he nails Ortega in the back of the head with a Standing Dropkick! Ortega rolls over onto his stomach and he climbs to his knees, resting for a moment. Vice takes advantage of this as he measures Ortega up and then kicks him in the side of the head with a Shining Wizard. Vice runs towards the ropes and he jumps onto the second rope, springing backwards with a Lionsault. He quickly hooks the leg as the referee counts, 1...................2......KICK OUT! Vice quickly jumps to his feet and he lays into Ortega with a few stomps to the chest before making his way over to his corner and tagging in his partner, "The Greatest" JJ Biggs.

Zach Davis: And now the WCF Television Champion is getting into this match!

Shannan Lerch: Outcast doesn't want to wait to get a piece of Biggs. He's getting into the ring!

Indeed, Outcast is now in the ring after climbing through the middle rope. Outcats runs towards Biggs, but "The Greatest" simply bends forward and then launches Outcast across the ring with a Back Body Drop. Vice quickly climbs to the top rope and he kneels down, holding onto the top rope as he waits for Outcast to climb back to his feet. As soon as he does, Vice jumps off looking for a Huricanranna, but Outcast catches him on his shoulders. He spins around before dropping to the mat, slamming Vice down powerfully with a Powerbomb. The referee is focusing his attention on getting Vice and Outcast out of the ring, which leaves him distracted from the action going on behind him. Jake Hudson, Biggs' manager, has just made his way down the ramp in a hurry and he has the WCF Television Championship in his possession. He slides it into the ring for Biggs, who quickly picks it up and he waits patiently for Ortega to get back to his feet. As soon as Ortega is back up, Biggs swings wildly with the belt. Ortega, however, manages to duck under it and Biggs turns around. Ortega quickly gives him a stiff kick to the groin area and Biggs drops to the mat like a sack of rocks! The referee has succeeded in getting the other two men out of the ring and he turns around noticing the title on the mat. Ortega holds his hands up in the air and the referee gives him a suspicious look. However, the referee just kicks the title out of the ring.

Zach Davis: Ortega calls that kick "Hail to the GM!"

Shannan Lerch: Even though he didn't use the title on Biggs, he should still be disqualified after that kick!

Ortega makes his way over to his corner and he tags in his partner, Outcast. Biggs is slowly making his way back to his feet and Ortega kicks him in the midsection causing him to bend forward. Outcast then proceeds bouncing Biggs' head off of the mat with a DDT! Outcast then quickly mounts Biggs and he's going off with a series of right and left hands! Biggs is trying to block them, but Outcast is still connecting with most of them! Vice comes to the aid of his partner as he quickly enters the ring and he kicks Outcast in the side of the head. This causes Ortega to once again enter the ring which Vice quickly nails him with a running Leg Lariot, which sends Ortega flying back over the ropes to the outside. Vice, after smashing his boot against Outcast's face a couple more times, walks back over to his corner and he exits the ring!

Zach Davis: Well, at least this match didn't turn into chaos!

Shannan Lerch: I suppose.

Biggs slowly gets back to his feet and Outcast gets to his, as well. Outcats swings and he connects with a right hand that causes Biggs to stumble backwards, but Biggs quickly reacts and he nails Outcast with a Superkick! He quickly tries to get the victory as the referee counts, 1..............2........KICK OUT! Biggs doesn't waste any time before moving to the head area of Outcast and he locks in a version of the Sleeper Hold. Ortega isn't having any of this as he's in the ring quickly and he nails Biggs with a Dropkick right to the head. Vice quickly enters the ring and he goes for yet another Leg Lariot, but Ortega ducks it this time and he quickly grabs Vice's leg and he locks in an Ankgle Lock! Vice is holding onto the ropes, but since these two aren't the legal men it doesn't much matter. He's screaming in pain now as the referee is trying to get Ortega to release the hold.

Zach Davis: This is ridiculous! These two need to go to the apron where they need to stay until they are tagged into this macth!

Shannan Lerch: Indeed.

Vice, somehow, manages to turn over and he kicks Ortega in the chest which causes him to fly into the ropes. Biggs is up now and as soon as he bounces back, Biggs grabs him and he nails him with a Tilt-a-Whirl Slam! Biggs stomps on Ortega for a few moments before turning back to Outcast, who was waiting, and Outcast elbows him in the crotch from his knees before rolling Biggs up as the referee counts, 1..............2............KICK OUT!

Zach Davis: Almost had him there.

Vice runs at Ortega, who trips him, sending him into the referee.

Shannan Lerch: This is never good.

The ref goes down, and Vice flies out of the ring. And in come Rick Mad and Merc.

Zach Davis: This doesn't look good for the Television Champion.

Immediately, Mad and Merc start stomping away. Mad picks Biggs up, throws him to Merc... who hits a Swinging Reverse STO!

Shannan Lerch: He calls that the K.I.A.!

Outcast laughs, and pins Biggs, as Mad goes to revive the ref.




Zach Davis: Team NCW has absolutely stolen this match.

Mad and Merc are back in the ring. They pick Biggs up and throw him right out, celebrating in the ring.

Shannan Lerch: Quite frankly, shenanigans or not, Team NCW has just defeated Disorder by Design. They're on the rise.

Outcast, Ortega, Merc and Mad all roll out of the ring and head to the back.

Zach Davis: Hey, I think we should call them Team M.M.O.O. I dunno, it just sounds silly. Merc, Mad, Ortega, Outcast.

Shannan Lerch: You're an idiot.

Seth Lerch/Jesper Reisert Segment

Seth Lerch and Jesper Reisert are hurridly making their way down the labyrinth corridors that make up the venue for tonight's Slam. In their journey, they pass forgotten wrestlers and stagehands at each turn, all of whom react in the same way as trying to minimize contact with the pair. Jesper, capitlizing on his new-found 'friendship', takes it upon himself to steal a cup of coffee from one of them. Of course, after a sip, he realizes that he actually dislikes the taste of coffee and thus launches it over his shoulder and scolding the seamstress behind him. Despite giving an innocent second-degree-burns, the two of them continue onwards stopping at the door titled 'Female Changing Room.'

Jesper Reisert: This is it.

Seth Lerch: I know this is it!

Seth somewhat nervously taps the door looking for a response.

Seth Lerch: Is everything OK in there?

Seth once again waits for a response but finds nothing from the other side. As such, he carefully places his ear against the door hoping that this will enable him to distinguish some demonstration of life from inside. However, as his ear rests on the wood, the door swings open hitting him in the face and forcing him back. From out the open door emerge the shaking persons of Dysphoria and Jodia who react with with visceral screams as they escape the room. Jesper catches a hold of Dysphoria and helps Seth to his feet as the door once again swings open revealling the cause of all the hysterics. There, standing proudly, is the latest WCF talent to take the fans by storm, Biohazard. The crowd explodes at his appearance. He arcs his head examining Seth, Jesper and Dysphoria in turn. He settles his glare on Jesper and wipes the 'acid spit' from his chin.

Biohazard: Toxic Shock!

As soon as he produces this rather cryptic exclamatory phrase, a cloud of green haze emerges from Biohazard's jaw and stains the face of everyone's favourite savant. Jesper falls to the ground in pain which in turn causes Dysphoria, who he was supporting, to fall to the ground. Seth and the cameras watch on as Biohazard walks away from the devastation and down the corridor.

Skyler Striker vs Thunder

Zach Davis: Time for our main event!

Shannan Lerch: There’s some bad blood brewing here. Let’s get them out already!

"Money" by Pink Floyd begins to play. As the cash register sound ends and the music begins, Thunder walks towards the ring. He reaches the apron and climbs the turnbuckle, taunting the fans.

Zach Davis: Thunder hasn’t been particularly successful lately – he lost the tag titles, and then the TV Title, and then the People’s Title…

Shannan Lerch: Shut up… he has money! That makes him cool

Zach Davis: But he also tapped out in the War match one week ago to his opponent tonight.

Shannan Lerch: That was totally unfair. He was in the Lockdown and the Vicelock – if he hadn’t been double te-

The sound of “Fallen Angels” by Ra kicks in as a bright white light flashes over the arena and fades to black again. Skyler Striker walks onstage and the crowd EXPLODE for the War VII winner, Striker acknowledging them before heading to the ring, Hardcore Title around his waist. He slides in and eyes Thunder off before climbing the turnbuckle and doing a crucifix pose, the crowd still roaring. Striker gives his Hardcore Title to the referee as he stares at Thunder again, his red eyes flaring.

Zach Davis: Skyler Striker, winner of War VII and now a certified main eventer. He hasn’t lost a PPV match since Revenge last year when he captured the Hardcore Title from Jack of Blades, who will soon again become his arch rival, depending on when he hands in his title shot.

Shannan Lerch: I’ll give you the fact that he has some skill, but-

Zach Davis: But what? No-one has ever removed themselves from the Lockdown once it’s hooked in, and he’s the longest reigning champion in the WCF at this point in time. He’s almost catching up to Torture’s reign as World Champ.

Shannan Lerch: Where did you learn to kiss ass like that, Zach?

Zach Davis: Your mother.

Shannan Lerch: *silence*

Meanwhile, in the ring, Skyler is facing off with Thunder, and the bell finally rings. Striker and Thunder lock up, Thunder getting the first advantage and pushing Striker to the ropes. Striker whips off into the other side, ducks a return clothesline from Thunder, leapfrogs Thunder as he ducks, and then comes to a crashing halt when Thunder swings a short arm clothesline at him, which connects with Striker’s neck and forces him to the ground.

Zach Davis: Thunder taking the early advantage.

Thunder continues the assault and lifts Striker, whipping him into the ropes and hitting a t-bone suplex on the return. He drops down for a pin, 1..2no, Striker kicks out. Thunder lifts Striker again and pushes him into the corner, delivering right and left hands to the stomach of Striker. He finishes the series with a knife-edge chop and jumps onto the turnbuckle as Skyler stumbles away, jumping off the second turnbuckle and grabbing Striker’s neck, hitting a neck snap. He hooks Striker’s leg again and covers,, another kickout. Thunder refuses to relent and hammers Striker with some rights and lefts before hooking the leg again,, Striker kicks out. Thunder looks at the referee with malice and lifts Striker, whipping him into the ropes and clotheslining him yet again. Another pin,, Striker kicks out again.

Zach Davis: This is ridiculous. Thunder won’t stop for anything.

Shannan Lerch: You know why he’s in control? Because it’s not a Hardcore match. Striker is out of his element and he knows it.

Thunder locks in a Texas Cloverleaf and drags Striker to the middle of the ring. Striker yells in pain as Thunder applies and puts pressure on the hold. Striker moves slowly towards the ropes, slowly, but instead of grabbing them, Striker uses all of his weight to throw Thunder forward through the ropes and to the outside of the ring. The crowd cheer as Striker steps back, and as Thunder gets to his feet, Striker hits the ropes and takes a suicide dive through the ropes to spear Thunder into the back wall, however Striker’s head also hits the wall and his neck moves at an awkward angle, and both men fall to the floor in pain.

Zach Davis: That does not look pretty.

Shannan Lerch: Botched! Ha.

Striker slowly gets to his feet, as does Thunder. Striker takes quick advantage and jumps, putting his legs on Thunder’s shoulders and his hands on the apron, but Thunder counters and lifts Striker by his legs, and moves Striker like a board, dropping him torso-first onto the barricade. Striker is winded and collapses on the ring side of the barricade, while Thunder takes a moment to catch his breath. Striker gets to his knees and this time Thunder takes a run-up on the outside of the ring, hitting a shining wizard on Striker and knocking his head back into the steel steps. A trickle of blood runs down the back of Striker’s neck and we can see he has been busted open. Thunder sees it too and grins, throwing Striker back into the ring. He follows him in and covers him quickly,, Striker still kicks out! Thunder is furious and hits the ropes, hitting a running kitchen sink on Striker, winding him further. Striker collapses again in the middle of the ring and Thunder locks in an inverted bow and arrow submission, driving his knees into Striker’s stomach. Striker tries to breathe but Thunder is choking him too rapidly and Striker begins scratching at the air. The referee grabs his hand and drops it, but Striker stops it halfway towards the ground and raises it. Thunder tries to apply the hold harder but Striker shifts his weight, rolling Thunder back over and Striker breaks free of Thunder’s arms. Striker rolls outside of the ring and Thunder goes to the ropes, but Striker has jumped around the turnbuckle and to the adjoining side of the ring, and as Thunder moves to him, Striker grabs the second and top rope, swinging through and kicking Thunder in the back.

Zach Davis: Look at the speed of these two. It’s so quick, one taking advantage straight after the other.

Shannan Lerch: Are you kidding? Thunder’s had control since the start! Striker’s getting more and more injured – at this rate he’ll be too tired to fight by the end of the match.

Striker ascends the turnbuckle and hits a jumping spinning neckbreaker as the crowd roar. Striker covers Thunder,, Thunder kicks out. Striker lifts Thunder, clutching at his stomach, and lifts Thunder into a delayed vertical suplex. Striker spins around to nail the move but he is still grabbing his chest afterwards.

Zach Davis: Thunder may have done some serious damage here to Striker! He’s holding his chest and stomach pretty often.

Shannan Lerch: That’s Thunder’s type of match – injure your opponent early, wear them down, and then go in for the kill.

Striker hooks Thunder’s leg and the referee counts,, Thunder kicks out. Striker stands, hitting the ropes, and nails a running enzuigiri as Thunder stands. Thunder collapses just as fast as he stood and Striker springboards the second rope to hit a Lionsault, covering Thunder,, another kickout. Striker stands and grabs Thunder, and goes for the Final Revelation, but Thunder counters and hits Thunder and Lightning from nowhere! He locks in the Cobra Clutch on Striker and Striker has nowhere to go!

Zach Davis: From nowhere, Thunder takes advantage! Striker has almost no choice!

Shannan Lerch: Tap, damnit, tap!

Striker raises his hand but does not tap, reaching for the rope! Thunder pulls back with everything he can but Striker exerts more force, taking a large reach with his arm and grabbing the rope with the tips of his fingers. The referee tells Thunder to release the hold, but Thunder refuses, holding on until the referee counts 4 to release it. The referee condones Thunder and Thunder turns back to Striker, but Striker hits a drop toehold on Thunder and Thunder is hung on the second rope. Striker sees the situation and hits the other ropes, coming back, and swinging through the ropes, but Thunder moves! Striker spins in the ring and Thunder grabs him, Thunder and Lightning!

Zach Davis: This is it!

Shannan Lerch: Go for the pin, Thunder!

Thunder drops down for the pin, 1..2..3NO! Striker kicks out AGAIN and Thunder is in utter disbelief. Thunder goes to yell at the ref and turns back to Striker, grabbing him in position for Thunder and Lightning again but Striker wriggles out and turns Thunder around, Final Revelation! Striker follows up by climbing the turnbuckle and jumping into the air, the crowd cheering as Striker nails the Skyler High Dive! Striker completes the moveset by grabbing Thunder’s legs and turning him over, hooking in the Lockdown!

Zach Davis: He’s got it in! No-one has ever escaped the Lockdown before!

Shannan Lerch: Ropes, Thunder, get the ropes!

Thunder raises his hand, grabbing for the ropes, but cannot reach them! Thunder yells in pain as Striker cinches in the hold, and Thunder raises his arm, and brings it down! Thunder taps!

Zach Davis: He taps! Striker wins! Our War winner is dominant in the WCF at the moment!

Shannan Lerch: Damn.

“Fallen Angels” by Ra hits again and Striker exits the ring, his Hardcore Title in hand. He holds it high as Thunder slowly stands and watches Striker, grimacing. Suddenly, “Faint” by Linkin Park hits and Danny Vice appears at the entrance, the crowd cheering. Striker stops and is caught in the middle of Thunder and Vice, but all three stay still, Thunder and Vice making the title motion as Striker looks at both of them, holding his Hardcore belt.

Zach Davis: At Blast, only one man can walk out with the Hardcore Championship! The tension is thick!

Shannan Lerch: See you next week at Slam, folks!

The copyright information and WCF logo are shown as Slam fades to black.