Sunday Slam Intro
Lance Ryan vs Perfeckshion vs Jason Anderson vs The Mayne Event vs Jesse Blake
Spike Kane vs The Xtreme One
Danny Vice/Mike Ragnal vs Creeping Death/Johnny Craven
World Title: Jay Williams vs Skyler Striker

Sunday Slam Intro

Sitting by M83 explodes from the PA systems and Slam is on the air! The fans in attendance roar as the pyro shoots from wherever the hell it shoots from and we go to the announcers.

Zach Davis: Welcome to the show! Zach Davis with Shannan Lerch, as always.

Shannan Lerch: We're marching on towards Explosion, and the WCF Championship Series continues. Tonight Skyler Striker takes on Jay Williams.

Zach Davis: Jay Williams hasn't been in the WCF for long, but he's already become a Champion, winning the Tag Titles last night. As such, someone decided that he deserved the next shot at the WCF World Title.

Shannan Lerch: His partner, Reckless Jack, got a serious injury in that same match, however. With Jack and Jay already scheduled to defend against Team Xtreme at Explosion, will we find out about Jack's condition?

Zach Davis: We have a big tag match, with Vice and Ragnal teaming up to take on Creeping Death and Johnny Craven. And what an interesting situation we have here.

Shannan Lerch: Thanks to Creeping Death, Craven was able to pull the upset and win the Hardcore Title. However, afterwards, Creeping Death stole that very belt. And we know Danny Vice wants it back.

Zach Davis: It'll also be interesting to see how Ragnal and Vice work together, as they're now stablemates.

Shannan Lerch: We have Spike Kane making his in ring debut against The Xtreme One. TXO and TVO both tried to attack Reckless Jack following the Tag Titles match and Jack's injury, but Spike Kane came to the rescue of the new Champs.

Zach Davis: So of course, TXO is out for revenge. We'll find out tonight what Spike Kane is all about.

Shannan Lerch: And our opening match is a five corners match featuring five debuts. Lance Ryan, Perfeckshion, Jason Anderson, The Mayne Event and Jesse Blake.

Zach Davis: These are huge names on the wrestling scene and it is absolutely great that WCF has managed to pick them up. I'm very interested to see how these guys do in a WCF ring.

Shannan Lerch: Well let's not wait any longer to find out!

Lance Ryan vs Perfeckshion vs Jason Anderson vs The Mayne Event vs Jesse Blake

"Remember the Name" by Fort Minor begins to play. Perfeckshion tries to run out from the back, but trips on the ramp and begins to roll. His water bottle slips from his hand and begins to roll down the ramp, but stops. He gets up in a hurry and rushes to get the water bottle and picks it up. He raises both arms and dusts himself off. He "runs" to the ring and attempts to slide under the bottom rope, but has a hard time the first time. He steps back and lifts up his foot and climbs the bottom and rolls underneath the ring. He huffs and puffs his way into a corner, trying to catch his breath while he sweats heavily.

The lights of the arena dim as the voice of Puff Daddy overtakes the PA system followed by the voice of Nas.

The Main Event has returned...

As the chorus hits the stage fills up with fog and everyone in the arena rise to there feet in anticipation. Green lights shine through the fog back and forth until they stop on the entrance way and a man known as a legend emerges from the entrance way. Some of the crowd pops at the sight of a true legend and others boo for the pure hatred of the man as The Mayne Event walks through the fog. He stops at the top of the ramp and looks around at the screaming crowd. His trench vest is long down to his knees covering up most of his waist. He wears his traditional black tights, a black head band low over his eyes, black tape on his wrists, and tops it off with sweet ass pick pads and long black boots. He grins cockily and begins to walk down the ramp as the first verse hits. The Mayne Event stands at the side of the ring as the first verse ends and he mouths “Hate me” to the fans shouting at him at ring side and then leaps effortlessly onto the side of the ring and then up over the ropes into the ring. The Mayne Event then spins around in the center of the ring and throws his arms out as he does posing for the crowd. The Mayne Event then heads to the corner as the music fades.

"No More Sorrow" by Linkin Park hits as Lance Ryan runs and slides into the ring

The lights all turn into a blue, and white in color on the entrance way and stage. The music over the PA would be the song “Daylight Dies" by Killswitch Engage. The fans start to cheer, and others boo. Walking out of the entrance way with a towel on his shoulders is Jason Anderson. He walks out with a cocky smirk, yet determined look on his face.

We cannot be so blind
Hear their cries
The wait 'til daylight dies

The cost of one life
The price of ones soul
Is too much to lose

Anderson walks down the ramp and says stuff like “ This is my night baby ain’t no other way else.” He walks around the ring smacking hands with some of the fans. After that he slides into the ring and jumps up high. The fans cheer when he gets up. He then climbs the turnbuckles and throws his fist up into the air highly.

Zach Davis: Here we go, we're opening up the show with 5 of the biggest young rookies in the game today.

In the middle of the ring are the first two members in the match. On one side of the ring is Lance Ryan, and on the other side, there is Mayne. On the apron near Lance Ryan and Mayne are Anderson and Perfeckshion, respectively. The millions watching WCF Sunday Night Slam are cheering right now. It is an indescribable sensation that brought the people’s cheers throughout the arena echoing for miles, but the spirit in their heart being felt through the edges of the universe. The bell rings, and the match begins. Mayne and Lance Ryan begin the match as they run towards each other.

Zach Davis: Hell’s going to break loose.

Shannan Lerch: You know it. At least we know for sure that we can promise you that before the night is done, a star of the future here will be known in WCF

As soon as Mayne is in ranger, Lance Ryan grabs Mayne and hits him with an arm drag, but he holds the arm. They both stand up with the grip in tight. Mayne reverses it into a hammer lock. Mayne then pushes Lance Ryan, but since he’s really close to the ropes, he puts his feet on the top rope, then backflips behinds Mayne and on the way down, he hits a reverse-DDT! As soon as the impact has taken place, Lance Ryan flips over Mayne: One… Two… Kickout! Lance Ryan gets up, and turns around about to gets a breather before getting to work but as soon as he turns around, he gets knocked down with PERFECKSHION from Perfeckshion, but it turns out that he’s not the only one interfering with the match when it’s not his turn; Anderson hits Mayne with a 450 Splash! Luckily for Mayne, however, Anderson isn’t the legal man, and thus, refuses to count. Anderson and Perfeckshion bring themselves back to their corners, leaving our two legal participants in lying in the middle of the ring, exhausted.

Zach Davis: Oh come on, we need some order in this match!

Shannan Lerch: Hey, it’s illegal, you know nothing can't happen.

On one side of the ring is Mayne, on the ground, and on the other is Lance Ryan, also on the ground. With great deals of energy, they begin crawling to their corners, trying to tag someone in. They begin crawling, and they both tag someone in! Mayne with Anderson, and Lance Ryan with Perfeckshion! They both go between the ropes and run at each other, Perfeckshion hitting Anderson hard with a clothesline that forces him to flip upon contract, but while being midair and upside down, Anderson hits Perfeckshion with a Hurracanrana that leaves everyone on the floor, well except the referee. Anderson rolls around and pulls an arm over Perfeckshion: One… Two… Kickout! Anderson gets a little aggravated; however, he still goes on. He forces himself back to his feet and walks up to Perfeckshion, and brings him to his feet. Anderson and Perfeckshion begin on brawling until they hear a noise.

Zach Davis: What the hell is going on?

Shannan Lerch: Have no clue...wait, look over there. We forgot, there was a 5th member to this match.

Zach Davis: Oh yeah...Jesse Blake, the kid who apparently has cancer.

Shannan Lerch: I want to make so many jokes but I want to go to heaven at the same time.

Zach Davis: Shannan...just be quiet.

What the entrance doesn’t say is that while on the way in, Jesse Blake tags Lance Ryan, and is therefore the legal man. It pisses Lance Ryan off to say the least, but it pisses Anderson off even more because instead of fighting someone who is weak, he’s fighting someone fresh, and ready to go. Succumbing to the temptation of rage, Anderson runs full force towards Jesse Blake… right into a dropkick to the face! Anderson gets pissed off beyond belief but tries to shake the anger off. He goes into the corner, and tags in Perfeckshion. He gets into the ring as Anderson walks out of the ring… or so it seems. As Perfeckshion gets in the ring and runs, grabs Jesse Blake and throws him to the ropes. He bounces back to Perfeckshion who attempts a clothesline, but ducked. What Jesse Blake doesn’t see is that Anderson never left the ring, though he once started to. Anderson dropkicks Jesse Blake in the face, who forces him back to Perfeckshion who hits him with a full nelson slam! After being yelled at from the referee, Anderson leaves the ring.

Zach Davis: Anderson finally got his revenge.

Shannan Lerch: He’s good, but that doesn’t mean he’ll win the match.

Zach Davis: Look at him, he's a beast.

Perfeckshion picks up the fallen Jesse Blake and throws him out of the way with a super hard Irishwhip that knocks him off the ring. Perfeckshion runs towards the ropes, jumps on the top rope and hits a moonsault, hitting him off the outside! They get up, and begin fighting and while that happens, we see Lance Ryan climbing to the top rope. Lance Ryan jumps off with a corkscrew cross body, but with the combined efforts of Perfeckshion and Jesse Blake, they are able to catch him. This doesn’t stop them though with Anderson who jumps off and lands on Lance Ryan! …Wait, yes it does, but barely. Perfeckshion and Jesse Blake are able to drop them because of the weight and velocity but at least they don’t have anyone else about to jump off… That is until we see Mayne on the top rope, and who jumps off with a diving spear! He knocks everyone down, and he quickly gets up! He knows that he isn’t legal, but he wants to damage the ones who are so that he can end the match easier, so he brings Jesse Blake to his feet and hits a German Suplex on him! He then brings up Perfeckshion to his feet, and hits him with a spinning DDT! Mayne, having done his intent, walks back to his designated place on the apron.

Shannan Lerch: What a smart man he is!

Zach Davis: Don’t you have morals!? He’s cheating!

Lance Ryan and Anderson grab Perfeckshion and Jesse Blake, respectively, and throw him into the ring. Two, almost lifeless bodies just lay there as Mayne took care of them. As these two slowly rise to their feet, Lance Ryan begins to be pissed and because of that, he begins brawling with Mayne, who is responsible for almost knocking out Jesse Blake and Perfeckshion to the point where they are almost unable to even tag out. Anderson just stays there, and has his arm out. Jesse Blake and Perfeckshion see this, and both struggle to tag him. They are both on their knees on their way up, and they leap off, and both tag him at almost the same time! It looks like…. It’s Perfeckshion who tagged Anderson first! Anderson gets into the ring, and turns to Jesse Blake… JUST IN TIME for him to grab his head. He runs up to the turnbuckle and hits Anderson with a Gravedigger! Mayne and Lance Ryan are too busy brawling, Perfeckshion is too damn tired, and because of this, Jesse Blake might have this:



Anderson gets a shoulder up.

Shannan Lerch: Anderson kicks out of nowhere.

Zach Davis: What an opening match we're having here. Complete madness.

Shannan Lerch: I'll say.

Blake picks Anderson up, but Anderson begins fighting back. He throws Blake to the ropes, and then Clotheslines him down. Meanwhile, Lance Ryan has finished brawling with Mayne Event, coming out the victor. He's back on the apron and touches Anderson, tagging himself in. Anderson looks pissed as the ref forces him out of the ring.

Zach Davis: Well thats hardly fair.

Blake is getting to his feet, and Ryan watches him... he picks him up for a Suplex, OOHH and brings it down into a DDT!

Shannan Lerch: What a move!

Before going to the pin, Ryan hits a stiff shot to Anderson, knocking him off the apron. Ryan then drops and makes the cover.




Zach Davis: Lance Ryan wins his debut!

Jay Williams/Reckless Jack Segment

The arena goes dark as the opening to Hatebreed's "To The Threshold" fills the arena. Pyro explodes as Jay Williams appears on one side of the stage and Reckless Jack appears on the other side...although Reckless Jack is being wheeled out to the arena by his girlfriend Sarah as Amy Skye-Williams walks out with the three. Jay Williams has the WCF Tag Team Championship around his waist as the other half of the belts is on the lap of Jack. Jack can move his arms now it seems as he raises his arms up in the air, as Jay headbangs to the song. Once they hit the ring, Jay takes Jack's Tag title belt and throws it in the ring, helping out with Jack as he walks him inside the ring, Amy and Sarah holding up the ropes for Jack to get in, as Sarah brings in the wheelchair, putting him back in it, giving him his title back. Jay goes over to the timekeeper's position and picks up 2 mics, giving one to Jack and one for himself, as Jack speaks up first, Jay going to sit on the turnbuckle.

Zach Davis: Here's the NEW WCF Tag Team Champions, in Reckless Jack and Jay Williams. We saw an amazing show of strength against them and Team Xtreme. So much that Seth officially announced a rematch for the belts at next month's Explosion.

Shannan Lerch: Yeah, but is Jack scheduled to compete. As we saw, he took probably what was one of the worst injuries ever sustained in the ring.

Zach Davis: Well let's hear if Jack has his answer.

Reckless Jack: Last Sunday, as you may have saw, the unexpected occured. One year, TO THE DAY that me and Jay Williams basically killed each other in that ring...we teamed up and we won the WCF Tag Team Championships against Team Xtreme at Timebomb. It wasn't without misfortune though. See, I saw TVO and TXO coming too close to Amy and were about to take Jay's head off. But I stopped them in my tracks. I risked my own body to save my partner's body. I didn't torque enough though during that Shooting Star Press to the outside and I messed up my neck pretty damn bad. Same thing happened somewhere else a month ago, and now it happened to me as i sit here in this wheelchair with probably a broken neck. I can move my arms and stuff, but that's it. Doctors want to keep me safe.

The WCF crowd has a mixed response to this whole situation as Jay looks at Jack, a broken man it appears to be, wondering what Jack is going to say next to him.

Reckless Jack: So I have come out here, to tell the fans, to tell Sarah here, and to tell you Jay...that i'm done wrestling. I can't be able to do it anymore. I guess you knew that because of the wheelchair and everything. And I hate to tell you this, but I have to give up the WCF Tag Team title. I'm really really sorry, Jay.

Jack wheels himself up to Jay who gets off the turnbuckle and hands him his half of the WCF Tag titles. Jay has a depressed look on his face as he slings the other half over his shoulder.

Reckless Jack: But have no fear. I'm not going to screw you over like in past companies. Couple days ago, I ended up talking to Seth for us. We had a good long meeting about my injury, and while I may be retiring for now, I told Seth the same things that i've told you guys, and he agreed with me. Jay, you still are one half of the WCF Tag Team Champions. Seth agreed that if I could find a partner, you still could be the Tag Champion. And I did actually. So i'm here to announce the new half of the WCF Tag Team Champions...and my replacement. This person, can say he's like a "brother" to me, and just as you Jay, we've let bygones be bygones. He's a former 2-time Xtreme Hardcore Federation World Heavyweight Champion, and you probably know him from your "teacher" Jay. Ladies and gentlemen.....Spike Kane.

The lights dim out and a red siren light begins to flash wildly at the stage as Avenged Sevenfolds "The Wicked End" hits the sound system. On the screen we see a black image of a Spike Impailer being hit before a pyro explodes as the guitars kick in. The lights come back in, flashing crazily as Spike Kane walks out from the back, the fans cheeriing as he grins, extending his arms and baling his fists. The lights flash wildly still and the siren light stops as Spike walks slowly down to the ring berrating the fans on his way. When Spike reaches the ring he rolls in under the bottom rope, he then climbs to his feet and climbs the turnbuckle outstretching his arms once again and balling his fists, tilting his head the music fades. Spike drops to the mat and the lights return to normal as he grabs the mic from his back pocket.

Zach Davis: We've seen this man before, and he made an appearance after Jack and Jay won the Tag belts after TVO and TXO decided to not end things.

Shannan Lerch: So is he a Tag Champion with Jay Williams?

Zach Davis: Don't know, but look at the face of Jay Williams. He's distraught. He doesn't know what to think.

Spike Kane: That's right, you see...Jack asked me to watch his and Jay's back last week, and when I saw that Shooting Star Press, I knew something was up. Now, I know I'm not exactly the best person to be teaming up with you Joseph...

Jay pulls up the mic immediately

Jay Williams: Jay..

Spike Kane: Sure kid...but, you see Jack asked me to fill in for him. It's like a debt I kinda owe him and it only felt right to take his place, besides...why would I give up the chance to get my hands on The Xtreme One again? You see, Team Xtreme you were given a lesson last week, when Jared and Jack kicked your asses....

Jay pulls up his mic once again.

Jay Williams: JAY!

Spike Kane: Cool man, cool. Anyway, when you both got your ass's kicked you couldn't accept it, you just couldn't take losing the Tag Team Championships so you decided to take it upon yourself to lay your unworthy hands on the new tag team champions, that my friends was when I decided to make my precense felt. You see, I do belong here TXO, I was not being used...infact son, you were, you were the one being used all along. And now I stand here graciously accepting the honour to be one half of the WCF Tag Team Champions, less than a week in the federation....and it's an honour Jack, to be a part of this team you've created, so Team Xtreme, looks like your re-match for this Tag Team Titles has you face, the God of Xtreme, The Spiked One....and James Williams, TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WOOOOOOORRRRLLLD!

Spike smiles, putting his half of the Tag Team titles around his shoulder before exiting out of the ring. Jay still has a mic in his hand.

Jay Williams: Hey Spike...hold on a minute.

Spike turns around for a minute now as he stares at the four people in the ring

Jay Williams: I got a better idea, a way to amp this match up at Explosion on June 24th against Team Xtreme. See, TVO and TXO want to go out there and make us prove that we're a bunch of nobodies, a bunch of has beens. They want to flat out embrass us in that ring and probably take back what's rightfully theirs. If they wanna do that, then that's cool...but we're taking it one step further. That's why we're challenging Team Xtreme...TO A 15 FT. HIGH STEEL CAGE MATCH!

Zach Davis: Can they do that?

Shannan Lerch: Umm...Zach...they just did.

Jay Williams: Cool with that, Spike?

Spike lifts up his mic.

Spike Kane: Whatever you say John. I'm down with that.

Jay Williams: It's...ahh screw it, let's go...I need to gear up for my World Title match.

"To The Threshold" starts playing as Spike starts walking up early himself as Jay, Amy, and Sarah all help Jack out of the ring before placing him back on the wheelchair, rolling him back up the ramp, the Tag title around the waist of Jay Williams.

Zach Davis: A match for the PPV just got bigger.

Shannan Lerch: And more dangerous.

Spike Kane vs The Xtreme One

Lights fade to black then you hear Voodoo by Godsmack playing. Then TXO emerges from the back area with a towel over his head and mouth guard in walks right down to the ring gets to ring apron and jumps right on the apron. He then wipes his feet off and then gets in the ring. He then lifts both arms in the air knocking the towel off his head, he then goes to all four corners and crosses his hands forming an x for Team Xtreme.

Shannan Lerch: Here is TXO, former Tag Team Champion with TVO.

Zach Davis: How rare.

The lights dim out and a red siren light begins to flash wildly at the stage as Avenged Sevenfolds "The Wicked End" hits the sound system. On the screen we see a black image of a Spike Impailer being hit before a pyro explodes as the guitars kick in. The lights come back in, flashing crazily as Spike Kane walks out from the back, the fans booing as he grins, extending his arms and baling his fists. The lights flash wildly still and the siren light stops as Spike walks slowly down to the ring berrating the fans on his way. When Spike reaches the ring he rolls in under the bottom rope, he then climbs to his feet and climbs the turnbuckle outstretching his arms once again and balling his fists, tilting his head the music fades. Spike drops to the mat and the lights return to normal.

Zach Davis: Here is an in ring debuting Spike Kane. I say in ring because he debuted to help Reckless Jack and Jay Williams beat down TXO and TVO, AND QPL.

Shannan Lerch: God I hate ZD.

The bell rings and we're under way. The two men tie up, with Spike getting the advantage and pushing TXO into the corner. The ref calls for a clean break, which he does not get, as Spike slaps TXO in the face!

Zach Davis: RIGHT. IN. T- yeah you know.

Shannan Lerch: Yes I do.

Zach Davis: Gross.

TXO snaps and hits a massive clothesline on an unsuspecting Spike, followed up by rapid forearms to the skull on the ground. Just as it seems TXO runs out of gas, he switches over to a Fujiwara Armbar! Spike struggles but manages to roll and lock his hands before standing up and dropping TXO with a big powerbomb, holding it for a pin.




Zach Davis: Couldn't hold him down with that one, nice move though. TXO is ten pounds heavier than Spike.

TXO gets stood up by Spike and whipped into the ropes. On the return bounce, TXO comes flying at Spike with a Lou Thesz Press, once again delivering forearms to Spike! TXO stops his assault, stands, and Garvin Stomps Spike in every limb he has. TXO bounces off the ropes and hits a big, big legdrop as he approached Spike's head. TXO picks Spike up and looks for a powerslam, but Spike floats over and hits a massive German Suplex!

Shannan Lerch: Nice reversal.

TXO folds over and sits up on his knees. Spike walks over to him and boots him once in the head before lifting him back to his feet and setting TXO on the top rope. Spike follows and they fly off with a Superplex, TXO crashing to the mat below. Spike keeps hold of the move and floats into a pin..




Zach Davis: Another nice move, but TXO kicks out.

Spike stands up with TXO's head still trapped under his arm, delivering a regular suplex. Rolling over like the late Eddie, they get back up to a standing base. Spike lifts TXO up again, but TXO drives his knee into Spike's head, drops down and hits a quick DDT! He can't make the pin though!

Shannan Lerch: TXO has it! All he has to to is get to the pin!

TXO takes a while to get to the pin, but he gets there!





Zach Davis: He took too long. He's too beat up.

TXO is frustrated. He sits to his knees looking down at Spike. TXO shrugs, picks Spike up and gets him into another The Violent Drop. Spike, however, pokes TXO in the eyes, drops down back to back and mule kicks TXO straight in the nuts, concealing it from the view of the ref.

Shannan Lerch: I may not have testicles, but I imagine that hurts a lot.

Spike shrugs to the ref, reaches back and grabs TXO's head before dropping in a neckbreaker, rolling over like Eddie again, picking TXO up into a stalling Brainbuster, puts his hand out and kills TXO with the Spike Impailer. Spike pins...




Zach Davis: Spike Kane wins his debut match here in WCF against TXO, but TXO surely put up a good fight.

Spike Kane laughs as he exits the ring, leaving TXO.

Steve Carr Segment

Steve Carr is backstage with Hank Brown.

Hank Brown: Steve, at Timebomb we saw you and Merc turn on Team NCW. Quite frankly, the former NCW owner turning on his own faction seems rather puzzling.

Steve Carr: Well, Hank-

And with that, Davey Ortega explodes onto the set, tackling Steve Carr down!

Zach Davis: What is this!?

Ortega hits lefts and rights down onto Carr before getting up. Carr is about to mount an offense, but Rick Mad comes from behind and whacks him right in the skull with a chair! He goes down hard, and Mad grabs the mic.

Rick Mad: Carr, you know us.. Team NCW.. better than anyone... and you should have known not to mess with us. Now you'll have to pay the price. Outcast got put in the hospital, so next week you and your buddy Merc have us to deal with.

Mad and Ortega laugh and leave the backstage area.

Danny Vice/Mike Ragnal vs Creeping Death/Johnny Craven

Zach Davis: Joining us on commentary for this next match is the man who nearly became WCF Champion at Timebomb, Thunder. What is your reason for coming out for this match?

Thunder: Another stupid question by you, as usual. Since I have this week off, I’ve come out for commentary so by loyal fans won’t go through relapses by not seeing me.

Shannan Lerch: Why would you even ask that, Zach? Can’t you just be happy to be in a great man’s presence?

Zach Davis: Let’s just get on with the match.

The lights begin blinking several different colors as H! VLTG3 by Linkin Park hits. A lightning-like pyro blasts, and Mike Ragnal steps out from the back, with Sasha Pehl at his side, her arms wrapped around his. He walks to the ring, looking out at the thousands in attendance along the way. Sasha lets go of Mike as he rolls into the ring. Mike gets to his feet, and raises a fist high in the air, while Sasha heads to their corner and cheers Mike on.

The lights go out in the arena as the crowd begins to emit electricity from their anticipation. The opening notes of "Map of the Problematique" by Muse hits the speakers to a huge ovation from the crowd. The lights flash several times before coming on full showing Danny "The Vagrant" Vice and his brother Jimmy standing a top the ramp. Danny raises his arms to his sides, exciting the crowd as he feeds off of them like they feed off of him. He wears his WCF Hardcore title around his waist proudly, rubbing his hands across it to push the crowd further into a frenzy. He rushes to the ring and slides in before climbing the turnbuckle and posing with both arms over his head. Two huge "V" pyros explode in the ring before Danny jumps down and hands the title to the referee before focusing intently on his opponent.

Thunder: What a horrible team this is.

Zach Davis: What are you talking about? Danny’s a former Hardcore Champion!

Thunder: Former is the key word.

Zach Davis: He beat you.

Thunder: That was a fluke.

The lights slowly fade to black. Bells toll as the screen shows shots of a big wooden cross wrapped in barbed wire. It's a sunny day as the "happy" opening to "The Light That Blinds" by Shadows Fall plays.The crowd goes along with the sounds. "Doo-da-doo dooing" along with it. As the song gets darker and darker, the sunny day turns to night. Black clouds roll in and rain begins falling on the cross. Lightning crashes about. As the lightning crashes, white lights in the arena flash. When the song kicks up, thirty four seconds in, the entire crowd begins headbanging in unison and throwing the horns in the air as the lights come on just a tad, giving light to the dark. Standing on the stage is Creeping Death, wearing a black hoodie with the hood up, arms stretched out in a crucifix fashion. He is wearing the Hardcore Title. CD stands there for a second or thirty, until the vocals start, taking in the crowd's reaction. Then he slowly makes his way down the ramp, looking out into the audience. As he reaches the ring, he slides in under the bottom rope, and pops to his feet. CD walks over to a turnbuckle, jumps to the middle rope facing in the ring, does the crucifix pose once again, takes the hoodie off, and then takes a seat on the top turnbuckle, awaiting the match to begin.

The lights dim as bells begin to toll very slowly. Then fire erupts from the ramp and entrance as the chorus of "Hey Man Nice Shot" by Filter plays. At this time Johnny Craven comes riding out on a Harley that is black colored with dark red and orange flames on the front, sides, and back. He stops at the top of the ramp to take the cheers all in and then he rides down to the ramp and gets off of his bike. He then enters the ring and climbs all four turnbuckles , raising his arms in the air on each turnbuckle. Then the lights come back on.

The bell sounds, with Vice and Craven starting it off. Craven hits Vice with hard right hands that cause him to fall back into the corner. Craven charges at Vice, but he moves out of the way and hits Craven with a snap DDT.

Zach Davis: Great move by Vice.

Thunder: I’ve seen better.

Vice tags in Ragnal, who immediately hits a lionsault. Craven appears to be in trouble, but he grabs Ragnal by the throat and hits a chockeslam. He then makes the tag. Ragnal attempts some quick offense against Creeping Death, but he nearly gets his head taken off with a clothesline. Creeping Death follows it up with a spinebuster. He lifts up Ragnal for a powerbomb, but Ragnal slips out and is able to make a tag to Vice. Vice immediately sends Creeping Death down with a dropkick. But before he can mount any more offense, Craven rams Vice’s head into the steel post.

Zach Davis: Brutal shot by Craven.

Shannan Lerch: Now we’ll see what Vice is made of.

For the next several minutes, Creeping Death and Craven destroy Danny with a flurry of offensive moves. When all hope of a comeback appears lost, Danny hits Creeping Death with desperation enziguiri, and then crawls towards Ragnal.

Thunder: I’ll be right back.

Thunder runs towards the ring and pulls Ragnal off the apron just before Vice can make the tag. Unfortunately, the referee did not see this. Thunder then returns to the announce table.

Zach Davis: Why the hell did you do that?

Thunder: What are you talking about?

Zach Davis: You pulled Ragnal off the apron.

Thunder: No I didn’t.

Zach Davis: I saw you do it.

Thunder: You’re crazy.

Creeping Death sends Vice down with a powerbomb. He goes for a pin.



Ragnal breaks up the pin.

Thunder: How can he just break the rules I like that? I have to do something to stop him.

Zach Davis: Oh great…

Thunder picks up a chair from ringside and takes out Ragnal’s knee with it. He drops down on the floor in agony, and appears unable to get up. This time, the referee saw Thunder’s actions and ejects him from ringside.

Shannan Lerch: This match just went down the tubes.

Vice now faces unbelievable odds as he must face two men at once. While the referee is attending to Ragnal, Craven and Creeping Death double team Vice by hitting him with a spike piledriver. When the referee is back in the ring, Craven makes the cover.



Vice kicks out. Craven is rolled up in a small package by Vice unexpectdily.



Craven kicks out, but Vice quickly sends him over the top rope with a clothesline. Once Creeping Death hits the ring, Vice does the same to him. With both men on the floor, Vice hits them with a suicide dive.

Zach Davis: What a move by Danny!

Vice stands up and quickly rolls Craven into the ring. He pins him.



No, Craven kicks out. Vice kicks him several times and then climbs to the top rope...

Zach Davis: Here it comes..

Halo! Vice pins the Hardcore Champ.




Shannan Lerch: Despite Thunder's efforts, Vice and Ragnal win this match!

Vice stands up, victorious. The ref raises his hand but he apparently has other things on his mind. He quickly goes over to the timekeeper and grabs the Hardcore Title.

Zach Davis: Oh no..

Vice takes it with him as he helps Ragnal to his feet and the two make their way to the back.

Shannan Lerch: First Creeping Death steals the Hardcore Title, now this! Will Craven ever get it back?

World Title Match
Jay Williams vs Skyler Striker

All of the lights in the arena shut off then as slow piano-like music fills the PA system as you can hear the faint sounds of the crowd as Born of A Broken Man by Rage Against the Machine kicks into high gear and out comes "Dynamite" Jay Williams to high crowd cheers as he looks around to see the cheering fans as he smiles, walking down to the ring with the song playing. Jay smiles as he runs up the stairs as the chorus blasts on and goes through the ring ropes pumped up and energetic. He gets in the ring, passing his opponent and/or the referee and gets on the turnbuckle raising both of his hands up in a "gun" like fashion before firing them off to the crowd.

Zach Davis: Jay Williams is coming off of a huge victory last week at Timebomb along with his tag team partner Reckless Jack. They captured the Tag Team Titles by defeating Team Xtreme and what an incredible opportunity this is for Williams. He could walk out of here tonight with the World Title in addition to being one half of the tag champions. But in order to do that he will have to beat none other than the Ace of Hearts, the World Champion Skyler Striker.

Shannan Lerch: Defeating Striker is easier said than done, Zach. Many have tried and most have failed miserably. Striker has bested virtually every superstar here in the WCF and that list has only continued to grow since he captured the World Title from Jack of Blades at Payback.

“Fallen, broken. Simply dissolved into an incomplete thought. An empty shell, cracked, and disfigured. With no remorse, I have been blinded by the darkness. With no disdain, I have received my punishment. And with no haste, I await them.”

After the words finish, the music of “Fallen Angels” by Ra kicks in as a bright white light flashes over the arena and fades to black again. The lights continue quickly changing between black and white as Skyler Striker enters the stage. He walks down towards the ring dressed in the usual black, unbuttoned shirt and the torn maroon pants, the World Championship around his waist. He slides into the ring and as the chorus hits, Skyler spreads his arms in a crucifix pose. He holds this, looking into the crowd, and then goes to the turnbuckle, repeating the crucifix pose. The lights return to normal as Skyler jumps down and the music fades as he holds his title belt high.

Zach Davis: It's remarkable that Striker is even able to walk after that hellacious Pyramid Match against Thunder last week at Timebomb. Not only is he walking after that incredible title defense, but he's preparing to defend the WCF World Title once again this week against a very tough opponent in Jay Williams.

Shannan Lerch: Striker’s victory over Thunder in the Pyramid Match is the stuff that legends are made of, but this is the challenge of the WF Championship Series. The champion is required to defend his title every week until the culminating match at Explosion in three weeks against Bobby Cairo. Right now that burden falls squarely on the shoulders of Skyler Striker. Quite frankly, he seems to revel in it.

The camera pans to the backstage area where Jade Striker and Jimmy Vice are watching the ring intros on a monitor. Jade cheers for her father while shoving a handful of popcorn into her mouth. The camera pans back to the ring. The intros are completed and Williams and Striker meet in the middle of the ring. They stand nose-to-nose, locked in a staredown. Williams talks some trash to Striker. Striker doesn't flinch. Williams takes a swing at Striker. Striker blocks it and unleashes a fury of right hands, much to the delight of the capacity crowd. Williams is staggered as the ref signals for the bell, officially starting the match. Striker whips Williams into the ropes and hits a running leg lariat. Striker goes for a clothesline, but Williams ducks. Williams takes Striker down with a Superkick. Williams hits Striker with a Standing Shooting Star Press and makes the cover. 1...2...Striker easily kicks out.

Zach Davis: An impressive display of athleticism from Jay Williams. In fact both of these men are two of the better athletes here in WCF.

Williams whips Striker into the ropes. Williams leapfrogs Striker. Striker leaps onto the second rope and surprises Williams with a Springboard Moonsault. Striker hooks the leg. 1...2...Williams easily kicks out. Striker nails Williams with a Spinebuster. Striker leaps to the top rope in one fluid motion. Striker misses a Diving Elbowdrop as Williams rolls out of the way. Williams charges Striker and connects with a vicious Shining Wizard. Williams makes the cover. 1...2...Striker kicks out.

Zach Davis: Fast and furious action early on in this match.

Shannan Lerch: If it were anything less the fans would demand a refund, and you don't stay in business by handing out refunds.

Williams whips Striker into the corner. Williams drills Striker with a Dropsault. Striker stumbles out to mid-ring and flops onto the mat. Williams goes for a Split-Legged Moonsault, but Striker gets his knees up and buries them in Williams' stomach. Striker levels Williams with a Death Valley Driver. Striker locks Williams in a Bow and Arrow. Striker pulls back while digging his knees into Williams' spine. Williams struggles to escape, but he has nowhere to go as his wife Amy looks on from ringside with a concerned look on her face.

Zach Davis: The Bow and Arrow is a fairly simplistic maneuver which is as old as the sport itself, but believe me when I say that it's every bit as painful as catching a taxicab with your sternum.

Striker continues to wear Williams down for several more moments, but Williams refuses to tap and Striker finally releases the hold. Striker climbs outside to the ring apron and waits for Williams. Williams gets to his feet. Striker springboards off the top rope and attempts a Hurricanrana on Williams. Much to Striker's chagrin, Williams catches Striker and murders him with a Spinning Sitout Powerbomb. Williams covers Striker. 1...2...Striker kicks out.

Shannan Lerch: Oh my god, I thought Williams broke Striker's back with that Powerbomb! That was brutal!

Williams climbs to the top rope. Williams hits Striker with an ever-graceful Phoenix Splash. Williams hooks the leg. 1...2...Striker kicks out again. Williams drags Striker to the corner and ties him in the Tree of Woe. Williams signals to the crowd and gets a mixed reaction. Williams backs himself into the opposing corner, gets a running start and nails Striker with a beautifully-executed Hesitation Dropkick. The camera cuts to a split-screen of the in-ring action and Jade and Jimmy backstage. Jade is unnerved by her father's predicament and a tear rolls down her face as blood slowly trickles from his mouth.. Jimmy tries to calm her down as the camera cuts back to a full-screen shot of the match.

Zach Davis: Jade is obviously concerned for her father's well being and it must be difficult for her to see him take this kind of abuse.

Shannan Lerch: I'm not sure if it's the best thing for a young child to watch their parent in any kind of physical combat, but they are exceptionally close so I guess it's understandable.

Williams drags Striker by the legs to mid-ring and makes the cover. 1...2...Striker kicks out. Williams locks Striker in a Sleeperhold. Striker struggles to break free of the hold, but Williams has it locked in tight. After several moments of struggling, Striker's entire body goes limp and he drops to the mat with the hold still locked in. The ref checks on Striker to see whether he is conscious. The ref raises Striker's arm once and it drops to the mat. The ref raises Striker's arm a second time and once again it drops to the mat.

Shannan Lerch: This could be it! We could have a new World Champion!

The ref raises Striker's arm a third time and...Striker pumps his fist high into the air. The crowd comes alive and shouts encouragement to Striker. Striker feeds off of their energy and fights his way back to his feet. Striker elbows Williams in the stomach several times, forcing Williams to finally relinquish the hold. Striker bounces off the ropes and takes Williams down with a spinning heel kick. Striker grabs Williams by the throat and tosses him into the corner. Striker climbs onto the turnbuckles in front of Williams and reigns blow after blow upon his skull while the crowd counts along. Suddenly, Williams grabs Striker around the waist and carries him out to mid-ring. Williams nails Striker with an Inverted Atomic Drop then plants him with a Gutwrench DDT. Williams climbs to the top rope while Striker is down on the mat. Williams goes for the Williams Drop...and hits it.

Zach Davis: Williams Drop! This match could be over! One! Two! Thr--no! Striker kicks out! That was so close!

Williams is stunned and begins screaming at the referee. Williams turns his attention back to Striker. Williams drove his knee to the back of Striker's head. Williams drags Striker to the corner and repeatedly smashes Striker's face into the top turnbuckle. Suddenly, Striker blocks Williams' advances and fights back with a series of right and left hands. The camera cuts to a split-screen as Jade cheers on her dad. Striker kicks Williams in the midsection and drives him to the mat with a Sitout Facebuster. Striker ricochets off the ropes and hits Williams with the Roll The Dice. Striker makes a cover. 1...2...Williams kicks out just before three.

Zach Davis: Striker almost had him! What a fighting spirit by the World Champion! He's clearly still feeling the effects of the Pyramid Match, plus the damage that
he's incurred tonight, but the man never quits!

Striker goes for the Final Revelation. Williams blocks it and hits a Snap DDT. Williams quickly locks Striker in the Koji Clutch, but Striker is too close to the ropes and he easily reaches out and grabs them. Williams has a frustrated look on his face. Williams tries to whip Striker into the corner. Striker reverses it and sends Williams crashing hard into the turnbuckles. Strikes charges at Williams and hits a beautiful Handspring Splash in the corner. Williams drops to the mat. Striker grabs Williams' legs and goes for the Lockdown. Williams pulls away and shoves Striker with his feet into the corner. Striker hits headfirst against the top turnbuckle and instantly drops to the canvas. Williams makes the cover. 1...2...Striker barely kicks out in time.

Shannan Lerch: Striker has come perilously close to losing this match on multiple occasions. Striker has the heart of a lion, but Williams is giving him all that he can handle.

Williams pulls Striker to his feet and hits a Front Flip Neckbreaker. Williams makes another cover. 1...2...Striker kicks out again. Williams bounds to the top rope. Williams waits for Striker to get up and goes for a Missile Dropkick. Striker moves out of the way and swats Williams to the mat. Striker drills Williams with the Last Chance and goes up top himself. Striker goes for the Skyler High Dive...and hits it. Striker makes the cover.

Zach Davis: That should do it! One! Two! No, Amy Skye-Williams just pulled Striker outside of the ring! What the hell is she doing?!

Shannan Lerch: She's standing up for her man. It's a woman's prerogative, Zach.

Striker is livid as he screams at Amy. Amy slaps Striker and tries to run away. Striker grabs Amy by the shoulder and spins her around to yell at her some more. Jay sees what's going on and gets pissed off. Amy looks at Jay, Jay winks back at her. Amy gets out of the way at the last moment, as Jay builds a head of steam and flies over the top rope onto Striker with a Tope Con Hilo. Both men are laid out. Amy looks on with terror in her eyes as her husband and his opponent lay motionless on the ground.

Zach Davis: Oh the humanity! Williams just committed a murder/suicide in front of this capacity crowd!

Shannan Lerch: Williams showed absolutely no regard for his own well-being and I don't know if either of these guys can make it back into the ring to beat the referee's count!

Slowly, Striker and Williams begin to stir. Williams is up first and he slides Striker into the ring then follows him in. Williams covers Striker. 1...2...Striker barely gets his shoulder up in time. Williams gets to his feet and pulls Striker up. Williams sets Striker up for the Williams Driver, but Striker slides out of it. Striker goes for a Superkick. Williams ducks. Williams grabs Striker and goes for a Belly-To-Belly Suplex. Striker blocks it and drops Williams with a Kneeling Jawbreaker. Striker sets Williams up for the Lockdown...and he locks in.

Zach Davis: Striker has Williams trapped in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go! Can Williams hold on long enough to reach the ropes?

Striker piles on the pressure as Williams desperately tries to reach the ropes. Williams hangs on as long as he can, but he has no choice. Williams taps out. The ref calls for the bell and Striker releases the hold.

Shannan Lerch: Striker wins the damn match and retains the title! That was a hell of a challenge by Jay Williams, but the World Champion Skyler Striker adds another victim to his hitlist!

The referee raises Striker's hand and hands him the WCF World Championship title belt. Striker hoists the belt above his head as the fans cheer and chant his name. Striker helps Williams to his feet and they shake hands in a sign of good sportsmanship. The crowd roars its approval for the efforts of both men after such a hard-fought match.

Zach Davis: It's great to see two great competitors showing their respect for each other after such a brilliantly fought contest.

Shannan Lerch: Hey look, Zach, Jade is on the Slam-A-Tron and she's cheering on her daddy! Isn't that the cutest thing you've ever seen?

Striker watches with a smile on his face as Jade gives her subtle smile to him from the back. Suddenly, Bobby Cairo appears on the screen behind Jade and Jimmy. Cairo grabs Jimmy and viciously throws him into a pile of metal crates to the side of the two. Then Cairo grabs Jade by the collar of her shirt and stares directly into the camera.

Bobby Cairo: Hey, Striker, you think you're a bad man? You want to attack Bobby Cairo and interfere in his business last week at Timebomb? Two can play that game, Striker. How about I take your daughter and hold onto her as collateral until Explosion? That way you won't be sticking your nose into my business between now and my World Title match.

Cairo looks down at Jade as she struggles to free herself from his grip.

Bobby Cairo: Say goodbye to daddy, sugar. You won't be seeing him again for a long time.

Cairo drags Jade away kicking and screaming. Skyler is horrified by what he's seen and he immediately bolts from the ring to try to rescue his daughter.

Zach Davis: This is despicable! Bobby Cairo has sunk to his lowest point yet! This is an outrage! Cairo has kidnapped the daughter of World Champion Skyler Striker! Where the hell is security?!

Shannan Lerch: What the hell is Bobby thinking? I know that he's a bit eccentric at times, but how can he possibly justify this? I wouldn't want to be in Cairo's shoes when Striker gets a hold of him.

The copyright information appears and Slam fades to black.