Sunday Slam Intro
Creeping Death Segment
Lance Ryan vs Perfeckshion vs Dave Holland
Epic Segment
People's Title: Jason Anderson vs Outcast
Davey Boone/Johnny Craven/The Violent One/Thunder vs Killswitch/Creeping Death/Mike Ragnal
World Title: The Xtreme One vs Skyler Striker
Television Title: Danny Vice vs Bobby Cairo

Sunday Slam Intro

Sitting by M83 once again blasts over the arena as the place explodes with fireworks and pyro and Slam comes on the air! The fans hold up their signs and yell and shout and come back from getting overpriced refreshments. We go to our announcers.

Zach Davis: Welcome to Slam! This is our last stop before Explosion, and what a night we have.

Shannan Lerch: That's right! We have both a World Title and Television Title match.

Zach Davis: Not to take anything away from the World Title, but the TV Title match is the main event tonight. Bobby Cairo and Danny Vice are two of the best wrestlers we have in the company and two of the best wrestlers in the world.

Shannan Lerch: Their encounter tonight isn't just some straight up contest, however. Bobby Cairo is one week away from his World Title shot at Explosion, and Danny Vice is trying to prove his loyalty to Index Three.

Zach Davis: With Cairo having kidnapped Jade Striker, emotions are certainly running high.

Shannan Lerch: Speaking of Striker, he has his own problems tonight. He's up against The Xtreme One.

Zach Davis: TXO was involved in one of the craziest matches we've ever seen on free TV last week with Creeping Death. And tonight he's gotten himself a World Title match.

Shannan Lerch: Skyler Striker has to be exhausted. He's been defending that World Title for several weeks straight, has had his daughter kidnapped... at this point it wouldn't even be an upset if TXO won.

Zach Davis: Fans, you've been writing into WCF. We've been getting your emails, we've been getting your calls. We know what you want.

Shannan Lerch: You want eight man tag matches!

Zach Davis: That's right! And WCF is committed to giving you, the fans, the biggest and best eight man tag matches possible.

Shannan Lerch: As such, tonight we have Davey Boone, Johnny Craven, The Violent One and Thunder up against Killswitch, Creeping Death and Mike Ragnal.

Zach Davis: Davey Boone has extensive history with both Craven and TVO, of course. Creeping Death is feuding with Craven for the Hardcore Title. Davey Boone has always wanted to get his hands on Mike Ragnal, which puts Thunder on his team, as Ragnal and Thunder will be facing off at Explosion.

Shannan Lerch: Confusing.

Zach Davis: Ragnal has been on a quest to win that Television Title for quite a while now. He was going to use it to propose to Sasha... this is very important to him.

Shannan Lerch: We have a People's Title match, with Jason Anderson up against Outcast. This is Outcast's first match back since he got put in the hospital, and WCF has demanded he defend that belt.

Zach Davis: And in our opening match, we have a three way between Lance Ryan, Perfeckshion and Dave Holland. Holland is a newcomer, but we've heard good things about him. Lance Ryan has been impressive as well, and will be facing Jason Anderson next week at Explosion.

Shannan Lerch: ENOUGH TALK! Let's get on with it already!

Creeping Death Segment

Zach Davis: Actually, Shannan, first I have something to do.

Zach gets up and enters the ring.

Zach Davis: WCF fans, welcome to a very special night. The month of July will be a hellacious one, as there is, yet again, Friday the Thirteenth. And you know what that means...

The crowd explodes in a "Thirteen!" chant.

Zach Davis: That's right, Creeping Death will present, on pay per view, his own show ... Thirteen. Apparently CD has a few announcements that he can't even wait to address, so, he asked to have some television time to announce them!

The lights go out, and the crowd goes bananas. Bells toll as the screen shows shots of a big wooden cross wrapped in barbed wire. It's a sunny day as the "happy" opening to "The Light That Blinds" by Shadows Fall plays.The crowd goes along with the sounds. "Doo-da-doo dooing" along with it. As the song gets darker and darker, the sunny day turns to night. Black clouds roll in and rain begins falling on the cross. Lightning crashes about. As the lightning crashes, white lights in the arena flash. When the song kicks up, thirty four seconds in, the entire crowd begins headbanging in unison and throwing the horns in the air as the lights come on just a tad, giving light to the dark. Standing on the stage is Creeping Death. The crowd pops even louder. CD is wearing his black nylon pants and a black shirt with "XIII" on it in lightning white lettering. Creeping Death makes his way down to the ring, and slides in, absorbing the cheers. CD and Zach Davis shake hands before Zach hands over the microphone and exits the ring, heading back up the ramp. Creeping Death lets the crowd die down a bit before speaking.

Creeping Death: In one month, Friday, July Thirteenth will be the third Thirteen (XIII) event. It's an event put on by yours truely, Creeping Death. Every Friday the Thirteenth, I gather a few wrestlers to either put on a fucking show, or beat the shit out of eachother. Well, this time, there will be no graceful matches. Every single match has history. Has a grudge. Has a reason. The first match I have SIGNED involves newcomer Lance Ryan. Now Lance, I know you have no business with me, and that's cool. But I do know you have business with someone else. Long time business. Someone I keep in contact with very well. Lance Ryan, at Thirteen (XIII) you will go one on one with a man returning for one night only. One match, and then he's out. Former WCF World Champion ... WCF Television Champion ... WCF Tag Team Champion ... Mister Ryan, you go one on one with ... J! J! BIGGS!

Crowd explodes in a "JJ Biggs! JJ Biggs!" chant. Creeping Death smiles as he puts the microphone to his side. CD allows the crowd to calm themselves down a bit before continuing.

Creeping Death: And as for the semi-main event? ... well ... I've been talking to another old friend. An old friend that has the hunger back. He knows what he wants, and he's going to go ahead and get it. As rocky as things were when he left, it's all smooth now. This, ladies and gentlemen, is Torture.

Jamais Vu by dredg hits the airwaves. Everyone and their grandfathers know what the hell is up now. The One and Only steps out onto the stage. Shaved his head a while ago, but the hair is still short. Black G-Unit Jeans down to the dark blue and white DWade shoes. White long sleeve button up shirt across the chest, and that one cute cocky smile across the face. The Tort walks down the ramp and steps inside the WCFs version of the squared-circle. The Tort takes the microphone from Creeping Deaths hand. The crowd is already chanting TORT! TORT! TORT! Creeping Death applauds and laughs as The Tort puts the microphone to his lips.

Torture: To be the true to myself, and you fans, I have to be real honest. To be on top of my personal game, I have to be on top of my professional game. There is only place that could hold a fight so big. A fight that would evolve wrestling fans, and the media alike. One fight that will change the course of Wrestling Championship Federation. I'm talking about an ol' fashioned 'GET IT ON' kind of wrestling match.

Fans pop.

Torture: Seth Lerch. You have made it very hard for me in WCF. You often left me hanging out on limbs, and never supported me in front of everyone when you had the chance to. You pushed and pushed, and then dropped me like a sack of dimes. I understand. I really do, Seth. I get it, you know, bussiness IS bussiness. I have to ask you though, who supported you when the roster was getting low? Who pushed the envelope to get the ratings back on top? Who went toe to toe with your boy Logan just to prove a point? Who accepted the fact that one day I was going to lose, and it was going to be on YOUR time? Who entertained these fans when you could hardly throw a card together? Thats right. Torture did. WEEK IN AND WEEK OUT SETH, I BUSTED MY GOD DAMN BACK FOR YOU AND THESE FANS! KNOW WHAT I GOT? A SHOVE OUT THE DOOR AND A 'SEE YA LATER!'. YOU DIDN'T GIVE A CRAP ABOUT ME THEN, AND YOU PROBABLY DON'T NOW!

The crowd is getting into The Tort's intense promo.

Torture: This is the same Seth Lerch that got rid of a young african-american kid, a woman wrestler, a japanese wrestler, a barbed-wire eating wrestler, and countless others. You want huge rosters, but man, are so many wrestlers quick to duck out the door as soon as something happens, and for what? For what Seth? Attitude reflects leadership, and you're not doing so good at the helm, brotha. I'm going to save it though, Seth, and at Thirteen, You and I will go one on one whether you want to or not. There will be blood, and there will be a winner. Oh, how lucky that Friday will be. I think may call it... Torture's Good Friday...

Torture hands off the mic back to Creeping Death, as the crowd chants "THE CHAMP IS BACK!" to Torture as he exits the ring and heads back up the ramp. Creeping Death claps again and continues after Tort is in the back.

Creeping Death: And how is that topped, you ask? The main event, of course. A few weeks ago, I had a match with our current World Champion, Skyler Striker. To say the match was anything less than epic is an understatement. I doubt you'll ever have competition like that again. Problem is ... the finish was, well, shoddy. Sure, I passed out, but that's no way to beat a worthy opponent in a World Title Match, now is it?

Crowd. Goes. Bananas.

Creeping Death: Skyler, I know you have a tough match coming up with Bobby Cairo, and I respect that. Thus, the main event of Thirteen (XIII) will be myself, Creeping Death, against Skyler Striker ... World Title or not. I know I can beat you, Striker. If I can't, I want it done right, at least. Even better, if you do beat Cairo at Explosion, I'll leave it up to you as to if you want to put the World Title on the line or not. I won't say that isn't a factor, and I don't want it to be a Title Match, because I'd love nothing more. But the fact remains, this is just about beating you. You want to put the belt up? Cool by me. You don't want to? Awesome. Your shoulders will be pinned down regardless.

That being said, Creeping Death drops the microphone and rolls out of the ring, slapping the hands of some fans along the way. The scene fades out as CD goes through the curtain and we go to commercials.

Lance Ryan vs Perfeckshion vs Dave Holland

Zach Davis: The first match of the night is about to start, and all three men are already in the ring!

Shannan Lerch: Wait, what? No entrances?

Zach Davis: There were. They all happened while we showed the commercials.

Shannan Lerch: That the best excuse we have?! It sounds more like some efed writer was too lazy to just look up entrances and right them down!

Zach Davis: Well, maybe they had a reason for it.

Shannan Lerch: Yeah. Laziness.

Zach Davis: Can we get started?

The three men start the match by going in a sort of triangle formation, awaiting the first move. Lance Ryan charges at Perfeckshion and tackles him to the ground, mounting his chest as he throws lefts and rights his way. Dave Holland grabs Ryan by the head and forces him off of Perfeckshion, and headbutts him to the ground. Holland elbow drops Lance and goes to pin.



Ryan gets his shoulder up. Holland picks him up and whips him into the ropes, and goes for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. In mid whirl, Ryan wraps his legs around Holland’s neck and headscissors him into the ropes, and outside the ring.

Zach Davis: Now there’s power coming from Lance Ryan.

Shannan Lerch: Eh, I give it a four of ten.

This allows Ryan to focus on Perfeckshion. He whips him into the ropes and looks for a Leap of the Border, but Perfeckshion reverses the neckbreaker and forces it onto Lance instead.

Zach Davis: Now that’s a counter!

Shannan Lerch: Big whoop.

Perf runs to the ropes and rolls on top of Ryan with the Rolling Thunde,r and goes to pin.



Lance gets a shoulder up. Perfeckshion forces the STFU onto Lance, hoping to make him tap. Unfortunately, Holland grabs Perf and forces the Epitome of Excellence onto him.

Zach Davis: Some classic shades of Bret Hart with that move?

Shannan Lerch: What about the Rock and Chris Benoit? They’ve used the move, too!

While Holland forces Perfeckshion away from the ropes, Lance Ryan clotheslines Holland from behind, forcing him to break the hold. Holland gets to his feet, while Ryan tries for a Jawdropper, but Holland ducks under and suplexes Ryan to the ground, and follows up with a Lionsault.

Zach Davis: And there’s a move most recognized as a move used by Mike Ragnal.

Shannan Lerch: Like anyone cares?

Holland stays on top for the pin.



Ryan kicks out.

Zach Davis: Close, but no cigar.

Holland picks Lance up to his feet and signals for Perfeckshion to come over. They each grab a hand of Ryan and whip him into the ropes, looking for a double team move, but Lance comes at them with a double crossbody, and putting Holland into the Figure Four Leglock. Before Holland can tap, Perfeckshion Superkicks Ryan in the chest, knocking him back and releasing the hold. Perfeckshion then climbs the ropes...

Zach Davis: He’s going for the Perfect 10!

Shannan Lerch: Good luck with that. I haven’t been able to find that many men at once.

Perfeckshion leaps off, but Holland is to his feet and connects with a Sweet Chin Music, intercepting Perfeckshion in mid air!

Zach Davis: He calls that the Magic Touch!

Holland pins Perfeckshion, hooking the leg!




Shannan Lerch: And Dave Holland wins his debut match!

Holland stands up and the ref raises his arm. The fans cheer WCF's newest star as he slides out of the ring and begins heading to the back.

Zach Davis: I see a bright future ahead for Mr. Holland.

Holland disappears behind the curtain.

Epic Segment

“Perfect Strangers” by Deep Purple hits the arena and Epic enters centre stage, WCF v5 World Championship around his waist. The crowd cheers as he walks to the ring and grabs a mic from ringside, chants of ‘Ep-ic! Ep-ic!’ starting up. He soaks it in with a smile on his face and brings the mic up.

Zach Davis: Well, I never thought we’d see him again, but he’s back.

Shannan Lerch: This will certainly be a speech of EPIC proportions.

Zach Davis: You did not just say that.

Epic: Wow. It is good to be back in the WCF, people. After so long... I was beginning to think Seth missed me on the callback list. But it’s okay. I’m back. Everything is alright, and I can finally set foot on the path to returning the prestige of the WCF World Championship.

Shannan Lerch: So true. It’s good he’s back.

Zach Davis: I bet someone’s going to take exception to this.

And indeed someone does take exception as the arena lights fade maroon. “Fallen Angels” interrupts Epic at the very beginning of his speech and Skyler Striker enters the stage, WCF World Championship around his waist, and the crowd on their feet. Striker has a mic in hand and his eyes blaze red.

Skyler Striker: So, Epic. Good of you to finally come back.

Epic: What are you doing, Striker? This is my time to speak, to address the nice people here-

Skyler Striker: But they don’t want to listen to you. They want a real champion, Epic. Someone who has a belt that means something. Someone who has been champion this side of the WCF.

Shannan Lerch: You just know this is not going to end well.

Epic: Like I said, Striker. That belt means nothing. I was not here to compete for it.

Skyler Striker: And neither was I to compete for the one you carry around your waist.

Epic: Alright, Striker. Listen closely. I have watched you the past month or two. I have watched the path of all your opponents in the Series. You cut them all down. One by one, they either tapped or passed out to the Lockdown. You even managed to defeat Creeping Death – albeit out of his element, but-

Striker suddenly interrupts Epic, taking particular exception to this comment.

Skyler Striker: Out of his element? I took him to the freaking limit.

??: I beg to differ, Striker.

A spotlight zooms up the tron to reveal a figure sitting casually on top of it, twenty feet in the air. Upon a camera view, it is revealed the figure is Creeping Death.

Zach Davis: Oh no.

Creeping Death waves his feet in the air and holds the microphone close.

Creeping Death: Hey, Epic.

Epic: Hey.

Creeping Death: Now, Striker, I must say, you’re taking a little too much credit. You took ME to the limit? Try the other way around.

Epic watches the chaos gleefully.

Skyler Striker: Alright, that’s it, I’ve had ENOUGH!

Striker’s sudden eruption quiets both CD and Epic, as well as the crowd, and Striker continues on a verbal tirade.

Skyler Striker: You know what? I’ll settle this now. Seeing as I plan on walking out of Explosion as WCF Champion, I’m going to take this time to organize a few matches for myself. In case the Series didn’t prove it, this will. Firstly. Creeping Death, you come back with any match you want for Thirteen, and I will accept it, no matter what, and the title will be on the line.

The crowd cheer and Striker grins.

Skyler Striker: And if that wasn’t enough, Epic, I want you as well. Not at Thirteen, but seeing as all this chaos is ensuing now, I will make one last addition to the World Series. One more Series match after I take Cairo down. Aftermath, Striker vs. Epic, WCF World Championship vs. WCF World Championship Unification match. And on top of that, I’ll fight you in any match you please as well. Are we happy?

Creeping Death: Very.

Epic: Definitely.

Skyler Striker: Good. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go prepare for The Xtreme One.

Creeping Death: Hold on. I’ve already picked my match, Striker. You want to hear?

Skyler looks up at CD and CD smiles maniacally.

Creeping Death: I’ll tell you anyway. Not only have I booked JJ Biggs vs Lance Ryan, as well as Torture vs. Lerch, but this crowd gets the biggest return of all. The return...

CD pauses dramatically.

Creeping Death: Of the Nightmare Chamber.

The crowd EXPLODE as Striker nods. Epic grins as well and CD laughs.

Skyler Striker: Alright. Alright, CD, you’re on. Striker vs. CD, Nightmare Chamber, WCF Title. You can bet that I’ll-

Striker turns around only to be smashed over the head with a chair by a recognizable figure.

Zach Davis: What is this? Him AGAIN?

Cairo grins maniacally at the top of the stage, chair in hand. CD cannot get down from his platform at the moment but Epic exits the ring and runs up the ramp, which Cairo quickly departs after he sees Epic running. Epic kneels near Striker and sits him up, checking he is okay.

Shannan Lerch: This is the most insane thing ever.

Zach Davis: Well, we are right in the middle of our Explosion Pay-Per-View trilogy, so hopefully after Aftermath things will settle down. But wow... does Striker have a lot on his hands. And he still has to overcome Cairo.

People's Title Match
Jason Anderson vs Outcast

The lights all turn into a blue, and white in color on the entrance way and stage. The music over the PA would be the song “Daylight Dies" by Killswitch Engage. The fans start to cheer, and others boo. Walking out of the entrance way with a towel on his shoulders is Jason Anderson. He walks out with a cocky smirk, yet determined look on his face. Anderson walks down the ramp and says stuff like “ This is my night baby ain’t no other way else.” He walks around the ring smacking hands with some of the fans. After that he slides into the ring and jumps up high. The fans cheer when he gets up. He then climbs the turnbuckles and throws his fist up into the air highly.

"God of Thunder" hits and Outcast walks out, accompanied by Rick Mad and Davey Ortega. He points to his NCW shirt halfway down the ring. He slides into the ring and takes off his shirt, holding it up for everyone to see before putting it back on.

Zach Davis: This match is for Outcast's People's Title.

Shannan Lerch: Outcast has held that belt for quite a while, so let's see how this goes.

The bell rings. Jason Anderson approaches Outcast and they tie up. Outcast overpowers him, pushing him to the turnbuckle... and gives him a slap in the face. The crowd "ooh's". Anderson charges out of the corner, Clotheslining Outcast down. Outcast gets back up and Anderson grabs him, throwing him into the turnbuckle and hitting a flurry of strikes! Outcast drops to the ground and Anderson then begins kicking him in the face.

Zach Davis: Facewash! Painful and insulting.

Anderson finishes it off with a big boot across Outcast's face after bouncing off the ropes, but this time Outcast is able to move. Anderson drops to the mat and Outcast kicks him several times before sliding out of the ring. He takes Anderson's legs and puts the turnbuckle in between them and pulls. Again the crowd "ooh's."

Shannan Lerch: I can imagine that is quite painful.

Zach Davis: I KNOW it is!

Outcast then grabs Anderson's right leg and smashes it against the turnbuckle... then he grabs it and does it again. Anderson yells in pain. Outcast rolls back into the ring and picks Anderson up, who is now favoring the right leg. He puts him in a headlock, pulls him near the center of the ring, and hits a stiff DDT! He gets up, smirking, and puts Anderson in an Inverted Boston Crab.

Shannan Lerch: He calls that the Mind Rager, and Anderson's mind must be raging all right.

Anderson again yells in pain as Outcast cranks on the hold, but refuses to give up. Anderson struggles towards the ropes... aandddd... grabs them! The ref forces Outcast to release the hold. He does, and then stalks Anderson, waiting for him to get up.

Zach Davis: I hope Anderson's mind isn't preoccupied with his upcoming match with Lance Ryan, because he needs to focus on Outcast here.

Outcast goes to pick Anderson up in some sort of suplex but Anderson shifts his weight and drops behind him. He hits several stiff forearms to the back of Outcast's head before dropping him with a Reverse DDT! He then goes for the pin.

Shannan Lerch: This could be it!




Zach Davis: Nope. You know it takes more than that to take Outcast out.

Regardless, ringside, Rick Mad has grabbed a chair. On one side of the ring, Davey Ortega has jumped to the apron. The ref goes to yell at him, and on the other side of the ring, Rick Mad jumps onto the apron with that chair. Anderson turns toward Mad, who swings the chair!

Shannan Lerch: Anderson is fighting the numbers here-

But Anderson ducks, and the chair connects with Outcast! Rick looks shocked, and Anderson quickly pushes him off the apron. Outcast has stumbled back, still standing, and Anderson turns to him.. and hits the As Daylight Dies! He then goes for the pin, hooking the leg.




Zach Davis: New People's Champion!

Jason Anderson stands up and is given the belt. Suddenly, Lance Ryan appears at the entranceway. He's making the "belt at waist" motion.

Shannan Lerch: And now Lance Ryan vs Jason Anderson at Explosion is for the People's Title.

Ryan backs away as Jason Anderson heads up the ramp. Meanwhile, Ortega and Mad are helping Outcast out of the ring.

Davey Boone/Johnny Craven/The Violent One/Thunder vs Killswitch/Creeping Death/Mike Ragnal

Zach Davis: And now it's Mandatory Random WCF Eight Man Tag Match time!

Shannan Lerch: Oh yay.

"Voodoo Child" by Jimi Hendrix hits over the PA as Davey Boone makes his way down to the ring as "Sweet" Willy Carter follows close behind him wearing a very nice Italian suit. Boone and Carter are fiving the fans on the way to the ring and stops once they get to the ring and look around taking in everything there. What he is taking in, is a chorus of boos. A chorus of boos.

Zach Davis: What is the deal with this crowd? They HATE Boone!

Shannan Lerch: Smarks.

The lights fade to black, "Man In THE Box" by Alice IN Chains begins to blare, red and white pyro shoots out from the entrance as The Violent One emerges from the smoke. He makes his way to the ring very slowly making sure to smack the hands of the fans, who are booing. He enters the ring and makes his way to the corner and cracks his knuckles. He walks over and hugs Boone.

Shannan Lerch: Billy and Chuck! Ahhh!

Zach Davis: You know, I won the tag titles with Billy and Chuck in Wrestlemania 18 for the Nintendo GameCube.

The lights dim as bells begin to toll very slowly.

Shannan Lerch: Wait a second, Creeping Death isn't in this match!

Then fire erupts from the ramp and entrance as the chorus of "Hey Man Nice Shot" by Filter plays.

Shannan Lerch: Oh...

At this time Johnny Craven comes riding out on a Harley that is black colored with dark red and orange flames on the front, sides, and back. He stops at the top of the ramp to take the cheers all in and then he rides down to the ramp and gets off of his bike. He then enters the ring and climbs all four turnbuckles, raising his fists high in the air on each turnbuckle. Then the lights come back on.

Zach Davis: And there is the man, Texas Red Johnny Craven! Hardcore Champion ... minus his title. Plus his title? I can't even keep track. All I know is it'll be hanging above the ring at Explosion, and Johnny will have to fight off Danny Vice and Creeping Death, who happens to be on the opposite team tonight.

"Money" by Pink Floyd begins to play. As the cash register sound ends and the music begins, Thunder walks towards the ring. He reaches the apron and climbs the turnbuckle, taunting the fans.

Zach Davis: And there's the guy that may have Television Title Number One Contendership at Explosion ... Thunder!

Shannan Lerch: Who?

Zach Davis: That does it for Team One, now it's time for team number two!

The arena goes dark as the opening to Killswitch Engage's "This Fire Burns" fills the arena and kicks into high gear. Pyro explodes as Jay Williams appears on one side of the stage and Spike Kane appears on the other side, head banging to the song. The two meet in the middle of the stage and bump chests. Amy Skye-Williams follows the duo as the crowd is cheering loudly. Spike Kane and Jay Williams make their way down to the ring, slapping the hands of the fans along the way as they sing along with "To The Threshold" As they get to the ringside area, Spike Kane gets on his knees and throws his arms out as Jay Williams does the same. Red pyro shoots along the rampway as Spike Kane gets back to his feet. Both men hop up onto the ring apron as Spike Kane enters the ring and heads the turnbuckle closest to him and throws his arms out again as Jay Williams acknowledges the fan's love for him. As Jay Williams enters the ring, Spike Kane hops off the turnbuckle and heads to the one opposite from him and throws his arms out again as Jay Williams goes onto the other turnbuckle and throws his arms out again as Spike Kane crouches down. Jay Williams gets down and stands next to Spike Kane, both men ready to rumble.

Shannan Lerch: WCF Tag Team Champions Killswitch heading up the second team, and they'll fight Team (e)Xreme at Explosion! Nice little match there.

The lights begin blinking several different colors as H! VLTG3 by Linkin Park hits. A lightning-like pyro blasts, and Mike Ragnal steps out from the back, with Sasha Pehl at his side, her arms wrapped around his. He walks to the ring, looking out at the thousands in attendance along the way. Sasha lets go of Mike as he rolls into the ring. Mike gets to his feet, and raises a fist high in the air, while Sasha heads to their corner and cheers Mike on.

Zach Davis: Up and comer Mike Ragnal, who interestingly enough, will face Thunder at Explosion for Television Title Contendership ... with the lovely Sasha.

Shannan Lerch: My idol.

The lights slowly fade to black. Bells toll...

Shannan Lerch: What is this, Johnny Craven is already out here! the screen shows shots of a big wooden cross wrapped in barbed wire.

Shannan Lerch: Oh yeah.

It's a sunny day as the "happy" opening to "The Light That Blinds" by Shadows Fall plays.The crowd goes along with the sounds. "Doo-da-doo dooing" along with it. As the song gets darker and darker, the sunny day turns to night. Black clouds roll in and rain begins falling on the cross. Lightning crashes about. As the lightning crashes, white lights in the arena flash. When the song kicks up, thirty four seconds in, the entire crowd begins headbanging in unison and throwing the horns in the air as the lights come on just a tad, giving light to the dark. Standing on the stage is Creeping Death, wearing a black hoodie with the hood up, arms stretched out in a crucifix fashion. CD stands there for a second or thirty, until the vocals start, taking in the crowd's reaction. Then he slowly makes his way down the ramp, looking out into the audience. As he reaches the ring, he slides in under the bottom rope, and pops to his feet. CD walks over to a turnbuckle, jumps to the middle rope facing in the ring, does the crucifix pose once again, takes the hoodie off, and then takes a seat on the top turnbuckle, awaiting the match to begin.

Zach Davis: Creeping Death. Hardcore Title. Ladder Match. Yeah. Pain and suffering at Explosion.

The bell rings and everyone exits the ring minus Spike Kane and TVO. The two men lock up, and TVO pushes Spike into the corner. The ref asks for a clean break, which he gets. Another tie up, and Spike goes behind, clotheslining TVO in the back of the skull! Spike begins kicking at TVO, causing Davey Boone to enter the ring. This provokes Creeping Death and Jay Williams, and THAT provokes Thunder and Johnny Craven, and THAT brings in Mike Ragnal! Total mayhem inside the ring!

Shannan Lerch: I ... I can't keep track on what is going on!

Mike and Craven are squaring off, CD and Boone, Thunder and Jay Williams, and TVO is back up punching it out with Spike! Ragnal and Craven spill to the floor, as to Thunder and Williams on the other side of the ring. Inside, Boone has CD presses against a turnbuckle throwing right hands, and TVO is knocked to the floor by Spike, down by Thunder and Williams. Williams holds Thunder and TVO together as Spike climbs to the top and leaps to the floor with a Leap of Faith flip, taking out Thunder and TVO! Craven whips Mike Ragnal into the guard railing by where Spike landed, and Mike switches his attention to Thunder, stomping him on the ground!

Zach Davis: I have no idea what is going on, but I do know Spike Kane is crazy.

In the ring, Creeping Death has Boone turned around and is punching and kicking away in the corner. Johnny Craven slides in and attacks CD from behind. On the outside, Ragnal and Thunder are still randomly punching at eachother, after Thunder has gotten to his feet. TVO is back up as well, and up to the top rope!?

Shannan Lerch: Whaaat?

TVO is cut off, however, by Spike Kane and Jay Williams both. Each man is standing on an apron leading to the turnbuckle TVO was crotched on, facing the ring. The members of Killswitch grab an arm and leap off the aprons with TVO, hurling him down into the guard rail back first in a T-Gimmick style double crucifix powerbomb off the apron! TVO's back surely bends farther than it is supposed to.

Shannan Lerch: Oh no! TVO just got decimated!

Sure enough, TVO flops to the ground and is not moving. Killswitch look down on him and wipe their hands off on TVO's lifeless body. EMTs are down there in an instant, and refs are holding Spike and Williams back. The EMTs get TVO away from the ringside area.

Zach Davis: That was brutal. Say bye bye to the Tag Title Match for Team (e)Xtreme ... unless Davey Boone takes TVO's spot?

Inside the ring, Jay Williams has slid in and gotten Craven off CD's back, allowing CD to continue the assault on Davey Boone. Spike Kane assists Mike Ragnal in trying to take Thunder out on the floor. The ref is basically running in circles trying to get order. Craven takes the upper hand on Jay, knocking him to the floor and following. Spike Kane switches off punching the backs of Thunder and Johnny Craven while the others attack the front, and occationaly Thunder and Craven get in a good shot to get to Spike.

Shannan Lerch: Bedlam!

In the ring, Creeping Death has Davey Boone cut open from punches to the face. And sneakers too. CD rushes at Boone, who presses CD up and over the top rope onto the pile of bodies on the floor, taking everyone out!

Zach Davis: Obligatory pile wipeout! This match is full of cliches!

Creeping Death stands unscathed, as he landed on the heads of everyone on the floor. CD slides back inside with a chair as the ref tends to the fallen wrestlers on the floor. Boone turns around and is plastered in the head with the chair.


Boone rolls out of the ring and tries to make his way up the ramp. CD gives chase, however. CD catches Davey just before the Jumbotron, and hits a quick kick to the stomach. Down at ringside, the ref has got Thunder and Johnny Craven seperated from Spike, Jay, and Mike Ragnal. The ref sends the men to their corners, and in slides Thunder and Mike Ragnal. The others jump up to the apron. Mike and Thunder lock up, basically restarting the match.

Zach Davis: What is CD doing?!

CD has Davey Boone up on his shoulders on the ramp, and drops him with a massive Death Valley Driver on the steel! Boone's body hits with a thud. Back down in the ring, Ragnal has Thunder in a headlock, and drags him to his corner, tagging in Spike Kane. Ragnal holds Thunder's arm up and Spike comes in with a kick to the ribcage. Creeping Death has gone backstage and left Davey Boone on the ramp, holding his head. Creeping Death emerges from the back carrying a table ... and not far behind is Dehart with a board with barbed wire on it!

Shannan Lerch: Oh look, the WCF on screen redebut of Creeping Death's MCE buddy Dehart ... carrying barbed wire. Fantastic.

CD sets up the table on the ramp, and inside the ring Thunder is trapped in a figure four leglock by Spike. Johnny Craven, however, reaches over the ropes and gets a tag! The ref makes Spike break the hold and eats a top rope splash from Craven, into a pin!



Spike kicks out.

Zach Davis: Almost!

On the ramp, Creeping Death has climbed up the Jumbotron, to the bottom of the screen on the scaffolding above the entrance ramp. Dehart has put the barbed wire board on the table, and has Boone up on his shoulders now. Creeping Death bends down and grabs ahold of Boone, and Dehart helps get him up to CD.

Shannan Lerch: They've got to be ten feet in the air above a table and barbed wire..

Creeping Death hooks Davey Boone up lifts him into a powerbomb, jumping off the entryway with Davey's own finisher, The Boone's Day Device, a sitout powerbomb down to the barbed wire and the table! Creeping Death quickly rolls off Davey who just lays in the rubble.

Zach Davis: Oh jeez, there's number two out of this match. Davey just took a sitout powerbomb, falling a good fifteen feet, also with the force of CD sitting out into barbed wire! The Tag Titles Match at Explosion is in serious jeopardy.

In the ring, Craven has Spike up on his shoulders and hits a brainbuster, similar to Spike's finisher! Spike is quickly able to roll over to his corner and tag in Mike Ragnal, however. Ragnal enters with a head of steam, going towards Craven and Clotheslining him down. Craven gets right back up and gets a Snap Spinebuster. The crowd is roaring as Ragnal gets up and begins climbing to the top.

Shannan Lerch: He's gonna go for the High Voltage!

However, Ragnal picked a bad corner. While the ref is checking on Spike, Thunder has grabbed a chair and whacks Ragnal HARD in the back with it. Ragnal falls, crotching the turnbuckle. Craven is up and heads over to the turnbuckle, grabbing him.... and hitting a Lights Out with Ragnal going from the top turnbuckle down to the mat! He goes for the pin.




Zach Davis: Somehow, Johnny Craven and Thunder pick up the victory!

Craven stands, victorious.

Shannan Lerch: I hope he's happy with himself, because this match has seriously injured two men. And we don't know about the Tag Title match at Explosion.

Craven grabs his Hardcore Title and heads to the back, but notices Boone and Creeping Death. He almost doesn't know whether to attack CD or help Boone, but medics have already come out to help get Boone out of there. Craven glares with hate at CD as he follows his friend and leaves.

World Title Match
The Xtreme One vs Skyler Striker

Zach Davis: Tess Harper won the Pulitzer Prize for that, right? Oh ok. Hey we're back from commercial! That was unexpected...and it looks like it's time for the World Title match!

Lights fade to black then you hear Voodoo by Godsmack playing. Then TXO emerges from the back area with a towel over his head and mouth guard in walks right down to the ring gets to ring apron and jumps right on the apron. He then wipes his feet off and then gets in the ring. He then lifts both arms in the air knocking the towel off his head, he then goes to all four corners and crosses his hands forming an x for his name.

Zach Davis: It's not common that somebody earns a World Title shot based on a loss, but TXO really had his coming out party last week in that hellacious Extreme Rules match against Creeping Death. He fell short in that match, but TXO was so impressive that WCF management rewarded him with a World Title shot against Skyler Striker.

Shannan Lerch: TXO came within an eyelash of defeating Creeping Death, but even in a losing effort he proved that he's a force to be reckoned with. We all know what Skyler Striker is going through right now as the result of Bobby Cairo kidnapping his daughter Jade, and you really have to wonder if Striker is going to be 100% focused on this match. If Striker isn't on top of his game, it could cost him the WCF World Championship.

“Fallen, broken. Simply dissolved into an incomplete thought. An empty shell, cracked, and disfigured. With no remorse, I have been blinded by the darkness. With no disdain, I have received my punishment. And with no haste, I await them.”

After the words finish, the music of “Fallen Angels” by Ra kicks in as a bright white light flashes over the arena and fades to black again. The lights continue quickly changing between black and white as Skyler Striker enters the stage. He walks down towards the ring dressed in the usual black, unbuttoned shirt and the torn maroon pants, the World Championship around his waist. He slides into the ring and as the chorus hits, Skyler spreads his arms in a crucifix pose. He holds this, looking into the crowd, and then goes to the turnbuckle, repeating the crucifix pose. The lights return to normal as Skyler jumps down and the music fades as he holds his title belt high.

Zach Davis: I don't mean to contradict you, Shannan, and I'm not selling TXO short, but I don't think Striker is going to let anything distract him from defending the title that he worked so hard to win. TXO can't go into this match expecting to catch Striker on an off night, because if anybody thinks Striker is going to lay down and play dead they are simply not paying attention. I'm not trying to discount the situation with his daughter, because that must be a living hell, but Striker is the champion for a reason.

Shannan Lerch: Zach, I'm not discounting Striker, but let's be realistic. There's no way he can be completely focused on this match. Two weeks ago, Cairo kidnapped Striker's daughter. Last week, Cairo left Striker lying in the parking garage in a pool of his own blood, and then sped off into the night with a mystery man behind the wheel. Cairo could interject himself any time and in any conceivable fashion and that has to be plying in Striker's mind.

Zach Davis: Having said all of that, it's time to go ringside with Johnny Lennon Jr. for the introductions.

Striker and TXO are standing on opposite sides of the ring as the dapper Johnny Lennon Jr. stands in the center of the ring and reads the intros from his cue cards.

Johnny Lennon Jr: Ladies and gentleman, this match is set for one fall and it is for the WCF World Championship. Introducing first, the challenger from Buffalo, New York, weighing in at 265 pounds, he is the man they call "TXO" The Xtreme One ROOOOOOOB MAAARCIAAAAANOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

The crowd applauds roundly for TXO, with many of those in attendance wearing TXO caps and t-shirts and holding up signs expressing their support for the Xtreme One.

Johnny Lennon Jr: And his opponent, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 220 pounds, he is the WCF World Champion, please welcome the Ace of Hearts SKYYYLEEEEEER STRIIIIIKEEEEEEEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The crowd explodes for the World Champion with every man, woman and child standing on their feet and cheering for Striker. The crowd begins a "STRIKER! STRIKER!" chant as Striker hands his title belt to the ref and does some pre-match stretches to loosen up.

Zach Davis: This should be a good one, Shannan. We have a showcase of the present versus the future and in Striker's case he expects to be both. You know, this WCF Championship Series has provided a great deal of entertainment for the fans and media alike, but it's also given Skyler Striker the opportunity to prove time and time again why he is the best that our sport has to offer. He has been challenged every week since beating Jack of Blades to win the World Title and he has answered the challenge every single time. I understand all of the obstacles that Striker is dealing with right now in regards to his daughter and Bobby Cairo, but if you want to beat Skyler Striker you’re going to have to be both great and damn lucky.

Shannan Lerch: TXO can be great, Zach, he proved it last week. And as far as being damn lucky, well if luck is a Bobby Cairo tonight, we should have a brand-new World Champion. Not discounting Striker, I'm just being realistic. The guy is a human being, not a god.

The ref signals for the bell to start the match. TXO and Striker circle the ring like caged animals waiting to pounce. They lock up. Striker slips behind TXO and vigorously places him in a superb waistlock. TXO hits a back elbow. TXO whips Striker to the ropes. Striker ducks a clothesline and counters with a falling neckbreaker.

Zach Davis: Nice counter by the champ!

Shannan Lerch: I could swear I've seen that move somewhere before.

Striker rebounds off the ropes and hits a jumping leg lariat. Striker whips TXO into the ropes. Striker hits a rolling wheel kick. Striker goes for a standing moonsault, but TXO gets his knees up to counter.

Zach Davis: TXO with a nice counter of his own. Striker tried to do a little bit too much that time.

Shannan Lerch: There you go, TXO! Now you're using your noodle!

TXO hits a belly-to-belly suplex. TXO hits a running lariat. TXO grabs Striker by the throat and tosses him into the corner. TXO pounds Striker's face and body with open-hand thrusts. Striker drops to the mat and crawls through TXO's legs. TXO turns around. Striker nails him with an enzuigiri.

Shannan Lerch: Hey! What da heck is dis da Mickey Mouse Club?

Zach Davis: Nah, Shannan, that's a perfectly legal move and did you know that it happens all the time in the NBA?

TXO staggers backwards into the corner. Striker runs toward TXO and hits a cannonball. Striker drags TXO to mid-ring and hits a facebreaker DDT. Striker makes the cover. 1...2...TXO kicks out. Striker takes his position on the ring apron and waits for TXO to get up. Striker springboards off the top rope and hits a hurricanrana...or so it seems until TXO puts on the brakes and hits a sitout powerbomb. TXO makes the cover. 1...2...Striker kicks out.

Zach Davis: What an impact by the challenger! How the heck did Striker kick out of that?

Shannan Lerch: That shoulda been it! That shoulda been it!

TXO hits a fireman's carry slam. TXO drags Striker to the corner. TXO grinds his boot in Striker’s throat. TXO chokes Striker on the ropes. The ref warns TXO. TXO whips Striker to the opposite corner. TXO charges in for a shoulder block, but Striker moves out of the way. TXO goes flying through the ropes and hits his shoulder against the ringpost before dropping back to the canvas.

Shannan Lerch: Noooo! Not my little schnoodle doodles!

Zach Davis: TXO appears seriously injured. Let's see if Striker can take advantage.

Striker climbs to the top rope. Striker hits a diving headbutt. Striker makes the cover. 1...2...TXO kicks out. Striker hits a tilt-a-whirl sidewalk slam. Striker ever so nimbly scales the ropes. Striker goes for a shooting star press...and hits it. Striker makes the cover. 1...2...TXO kicks out.

Zach Davis: Striker breaking out the big guns, but it takes a lot to put this man TXO away.

Shannan Lerch: TXO has the toughness of a zebra and the ferocity of said zebra, but he needs to get back this match, baby.

Striker locks TXO in an abdominal stretch. TXO grimaces in pain as Striker pours on the pressure. TXO tries to fight his way out of the hold while his fans cheer encouragement for him. After several moments of struggling, TXO manages to overpower Striker and negate the abdominal stretch. TXO hiptosses Striker to the mat.

Shannan Lerch: What an enormous! Did ya see that?

Zach Davis: Yes. That was a good and unexpected move by TXO. Congrats, TXO.

TXO whips Striker to the ropes. TXO hits a Yakuza kick. TXO grabs Striker and plants him with a cradle piledriver. TXO's fans are now chanting his name as he hits a fisherman's suplex into a bridging pin. 1...2...Striker kicks out. TXO levels Striker with a barrage of vicious European uppercuts. TXO hits a double knee gutbuster. TXO hits the Snake Eyes in the corner and follows up with a modified Shining Wizard. TXO makes the cover. 1...2...Striker kicks out.

Zach Davis: TXO is feeling it now and several members of this capacity audience are starting to rally their support! We may be moments away from a brand new world champion!

Shannan Lerch: TXO cannot lose, Zach! He is in the zone right now!

TXO goes for some sort of double-underhook maneuver, but Striker blocks it and cradles TXO for a pin attempt. 1...2...TXO kicks out.

Shannan Lerch: Whaa?! Why did he do it?! Why did he do it?!

Zach Davis: Striker almost had him from out of nowhere! You can never count out the champ!

TXO is pissed. He stomps Striker's chest with his boot like a grown man stomping a gathering of insects. TXO grabs Striker by the hair and slings him onto the top turnbuckle. TXO sets Striker up for and hits an incredible and devastating superplex or at least he would have if Striker hadn't blocked it and shoved TXO to the mat. Striker rises like a and hits a Phoenix splash that leaves the masses dazzled and clamouring for more. Striker makes the cover on TXO. 1...2...No so close to a three, but TXO kicks out.

Zach Davis: Oh my good lord, Striker did some things I haven't seen in a number of years!

Shannan Lerch: What?

Zach Davis: I'm saying it was nice.

Shannan Lerch: Whatever.

Striker whips TXO to the corner. Striker hits a handspring corner splash. Striker drags TXO mid-ring and hits a Tiger bomb. Striker makes the cover. 1...2...TXO kicks out. Striker once again sends TXO to the corner. Striker goes for another splash, but this time TXO catches Striker in mid-air and flips him over the top rope. Striker crashes to the concrete outside of the ring.

Zach Davis: Oh flittering flattery! Striker might be dead. Can somebody get down there and check on the man? Is he dead?

Shannan Lerch: I think TXO was just acting on instinct. He wasn't trying to murder the guy. The guy has a family and such.

TXO slides out of the ring. TXO slams Striker throat-first onto the guardrail. TXO whips Striker hard into the ringpost. Striker's back takes the brunt of the blow and he is obviously in a lot of pain as TXO rolls him into the ring. TXO makes the cover. 1...2...NO! Striker kicks out.

Zach Davis: Almost new champ!

Shannan Lerch: TXO is so close to winning this thing. Striker isn't even the walking dead.

TXO pulls Striker to his feet and hits a Northern Lights bomb. TXO locks Striker in a double chickenwing camel clutch. Striker squeals like a stuck pig as TXO punishes his entire torso region.

Shannan Lerch: It's over! Striker cannot escape! Raise the man's hand! New champ! New champ!

Zach Davis: Striker has to dig deep or as Shannan is indicating this could be over!

Striker squirms around on the mat trying to escape, but to no avail as TXO has the hold firmly locked in. A smile comes across TXO's face as Striker's body goes limp. TXO screams at the ref to check Striker for consciousness and whatnot. Suddenly, Striker comes back to life. The fans roar in approval as Striker gets his adrenaline going and powers his way back to his feet.

Shannan Lerch: How is he doing it?! How is he doing it?! Striker is beyond humanity!

Zach Davis: The World Champion is making his presence felt in Allegheny!

Striker headbutts TXO in the face a couple of times and slips out of the hold. Striker hits the staggered TXO with a kneeling jawbreaker. Striker climbs to the top rope and salutes the fans before flying through the air and nailing a diving elbow drop like the Macho Man would. Striker makes the cover. 1...2...TXO kicks out like his life depended on it.

Zach Davis: Oh so close! Striker has seized the giant ball of the momentum, trying to put TXO down and out!

Shannan Lerch: I don't like this for TXO. He's got the bad vibes going on.

Striker whips TXO into the ropes, but oh no TXO reverses it. TXO hits a bicycle kick...yeah that's right a freakin' bicycle kick. TXO ties Striker up using the ring ropes. TXO charges Striker and goes for a Cactus clothesline, but Striker frees himself at the last moment. TXO's own momentum carries him over the top rope and down to the unforgiving floor below. TXO slowly crawls to his feet. Striker hits a suicide plancha. The crowd cheers.

Zach Davis: He's doing the thing that a champion does! Stake your claim, Striker! Stake your claim, daddy-o!

Shannan Lerch: Goddamnit, this Striker there no escape?!

Striker tosses TXO into the ring and makes the cover. 1...2...TXO kicks out. Striker hits the Roll the Dice, then pulls TXO up and hits the Last Chance. Striker makes the cover. 1...2...TXO kicks out. Strikes goes up top and tries for the Game of Life, but TXO rolls out of the way and Striker crashes to the mat. TXO stumbles to his feet. TXO grabs Striker and hits the rolling Germans. TXO makes the cover. 1...2...3...No! He kicked out!

Zach Davis: TXO pulled it off! No, Striker kicked out! Wait...I'm looking at the wrong monitor! What is going on?!

Shannan Lerch: Finish him! Finish him!

TXO hits a Death Valley driver. TXO signals that it's time for the end. TXO grabs Striker by the ankle and tries to lock in the That's Xtreme, but Striker alertly springs up with his free foot and nails TXO in the jaw with a mule kick. Striker spins TXO around and grabs him by the legs, and gets TXO in the Lockdown!

Zach Davis: And Striker is now moments away from stepping towards Explosion with his World Title! No-one has escaped the Lockdown!

Shannan Lerch: I bet it’s not that difficult to escape. They’re just not trying.

TXO fights with everything he has, and is a fingerbreadth away from the ring ropes. He reaches out for the ropes, and misses as Striker drags him back to the centre of the ring! TXO has nowhere to go, and he taps out!!

Zach Davis: Was that it? Yes, Striker wins the match and retains the WCF World Title! Striker beats TXO! He did it!

Shannan Lerch: Whoa my god...this is like the Mets winning the World Series or something. I need some air.

Shannan throws down her headset and storms off to the perimeter as Striker celebrates yet another successful World Title defense. TXO is clearly dejected as he makes his way to the back. The fans shower Striker with their love when, suddenly, the heinous Bobby Cairo appears on the Slam-O-Tron.

Bobby Cairo: Striker, congratulations on your wonderful victory. I've been watching the broadcast live from my castle in the palisades and I must say that you look better each and every week. It's almost as if each win in this WCF Championship Series builds you up and makes you that much stronger. But don't get too confident, Striker. You have something that I want, the WCF World Championship... but I have something that you want.

The camera zooms in on Jade Striker, who is bound and gagged and tied to a telephone pole on the edge of a cliff. Skyler looks on from the ring with a horrified expression on his face.

Bobby Cairo: It's getting real, isn't it, Skyler? Do you feel it now? You feel the terror inside of you? You're finally coming to the realization that things might not work out with that great, big storybook ending that you were expecting. See, you figured that you would beat Bobby Cairo to close out the WCF Championship series and then your daughter Jade would miraculously burst out of her captive shelter and spring into your arms. Tell me, Striker, how does it feel to see your daughter teetering on the edge of a cliff? Does that suck or what? You know what else sucks? Being denied a championship that is rightfully yours. You screwed me at War, you interfered in my business at Timebomb, you attacked me last week... this cardinal catastrophes cannot continue. I need solace, Striker. Leaving you lying in a pool of your own blood last week wasn't enough. That's too much of a compromise for Cairo. I need more... and I shall have the way that ends her days!

Cairo uses a serrated hunting knife to cut the ropes that were binding Jade to the telephone pole. Cairo grabs Jade by the collar of her shirt and holds her over the edge of the cliff as tears fill her eyes and stream down her face.

Bobby Cairo: For victory!

Suddenly the screen fades to black. In the ring, Skyler drops to his knees and holds his head in his hands, rocking back and forth like a mental patient in a padded room.

Zach Davis: I don't even know what to say. This is the most unreal site that I've ever seen in my life. What the hell is Cairo thinking? He couldn't really... he wouldn't...

A hushed silence has come over the arena. The only sound that can be heard is Striker screaming his daughter's name.

Television Title Match
Danny Vice vs Bobby Cairo

Zach Davis: It’s Main Event time, and after what has transpired thus far in tonight’s match, I cannot even imagine this crowd being worked into more of a frenzy.

Shannan Lerch: I actually agree with you. We all know Bobby Cairo has kidnapped Jade Striker, and, well... after what we just saw... And that Danny Vice is trying to prove himself to Skyler, by defeating Cairo and sending him into a downward spiral heading into Explosion. I just cannot imagine Danny Vice being able to accomplish any of that tonight.

Zach Davis: Well he and Mike Ragnal have been on a roll as of late, but can Vice win when it’s just Index One?

Shannan Lerch: Stop with the puns. Cairo is going to do the same to Vice as Craven and Creeping Death will do next week.

Zach Davis: Yes. I am sorry. But don’t forget about Cairo’s promise that as long as Striker does not interfere in Cairo’s business, he will not harm Jade.

Shannan Lerch: Umm....what are the chances of either of that happening?

The lights go out in the arena as the crowd begins to emit electricity from their anticipation. The opening notes of "Map of the Problematique" by Muse hits the speakers to a huge ovation from the crowd. The lights flash several times before coming on full showing Danny "The Vagrant" Vice and his brother Jimmy standing a top the ramp. Danny raises his arms to his sides, exciting the crowd as he feeds off of them like they feed off of him. He rushes to the ring and slides in before climbing the turnbuckle and posing with both arms over his head. Two huge "V" pyros explode in the ring before Danny jumps down and hands the title to the referee before focusing intently on his opponent.

Pyrotechnics explode at the top of the ramp, the lights in the arena flicker. "11 Dreams" by Mercenary echoes throughout the building and the crowd immediately boos. Bobby Cairo appears at the top of the ramp and the crowd boos even louder as he carries the Television Title on his shoulder. Cairo slowly walks down to the ring with no expression on his face as middle fingers go up all around the arena.

Zach Davis: Gotta be honest, I have no idea how he got back in here so fast.

Shannan Lerch: Me neither.

The opening bell sounds and both men circle each other in the ring. They lock up, but Cairo escapes and ducks his head under the top rope. The crowd booes as Cairo pokes Vice in the eye and hits a quick clothesline. He poses for the crowd as Vice rubs his eyes and gets to his feet.

Zach Davis: Up to his usual shenanigans, Cairo uses illegal moves to gain the upperhand.

Shannan Lerch: Don’t get all butt hurt because Bobby is the better man here tonight.

Cairo immediately strikes Vice with a kick to the face and locks in an ankle lock to begin working on the legs of Danny Vice. Vice struggles, and after a moment or so makes his way to the ropes. Cairo holds the lock for a four count, before releasing it and stomping twice on the leg of Vice.

Shannan Lerch: See, this is wrestling. Break him down, then snap him in half.

Vice is pulled to his feet before Cairo hits Dragon suplex. He walks over to the turnbuckle, scoffs at the crowd and heads to the top turnbuckle. He makes a title sign with his hands across his waist before driving a flying elbow drop into the heart of Vice. He hooks the leg...



Kickout from Vice. Cairo pulls Vice to his feet and executes an overhead belly-to-belly before scampering over for a leglock grapevine to further work on the lower body of Danny Vice. Vice yells out in pain as he tries to pull himself to the ropes, but Cairo is able to drag them closer to opposite side of the ring. Cairo then begins to lose the ropes for leverage as the referee looks for Vice to tap. The ref catches Cairo, and forces him to break the hold.

Zach Davis: Finally, they stop Cairo from his usual repertoire of cheating.

Shannan Lerch: Get off his back!

Zach Davis: Why, you’re never off yours?

Cairo is to his feet as Vice uses the ropes for support, and delivers two quick strikes to the lower back of Vice. Cairo then wraps in a gutwrench, and looks for a suplex, but Vice clutches the ropes to block the hold. Cairo swings a wild left that Vice ducks it and hits a perfect dropkick. Cairo is up quickly, but Vice is not as his leg was injured on the maneuver. Cairo stomps twice on Vice injured leg before hitting a DDT for a cover.



Kickout from Vice. Cairo is frustrated and pulls Vice to a corner before throwing his head into it. He places Vice up top, and looks for a superplex, but Vice blocks it. The two begin exchanging right hands on top, before Vice is able to now poke Cairo in the eye and shove Cairo off. Cairo begins to get up as Vice hits a flying headscissor takedown. Vice is slow to his feet, but gets the rushing Cairo with a drop toe hold and then an elbow drop to the back of the head.

Zach Davis: Finally now The Vagrant is able to get some momentum. This had thus far been one of the most one-sided title matches in recent memory.

Vice pulls Cairo to his feet and tosses him into the ropes, Cairo grabs the ropes to block, but Vice clotheslines him over the top rope. Vice then takes off and attempts a suicide dive, but his injured leg caused him to come up short and smack his head on the arena floor. Cairo takes advantage and climbs the turnbuckle as Vice lays motionless outside of the ring. Cairo leaps and hits a double leg stomp on the back of Vice knee, futhering the damage to his lower limbs. Cairo tosses Vice back in the ring and hooks the leg.



Vice gets his injured leg on the nearest rope. Cairo hops up and leaps to stomp on the knee, but Vice moves it and rolls Cairo up from behind.



Kickout from Cairo. Both men up quickly and Vice ducks a clothesline and hits a Tiger suplex into a pin.



Kickout by Cairo again. Cairo rolls out of the ring to regroup.

Zach Davis: Quite the match-up thus far, as Vice has battled back for several nearfalls.

Cairo rolls back in the ring at the count of 8 and the two men lock-up back in the center of the ring. Cairo whips Vice into the ropes and hits backbody drop. Cairo looks to lock in the Cairopractor on Vice, but Vice reverses it into a small package.



Kickout from Cairo. Vice is up quick and Cairo hits a big boot. Cairo catches Vice as he is falling toward the mat and hits Loco Vuelo for the cover.



3! NO! Vice kicks out!

Zach Davis: I don’t believe it! Vice kicks out of the Loco Vuelo! Cairo is stunned.

Shannan Lerch: It’s only because the referee counts so damn slow! You’ve got to be kidding me!

Cairo is pulling Vice toward the center of the ring. He looks again to try and lock in the Cairopractor. Vice won’t allow him to roll it over. Vice fights back as the crowd cheers loudly to help him.

Shannan Lerch: If he Hulks up right now I will walk out of here and quit on the spot!

Zach Davis: LET IT RUN WILD!!!

Cairo tries to roll him over some more, but Vice refuses and eventually kicks Cairo off. Cairo follows with an elbow to the knee of Vice, but Vice kicks Cairo in the face instead with his good leg. Both men get to their feet, Vice swinging a wild right which Cairo ducks and hits a stunner on Vice.



Kickout from Vice. Both men up now, and it’s Cairo missing a wild right, and Vice hits a kick to the guy and a massive powerbomb. The crowd erupts as Vice collapses to the ground holding his leg. He slowly begins to crawl toward the turnbuckle.

Zach Davis: Could he possibly be going up top to try and finish this match?

Shannan Lerch: There is no way he has enough in those legs to do anything high risk. Cairo has officially grounded Vice, I call it right now.

Vice is going up top looking for the Halo. But Cairo is slowly coming to below. Vice is slow up the turnbuckle from his injured leg. Vice takes off looking for a crossbody, but Cairo pulls the referee in the way! Vice knocks the referee out and holds his ribs in pain. Cairo pulls Vice up and low blows The Vagrant, followed by a Spike DDT on Vice. Cairo rolls out of the ring and grabs a steel chair. Vice is still down as Cairo taps the chair against the mat. He slowly begins to get up, holding his head as the crowd gets behind The Vagrant.


Vice is finally to his feet, turns around and takes a stiff chairshot to the skull, busting him wide open. The crowd suddenly erupts, as Skyler Striker rushes the ring with the WCF World Title in hand. Skyler slides in and swings the title at Cairo, who ducks it and drills Striker with steel chair. Striker is now laid out in the corner of the ring as Cairo tosses the chair to the mat and signals for Security Breach as the referee comes to life. Vice slowly gets to his feet as Cairo nails the rolling cutter on him.

Shannan Lerch: Yes, finally!

Cairo hooks Vice’ leg.





Shannan Lerch: What the hell! How did he get out of that! Bobby is stunned!

Zach Davis: This match is not over! We could still have a new Television champion!

Shannan Lerch: Security Breach! Loco Vuelo! What does it take to keep Vice down!

Cairo is up to his feet and decides to go up top. He climbs up the turnbuckle and takes flight with a frog splash, but Vice gets his knees up in time! Vice kips up as Cairo clutches his ribs in pain, but Vice takes to one knee as his beaten leg buckles.

Shannan Lerch: That injured leg is going to make the Outkast pretty hard to hit.

Zach Davis: I don’t think he can do it. Cairo’s strategy certainly worked and took away the Outkast.

Cairo finally makes it to his feet where Vice hits two hard right hands before whipping him into the turnbuckle. Vice follows, limping behind and is able to hit a shining wizard off the middle rope. Vice then goes for a running bulldog on Cairo toward the center of the ring, but Cairo blocks it. Cairo hits a kick to the midsection and looks for another Loco Vuelo, but Vice slides off the back and hits a uranage slam on Cairo. Vice immediately locks in the Vicelock, and Cairo is caught in the middle of the ring.

Zach Davis: There’s nowhere to go, how long can Cairo possibly hold onto this?

Shannan Lerch: Come on Cairo! Don’t give up!

Zach Davis: We could have a new Television Champion!

Cairo looks around in pain, not seeing any escape from the Vicelock. Vice leans back and wrenches more on the arm of Cairo who seems seconds from tapping. Out of nowhere, Skyler Striker dives across the ring and drills Bobby Cairo with the WCF World Title. The referee signals for the bell.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentleman, the winner by disqualification, and STILL Television Champion.........BOBBY CAIRO!

Zach Davis: WHAT!

Shannan Lerch: YES!

Zach Davis: Skyler Striker just cost Danny Vice the TV Title.

Striker tosses the belt to the side and is stomping mercilessly at Bobby Cairo, who eventually manages to roll out of the ring. Danny Vice pops up and gets right into Skyler’s face. They stare each other down, neither moving a muscle. All eyes locked.

Shannan Lerch: Striker just doesn't want Vice getting any glory!

Zach Davis: After what Cairo did to Striker's daughter... no, Shannan, I don't know if this was about Vice at all... Striker just couldn't wait to get at him.

The electricity in the crowd builds as two former rivals and current teammates seem mere seconds away from a brawl, when Bobby Cairo crushes both men in the skull with a steel chair. The crowd rains down booes upon Cairo as the referee hands him his WCF Television Title. Cairo takes the WCF World Title from Skyler Striker’s hands as “11 Dreams” hits the speakers. Cairo lifts both titles over his head, with a bloody Striker and Vice at his feet. The credits for Sunday Slam begin to roll.

Zach Davis: This picture, right here, could very well be the future of the WCF. Bobby Cairo. The Television Champion. After Explosion, will he be our World Champion? We’ll see you next week along with Luscious Jackson. If this is our future, then may God have mercy on our souls.

Slam fades to black with the image of Cairo holding the two belts.