Sunday Slam Intro
Davey Ortega Segment
Creeper vs Cairo
Creeping Death vs Outcast
Havock vs Wreck
Logan vs Genocide
Reckless Jack Segment

WCF Sunday Slam Intro

Glasgow Megasnake by Mogwai blasts over the PA system, and WCF Sunday Slam is on the air! We pan around the arena, getting a good look at the excited fans. There are some attractive ladies amongst the audience, and one has a "I LOVE SETH LERCH!" sign. Well anyway, we go to the announcers.

Zach Davis: Welcome to the first Slam after Till Death Do Us Part! I'm here with Shannan Lerch, as always.

Shannan Lerch: Yes.

Zach Davis: It is my job to inform everyone, first off, that Kurtis Victory has been suspended. We don't know for how long. Possibly forever. The Torture incident... well, we were instructed not to talk about it, but it is just disgusting.

Shannan Lerch: ..Anyway though.. we have a shitty show tonight. Davey Ortega can't book for crap.

Zach Davis: You're just bitter that your brother is no longer in control! That's right, this is Davey Ortega's first Slam where he is in charge. The Team of Treachery has fallen out of grace.

Shannan Lerch: But they're on their way back. We have Tommy Havock, Television Champion. And we have Logan on his way to winning the Title back.

Zach Davis: Possibly. Tonight begins a World Title Contendership Tournament, with the winner getting a shot at Reckless Jack at the next Pay Per View.

Shannan Lerch: Speaking of Reckless Jack, he has requested promo time at the end of the show. I wonder what he has to say?

Zach Davis: I can't wait to hear from the new World Champion. We'll see.

Shannan Lerch: As for our main event match, it features my man Logan, the FOUR TIME Champion, up against the Hardcore Champion, Genocide. The Hardcore Title is not on the line and this is not hardcore rules, though.

Zach Davis: Genocide is a monster. An undefeated monster. I don't know.. Logan is a great superstar, but can he beat this guy!?

Shannan Lerch: Yes.

Zach Davis: We'll find out for sure later tonight. We also have Tommy Havock one on one with Team of Treachery member, Wreck. This is interesting. Havock has just joined the group, but Wreck is a long time member. Ortega did this on purpose, I'm sure, so.. who knows how that one will go.

Shannan Lerch: We have two legends going one on one in the tournament, with Creeping Death fighting Outcast. These two are anything but strangers. WCF legends, but NCW legends as well.

Zach Davis: Creeping Death was close to the Title last night, so you know he wants it bad.

Shannan Lerch: And in our opening match, Bobby Cairo is up against newcomer Creeper. Cairo has been impressive as of late as well. Does he have what it takes to keep his moment going? We'll have to see.

Zach Davis: This Creeper guy... I don't know about him. Well anyway, before we have our opening match, I think we're going to hear from our new owner!

Davey Ortega Segment

The Hand That Feeds his the speakers and a mix the crowd cheers. Davey Ortega walks out with a WCF shirt on, a sports jacket over it, dress pants and shoes. Davey Ortega walks to the ring with a bit of arrogance in his walk. He climbs into the ring and takes the mic from the announcer. He stands in the middle of the ring.

Davey Ortega: Ladies and Gentleman, I welcome you to the FIRST Slam with Mr. David Allen Ortega running the show!!

The crowd cheers.

Davey Ortega: I am out here tonight, in the sight of you great fans, to make a few announcements tonight. First of all congradulations to our NEW WCF World Heavyweight Champion Mr. Reckless Jack!

The crowd cheers more.

Davey Ortega: May your reign be long and beautiful. Also, congradulations to our new Hardcore champion Genocide, and our new Television Champion Tommy Havock. Think about it, people. Three brand new champions in one night, and a new owner. This is destiny! Now, I am here to announce that the World Title tournament will take place shortly. I devised this tournament to try and get some new blood, as well as old, into the limelight. Some for the first time, and some once more. WCF is full of potential. We have the greatest wrestlers, the best fans...and a very handsome CEO.

Davey smiles.

Shannan Lerch: Not as handsome as Seth was!

Davey Ortega: Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight I will make one of many changes around here. I promise you that under my controle WCF will blossom. I was the man who brought you The Elite, The Elite Title, Trent Hunter...that was all me. When I entered those doors for the first time in this WCF, alot of people said I would never make it past being an active wrestler. I now stand in front of you with full control over WCF. I defeated Seth Lerch. I made the ToT look foolish. Speaking of the ToT...I do have something to say to them. I am not Seth. I will not be your friend, I will not be your ally. I am a fair man, so consider this a warning. All of the tournament matches are secure. This means that if any of you, for any reason, try to interfere in one, the perpetrator will be suspended untill after the pay per view. This goes for you too, Logan. You are not an exception. You, I guess in this case, are the boudle. Now, onto my change. Ohhh, Miss. Shannan Lerch...please come up to the ring.

Shannan looks at her partners as she takes the head set off and gets up. She cautiously walks to the ring and gets in.

Davey Ortega: Shannan, always a pleasure to be in, no it's not. Anyways I'm sure you are wondering what is going on. You see I you know who I am?

Shannan nods. Davey puts the mic up to her lips.

Shannan Lerch: Y-yes.

Davey Ortega: Who am I?

Shannan Lerch: You are Davey Ortega

Davey Ortega: The...

Shannan Lerch: The WCF owner.

Davey Ortega: That's right, Shannan. I am your boss. Don't look so worried. I'm not going to fire you. You see Shannan, you talk...alot. About how great the ToT is. How great Logan is. How great of a job Seth did. You talk alot of shit, Shannan. Like I have said, I'm going to make some changes around here.


Davey reaches into his pocket and pulls out a pair of rubber gloves.

Davey Ortega: Since you like to talk about all that crap, I thought it would be great for a change if for one cleaned it up.

Davey tosses her the gloves.

Davey Ortega: You are going to be my cleaning lady tonight. You will not announce tonight on Slam. I want this building spotless by the time the show is over and done with. If it's not...then you will be fired. So go, you have a lot of work to do.

Shannan stares in shock of what she was just told. She slowly gets out of the ring and heads to the back, the look of utter shock never leaves her face.

Davey Ortega: I guess that means you will need an announcer for tonight, and well... I would love to have a front row view of my tournament.

Davey walks out of the ring and to the announcers table.

Davey Ortega: Ladies and Gentleman, I hope you enjoy tonights show.

Davey sits down and puts the headset on as the show begins.

World Title Contendership Tournament
Creeper vs Bobby Cairo

Creeper comes out smoking a blunt. gets up to ringside and hands the blunt to a fan and then slides into the ring.

Zach Davis: Creeper is making his debut in this match. It will be interesting to see what this young man can bring to the table.

Davey Ortega: I'm in the mood for Italian myself.

The opening strains of Faith No More's A Small Victory play as the arena lights begin flashing on and off. Bobby Cairo bursts out of the entranceway and salutes the fans. Cairo then charges down the aisle to the ring and slides in under the bottom rope. Cairo again salutes the fans while waiting for his opponent's entrance.

Zach Davis: Bobby Cairo had a strong showing at Till Death Do Us Part. Let's see if he can keep the ball rolling against Creeper.

Davey Ortega: Remember, the winner of this match advances in the World Title tournament. This is a great opportunity for both of these young superstars.

The bell rings.

Creeper charges Cairo, but Bobby takes Creeper down with a drop toehold, followed by an elbowdrop to the spine. Cairo hits Creeper with a bridging fisherman suplex for a two-count. Bobby attempts a whip into the ropes, but Creeper reverses and takes Cairo down with a superkick. Creeper climbs to the second rope and connects with an elbowdrop to Cairo's abdomen. Creeper hits two consecutive German suplexes, but Cairo blocks Creeper's attempt at a third and connects with a German of his own. Cairo drops Creeper with an inverted atomic drop and then repeatedly drives his knees into Creeper's left leg.

Zach Davis: Cairo is attempting to soften up the left leg of Creeper.

Cairo hits a Shining Wizard and covers Creeper for a two-count. Bobby drives an elbow into Creeper's left knee and then locks Creeper in an STF.

Davey Ortega: Cairo is trying to end this match right here!

After struggling for a few moments, Creeper reaches the ropes to break the hold. Creeper appears to be in a great deal of pain, but suddenly low blows Cairo to turn the momentum of the match. The ref reprimands Creeper, but Creeper goes on the offensive with lefts and rights to Cairo's face and body. Creeper knocks Bobby down with a clothesline. Creeper hits a devastating Tombstone piledriver. Creeper hooks the leg and gets a near three-count, but Cairo just barely kicks out.

Zach Davis: Creeper seemed dead in the water just moments ago, but he's firmly in control at this point!

Creeper hammers Cairo with an axe handle blow to the back. Creeper sends Cairo into the corner and follows with the Flying High. Cairo drops to the mat in a heap. Creeper makes the cover and gets another two-count. Creeper attempts a chokeslam, but his left knee buckles under the pressure.

Davey Ortega: The damage done to Creeper's knee is really taking its toll now.

Both men are down and struggling to their feet. Cairo is up first and he levels Creeper with a running kneelift. Cairo quickly locks Creeper in the Texas cloverleaf and piles on the pressure.

Zach Davis: I don't know how much more punishment Creeper's knee can sustain.

Davey Ortega: Creeper has proven his toughness here tonight, but he has to think about his future. Just give up and live to fight another day!

Creeper slowly but steadily inches over towards the ropes. Just as Creeper is about to reach the ropes, Cairo breaks the hold and pulls Creeper back into the middle of the ring. Cairo locks Creeper in the No Way Out.

Davey Ortega: He's got him! This could be it right here!

Zach Davis: Will he tap? Will Creeper finally tap out!

He taps! Creeper taps!

Davey Ortega: Bobby Cairo advances in the tournament!

Cairo releases the hold as his music hits, and he rolls out of the ring, heading to the back, pleased with himself.

World Title Contendership Tournament
Creeping Death vs Outcast

Zach Davis: And now-

Davey Ortega: A WCF legends match.

Zach Davis: Err..

The lights slowly fade to black. Bells toll as the screen shows shots of a big wooden cross wrapped in barbed wire in the middle of a thunderstorm. While the cross is shown ... "Raining Blood" begins to play. The opening, anyways. Giving sound to the storm on the Jumbotron, as that changes from normal rain to blood rain. On each drum hit, the arena lights up red, giving the effect of red lightning. Just before the song kicks in, actual red blood rain cascades down from the heavens, in a wall along the stage. When it kicks into high gear, around the 33 second mark, the lights come on just a tad, giving light to the dark. Standing infront of the wall of blood is Creeping Death, arms stretched out in a crucifix fashion. CD stands there for a second, taking in the crowd's reaction. Then he slowly makes his way down the ramp, looking out into the audience. As he reaches the ring, he slides in under the bottom rope, and pops to his feet. CD walks over to a turnbuckle, jumps to the middle rope facing in the ring, does the crucifix pose once again, and then takes a seat on the top turnbuckle, awaiting the match to begin.

Davey Ortega: A man who was almost the Champion last week, here is Creeping Death!

God of Thunder hits as the arena goes dark. Red strobes flash all around the arena as the words ''Hate, Lost, Pain'' flash on the titantron. When the lights come back on Outcast is standing on the ramp gazeing at the ring. He glances to the fans at the right and left of him. He slowly walks down the ramp and to the ring. He climbs in the ring and goes to the center, he looks down at the ring and slowly raises his hand up, opening it.

Davey Ortega: And here is Victor "Outcast" Taylor, brother of Mike Taylor, and a former Champion himself.

Zach Davis: These two do have a history. They're not really enemies, but I wouldn't call them friends, it seems to me.

The bell rings, and the two tie up. Outcast overpowers CD quickly, pushing him off. Outcast then runs at him but Creeps leapfrogs over him. CD turns around and Dropkicks Outcast, who flies out of the ring. CD wastes no time, bounces off the ropes and flies over them with a Suicide Plancha!

Davey Ortega: Creeping Death going balls to the walls here in the beginning.

CD gets to his feet and quickly picks Outcast up, rolling him into the ring. CD gets onto the apron and jumps over the top, hitting a Springboard Bodypress. This results in a pin. One.. two.. Outcast gets the shoulder up.

Zach Davis: Creeps trying to get the early win, but not yet.

CD picks Outcast up, and goes to irish whip him, but Outcast reverses it. CD is sent into the ropes instead, and Outcast catches him in a big Powerslam! This results in another pin of course. One! Two! No, shoulder up!

Davey Ortega: And Victor couldn't get the win yet, either.

Zach Davis: I'm not going to get used to calling him Victor Taylor, he's still Outcast to me.

Davey Ortega: Well you better learn.

Outcast stomps on Creeps a few times, and then grabs his leg. He locks in the Mind Rager!

Zach Davis: Very painful hold, will CD tap?

Davey Ortega: Doubt it. Does that man EVER tap? The real question is if he'll pass out.

Creeping Death eventually grabs for the ropes, he's inches away.. and he reaches them. Outcast lets go of the hold, but pulls Creeps back into the middle of the ring. He goes to lock it in again, but CD kicks him off. CD gets to his feet and hits a Pele Kick out of nowhere!

Zach Davis: Whoa!

Outcast stumbles back, drops down to one knee, and CD runs at him and hits a Shining Wizard.

Davey Ortega: Those are two brutal, brutal strikes.

Outcast is down on the ground, and Creeps quickly pins him, hooking the leg.




Zach Davis: NO! That was close though.

Davey Ortega: Victor is not an easy man to pin.

Creeps gets to his feet, and quickly jumps up to the top rope. He looks to the left, looks to the right, and flies off the top with his Duality finisher!!

Zach Davis: Simply amazing.

He hits it perfectly, and this results in a pin.




Davey Ortega: Looks like Creeping Death advances.

Zach Davis: Creeping Death vs Bobby Cairo next week, folks.

World Title Contendership Tournament
Tommy Havock vs Wreck

Three spotlights, (one red, one blue, and one silver) pan around the arena before meeting at the entrance ramp where they all turn white. Havock appears and stops to pose as pyrotechnics blast behind him. He is methodical in his approach to the ring, pauing to interact with the fans as appropriate. Before he enters the ring, he pauses on the apron to once again acknowledge the fans. He climbs to the middle turnbuckle and extends both arms to "show off" his body.

Zach Davis: There he is folks, the newest member of the Team of Treachery. I have a feeling that they won't be running the show. Do you think Havock has any regrets in joining the ToT?

Davey Ortega: He should! And tonight will be a bit awkward considering his first match as a teammate is against a teammate. He is the TV champ as well.

Zach Davis: I'm interested in knowing how he responds.

The lights go down as the drums of the song begin to play. The lights flicker to the beat. When the lyrics kick in a montage of Wreck's career is shown. The lights begin flashing harder and harder. When the Chorus hits, the lights come up in a big flash as white pyros shoot up every which way. Wreck walks down the runway to the ring as fans cheer and boo.

Zach Davis: Well, here's Wreck. He's been..well..he's been missing lately.

Davey Ortega: A few loose screws is more appropriate. He's on the Team of Treachery for chrissake. He needs to get his head in the game!

The two men shake hands once in the ring. The ref calls for the ball. They then circle around each other.

Zach Davis: That's the first time I've seen good sportsmanship out of either of these two.

Davey Ortega: They have mutual respect for each other. I guess

Wreck makes the first move, diving in. Havock is prepared, getting him in a headlock. Havock positions himself by replanting his feet. Wreck uses his shoulder to push Havock into the ropes. Once there, he throws him in, escaping from the headlock. Havock comes back only to give Wreck a shoulder block.

Zach Davis: Havock having early control so far.

Davey Ortega: You call that control?

Havock looks at Wreck, who is laying flat on his back. Havock drops back and hits the ropes, running full speed at Wreck. Wreck rolls over, making Havock jump over. Wreck springs up prepared as Havock comes full speed. Wreck jumps over Havock as he ducks. Wreck turns around, only to find a vicious clothesline from Havock. The contact between Wreck's head and the mat is loud, and the crowd let's out a simultaneous "OOO".

Zach Davis: Now do you believe me?

Davey Ortega: Nope.

Wreck is holding his head rolling around in the league. Havock grabs him by the hair and pulls him up. He delivers a European uppercut that knocks Wreck down. Havock grabs Wreck's left leg and puts it in a crab. Wreck begins to shout in pain. He is trying to move as fast as he can to get to the ropes, but Havock won't let him.

Zach Davis: A crab by Havock could be deadly! He's one of the better technicians in the WCF.

Davey Ortega: Yeah, once he gets you into a submission move it.. it.. well uh- it'll hurt you.

Zach Davis: That was weak.

Davey Ortega: (Under breath) Sorry.

Finally, Wreck makes it within inches of the ropes. He reaches with all he has, but is just a few inches away. The ref positions himself for a better view to see if he will tap out. While not looking, Havock grabs a hold of a top rope, and uses it as leverage. The crowd has a mixed reaction.

Zach Davis: Had this happened to anyone else, I would be furious. Now that, well that's sad.

Davey Ortega: If you ain't cheatin', you ain't tryin'.

Zach Davis: Touché.

The ref occasionally glances up, but Havock lets go. The ref begins to see the rope moving. After a sneaky move, the ref sees Havock holding the rope, and kicks his arm off of it. Wreck instantly clutches onto the rope with both hands, breathing heavily. Havock begins arguing with the ref and backing him into a turnbuckle. He shouts at him and you can see spit flying out of his mouth.

Zach Davis: Watch out ref.

Davey Ortega: I just realized that refs have very crappy jobs.

Zach Davis: Yes indeed.

Havock turns around, but quickly learns that Wreck has recovered. Wreck is already charging full speed at Havock, hitting him with a spear into the corner. Wreck springs up, and dropkicks him in the throat. He goes for the pin.

Zach Davis: Trademark move and description! It could be all she wrote!

Davey Ortega: I mean, every time there is a questionable call, they get yelled at, no matter what. Plus, they work just as hard as athletes, and get maybe a quarter of the money. Wassupwitdat?

The ref hurries for the pin.



NO!! Havock kicks out. He is holding his throat due to the dropkick. Wreck meanwhile is holding his head and pulling his hair in disbelief.

Zach Davis: I can't believe he kicked out!

Davey Ortega: Maybe he didn’t, and the ref really messed up.

Wreck stands back, and waits for Havock to get up. After a moment, the crowd and arena is pumped and Havock wobbly. Wreck kicks Havock in the mid section, and delivers an even flow DDT. Wreck bounces up, and points to the top rope. Havock is laid out cold a little bit before middle in the ring.

Zach Davis: Time to fly high!

The crowd is cheering for the two heels who are putting on an awesome display of athleticism. Wreck runs full speed and jumps to the top rope. He looks around the arena and raises his arm. He then signals for a belt around his waist. He jumps forward, ready to deliver an elbow drop. At the last possible moment, Havock rolls over and lets Wreck hit the floor. His elbow bounces over his head, and we can see Wreck instantly grimace at the pain.

Davey Ortega: Ouch!

Both men are down, and the ref begins a 10 count.



Zach Davis: What happens in the tourney if there is a double knock out? Who advances?

Davey Ortega: I'll decide that.

By now, the count is at 6. Both men have already started to get on their feet. The ref stops it. Wreck is still holding his elbow, and grimacing. Havock kicks him in the mid section, and sets up for his finisher with the Cranium Crusher (jumping DDT.)

Zach Davis: Not looking good for Wreck.

Davey Ortega: You can't like his chances, especially with this ref.

Havock goes to the top rope, and delivers his Havock-Headache. He goes for the pin.



Thre-NO! Wreck kicked out!

The crowd cheers. Havock gets up, pissed off. He starts stomping away at Wreck. He lifts him up by the hair, and kicks him in the stomach. He proceeds to set up for the Peer Pressure.

Zach Davis: Nothing will stop Havock in this match, or Wreck!

Davey Ortega: I'm telling you, it's the damned ref!

Havock delivers the Peer Pressure, and proceeds to pin.




Havock gets up, all sweaty. The ref hands him his TV title. He raises it, while the ref tries to raise his hand. Havock won't let him, instead dropping and rolling out of the ring. He proceeds to the back, while Wreck lay there with a disfigured looking elbow.

Zach Davis: Some teammate.

Davey Ortega: He's in the next round. Besides, he probably had to use the can.

World Title Contendership Tournament
Logan vs Genocide

"Bodies" by Drowning Pool hits the PA system. Out comes Genocide, looking fierce, walking angirly to the ring. A few feet behind him is his manager, "Dangerous" Darryl Black, shouting things at him to pump him up. He is wearing a red suit with a matching top hat. When Genocide enters the ring, he goes over the top rope, and paces around the ring waiting for the match to start. He hands the Hardcore Title to Black.

Davey Ortega: This is the kind of young talent I'm looking to push. He proved himself by winning the Hardcore Title and is obviously a friggin monster.

Zach Davis: Well I'm going to be excited to see how you react to calling this match with his opponent...

The lights dim in the arena, blue pyros shoot down the ramp, and a drum beat rolls into the PA speakers. Metallica's "The Struggle Within" blasts out into the speakers, Logan steps behind the black curtain which a cocky look on his face walking down to the ring. Seth Lerch and Rage follow behind him. On the way, Logan spits at the fans every now and then, telling them to shut up or whatnot. Once by the ring Logan climbs the steps, stepping into the ring through the middles ropes and climbing the turnbuckle to throw both arms into the air for a booing crowd. Logan hops off the turnbuckle pacing around the ring intill his music cuts. Seth comes and sits down at the announce booth.

Seth Lerch: Hey, Davey boy!

Davey Ortega: Hey, not the owner anymore boy!

Seth Lerch: I just figured I'd help you guys call my man's match. As my WCF managerial contract states, I have the right to be the announcer for any of his matches, whenever I want. I'm glad I wrote that baby up before I got.. well.. erm.. before I left.

Zach Davis: This will be interesting. In fact, the real interest is in the ring - these two unstoppable men.

Logan and Genocide look at each other. Neither man fears the other, but both are obviously cautious. They walk towards each other, and Logan quickly gets the first hit in, kicking him in the gut. He then hits several forearms to Genocide's head, and throws him to the ropes. Genocide comes back with a HUGE Clothesline, though, and Logan goes down!

Davey Ortega: Look at that power!

Logan is back up, but Genocide Clotheslines him again. Logan is up, Genocide grabs him by the throat.. no, Logan kicks him in the gut again and gets out of it. Logan hits several stiff kicks to Genocide's legs before hitting a Dropkick to his knees. Genocide goes down to the ground, and Logan kicks at his legs a few more times.

Seth Lerch: Logan grounding the big monster. Genius strategy.

Rage and Darryl Black are on opposite ends of the ring, both cheering for their men. Logan picks up Genocide's leg and slams it hard down onto the mat. He then grabs the leg again and locks in an Anklelock! Genocide is way powerful, however, and throws himself out of the ring through the bottom ropes. Logan is thrown out of the ring as well.

Davey Ortega: Rage and Black better watch it. If they interfere.. suspended!

Seth Lerch: You tyrant.

Genocide is to his feet, but his right leg, the one Logan focused on, is obviously bothering him. He picks Logan up and throws him hard into the guardrail. Logan yells out in pain.

Zach Davis: Logan probably wants to get back into the ring ASAP - this is where Genocide has an obvious advantage, being the Hardcore champion and all.

Genocide picks Logan up, and puts him up into the Torture Rack! The referee is just about to count them both out, but before he does Genocide SLAMS Logan into the ringpost. Hard. Logan's back hits it dead on. Genocide quickly rolls back into the ring, breaking the count.

Davey Ortega: That's smart wrestling.

Seth Lerch: It's borderline cheating in my book!

Zach Davis: I'd say it is both. But if anyone knows about borderline cheating, Seth, it'd be you.

Genocide picks Logan up and rolls him into the ring, sliding in after him. He pins him, hooking the leg.



No, Logan gets the shoulder up.

Davey Ortega: Almost had him.

Seth Lerch: Not even close.

Rage hops up onto the apron, and the ref turns to tell him to get down. Logan takes this opportunity to hit a blatant low blow on Genocide, sending him staggering backwards.

Zach Davis: I swear, you guys are obsessed with the crotch region.

Seth Lerch: What can I say? We do what we gotta do to get to the top.

Logan is up, clutching his back. He goes back to kicking Genocide's legs, and trips him down. He begins to put him into the Loganshooter!

Seth Lerch: Here it comes! He executes it better than Bret Hart himself.

Zach Davis: You bite your tongue.

However, Genocide kicks Logan off once Logan turns! Logan is sent into the ropes, bounces off, runs towards Genocide. Logan leapfrogs over Genocide, bounces off the other side, Genocide goes for a Big Boot!, but no!, Logan catches the leg and hits a Dragonscrew Legwhip! Logan doesn't let go, however, and locks in the Loganshooter this time!

Seth Lerch: He has it locked in! Genocide's gonna tap!

Davey Ortega: No way. This man will never, ever tap. Logan DOES have it applied well, I have to admit.

Genocide does not scream, nor show any sign of being in pain. He does, however, do his best to reach the ropes.. Logan has a look of confidence on his face.. Genocide reaches.. and with a sudden burst of power, he makes it! He grabs them! The ref forces Logan to let go!

Seth Lerch: NO!

Genocide stands up, favoring his right leg, still. Logan is up as well, and runs at Genocide, but Genocide catches him in a Powerslam! Genocide gets up, as fast as possible, and the fans are on their feet. He pulls Logan up and puts his head between his legs..

Zach Davis: He's going to hit his finisher! The Extermination!

Rage quickly jumps onto the apron, and in an impressive athletic feat, springboards over the ref, kicking his head, and then hitting a Flying Clothesline on Genocide.

Davey Ortega: Oh no he didn't.

Seth Lerch: The ref is out though and didn't see a thing! Logan isn't DQed and Rage is safe!

Rage quickly pulls Logan to his feet, and holds Genocide from behind.

Seth Lerch: Brothers working together, I love it. Family values, folks.

Logan hits the Impact Style! Rage quickly slides out of the ring, and the fans are booing like hell. Logan locks in the Sleeper... he hits The Connector. He pins, and Rage throws the disoriented ref towards them. The ref comes to, and counts.



Davey Ortega: STOP!!

The ref does not count three.

Seth Lerch: What the hell!?!

Davey Ortega has gotten a mic and is standing up at the announce position.

Davey Ortega: This is MY WCF now, Logan. ToT. Your tricks don't work like that anymore. Logan... YOU ARE DISQUALIFIED!!

The crowd ROARS, and Logan is livid! He demands a mic, and is quickly given one. The ref slides out of there.

Logan: SHUT UP! I'm Logan, damnit! You can't disqualify me! I deserve my rematch!

Davey Ortega: You had your chance, and that Rage buddy of yours ruined it. In fact? Rage? You're suspended until after the PPV!

More cheering, and Logan is still angry as all hell. Seth is too, and has left the announce booth in disgust.

Logan: You son of a bitch. I'll get you, Davey Ortega, mark my words. You dirty son of a bitch.

Logan rolls out of the ring, and he, Lerch, and Rage head up the ramp angrily.

Davey Ortega: Your winner, and advancement in the World Title Contendership tournament.. GENOCIDE!!

Zach Davis: Well... there we have it!

Davey sits back down.

Davey Ortega: Well, that match went well, don't you think?

Zach Davis: I'd say so.

Davey Ortega: And now.. now we get to hear from The Champ.

Reckless Jack Segment

The lights go out as we hear the opening sounds of "Personal Jesus." Once we hear "Reach out and touch faith" the lights are on just a tad bit as we can see the silhouette of Reckless Jack. The fans are mixed as he stops on the stage. The lights are flashing now as well. He slowly walks down to the ring, taking his time. He hops up onto the ring apron as the lights come back on. Reckless Jack smiles as he gets in the ring. He hops up on a turnbuckle and talks trash to a fan or two. Once he is down, he gets in the middle of the ring to raise his arm in the air. Jack then asks for a mic. He has the WCF title on his shoulder.

Zach Davis: Here is the man who defied all odds at Till Death Do Us Part last Sunday. He beat Creeping Death and Logan in a triple threat match which unified the KWA, XCW and WCF titles into one.

Davey Ortega: Just like I shocked the world and won this company from that loser Seth Lerch.

Reckless Jack has to wait for the fans to actually stop cheering him. Once they do, he puts the mic to his face.

Reckless Jack: Here we are, on the new Slam, run by Mr. Ortega. What he did was huge, but not as huge as what I was able to do. I beat two of the very best in the world last Sunday in a match were I was given no chance to win. I was told all week how Reckless Jack wasn’t good enough. How I wasn’t World title material. I think I showed those people what I can do in that big match situation. I showed that I can win a big match. This title on my shoulder proves that nicely, wouldn’t you say?

The fans cheer a bit.

Zach Davis: Reckless Jack seems to be giving the fans some respect.

Davey Ortega: Yeah he is. But you know Zach, in my WCF, he is a good champion. Much better then the loser bunch Seth Lerch had.

Reckless Jack continues on the mic.

Reckless Jack: Now that I have that out of the way, I have one more thing to say. WCF... can... kiss... my... ass!

The fans boo immediately.

Zach Davis: What the hell?!?

Davey Ortega: How dare he say that about my company!

Reckless Jack: WCF is nothing to me anymore. Let me tell you something, Reckless Jack doesn’t consider himself a WCF wrestler anymore, oh no. Reckless Jack is a nothing more then a NWA wrestler. Here is the great thing; I have the WCF World Title. You morons ought to be bowing at my feet. Just think if I get pissed off, I can leave with this piece of shit title and go to NWA. When I am there, I can throw this in the garbage can were it belongs. Now hit my music.

“Personal Jesus” hits again as Reckless Jack leaves the ring. The fans are booing as we go to Zach and Davey.

Zach Davis: This is just crazy, Reckless Jack has the WCF World title as a hostage. What do you think of this Mr. Ortega?

Davey Ortega: This is just...

The copyright info appears, and we fade to black.