Sunday Slam Intro
Alex Daniels vs Brad Kane
Corey Black vs Thunder
Lawnmower Jones vs Chad Evans
Outcast vs Torture
Final Segment

Sunday Slam Intro

Pyro explodes, fans shout and scream and hold up their signs...

WCF is back.


As always, we go to our announcers, Zach Davis and Shannan Lerch.

Zach Davis: Here we are again! How was your break from WCF, Shannan?

Shannan Lerch: Great. I collected unemployment until WCF reopened, which actually took longer than I thought. Those few WCF Classic paychecks helped!

Zach Davis: Same here. Anyway, tonight we begin an eight man tournament for the WCF World Heavyweight Title. Eight men will compete to earn the Title formerly held by Creeping Death.

Shannan Lerch: He's Corey Black, now.

Zach Davis: Oops. I keep forgetting.

Shannan Lerch: From what I understand, one way or the other, Seth Lerch is in possession of the aforementioned World Title. As we saw earlier, Black went to see Seth and had some unkind words to say about him and, apparently, WCF.

Zach Davis: Things around here are kinda crazy sometimes, I don't blame him.

Shannan Lerch: Regardless, tonight we have Alex Daniels vs Brad Kane, Corey Black vs Thunder, Lawnmower Jones vs Chad Evans, and Torture vs Outcast as our main event.

Zach Davis: Enough talk, lets get to the matches!

Alex Daniels vs Brad Kane

The match is a two minute squash. Brad Kane doesn't have to put forth very much effort to defeat poor Alex Daniels. He uses the MLK Clutch to put Daniels away.

Zach Davis: And there you have it! Brad Kane with a victory. He didn't even have to try.

Shannan Lerch: Next week, he'll face either Corey Black or Thunder, who I have a feeling, won't be as easy.

Zach Davis: Let's get to that match!

Corey Black vs Thunder

The match starts off back and forth. Corey Black and Thunder are familiar with one another, having fought battles both in and out of WCF with one another. But eventually...

Zach Davis: Creeping Death is getting up but.. OH!

Thunder hits a Shining Wizard out of nowhere! Black's eyes seem to roll up into his head as he goes down, and he looks out. Thunder makes the pin.



No, Black kicks out.

Thunder now has the advantage. He puts Creeping Death into a Texas Cloverleaf, but Black eventually reaches the ropes and slides out. Thunder tries a high risk move, but Corey moves out of the way and Thunder crashes and burns. On the outside, Corey Black gets the advantage, and...

Shannan Lerch: He's lifting Thunder up and.. OH!

Zach Davis: Corey Black with a Brainbuster on the outside!

CD rolls Thunder back into the ring and quickly pins, hooking the leg...

Shannan Lerch: NO! Thunder kicks out! How'd he do it?

Creeping Death picks Thunder up, and the match is back and forth until the end...

Zach Davis: Thunder is down, Corey Black grabs him...

Shannan Lerch: Its the For Whom The Bell Tolls!

Creeping Death pins.




Zach Davis: Creeping Death advances!

Shannan Lerch: That's Corey Black, Zach.

Zach Davis: Corey Black advances!

Shannan Lerch: And he'll face Brad Kane next week.

Lawnmower Jones vs Chad Evans

Zach Davis: Shannan, I hope that I'm not being too forward and correct me if my memory is faltering, but you look much more like Shelly Martinez than the last time we were on the air.

Shannan Lerch: You're absolutely right and I thank you for noticing, Zach. While we're handing out compliments I must say that your breath smells far less foul than during previous broadcasts.

The lights in the WCF Arena go dim. The sound of a harsh wind blowing can be heard over the PA System. The Slamatron video screen in the arena shows the image of a large, leafless branch of a tree twisting in the wind. The image slowly zooms out and we see a giant fire spreading through the land near the tree, the tree itself is soon overcome as the strong wind gusts blow the flames further out of control.

The image zooms out further and we see the remains of what appears to have been a once thriving village now in a large pile of rubble on the ground, the sound of fire raging and debris crackling melds to form a cacophony along with the howling of the wind. The video screen switches to an overhead shot of the barren, desolate wasteland being consumed by flame, and the words "Tenuous", "Impetuous" and "Subservient" flash on the screen in bold red type.

After a few moments the scene of the fiery wasteland fades into an image of the sun shining brightly in a clear blue sky. The camera zooms out and we see the image of a dragon flying toward the sun. The words "Embolden", "Enlighten" and "Illuminate" appear on the screen in dark blue type.

Suddenly the video screen goes black while a yellow strobe light fills the arena, the opening strains of "Illumination" by Rollins Band can be heard over the PA System. After a few moments Chad Evans appears at the entrance way draped in his orange robe. Evans stands motionless at the top of the entrance ramp. When the song picks up and the chorus hits, flames rise up from the floor, forming a circle around Evans. After the chorus ends, followed by a sweet guitar solo, the song gets quieter and the flames disappear.

Evans walks slowly down to ringside, expressionless, ignoring the fans, with his eyes locked on the ring. When he reaches the ring, Evans leaps onto the apron and flips forward over the top rope. In one swift motion Evans disrobes and hands the robe to a ringside attendant. Evans jumps up and down and does some quick stretches to warm up, then stands patiently in his corner with a focused expression on his face.

Zach Davis: Chad Evans is an impressive looking prospect from Bobby Cairo's Ultra Nova Dojo in Brooklyn. Cairo himself would have likely been one of the competitors in this tournament to crown a new WCF World Champion, but of course Cairo's sad and unfortunate disappearance has left a hole in this tournament field that Cairo's most prized pupil is hoping to fill.

Shannan Lerch: It's interesting to note that Evans is one of two newcomers making his WCF debut in this tournament, along with "Kid Thunder" Alex Daniels. One might think that WCF management would have higher standards for booking competitors into a tournament for our World Title, but I like to think that we as a company are empowering the next generation of WCF superstars in these uncertain economic times. We're investing in the future, no bailouts required!

The sound of a lawnmower engine revving is heard over the PA system. As the engine keeps revving, Scottish bagpipes are heard, and Lawnmower Jones appears on the entrance ramp. Jones has a nasty snarl on his face and doesn't attempt to appease the crowd, instead walking straight to the ring.

Zach Davis: Lawnmower Jones is looking focused and ready to compete tonight. He knows better than anyone that this tournament is a golden opportunity for him to break through and win his first World Title. I'm sure that Jones also relishes the opportunity to spoil the WCF debut of Chad Evans, a disciple of Lawnmower Jones' arch nemesis Bobby Cairo.

Shannan Lerch: I'm sure that Jones is one of the few people who aren’t too concerned about Bobby Cairo's whereabouts. In fact I'm sure that Jones will crack open a cold tall pint of Guinness if the authorities do discover Cairo's bloated, rotting corpse. Although that might cause a problem since Jones is looking to come back strong after a recent stint in rehab, reportedly voluntary. It seems that things have never been quite the same for Jones since the death of his beloved Lonnie at the hands of Cairo. I almost have to respect a man for being that dedicated to a woman... or at least I would if my heart wasn't so black as the night.

Zach Davis: There are so many outside factors that are surrounding this match, Shannan, it's almost like a perfect storm. You just have to wonder how Evans will respond in his debut with all the pressure that he's facing, and what about Jones' mental state going into tonight's match? A lot of important questions are about to be answered.

Jones and Evans stand across from each other in opposing corners of the ring, their eyes locked in a staredown. The bell rings to signal the start of the match and both men jump to attention. Jones stalks Evans and Evans dances around, using some fancy footwork to evade his veteran opponent. Evans seems hesitant to engage Jones at first, but then Evans comes out swinging for the fences with a head kick. Jones ducks the kick and catches Evans' foot, then Jones sweeps Evans' free leg while still holding onto his foot. Jones drops a quick pair of elbows to Evans' knee. Evans rolls away to evade further damage and gets back to his feet. Jones keeps up his pressure with some nice rights and lefts to the head and body, lighting up his younger foe with quick hands. Evans covers up in the corner to weather the onslaught the best he can.

Zach Davis: Jones is opening up early on Evans and that's not a good sign for the rookie.

Shannan Lerch: Jones is the much more experienced wrestler, he just needs to keep pressing Evans. Don't get fancy; make Evans prove that he can hang with you.

Jones backs Evans into the corner against the turnbuckles and lays into Evans with repeated knees to the body. Evans slumps to the ground after a few stiff knees. Jones stomps his fallen opponent and then Jones scoops Evans up and plants him in the middle of the ring with a powerslam. Jones stomps Evans and then sends him into the ropes or at least tries to but Evans blocks it and counters with a judo throw that sends Jones to the mat, stunning Jones. Evans quickly follows with a double foot stomp to his grounded opponent. Evans tries to pounce on Jones but Jones backs Evans up with an upkick. Evans though is persistent and he hits Jones with a seated dropkick.

Zach Davis: A good offensive flurry for Evans as he's now asserting himself in this match.

Shannan Lerch: It looks like there's no opening night jitters for Evans.

Evans goes for a kneebar but Jones uses his free leg to kick Evans in the face, stunning Evans. Jones gets to his feet. Jones lands a pair of nasty headbutts to Evans' face. Evans is dazed and Jones whips him hard to the corner. Jones charges Evans and connects with a big splash in the corner. Jones hits Evans with a pair of back elbows to the face then wraps Evans up and hits a belly to belly suplex. Jones makes the cover and gets a two count.

Zach Davis: Near fall for Jones, Evans shows some toughness by kicking out of that.

Shannan Lerch: Toughness is one thing that you need against Jones. He will take the fight to you all the way.

Jones punishes Evans with grounded knees and elbows. Jones pulls Evans up and sends him into the ropes. Evans rolls forward under a Jones clothesline attempt and shoots off the ropes. Jones charges Evans and connects with a devastating running lariat that sends Evans reeling. Evans is overwhelmed and rolls out to the floor to recover. Jones follows Evans outside. Evans tries to defend himself but the fresher Jones connects with a pair of straight right hands. Jones grabs hold of Evans and sends him crashing into the guardrail. Evans is doubled over in pain. Jones measures Evans and drills him with a running kneelift. Jones sets Evans up and hits a Russian legsweep onto the guardrail. Jones sends Evans back into the ring and rolls in behind him. Jones makes the cover and gets a two count.

Zach Davis: Jones punishing Evans on the outside and then getting a near fall. Evans definitely wants to keep this match in the ring.

Shannan Lerch: Absolutely. Jones is one of the best brawlers in WCF history and a former Hardcore Champion.

Jones works Evans over with grounded punches before pulling Evans back to his feet. Jones plants Evans on the mat with a DDT. Jones climbs the ropes while Evans slowly climbs to his feet. Jones hits Evans with a flying double axe handle, knocking Evans to the mat. Jones pulls Evans up and lands a stiff kick to Evans' body, causing Evans to double over in pain. Jones measures Evans and hits a swinging neckbreaker. Jones makes the cover and Evans kicks out after two.

Zach Davis: Jones is really taking it to Evans, this match is looking like a mismatch right now.

Shannan Lerch: We have to question if this match against a much more experienced opponent was too much too soon for Evans.

Jones sends Evans into the ropes, Evans ducks a clothesline, shoots off the ropes and hits a flying knee that sends Jones reeling. Both men are down on the mat. Evans is up first, followed by Jones. Evans uses a push kick to send Jones to the corner. Evans measures Jones and then unleashes the devastating thousand hand slap, throttling Jones about the face and body.

Zach Davis: Thousand hand slap straight from the Orient! A spectacular display of precision striking from Evans!

Shannan Lerch: Evans is finally showing some signs of life, he's stunning Lawnmower Jones with those slaps!

After Evans completes his onslaught Jones slumps to the mat in the corner. Evans punishes Jones with a facewash. Evans pulls Jones up and quickly smothers him in a Muy Thai clinch. Evans lays into Jones with a barrage of knees to the body and face as Jones struggles to escape the clinch. Evans continues to punish Jones with knees before releasing the clinch. Jones drops to the mat in a heap. Evans forgoes making a cover and instead climbs to the top rope.

Zach Davis: Evans going up top now. Evans goes for a Muta-style Moonsault but nobody's home! Jones rolls out of the way and now he's back on his feet!

Shannan Lerch: Was that a case of over aggressiveness or inexperience by Evans? Either way Jones has an opening to go on the offensive in this match.

Jones picks Evans up from the mat and then plants Evans with a rolling Fireman's carry slam. Jones works Evans over with some grounded knees to the head and body. Jones pulls Evans up and drops him with a German suplex into a bridging pin. Evans kicks out just before the three. Jones sets Evans up for a powerbomb, Jones lifts Evans up but Evans manages to wiggle free from Jones' grip. Evans lands on his feet behind Jones. Jones turns around and Evans stuns Jones with a flurry of lighting quick open palm thrusts.

Zach Davis: More impressive hand speed and striking from Evans, that's been his bread and butter in this match!

Shannan Lerch: Evans' form looks good but I'm not sure how much damage those shots are doing. Jones has taken a lot of punches in his day.

Jones absorbs the blows and then he takes a wild swing at Evans. Evans ducks and shoots for a double leg takedown. Evans does get Jones down and then Evans mounts Jones. Evans unleashes a barrage of hammer fists and elbows. Jones looks pissed more than hurt and he shoves Evans off of him. Evans measures Jones and connects with a vicious soccer kick to the head. Evans measures Jones again and unloads another soccer kick to Jones' head. Those kicks clearly did hurt Jones. Evans makes the cover and Jones kicks out after two.

Zach Davis: Those were some brutal kicks following a flurry of fists and elbows, but Jones kicks out. An ordinary man would not be conscious right now.

Shannan Lerch: Jones is the toughest groundskeeper in all of Glasgow, and that's saying something!

Evans pulls Jones to his feet, lands a stiff forearm shiver to the face, and then sends Jones into the ropes. Jones shoots off the ropes and Evans nails Jones with a roundhouse kick to the head. Evans pounces on Jones and works Jones over with hammer fists to the face. Jones covers up with his hands to defend himself. Evans grabs Jones' arm and locks him in an armbar. Evans cranks back on Jones' arm but Jones is close enough to reach the ropes with his free arm. Evans keeps the armbar locked in despite the referee's instructions to release the hold. Evans finally releases the armbar after being threatened with disqualification by the ref.

Zach Davis: What the hell is that all about? Is Evans unfamiliar with the rules or is he intentionally cheating? Either way there's no excuse for blatantly ignoring the referee's commands, he could have seriously injured Jones.

Shannan Lerch: I'm sure that Evans is still becoming acquainted with the finer points of the WCF rulebook. After all there's no way that any student of Bobby Cairo could ever be a cheater.

Evans scoops Jones up and drops him with a belly to back suplex. Evans pulls Jones to his knees and measures him. A vicious head kick by Evans sends Jones to the mat. Evans covers and gets a two count. Evans sends Jones to the ropes and connects with a Superman punch that drops Jones. Evans shoots off the ropes and lands a knee drop to Jones' body. Evans makes another cover and gets another two count. Evans pulls Jones up and then tosses Jones through the ropes, outside to the floor.

Zach Davis: Evans is taking this fight to the outside, I'm not sure if that's such a good idea.

Shannan Lerch: It looks like Evans has something up his sleeve, Zach.

Evans waits for Jones to stand up outside the ring, then Evans shoots off the ring ropes and hits Jones with a baseball slide down on the floor. Evans picks Jones up and slams him throat first across the guardrail. Evans stomps away at Jones. Evans tries to whip Jones into the ringpost, but Jones reverses it and Evans hits the post hard, injuring his shoulder.

Zach Davis: Evans could be hurt badly, his shoulder hit the ring post hard.

Shannan Lerch: Those ring posts don't have much give either. They're like a long, hard...

Evans slides into the ring, in obvious pain, and Jones follows. Jones pursues Evans while Evans evades Jones. Jones charges Evans with a big boot, but Evans catches Jones' foot and counters with a dragon screw leg whip. Evans holds onto Jones' leg and locks Jones in a kneebar. Jones alertly counters by shrugging Evans off with a slingshot into the turnbuckles, Evans hits face first in the corner. Jones spins Evans around and plants him with a DDT. Jones makes the cover and gets a two and a half count.

Zach Davis: A near fall for Jones, but Evans just gets his shoulder up in time.

Shannan Lerch: Good back and forth action, but Jones is in command at this point.

Jones stomps Evans on the mat before pulling Evans up and whipping him to the corner. Jones props Evans against the ropes and lays into him with a series of European uppercuts.

Zach Davis: Those are some stiff European uppercuts that Jones is administering to Cairo!

Shannan Lerch: Hey Zach, what's the difference between a European uppercut and an American uppercut?

Zach Davis: With the European uppercut you're striking with the forearm instead of the fist.

Shannan Lerch: Oh really? I thought maybe it was called a European uppercut because it enjoys taking group showers with other dudes.

Jones punctuates his onslaught with a big knee to the body that rocks Evans. Jones whips Evans into the far corner. Jones charges in for a corner splash, but Evans leapfrogs over Jones. Jones stops short of the turnbuckles, turns around and walks right into a superkick from Evans. Jones is staggered and he backs into the corner. Evans unloads on Jones with some stiff kicks to the body. Evans sets Jones up for what appears to be a vertical suplex and then crotches Jones onto the top turnbuckle. Evans climbs onto the top rope in front of Jones and sets Jones up for a superplex.

Zach Davis: Evans is pulling out all the stops in his WCF debut, looking for that big home run shot to end this match, but these are uncharted waters for him.

Shannan Lerch: You gotta aim for the fences if you want to win in the big leagues. Evans is laying it all on the line, you have to admire that.

Jones blocks Evans' superplex attempt and the two men appear locked in a stalemate until Jones shoves Evans to the mat. Jones tries to climb down from the ropes, but Evans quickly bounces back to his feet and once again climbs onto the ropes in front of Jones. Jones lands a big right hand that knocks Evans down to the mat again. This time Jones launches himself from the top rope looking for a big splash, but Evans rolls out of the way.

Zach Davis: That was an uncharacteristic high risk attempt from Jones that did not pay off and both men are down on the mat!

Shannan Lerch: Jones sensed that there was blood in the water and he went for the kill. Can't fault him for that, though the execution could have been better.

Both men are slowly to their feet. Jones tries for a running lariat, but Evans ducks. Evans goes for a roundhouse kick, but Jones ducks. Jones catches Evans with an errant knee to the body and sets him up for the Fertilizer. Evans blocks it and reverses... Evans hits Jones with a Dragon suplex. Evans gets his hooks in and locks Jones in the Dragon sleeper. Jones holds on for as long as he can and struggles to escape, but the pain is too much and Jones slips into unconsciousness, refusing to tap. The ref signals for the bell.

Zach Davis: It's over! Chad Evans has defeated Lawnmower Jones by technical submission to advance to the second round of the WCF World Title Tournament!

Shannan Lerch: A tremendous debut for Evans. He was tested early and often by the veteran Scotsman, but tonight Evans proved that he belongs in the WCF. Give credit to Jones for hanging in there and refusing to tap, but a new star has been born and he's a chip off the old block.

The referee raises Evans' hand in victory after the match while Evans' music fills the arena. Evans mouths the words "I miss you" to the camera and drops to his knee in silent prayer, dedicating the victory to his mentor and praying for his safe return.

Outcast vs Torture

"Reach and touch faith" screams over the speakers as Marilyn Mansons' "Personal Jesus" plays. Outcast walks out of the backstage onto the ramps as Jeff Hardy style explosions goes off.

Your own, personal Jesus
Someone to hear your prayers
Someone who's there

Outcast walks down the ramp to a mixed reaction, mostly boos now. He stops half way down the ramp and raises his right arm slowly up the the hair with his hand open, then slowly closes it to make a fist. He continues to walk down the ramp. He walks to some ring side fans and points to his NCW shirt. He trades words with the fans then gives them the finger and turns around to walk up the stairs leading to the ring. He slowly gets into the ring and walks to the middle. He looks around the arena slowly, then walks to his respective corner and sits on the top turnbuckle.

Zach Davis: Outcast, like always, pissing off the fans.

Shannan Lerch: I don't know though. I did hear some cheers.

Zach Davis: Well, whenever you have two heels in the same match, the crowd will end up cheering for somebody.

Jamais Vu by Dredg hits the airwaves! Torture steps to the stage, and the crowd boos with hatred and intensity. He walks down towards the ring, and the stage displays a large firework display! Torture doesn't acknowledge the crowd one bit. Never looking away from Outcast, Torture slides into the ring. He looks over at the ref, and back at Outcast.

Shannan Lerch: A man of few words as of late..

Zach Davis: I have never seen Torture like this. I can only say, there is something new that is driving him.

Shannan Lerch: He found a whole new competitive spirit. That's for sure.

The ref rings the bell, and the main event is underway.

Zach Davis: The main event is underway!

Shannan Lerch: ...

Torture and Outcast tie up dead center of the ring. Torture takes the advantage pushing Outcast into the corner. The ref breaks it up, and Outcast takes a wild swing. Torture ducks. Outcast misses, and Torture wipes his brow. Outcast slowly walks out of the corner before tying up once more. Outcast takes the advantage, but Torture quickly turns it around on Outcast and shoves him into the corner once more. The ref breaks it, and Outcast goes for a wild punch, but as Torture ducks it, the Tort replies back with a slap to Outcasts face!

Zach Davis: OH WOW!

The slap is heard around the world, and Torture points to Outcast.

Torture: BRING IT..

Shannan Lerch: Fighting words from Torture..

Outcast walks out of the corner, and Torture hits a hip toss. Outcast now on his back gets a huge leg drop to the throat from The Tort. Torture gets up and lifts Outcast up and throws him chest first into the turnbuckles. Outcast reels backwards and a german suplex is nailed right in the center of the ring. The Tort stands up and grabs the top rope and looks out at the crowd. They boo.

Torture turns around, and Outcast gets a few punches to the mid-section before standing up and getting a clean kick to the stomach. Torture bends down, and Outcast gets a good right hand against the side of his head. Torture reels back into the corner, and Outcast follows up with a few more punches and then throws Torture right over the top rope. The Tort falls to the mats below. The crowd begins to cheer for Outcast.

Zach Davis: I'm a bit surprised.

Shannan Lerch: Well, they hate Torture.

Torture uses the guardrail to get to his feet, and heel kicks Outcast right into the groin. A warning would be issued for torture, but it happened to be when the ref was exiting the ring, as he did not see it.

Torture turns around and grabs Outcast before throwing him into the guardrail for good measure. Picking up Outcast, again, Torture throws him into the ring post. The ref is pleading to Torture to put the match back inside the ring. Torture picks up Outcast and slides him back into the ring. Tort turns to pick up a chair. The ref grabs the chair. The Tort turns with a look of disgust towards the ref. Tort drops the chair and notices Outcast getting up. Torture rips the chair out of the refs hand and tosses it inside the ring.

Tort slides in along with the ref. Outcast gets up and ducks an oncoming clothesline from torture. He bounces off the ropes and hits a clothesline of his own sending tort to his back. Outcast picks up the chair, but the ref stops him as well. Outcast argues with the ref. Torture now kneeling back to his feet. The ref still has a hold on the chair. Outcast pleading his case to use it. Torture gets up and begins yelling at the ref.

Zach Davis: Well, they both want to use the chair, it seems.

Shannan Lerch: This may be the only time we may see two wrestlers fighting in the same match against each other, agreeing on something.

Zach Davis: 2008 has been one crazy year..

Torture and Outcast both look at each other. Then the ref. The ref's eyes get big as Tortures right hand, and Outcasts left hand both meet the face of the senior referee. The crowd goes crazy, as Torture and Outcast both lock a few punches of their own against each other. The ref rolls to the outside of the ring as he holds his face.

Outcast gets the advantage and has Torture up against the ropes. Outcast throws Tort to the other side of the ring, on the return, Outcast misses a clothesline and now he bounces off the ropes. Torture stops still and leaps over Outcast on the rebound. Outcast hits the ropes again, but this time when Torture lands from the leap, he bends down and picks up the chair and throws it behind him as hard as he can all in one quick motion. The chair shot smacks the head of Outcast just as he hit the ropes!

Zach Davis: Ohhh!

Torture bends to one knee to get his bearings back, while Outcast just lays out flat on the mat. Torture stands up and picks up Outcast and hits a power bomb. The Tort goes to the top rope and calls for it. The crowd boo's. Torture hits Ice Cold; his version of a frog splash. The Tort notices no ref, as he's still crying on the ground below. Torture picks up Outcast and throws him to the outside of the ring.

Shannan Lerch: I do believe, we're going to need another ref out here!

Zach Davis: Since when did WCF start listening to you?

Torture looks under the ring and notices a table. He slides it out. The crowd is boo'ing. Some are trying to reach out and slap him a few. Torture shrugs them off and sets up the table. He picks up Outcast and rolls him onto the apron. Torture puts Outcast between his legs and points to the table. Torture flips up 'Cast like a powerbomb, but holds him there in position. Torture then quickly lifts up Outcast and slams him through the table from the apron, face first! The crowd boos' once again.

Zach Davis: We've seen this before. Torture is strictly dominating Outcast right now.

Shannan Lerch: Right on cue.

A ref runs out from the curtain and down the ramp. The ref slides inside the ring. Torture leaps down to the mats below and picks up Outcast and rolls him into the ring. The one and only follows suit.

Shannan Lerch: I don't think this match is going to last much longer.

Zach Davis: You may be right about something..

Torture grabs Outcast from behind and locks in his finisher. It's fuckin' time. Torture nails the device and puts Outcast out of his misery. Torture covers him with one arm. The ref counts it out.

Ding Ding Ding.

Zach Davis: It's over! Torture is the winner.

Shannan Lerch: What is he doing now?

Torture grabs the ref and throws him out of the ring. He then bends down and grabs the chair. He looks at Outcast who is now using the corner turnbuckles to get to his feet. The crowd is boo'ing hardcore. Torture pulls the trigger. The chair swings at Outcasts head in full force. The chair connects with Outcasts head, as blood spits out from the cut Torture just laid on Outcasts forehead.

Zach Davis: Oh god.

Shannan Lerch: It's like he wants to destroy him.

Torture drops the chair as his music is played out over the loud system. The crowd is chanting "TOR-TURE SUX! TOR-TURE SUX". Torture has a deep stare into Outcast, and the crowd. He rolls out of the ring.. he looks to the left of him deep into the crowd as he walks slowly up the ramp. He then turns a 180 degrees and is now walking backwards up the ramp to the back. Torture then turns back around and walks behind the curtain.

Final Segment

And of course, Master of Puppets hits.

Zach Davis: Oh lord. Here we go.

The infamous Seth Lerch, owner of WCF, steps out from the back. He's a little older than last time we've seen him, but otherwise looks about the same. He walks to the ring, neutral, slapping some hands but mostly looking to be all business.

Shannan Lerch: Let's see what he has to say.

Seth Lerch: I honest to God thought that the WCF Classic was the last the world had seen of WCF. As you all know, I couldn't even see that through. It was thanks to Steve Carr, among others, that the WCF Classic concluded, with Creeping Death as the winner. It wasn't even broadcast, but I'm sure most of you downloaded it or got it bootleg. But now we're back, we have a TV deal... we're gold.

The crowd cheers. They're WCF fans, of course, why else would they pay for a ticket?, so of course they cheer.

Seth Lerch: So you may be wondering why I'm out here. You may think, "Gee, I bet this has to do with Logan, I bet he's going to attack or do something since I saw him on the roster but not the card!" but no. I sadly admit that Logan is now officially off the active roster. Well, okay, I'm not TOO sad to admit it seeing as I hate the guy, but he's not here this time around. Too bad.

The crowd cheers; they hate Logan too.

Seth Lerch: So no, it has nothing to do with him. I just want to congratulate the men that made it through the first round of the tournament, and really, the first WCF show back wouldn't be the same without me. I've been doing this since 2000 and I have no need to get too involved so I won't be heeling it up tonight. Good luck to the four that survived, and we'll all be watching you next week. The finals of the tournament will take place January 25th at our first PPV, so the winners will have plenty of time to learn to hate each other. And-

The lights suddenly go out and people start freaking out. The speakers come to life as "Change" by Deftones starts playing. The crowd goes wild as they recognize the entrance song of a fan favorite.

Shannan Lerch: You have GOT to be kidding me!!

Zach Davis: I never thought we'd see him here again?!

The curtains part and out walks former WCF champion and legendary wrestler, Gravedigger. His manager Jayson Stasiak and girlfriend Jessie aren't far behind as he stands atop the ramp soaking in the cheers and adulation that he hasn't experienced in years.

After a couple of minutes, Gravedigger walks down the ramp, his entourage in tow. Seth Lerch is in total shock as Gravedigger walks up the ring steps and leans in through the ropes. He holds them down for Jayson and Jessie as they follow him in. Gravedigger walks to each corner and throws his arms up once he's scaled the turnbuckles. Cameras are flashing all over the arena as they are also in disbelief that the Epitome of Hardcore is in the ring in front of them.

After finally scaling each turnbuckle, Gravedigger gestures for a mic and takes it from the timekeeper. The music slowly fades and the lights come back up as Gravedigger turns to Seth.

Seth Lerch: Digger what the hell is going on here? Who the hell do you think you are barging in here like you own the place?

Gravedigger: Seth, do you not realize how many times you've said that to your wrestlers over the years? Does that not get old getting totally disrespected like that nearly every time you come out here to speak?

Seth Lerch: As a matter of fa---

Gravedigger: Shut the hell up you scum-sucking leech!

The crowd goes crazy and Seth is infuriated.

Gravedigger: You ask me who the hell do I think I am? I ask you who the hell do you think you are bringing this show back without me. You have this world title tournament going on and I don't get a single phone call.

Seth Lerch: That's because you've retired more times than Ric Flair! You keep on retiring.

Gravedigger: Maybe that's because you keep employing these has-beens. Who haven't I beaten on the roster? I've held half the titles in this federation and didn't hold the rest because I didn't feel like it. I see a few new faces on the payroll now along with some old buddies of mine. Let's see who you've got back there now...Prince Jimmy Dean, Chad Evans, Lawnmower Jones, Brad Kane, Alex Daniels, Torture, Outcast, Thunder, and Creeping Death.

You know what, saying your names...I hope it got all of you listening. No matter if you're wrestling tonight or you're joining us down the road, things are going to change in the WCF tonight. Lerch, you screwed up and you're going to fix the situation RIGHT NOW!

Seth Lerch: Fine, you can wrestle next week!

Gravedigger shakes his head back and forth, grinning.

Gravedigger: No, no no, Seth. You're going to put me in the main event along with the two finalists of this world title tournament you have going on. It's going to be a triple threat match at the PPV.

Seth Lerch: NO! I am the owner of this company, you do not tell me what to do! You can have a shot at any wrestler on the roster, hell if he's in the main event for the title, you can have a shot at him! I'll even let you decide on the night OF the PPV! People are expecting that this tournament would get messed up, I don't want this to happen!

Gravedigger scratches his chin, giving it some thought.

Gravedigger: So basically what you're saying is I'd be given the choice of who wins the title by picking the person I want to lose and wearing them down in our match earlier in the night?

Seth Lerch: Correct!

Gravedigger walks over to Seth and holds his hand out.

Gravedigger: I accept!

Gravedigger and Seth Lerch shake hands and the crowd boos at Seth Lerch for not giving Gravedigger what he wants. "Change" by Deftones starts playing on the speakers as Gravedigger walks away. Right as he's going to get out of the ring, he stops and turns around. He signals for the music to cut as Seth turns away. Gravedigger lifts the mic and speaks again.

Gravedigger: Actually, I take that back. I'm declining your offer.

Seth turns around quickly.

Gravedigger: And here's why, Seth.

The crowd parts at three corners near the guardrail and three men jump the railing. The crowd goes crazy at seeing who they are.

Zach Davis: OH WOW!!! It's Gravedigger's brother Chester, his bodyguard Mike D, and his friend Dobbie!

Chester, Mike D, and Dobbie slide into the ring and the three men help Gravedigger surround Seth Lerch. Seth Lerch makes a signal towards the back. Almost instantly, security starts coming down the ramp. Gravedigger looks at Mike D who quickly slides out of the ring. The muscular monster starts putting the secruity guards down with tackles and martial arts kicks. Dobbie slides out and helps Mike D and within a minute, the entire force is laid out along the length of the ramp. The two men wait on the ramp in case there's more. Chester slides out of the ring and starts rummaging underneath the ring.

Seth Lerch: Now wait a minute, Digger. Wait a minute here. Let's work something out. I'll give you whatever you want.

Gravedigger: Give me a spot in the main event at the PPV for the world title.

Seth Lerch: Anything but that!

Chester slides back in with a kendo stick. He drills Seth in the back of the head who staggers into Gravedigger. Gravedigger kicks him in the gut, slings him over his shoulder and drops down hitting Seth Lerch with a Death Driver. The crowd goes ballistic as the owner of WCF is laid out in the middle of the ring. Gravedigger lifts the mic again.

Gravedigger: We're not done yet!

Gravedigger says something to Chester who slides out of the ring and brings out a table from under the ring. Chester slides it back in and Gravedigger and Jayson set it up. Mike D climbs back into the ring and Gravedigger gestures to Seth Lerch and tells Mike D something. Mike D walks over and picks up the limp as a rag-doll owner of WCF as Gravedigger scales the turnbuckle. Mike D picks Seth Lerch up in a powerbomb and as he throws Seth down through the table, Gravedigger hits the Death From Above frog splash. Jayson grabs the mic.

Jayson: And we're STILL not done yet, folks! Dobbie, grab a chair.

The crowd grows confused as Dobbie walks over and gets a chair from ringside and tosses it to Gravedigger. Gravedigger points at Seth Lerch and gestures for him to be held up. Chester and Mike D hold up the now-bloody Seth Lerch and Gravedigger nails him in the face with a steel chair. Jayson hands the mic back to Gravedigger.

Gravedigger: There's one more thing we are going to do here tonight.

Jayson reaches into his pocket and pulls out a piece of paper and a pen. Gravedigger takes them and puts them down beside Seth's crumpled body. Gravedigger puts the pen in Seth's hand and forges his signature with Seth's own hand. Gravedigger hands the paper to Jayson Stasiak who holds it up as he gets back on the mic.

Gravedigger: What we have here is the most important piece of paper in the history of WCF. They will talk about this piece of paper forever. This paper is a contract and promises two things. The first thing this contract says is that I, Gravedigger, will be in the world title match at the PPV against the two finalists of the world title tournament which started tonight!

The crowd goes wild, cheering like crazy.

Gravedigger: The other thing this contract says is what makes this piece of paper legendary. I've done it all here. I've beaten the best, I've held the most important title belts here. I've ruled the federation with a near iron fist when The Dark Side wreaked havoc here. We had some of the biggest names either in the group or they were bloodied and hospitalized by the group. There's one thing I haven't done though. One aspect of WCF I have not had my hand in and that changed tonight when Seth Lerch signed this contract.

Shannan Lerch: He didn't sign that Gravedigger. You forged his signature!

Gravedigger: What this contact says is that I, Gravedigger, am officially the OWNER of WCF!

The crowd goes crazy and both announcers are in total disbelief and shock.

Gravedigger: Now I know this isn't new, other wrestlers have been the "boss" before. Logan comes to mind as a former wrestler to run the federation. However, my run as owner will be different and this is where you, the crowd, are not going to be happy. I'm not here to bring justice from a tyrannical owner. I'm not here to promise that everyone gets a fair shot in their matches. On the other hand, I'm not here to put myself in situations where I win every match, win every title belt. I'm not here to destroy the good ol' boys of WCF and cause general havoc.

Gravedigger pauses and lets that sink in, leaving everyone confused on what he means.

Gravedigger: I am here for one thing only: the total destruction and decimation of Wrestling Championship Federation! I am here to bury this place. I am here to ruin this scum-sucking leech of an organization.

The crowd starts to boo Gravedigger.

Gravedigger: Yes, boo all you want. I am making it my job here to ruin any kind of entertainment you stupid fans get from this garbage put on TV. Wrestlers in the back, I now sign your paychecks. I will make each and every one of you regret every second you are in this building. I will make your matches hell. I will make your LIVES a living hell. I will walk into the PPV and I will take that world title just so I can throw it in the garbage and burn it to hell. This federation, for all the good it did everyone and for all the time I spent here. For all the money I made here, I now take those millions of dollars and I use each and every one of them to wipe my ass with. Seth Lerch, you will regret the day you decided not to call me. You will regret not giving me the shot I asked for. I am going to make your life a living hell. Get him!

Mike D, Chester, and Dobbie run over and start laying the boots to Seth Lerch. The camera slowly zooms in on Gravedigger's sinister grin as the crowd boos the new owner of WCF. The scene slowly fades to black.