Sunday Slam Intro
Outcast vs Lawnmower Jones vs Alex Daniels
Thunder vs Prince Jimmy Dean
Corey Black vs Brad Kane
Logan Segment
Chad Evans vs Torture

Sunday Slam Intro

The Sun Smells Too Loud by Mogwai, the new Slam theme, blasts over the speakers and WCF Sunday Slam is on the air! We go to Zach Davis and Shannan Lerch.

Zach Davis: Welcome to the second edition of the new Slam! Zach Davis, here with Shannan Lerch.

Shannan Lerch: The big story tonight is that, really, it is the FIRST Slam of a new era... the Gravedigger era.

Zach Davis: That's right. Gravedigger is now the owner of WCF, having ousted power from Seth Lerch earlier this week.

Shannan Lerch: I haven't heard anything from Seth since then, his wherabouts are unknown.

Zach Davis: Regardless, we ARE continuing the World Title tournament. We do now know, of course, that Gravedigger will face the two winners in a Triple Threat at Rebirth.

Shannan Lerch: Our main event is Torture going up against Chad Evans, protege of Bobby Cairo.

Zach Davis: An intriguing matchup. Torture is a veteran of the sport, Chad Evans an upcoming rookie. You gotta believe it would be quite an upset if Chad Evans got the victory here.

Shannan Lerch: I don't know, though. I'm starting to like Torture.

Zach Davis: ...Of course you are. We also have Corey Black against Brad Kane. Also known as Creeping Death vs Reckless Jack.

Shannan Lerch: These two have fought before, many times. But now they're under their real names, no gimmicks, no makeup, just two men battling. That has to be a new dynamic that makes it anyone's game.

Zach Davis: Besides that, we have the debut of Prince Jimmy Dean. He's up against Thunder.

Shannan Lerch: Prince Jimmy Dean? I don't know what to think about him!

Zach Davis: And in our opening match, which I presume was booked by Gravedigger and his cohorts, we have a Last Chance Triple Threat.

Shannan Lerch: Outcast, Lawnmower Jones and Alex Daniels are all fighting for fifteen minutes. Whoever does NOT get a pinfall in that time loses.

Zach Davis: These are men fighting for their jobs and livelihoods. Let's see what happens.

Last Chance Triple Threat
Outcast vs Lawnmower Jones vs Alex Daniels

Outcast and Lawnmower Jones start the match off by throwing Alex Daniels out of the ring, perceiving him to be the lesser threat. Outcast and Jones fight amongst each other for a few minutes, evenly matched. But soon Alex Daniels reenters the fray, attacking them both after resting up.

Whenever there's a pinfall attempt, the third man is there to break it up. At the eight minute mark, no one has scored a pinfall.

At the ten minute mark, Lawnmower Jones locks Daniels in the Jonesmission!...

Outcast breaks it up.

At the twelve minute mark, Outcast manages to hit a Sick Twist on Jones. This time, Daniels breaks the pinfall up.

And at the fourteen minute, fifty second mark, Jones has Alex Daniels back in the Jonesmission!....

But Daniels doesn't tap out.

The match ends.

Zach Davis: Well.. what now? NO ONE got a pinfall or submission this entire match!

Shannan Lerch: Does that mean... they're all fired?

"Change" by Deftones hits the speakers as the ref looks around, not knowing what to do. The curtains are parted and out walks Gravedigger and the rest of the Dark Side including manager Jayson Stasiak and valet Jessie.

Gravedigger walks over towards the steps as Chester and Dobbie slide under the ropes and stand up. Mike D walks up to the side of the ring and grabs one of the ropes and pulls himself up and into the ring. Gravedigger holds the middle rope down for Jayson and Jessie as they climb in also. Outcast, Alex Daniels, and Lawnmower Jones all get up and step to the other side of the ring.

Gravedigger is handed a mic.

Gravedigger: Ok, you know what? That was a horrible match. It probably drove ratings down and we'll be lucky to get those fans tuning in after that.

Gravedigger smiles and starts applauding them. The rest of the Dark Side joins in clapping. Gravedigger turns to the crowd and encourages them to join in. The crowd boos Gravedigger. Gravedigger laughs.

Gravedigger: Hahaha, stupid fans, loving their WCF. I always knew deep down even when I was admired and cheered that you were all stupid and now I see exactly why. Anyway, promises are promises.

Gravedigger turns to the three wrestlers in the ring across from him.

Gravedigger: Your match stipulation was that the one with the least amount of pinfalls might be fired. Oh, wait, no one got any pinfalls! So you're all fired! Get out of my ring!

Outcast and Lawnmower Jones start to climb out but Gravedigger steps forward.

Gravedigger: Whoa whoa whoa, where are you going?

Outcast and Lawnmower Jones stop and look at Gravedigger shrugging.

Gravedigger: I didn't mean get out of the ring that way.

Gravedigger grins as Mike D steps past him and in one quick motion takes both men out with a massive double clothesline. Chester and Dobbie each grab one of the two men, pick them up and them toss them over the top rope to the outside. They then help Mike D surround Alex Daniels. Gravedigger speaks.

Gravedigger: And you, Mr. Daniels. My personal favorite, truth be told. According to said stipulation, you too are supposed to be fired. However, I've decided to change my mind. I want to offer you a spot in The Dark Side. Would you like that?

Alex Daniels nods.

Gravedigger: Well too bad! You're not good enough! You can't even get one measly pinfall in a triple threat match, you think that you're good enough to run with me? I'm tired of looking at this scum-sucking leech. We're not firing him, hospitalize him. Teach him a lesson about not following the "rules".

Gravedigger, Jessie, and Jayson Stasiak exit the ring. Chester grabs Alex Daniels and irish whips him across the ring. Daniels bounces off and Chester jumps to the floor. Daniels jumps over him, bounces off the opposite side. Dobbie leaps forward and lands a vicious superkick on the jaw of Daniels. The three men laugh as Daniels is laid out cold. Chester and Dobbie slide out of the ring as Mike D picks up Daniels' limp body. Mike D lifts him up and hits an F5 in the middle of the ring. Mike D starts laying boots to Daniels as Chester and Dobbie enter the ring with a pair of chairs.

Mike D picks Alex Daniels up and starts slapping the side of his face until Daniels comes to. Daniels starts using the ropes to slowly get up. After a minute, he stands on his own two feet, turns around and is drilled as Chester and Dobbie slam chairs into both sides of Daniels' head.

"Change" by Deftones starts playing on the speaker as Chester throws down his chair and exits the ring with Mike D. Dobbie starts to put down his chair but then turns to Daniels and hits him one last time in the back with the chair. Daniels writhes in pain on the mat, screaming out in agony. Dobbie drops his chair with a smile and then exits the ring and joins the others on the ramp. Paramedics quickly make their way to the ring to tend to Alex Daniels. The show fades to commercial as the camera stops on The Dark Side all looking pleased with what just happened in the ring.

Thunder vs Prince Jimmy Dean

The lights go off and Jerry "The King" Lawler's music starts playing. A single spotlight shines on a vacant archway and Prince Jimmy Dean is majestically pulled out on a golden carriage by two white horses. The crowd is silent in awe at the grandeur of the entrance. Prince Jimmy Dean is pulled around the ring while the crowd silently looks upon his carriage in awe. He slowly gets out of the chariot and gracefully walks into the ring and stands in the center as the single spotlight shines on him. The light goes off and he waits for his opponent to approach.

Zach Davis: Wow! That is a breathtaking entrance! Such a lavish spectacle might be unjustified for any other newcomer, but it seems only fitting for Prince Jimmy Dean. After all he is the first member of a royal family to ever compete in the WCF ring.

Shannan Lerch: I like to think that my brother and I form the only royal family around these parts, Zach.

Zach Davis: But I'm talking about Papua New Guinea!

"Money" by Pink Floyd begins to play. As the cash register sound ends and the music begins, Thunder walks towards the ring. He reaches the apron and climbs the turnbuckle, taunting the fans.

Zach Davis: Thunder lost a hard fought bout last week to Corey Black. He'll be looking to redeem himself tonight against His Royal Majesty.

Shannan Lerch: Tell me, Zach, what can we expect from this Prince Jimmy? Does he have any prior wrestling experience?

Zach Davis: I'm told that Prince Jimmy once defeated a dragon.

Shannan Lerch: Which dragon? Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat? Ultimo Dragon? "American Dragon" Bryan Danielson? Super Dragon? Dragon Kid?

Zach Davis: Not any of those. I'm talking about a real-life, fire-breathing dragon!

Shannan Lerch: ...What?

Zach Davis: Seriously!

Shannan Lerch: No.

Following some pre-match banter between the two foes, the bell sounds to start the match. Thunder and Prince Jimmy circle a bit and then immediately lock up. Jimmy gets the advantage and works Thunder into a headlock. Thunder shoves Jimmy into the ropes, Jimmy alertly ducks a clothesline; Jimmy shoots off the ropes and hits Thunder with a flying shoulder tackle, knocking Thunder to the mat. Thunder gets back to his feet. Jimmy lands some knees to Thunder's gut and then a forearm shiver to the face. Jimmy whips Thunder into the corner. Jimmy charges and takes Thunder down hard with a clothesline. Thunder back to his feet. Jimmy sets Thunder up for a suplex, but Thunder blocks it and counters with a crisp-looking snap suplex of his own. Jimmy is back up. Thunder works Jimmy over, locks him in an armbar and then transitions it into a short arm clothesline, knocking Jimmy to the mat. Thunder stomps at Jimmy. Thunder pulls Jimmy up and sends him into the ropes... Thunder drops Jimmy with a back body drop. Jimmy is back up. Thunder picks up Jimmy and plants him with a Fisherman's suplex. Thunder taunts the fans, drawing a loud chorus of boos. Thunder measures Jimmy and hits a vicious Shining Wizard that draws an "OOMPH!" from the fans.

Zach Davis: Wow! You could hear the impact from that Shining Wizard echo throughout the arena!

Shannan Lerch: Prince Jimmy might be missing a few crowns... from his teeth!

Thunder makes the cover. One... two... kickout by Jimmy. Thunder pulls Jimmy up and whips him into the corner. Thunder charges in, but Jimmy counters with a boot to Thunder's face. Jimmy scoops Thunder up and slams him hard to the mat. Jimmy shoots off the ropes and nails Thunder with a corkscrew elbow drop. Thunder is back to his feet. Jimmy sets up Thunder and plants him to the mat with a belly to belly suplex. Jimmy pulls Thunder up and whips him into the ropes... Jimmy hits Thunder with a snap dropkick. Jimmy makes the cover. One... two... kickout by Thunder. Thunder is back up now. Jimmy picks up Thunder and plants him with a sidewalk slam. Jimmy shoots off the ropes... Jimmy nails Thunder with a knee drop to the sternum. Jimmy pulls Thunder up and plants him with a German suplex into a bridge. One... two... kickout by Thunder.

Zach Davis: Prince Jimmy is showing a very well rounded offensive game thus far. It looks like this royal and regal rookie has a strong game plan coming into this match.

Shannan Lerch: Jimmy is definitely showing us some skills. He may come from an unconventional background but the man can bring it.

Jimmy plays to the fans, drawing a nice pop. Jimmy props up Thunder and nails him with an inverted atomic drop. Jimmy pulls Thunder to his knees and sets him up for a powerbomb. Thunder surprises Jimmy by blocking the powerbomb and then counters with a back body drop. Jimmy is quickly to his feet. Thunder whips Jimmy into the ropes... Thunder nails Jimmy with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Thunder stomps away at Jimmy, clearly pissed off at being momentarily thwarted by his less experienced opponent. Thunder pulls Jimmy to his feet and then plants him with a Northern Lights suplex. Thunder pulls Jimmy up again and whips him into the ropes... Thunder nails Jimmy with a running knee to the midsection. Thunder hoists Jimmy up into the air and drops him across the knees with a punishing gutbuster. Jimmy is in obvious pain on the mat. Thunder smirks and flicks his sweat onto Jimmy, drawing more boos from the fans. Thunder goes for the Texas Cloverleaf, but Prince Jimmy counters into a small package. One... two... kickout by Thunder.

Zach Davis: Thunder got cocky and it almost cost him! Great counter by Prince Jimmy!

Shannan Lerch: That was crafty, I wonder if he learned that from fighting all them dragons?

Both men are back to their feet. Jimmy headbutts Thunder in the eye socket one, two, three and then four times. Thunder is stunned and tries to shake it off. Jimmy sends Thunder into the ropes... Jimmy nails Thunder with a back kick to the gut that doubles Thunder over. Jimmy measures Thunder and then charges Thunder and drops him with a swinging neckbreaker. Jimmy climbs out to the ring apron and waits for Thunder to get up... Thunder gets up and Jimmy springboards off the top rope and nails Thunder with a clothesline. Jimmy makes the cover. One... two... kickout by Thunder. Jimmy pulls Thunder to his feet and plants him onto the mat with a Tiger suplex. Jimmy climbs the ropes... Jimmy launches himself from the top rope and nails Thunder with a flying fist drop, Jerry Lawler style. Jimmy pumps his fist and the fans react with a nice pop. Thunder is back up now. Jimmy kicks Thunder in the midsection, then sets Thunder up for a piledriver. Jimmy drills Thunder with a devastating spike piledriver. Jimmy makes the cover. One... two... Thunder kicks out.

Zach Davis: Prince Jimmy is really taking it to Thunder now, putting a lot of pressure on the decorated WCF veteran.

Shannan Lerch: Thunder needs to get his act together. He's the technical wizard? Grab an arm, grab a leg, rip it off, do something!

Jimmy pulls Thunder to his feet and whips him hard into the corner. Jimmy charges in, but Thunder stops, drops and rolls out of the way. Jimmy hits the turnbuckles hard, so hard, like it's a tall tree. Thunder seizes the opening and immediately lets loose with hard boots all about Jimmy's head, neck and torso. Thunder is cursing he's so pissed at this point. Thunder sets Jimmy up for it... and then tosses Jimmy to the mat like a rag doll with a violent-looking T-Bone suplex. Thunder isn't finished. Thunder shoots off the ropes and drops an elbow straight into Jimmy's spine. Thunder shoots off the ropes again and drops another elbow straight into Jimmy's spine. Thunder shoots off the ropes for a third time and drops one more elbow straight into Jimmy's spine. Then, just to be mean, Thunder sends Jimmy into the ropes and plants Jimmy with a nasty-looking spinebuster, ala Arn Anderson. Thunder makes the cover. One... two... Jimmy kicks out.

Zach Davis: Thunder looks pissed, like Lex Luger trying to take off a T-shirt.

Shannan Lerch: You're not kidding and as Thunder now pulls Jimmy back to his feet, I gotta tell ya Jimmy's spine is looking a tad askew, you know what I mean?

Thunder props Jimmy against the corner turnbuckles and analytically dissects Jimmy with a barrage of "back-hand" or perhaps even "knife-edge" chops. The fans "Woooooo!" along with each chop, but only to fit in with the rest of the crowd and not because they like Thunder. Thunder walks Jimmy to the middle of the ring. Thunder sets Jimmy up for a suplex, but Jimmy blocks it. Jimmy counters. Jimmy picks up Thunder for a vertical suplex... and then dumps Thunder down to the floor, outside of the ring, and that's a hard fall because there's no padding down there, just concrete. The crowd "OOOOHS!!!!" at the sheer violence of the spectacle but Jimmy doesn't waste any time on pandering to the fans. No, Jimmy is focused as he climbs the ropes all the way to the top and waits for Thunder to get up. Several tense moments pass, with many people in the arena unsure of whether Thunder is OK to continue the match. Thunder does finally climb to his feet with the aid of the guardrail. At this precise moment Jimmy launches himself 15 or 20 feet into the air above Thunder and then reigns down upon Thunder with the greatest of vengeance and a suicide plancha to boot.

Zach Davis: Oh my clucking God! We have utter carnage at ringside!

Shannan Lerch: Oh my soul! That was some Cibernetico shiz right there by Prince Jimmy!

Zach Davis: Medics, we need medics! We have two injured and possibly dead wrestlers at ringside! Better call the coroner just in case!

It's all very exciting at first, but then the referee gets bored after a few moments of waiting for one or both men to do something and so he begins to count both men out. Theoretically the ref could use his judgment to end the match right here and now, declaring the finish to be a "Double KO", but wouldn't that just be an anticlimactic ending that would bring everybody in the audience down? You have to at least give these guys a chance to beat the count and get back to their feet. Slowly but surely signs of life begin to stir at ringside. The referee continues his count... 7... 8... 9... 9 1/4.. 9 1/2... suddenly a roar goes up in the crowd as Prince Jimmy's hand emerges to break the plane of the ring and restart the referee's count. The ref shrugs as if to say "Gee, that was a close one. Oh well... maybe next time." Jimmy slides Thunder and then himself into the ring and makes the cover.




Zach Davis: Close! So close! Dammit I thought Jimmy had him for sure!

Shannan Lerch: What are you, openly rooting for Prince Jimmy? Anyway it takes a lot more than a near death experience at ringside to put Thunder away.

Zach Davis: I'll root for whomever I want to dammit, and Prince Jimmy happens to be very charming! He's a real Prince Charming!

Both men are slow to their feet, of course, because they're both pretty banged up at this point. Prince Jimmy is up first, Thunder slowly follows. Jimmy measures Thunder and connects with a big, looping, overhand right that knocks Thunder down to the mat in a heap. Jimmy makes the cover. One... two... Thunder kicks out. Jimmy points his finger in the ref's face and informs the ref that he will not tolerate any further shenanigans, and instructs the ref to count faster next time. Jimmy pulls Thunder to his feet and sets up Thunder for a Russian legsweep; Thunder blocks it, lands an elbow to the face and drops Jimmy with a picture perfect DDT. Thunder drapes his arm over Jimmy's chest. One... two... Jimmy kicks out.

Zach Davis: Thunder pulled that DDT from out of nowhere, a great counter and he nearly got the pin on Prince Jimmy!

Shannan Lerch: Thunder is the thinking man's wrestler that’s why he makes all the cheddar. Thunder is tough, sexy, rich... OOH! I just had one!

Zach Davis: Girl pleasures?

Shannan Lerch: Yep!

Both men are slowly up. Thunder scoops up Jimmy and goes for the Thunder and Lightning (Death Valley Driver), but Jimmy resists with an elbow to the head and slides out of Thunder's attempt at his finisher. Jimmy lands on his feet behind Thunder. Thunder turns around, Jimmy lands a boot to the midsection and goes for his patented Sausage Slammer (Stunner). Thunder blocks it and shoves Jimmy into the corner. Thunder quickly swarms Jimmy from behind and locks Jimmy in the Cobra Clutch.

Zach Davis: Cobra Clutch! Cobra Clutch! Thunder's got it locked in!

Shannan Lerch: It's only a matter of time now! Save yourself Jimmy and tap, you can still be happy on your island kingdom, it's better than a hospital room!

Thunder shakes Jimmy around like a small child as he drags Jimmy to the middle of the ring and locks the Clutch in tighter. Jimmy appears close to his end as the ref checks to see if he's still conscious. The ref checks Jimmy for a pulse and then raises Jimmy's arm into the air. The ref lets go and Jimmy's arm drops to his side. The ref raises Jimmy's arm again and lets go. Jimmy's arm again drops to his side. The ref raises Jimmy's arm for a third time and lets go... suddenly Jimmy's hand turns into a fist, which Jimmy begins to vigorously pump, drawing the crowd back to life.

Zach Davis: Jimmy's not finished and Thunder looks stunned!

Shannan Lerch: No! No! No! The plan is all going to Hell! What the hell happened?!

Jimmy lands repeated back elbows to Thunder's body. Using a burst of energy, Jimmy bulls Thunder backwards into the corner turnbuckles and uses a corner avalanche to break Thunder's Cobra Clutch. Jimmy and Thunder both tumble to the mat, having each expended a tremendous amount of energy.

After a few moments pass... Thunder slowly gets to his feet. He picks Jimmy up and goes for the Thunder and Lightning, but Jimmy knees Thunder in the head to escape. Jimmy sets up Thunder... and hits the Baconator. Jimmy makes the cover.




Zach Davis: It's all over! Prince Jimmy is victorious in his WCF debut! What an impressive showing by the Prince from Papua New Guinea, and this win will certainly justify the hype to all of these naysayers who think that pro wrestlers shouldn't be pulled to the ring in a golden carriage by horses!

Shannan Lerch: Sigh... pout... yeah, yeah, great job, Jimmy. Thunder... call me when you get out of the hospital!

The referee raises Prince Jimmy's hand in victory as Jimmy's music plays. Prince Jimmy puts on his cape and grabs his scepter, then bows toward his royal subjects in the audience. They respond with a hearty round of applause and a few of them kneel down in honor of the great Prince. ALL HAIL PRINCE JIMMY!!!!!!!!!

Corey Black vs Brad Kane

Shannan Lerch: Now, for the first of our two WCF World Title Tournament Matches ... two guys that know each other a little too well.

No theatrics. No lights going out, nothing. Machine Head's cover of "Hallowed Be Thy Name" by Iron Maiden hits the PA system. With every bell toll, the lights flash brighter. When Robb Flynn comes in singing, the crowd sings along. "I'm waiting in my cold cell, when the bell begins to chime. Reflecting on my past life, and it doesn't have much time. Because at five o'clock, they take me to the gallows pole. The sands of time, for me, are running looooow!" One minute and eight seconds in, when the guitar hits, Corey Black comes through the curtain and onto the stage, wearing the Creeping Death mask and a black wig that resembles his former hair, along with a black hoodie with the hood up. Black stops on the stage and takes in the reaction from the crowd, looking out to them from behind the mask. Corey walks down to the ring, not veering from a straight shot into the squared circle. Corey slides in under the bottom rope and gets up, throwing the devil horns as he stands, to which the crowd does back. Corey pulls his hood down and removes the wig and Creeping Death mask, once again looking out and getting a reaction. Black takes off the hoodie and drops all the items on the apron, then walks to the far corner and awaits the match to begin.

Zach Davis: "Don't Call Me Creeping Death" Corey Black, after defeating Thunder, advances on in this tournament.

Shannan Lerch: God I hate CD.

"In my opinion, the best thing you can do is find a person who loves you for exactly what you are. Good mood, bad mood, ugly, pretty... handsome, what have you, the right person will still think the sun shines out your ass. That's the kind of person that's worth sticking with."

The house lights go out in the arena as the opening of "Eye of the Storm" by Killswitch Engage flares up. Strobe lights begin to go insane when the vocals blare out of the sound system as Brad Kane, PWA World Light Heavyweight Championship strapped around his waist as he appears in the entry way. The crowd cheers seeing them as Brad inhales before he makes his way down the ring. A few hands get slapped but not many as once Brad is at ringside, he hops up on the ring apron. The lights are back to normal as they enter the ring as he heads to the nearest turnbuckle and goes up to the middle buckle. He takes the World Light Heavyweight Title off of his waist, holding it up into the air as he looks out into the crowd. Some take pictures as he steps down, inhaling once more as he does the same thing on the other side of the ring. He then backs into the corner as hands the Light Heavyweight Title to the ref. Brad then waits for the match to begin as his entrance song fades off.

Zach Davis: "Don't Call Me Reckless Jack" Brad Kane moved on after beating a newcomer who doesn't matter anymore.

The bell rings, and we're off. Brad rushes at Corey and hits a big boot to the face, Corey with an overhand chop, Kane with an elbow shiver, Corey with a leg kick, Brad with a karate chop to the neck, Black with a roundhouse to the side of the head, Kane hits the ropes and dropkicks Corey who flies into the other ropes and comes back with a spinning wheel kick! Both men are down! The crowd is going insane!

Shannan Lerch: What the hell am I watching!?

Both men kip up, but Kane strikes first, using his momentum to hit a European uppercut. This sends Black into the corner, where he's met with a running clothesline. Brad snapmares Corey out of the corner and soccer kicks him right in the spine. Then steps over and hits one to the chest. Brad jumps up and lays out, hitting an elbow drop to Corey. Kane turns to the ropes, leaps off the bottom, and drops a knee across Black's chest.

Zach Davis: The Kane Train is ROLLIN'!

Shannan Lerch: Seriously?

Brad goes for a bottom rope jump leg drop, but Corey rolls backward avoiding it, rolls to his feet, bounces off the ropes and front flips into a dropkick to Brad's face all in one motion! Black flips back and hits a big standing moonsault onto Kane into a pin!


No, Kane kicks out. But Corey transitions into "This Cold Black" almost instantly!

Shannan Lerch: Ah! Pin into submission!?

Corey wrenches back on Brad's arms, but Brad finds the ropes with his toes. Black is forced to break the hold, which he does. Black helps Kane up and throws him into the ropes, and on the return, hits a big back body drop. Kane returns to his feet quickly and is pushes into the corner, where Black follows him in with a clothesline where Black leaps and sits beside Kane on the middle rope. Black skins the cat over the top rope and lands on Kane in a piledriver position where Black picks him up and powerbombs Brad back into the corner!

Zach Davis: More innovation. Jeez.

Black once again charges at Kane and hits a knee to the face. Kane crumbles to the mat, sitting against the turnbuckles. Corey delivers another knee to Kane. Black pulls him out and goes for another pin.



NO! Kickout.

Shannan Lerch: Kane can take a lot of punishment.

Corey looks up at the ref in frustration. The ref signals two, and Corey picks Brad up, delivering a cut throat motion as he stalks. Corey locks Brad up in a backdrop, but Kane backflips and grabs Corey! Brad lifts Black up but Black backflips too, but he lands on the apron. Brad turns and hits a spinning backfist.

Shannan Lerch: The BK Backfist!

Black almost goes down, but doesn't. Kane steps out onto the apron as well, and hooks Black's arms behind him. Kane throws Black back and dumps him off the apron in a Tiger Suplex! Black lands on the back of his head on the floor! Kane stays on the apron!

Zach Davis: Oh!

Black folds to his stomach and clutches his head in pain. Kane stands up and drops off the apron with a stomp to Corey's back. The ref starts his count. It's nullified by Kane throwing Black into the ring and going for a pin!




Zach Davis: Insane.

Kane picks Black up and throws him to the ropes. Kane with a leap frog, drop down and Black steps over, and into a big expoder suplex as Black made his third pass from the ropes! Brad backflips with the exploder and lands on Black, picking him up again and throwing him in another exploder into the corner! Corey hits the turnbuckle upside down and bounces back onto his stomach. Kane pulls Black's legs up and sits down with a high angle Boston Crab. Brad sits way down with it, right on Corey's head.

Shannan Lerch: Shades of Skyler Striker with this one.

Corey reaches for the ropes, but he's too far. Inch by inch he crawls and makes it. Brad breaks the hold almost instantly. Kane waits for Black to use the ropes to stand, and pushes him into the turnbuckle. Kane levels Black with a big superkick, to which Black repiles instantly with a huge lariat, sending Kane down in a heap! Corey crumbles beside him. Seconds pass before Black can reach an arm over..




NO! Kane kicks out. Black flops onto his back in disbelief. Both men have taken a fair amount of punishment. Black pulls Kane to the middle of the ring and picks him up, locking him in a front facelock. From there, he picks Kane up to a suplex.

Shannan Lerch: Brainbustaaa-NO!

Kane twists out and lands behind Black on his feet! Kane clubs Black in the back and pumphandles him, looking for LMSBCBK! NO! Black elbows Kane in the side of the head and lands on his feet, kicking Brad in the gut and underhooking the arms!

Shannan Lerch: FOR WHOM TH-

Another reversal! Brad back body drops Black over and keeps his arms hooked in a pin!



NO! Black bridges up, and spins back to a standing base with the arms hooked. Kane turns more and pulls Corey over in a backslide!




NO! Black rolls back over to his feet. Kane stands up and Black sunset flips over into a pin!




NO! Kane kicked out! The two stand up and the crowd is going BANANAS. Without hesitation Kane throws a European uppercut, knocking Corey in a spin and puts Black up in a reverse DVD position!


Not today! Corey uses the momentum to backflip over and land on his feet with Kane's head hooked in a DDT! Corey flips over and drills Kane down with Your Plague!

Corey throws a tired, lifeless arm on Brad Kane.




Shannan Lerch: HE DIDN'T GET IT!

Brad threw his shoulder up at the VERY LAST MOMENT. The crowd is livid. Black goes back to his job, and picks Kane up, pushing him to the turnbuckle. Corey puts Kane up so he's sitting on the top, and jumps up with him, sits on his shoulder and goes for a Frankensteiner, but Kane drops off the turnbuckles and powerbombs Black to the mat, holding it for a pin!




Zach Davis: WI-NO!

Black kicks out. Crowd is louder than ever. Kane is on his knees looking down at Black, who holds his skull in pain. Kane climbs up to the top rope and flies off with a big double stomp but Black moves! Kane lands safely on his feet and kicks Black in the head. Kane climbs up once again and this time connects with the double stomp, crushing Black's ribcage. Kane keeps the pressure on, picking Black up real quick.

Kane positions Black for the Love Megan Driver, picks him up, but Black breaks free on the way up and stacks Kane up with a surprise huricanrana roll up!




Shannan Lerch: Uugghh Corey Black wins.

Zach Davis: And advances to the finals.

Corey Black rolls out of the ring, exhausted. Kane is on his feet, livid at the surprise loss, arguing with the referee. But it is too late. Black heads to the back.

Logan Segment

Metallica's "The Struggle Within" blares out over the speakers.

Shannan Lerch: Logan! I thought he was gone?

Following Shannan's dreamy sigh, "The Struggle Within" quits playing, the music changes to Five Finger Death Punch "The Bleeding". Some bickering confusion from the crowd drowns the music out, an exhausted slightly overweight Logan drags himself onto the stage with a hotdog in hand, and a microphone in the other. The music cuts.

Logan: Yeah, um.. sorry about that, I couldn't afford Metallica music anymore, that's probably the last time you'll hear that song in this arena.

Logan takes a bite of the hotdog with heavy mustard, munching on it, his eyes dancing over the booing crowd.

Zach Davis: He really let go...

Logan: Oh.. right!

Swallowing his food, he continues.

Logan: I'm out here to promote myself, a WCF legend, I don't really care what you boudles think.. but you know it's fact, I'm the best damn thing this company ever laid it's eyes on. I've got great DVD's, I'm not handing them out for free or anything, but I expect you morons to start purchasing them!

He takes another bite of the dog.

Logan: (Chewing) So... the buy rates on my movies go up, and no one has to put up with me anymore. Deal? No? You want to see the Face of..

Gulps down another section of hotdog.

Logan: ..Treachery wrestle again? That's not a real shocker, anyone on today's roster still doesn't match my skill. That being said, I'm going go hit the coffee stand, and see what these boudles in the back can work up for a match next week.

Logan rubs his mouth onto his sleeve, smearing any excess mustard off his lips, drops the microphone, and carries himself backstage.

Chad Evans vs Torture

The lights in the WCF Arena go dim. The sound of a harsh wind blowing can be heard over the PA System. The Slamatron video screen in the arena shows the image of a large, leafless branch of a tree twisting in the wind. The image slowly zooms out and we see a giant fire spreading through the land near the tree, the tree itself is soon overcome as the strong wind gusts blow the flames further out of control.

The image zooms out further and we see the remains of what appears to have been a once thriving village now in a large pile of rubble on the ground, the sound of fire raging and debris crackling melds to form a cacophony along with the howling of the wind. The video screen switches to an overhead shot of the barren, desolate wasteland being consumed by flame, and the words "Tenuous", "Impetuous" and "Subservient" flash on the screen in bold red type.

After a few moments the scene of the fiery wasteland fades into an image of the sun shining brightly in a clear blue sky. The camera zooms out and we see the image of a dragon flying toward the sun. The words "Embolden", "Enlighten" and "Illuminate" appear on the screen in dark blue type.

Suddenly the video screen goes black while a yellow strobe light fills the arena, the opening strains of "Illumination" by Rollins Band can be heard over the PA System. After a few moments Chad Evans appears at the entrance way draped in his orange robe. Evans stands motionless at the top of the entrance ramp. When the song picks up and the chorus hits, flames rise up from the floor, forming a circle around Evans. After the chorus ends, followed by a sweet guitar solo, the song gets quieter and the flames disappear.

Evans walks slowly down to ringside, expressionless, ignoring the fans, with his eyes locked on the ring. When he reaches the ring, Evans leaps onto the apron and flips forward over the top rope. In one swift motion Evans disrobes and hands the robe to a ringside attendant. Evans jumps up and down and does some quick stretches to warm up, then stands patiently in his corner with a focused expression on his face.

Zach Davis: Here we go folks! This is our main event!

Shannan Lerch: Rightfully so! This match, and these two have been hyped up all week!

Zach Davis: We don't like to talk about a script much, but Shannan, I can't help but look at the time.. Over forty minutes left before our show ends..

Shannan Lerch: Get ready for the main event of the season..

Just as she says season...

Jamais Vu by Dredg hits the airwaves! Torture steps to the stage, and the crowd boo's so hard isn't not even funny! He walks down towards the ring, and the stage displays a large firework display. Torture throws his arms up in the air along with the crowd and points his thumbs back towards his chest. NOT! SO! COOL! says the crowd. The Tort puts down his arms in disgust. An old lady is shown giving him the bird. Torture just throws it off, and continues his path to the ring.

Shannan Lerch: I'm excited!

Zach Davis: Of course you are.. you fall for the heels..

Shannan Lerch: That's not true!

Zach Davis: Ah huh.

Torture slides into the ring, walks past Chad and stands on the turnbuckle.. the crowd boo's.. Torture smiles and steps back down.. the music stops, and the lights come back on.

Zach Davis: Well, This is our Sunday Slam Main Event!

The bell sounds, as the ref makes his move towards the center of the ring.

Shannan Lerch: The martial arts background of Evans versus the all-around-status for Torture!

Torture and Chad go to tie up, but Chad hits a jumpkick to knock his arm away. The crowd erupts, as Torture reels back a few steps and holds his hand. Chad shoots towards the legs of Torture and gets him on his back.. the entire sell-out crowd stands to their feet... Torture punches away at Chad's shoulders/back section, but Chad has Torture pinned to the mat in a cage-fighting kind of stance. Torture grabs the bottom rope and the ref pulls Chad away. Torture nods and his lips are read.. "FIGHT ME LIKE A MAN!"

Evans tries to shoot again but Torture sidesteps and rolls out of the ring... the crowd boo's. Torture yells at them to stfu. Evans rolls out of the ring as the ref begins to count! Torture turns around and is met with an elbow. Torture reels back into the guardrail. Evans strikes again with an elbow and a left hand. He grabs Torture and throws him into the ring. The ref stops the count and gets back into the action. Evans rolls in and picks up Torture and throws him into the ropes.. upon the rebound Torture is met with a dropkick. The crowd erupts once more.

Zach Davis: I know Chad Evans is new, but the crowd is behind him one hundred and fifty percent!

Shannan Lerch: Everyone just hates Torture..

Torture uses the ropes to get to his feet. Evans on the attack once more, hitting a few elbows before reeling him back into the turnbuckle. Evans begins a roar of punches and elbows, Torture quickly through the chaos, and crowd chants, grabs Evans and throws him through the ropes... Evans hits the mats, but rolls to his feet.. Torture stumbles out of the corner and turns around.. he is met with an Evans-Clothesline! Evans hits the ropes an comes back with a double foot stomp to the mid-section. Torture kneels his way to his feet as Evans hits the ropes one more time.. Torture bends down and tosses Evans over the ropes. Evans lands on the apron.. Torture doesn't notice and tries to walk away, but Evans grabs him by the face from behind him and pulls him to his back! Torture hits the mat, while Evans leap frogs the ropes and hits a splash. The crowd erupts once again! Evans stands up to taunt.


Evans turns around and grabs Torture to pick him up, Torture hits a lowblow and tosses Evans out of the ring..

Shannan Lerch: And that's how you play the game.

The ref stands up to Torture and gives him a warning. Torture shrugs it off, and walks to the outside of the ring. He picks up Evans and throws him back into the ring. Torture follows suit an picks up Evans hitting a backbreaker. Evans holding his back in pain, while Torture yells to the crowd "WHOSE COOL NOW!?"

Torture turns around and Evans hits a back body drop, flipping Torture over to his back. Torture stunned, tries to get to his feet, but Evans hits an enziguri! Torture backflips into the corner turnbuckle sitting Raven-style. Evans quickly runs and hits a flat-out dropkick sending both feet right into Tortures chest! Torture drops to the mat from the sitting position and lays on the bottom rope in pain. Evans picks him up and throws him into the opposite corner.. upon stumbling out, Evans hits a crossbody and goes for the pin!


The Tort .. The kicks out.

Shannan Lerch: No doubt about that.. I would be surprised if he won from a crossbody!

Zach Davis: I'd be surprised if he lost!

Evans picks up Torture and throws him to the ropes, Torture bounces off but ducks a clothesline, Torture bounces off the ropes again with full steam, and when Evans turns around, Torture hits the sliding punch! Evans hits the mat, while Torture tries to catch his breath.. Torture turns over and pins..


Evans kicks out. Torture argues with the ref and then picks up Evans slowly. Torture hits a few back hand chops before grabbing his head and bouncing it off the top turnbuckle. Torture then throws Evans hard against the corner turnbuckles and Evans hits the mats holing his back. Torture picks up Evans once again, backs him into the turnbuckles and throws him to the opposite side. Evans bounces hard off the corner and stumbles to his knees. Torture talks smack while Evans in pain on his knees, then kicks him straight into the face. Torture goes for the pin.


Chad kicks up, but Torture quickly (and annoyed) pulls Evans to his feet and throws him hard into the corner turnbuckles... Evans stumbles out once again, and Torture hits a backbreaker again!

Shannan Lerch: Working the backside..

Zach Davis: So you're not into him?

Torture picks up Evans and goes for hte basic suplex, but Evans flips out of it and turns around. He rushes the backside of Torture and pushes him against the rope, they both rebound, and Evans quickly rolls up Torture for a pin..


Torture kicks out, but Evans gets to his feet first, the crowd with him all the way, Evans hits a few back hand chops, Torture is reeling.. Evans throws him against the ropes, Evans bends down, but Torture notices and kicks him like a ball waiting for a field goal... Evans goes from behind forward, to laying flat out on his back. The crowd boo's. Torture smiles and takes a breath.

Tort picks up Evans and throws him against the ropes, upon his return he's met with Torture picking up, spinning a few times, and then dropping yet a third backbreaker upon Tortures knee! Evans hits the mat, and Torture gets in the refs face. Torture yells "HE'S DONE REF! MAKE ME THE WINNER!" the ref yells back.. Torture shoves the ref over to Evans.. After Evans tells the ref he's fine, the ref turns back to Torture and says the match is continuing! The crowd erupts over what they can hardly hear. Torture nods in disagreement and yells at the ref once more.. clearly wanting the ref to just end the match.

Zach Davis: I don't get it! Evans isn't hurt at all! Torture is just trying to get out of it!

Torture puts his two index fingers into the refs chest and backs him down into a corner giving him an earful. The ref standing for no shit, shoves Torture away and gives him an earful. Torture is shocked! The ref is just laying into Torture.."IM TIRED OF IT! YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO! WEEK IN AND WEEK OUT! FOR YEARS! I DON'T TAKE YOUR SHIT ANYMORE!"

Zach Davis: You tell him buddy!

Torture puts his hands up as if he's innocent and sorry. Evans still on the mat but crawling his way to the corner.. The ref still giving Torture an earful turns towards Evans and goes to pick him up. Evans hits a few shots to the midsection, Torture bends down holding his gut, Evans gets to his feet and hits a kick, goes for a second one but Torture catches it and delivers a kick to Evans groin! Evans reels back, and The Tort picks him up and sits him on the top turnbuckle. Torture punches a few times before climbing up as well.. but Evans again fights back! One punch.. two punch.. three punch.. floor.. Torture flies off the top turnbuckle and lands on his back.. the crowd stands up as Evans stands up on the top turnbuckle..Torture gets to his knees and shoves the ref into the ropes which wobbles Evans, and drops him to his crotch region right on the top turnbuckle! The ref once again yells at Torture, but he isn't listening.

Torture goes back to work, and climbs back up ontop of the turnbuckle hitting a huge super suplex on Evans! Both men take the hit on the mat, but Torture gets up first.

Shannan Lerch: Torture seems in control now..

Torture rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair. The crowd immediatly boos. Torture rolls inside but is met with the ref. The ref grabs the chair to a pop reaction.. Torture is trying to take it back, but the ref won't let him! Torture begins to stomp up and down throwing a mini-fit. Evans gets to his feet and runs at Torture.. but he ducks and sidesteps.. Evans runs right into the ref, who was holding hte chair behind his back.. the ref smashed into the chair which inturn smashed into the turnbuckles! Evans turns around and Torture hits a sidewalk slam! He turns and notices the ref holding his back and rolling out of the ring.

Zach Davis: What a surprise! The ref is knocked out!

Chants begin for Evans "NOT! YOUR! FAULT!"

Torture picks up Evans and hits a body slam in the middle of the ring. He then points to the top rope.. and the crowd begins to boo...

Shannan Lerch: OUT COLD TIME!

He heads up top an procedes with his trademark cocky smile. Torture leaps and hits his version of the frogsplash right on Chad Evans! The crowd notices something coming down the ramp..

Zach Davis: What the hell?! I thought he was fired!

Shannan Lerch: This is just crazy.

Zach Davis: Lawnmower Jones is coming down the rampway and he's headed right for the ring in a REF SHIRT?

Shannan Lerch: Oh no, you have to be kidding me. Remember the past with LJ and Cairo? Maybe there's bad blood between him and Chad Evans?

Zach Davis: God damn it.. noo...

Torture stands to his feet and claps his hands together.. he puts one boot on top of Evans body for the pin..

Lawnmower Jones slides in and counts..





The crowd cheers, as LJ moves in slowmotion...

Zach Davis: WAIT ! WHAT THE HELL?!


Torture's smile goes away in an instant. He walks over to LJ who stands up and they go face to face. Torture pushes LJ, and LJ pushes back, except when Torture reels, he gets hit from behind with a quick pin from Evans!

LJ hits the mat..


Torture quickly kicks up..


Shannan Lerch: What a fast count from LJ!

Evans tries to get to his feet, but is met with a boot to the back of the face.. and Torture dismisses LJ because he just locked eyes with the chair which is laying in the corner of the ring.

Zach Davis: (Sigh) He's going for the chair folks..

Shannan Lerch: We'll miss ya Chad.

Torture picks up the chair and smiles to the crowd.. he turns around and LJ is right in his face... Jones puts up his index finger and waves it in his face. "Noooooo wayyy joooseeee". The crowd laughs and cheers as Evans gets to his feet. Torture shoves through Jones and lifts the chair up. Jones grabs the chair, and for a split second, Torture has his hands locked on the chair exposing his body for what's about to come.. Evans hits a dropkick to the face of Torture. He hits the mat, while Torture drops to his ass, while Jones catches the chair. Evans rolls to his feet and grabs the legs of Tort. He kicks Evans off of him, Evans reels back, Torture rolls to his feet, and Evans goes for a clothesline, Torture ducks and catches him from behind, Torture grabs Evans head and yells to the crowd..


Just then, Jones nails Torture headfirst with the chair. The crowd erupts! Torture slowly falls backwards knocked out cold. Jones takes off the ref shirt and throws it down. He looks into the camera.. "MY WORK IS DONE GRAVEDIGGER! I'm DONE!"

Zach Davis: WHAT?

Shannan Lerch: You're kidding me! GD sent him out here?!

Zach Davis: Wow..

Evans pins Torture...

The Crowd counts a long...ONE!... TWO!... THREE!... ONE!.. TWO!... THREE!...

Evans slams hte mat with his fist...

Zach Davis: He just pinned Torture twice.. but no ref..

Evans rolls out of the ring and slaps the ref on the face.. trying to wake him up (Not beating him..), the ref still knocked out. Evans rolls back into the ring and notices Torture's face... a small cut above his eyebrow. The crowd also notices from the big screen high above.. the begin to chant Evans name!

Evans picks up Torture and hits a belly to belly suplex, Evans gets to his feet, while Torture uses the ropes once again to get to his, and Evans hits a TBone Suplex right in the middle of the ring. Torture yelps and holds his back.. Evans gets on top of Torture and unloads a heavy semi-automatic machine gun full of punches and elbows! Tortures face getting bloodier and bloodier with each blow to the head.


Evans feels' the crowds excitement and jumps up. He taunts at Torture to do the same. Torture gets to his feet, and Evans hits a running clothesline sending both men over the top rope to the mats below!

After a few seconds, Evans gets up and throws Torture into the ring post.. Torture hits the ground afterwards near the apron. Evans gets on top of the guardrail.. he tells teh crowd "IS IT TIME FOR AN ELBOW?" Chad jumps, but Torture with his hand under the apron of the ring quickly pulls a chair to his stomach. Chad nails the chair with his elbow, Chad jumps around in pain and gets to his feet, he goes for a punch on Torture, but he ducks it and throws Chad's hand into the ring post! While there, Torture high-kicks it, and Chad's hand is in more pain, Torture takes the chair, while Evans turns in pain and nails it across his back! The crowd boo's hardcore while Torture taunts with the chair!

Zach Davis: Torture back in control once more..

Torture looks under the apron.. he notices.. a table. He pulls it out and taunts at the crowd. Torture turns the table sideways and pulls out both legs of the said; table. He sets it up near the apron. The crowd cheers.. he notices what they notice..

Zach Davis: OUTCAST?!

Shannan Lerch: WHAT THE HELL?


Outcast is running fullspeed at Torture.. Torture doesn't back down and meets him in the middle of the ramp! They exchange punches.. punch after punch for both men! Outcast gets the advantage and has him reeling back towards the ring..Outcast grabs Torture and tosses him inside.. Torture gets to his feet but stumbling.. he gets thrown against the ropes, and Outcast goes for a big clothesline, Torture ducks, Outcast bounces off the ropes and Torture grabs Outcasts head and tosses him right out of the ring. Outcast floats over but lands on the apron. Torture notices and now he runs fullspeed. Outcast ducks and hits a headbutt to the midsection. Torture kneels over in pain. Outcast pulls Torture through the middle of the ropes to the mats below.. Outcast waits for Torture to get up...

Zach Davis: Outcast isn't much of a high flyer now a days..

Shannan Lerch: It's only from the apron!

Torture now standing turns to Outcast. He leaps into the air going for a axe handle smash of somesort. Torture ducks and gets an arm into Outcasts neck, Torture ducks Outcasts arms and now quickly grabs Outcasts neck, bends him backwards and hits the Tortures Device! Both men lay flat on the outside mats!

Zach Davis: OH No! Outcast wasn't much help!

Shannan Lerch: Good night sweet prince.

Zach Davis: What?

Shannan Lerch: Outcast is done for.

Evans rolls into the ring from his side, as Torture does as well. Outcast is done for, he doesn't look to be getting up anytime soon. Torture runs at Evans. Evans puts a boot to the gut of Torture. The crowd cheers! Evans grabs The Tort for a t-bone suplex once again. Evans is too close to the ropes. Evans flips Torture over, and he flies over the rope and to the table below! Evans just t-bone suplexed Torture through a table from inside the ring!

Zach Davis: OH! WHAT A MOVE!

Evans grabs for a breath and hits his knees. Trying to get back into this match..

Shannan Lerch: He just may have enough with the crowd on his side..

Torture barely moving through the rubble of the table that was destroyed on impact. A replay is shown inside the arena from four or five different views, as well as for television.

Torture grabs the apron and Evans grabs him from there and pulls him into the ring. Evans picks him up and throws him to the ropes.. Torture doesn't even get to the ropes.. he stumbles into them and just leans on the middle rope on his knees. Evans runs, and baseball slides through the bottom of the ropes landing on the mats below. From there he quickly leaps and hits a spinkick right to Torture's face! Torture falls back. Evans leaps to the apron and leapfrogs the ropes and hits a legdrop. Evans picks up Torture and throws him to the ropes, Torture goes for what seems like a clothesline but Evans floats over the shoulders and falls to the mat but pulls Torture into a pin! No ref. Evans breaks it and Torture rolls out to his feet, Evans meets him with a drop toe hold onto the middle rope, and Torture bounces back up and turns around and catches Evans first kick. Which then sets up an enziguri for Evans, but Torture ducked the second kick as well! Evans runs against the ropes and on the return, Torture ducks Chads crossbody. Chad somehow lands on his feet, and now Torture hits the ropes, and upon his return, Chad grabs Tortures head and tosses him right over the top rope!

The crowd just had it's biggest eruption!

Zach Davis: He's in control now! Chad Evans is in control!

Torture gets to his feet and notices the ref slowly getting up.. Torture rolls in.. Evans hits another belly to belly suplex! Evans bounces to his feet, and calls for the end! Evans grabs Torture, while the ref slowly steps into the ring.. Evans picks up Torture, but he gets a desperation punch in the mid-section from The Tort. Evans reels back and Torture gets to his feet, he grabs Evans from behind for the Tortures Device, Evans punches backwards to Tortures face, it breaks the hold! The crowd stands to their feet! Torture goes for a wild punch, Evans ducks but catches Torture behind him.. Evans grabs Tortures head and bends him backwards and hits the Tortures Device!


Shannan Lerch: I'm sorry Zach, but I love underdogs! MAKE THE COVER CHAD! MAKE THE COVER!

Chad crawls over to the lifeless Torture.. he throws an arm over..




Zach Davis: THREE!?!?

The ref stands to his feet and says it was only a two! Torture got his arm up just in time.


Shannan Lerch: Look at the replay?! Slo-Mo shows Torture got his shoulder up just before the ref hit the mat for the three count..

Zach Davis: Chad Evans was only an inch away from a huge win in his career... I don't believe it..

Evans puts both of his hands over his face in disapointment, the ref stands to his feet, Evans slowly gets to his feet as Torture rolls to his.. Torture goes for another wild punch but Chad catches that and hits the Way of the Dragon, though he breaks connection as soon as he hits the suplex.. The crowd erupts..

Shannan Lerch: He hit the dragon Suplex! That's good enough!

Evans makes the cover..





TORTURE KICKS OUT! The crowd erupts with boo's and sighs. Evans sits back up his eyes gleaming, he's so close.. Evans gets up.. his face is lost..

Zach Davis: He doesn't know what else could work.. He's thinking.. what else can Chad Evans do to beat Torture.. only a few have gotten this far ever..

Shannan Lerch: Torture's getting up..

Evans kicks Torture to the midsection, and hits a quick DDT, Torture is out cold and turns to his back. Evans looks at the turnbuckle.. he climbs it..the crowd stands to their feet!




Chad takes a huge breath, and leaps into the air. Torture rolls underneath him, Chad lands on his feet but stumbles around, he turns around and goes towards Torture. The One and Only slips through Evans and locks on the Tortures Device standing behind Evans, but he rolls out of it throwing Torture towards the ropes, Evans goes for a clothesline but Torture ducks, and again has the Tortures Device locked on Evans punches backwards to the face.. Torture breaks the hold and shoves Chad chest-first into the turnbuckle, Chad stumbles backwards and Torture locks on the hold and NAILS the Tortures Device!@!!@#!~!~!

Zach Davis: IT'S OVER! IT'S OVER!

Shannan Lerch: Good night sweet prince!

Torture rolls from his back to his stomach and pins, he lifts a leg and the ref counts the three..




The crowd erupts like never before...

Shannan Lerch: OH MY GOD! HE KICKED UP!


Shannan Lerch: There is a first time for everything!

Torture sits up, his jaw dropped to the floor. Never blinking... Just looking out into space.. Evans barely moving.. the crowd now chanting EVANS! EVANS! EVANS! Torture wipes the blood which is still dripping down his forehead and looks down at the mat in confusement. This has never happened.. Torture is shocked.. He slowly stands up... he stands in the corner..

Zach Davis: (Totally lost his voice now..) I'm sorry Shannan, but what the hell is going on tonight?

Shannan Lerch: What does Tort have on his mind?

Torture turns his jaw dropping face to a stoned solid one.. his eyes never leaving the back of Chad Evans head... Evans stumbles backwards torwards Tort.. Torture locks it on, he flat spins, but Evans shoves Torture towards the ropes, he bounces off chest first and now he stumbles backwards quickly into Chad, who locks on the DRAGON SLEEPER! THE ENDING STEP OF THE WAY OF THE DRAGON..

Zach Davis (His voice is gone.) WOW! NOW IT COULD BE OVER!

Torture flips himself backwards just about the time Evans tries to lock it on, Torture lands on his feet behind Chad and before anyone can do or say anything, The Tort flatspins and knocks Evans out with a Tortures Device!

Shannan Lerch: Oh nooo..

Zach Davis: God Damn It!

Torture laying on his back throws an arm over..

The ref hits his knees..


Zach Davis: So close..

The ref asks for the bell and the match comes to a close..

Zach Davis: Damn you Torture.. Chad Evans was so close..

Shannan Lerch: You can't discredit Torture, but at the same time, Chad was there every step of the way..

Zach Davis: I'm sorry Shannan, but sometimes a story like this comes along and you just wish it would come true..

Shannan Lerch: Chad will see another day..

Both men lay lifeless as the ring announcer barks out "AND YOUR WIIIINNNEEERRRRRR..... TOOORRTTTUUREEEEE!!"

The crowd boo's and begins to chant "Bull-Shit! Bull-Shit! Bull-Shit!"

Zach Davis: The crowd is right on this one.. Torture got lucky..

Torture uses the ropes to get to his feet and smiles towards the crowd.. he looks over at Chads near-lifeless and exhausted body..

Shannan Lerch: Oh no..

Zach Davis: Jesus christ.. Torture.. he went through enough!

Torture walks slowly over to Chad Evans... he bends down towards his face..Torture grabs Chad's hand.. Torture mumbles a few words to him, but they were unclear to us.. Tort hits his knees and slides out of the ring..

Zach Davis: Not exactly Torture-Esque right there?

Shannan Lerch: Respect was earned tonight, that's for sure..

Torture walks up the ramp as fans begin to throw trash towards the bad man himself. The ref helps Chad up..

Zach Davis: There's the real warrior!

The crowd turns to cheers as Chad Evans stands up, he acknowledges the fans.

Shannan Lerch: From neutral to baby-face.. what an amazing reality this Federation really is.

Zach Davis: Well, it's in stone.. Creeping Death versus Torture versus Gravedigger At Rebirth..

Shannan Lerch: Tonight was amazing..

Zach Davis: One of the best Slams to date comes to an end..

Shannan Lerch: We'll see you next week..

Zach Davis: Happy Holidays!

The show fades to black.