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Torture Segment
Davey Boone Segment
Davey Boone vs Prince Jimmy Dean
Jack of Blades Segment
Gravedigger Segment
Logan Segment
Chad Evans vs Logan
Logan Post Match Segment
Corey Black Segment
Corey Black vs Ryan Daniels
Gravedigger/Corey Black Segment
Logan/Gravedigger Segment
US Title: Thunder vs Brad Kane
Jack of Blades Segment
The Dark Side vs Torture/Chris Avery/Rick Mad

Slam Intro

Batcat by Mogwai blasts and Slam is on the air! The crowd roars and we go to our announcers.

Zach Davis: Hello fans! Welcome to Slam!

Shannan Lerch: We have one of the biggest Slams of the new era tonight! Literally. We have five damn matches.

Zach Davis: And what great matches they are. We have a huge six man tag featuring Gravedigger, Chester, and Dobbie up against the NEW World Champion, Torture, and Chris Avery, and Rick Mad!

Shannan Lerch: That's right. Torture did the impossible and overcame Gravedigger's odds to capture the World Title... after interference from Rick Mad and Seth Lerch.

Zach Davis: Two very different kinds of interference. Rick Mad interfered to stop the Dark Side... and also to attack Corey Black. Seth Lerch attacked Gravedigger, the man who forced him out of the company. And in the end, Torture capitalized and won the Title.

Shannan Lerch: However, all this has certainly angered Gravedigger and I'm scared for all of our lives.

Zach Davis: And as for the other man in that match, Corey Black... He has his very own show, XIII coming up. Which has Torture booked against Gravedigger in a casket match.

Shannan Lerch: And tonight Corey Black will face "The Broken" Ryan Daniels. Ryan Daniels is a well known wrestler but he's making his WCF debut tonight, so that'll be super interesting to see if he can defeat the WCF veteran Corey Black.

Zach Davis: Speaking of Corey Black, he's recently started signups for a King of the Deathmatch tournament he'll be holding on XIII. Several participants have already signed up.

Zach Davis: We have a rematch from Rebirth. Brad Kane, who no one thought would win, is defending his US Title against Thunder.

Shannan Lerch: And speaking of the US Title, there will be a US Title contendership match! Chad Evans will be going one on one with Logan.

Zach Davis: And what about Logan? Rick Mad was his mystery opponent, trying to bring out the old Logan, but wasn't quite succesful. How will Mr. WCF look tonight? We know he wouldn't mind having the US Title, and he definitely wouldn't mind getting in the ring with Brad Kane...

Shannan Lerch: And our other huge match, Davey Boone is making his WCF in ring return against Prince Jimmy Dean. I've become a huge Davey Boone fan ever since I found out he's a Seth Lerch fan.

Zach Davis: I can't wait for that match!

Shannan Lerch: And one other thing. One huge, important thing. There have been rumors of a certain someone making some kind of return tonight. Who could it be?

Zach Davis: Oh cut the crap, Shannan. Rumors have been circulating that Jack of Blades could appear on tonight's show. Let's get on with it!

Torture Segment

Zach Davis: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Slam! We have an incredible night of action for you!

Shannan Lerch: We have a United States title match between Thunder and newly crowned Brad Kane!

Zach Davis: Don't leave out Corey Black taking on Ryan Daniels in a one on one match, Lerch.

Shannan Lerch: A huge match between Chad Evans and Logan is tonight, winner takes #1 spot for the United States Championship..

Zach Davis: And of course, Shannan. The fallout from Rebirth. Three men went into the ring last Sunday for the World Title, and Torture was deemed the winner..

Jamais Vu by Dredg hits the airwaves. The crowd erupts into boo's.

Shannan Lerch: Speaking of..

Rick Mad and Chris Avery walk out in suits. They slowly walk down the ramp. They get to the bottom of the ramp just as Torture walks out to the top of the stage. Wearing a fine black suit from top to bottom, he unbuttons his coat and opens it up to show off the shiny new World Championship gold around his waist.

Zach Davis: You can catch Rebirth on Pay Per View all this week, because you missed one hell of a match!

Shannan Lerch: Rick Mad was a shocker, Torture pulling out the win? I don't know..

Torture steps into the ring with Mad and Avery. In the ring is a podium. The ring is a laid out red carpet. Torture circles the ring and then stands behind the podium. Rick Mad and Avery take a seat to the left and the right of him.

Zach Davis: I'm guessing Torture has something to say..

Torture: My fellow wrestlers, challengers, staff members and fans. We observe today not a victory of a party but a celebration of freedom, symbolizing an end to Gravediggers reign of Wrestling Championship Federation. This is a new beginning signifying a renewal as well as a change of power and responsibility.

We must not forget the day the heir of the first WCF revolution. Let the word go between friend and foe that the torch has been passed for a better generation of Wrestling Championship Federation. Let every competitor know. Whether they wish me well or ill, that they shall pay a price, bear a burden, and meet my hardship to assure their survival for my success in Wrestling Championship Federation. Let it be known. Today I say to you. The challenges I face are real. Some are serious and some are not. They will most likely be met easily, and in a short span of time. But know this WCF. They will be defeated.

In understanding the greatness of Torture, you must understand that greatness is never a given. It must be earned. My journey has never been one of shortcuts or settling for less. I'm still on top of the mountain. I'm still the number one wrestler in the world. Torture. Is the best.

For everywhere I look, I notice there is work to be done. From disgustingly piggish segments featuring sex,Wrestlers like Davey Boone, Ryan Daniels and Dobbie need my help. I know now that the work IS cut out for me. My plan is set out on the table. I will build the roads and bridges that will bind my new team together. The New Dynasty is set in place. We are successful. We are winners, and tonight we celebrate liberty. Wrestling Championship Federation freedom.

We dare not take this ring with weakness. Never in this Federation has two rival sides been on top. That is why I assure you, that while this regime change has been a success, we will continue to dominate, and destroy all that stands in front of us. You will not see us slip, or slide, you will not see us lose. We may battle on and on, but we have already won the war.

We will not apologize for our way of life nor will we waver in its defense. To the leaders in the back, and the rest of the wrestlers that call themselves competitors. I tell you this. You may join our side, or you may stand in front of us. Know this. You will be destroyed.

I'm Torture. The Wrestling Championship Federation Heavyweight Champion. And the new leader of the WCF!

Torture unstraps the title, and holds it above his head. Rick Mad and Avery stand up and applaud. The sold out crowd just boo's. Confetti and balloons begin to fall from the rafters. Millions and millions of balloons. A banner swings down from the top of the rafters as well, with Torture's face on it with a new WCF logo underneath it.

Jamais Vu by Dredg hits the airwaves. The crowd still booing and popping balloons. Torture still celebrating in the ring.

Shannan Lerch: We'll take a commercial break!

Davey Boone Segment

Davey Boone is seen in the backstage area just before his match. Gravedigger steps out in front of him with a very unpleasant look on his face. He's got his arms crossed as Boone begins to look around trying to see if his guys are around.

Gravedigger: Last week on MY pay per view, Seth Lerch interrupted the main event World Title match and altered events that were already set in motion. I had top notch security around the arena and throughout the arena, somebody let Lerch into the building. Do you have any ideas on who could be responsible for this action?

Davey Boone smiles a bit and places his hand on his chin and starts to rub it as he looks as if he's thinking.

Davey "The Savior" Boone: No, I do not know who "let" Seth Lerch into the arena. If you do not mind, I have a match next.

Gravedigger puts his hand back up stopping Boone from going any further.

Gravedigger: Your "step-brother" did not have anything to do with letting Seth Lerch into the arena last night?

Davey "The Savior" Boone: Are you kidding me? You forget, your goons incapacitated me last week after I signed my contract. If it weren't for my step-brother, I would not be standing in front of you right now. How could he have allowed Lerch into the building? Do you not think that maybe Lerch bought a ticket to the show?

Gravedigger: I do not appreciate your tone towards me right now and you had better not mistake me for a fool, Mr. Boone. Is your "step-brother" here tonight?

Davey "The Savior" Boone: Actually, no, he's not here. He is doing an exclusive interview with Chuck Watson tonight. Let's just hope for your sake, Seth Lerch doesn't appear again. Before this is all said and done, you won't be the man in charge here. And everything in the WCF will be right again.

Gravedigger slaps Boone across the face as Boone gets into his face with an angry look. He's fuming, just ready to explode at any moment. Boone then has a sickly looking smile on his face. You can hear the crowd booing in the background on the actions done by Gravedigger.

Gravedigger: I am your boss and you will show me the respect that I demand. Do you understand me? Now get out there and get ready for your match. It could end up being your last match in a wrestling ring!

Boone looks around again quickly and then back at Gravedigger with a smile.

Davey "The Savior" Boone: Thanks for the advice, "boss"....

Boone pats Gravedigger on the back and leaves. Gravedigger just stands there and pulls a radio out of his pocket.

Gravedigger: Security, make sure you keep an eye throughout the arena tonight for this black step-brother of Mr. Boone and for Seth Lerch. I have a feeling that somebody will feel like a hero tonight after what will happen. Boss man out.

Cameras go back to the arena.

Davey Boone vs Prince Jimmy Dean

The lights go off and Jerry "The King" Lawler's music starts playing. A single spotlight shines on a vacant archway and Prince Jimmy Dean is majestically pulled out on a golden carriage by two white horses. The crowd is silent in awe at the grandeur of the entrance. Prince Jimmy Dean is pulled around the ring while the crowd silently looks upon his carriage in awe. He slowly gets out of the chariot and gracefully walks into the ring and stands in the center as the single spotlight shines on him. The light goes off and he waits for his opponent to approach.

Zach Davis: We are set for the return of two time tag team champion, Davey Boone!

Shannan Lerch: Those tag team title reigns are questionable, his tag team partners carried him!

Zach Davis: Easy Shannan, he’s trying to help your brother!

Shannan Lerch: BLAH!

“Fight Like This” by Decyfer Down blares over the PA as Davey Boone steps out from behind the curtain and slowly walks down to the ring and looks over his shoulders ever so often. He climbs into the ring as the referee calls for the bell with the music fading away and the match begins! The two lock up in the middle of the ring, Jimmy flips Boone over with a hip toss as Boone stands up a bit stunned. Both men lock up again, and Jimmy is looking for the Baconator early!!! Boone smashes him with an elbow alongside his head forcing him to let go of the move. Boone comes off the ropes as Jimmy Dean ducks a clothesline attempt, both come back off the ropes as Jimmy delivers a flying cross body block into a pinning combination!




Zach Davis: Boone almost lost quickly in his debut match right there.

Shannan Lerch: I was ready to move on from this match when it began!

Boone gets back up to his feet and Jimmy lifts him up and body slams him down to the mat. He comes off the ropes and show boats a little, dropping a fist right onto the face of Davey Boone! Jimmy comes off the ropes again and connects with a leg drop! He makes another cover attempt, but Boone kicks out just before the referee places his hand down for a one count! The crowd begins to chant “DAV-EY...DAV-EY” over and over and stomp their feet making a thunderous sound heard throughout the arena. Jimmy has Davey Boone in a side headlock, but Boone is fighting up to his feet and slams Jimmy down on his back! Davey Boone rolls over on his stomach as Jimmy gets back to his feet and steps over Boone, he comes off the ropes as Boone leap frogs him, Boone drops down as the Prince comes back and attempts a monkey flip, but Jimmy lands on his feet and comes back off the ropes and baseball slides into the face of Boone! Jimmy makes another cover lifting both legs!





Shannan Lerch: So close but so far away!

Jimmy lifts Boone back up to his feet and swings him into the ropes and delivers a huge lariat! Jimmy Dean is now to his feet waiting for Boone to get up as the crowd is giving him a very mixed reaction! Boone gets back up to his feet and staggers around, SAUSAGE SLAMMER!!! SAUSAGE SLAMMER!!! Up the ramp walks out Dobbie and Chester as they begin to circle around the ring, Jimmy Dean stands to his feet and has a very confused look on his face as the referee is telling them to stay out of the match.

Zach Davis: Boone is virtually helpless out here, his back up is all out of the arena tonight and Gravedigger has upgraded the security where Seth can’t get into the building!

Boone has gotten back to his feet and is now standing behind Jimmy Dean, Boone grabs him by his legs and pulls him to the center of the ring as the crowd erupts into a huge cheer. Boone is trying to lock the legs of Jimmy Dean into his trademark Sharpshooter! Dobbie jumps up on the ring apron as Boone lets go of the attempt and runs over and knocks him off of the ring apron!

Zach Davis: That little bit of distraction may have helped the Prince out here tonight!

Shannan Lerch: He’s going to cost Davey Boone his debut match!

Boone turns around as Jimmy Dean places his arm, but Boone manages to block the attempt at the Baconator! Boone locks in and T-BONE SUPLEX!! Boone is quickly back up to his feet and climbs the top turnbuckle, he points towards the sky to honor his friend The Knucker, and comes off in the SCREAMING FROM THE SKYYYYYYY!!! He hits it and pulls Jimmy Dean to the middle of the ring and lifts a leg!





Shannan Lerch: I am so thrilled, can’t you see the excitement on my face? NOT!

Chester climbs into the ring and attacks Boone from behind as the referee starts to call for the bell. Dobbie climbs in and tosses the referee out of the ring as Gravedigger has appeared on the top of the entrance ramp with a microphone. Dobbie and Chester take turns beating Boone’s helpless and broken body as Gravedigger looks around in reception of a chorus of boos. He pulls the microphone up to his face and begins to speak.

Gravedigger: Davey Boone, HOW DARE YOU DISRESPECT ME!

The lights go out as the crowd begins to scream at the top of their lungs. Eventually, after several moments, the lights come back on... and Davey Boone is gone!

Zach Davis: What the...

Shannan Lerch: What happened?

Zach Davis: I wonder who could've saved him? Hmmm.

Gravedigger storms off, leaving Dean alone. Prince Jimmy Dean rolls to the outside of the ring, he yells at the staff until he his handed a live microphone. He rolls into the ring.

Prince Jimmy Dean: Screw this! I don't care if I lose to Davey Boone! I have defeated the many and many put before me, and I will never lose to real competitors! You think I care for Davey Boone? Think I hail the almighty Chad Evans? No!

Prince Jimmy Dean is a legend! A mythical creature that stalks the prey of the young! Prince Jimmy Dean deserves what he wants! I'm a Prince for god sakes! I've defeated dragons! And bearded ladies! And hairless men! I ask... no.. I demand a match for next week..

The only reason I'm here is for one reason. One reason only.. The one they call The Torture!

Crowd boos at Tortures name. They go back to cheering for the obviously humorous Prince Jimmy Dean.

Prince Jimmy Dean: That's right! I want Torture! I swam thousands of bottomless ocean waters, I ate hundreds of poisonous snakes and beetles to survive across the sands of the desert! I stole an old woman's car! And It's time I get what I deserve! I want Torture! *cheap pop.* I want the WCF Wrestling Championship Title! I want it to happen.. NEXT WEEK!

Prince Jimmy Dean slams down the microphone in the middle of the ring.

Zach Davis: Uhm. Okay.

Shannan Lerch: Is he even a real Prince?

Zach Davis: Beats me, but he has said from day one, all he wants is Torture..

End scene.

Jack of Blades Segment

Zach Davis: And now, we are going to go backstage where apparently Hank Brown has some information pertaining to Jack of Blades' supposed return to the roster and his presence here tonight.

Cut to the usual backstage interview area. Standing in front of a large plasma screen displaying the WCF logo is the ever-flappable Hank Brown. Unaware of the switch in focus, Brown is busy struggling to wipe a mustard stain from his cornflower-blue tie.

Zach Davis: Is he...? Hello. Hank, you're on.

A small laugh from the crowd can be heard. A quick, unseen signal from the cameraman rectifies the situation and Hank moves to address the camera.

Hank Brown: Yes, hello Zach. Shannan.

Shannan Lerch: Hank.

Zach Davis: Yes, Hank, apparently you have some news on Jack of Blades.

Hank Brown. Yes. That's right, The Bastard Clown, The Master Manipulator, Jack of Blades is reportedly making his return to active competition. A piece of news that has met with unanimous ill-feeling. Obviously, his previous employment here within the WCF resulted in a spell of dominance from Jack that culminated in his winning of the World Championship. However, his success also engendered much animosity and perhaps even, jealousy in his contemporaries.

Zach Davis: Yes. Perhaps, we could just discuss the piece of correspondence that received this week that was purportedly from Jack of Blades. It was written as an open letter to disgraced governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich and has been accessed by many a WCF fan over the past few days.

Hank Brown: Yes, well it's vintage Blades. All the trademarks were there. The high register vocabulary. The pervading sense of indignation that only madmen and disgruntled pensioners can produce. The intense disdain for one Opera Winfrey. It does seem as if this was crafted by the Bastard Clown himself.

Shannan Lerch: Ok. Enough of this. The reports said Jack of Blades was supposed to be here tonight. Where is he?

Hank Brown: Where isn't he? He's over here, he's over there. You can't miss him. He is so attracted to the limelight that I'm starting to believe he’s part moth...

Shannan Lerch: You haven't seen him have you?

Hank Brown's head drops to the floor in defeat. He slowly raises it like a small child who has just been subject to a parent’s harangue.

Hank Brown: No. No-one has.

Shannan Lerch: Well...thanks for that brilliant insight.

Hank Brown: Look, I promise you. If Jack of Blades is here, tonight, as reports claim. I will find him!

Zach Davis: Right, ok, thanks Hank.

We cut to a high-angle shot of the arena. As the camera crane pans around, scoping across the crowd, the frenzied masses realize that this is their chance to have their image forever recorded as part of WCF history and act accordingly. Another cut. This one back to Zach and Shannan at the announce table.

Zach Davis: Well, while, Hank tries to find Blades, let's carry on calling some quality wrestling matches. And, of course, we will keep you, the WCF fans, notified on any further happenings in Hank's search.

Shannan Lerch: Damnit! When we were looking for an interviewer, I told my brother to hire the blonde with 32DDs and a speech impediment. But, no, HE had to go for the male applicant...

Gravedigger Segment

"Dig" by Mudvayne hits the speakers and the crowd starts booing as the curtains part. Out come the tag team of Dobbie and Chester, followed by Mike D and Jayson Stasiak. Finally, the curtains part one last time and out comes the leader of The Dark Side and WCF owner, Gravedigger, with Jessie on his arm.

Zach Davis: The owner does NOT look happy tonight!

Shannan Lerch: He has no reason to be happy! He lost the championship match at Rebirth against Creeping Death and Torture. He lost it to due to the interference of my brother who returned! I'm still so happy to see him back out here again! Gravedigger finally got what he deserved!

Zach Davis: I would have to agree with you there Shannan.

The Dark Side make their way to the ring and they all get into the ring. A microphone is handed up to the ring and passed down to Gravedigger. The music slowly fades and Gravedigger holds the mic up, scowling out at the crowd as they cheer.

Zach Davis: For those confused at home right now, they are NOT cheering Gravedigger. They're cheering that he lost the match. The match that would have gotten him the world title and 100% control over WCF in every way possible.

Gravedigger finally speaks as the cheers die down.


The crowd cheers at the name of the former owner of WCF.

Gravedigger: YOU SON OF A BITCH!!

Gravedigger jumps up and down in anger.

Gravedigger: SETH!! GET OUT HERE NOW!!

Gravedigger points down at the ring and looks to the entranceway, expecting Seth to immediately jump when he says so. Gravedigger finally smirks after he realizes that Seth isn't coming out.

Gravedigger: You know what? That figures. I shouldn't be surprised that you wouldn't show your face out here when I tell you to. You're a coward and would only show up out of nowhere with a chair.

The crowd boos at the insulting of Seth Lerch.

Gravedigger: You son...of a...bitch! You cost me the match. I had Torture and Cor---

Gravedigger suddenly stops at the realization of something. He slowly turns his head to the rest of The Dark Side. Dobbie shrinks back.

Gravedigger: No, you know what? It's not only Seth's fault that I lost, it's the rest of you incompetent idiots, especially you, Dobbie.

Dobbie points at himself, confused, and mouths the words "who me?"

Gravedigger: Yes, you! Where the hell were you the other night? You pretty much sat on your ass over there at the timekeeper's table the whole match and ran in one time, only to receive a german suplex. We defeated the Germans a few decades ago and you were put out by a freakin suplex of theirs?? What the hell, Dobbie?? Chester and Mike D both tried as hard as possible to make sure that the title came home with us and you didn't do ANYTHING! You know what? I'll deal with you later!

Gravedigger stares at him for a few seconds before speaking again.

Gravedigger: So, I lost the chance to wear the world title again. Not a big deal right? I can just put myself in the main event at the next PPV. Gravedigger vs. Torture?

Jayson walks up and whispers something in Gravedigger's ear. Gravedigger turns to Jayson.

Gravedigger: What the hell are you talking about? I didn't already sign that match.

Jayson whispers something else in Gravedigger's ear.

Gravedigger: Corey Black signed me to a match at XIII? What the hell is this XIII? Whatever, that's not important. I'll deal with that later when we get back to the office. Rick Mad, yeah you get one, too. RICK MAD YOU SON OF A BITCH!! Rick Mad you wanna get in my business and mess with my match, too. You will also pay for the mistakes you're making. We've known each other for years. As long as we've known each other, I can't really recall you defeating me in a match and, buddy boy, that isn't changing anytime soon!

I've defeated you for this federation's tag team titles alongside my brother, Chester, and I've defeated you in a world title tournament in another federation. I've moved on past you, but apparently, you want to cling onto the past. You want to stick your nose where it doesn't belong. That's fine. Just like Seth Lerch, you will also learn not to mess in my affairs. And last but not least is these scum-sucking leech Boone boys that have apparently infested my domain. Davey Boone? Who the hell are you? I don't even know who you are and you're already acting like some kind of Johnny Badass like you impress somebody. I'll set the record straight right here, right now. You and your brother-in-law don't impress me one bit.

You think by walking into my domain, my kingdom, that you will dethrone this king. You think by spouting off accolades of greatest hardcore champion in WCF are supposed to impress me, well it doesn't. I don't give a damn who says they're the greatest at any thing hardcore-related, because...I AM THE EPITOME...OF HARDCORE. To be defeated in a hardcore match is a rarity in my career. It has only happened on a couple of occasions and I have won hardcore titles everywhere I've gone...except for here.

I've danced with the most hardcore wrestlers in the sport and like always....I COME OUT ON TOP. Jayson, add the Boone family to the list.

Jayson steps up and leans over.

Jayson Stasiak: What list?

Gravedigger: The list of people who need to be destroyed, whose careers need to be ended.

Jayson Stasiak: We don't have a list.


Jayson jumps back.

Jayson Stasiak: Fine.

Gravedigger: HIT MY MUSIC.

Gravedigger tosses the mic and glares out at the crowd as "Dig" by Mudvayne hits the speakers and The Dark Side exit the ring and head to the back.

Logan Segment

Logan is backstage, wandering around.

Logan: So hungry...

Logan looks down and sees a hot dog on the ground. His eyes go wide and he follows it, but as he's about to grab it, it moves. He follows it and tries to get it again, but again, it moves. It appears to be attached, and pulled by, a string. The hot dog keeps moving and Logan keeps following, eventually into a secluded area.... where he's met by Seth Lerch, who is the one pulling the hot dog.

Seth Lerch: Logan.

Logan: ...Seth.

Logan pauses.

Logan: Give me my damn hot dog.

Seth sighs, and picks up the hot dog, which has been drug across the arena floor, and hands it to him. Logan begins munching on it.

Seth Lerch: Logan, listen. Rick Mad was right. This isn't you.

Logan: But you know where you CAN see "me"? In my DVD, the Best of Logan-

Seth Lerch: No, no. Shut up. Listen to me. Logan, I need you.

Logan: I don't know what you've heard but I really ain't gay, man.

Seth sighs.

Seth Lerch: No, Logan. I need you... to save WCF. I can't do it myself. I have some support here, like Davey Boone, but Logan... did you hear what Gravedigger just said? I need you. You're the one who is going to defeat Gravedigger, you're the one that is going to get WCF back for me. I know we've had our past, but we share one thing... we both love WCF. I know you do.

Logan: I love cold hard cash and hot dogs.

Seth Lerch: I know you do, I know. But where did you get all that money, all that money you used to buy all those hot dogs? In WCF.

Logan: Hey, good point..

Seth Lerch: And where did you compete in those matches on the Best of Logan DVD? In WCF!

Logan: YEAH!

Seth Lerch: And you know Gravedigger is trying to kill it. You and I, we built this place, Logan. And Gravedigger is trying to tear it down. Now, you can't face Gravedigger yet, but I want you to work your way up. I want you to become the Face of Treachery, the man you used to be. Logan, tell me to shut up.

Logan: Why? I like what you're saying-

Seth Lerch: Logan, damnit, tell me to shut up.

Logan: But-

Seth slaps Logan.

Seth Lerch: Logan,-

Logan: SHUT UP!

Seth smiles.

Seth Lerch: That's right. Now, tonight you have the opportunity to go out there and defeat Chad Evans and earn a shot at Brad Kane, a man you hate, for the US Title, a belt you love. And you can do it. Let's go.

Seth and Logan nod and walk off.

US Title Contendership Match
Chad Evans vs Logan

The lights in the WCF Arena go dim. The sound of a harsh wind blowing can be heard over the PA System. The Slamatron video screen in the arena shows the image of a large, leafless branch of a tree twisting in the wind. The image slowly zooms out and we see a giant fire spreading through the land near the tree, the tree itself is soon overcome as the strong wind gusts blow the flames further out of control.

The image zooms out further and we see the remains of what appears to have been a once thriving village now in a large pile of rubble on the ground, the sound of fire raging and debris crackling melds to form a cacophony along with the howling of the wind. The video screen switches to an overhead shot of the barren, desolate wasteland being consumed by flame, and the words "Tenuous", "Impetuous" and "Subservient" flash on the screen in bold red type.

After a few moments the scene of the fiery wasteland fades into an image of the sun shining brightly in a clear blue sky. The camera zooms out and we see the image of a dragon flying toward the sun. The words "Embolden", "Enlighten" and "Illuminate" appear on the screen in dark blue type.

Suddenly the video screen goes black while a yellow strobe light fills the arena, the opening strains of "Illumination" by Rollins Band can be heard over the PA System. After a few moments Chad Evans appears at the entrance way draped in his orange robe. Evans stands motionless at the top of the entrance ramp. When the song picks up and the chorus hits, flames rise up from the floor, forming a circle around Evans. After the chorus ends, followed by a sweet guitar solo, the song gets quieter and the flames disappear.

Evans walks slowly down to ringside, expressionless, ignoring the fans, with his eyes locked on the ring. When he reaches the ring, Evans leaps onto the apron and flips forward over the top rope. In one swift motion Evans disrobes and hands the robe to a ringside attendant. Evans jumps up and down and does some quick stretches to warm up, then stands patiently in his corner with a focused expression on his face.

Zach Davis: Evans looking very determined as usual.

Shannan Lerch: He should be, tonight he faces the returning Logan.

Zach Davis: Returning Logan?

Shannan Lerch: Yup. I've been hearing it's no hotdog's tonight, Logan is game. This is his REAL comeback match.

Coldplay's "Viva La Vida blasts out into the speakers. Logan and Seth Lerch make their presence at the top of the ramp. Seth Lerch is ecstatic, jumping up and down pointing his fingers to the still determined Logan.

Shannan Lerch: Earlier backstage Seth told me he choose this song for Logan's motivational come back.

The crowd erupts with cheers, their on the edge of their seat all anticipating the beloved return of their Face of Treachery. Logan punches the air a few times while he walks down the ramp, no advertised shirts or DVD's, just one man ready to wrestle accompanied by a hopeful manager. He climbs up the steel steps, Seth takes outside the ring applauding Logan along, Logan climbs into the ring with Chad Evans with a huge cheering echoing the arena.

Zach Davis: I've got goosebumps!

Shannan Lerch: It's about time these stupid fans opened their eyes and cheered Logan.

The music cuts. The bell rings. Logan versus Chad Evans. WCF's old flame versus WCF's new flame. They circle each other, Chad seeming a little cautious to Logan's hungry determined approach. Logan stops, a grin forming over his face and he sticks his hand out in front of Chad. Being the good sportsman he is, he gladly accepts moving in to shake Logan's hand. The two shake hands.

Zach Davis: I was half expecting Logan to throw his hand away at the last second. Maybe this bastard has really changed for the better.

They back off now, ready to go, circling each other, plotting their attacks, squaring the other up. The two agree to a test of strength. They lock hands, Chad begins with an early advantage pushing Logan down nearly to his knees. But Logan begins fighting back raising upwards and now has the upper hand pushing Chad down.

Zach Davis: There is some strength hidden underneath that fat after all.

The crowd motivates Logan on with chants, not even the Face of Treachery can believe the crowd is behind him so much as a surprised look dwells on his face. Chad hasn't lost this test of strength yet, he regains monument, pushing himself back up, overpowering Logan and throwing him off his feet. Logan tumbles down but quickly rolls back to his feet to meet a vicious oncoming close line from Chad, Logan's reflexes keep him from getting his head knocked off, he ducks, Chad misses on the attack flying past Logan, taking advantage of this Logan grabs him from behind executing a near perfect german suplex. Again the crowd is to their feet screaming at the top of their lungs. Chad is quickly back up though, not giving Logan a chance to take advantage. Chad sends a quick stiff to Logan's gut before grabbing him and irsh whipping him towards the ropes, however, Logan hangs onto Chad's hand reversing the irish whip bringing Chad back into him for a quick close line. Chad goes down but pops back up to get another close line from Logan. The young star makes it to his feet yet again, Logan shoots for another close line, Chad dodges it slipping behind Logan grabbing his head and dropping a neck breaker! Logan goes down and stays down. Chad quickly collects himself moving in on the laid out Logan, sending vicious kicks to his mid section. Logan rolls towards the bottom rope to slide out of the ring, but instead of rolling out he grabs onto the bottom rope with one hand, grabs one of Chad's stomps with the other managing to trip him over off his feet. This gives Logan enough time to get back up, grabbing onto the ropes for support he pulls himself back to his feet. Chad is back up as well, recovering easily, they then begin to exchange blows, giving the fans a true a fist fight. Logan seems half exhausted already giving Chad the upper hand to this battle. Chad punches Logan into the turnbuckle and starts chopping away at his chest sending loud thuds echoing through the arena, the crowd soon overcomes those echos though with chants of "LO-GAN! LO-GAN!"

Zach Davis: Can't believe my ears.

Logan acknowledges their cheers, snapping back into reality he dodges one of Chad's brutal chop, grabs Chad, and they exchange places. Logan now starts chopping away at Chad's chest. He soon quits though, catching his breath leaving Chad alone for a second. Chad stumbles out of the turnbuckle, and in one swift motion Logan jumps off his feet completing a back flip, the end result is a vicious foot catching Chad's jaw. The crowd goes nuts!


Logan almost loses his balance when he lands on the feet not having performed the actual move in years, Seth Lerch is on the outside screaming "Loganshooter!". Logan nods, reaching down grabbing Chad's legs and locking the move in!

Zach Davis: The Loganshooter! Could this be it?!

Shannan Lerch: Logan has won world titles with this move, it's very painful!

Chad yells out in pain looking for the nearest ropes as Logan clinches backwards, Logan is desperate to end this match and has a death lock on the sharpshooter. More so, the crowd cheers Logan's attempt to make Chad submit, but their also behind Chad as well cheering him on for a rope break. Chad is feet away, he keeps crawling, inches, he's so close! He lunges for the ropes... NO! Logan drags him back into the middle of the ring.

Zach Davis: Chad has nowhere to go! Could this be it?!

Seth Lerch jumps up and down in place slamming his hands on the ring apron. Logan grits his teeth desperately holding onto Chad as hard as he can. But just when Chad looks like he's about to tap out Logan releases the hold.

Shannan Lerch: What?!

A hotdog mascot comes fleeing from the crowd jumping over the guard rail with a tray of freshly made hotdogs. In a trance like state, Logan completely forgets the match, hopping out of the ring, grabbing one of the delicious treats. The referee begins counting him out as Chad recovers back inside the ring clinching his legs. Seth Lerch is at Logan's side screaming in his ear. Logan seems completely unfazed by Seth's efforts to get Logan back into the ring as he starts eating the hotdog and walking away from the ring. Logan begins walking up the ramp as Seth comes running behind him.

Zach Davis: What the hell is he doing..?

Logan reaches the top of the ramp, raising his arm in the air with the hotdog, the crowd cheers on in appreciation of the performance he just gave that could easily reminisce his prime days. Seth Lerch disappointedly puts his head down and rolls into the ring.

Shannan Lerch: What is Seth doing?

He whispers something in the referee's ear, then pulls out some money and hands it to him. Chad Evans looks furious but the referee signals for the bell and talks to the ring announcer...

Ring Announcer: The referee has declared that Chad Evans' hands are "lethal weapons" and as such has disqualified Chad Evans for using them. The winner of the match, and US Title #1 contender, Logan!

The fans don't know what to think and Chad Evans is none too happy. Seth and the referee both quickly leave the ring and run to the back.

Zach Davis: Well that was strange. Seth always has to make sure Logan wins....

Shannan Lerch: My only guess is that that referee is a Seth Lerch loyalist, and also likes taking bribes? I don't know.

Seth runs after Logan backstage while he eats the hotdog.

Zach Davis: I guess Logan is satisfied with what he did..? Maybe.

Shannan Lerch: What's the deal with that hotdog mascot?!

Zach Davis: And where was Gravedigger during this whole thing?

Shannan Lerch: I bet he's interested to see what Seth is going to do... I bet he has something planned.

Logan Post Match Segment

Moments after the match, the cameras open up backstage following Seth Lerch, and Logan.

Seth Lerch: What the hell man? You could've won for real! Luckily for you that ref is a close personal friend of mine, and I had some money to bribe him with. But you could've won!

Still enjoying his treat, Logan stares at Seth before replying with a mouth full of food.

Logan: PHON?!

Gulping down the rest of his hotdog.

Logan: Won? Seth, I'm.. eh. This isn't a comeback story for me. THIS IS WHO I AM!

Logan slams the hotdog down to the floor before storming off.

Seth Lerch: .. Logan..

Logan stops, his back turned to Seth, this raises a little more hope that maybe Logan is trying to change. Logan turns around back into Seth's direction, determination in his eyes, he starts walking towards the black curtain that leads to the entrance ramp.

Seth Lerch: That's right, Logan! You go out there and finish your matc-

Logan picks the hotdog back up, turns around, and walks away somewhere backstage.

Seth Lerch: Oh boy.. this is going to be harder than I thought.

Corey Black Segment

Cameras cut backstage as Corey Black is seen walking around preparing for his match. A crew man walks up to him and hands him a box that’s wrapped up with his name on it. Black shrugs looking confused and opens it up as a snake pops out of the box and starts to slither on the ground. Corey jerks back for a brief moment as we hear several screams throughout the backstage area as the crowd is laughing. A couple of other crew guys come running in and corner the snake and manage to catch it and place it in a bag and run towards the back with it. Corey has a smile on his face as he pulls a note from the box and reads it aloud.

Corey Black: "Time is going by quickly, you will feel the bite of the TRUE WCF Hardcore Champion soon enough! I RETURN NEXT WEEK! CJ”

After reading the note, Black looks around.

Corey Black: ...What the hell is this. Like I'm going to be scared of some dumb snake? Whoever you are, show up next week and bring it.

Corey throws the box onto the ground and starts to stomp on it. He finishes it and kicks it off to the side and walks further down the hall. The scene fades.

Corey Black vs Ryan Daniels

Shannan Lerch: Debut time for Ryan Daniels ... did I mention I hate CD?

Zach Davis: I think every match he's ever been in, Shannan.

Voice: Welcome to Hollywood, may all your dreams come true

The suspenceful tone of the intro plays as the violins set the lets to flicker red.


Guitars hits and the crowd is on their feet and pyro rains down on the entrance ramp and Ryan Daniels emerges from the back with a random T-shirt on he stands underneath the pyro, his head bowed as the intro continues to play. After it finishes the pyro stops and Ryan walks down the ramp

This is a wake up call
To all who their eyes
This is our hope,
Hopeless beaten strife

HE stops at the middle and starts to hop up and down, getting himself hyped up and ready for his match.

You kill the messenger not to hear it
It doesn't mean it never happened
It doesn't mean it never happened

He runs up the ring steps and slingshots into the ring. HE runs up the turnbuckles and stop, one foot on the top buckle and the other on the second he points out tot he crowd, mouthing the chorus to the song.

"This is our mission
statement to go show the world
We must survive"

HE hops off the turnbuckle and removes his shirt as the music starts to fade out.

Zach Davis: The new mission is to not be killed by CD.

No theatrics. No lights going out, nothing. Machine Head's cover of "Hallowed Be Thy Name" by Iron Maiden hits the PA system. With every bell toll, the lights flash brighter. When Robb Flynn comes in singing, the crowd sings along. "I'm waiting in my cold cell, when the bell begins to chime. Reflecting on my past life, and it doesn't have much time. Because at five o'clock, they take me to the gallows pole. The sands of time, for me, are running looooow!" One minute and eight seconds in, when the guitar hits, Corey Black comes through the curtain and onto the stage, wearing the Creeping Death mask, along with a black hoodie with the hood up, and Nikki Venus by his side. Black Venus stop on the stage and take in the reaction from the crowd, Corey looking out to them from behind the mask. Corey walks down to the ring, not veering from a straight shot into the squared circle, while Nikki walks behind him. Corey slides in under the bottom rope and gets up, throwing the devil horns as he stands, to which the crowd does back. Nikki stops on the floor before the ring and stands there cheering on her man. Corey pulls his hood down and removes Creeping Death mask, once again looking out and getting a reaction. Black takes off the hoodie and drops all the items on the apron, then walks to the far corner and awaits the match to begin.

Shannan Lerch: Oh look, Miss Venus now escorts Corey down to the ring. How nice. Bitch.

Zach Davis: Just because she's hotter than you, doesn't mean she's a bitch.

Corey and Ryan meet in the center of the ring at the bell is sounded. Right off the bat, they lock up. Daniels takes Black over with a quick arm drag, and then another as Corey is back up. Daniels throws a quick kick at Black's ribcage, and follows that up with a quick drop toe hold.

Shannan Lerch: Confusing combination of moves there, but it for CD down!

Daniels floats to a side head lock and rides Black's head for a bit. Corey eventually fights up, but is taken over in a judo type throw and right back into the head lock.

Zach Davis: Ryan has the right idea here. Keep CD on the mat and don't let him jump anywhere, or throw kicks.

Corey fights up again, this time breaking free. Corey shoots Daniels off him, and on the way back, eats a shoulder block, taking Corey down. Daniels hits the ropes again, Black turns over, Daniels jumps over him, hits the ropes again as Corey gets to his feet and leap frogs the return, on the way back Black begins rapidfiring kicks into Daniels. One after another. And with each one, Corey is yelling "FUCK YOU!" right into Daniels' face!

Zach Davis: I'm not so sure how needed THAT is, but CD has obviously had enough games.

One final roundhouse to the head knocks Daniels into the turnbuckle, and the crowd is going NUTS. Black runs at Daniels full speed and flies through the air from at least half way across the ring, hitting a big dropkick to Daniels' face! The force knocks Daniels into the air against the buckle, and back down to the mat in a sitting position. Before anyone has a chance to cheer, Black is running against the opposite side ropes, and comes back with a boot across Daniels' face at full speed, bouncing on the ropes being the only thing from flying out of the ring!

Shannan Lerch: JESUS CHRIST!

Corey pulls Daniels out of the corner to the delight of the crowd. Black throws Ryan against the ropes, and on the return, hits another roundhouse ... but not with his foot.

Zach Davis: Corey Black just roundhouse knee'd Ryan Daniels straight in the face!

The force of the blow sends Daniels down in a heap. Black ends up standing over Daniels, one foot on each side of his torso. Corey jumps straight up into the air and comes crashing down with both knees right on Daniels' face.

Shannan Lerch: FFFUUUUU-

Quickly into the pin...




Zach Davis: Corey Black wins!

Gravedigger/Corey Black Segment

Just when everyone thinks the match has finished and the show prepares to go to commercial, "Dig" by Mudvayne is once again heard on the speakers and out walks Gravedigger, by himself. He has a microphone in hand. Corey Black turns to the ramp with a smile on his face.

Gravedigger: COREY BLACK! Give him a microphone right now!

A ringside attendant quickly fumbles around and grabs a mic, he walks over and hands it to Corey Black.

Corey Black: What is it Gravedigger?

Gravedigger: Who the HELL do you think you are booking me in matches without my permission? Did Seth Lerch put you up to it?

Corey Black: No, he didn't. I put you in the match on my own. You got a problem with that?

Gravedigger: Of course I have a problem with that. I'm the owner of WCF, you can't just put ME in matches, only I can do that!

Corey Black: Wrong, 'Digger. Check my contract, it says it right in there in fine print. I have creative control in the form of an annual PPV that I can book whoever I whatever type of match I want. This was put in there before you came on board.

Gravedigger starts to say something but is interrupted.

Corey Black: You also can't fire me due to my clause pertaining to XIII. There's nothing you can do about it.

Gravedigger: DAMMIT. Jayson get out here!

A few seconds later Jayson Stasiak runs out from the back with a set of papers in his hand. Gravedigger flips through them and then finally hands them back. Gravedigger has a pissed off look on his face. Then finally, a smile creeps across his face.

Gravedigger: Actually, no, I can do something about it. Until the PPV, I can put you in matches of my choosing to teach you a lesson. Let's see how you do in next week's handicap match. Against who? You'll see...

"Dig" by Mudvayne hits the speakers again as Gravedigger is yelling at Jayson as they walk to the back, and we go to a commercial break.

Logan/Gravedigger Segment

The cameras reopen up again backstage to find Logan in front of WCF's management office. Gravedigger enters, frustrated after his altercation with Corey Black.

Gravedigger: Logan! Hey.. your match was terrible, ratings went down because of it, that's a good thing though! I thank you. I look forward to seeing what you and my good old pal Seth Lerch have planned!

Logan rushes Gravedigger grabbing his collar slamming him against a wall, being completely surprised by Logan's actions, this gives Logan a chance to speak.

Logan: You wouldn't know a good thing if it bit you in the ass!

Gravedigger: Get your god damn hands off me!

Logan slips behind Gravedigger, his teeth sinking into his rear end. Gravedigger groans in a moment of pain as Logan is biting his behind.

Gravedigger: Security!

Trying to resist, Gravedigger punches at Logan, but it's not enough to break Logan's pitbull like jaws away from Gravediggers ass. Security finally rushes in quickly detaining Logan, and setting his mouth free away from the owners behind.

Gravedigger: Throw him out!

Logan struggles with the guards, but their too much for him, they carry off a kicking and screaming Logan.

US Title Match
Thunder vs Brad Kane

"Money" by Pink Floyd begins to play. As the cash register sound ends and the music begins, Thunder walks towards the ring. He reaches the apron and climbs the turnbuckle, taunting the fans.

Zach Davis: And here we go with the return match from Rebirth. Thunder finds himself challenge for the United States Title tonight against the man that beat him eight nights ago, Brad Kane.

Shannan Lerch: You have to think that both men will have different game plans. Last time, Thunder targeted that leg of Brad and it worked well for the most part, I think he should do it again.

"In my opinion, the best thing you can do is find a person who loves you for exactly what you are. Good mood, bad mood, ugly, pretty... handsome, what have you, the right person will still think the sun shines out your ass. That's the kind of person that's worth sticking with."

The house lights go out in the arena as the opening of "Eye of the Storm" by Killswitch Engage flares up. Strobe lights begin to go insane when the vocals blare out of the sound system as Brad Kane, WCF United States Championship strapped around his waist as he appears in the entry way. The crowd cheers seeing them as Brad inhales before he makes his way down the ring. A few hands get slapped but not many as once Brad is at ringside, he hops up on the ring apron. The lights are back to normal as they enter the ring as he heads to the nearest turnbuckle and goes up to the middle buckle. He takes the United States Title off of his waist, holding it up into the air as he looks out into the crowd. Some take pictures as he steps down, inhaling once more as he does the same thing on the other side of the ring. He then backs into the corner as hands the United States Title to the ref. Brad then waits for the match to begin as his entrance song fades off.

Shannan Lerch: Brad Kane, the United States Champion. He's made quite a name for himself here in WCF.

Zach Davis: Without a doubt. Sure he's had periods where he doesn't enjoy this place but when his heart is in it, look out.

Much like Rebirth, the ring announcer is standing in the middle of the ring.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a thirty minute time limit and is for the Wrestling Championship Federation United States Championship! Introducting first, in the corner to my left, the challenger. He weighed in tonight at 230 pounds and comes from the "Steel City" Pittsburgh, Pennslyivana. He is a former holder of numerous titles in WCF, Thunder!!!

The fans boo him, not throwing toliet paper at him again. Thunder looks focused for this one here tonight.

Ring Announcer: And introducting to the man in the corner to my right. He weighed in tonight at 228 pounds comes from Boston, Massachusetts by way of Belfast, Ireland. He is a former WCF World Champion and the current reigning and defending Wrestling Championship Federation United States Champion since January 25th, 2009. He is Brad Kane!!!

Red and black streamers fly into the ring while Brad raises his index finger into the air. The streamers get cleared out of the ring quickly before the ring announcer and the title leave the ring. Both Brad and Thunder stare at one another.

*Ding ding ding!*

The crowd begins to roar for this non title match here tonight between Thunder and Brad Kane. Brad doesn't seem too catious tonight, zooming right in, looking for a knock out blow already, going for the BK Backfist. Thunder ducks out of the way and backs towards a corner, inhaling for a moment. Brad stares at him while Thunder goes into the middle of the ring, extending his hands out for a lock up. Putting his hands over his face, Brad shakes his head. Once he opens them, Thunder says hello with a stiff elbow strike to the side of Brad's head. Brad responds in kind with a stiff elbow of his own. Now Thunder hits another before Brad does. The two are exchanging these hard strikes as the crowd gets to their feet, cheering for this opening exchange of elbows. Thunder switches up and snapmares Brad down to the mat before rearing his leg back and kicking Brad between the shoulder blades with all of his might. That gets followed by a second. Brad shakes his head, getting right back up before kicking Thunder in the chest. Thunder stands his ground, asking for another and Brad is happy to grant his wish with another stiff kick to the chest. Thunder still doesn't move as the two men get in each other's faces.

Zach Davis: What a hard exchange to start this one off. Seems like neither of them are going to back down first and admit that these hard shots hurt.

Shannan Lerch: They're similiar in size so they'll be able to hand out what they throw pretty well I think.

Zach Davis: Do my ears decieve me or did you just say something insightful?

Shannan Lerch: I think you misheard me... *starts to whistle*

With neither man backing down from the other's strikes, they agressively go into a collar and elbow tie up. They struggle to try to gain the advantage on one another until Thunder surprises Brad by releasing the hold and quickly grabbing one of Brad's arms and throwing him over with an arm drag. Brad gets up to eat a dropkick to the chin, sending him into the corner. Thunder charges in with a leaping elbow, connecting with the face of Brad Kane. While Brad staggers out of the corner, Thunder heads to the top rope. The crowd gets on their feet, waiting to see what he's going to do. He leaps off with a crossbody but Brad manages to catch him on his shoulders. Brad powers Thunder up into the air and catches him with a european uppercut on his way down!

Shannan Lerch: I got one word for that, ow.

Zach Davis: Impressive going by both men already tonight. This should be a sight to behold.

Thunder is on the canvas, getting back up to his feet, shaking his head after that happened, trying to clear his mind. Brad waits for him to stand before they start to circle around one another. Thunder shoots in with a double leg takedown but Brad is able to lower himself down and block Thunder from taking him all the way down to the mat. Using his head, Thunder headbutts the stomach of Brad once and then twice. Brad releases his grip, allowing Thunder to successfully take him down to the mat. He leaps over Brad, grabbing one of his arms and tries to put him in a cross armbreaker. Brad gets his foot on the ropes to break the hold before it could be properly applied. Both men get back up to their feet as the crowd applauds the both of them. Brad rubs his face, trying to figure out his plan as is Thunder.

Zach Davis: Still neither of them have been able to gain a solid advantage to this point.

Shannan Lerch: Personally, I'm hoping for Thunder to win tonight to see if anyone has the balls to add him to the match at Playtime's Over.

Zach Davis: That would be quite interesting to see how that'd play out.

The two circle around once again, figuring out what's next. Thunder rushes in with another collar and elbow tie up. Brad kicks him in the thigh while in the tie up before pushing him into a corner. The ref calls for a break as the two men release the hold, Brad backing away to let Thunder out of the corner. Thunder nods his head, staring at his foe across the ring. Brad is leaning into the corner staring back at Thunder. Neither of them are moving right now as the crowd looks onward, silent but ready to explode. Brad gets tired of waiting, rushing forward towards Thunder, lifting his leg for a yakuza kick. Thunder ducks underneath and uses a legsweep to take Brad Kane off of his feet. Thunder then hops up to the top rope and leaps off with a frog splash. Brad rolls out of the way while Thunder manages to land on his feet! Thunder runs towards Brad now, getting a kick to the chest for his trouble. Thunder takes a couple of steps backwards before Brad kicks him in the chest a second time. Now Thunder is against the ropes, Brad sprinting towards him and dropkicks him out of the ring. Thunder smacks the floor hard while Brad stands in the middle of the ring, waiting for him to get back up.

Shannan Lerch: Perhaps this is the start for an advantage.

Zach Davis: Mayhaps. I guess we'll see soon enough.

Brad begins to hop up and down when he sees Thunder rising back up to his feet. He runs and flies through the middle rope with a tope con hilo which barely grazes Thunder, Brad flying into the crowd.


Thunder is leaning against the ring apron, looking out into the crowd, seeing Brad in the front row. He slides into the ring to stop the count before going back onto the apron, looking back to see when Brad gets back into the ringside area. Brad does, flopping onto the floor and the gets up to his feet. Thunder grabs to the top rope and jumps, springboarding into an asai moonsault, taking Brad down along with himself. The crowd gets up to cheer the high flying. Thunder hops back to his feet, high fiving a few fans in the front row before pulling Brad back up and rolling him into the ring. Thunder gets back on the apron and waits for Brad to rise up again. Once he does, Thunder springboards again, taking down Brad with a DDT! He rolls him over without a second though, covering him.



Brad pops his shoulder off of the mat. The crowd claps, Thunder grabbing Brad by the head before lifting him up with a suplex. He holds him up there, letting the crowd count until Brad drops down and lands on his feet. He grabs Thunder and hooks his arms, hitting a tiger suplex. He rolls through it, readjusting his arms and hitting him with a dragon suplex, keeping the bridge.



Thunder is able to roll his shoulders off of the mat, the crowd standing and cheering both men.

Zach Davis: Thunder nearly wins through that springboard DDT and Brad nearly got it with that AMG Special Number Two.

Shannan Lerch: This is starting to get good and I mean that for once.

Both of them are standing once again before they meet up in the middle of the ring and begin to exchange elbow strikes again. Back and forth they go, neither man gaining an advantage or backing down at all. Thunder goes backwards and bounces off the ropes, putting more force into his elbow. Brad goes backwards into the ropes now himself and comes forward with a hard yakuza kick. Thunder bounces off of the ropes now himself again, coming out with a stiff roaring elbow that knocks Brad down to the mat! Thunder runs towards the turnbuckle and leaps up to the top, spinning his body around in the process, drawing a huge ovation from the crowd for doing so. Brad is on his stomach while Thunder leaps off the top turnbuckle, driving both of his feet down on Brad's back.

Shannan Lerch: Double foot stomp!!!

Zach Davis: This could be all she wrote for Brad Kane!

Thunder slowly turns Brad over and covers him, hooking a leg.




Noooo! Brad pops his shoulder off of the canvas just in time while Thunder looks up at the ceiling, wondering what he needs to do next. He pulls Brad up to his feet before grabbing Brad's head, perhaps looking for The Notch on the Bed Post. Before he has a chance to land the move, Brad blocks it by throwing Thunder into the ropes. Once he comes back towards the current United States Champion, Brad hooks him up and throws him overhead with an exploder suplex!

Zach Davis: From nearly winning it to taking an exploder, such is the life in pro wrestling.

Shannan Lerch: Dur, good call Bob Costas.

Zach Davis: Never call me that again.

Shannan Lerch: Okay John Madden.

Brad slowly gets up to his feet, looking at Thunder. Thunder is on his knees, Brad running towards him and hitting a huge soccer kick to the front of his head. Now Thunder finds himself getting pulled up to his feet and getting his arm pumphandled. He knows what's coming and fights his way out of it. Brad takes a few steps back, Thunder running towards him. Thunder eats a european uppercut before Brad pumphandles him again, hitting the LMSBCBK this time! The crowd roars with excitement while Brad drops down, hooking both legs.




The bell rings again, Brad rolling off of Thunder, breathing a bit hard after this great encounter here tonight.

Shannan Lerch: And the champ wins this title match.

Zach Davis: Still, I think Thunder proved that he will be a dangerous threat for quite some time to come. Hats off to him for a fine job of wrestling tonight, again.

Brad stands up as his music starts playing again.

Jack of Blades Segment

Shannan Lerch: And, apparently, we are now going backstage where there have been some recent developments in Hank Brown's search for The Bastard Clown.

The camera cuts to backstage where Hank Brown is navigating the Byzantine corridors of the arena. With him is a cameraman struggling to remain at a similar pace.

Hank Brown: That's right, Shannan. With a little bit of ingenuity, I have managed to ascertain the whereabouts of the former WCF World Champion, Jack of Blades. And, he is indeed here tonight. Having a look at the roster roll call, it appears as if Blades and his cohorts, Jesper and Dysphoria, are registered to be residing in Room Thirteen of the East Wing. And we are just on our way to it now. We hope to bring you an exclusive interview with the returning Jack of Blades...

Hank quickly shifts around a corner. The cameraman, weighed down by the equipment from which his name derives, follows slightly behind. Hank continues down the corridor passing idle stagehands and forgotten wrestlers. A sudden stop encourages the cameraman to do the same. The search is over. They are at Room Thirteen. Jack's room.

Hank Brown: Ok, this is it.

Hank raises his hand as if to knock on the pine surface of the door. However, he stops halfway perhaps suffering from a flashback of all Jack's misdeeds. A short sigh later and Hank manages to rap his knuckles on the door. A few seconds of nothingness. No answer.

Hank Brown: We are at the right place, correct?

A murmur from behind the camera, a whisper using the words 'Room Thirteen...East Wing' addresses Hank. A more determined knock on the door from Hank. Still no response but the increased force put behind it causes the door to creep ajar. Hank tentatively opens the door fully and enters, away from the camera’s view.

Hank Brown: Oh my God!

The cameraman quickly rushes forward bringing himself through the door to record a room in complete disarray. Furniture overturned. The Mini-bar thoroughly scavenged. Potted plants soiled presumably by Blades' idiot savant. It appears as if this room has simultaneously housed The Who, Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty all of whom were suffering the effects of a lithium and pixie stick binge. The only thing in the room that remains intact is a small table. And on that table is spread a full deck of cards in no discernable order and an ash-try holding a still-smoking cigar. However, these elements are secondary to the room's overall aesthetic. There is one feature that suggests Jack of Blades did indeed inhabit this room recently. It is the one feature that has captured Hank's undivided attention.

Hank Brown: What...What is it?

The camera pans upwards from the table and settles on the whitewashed walls of the dressing room. There read the words 'I QUIT' scrawled in either blood or dyed corn syrup. Hank merely looks up at the six-foot capitals aghast at what he is seeing.
The camera remains static, lingering on the impromptu graffiti for added effect. We return to Shannan and Zach at the announce table.

Zach Davis: Well, what does that mean? Is Jack...quitting before he even begins?

Shannan Lerch: I have no idea. There have been rumors of someone wanting to challenge Blades to a match but... could this have something to do with that?

Zach Davis: I have no idea, Shannan.

The Dark Side vs Torture/Chris Avery/Rick Mad

"Haunted" by Disturbed starts playing on the speakers as the lights go out. A spotlight lights up the curtains as they part. Out walk Chester and Dobbie followed by their manager Jayson Stasiak. They both walk down the ramp to the ring taunting the fans the whole way down. Both men run from the bottom of the ramp to the ring and slide in together. They stand in a corner together and begin discussing strategy as they wait for the match to begin.

"Change" by Deftones hits the speakers. The curtains part and out walks Gravedigger with his manager Jayson Stasiak, valet Jessie, and bodyguard Mike D. Gravedigger stands at the top of the ramp and soaks in the jeers from the crowd. He grins as he walks down the ramp, feeling the electricity from the crowd. Gravedigger walks up the ring steps and holds the rope for Jessie and Jayson as they enter the ring. Mike D leaps from the floor to the apron and then steps in. Gravedigger enters last. Gravedigger walks to each corner and stands on the middle turnbuckle, taunting the crowd from each one.

Shannan Lerch: Including Jayson and Mike D, it seems like the numbers game once again is in favor for the Dark Side.

Zach Davis: Great point, Shannan.

Jamais Vu by Dredg hits the airwaves. The crowd begins to boo like crazy. Chris Avery and Rick Mad step out on to the stage and begin to walk down the ramp. Just a few paces behind them is Torture. Mad and Avery stand at the bottom of the ramp, as Torture walks right up behind them. A staff member runs up to Torture and takes the title from around his waist and takes it back to the timekeepers table. The music stops. The ref in the middle of the ring asks Jayson and Mike D to leave the ring. The crowd starts to wait in anticipation.

Shannan Lerch: Three in the ring, and Torture and his crew are waiting!

Torture stands in between Mad and Avery. Without hesitation, Mad and Avery slide in first! They go toe to toe with Chester and Dobbie! Trading lefts and rights. Torture steps up onto the apron and walks into the ring. Dobbie as Avery in the corner, while Mad has Chester in the corner. Gravedigger smiles like a god damn bastard. Torture smiles like a cocky son of a bitch. They both walk right up to each other face to face. Just as the crowd gets ready for an epic one on one.. Jayson slides in and hits a chairshot across the back of The Tort! The crowd gasps! Torture hits his knees in front of Gravedigger who then nails a boot to the face. The ref is in dissapproval! He throws Jayson and Mike D out of the match! He's throwing them out of the match!

Zach Davis: Gravedigger doesn't like that!

Shannan Lerch: Mike D and Jayson have to go to the back! Gravedigger arguing his case..

Zach Davis: Clearly in the union laws.. You can run the company all you want, but the Ref Union states during matches the black and white striped refs are the men in charge during sanctioned matches.

Shannan Lerch: You actually read the rule books?

Zach Davis: Jesus Christ Shannan, do some research..

Mike D and Jayson are being shoo'ed up the ramp by other refs, as Gravedigger throws Torture right out of the ring. The ref gets order in the ring while Torture holds his head on the outside of the ring. Gravedigger points to Rick Mad. Chris Avery goes to his corner while Torture uses the apron to get to his feet. Chester and Dobbie get out of the ring onto the apron. Gravedigger and Rick Mad circle the ring twice... Gravedigger stops near his corner. He discusses something quickly with the ref. The ref argues. Gravedigger demands that something be done. The ref walks over to Rick Mad and tells him to get out of the ring.

Zach Davis: Is Gravedigger demanding that they start the match with Chris Avery now?

Shannan Lerch: There is just somethings as an owner, you can get away with.

Chris Avery gets into the ring and calms Rick Mad down. Torture and Mad eye Gravedigger up and down. Chris Avery walks over to the center of the ring..

Zach Davis: Well here we go!

Gravedigger walks up to Avery and gets jacked square into the jaw! Avery punches away at GD. GD hits a high knee into the chest of Avery and then smashes his face on to the mat. Gravedigger picks up Avery and hits a russian leg sweep. He gets up and walks over to the corner of Rick Mad. He slaps Mad right in the face. Torture tries to get the refs attention.. Mad tries to get in but the ref doesn't let him. Torture pulls Rick Mad back into the corner as Gravedigger picks up Chris Avery and hits a powerbomb right in the middle of the ring. GD pins. A kick up at two. Gravedigger picks up Avery and walks him over to the corner again tagging in Dobbie. Dobbie steps in and suplex's Avery right to his back. Dobbie goes up to the top rope. Dobbie points at Avery whose down on the mat. Dobbie leaps but notices Torture in the middle of the ring. Dobbie tries to land on his feet, but gets a stiff side kick to the chin from Torture! The crowd erupts in cheers which surprises everyone!

Zach Davis: Huge kick to Dobbie from Torture!

Shannan Lerch: I can't believe they're cheering for Torture!

Gravedigger is pissed off! The ref is yelling at Torture to get out of the ring. Mad insists Torture get into the corner. The ref turns around and notices Dobbie and Avery on the mat. The ref starts the count... Both corners reaching out to their teammates. The count gets to 8 before both men start to get up. Avery reaching for Torture and Rick Mad, while Dobbie reaches for Gravedigger and Chester. Dobbie stretches and leaps and tags both Gravedigger and Chester at the same time! Gravedigger nods his head no and shoves Chester into the ring! Chester quickly gets into the ring and just as Avery stretches out, Chester pulls him back to the middle of the ring and puts on an ankle lock. He goes from an ankle lock to a sleeper submission of some sort and talks smack to Mad and Torture. Chester picks up Avery and throws him to the turnbuckle. He lands a few punches before picking him up onto the turnbuckles. Chester goes to the middle turnbuckle and hits an overhead belly to belly suplex!

Zach Davis: big move there!

Shannan Lerch: Dark Side has control so far, and they are not letting up!

Chester picks up Avery and hits a standing clothesline sending him back down to the mats. Chester goes over to the corner of Rick Mad and Torture. He tries to talk smack but Torture leaps and leans over the top rope holding on to Chesters head! Torture starts to beat down on the back of Chester. The ref tries to break it apart. Chester escapes and shoves the ref into Toture and Mad! Chester picks up Avery and throws him outside of the ring between the ropes. Gravedigger yells at Dobbie to finish him off. Dobbie jumps down and throws him onto the guardrail. Gravedigger leaps down while Chester keeps trying to pick fights with Torture and Mad. Gravedigger picks up Avery and holds on to his arms. Dobbie grabs a steel chair. Torture notices what's going on. Tort jumps down from the apron and runs over to the other side of the ring. Just before Dobbie lands hte chair shot, Torture takes the chair away. He tosses it to the side. Torture kicks at Dobbie and throws him to the ring post. Gravedigger pushes Avery into Torutre and the ref is on the outside yelling at Torture to get back to his corner again. Gravedigger picks up Avery and throws him back into the ring. Chester pins. The ref slides in one! two! Torture pulls the ref out. Torture then jumps up to the apron and back into his corner. The ref, very frustrated, slides back in and notices Chester tags in the unexpecting Gravedigger. GD yells out "what the hell?". Chester gets onto the apron. Gravedigger gets into the ring and grabs Avery and throws him to the ropes! Avery returns full speed, and Gravedigger hits a sidewalk slam. Gravedigger leaps up and tags in Chester. The crowd boo's and laughs. Chester gets back into the ring, takes a deep breath and picks up Avery. He throws Avery to the ropes. Rick Mad reaches out and stops Chris Avery from bouncing off the ropes. Which also tags himself in. Mad jumps in and Chester runs at him! Rick Mad ducks his clothesline, then bounces off the ropes and hits a missle dropkick on Chester! Avery now laying on the apron.

Mad elbows Dobbie back off the apron as soon he got up there sending him back down to the mats! Mad helps up Chester, who was just getting to his feet who gets a few back hand chops before being sent into the turnbuckles for another flying dropkick. Mad gets to his feet and notices Chester trying to get to his feet again. Mad hits the ropes but gets a knee to the back from Gravedigger sending Mad stumbling forward and Chester drop toe holds Mad onto the middle rope across the ring. Mad and Chester lay on the mats...Dobbie gets back onto the apron and yells at Chester to make the tag! Mad tries reaching for Torture as Chester tries reaching for Dobbie. After a few seconds both men get to their tags..Gravedigger slaps away Dobbies hand and tags in himself! Mad leaps to Torture's hand!

Zach Davis: Looks like Gravedigger just wants to handle this himself!

Gravedigger leaps into the ring as does Torture! They both go in to the center of the ring and go face to face. Both men put their heads together and begin talking trash. The crowd is on their feet. Gravedigger slaps Torture's face! Avery leaps and dropkicks Gravedigger! Dobbie stands up and clotheslines Avery back to the matt. Rick Mad runs in and grabs Dobbie and throws him over the top rope! Chester is in and throws Rick Mad over the top rope. Before Chester can turn around Torture hits the Tortures Device OUT OF NO WHERE!

Shannan Lerch: WHOA!

Torture get's to his feet but Gravedigger nails him in the back with a knee! Chester rolls out of the ring, as Gravedigger picks up Torture. He irish whips him into the ropes and upon returning GD hits a mean clothesline sending Torture to his back. Gravedigger stands over Torture and begins talking more trash.

On the outside of the ring, Dobbie has Avery smashes into the gaurdrail. Rick Mad and Chester are street fighting on the outside near the timekeepers table. Chester picks up the bell at ringside and swings it towards the face of Rick Mad! It connects! Mad hits his back on the outside. The ref is trying to gain control of hte match. He slides out and checks on Rick Mad. After the ref runs over to Avery and Dobbie. Dobbie turns around and knocks down the ref, the ref slams into the steel steps. Dobbie continues to beat on Avery.

Gravedigger picks up Torture and hits the Embalmer. Gravedigger stands over Torture again and yells at Chester. He points to the World Championship title. Chester grabs it and throws it into the ring. Gravedigger catches it. He stands over Torture taunting him with his own World Title. The crowd begins to boo louder and louder. Gravedigger smiles and kneels down in Tortures face. Gravedigger makes Chester pick up Torture. Gravedigger smashes the World Title right into Tortures face! Torture can't even fall down as he's still in the grasp of Chester. Gravedigger smashes the World Title right back into the face of Torture again. Chester lets go and Gravedigger picks up what's left of Tortures body. Gravedigger hits the Death Driver on Torture! Just then the crowd begins to boo some more.

Zach Davis: No way!

Shannan Lerch: They have a CASKET? Mike D and Jayson have a casket at the top of the ramp!!

Gravedigger rolls Torture out of the ring. Dobbie slides in Avery. Chester picks up Chris Avery and hits The Morning Star!

Gravedigger is starting to drag Torture up the ramp.

Rick Mad slides in and hits a Mad DDT on Chester! Dobbie goes for a clothesline but Rick Mad ducks it and turns around just as Dobbie turns around. Rick Mad gives a kick then a Mad DDT on Dobbie! Mad signals to the backstage area!

Another ref runs down around Gravedigger and slides into the ring. Rick Mad pins Dobbie. One ... Two..

Gravedigger pulls the ref out of the ring and yells the words "YOU'RE FIRED!". Gravedigger knocks the ref out cold with one right hand. Rick Mad notices Gravedigger walking back up the ramp. Mad slides out of the ring but before he can get to GD, Mike D is already running down the ramp. Mad goes for a punch on GD but Mike lands a huge clothesline on Mad! Mike D picks up Rick Mad and throws him into the ring apron. Mike D throws Rick Mad into the ring. Dobbie and Chester are trying to get up. Mike slaps Rick Mad into the turnbuckle. Mike picks up Chester and slaps him in the face to wake him up. Same with Dobbie. Mike yells at them to finish off Avery. Chester picks up Avery and hits another Morning Star! Chester rolls out of the ring. Dobbie goes to the top rope and hits the 9 In Ya Grill! A ref runs out but is hesitant once he gets into the ring. Mad is trying to help out Avery but Mike D has him pinned up in the turnbuckles. The ref counts one.. but pauses.. Mike D yells at him to continue! The ref counts two.. and three.

Zach Davis: That's it! Dobbie beats Chris Avery...

Shannan Lerch: What a damn mess!

Rick Mad starts to fight back. He pushes Mike out of the corner. Mike goes for a punch, Mad ducks and when Mike turns around Mad hits another tornado DDT! Dobbie grabs Mad, but Mad gets out of the hold and hits the sideswipe bomb! Just as Rick Mad gets up Chester swings a chair right into the face of Rick Mad. Rick Mad hits his back on the mats right next to Chris Avery. Avery is bent over holding his ribs, as Mad is knocked out cold.

Zach Davis: Mad is out cold! Avery is in tremendous pain!

Shannan Lerch: And look what Gravedigger is doing with Torture!

Jayson opens up the casket which is located on the stage at the top of the ramp. Gravedigger picks up the near out cold Torture. Jayson sets the World title on the edge of the casket. Torture gets up, shockingly, and punches at Gravedigger. The crowd is behind him for some reason. Gravedigger is reeling back towards the jumbotron. Jayson tries to stop Torture. Torture turns around and puts his hand across his throat. Jayson is choking and walking backwards towards the edge of the stage. Just as Torture puts him a few feet away, Gravedigger hits another knee in the back of Torture. Gravedigger picks up Torture and hits the Embalmer once again!

Zach Davis: Oh my! Oh my!

Shannan Lerch: Torture isn't getting up after that one. Head first on the ramp? Kidding me!

Zach Davis: What's this now?

Gravedigger picks up Torture's near limp body as Jayson opens the casket back up. Gravedigger drops Tortures body into the casket. Jayson hands Gravedigger the World Title. Gravedigger checks his reflection in the gold of the World Championship Belt.

Shannan Lerch: This is too intense..

Gravedigger lays out the Championship gold across Torture's body. Gravedigger puts both hands on the casket lid and looks at Jayson. He nods in agreement. Gravedigger looks out at the crowd who is boo'ing hardcore. Gravedigger smiles... and then closes the casket door. Mike, Chester and Dobbie start walking up the ramp. Gravedigger yells at them to do it NOW.

Zach Davis: What the hell does he mean by that?

Shannan Lerch: I have no idea.

Dobbie, Chester, and Mike D pick up the casket off of the rollers it was on. Jayson is taunting the casket and yelling at them to do something off of the stage! They walk over to the edge of the stage and toss the casket off the stage through a mess of tables eight feet down below!


The casket lands face down on the cement... WCF staff rush to it.. The camera zooms on Gravediggers face. He's intense. And not blinking... Gravedigger means serious business.

Zach Davis: I .. I.. I dunno what to say.. WCF Fans.. we'll... see you next week..

The logo appears in the bottom right corner as Gravedigger just looks down at the broken carnage of the tables and electrical boxes and the casket that is laying upside down on the cold cement while the staff is trying to flip it back over. Gravedigger's face and the WCF Copyright logo fade out.