Slam Intro
Torture Segment
Last Chance Battle Royal: Thunder vs Johnny Craven vs Logan vs Ryan Daniels vs Frosty the Snowman
Seth Lerch/Corey Black Segment
Haydn Eyles vs Chris Avery
Corey Black/Biohazard vs Dobbie/Chester
Skyler Striker Segment
World Title Contendership: Brad Kane vs Seth Lerch
Post Slam Attack

Slam Intro

Batcat by Mogwai blasts over the speakers and Slam is on the air!

Zach Davis: Welcome to the first Slam following Till Death Do Us Part! We're a few weeks away from the next XIII.

Shannan Lerch: I'll be honest, I thought this would be the first show with Seth back in control, but... nope.

Zach Davis: That is the big story right now. At Till Death Do Us Part, Logan was unsuccesful in his attempt to defeat Gravedigger and win back control of WCF. Gravedigger actually forced Seth to make the count that secured his company in Gravedigger's control.

Shannan Lerch: So tonight, the Dark Side has it all. They have the company.. and they have my brother.

Zach Davis: And they're forcing your brother to fight in a match against none other than Brad Kane. Brad Kane, a man of honor, he isn't going to back down just because Seth isn't a real wrestler. Seth is going to get his ass kicked and there's nothing he can do about it.

Shannan Lerch: We also have Dobbie and Chester up against Corey Black and the returning Biohazard.

Zach Davis: With all due respect to Biohazard, Corey isn't going to be happy about teaming with him, this is clearly a mindgame by the Dark Side.

Shannan Lerch: Gravedigger hates that Corey gets his own XIII show, and we can probably expect more attempts at humiliation coming his way.

Zach Davis: We've got Haydn Eyles up against Chris Avery. Eyles, newcomer to WCF, and Avery, parter to the World Champ. Should be an interesting match.

Shannan Lerch: We also have one of Gravedigger's patented "if you lose you get fired!" matches. This one's a battle royal featuring Thunder, Johnny Craven, Logan, Daniels, and Frosty.

Zach Davis: These men are going to be fighting for their very jobs.

Shannan Lerch: And also, Zach-

Torture Segment

Jamais Vu nails the speakers and the crowd turns into a boo frenzy. Every person in the building is screaming 'boo' at the top of their lungs. The lights flicker, and a figure emerges from the curtain. It's Torture. He's alone. Torture is dressed in a black suit, with a red tie. Torture has his World Title draped over his shoulder, and the Gold Waist of the Title on his chest. Both of his arms are clenched tight to the title. He stands there for a bit. A few band-aids across his forehead, a slight limp, and a bruised back, Torture walks down the ramp slowly.

Zach Davis: Torture has seen better days..

Shannan Lerch: What the hell is he even doing here?

Zach Davis: Well. Torture IS the World Champion..

The one and only uses the steps to get into the ring, and asks for a microphone. Waiting for a few seconds for the thousands in attendance to shut their god damn mouths. Torture with an intense face, and a very slow, and deep voice, begins.

Torture: I have walked... through every wrestler here. There is no question in my mind as of whom is the greatest. The best. The number one wrestler in the world. That wrestler... is me.

The crowds begin to boo hardcore. Torture doesn't blink, and doesn't move. Very slowly he speaks again.

Torture: Last Sunday night, I showed the world why I am holding this World Title. I showed the world why you will never beat Torture. Better yet, I showed Corey Black that he can be defeated inside the Wrestling Championship Federation ring. I showed you.... I showed YOU, that I am no longer second best..

The crowd begins to boo. Torture slowly puts the microphone down to his side and lets the crowd go for a good thirty seconds. He puts the microphone back to his mouth.

Torture: Like I was saying, I showed you.. Why I am the Greatest Wrestler to every grace the inside of this ring. Count the Championship runs, count the records, you can even count the losses on one god damn hand. Corey Black, you can change the rules, you can demand rematches, you can go through your own tournaments, and make sure we meet up again on your own event. One thing is for certain.. I will beat you again.. Like I beat you before..

Crowds once again boo before Torture is finished. This snaps him in half, mentally.

Torture: I don't get why you boo me. I haven't done anything wrong.. I don't understand.. SHUT UP!

Boos again.



The One and Only stumbles backwards a bit and tries to catch himself on the ropes. His head spins, and his eyes go into the back of his head and he falls down onto the mat. He drops the microphone in the process.

Zach Davis: What the hell just happened to Torture? We may need to get some help out here!

Shannan Lerch: Torture is having some sort of an attack?

Torture rolls out of the ring and grabs his World Title.. to much of the dismay of the crowd, he begins to stumble his way up the ramp, sometimes even falling to his knees. He finally makes it up the stage, where two unidentified staff members help him through the curtain.

Zach Davis: Something obviously wrong with Torture. Must be still feeling the affects from last weeks Main Event from Death Do Us 'Part?

Shannan Lerch: Speaking of, Zach, let's run the clip we have of last weeks matches!

Last Chance Battle Royal
Thunder vs Johnny Craven vs Logan vs Ryan Daniels vs Frosty the Snowman

Zach Davis: Well, time for our first match.

Shannan Lerch: A ten minute time limit battle royal. And everyone that gets thrown over the top rope... they're fired.

Zach Davis: Awesome, Gravedigger. Awesome. What a jerk.

"Money" by Pink Floyd begins to play. As the cash register sound ends and the music begins, Thunder walks towards the ring. He reaches the apron and climbs the turnbuckle, taunting the fans.

Shannan Lerch: Thunder has always been a cornerstone of WCF, it would be sad to see him go.

The lights dim as the sound of a gong is heard throughout the entire arena. As the gong continues to ring, the sound of a motorcycle engine reving up is heard. Then, pyros suddenly explode, resulting in complete darkness. After a moment's silence, the entrance to Linkin Park's "Crawling" begins to blare over the P.A. The crowd erupts in a huge roar as Johnny Craven walks onto the stage. He looks around at the cheering fans before suddenly outstretching his arms as wide and high as he can as the chorus to "Crawling" blasts away and more pyros begin to explode all over the place. He then slowly walks down the ramp, slapping the hands of fans on both sides. He then enters the ring and climbs all four turnbuckles , raising his fists high in the air on each turnbuckle. Then the lights come back on.

Zach Davis: Johnny Craven, who made his return recently, friend of Davey Boone.

The lights dim in the arena, blue pryos shoot down the ramp, and a drum beat rolls into the PA speakers. HIM "Sigillum Diaboli" blasts out of the speakers, and Logan steps out from behind the black curtain with a cocky look on his face as he walks down to the ring. On the way, Logan might reach out every now, and then snatching peanuts from fans, or whatever else their snacking on. He hits ringside, resting on the apron catching up on a breath or two before sliding into the ring, and leaning against the turnbuckle corner.

Shannan Lerch: Logan, who had a chance to save us from this mess.... sigh.

Voice: Welcome to Hollywood, may all your dreams come true

The suspenceful tone of the intro plays as the violins set the lets to flicker red.


Guitars hits and the crowd is on their feet and pyro rains down on the entrance ramp and Ryan Daniels emerges from the back with a random T-shirt on he stands underneath the pyro, his head bowed as the intro continues to play. After it finishes the pyro stops and Ryan walks down the ramp

This is a wake up call
To all who their eyes
This is our hope,
Hopeless beaten strife

HE stops at the middle and starts to hop up and down, getting himself hyped up and ready for his match.

You kill the messenger not to hear it
It doesn't mean it never happened
It doesn't mean it never happened

He runs up the ring steps and slingshots into the ring. HE runs up the turnbuckles and stop, one foot on the top buckle and the other on the second he points out tot he crowd, mouthing the chorus to the song.

"This is our mission
statement to go show the world
We must survive"

HE hops off the turnbuckle and removes his shirt as the music starts to fade out.

Zach Davis: Ryan Daniels, one of the most intriguing newcomers to WCF and veteran of GWC.

The lights fade out and the arena goes dark as a blue haze covers the arena. Then snowflakes fall from the ceiling. The lights fade up just a little bit to show even larger amounts of snow. The air conditioning kicks into high gear, freezing the fans in the arena with cold, arctic blastts of frigid air. It continues to blow on the fans as the shaved ice particles fall from the rafters and land all around the fans, inside the ring and everywhere else in the huge arena. Then a jolly laugh can be heard as a familiar theme begins to play.

Frosty the snowman was a jolly happy soul,
With a corncob pipe and a button nose
and two eyes made out of coal.

Frosty the snowman is a fairy tale, they say,
He was made of snow but the children
know how he came to life one day...

Then through the dimly lit arena, a dark silhouette can be seen at the top of the entrance ramp. No one can fully see who this person is until the lights kick back up and reveal..... a man in a snowman costume. The snowman walks down the aisle, holding miniature Frosty action figures in his arms and throwing them into the crowd. The snow continues to fall all around him and the air conditioning kicks into maximum mode and blows the frozen particles of shaved ice all around the arena like a blizzard as Frosty now tries to slide into the ring. Unfortunately, the snowman costume is so bulky that be almost gets stuck, but he manages to get under the bottom rope.

The fans all laugh, while some of the older, jaded teenagers boo and jeer the snowman, seeing him as a mere marketing tool. Frosty enters the ring and grabs a microphone, shouting in a muffled voice through the snowman head mask: HAVE A FROSTY DAY! as the fans erupt into huge cheers for their Snowman pal. The round head part of the costume doesn't even move as he spoke the muffled catchphrase.

The air conditioning kicks back into a normal mode, the ice particles of snow stop falling from the arena and the Frosty the Snowman theme stops playing as Frosty hands the microphone off, and stares at the camera with that plastic smile on his face. The full head mask of the costume doesn't blink and doesn't even move, so the smile is permanent on that face as Frosty just stands there and enjoys the cheers from the fans.

Shannan Lerch: And Frosty the Snowman, beloved by children and a huge asset to WCF's marketing department.

The bell rings and the five men look around towards each other nervously.

Zach Davis: If they were smart, no one would fight anyone and they'd just stand there for ten minutes and everyone would get to keep their job.

But they're wrestlers and therefore not smart enough to do that. Thunder makes the first move, attacking Ryan Daniels. Logan is content in his corner and sits down, watching everyone else. Craven turns towards Frosty and kicks him hard in the gut, throwing him into the corner.

Shannan Lerch: Well here we go!

Thunder throws Daniels into the ropes, Daniels bounces off and Thunder hits a big T-Bone Suplex! Daniels stumbles to his feet and Thunder goes to throw him over the top rope right away-

Zach Davis: Daniels might be gone!

But no, he lands on the ring apron. Daniels then jumps, springboards, and hits a Missile Dropkick on Thunder.

Shannan Lerch: Close call!

Meanwhile, Craven and Frosty are battling it out. Craven has him in the corner and he's hitting several strikes. Frosty stumbles out from the corner, Craven grabs his throat and goes to lift him up, and Frosty, as he's coming down, grabs Craven's head and hits a DDT!

Zach Davis: The men in this match know that the best offense is sometimes a good defense.

Frosty shakes off the cobwebs and then starts kicking Craven. He picks Craven up and then hits a DDT, sending him back down...

The match continues for about seven minutes, until Craven throws Frosty out of the ring. Craven looks down at him as Thunder comes up from behind and throws Craven out next.

Shannan Lerch: Down to three competitors! And Logan is just resting in the corner, because he's brilliant.

Ryan and Thunder battle it out, but eventually Ryan throws Thunder out of the ring, and he lands right on Frosty. And with that, Logan springs into action and grabs Daniels, throwing him over the top rope and onto Thunder!

Zach Davis: Looks like-

Shannan Lerch: LOGAN WINS!!!!!!

"I know ya type
I know ya kind
Ya...Quick to Back Down!"

"Quick To Back Down" by The Bravehearts hits the speakers and everyone looks to the entryway as Dobbie, Chester, and Mike D walk out from the back. Chester is carrying a mic.

Zach Davis: What in the world are they doing out here?

Shannan Lerch: I have a bad feeling about this.

Chester lifts the mic to his lips.

Chester: So earlier today, I was in the diner with these two guys here and Jessie came in to tell us that Gravedigger wanted us to take care of his dirty work tonight. Most people think he meant Seth Lerch in his match. Whether or not we beat the living daylights out of Seth later on tonight makes no difference, what he was referring to was the losers of this match.

Shannan Lerch: Oh no, not this again! They're going to once more attack the losers of these employment matches!

Zach Davis: The EMTs will be busy once again.

Chester tosses the mic down and the three Dark Side members run down the ramp.

Chester grabs Frosty and hits a Belly to Belly Suplex. Thunder and Ryan Daniels were smart enough to have already exited through the crowd. Dobbie and Mike D both grab Johnny Craven's throat, lift him up, and hits a Double Chokeslam!

Shannan Lerch: Sigh.

Both Dobbie and Chester kick their respective people they've been attacking, laughing as they do it. Once they're done, "Quick To Back Down" by The Bravehearts starts playing as the three men start walking up the ramp. Logan is on the other side of the ring and he grabs his US title. The Dark Side go to the back and their music fades. Logan slowly rolls into the ring with a little bit of difficulty and starts posing for the crowd with his US title as his music starts playing.

Suddenly, Dobbie appears at the top of the ramp again, but Logan doesn't see him. Dobbie sneers at Logan, who is holding the US title above his head. Dobbie runs down the ramp and slides into the ring behind Logan. Logan slowly turns around, still holding the title above his head. He stops when he sees Dobbie, who doesn't give him a second to even think about why he's in the ring. Dobbie leaps forward and connects a superkick to the face of Logan. Logan falls to the mat. Dobbie gathers himself and runs to the nearby turnbuckle and scales it. Dobbie leaps off the turnbuckle and nails a perfect 9 In Ya Grill on the US champion.

Shannan Lerch: NO!! Someone stop Dobbie! I'm coming Logan, my love!

Zach Davis struggles to keep Shannan in her seat and is finally able to wrestle her back into her chair.

Dobbie hooks Logan's leg and slaps the mat three times as if he was pinning Logan. Dobbie reaches over and grabs the US title. He stands up and looks down at it, then at Logan and smirks. Dobbie drops the title and drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring. He slowly walks back up the ramp as Mike D and Chester walk out, laughing at what just happened.

Logan finally comes around and pulls himself onto the bottom rope and looks up the ramp at Dobbie. Dobbie stops walking and stares at Logan. Dobbie points at Logan and then gestures around his waist as if saying he wants Logan's US title.

Dobbie finally turns around and heads to the back with Chester and Mike D.

Seth Lerch/Corey Black Segment

Corey Black is backstage, stretching, preparing for his match. The door to the locker room opens.

Corey Black: Biohazard, if it's you-

No, in steps Seth Lerch.

Corey Black: Oh.

Seth Lerch: Hey, Corey. Gravedigger and the Dark Side guys think I'm in the bathroom so I don't have TOO much time-

Corey Black: No, wait. Let me guess. You're here to ask me to help you get WCF back from him, somehow?

Seth nods.

Corey Black: Funny. You know I love WCF as much as anyone, and you know I could have gotten the job done... and yet, you went to Logan first. LOGAN. The guy that's been a joke ever since this place reopened, but he's the one you hand picked to help you?

Seth Lerch: Corey, look-

Corey Black: Fact is, I have XIII coming up and I'm going to be winning the World Title. I don't care who the one in charge is anymore, because I'm going to have that belt either way. I hate Gravedigger as much as you do, sure, but I don't think so, Seth. You're on your own.

Corey pushes past Seth, leaving the room. Seth watches on, a hopeless look on his face, as we go to our next match.

Haydn Eyles vs Chris Avery

We cut back from commercials with Eyles already in the ring. Music is blaring in the background, as Chris Avery gets into the ring. Music stops.

Zach Davis: Welcome back to WCF's Monday Night Slam! Avery and Eyels in the ring!

Bell sounds as both men tie up. Avery gets the advantage and throws him in the corner. Tosses him to the other corner and hits a huge stinger splash. Avery hits a big boot, then the hogan leg drop. Avery goes to the top and spins his index fingers around and points to the sky. He jumps off and hits the macho man elbow drop. Avery picks up Eyles and hits the Kevin Nash Powerbomb. Avery stumbles backwards and holds his thigh.

Zach Davis: Uh oh.

Avery helps himself get up using the ropes and taunts at Eyles to get up. Once he does, Avery runs and hits the spear! He picks up Eyles and hits the Jackhammer. He pins.

Shannan Lerch: One!

Zach Davis: Two!

Shannan Lerch: Three! It's over Zach.

Zach Davis: Chris Avery wins, and with an odd moveset. Seems like I've seen those moves before..

Shannan Lerch: Whatever, Zach.

Avery taunts at the crowd as his music hits... and a man slides into the ring.

Zach Davis: Who is this-

The man hits Avery with a chair! Avery goes down, clearly unexpecting the attack.

Shannan Lerch: One of WCF's newest acquisitions, Felipe Salarose!

Salarose throws the chair away, and waits for Avery to get up. As he does, Salarose hits a big Leaping Roundhouse Kick!

Zach Davis: That's the Last Ballad! Felipe Salarose has actually been in WCF before, but he made a name for himself in GWC.

Shannan Lerch: And he made an impact tonight.

Salarose looks down at Chris Avery before leaving the ring and heading to the back.

Corey Black/Biohazard vs Dobbie/Chester

"I know ya type
I know ya kind
Ya...Quick to Back Down!"

"Quick To Back Down" by the Bravehearts starts playing on the speakers as the curtains part. Out run Chester and Dobbie who stop short at each side of the top of the ramp. They both pose for the crowd in attendance and taunt them as the crowd rains boos upon them. They finally stop posing and meet at the center and slowly walk down the ring, continuing to taunt the fans as they make their way to it. Finally they both run the last few feet and slide into the ring together. They both go to each of the turnbuckles and pose on their own, further angering the crowd and riling them up.

Once both men finish taunting the crowd on each turnbuckle, they get to one side of the ring and wait for the match to begin.

Zach Davis: Gravedigger's lackeys. Ugh. I mean, yay!

"Toxicity" by System of a Down blares over the PA! The crowd goes ooze pancakes! IT'S BIOHAZARD!


The crowd is giving the biggest return pop in wrestling history as Biohazard walks down the ramp and enters the ring.

No theatrics. No lights going out, nothing. Machine Head's cover of "Hallowed Be Thy Name" by Iron Maiden hits the PA system. With every bell toll, the lights flash brighter. When Robb Flynn comes in singing, the crowd sings along. "I'm waiting in my cold cell, when the bell begins to chime. Reflecting on my past life, and it doesn't have much time. Because at five o'clock, they take me to the gallows pole. The sands of time, for me, are running looooow!" One minute and eight seconds in, when the guitar hits, Corey Black comes through the curtain and onto the stage, wearing the Creeping Death mask, along with a black hoodie with the hood up, and Nikki Venus by his side. Black and Venus stop on the stage and take in the reaction from the crowd, Corey looking out to them from behind the mask. Corey walks down to the ring, not veering from a straight shot into the squared circle, while Nikki walks behind him. Corey slides in under the bottom rope and gets up, throwing the devil horns as he stands, to which the crowd does back. Nikki stops on the floor before the ring and stands there cheering on her man. Corey pulls his hood down and removes Creeping Death mask, once again looking out and getting a reaction. Black takes off the hoodie and drops all the items on the apron, then walks to the far corner and awaits the match to begin.

Shannan Lerch: I hate-

Zach Davis: WE KNOW.

Biohazard and Chester leave the ring as the bell sounds. Black and Dobbie tie up, with Dobbie backing Black into a corner. The ref calls for a clean break, and it is recieved, but Black comes out firing with a big knee to the face! Dobbie stumbles back, and Black tags in big Biohazard.

Shannan Lerch: Biohazard makes all the men in the ring look like children. He's at least a foot and a half taller than everybody. Almost two feet taller than Black and Dobbie.

Dobbie runs at Biohazard, and tries for a dropkick. No effect. Another. Still no effect. One more time to the knee, and it drops him down. Dobbie runs over, tags Chester, and Chester comes off the ropes with a big springboard dropkick to Biohazard's back! Biohazard goes down but gets right back up and throttles both men! HUGE DOUBLE CAKESLAM! BIOHAZARD DROPS DOWN ON CHESTER AND LOCKS IN A CHRISTOPHERCROSSFACE! Dobbie tries to break it up after a bit of recovery BUT HE GETS OOZED! OOZE! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOZE!

Shannan Lerch: THIS IS MADNESS!


Corey Black is just standing on the apron, laughing his ass off. Dobbie is in the middle of the ring with ooze all over his face, while Biohazard has Chester locked in a submission hold. Corey looks out into the crowd, shrugs, and gets into the ring, pulling Dobbie over to the corner and setting him against the bottom rope. Corey runs to another corner, and exits to the apron. He yells at Biohazard, who notices Dobbie.

Shannan Lerch: Oh no.

Biohazard lets Chester go and goes over to Dobbie ... OOZE STINK FACE!

Zach Davis: EW.

As soon as Biohazard moves, Corey Black is in the air from across the ring and dropkicks Dobbie right in the face with a chairless Van Terminator!

Zach Davis: This is breaking down!

Corey pulls Dobbie out of the ring, leaving Biohazard and Chester inside. Biohazard picks Chester up, but Chester has had enough. Chester pushes him away and kicks him in the gut and quickly hits the Morning Star out of nowhere!

Shannan Lerch: I think these guys were tired of Biohazard's games...

Chester nods, pinning Biohazard and hooking his leg.




Zach Davis: Well, there you have it. Dobbie and Chester defeat beloved WCF icon, Biohazard.

Corey Black looks into the ring, hearing that the match is over, though he doesn't look too concerned with the loss.

Shannan Lerch: He doesn't even care!

Zach Davis: Why should he? He already has his Title shot coming up and Gravedigger hates him whether he wins or loses anyway.

Dobbie reenters the ring and celebrates with Chester as Black leaves, giving both of them the finger.

Skyler Striker Segment

Fallen Angels by Ra hits.

Zach Davis: What's this?

Shannan Lerch: Can it be... Skyler Striker?

It is, indeed, Skyler Striker! The crowd pops huge as he walks to the ring, looking all business.

Zach Davis: Last time we saw Striker he was on the losing end of an I Quit match with Jack of Blades. Blades used Jade to get Striker to say those magic words.

Striker rolls into the ring, and demands a mic, which he is promptly given.

Skyler Striker: If anyone thought I was going to let XIII's loss go, not come back for more.... you're crazy.

Crowd cheers.

Skyler Striker: Jack of Blades, you know as well as I do there's another XIII coming up in a week or two. And I'm pretty confident you want a piece of me as much as I want a piece of you.

The crowd cheers again, excited for the rematch Striker is proposing.

Skyler Striker: Blades, I'll be here next week, and I'll be waiting for your answer-

The lights go out.

Zach Davis: I think we're going to get the answer tonight!

The lights stay off for several moments, and tension is rising. And then they come back on.

Shannan Lerch: Oh my God-

Rick Mad is in the ring.

Zach Davis: WHAT?

Striker is on the mat, bloodied. And cool and calm, Jack of Blades walks out from the back, smiling his maniac's smile and clapping. Rick looks towards the entryway, smiling back at Jack... an insane smile the likes of which we've never seen on Rick Mad.

Shannan Lerch: Is... is Jack of Blades the one that picked Rick up at the end of XIII?

Jack of Blades walks towards the ring and enters. He kicks Striker once or twice for good measure, and then raises Rick's arm into the air as the crowd boos mercilessly.

Zach Davis: Why would Rick do this!? He finally gained the respect he surely deserved and...

Shannan Lerch: Not in his mind, he didn't.

Jack of Blades laughs and laughs as Rick takes another cheap kick at Striker. The two men exit the ring and leave towards the back.

World Title Contendership Match
Brad Kane vs Seth Lerch

Zach Davis: Well, time for our main event.

Shannan Lerch: Brad Kane and Seth Lerch, World Title Contendership on the line. I guess, on the bright side, Seth might win a chance at the World Title!...

"In my opinion, the best thing you can do is find a person who loves you for exactly what you are. Good mood, bad mood, ugly, pretty... handsome, what have you, the right person will still think the sun shines out your ass. That's the kind of person that's worth sticking with."

The house lights go out in the arena as the opening of "Eye of the Storm" by Killswitch Engage flares up. Strobe lights begin to go insane when the vocals blare out of the sound system as Brad Kane appears in the entry way. The crowd cheers seeing them as Brad inhales before he makes his way down the ring. A few hands get slapped but not many as once Brad is at ringside, he hops up on the ring apron. The lights are back to normal as they enter the ring as he heads to the nearest turnbuckle and goes up to the middle buckle. Some take pictures as he steps down, inhaling once more as he does the same thing on the other side of the ring. He then backs into the corner as he waits for the match to begin as his entrance song fades off.

Zach Davis: Well, here is Brad Kane, who has been an impressive force ever since WCF came back. I don't think I've ever seen him so focused.

Dig by Mudvayne plays, and out comes Seth Lerch.

Shannan Lerch: Ugh! They're even making him use the Dark Side's music.

Seth is also wearing a Dark Side T-shirt, and he looks very unhappy about the whole situation. He walks slowly to the ring, eyes on Brad Kane as he does so. He ignores the fans, rolls in, and stands by the corner, waiting for the bell.

Zach Davis: I don't know if I've ever seen Seth Lerch look this.. well.. emo.

The bell rings. Seth and Brad approach each other, and Seth doesn't really look sure of what to do. Brad starts the match by kicking Seth in the gut, and he doubles over. Brad backs up, and as Seth looks back up Brad hits the BK Backfist!

Shannan Lerch: Ah damn!

Seth drops to the ground like a sack of potatoes.

Shannan Lerch: Come on, Logan, come save him or something! Hell, I'd even take Corey Black! Anybody!

Brad picks Seth up, and quickly hits the LMSBCBK!

Zach Davis: Not that we expected anything else here, but Seth is done. What a squash.

And, lastly, Brad puts Seth into the MLK Clutch. The ref checks, and Seth immediately gives up.

Shannan Lerch: Thank God, it's over.

Zach Davis: Brad Kane didn't take too long to get what he came here for: contendership for the World Title. He's now set to face either Torture or Corey Black at Timebomb.

Eye of the Storm plays again, and Brad stands up, raising his arms in the air. He slides out of the ring and begins heading to the back.

Shannan Lerch: At least Brad didn't bother to beat up Seth more than he had to. He ended things quickly.

The second Brad's past the curtain, Dig by Mudvayne plays again, and out steps Gravedigger, Jayson Stasiak, Dobbie, Chester, and Mike D.

Shannan Lerch: Oh, what now?

The five men stand on the entryway, clapping in a sarcastic manner, sneers on their faces, as Seth slowly gets to his feet. He can barely stands, but Seth calls for a mic.

Zach Davis: Uh oh, what does he have to say?

Seth Lerch: Gravedigger...

Gravedigger looks on with interest, wondering what Seth has to say.

Seth Lerch: You win.

The Dark Side members all gasp and cheer in an overexaggerated way. Gravedigger continues to listen intently.

Seth Lerch: You've destroyed my spirit. You took WCF from me, beat Logan, my one chance, and now not even Corey Black will step up to help me. And now you've had Brad Kane destroy me physically. I can't take it, Gravedigger. You win. It's time I join the winning team.

Seth sighs.

Seth Lerch: It's time I really and truly join the Dark Side.

Gravedigger smiles, and the rest of the Dark Side continues cheering and celebrating like they just won something huge. Seth rolls out of the ring, barely able to walk on his own, and up the entryway. Once he meets up with them, Chester and Dobbie grab each of Seth's arms and raise them in the air. Seth looks throughout the crowd, his face slowly becoming an expression of resigned acceptance. Dig plays again, and the Dark Side begins heading to the back.

Zach Davis: What... what does this mean?

Shannan Lerch: Seth is giving up? Is there anyone that can step up and defend WCF now?

Post Slam Attack

Brad Kane is walking through the curtain after having become the number two contender for the World Title... and out steps Torture. He has the World Title over his shoulder and he's bandaged up.

Torture: Well you think you're hot shit, huh? Think you got what it takes to take on me? I AM WCF! YOU ARE NOTHING!

Brad Kane knows the score, knows its time to fight. He runs after Torture, who has a look of fear on his face for a brief second.

Zach Davis: We have an impromptu fight here!

But Chris Avery steps out of nowhere and clocks Kane with a chair! Kane drops down and Avery hits him one more time for good measure. Torture laughs, ripping off his bandages and throwing them down. He and Avery kick Brad Kane a few times, still laughing.

Shannan Lerch: Sigh.. Torture, so ridiculous. I don't believe this.

Torture instructs Avery to pick Kane up. Avery does, and Torture grabs the World Title... and hits Kane right in the face with it! Kane drops to the mat, busted open, and Torture and Avery continue to laugh.

Torture: Brad Kane... you are a NOBODY. That is the closest you'll ever get to this belt so I hope you enjoyed it! I. AM. W. C. F. AND DON'T YOU FORGET IT.

Torture and Avery leave as Slam fades to black.