Slam Intro
Brad Kane Segment
Chris Avery vs Biohazard
Johnny Reb vs Mikami vs Ace Gideon
Corey Black vs Ryan Daniels
Seth Lerch Segment
Logan/Shane Spain/Tank Reaper vs Triangle
Torture Segment

Slam Intro

Batcat by Mogwai hits, and Slam is on the air! The fans roar and are excited as the first show with new World Champion Brad Kane begins.

Zach Davis: Welcome to Slam, everybody! We, of course, have good news and bad news tonight.

Shannan Lerch: Good news? Brad Kane. Bad news?... Gravedigger still in control.

Zach Davis: That's right. Somehow, Gravedigger was able to defeat Corey Black and keep control of the company.

Shannan Lerch: Of course, there IS still resistance to the Dark Side. That resistance, Timebomb, will be getting a workout tonight when Logan, Shane Spain, and Tank Reaper take on Triangle.

Zach Davis: Triangle, a rising force in WCF, have a lot to gain in this match, only their second match in the company. We'll see how they do.

Shannan Lerch: We have Corey Black, who apparently refuses to retire, against Ryan Daniels. This match is, of course, unsanctioned.

Zach Davis: We'll see if Ryan Daniels can finally step up to the late here.

Shannan Lerch: We have a Triple Threat match for the United States Title contendership, with Johnny Reb taking on newcomer Mikami taking on also newcomer Ace Gideon.

Zach Davis: Interesting matchup. Reb has been impressing all of us as of late, so I'd love to see him get the shot. However, Mikami has basically been stalking Logan this past month and certainly wants the US Title shot against him.

Shannan Lerch: Ace Gideon is a complete unknown, so who knows what'll happen with him.

Zach Davis: We saw Skyler Striker issue another challenge to Jack of Blades... and Striker has seemingly snapped.

Shannan Lerch: Striker, of course, got attacked by Blades... but it only seemed to make him go crazier.

Zach Davis: I've received word that neither Striker nor Blades are here tonight, but I'd bet we can expect to see them next week.

Shannan Lerch: Can't wait.

Zach Davis: And in our opening match, we have Chris Avery up against Biohazard. Biohazard got the US Title shot at Timebomb instead of Avery, so of course Avery is mad about that, which we saw by him holding up a GRAVEDIGGER HATES BLACKS sign.

Shannan Lerch: And what of Torture? Will he be here? Because tonight is Brad Kane's night, the new World Champion's night...

Zach Davis: And I've heard some rumors.. is Torture going to reture?

Brad Kane Segment

This Calling by All That Remains nails the airwaves! The crowd erupts into a god damn frenzy.

Zach Davis: HE IS HERE! HE'S HERE!


Brad Kane comes out on the top of the ramp soaking in each and every cheer from the standing ovation he's now receivng from the sold out crowd. Megan Kane is around his arm, as both GWC World Championship and WCF World Championships are over each shoulder. They walk down the ramp as Brad Kane is wearing his new T-shirt and jeans, while Megan Kane is in very casual wear. They enter the ring and Megan stands to the side. Each WCF staff member is standing along with the crowd. A shot is shown of Shannan Lerch and Zach Davis standing up on their chairs applauding the new World Champion. The cheering begins to die down just before Brad Kane takes both titles and raises them in the air! The crowd goes right back to cheering! Brad Kane takes a microphone from ringside and gets the crowd to sit back down.

Brad Kane: Last week at Timebomb Torture put every obstacle in my way but I managed to get right through it and reach my destination. WCF WORLD CHAMPION!

Cheap pop.

Brad Kane: It's like I'm on top of the world, and right now I'm the happiest I've ever been because I'm the happiest man in the world! That's why tonight.. I have a surprise for Megan.

Megan Kane turns towards Brad with a confused look on her face.

Brad Kane: That's right. Through my ups and downs and everything else we ever faced, Megan has been by my side and I can never thank you for that. We rushed early and to be honest I didn't do all I could do to make you very happy. That's why I thought of this. We got married years ago and we've lived a very great life but how about this time I make it right?

Brad drops the World Titles onto the mats. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a box. He gets onto one knee.

Brad Kane: Megan Kane; you are my wife, my life and everything else in between. Will you marry me?

The crowd pops big time.

Megan Kane: Ye-

Jamais Vu nails the speakers and the crowd erupts into boos. Brad gets to his feet and begins mouthing off towards the ramp. Megan is once again confused.

Zach Davis: God damn it!

Shannan Lerch: He ruins everything.

Torture stands on top of the ramp. Torture is with Jayson Stasiak. Torture looks back behind the curtain and over a dozen police officers in full combat gear follow suit behind Torture to the ring. The crowd boos even more.

Zach Davis: I just don't understand this.

Shannan Lerch: I don't even care to. Torture should be banned from Slam!

The Tort enters the ring in a full suit and grabs a microphone. Jayson standing right next to him. Brad moves Megan behind her in the corner. Brad moves both titles to his shoulders once again. The dozen or so police officers stand in the ring surrounding Torture and Jayson. The helmets and stances they are taking show that this might get out of hand. A chant starts of "TORTURE SUCKS! TORTURE SUCKS!"


Crowd boos. Megan Kane is suggesting to Brad that they both leave the ring. Brad insists everything will be fine.

Torture: Congrats. The Kane's are a happy happy family with love, joy, and ever ending gee golly oh SHUT THE HELL UP!

The Tort references the crowd starting another Torture-Sucks chant again.

Torture: Brad, let's just get this down to business. Timebomb was a legendary event where Torture defeated not only the legendary one and only, but one of the greatest wrestlers to ever grace the ring in WCF, and I beat him down like the true chump he is. What transpired after that match was something I'm not proud to say, but to be perfectly honest.. it didn't happen.

Brad is confused now.

Torture: Okay you see. You were arrested and sent to jail. I had to then fight a mystery opponent. I beat that opponent and therefore successfully defended my World Championships. What happened afterwords was not sanctioned, and therefor not an official Title Match, and therefore it never happened.

Brad Kane looks over at Jayson.

Brad Kane: What?

Jayson Stasiak: Listen Brad. It's true. It's plain and simple. You came out after the sanctioned match and beat up Torture and then pinned him. However, the ref shouldn't have been out there since your spot was already given to PC Cradle. Your match was only a glorified beat down with a fake pin fall. Brad Kane.. You're not the World Champion.. Torture is.

Zach Davis: WHAT THE HELL?

Shannan Lerch: Oh no.. Oh god no.

Jayson Stasiak: We've looked over every angle, and Brad Kane I'm here to officially announce that you did not beat Torture at Timebomb and that you never pinned him and he never lost his WCF World Championship. Your match didn't count. You must give the Championships back right now.

Zach Davis: Oh this is disgusting.

Brad Kane puts his hand to his head to try and catch his bearings. Megan pats him on the back and suggests he just give the titles back and be done. Brad Kane takes the WCF Championship and slowly hands it to Torture. The Tort smiles and takes it and kisses it. Torture puts the title around his waist.

Jayson Stasiak: Both of them, Brad Kane.

Shannan Lerch: Oh Jesus.

Brad takes the GWC Title off his shoulder then looks out at the crowd who is now booing Torture very loudly. Brad Kane hands it to Torture. The Tort takes it from Brad Kane and wipes it off with his suit jacket. Brad motions to Megan that maybe they should just leave the ring. Of course they're stopped.

Jayson Stasiak: Brad, I have some more bad news. Because of your assault on Torture on Slam the week before and the assault during the celebration of Tortures win at Timebomb, I Jayson Stasiak of Wrestling Championship Federation must tell you that starting now you are susepended indefinatly.

Zach Davis: WHAT?


Jayson Stasiak: Brad you're basically fired.

Brad looks back at Megan. She nods her head.

Torture: Hey hey hey! You heard him Brad! You're fired! You're a washed up has been! You will never defeat me, you never have and you never will! The Kane family is nothing more than white trash scum rednecks!

The crowd really booing now as Brad looks back at Megan once more. She mutters the words "Yes, Brad."

Kane turns back around and lands a hard right hand on Jayson Stasiak sending him to the mats. Brad Kane shoves Torture back against the ropes and the police officers tackle Brad Kane in a very stiff manor. The crowd cheers. The very pregnant Megan Kane begins to scream at the officers to let him go. Jayson Stasiak rolls out of the ring while the officers restrain Brad Kane in a corner off to the side. Torture drops the World Titles over the top rope to the mats below and furiously takes off his suit jacket and throws it out on the ground. The police officers pick up Brad Kane and shove him into the corner. Torture begins trash talking and walks over to him while rolling up his sleeves. Brad Kane is trying desperatly to break the hold that almost ten police officers have on him. Torture grabs Brad Kanes face with his left hand and pulls back his left arm getting ready for a huge punch. Megan Kane grabs Torture and swings him around. She gets all up in his grill and begins screaming and pointing her finger at Torture. The Tort smiles at her right when she slaps him across his face! The crowd gasps! Brad Kane squirms and yells out "MEGAN.. RUNNN!!!"


Shannan Lerch: RUN MEGAN! RUN!

Megan quickly turns around and tries to get her pregnant ass out of the ring but Torture grabs her by the hair and pulls her right back to him. She's desperatly trying to break his hold but Torture lowers her right into a Tortures Device hold.

Zach Davis: NO! NO!


Brad Kane breaks away from the officers and nails Torture across the back of the head shoving both Torture and Megan Kane to the ground. Brad Kane doesn't let off of Torture with rights and lefts. The officers grab Brad Kane, lift him off of Torture into the air and slam him down onto the mats. The officers lay on top of Brad Kane. Megan Kane slides out of the ring and limps her way around the ring towards the ramp. Torture gathers himself back up and slides out of the ring and grabs a steel chair. The officers have Brad Kane now standing and are handcuffing him. Torture slides into the ring with a steel chair and stands directly in front of him. The crowd wanting Brad Kane to finish Torture off. Megan Kane stops and turns around. She looks directly into the eyes of Brad. Brad yells "JUST GO! GO!". Torture folds the chair and grips it tight. Megan turns around to run up the ramp. She's stopped.

Zach Davis: OH MY GOD

Megan runs right into Chris Avery. She tries to flee, but Avery catches her and turns her around to face the ring. Avery has her by the arms and now the tears begin to fall from Megan Kanes face. Brad begins telling Torture to just hit him and get it over with. "JUST DO IT TORTURE! HIT ME!"

Shannan Lerch: This is getting out of hand!

Torture smiles at Brad Kane with an all new sadistic manor. Torture takes two steps back towards the ropes... The Tort bends down and quickly exits the ring. Brad Kane begins to yell "NO! NO! NO!" He squirms, and tries hard, but the officers don't let him move. Torture takes the steel chair and looks back at Brad Kane one more time. Torture turns around and nails a chairshot on Megan Kane. Megan drops like a sack of sand out of Averys hands. Chris Avery's jaw drops. Brad Kane falls to his knees still handcuffed. Brad begins yelling out for Megan. Megan Kane is out cold on the bottom of the ramp. Torture drops the chair and stares holes through Brad Kane. Kane, while handcuffed to his back, is squirming to the end of the ring.

Zach Davis: Oh my god.. I can't believe what we just saw..

Shannan Lerch: Medics get out here! She's a pregnant woman god damn it! Pregnant with Brad Kane's kids and Torture just knocked her out with a chair shot!

Zach Davis: I.. I.. don't know..

Chris Avery picks up the World Titles and begs for Torture to snap out of it and get the hell out of here. Torture never stops looking at the broken Brad Kane and out-cold Megan while walking back up the ramp. Medics and officials get to the aid of Megan while the officers begin to escort Brad Kane up the ramp. Monday Night Slam takes a quick commercial break.


Zach Davis: Welcome back, and we've gotten word that Megan Kane is in stable condition from the chair shot she received from Torture just a few minutes ago, but that doesn't change what happened.

Shannan Lerch: In case you missed it, Torture wasn't defeated at Timebomb. Brad Kane had to give the Championship titles back, and then was fired for assaulting our 'World Champ' for the last two weeks. Torture then capped it off with a sadistic chair shot on Megan and had Brad arrested once more and escorted out of the building. I just don't get it, Zach.

Zach Davis: All we can do now is hope she makes it through, and just go on about Slam. Speaking of, our first match is coming up for the night!

Chris Avery vs Biohazard

Toxic City plays over the speakers and the crowd reacts to Biohazard coming down the ramp. He gets about halfway when Chris Avery just charges him from behind and knocks him down to the ground.

Zach Davis: Whoa!

Chris Avery picks him up and throws him into the ring. Avery gets into the ring and asks for the bell to be rang. Avery picks up Biohazard and throws him into the corner. Avery hits a running splash. Biohazard stumbles out when Avery hits an enziguri.

Shannan Lerch: The seven foot seven Biohazard goes down!

Avery rips off his shirt and picks up Biohazard and hits a belly to belly suplex. Chris rolls out of the ring and picks up a chair. Chris Avery rolls in. The ref stops him, but Avery kicks the ref and with one hand throws him through the ropes. Avery awaits Biohazard who just got up and nails a chair shot over Biohazard.

Zach Davis: Oh wow.

The bell rings and Avery is disqualified. Avery picks up the chair and slams it over Biohazards head again. Avery throws down the chair and rolls out of the ring. He demands a microphone from the ring announcer. He slowly gives him a mic, and Avery pushes him down because of it. Chris rolls in.

Chris Avery: I'm sick and tired of this crap week in and week out! I will get my United States Title match if I have to go through the roster with a steel chair! This is just the beginning. From now on, I'm not waiting to get what I'm deserved.. I'm just going to take it!

Avery drops the microphone just as Biohazard is starting to get up. Avery picks up the chair and swings it right at Biohazards' knees! Hazard goes down and Avery rolls out of the ring and walks up the ramp.

Shannan Lerch: Wow. Avery is now pissed.

Zach Davis: That's what happens when you piss of a black man.

US Title Contendership Match
Johnny Reb vs Mikami vs Ace Gideon

Zach Davis: And now a match I've been personally waiting to see all week.

Shannan Lerch: Oh?

Zach Davis: Yes, indeed. This triple threat for the United States number one contendership.

Drum beat rolls. "Chia-Like, I Shall Grow" by Say Anything thunders into the arenas speakers. The drum beat beginning the song fades away after being heavily empathized at first, a man walks out onto the front of the ramp way, it's Logan. Dressed in casual street clothes, the US championship belt slung over his shoulder. The Hotdog Champion raises his arm in the air saluting a cheering crowd. After the applause, Logan travels over to the announcers booth. The music cuts.

Shannan Lerch: Hi, Logan!

Zach Davis: What are you doing here?

Logan: Go get me a plate of hotdogs, Zach.

Zach Davis: What?

Logan: Scram boudle!

Shannan Lerch: Yeah, beat it, Zach.

The announcer who had been dying to call this match sighs, disappointedly getting up and giving up his announce position to Logan. Logan takes his place and Zach carries himself off backstage. Logan adjusts the headset over his bean.

Logan: Hey, sugar doo.

Shannan Lerch: Loogie!

The opening chords of "Bad Company" by Bad Company filter through the arena. The stage and the surrounding area go dark. As the actual lyrics begin, blue lights illuminate a figure dressed in a grey Confederate frock coat and an officer's slouch hat. The figure steps out onto the ramp and the stage lights return to normal.

Logan: That boudle seriously wearing a Confederate uniform?

Shannan Lerch: Yeah. Not a big fan.. no telling what back woods Gravedigger found this guy in.

The crowd starts to boo, recognizing Johnny Reb. He looks up into the stands, as if curious about this reaction. The Inveterate Confederate starts down the ramp, slowly, and pauses halfway down. Suddenly, a fountain of pyros erupts behind him to coincide with the change in the song's tempo.

Logan: Holy crap!

The US champion ducks down behind the announcers booth, hiding from the insane pryo work. Shannan stares at Logan. Back on the ramp way, Johnny raises his hands and lifts his head, making a beckoning motion as if drawing more venom from the audience, and reveling in it. Johnny Reb lowers his arms and give the fans a disdainful sneer. Johnny keeps walking toward the ring at a stately pace, occasionally responding to a taunt from a fan. Reb walks up the steel steps and climbs through the ropes, dignified. He stalks to the opposite corner and climbs onto the second turnbuckle. He gestures out at the crowd, flinging insults back at selected individuals for a moment, before deciding they're not worth the effort. He hops off the turnbuckle and removes the hat and coat. The music fades away.

Shannan Lerch: It's over.

Reassuring Logan, he pops up back into announcer position.

Logan: Oh, uh, thought I seen a hotdog under here.

The lights go out. Fog rolls out and “Mastodon – Blood and Thunder” starts playing through the PA system with bright white lights flashing to each note. When the drums kick in, Ace walks out and a spotlight hits him. The spotlight follows him as he begins walking toward the ring. He stops midway to lift his arms to get the crowd excited. He continues to walk toward the ring and crawls into the ring through the ropes. The lights fade out, fireworks go off at each of the corner posts, and the camera fades out.

Shannan Lerch: Did you just yawn?

Logan: Yeah.

The lights go out and Mikami's double-M logo appears on the JumboTron as "The Beast" by Tech N9ne plays. The lights turn back on but are now red, revealing Mikami standing at the top of the ramp.

Logan: Little bastard!

Standing up at the announcers table, Logan taunts Mikami, the two share glares. Logan continues taunting while pointing to his title belt laying on the announcers booth.

Shannan Lerch: Calm down, Logan. You'll get him later.

Logan: Good thing you're here. Yeah, I'm calm.. I'm calm as a United States champion.

Mikami and Logan share one last look before the short superstar blasts off running down the ramp and slides into the ring. The bell rings! Ace attacks first, kicking at Mikami before he can get up, Johnny slings himself off the ropes and closelines Ace. Ace goes down, this gives Mikami a chance to get up and once he does, hurricanrana on Johnny Reb! Ace is up. Hurricanrana on Ace!

Shannan Lerch: That little twerp is cleaning house.

Mikami takes the advantage, pounces up on the top turnbuckle, however, Ace has recovered and runs up the turnbuckle belly to belly suplexing Mikami off into the air! Mikami's small body flies through the air and crashes on the ring mat. The crowd "OOOOO's", Johnny and Ace meet in the middle of the ring squaring one another off. Johnny and Ace lock up, Ace gains the upperhand pushing Johnny down, Johnny counters kneeing Ace in the gut and executes with a Facebreaker DDT!

Logan: Ouch. Ace ate the mat.

However, Johnny doesn't have much time to capitalize off of the DDT, Mikami is up! Johnny sends a few right hands to Mikami before irish whipping him into the ropes, Mikami hops over Ace's fallen body, runs across the ring, bounces off the ropes, comes back to Johnny who is leaning over in hope to hit a move on Mikiami, Mikami slides underneath Johnny's legs and pops up behind a surprised Johnny.

Shannan Lerch: Sneaky--

Logan finishes Shannan's sentence.

Logan: Bastard.

The announcers giggle. Mikami still behind Johnny, he roundhouse kicks the back of his head. Johnny's down! And Ace is up with a head full of steam close lining Mikami that sends his body through several progressions of flips before he slaps the mat. Johnny stumbles to his feet still feeling that roundhouse kick, Ace is there to greet him with a kick to the gut, and a vicious piledriver! He hooks the leg!



Johnny Reb throws a shoulder up. Ace sends a few stiff kicks at Johnny's knee, possibly warming him up for a submission move. Mikami jumps out of nowhere! Diamond Cutter! Ace goes down, Mikami takes the opportunity to cover.


Johnny is already up and pulls Mikami off grabbing him by the hair. Mikami counters punching Johnny, Mikami and Johnny exchange blows for a moment before Johnny gains the upper hand and easily tosses Mikami's body over the top ropes to the outside of the ring. Johnny picks Ace up. Suplex! Ace is back down. Johnny Reb climbs up the top rope, pin pointing Ace's body and flies off nailing a shooting star elbow drop in his chest.

Shannan Lerch: Southern Discomfort!

Logan: Got some in the locker room if you want to hang out later.

Shannan Lerch: No. Reb's finisher! And yes!

Johnny Reb looks around and doesn't see any sign of Mikami. He hooks the leg. This could be it!



The fast speeding devil, Mikami, is on the top rope, and flies off with a Shooting Star Senton that crashes on both of them breaking up the pin.

Logan: Hammer of Boudle!

Shannan Lerch: What?

Logan: Mikami's finisher.

All of the three men roll around the ring in agony trying to regain themselves. Ace Gideon slowly recovers, grabbing the ring ropes for support and climbing to his feet. He looks down over the two who are still trying to regain some strength. Ace targets Johnny, lifting him to his feet and slinging him into the turnbuckle. Johnny crashes against the turnbuckle holding his back and shouting out in pain. Ace lifts Johnny's chin up before slapping a backhand across his chest. The crowd, again, "OOO's" along. Chop! Chop! Chop! The thunderous strikes echo throughout the arena. Mikami is up however, unaware to Ace whom is currently seeing fit Johnny's chest is red before leaving tonight, Mikami runs up behind Ace drop kicking him in the back of the head! The drop kick has enough impact to send Ace over the top rope and to the outside. Johnny, marvelously regains himself running out of the corner attempting to close line Mikami's head off. However, Mikami ducks, and Johnny crashes into the referee instead. With the referee down, Johnny kicks at him telling him to get back up, Mikami hops on Johnny from behind and executes a jump swinging DDT.

Logan: I got something for this son of a bitch.

Shannan Lerch: Logan!

Grabbing his US title, Logan drops the headset and walks down the ramp towards the ring. Mikami notices this, watching Logan and taunting him to get into the ring. Logan stands ring side, pointing to his title and shaking his head at Mikami. The crowd cheers and chants Logan along to get in the ring with Mikami. With Logan and Mikami's eyes locked on one another, Logan cautiously slides underneath the bottom rope, keeping the US belt with him and standing to his feet. Mikami and Logan keep a distance, an eternal glare separating the two. Ace is back in the ring, Mikami is too occupied taunting with Logan to notice. Ace spins a surprised Mikami around and hits the Reaper! Logan points and laughs and slides out of the ring, walking back up the ramp. Ace pins Mikami! The referee slowly regains and crawls to counting position.




Just in time Johnny breaks up the pinfall elbow dropping the two. Logan stares on from the top of the ramp in disgust before heading backstage, after a moment, Zach Davis appears from the back and takes his place back at the announcers booth.

Zach Davis: Damnit, Logan.. I really wanted to call this match.

Shannan Lerch: Where's the hotdog's?

Reb picks up Ace, executes a Snapmare, and then gives him a stiff kick to the spine. The crowd oooh's. Mikami is already back up as Reb turns to face him, and Mikami hits a huge Roundhouse Kick to Reb's head! Reb, looking stunned, tumbles over the top rope to the outside.

Zach Davis: Mikami seems to be motivated by Logan's interference!

Mikami quickly jumps to the top rope. Ace slowly stands, then turns towards Mikami... who hits a big Masaya Complex into pin!




Shannan Lerch: Mikami wins the match!!

Zach Davis: There you have it! Mikami wins a shot at the US Title!

Mikami stands, a smile crossing his face. He exits the ring, having gotten what he came for.

Corey Black vs Ryan Daniels

Voice: Welcome to Hollywood, may all your dreams come true

The suspenceful tone of the intro plays as the violins set the lets to flicker red.


Guitars hits and the crowd is on their feet and pyro rains down on the entrance ramp and Ryan Daniels emerges from the back with a random T-shirt on he stands underneath the pyro, his head bowed as the intro continues to play. After it finishes the pyro stops and Ryan walks down the ramp

This is a wake up call
To all who their eyes
This is our hope,
Hopeless beaten strife

HE stops at the middle and starts to hop up and down, getting himself hyped up and ready for his match.

You kill the messenger not to hear it
It doesn't mean it never happened
It doesn't mean it never happened

He runs up the ring steps and slingshots into the ring. HE runs up the turnbuckles and stop, one foot on the top buckle and the other on the second he points out tot he crowd, mouthing the chorus to the song.

"This is our mission
statement to go show the world
We must survive"

HE hops off the turnbuckle and removes his shirt as the music starts to fade out.

Zach Davis: Ryan Daniels actually looks ready to perform, a huge contract to the past two months.

The crowd is buzzing, and a spotlight hits somewhere in the crowd. No music, pyro, video, or anything. Standing there is Corey Black, wearing his hoodie with the hood up. He makes his way through the crowd as they cheer him on. Corey then hops the security barricade and rolls into the ring. He throws the devil horns to the crowd, and they do the same. Corey then sits in a corner, waiting for the match to begin.

Shannan Lerch: Remember, this mat-

Before Shannan can finish, the bell rings, and in slides Chester and Dobbie of The Darkside!

Zach Davis: What is this?!

Jayson has ran around the ring and is holding Corey Black down as Chester and Dobbie are stomping Corey in the corner! Stomp after stomp, without mercy. Ryan Daniels stands back, unsure of what exactly to do.

Shannan Lerch: This is what Corey gets for accepting Gravedigger's invitations!

Chester gets a chair, and hits Corey Black with it. Repeatedly.

Zach Davis: Well, this match does have no rules, it IS unsanctioned, but...

Shannan Lerch: We saw the Dark Side do this earlier tonight and here they go again!

Zach Davis: Gravedigger is using the "WCW/nWo Guide To Ruining Ratings With Lots of Stable Interference" tactic, I do believe.

Chester grabs Black's legs, Slingshotting him into the air. Dobbie then hits a Superkick!

Shannan Lerch: That's the Decapitator!

The crowd boo's, of course. The Dark Side members taunt. Soon after, the Darkside members leave, and the ref urges Daniels to just cover. Daniels shakes his head no.

Zach Davis: I don't think Daniels wants to take the win like this. Looks like he has honor after all.

But no. Daniels instead decides to climb to the top rope... and flies off the top with the From The Ashes!




Zach Davis: Wow. Didn't see that coming. Should have, knowing Gravedigger.

Ryan Daniels celebrates the victory, excited. Daniels leaves the ring, while Corey pulls himself to the floor and exits through the crowd.

Seth Lerch Segment

The scene opens up outside the parking lot. A limo pulls up... and out steps Seth Lerch to a big pop.

Shannan Lerch: My brother,

Zach Davis: And former owner of the Wrestling Championship Federation,

Shannan Lerch: is in the house.

Seth has a cell phone up to his ear and is talking as he gets out.

Seth Lerch: Yeah, next week man. Glad I got in contact with you... yeah, the Dark Side will never expect you, that's for sure. Next week.

Seth was about to enter the building, but Dobbie and Chester walk up from around a corner to stop him.

Dobbie: Yo yo, Seth-man, hows it goin?

Chester: What my friend Dobbie meant to say was... what do YOU think you're doing here? Who were you talking to, huh? Who won't we expect?

Seth Lerch: Heh, if I told you, that would ruin the surprise now wouldn't it? But to answer your first question, I'm here on business. Gotta talk to some people.

Dobbie: What about?

Seth Lerch: And, once again, you're going to have to wait to find out until next week. We have to get things in order. Now if you'll excuse me...

Seth pushes past Dobbie and Chester, who shrug and let him through.

Chester: Eh, what harm can he do? What has-been does he have up his sleeve this time...

Chester and Dobbie follow Seth into the building.

Logan/Shane Spain/Tank Reaper vs Triangle

Timebomb by Godsmack hits, and Logan, Shane Spain, and Tank Reaper all step out from the back. Lots of pyro goes off as they walk to the ring, Logan munching on a hot dog the whole way.

Zach Davis: And here is Timebomb.

Coheed and Cambria's Justice in Murder bangs throughout the arena speakers and the lights go out with strobes around the stage area. Haze and Tanbark come out first with Apollo following tightly behind them. The three men stand atop the ramp and look out at each and every one of the fans who are in attendance. Triangle is announced over the loudspeakers, and the men walk intensely down the ramp. Each men take to the ring and taunt with their own style.

Shannan Lerch: And now, Triangle. This is these men's second match, but they've been impressive.

Tank Reaper starts for his team, and Tanbark for his. The two meet up in the middle of the ring and tie up. Tank is a big man, but so is Tankbark. Both try to use their strength, but eventually Tank gets the upper hand. Tank forces Tanbark into a neutral corner, then irish whips him to the opposite one. Tanbark hits it, stumbles forward, and Tank catches him and hits a big Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex!!

Zach Davis: Oh my God! How did Tank Reaper do that!?

Shannan Lerch: What amazing strength!

Tank pins Tanbark, hooking his leg.



Tanbark kicks out. Tank picks him up and puts him in a headlock before tagging in Shane Spain. Spain gets in the ring and hits a few clubbing blows to Tanbark's back before Tank releases the headlock and gets on the apron. Spain follows up by hitting a few boxing style punches, sending Tanbark reeling. Eventually Tanbark blocks one and Headbutts Spain. Spain goes reeling now and Tanbark hits a Big Boot as he turns around!

Zach Davis: Good move! Powerful.

Tanbark tags Apollo into the match now. He kicks Shane Spain a few times before picking Spain up and executing a vicious DDT back down to the mat!

Shannan Lerch: Oof!

Apollo pins Spain.



No, Logan is in the ring and kicks Apollo off. Apollo gets up, looks at Logan, angry. Logan backs away and gets onto the apron, not wanting to fight quite yet because he hasn't finished the hot dog he's been munching on. Apollo runs at him as he's on the apron, but Logan ducks the swing, grabs his head and Logan drops down onto the arena floor, pulling Apollo's head onto the rope. Apollo bounces back and turns to face Shane Spain... who hits the Sensation!

Zach Davis: That's his move! Timebomb have it won!

Shane Spain pins Apollo, hooking the leg!



No! Sanzen Haze and Tanbark are in the ring, kicking Shane Spain off. This, of course, brings Tank and Logan into the ring. Logan throws his half eaten hot dog at Stanzen Haze, who for some reason sells it like crazy and flies over the top rope to the floor below. Tank Reaper grabs Tanbark and Suplexes him right out of the ring!

Shannan Lerch: Triangle was about to get the win but Timebomb back in and getting control of the situation.

Logan gets back on the ring apron, as does Tank. Shane Spain tags Tank back into the match.

Zach Davis: Here comes the big man to finish the job.

Tank Reaper steps in and picks Apollo up. He shoves him into the ring corner, backs up, and starts measuring him..

Shannan Lerch: He's gonna go for the Bone Crusher!

Tank runs at Apollo, but Apollo moves out of the way at the last second! Tank crashes into the turnbuckle. Apollo runs and bounces off the Timebomb side of the ring, throwing Shane Spain off the apron and to the floor, and then hits a chop block to the back of Tank's leg. Tank stumbles down, and Apollo tags Tanbark back in. Tanbark jumps to the top rope as Apollo hits a Scoop Slam on Tank!

Zach Davis: That took a lot of energy to lift the massive Tank and hit a scoop slam!

Tanbark flies off the top rope with a Guillotine Leg Drop right to Tank's face!

Shannan Lerch: Eyes Wide Shut!

Tanbark pins Tank.


Logan's in the ring.


Logan goes to break up the pin but Apollo stops him.


Zach Davis: No! Tank kicked out!

Indeed, Tank Reaper kicked out, miraculously.

Shannan Lerch: Can't keep the big man down!

Tanbark, ready to finish the match, begins picking Tank up. Tank uses all his strength to push Tanbark away, but he flies right into the referee, who goes down.

Zach Davis: Ref bump alert ref bump alert! We should probably get a new one out here ASAP so no one interferes. That sure would be a smart idea.

Shannan Lerch: Someone must be listening, Zach, because a referee is coming down the ramp as we speak!

That referee, of course, turns out to be Dobbie.

Zach Davis: Oh damnit.

Dobbie, of of the Dark Side, slides into the ring. Logan and Shane Spain get into the ring and start arguing with him, knowing he's out to screw them, but he just shrugs his shoulders. They get back onto the apron, not knowing what else to do. Tanbark and the rest of Triangle ignore this new turn of developments. Tanbark heads back towards Tank, who is now standing. He goes for a Spin Wheel Kick but Tank avoids it. Tank then slams Tanbark down onto the mat. He then grabs him again, still standing..

Shannan Lerch: He's gonna try and do the Reaping Reaper!

But Dobbie, the ref, walks over to Logan and Shane Spain to tell them not to get involved, despite them not doing anything. As he does this, Chester comes up and hits Tank with a chair from behind!

Zach Davis: Having Dobbie as the special ref wasn't good enough? They had to do this too?

Tank goes down hard, and Chester hits him again one more time before exitting the ring. Dobbie, of course, turns his attention back to the match now. Tanbark pins Tank one more time.

One! Two! Three! Fast count, before any Timebomb members could break it up.

Shannan Lerch: Well, Triangle do pick up the victory!

Zach Davis: And it WAS a hard fought victory, I'll give them that. It is a shame the Dark Side decided to taint their victory.

Triangle celebrate in the ring as Logan and Spain jump in, ready to attack Dobbie. Dobbie and Chester quickly high tail it out of the ring.

Shannan Lerch: Well, this sure adds more fuel to the Timebomb/Dark Side rivalry.

Zach Davis: It sure does, Shannan, it sure does.

Torture Segment

We come back from commercial break. The crowd is booing because the arena is dark with a single spotlight on Torture in the middle of the ring. Suit and all he has a microphone.

Torture: For years I've been dominating and destroying what Wrestling Championship Federation has had to offer in this very ring. I've won countless matches, and defeated all the big names but on Sunday I realized what I lost. The saying is true; you truly never know what you have until it's gone. My prized possession; my WCF World Title.

The camera zooms in on the GWC Title and WCF title hanging in the corner of the ring. The crowd boos but he continues.

Torture: If anyone in the back wants to attempt to take my precious gold, you have now witnessed what I will do at a moments notice to keep what is in my possession safe and secure. It's too bad Brad Kane isn't around anymore. I was just getting to like his family, and his wholesome values. It's too bad I had to deliver a chair right to Megan Kane's forehead causing her mashed up brain to bleed from the inside. Now that he's in jail, and she'll be posted up in the Hospital for the next several months just goes to show you that when you ask me to play your sick game of cat and mouse, I end up catching the mouse and then making sure they'll never wrestle again.

I'm the present and future of Professional Wrestling because my accomplishments are endless. Icons have come into this ring, and I've put Icons right back on the shelf. I entered this ring in 2003 as Torture. I'm now Torture, Greatest Wrestler in Sports History.

The crowd boos.

Zach Davis: Oh what a joke.

Torture: There is no gimmick about me. I don't hide behind masks, or lucha libre style of wrestling, nor do I sit at home thinking of hundreds of ways to eat hot dogs. I don't ooze people in the face, and I don't play in a band. I don't have to do any of those things because I'm already better than everyone here. My legacy will be read about for decades and the records I've set will never be broken. Torture IS Mr. WCF, and Torture IS the Greatest of all time.

This is no time for divide and conquer, and this is no time for games. I'm not just calling Grave Digger out, I'm call the rest of Wrestling Championship Federation out. No one is untouchable, and everyone will soon be the casualty in my god damn war. Game over ladies and gentlemen, the Torture Era has now truly.. begun.

Torture looks deep into the camera. Wrestling Championship Federation's Monday Night Slam slowly fades off the air.