Slam Intro
High Times With Chino
Tank Reaper/Johnny Reb/Ryan Daniels vs Triangle
Gravedigger/Mike D vs Shane Spain/Biohazard
Dake Ken Segment
Logan/Corey Black vs Mikami/Chris Avery

Slam Intro

Batcat by Mogwai hits, Slam is on the air! Fans cheer, pyro shoots off, we go to the announcers.

Zach Davis: Welcome to the show! One week away from Explosion and Seth Lerch's final chance at regaining control of WCF, and possibly Gravedigger's chance at taking the World Title from Torture.

Shannan Lerch: That's right, Zach. Seth's assembled his team. Corey Black, Logan, Dake Ken, and HOPEFULLY Torture, though it sure doesn't seem like he's agreed yet.

Zach Davis: Seth seemed sure that Torture would jump at this opportunity, but it didn't happen how he expected. We'll have to get Torture's answer tonight.

Shannan Lerch: In the meantime, Logan and Corey Black are teaming up against Mikami and Chris Avery. A very interesting matchup.

Zach Davis: Logan and Corey Black are livelong enemies, we know that. As for Mikami and Avery... Mikami has decided to finally grant Avery his US Title shot in the interest of justice, and tonight they'll team up. Mikami took the belt from Logan last week, and backstage, word has it that Black has been after Mikami for the past few weeks as well. Interesting.

Shannan Lerch: Also in a tag match, Gravedigger and Mike D are teaming up against the Timebomb members, Shane Spain and Biohazard. Timebomb, of course, has been after the Dark Side since the beginning.

Zach Davis: Tank Reaper actually turned on Shane Spain last week. Reaper is in a six man tag-

The fans hear Zach saying this and cheer because the WCF fans love six man tags.

Zach Davis: -Reaper is in a six man tag, teaming with Johnny Reb and Ryan Daniels up against Triangle.

Shannan Lerch: Up until last week, Triangle had been on a roll. They'd originally been scheduled to face Spain and Tank for the Tag Team Titles at Explosion, but I'm not so sure that match will take place now.

Zach Davis: And, seeing as it is 4/20, we also have a special guest tonight. With a special segment.

Shannan Lerch: I hope you're all ready for... High Times with Chino.

High Times With Chino

The WCF ring is decorated with two palm trees that have pot leaves hanging off them, and a bean bag chair. Chino is sitting in the bean bag chair with a microphone.

Chino: Heeeey maaaaaan! It's good to be back here. In uh. In ... uh ... um ... here! My name is Chino, not to be confused with Chino Moreno of Deftones. They're cool though. I like their song "Freak on a Leash."

Anyway man, it's April 20th, and EVERYBODY knows what that means! You probably fucked up your taxes.

The crowd fucking boos Chino's horrible joke.

Chino: Don't hate me, man. Hate Triple H. I remember one time I smoked this huuuuge bowl with Tim Robbins, and we started freaking out. Thing is, Tim Robbins laced that skunk with some LSD. I wanted to swim in the strawberry river, which turned out to be just a river. Took 4 paramedics to bring me back. And what did I do? I uh. I uh ... um ... here!

Nobody likes Chino's antics. The crowd is ACHING for someone to cut the power, anything.

Chino: What does everyone think of Tanbark? I put some of that in a bong and whoaaaa. Hey, when did Abraham Lincoln come to WCF?

The crowd is mindblown. Chino is seeing things. He's talking to the tree.

Chino: Ahahaha, no way Mr. Lincoln! I bet you could kick George Washington's ass!

Suddenly, the crowd erupts into cheers.

Chino: OH SHIT is Washington here?!

No, it's Seth Lerch walking out from the back. Seth slides into the ring and stands before Chino.

Chino: Damn George, you look like my old boss.

Seth pushes Chino over but holds his legs so Chino's body is arched on the bean bag chair. Chino is laughing from the sudden head rush. His laughter is about to be short lived, as COREY BLACK dashes through the crowd, over the rail, and up to the top rope. The very same top rope Chino is now facing upside down. Corey flies off and smashes Chino's face with a double knee drop! Chino flops to the ground, Seth dusting his hands off. Seth grabs the microphone Chino's limp hand dropped.

Seth Lerch: There, Corey. I get Chino here and let you kick his ass, you forgive me for having Logan join our team. Fair?

Corey nods.

Seth Lerch: Anyway. Gravedigger, Corey and I have come up with quite an idea for Explosion's big matchup. Eight man tag? Sure, yeah, whatever. Let's raise the stakes.

The crowd cheers.

Seth Lerch: Here is what I'm proposing: a War Games style twist. What I'm talking about is a Hell in a Cell style cage... One man from each team starts, with one new member coming in every two minutes. And pinfalls and submissions will count once everyone is involved in the match, one pin to win the match. None of this silly elimination BS. One pinfall, Gravedigger, and-

Suddenly, Jayson Stasiak walks out, mic in hand. Crowd boos.

Jayson Stasiak: Hold on there, Mr. Lerch, sir. Gravedigger has instructed me to inform you that HE will dictate the rules of this match, NOT you.

Seth looks annoyed, but listens.

Jayson Stasiak: Gravedigger has instructed me to announce that the Explosion match will take place in a HELL IN A CELL cage! Gravedigger declares that one man from each team will start, with a new man entering every two minutes! Per Gravedigger's orders, once all men are in the ring, pinfalls and submissions will come into effect!

Seth and Corey both roll their eyes.

Seth Lerch: Brilliant, Gravedigger. Brilliant. Okay, I concede, we can use Gravedigger's match stipulations. But Jayson, if we're going to do that, can't you help me out a little bit? I have one more idea.

Jayson Stasiak: I'm listening.

Seth Lerch: Out of all the Dark Side, besides Gravedigger, I've gotten to dislike your annoying ass the most. So how about... YOU vs ME at Explosion?

Jayson thinks about it for a second.

Jayson Stasiak: Why in the hell-

Seth Lerch: Aaandd, whoever wins, their team gets the advantage in the big tag match. If I win, one of my men gets to come into the ring first. If you win, likewise. THAT is why.

Jayson thinks about it for another second...

Jayson Stasiak: Agreed. I'll take you out before your team even gets a chance to win WCF back for you!

Jayson leaves, leaving Seth and Corey having gotten what they wanted... and the WCF janitors to clean up the remains of High Times with Chino.

Tank Reaper/Johnny Reb/Ryan Daniels vs Triangle

Coheed and Cambria's Justice in Murder bangs throughout the arena speakers and the lights go out with strobes around the stage area. Haze and Tanbark come out first with Apollo following tightly behind them. The three men stand atop the ramp and look out at each and every one of the fans who are in attendance. Triangle is announced over the loudspeakers, and the men walk intensely down the ramp. Each men take to the ring and taunt with their own style.

Fireworks explode on the ramp, and everyone quickly turns their attention to it. Sympathy by Non Divine hits the speakers and the crowd goes nuts. Tank Reaper walks slowly out on the stage putting both arms in the air ala Stone Cold Steve Austin. The crowd again reaches their feet and cheers for their new favorite wrestler. The applause continues for Ryan Daniels, but quickly turns to boos and hisses when Johnny Reb appears, trailing behind the other two. All three men get into the ring, eyeing their opponents and each other with equal wariness.

Shannan Lerch: The crowd loves Tank Reaper and Ryan Daniels, but they don’t much like Johnny Reb.

Zach Davis: Can’t understand why. He’s made quite the impact since arriving here in the WCF.

Shannan Lerch: Not the right kind of impact, Zach. But judging from their discomfort, I’d say this team may not be able to stand up to the unity in Triangle.

Zach Davis: It looks like Ryan Daniels has elected himself to start things off for his team, as he locks up in the ring with Apollo Griffin.

Daniels breaks the hold with an uppercut to Griffin’s midsection. Griffin staggers back, but is on the rebound instantly and sets Daniels up for a DDT. Daniels reverses, and counters with an Exploder Suplex. He covers...

1 ...

Griffin kicks out almost immediately. Both men are back up, and Griffin throws a wicked punch at Daniels. Daniels dodges, and returns a punch of his own. Griffin gives him a cocky smile.

Shannan Lerch: Looks like Apollo Griffin didn’t even feel that one.

Zach Davis: Or he did, and he liked it. You never know. There’s stuff wrong with these people. Griffin setting Daniels up for a Belly-To-Belly Suplex, and.... He hits it! There’s the cover!

Daniels gives Griffin a powerful shove before the ref can even start the count. Daniels kicks Griffin in the gut, doubling him over, then lurches for his corner and tags in Tank Reaper, pointedly ignoring Reb's outstretched hand.

Reaper applies front facelock to a still-doubled-over Griffin, and DDT's him hard on the canvas. Sensing victory in the offing, he pulls Griffin to his feet again and lifts him in a fireman's carry, then slams him to the mat once more. He goes for the pin, but Sanzen Haze enters the ring to break up the fall. The ref sends him back out as Daniels starts climbing through the ropes to even the numbers. Johnny watches impassively.

Griffin is dazed, but standing, and ducks a running clothesline from Tank Reaper. He goes on the offensive, catches Reaper on the way back with a forearm smash to the face. Griffin pays him back with a DDT of his own. He makes the cover, and suddenly Reb is in the ring, applying boots liberally to Griffin's ribs. The ref chases Johnny back out, but in the meantime, Griffin has staggered back to his own corner and tags in the fresher Tanbark.

Tanbark scoop slams a distracted Tank Reaper. Tank Reaper recovers quickly and the two trade punches in the middle of the ring. An Irish Whip and a stiff right from Tank Reaper drops Tanbark on his back and goes for the cover.

1 ...

2 ...

Tanbark gets his shoulder up just in time. He allows Tank Reaper to pull him to his feet, then lands a hard right of his own. Tank Reaper staggers, shakes it off, and sets Tanbark up for a suplex. Tanbark with a powerful reversal; he sets Tank Reaper up for a brainbuster and hits it. Tanbark covers.

1 ...

2 ...


Shannan Lerch: Oooh! That was a close one. Tank Reaper managed to kick out just before the referee’s hand hit the canvas a third time!

Frustrated, Tanbark hauls Tank Reaper to his feet again. A powerful backhand chop from Tank Reaper allows him to dive for his own corner, where Johnny Reb is already on the turnbuckle. At a shrug from Daniels, Tank Reaper tags Reb in reluctantly. Reb with a Southern Star to Tanbark, taking him to the mat.

Zach Davis: And a good strategy by Johnny Reb, keeping a much larger opponent off his feet. Reb locks in his patented Southern Cross, putting Tanbark in a world of hurt.

Shannan Lerch: But Tanbark makes good use of his weight advantage, straining for the ropes and dragging Reb with him.

Tanbark grabs the bottom rope and the ref is there immediately, yelling at Johnny to release the hold. Reb finally relinquishes his hold when the ref threatens him with disqualification.

Reb backs across the ring, watching Tanbark haul himself upright, then rushes forward with a clothesline that sends his opponent out of the ring. Reb is on the ropes in an instant, with a plancha onto Tanbark. It takes a moment to recover, as the ref starts a countout.

1 ...

2 ...

3 ...

Reb is on his feet now, pulling the larger Tanbark up with him. He slams Tanbark's head against the retaining wall as the crowd prudently draws back.

4 ...

Reb turns his opponent around and shoves him back toward the ring. Tanbark catches himself, glowers at Reb, then slides into the ring and rushes for his own corner.

5 ...

Sanzen Haze stands ready to meet Johnny Reb as he slips under the bottom rope and stops the ref's count.

A vicious boot to Reb's face nearly sends him back to the outside.

Shannan Lerch: Got what he deserved that time!

Reb uses the ropes to pull himself up, and just barely ducks a clothesline from Haze. Reb utilizes his own size advantage to grab Haze and takes him down with a Guillotine drop.

Zach Davis: And Reb’s intent on paying Haze back in full.

Johnny kneels on Sanzen's chest and delivers a series of vicious punches. The rest of Triangle leaps into the ring to stop the abuse. Daniels climbs in, too, and after a moment's deliberation, Tank Reaper follows him. An all-out brawl erupts for a few minutes, until the referee gets things under control again.

Reb and Haze face off in the middle of the ring, both plainly winded. They trade punches, but for once, Johnny has a significant weight advantage. A hard uppercut sends Haze reeling, followed closely by a springboard bulldog. Reb goes for the cover.

1 ...

2 ...

Haze kicks out. Reb hauls Haze up by the hair and whips him into an unoccupied corner. He climbs the ropes and starts delivering punches again, until Haze finds a reserve of strength and shoves him off.

Shannan Lerch: This is getting ugly....

Haze on the offensive now, goes after Reb with a Hurricanrana off the turnbuckle. He covers.

1 ...

Zach Davis: Kickout by Johnny Reb! Ugly it may be, but I think we’ll have a decisive winner soon!

Reb finally shows signs of tiring, and Haze takes full advantage, setting him up for a DDT. Reb struggles out of it and drops Haze with a backbreaker. He then locks in the Stars and Bars!

Shannan Lerch: What a move!

Haze is forced to tap out! Reb gets to his feet and raises his arms.

Zach Davis: Johnny Reb with the win!

Shannan Lerch: I wonder what is in store for Reb next.

Reb leaves the ring, and as he does, suddenly Shane Spain and Biohazard run in! Spain Clotheslines him down before him and Biohazard stomp on him a few times.

Zach Davis: This is Timebomb's revenge, I would say.

Spain picks him up and holds him as Biohazard spits TOXIC OOZE!~! in his face!

Shannan Lerch: Not even Tank Reaper deserves that!

And suddenly Indestructible by Disturbed hits, and out runs newcomer C.J. Foster!

Zach Davis: I saw Foster in the back.. he must be a member of Timebomb!

Foster slides in and picks Tank Reaper up... and Powerbombs him hard down into the mat!

Shannan Lerch: OH MY GOD! The strength of C.J. Foster!

Timebomb taunts in the ring before their next match. Shane Spain keeps yelling "DO YOU REGRET IT REAPER, HUH DO YA?!" and "HELLO TO MY NEW ENFORCER!"

Gravedigger/Mike D vs Shane Spain/Biohazard

Gravedigger starts the match, eager to wrestle. He feels Shane Spain out, who is eager to get a hold of Gravedigger. GD gets the early advantage, hitting lots of big moves. Shane Spain soon realizes he has to step up his game. Eventually he ducks a Clothesline from GD and then hits a Pelee Kick!

Zach Davis: Good move!

From that point on, Spain is on the offensive for a good few minutes, until Mike D gets in illegally and hits a Big Boot. Gravedigger is back in control until Spain tags in Biohazard. Biohazard hits a few Clotheslines taking Gravedigger down before going for the Ooze, but Gravedigger ducks and hits the Death Driver and pins.



Mike D stops Spain from breaking it up.


Shannan Lerch: Gravedigger looking impressive here!

Gravedigger and Mike D leave.

Dake Ken Segment

"Bow Down" by Born of Osiris hits over the PA System. There is a bit of confusion in the crowd as they wonder who the music belongs to.

Zach Davis: Not really familiar with this music Shannan.

Shannan Lerch: I'm not either!

The crowd continues to stir. The music continues on for a moment but as it really starts to pick up Dake Ken makes his way onto the stage! The crowd roars to the returning superstar who looks to be in great shape. Although looking a few years older he is very much the same. His hair has a few hints of grey in it and his beard is trimmed short. He is wearing black sunglasses and a black WCF shirt with the green WCF logo on the front. He does not have on wrestling attire as he simply has on jeans. The crowd continues to cheer as Dake takes a second to soak it in. He has a mic in his hands and obviously has a few things to say. He reaches up and removes his sunglasses. He continues to look out the to crowd turning his head left and right. He has a very Dake Ken smirk on his face. There is something different this time though. He seems to be very much enjoying the crowd's reaction as opposed to being amused from their displeasure. He walks over to the left side of the ramp.

Zach Davis: I don't believe that I have ever heard a WCF crowd cheer Dake Ken. I can't really say I believe it.

Shannan Lerch: I don't think I understand it! This is Dake Ken of The Elite. The mastermind behind a group that set out to dominate the WCF. A group that set out to, I don't want to say take over, but that is the only word I can think of ... they set out to take over the WCF ... and they did!

Zach Davis: It was Dake Ken who, years ago, took Trent Hunter and X-Rated from the XGWO and brought them to the WCF. Although they debuted before him, it was Dake Ken who put the group together, and that group dominated the WCF. Trent Hunter had a title reign that seemingly would never end! Dake Ken and X-Rated might have been the greatest tag team in the history of the WCF and both Dake and X-Rated had singles titles as well. Dake won the TV title and X-Rated actually won the World Championship from Neo after Trent Hunter lost it!

Dake has a more intense look on his face now as he looks out the crowd. He raises his right hand and slaps the WCF logo on his shirt three times! The crowd roars.

Zach Davis: It's crazy to think about all the differences that Seth and Dake have had. They are well documented but it looks like Dake Ken is here for WCF!

Shannan Lerch: ... He's a crazy Canadian!

Zach Davis: I hate to say it, but this is very much become bizaro world!

Dake walks over to the other side of the ramp and slaps the WCF logo again. He walks back to the center of the stage. A worker quickly runs out from behind the curtain and hands him a mic. The worker books it and slips behind the curtain again slowly. Dake holds the mic and takes a breath. He smiles and chuckles to himself. His normally cocky, arrogant smirk of a smile has actually turned into a smile of joy. Dake Ken actually looks happy. He raises the mic.

Zach Davis: Finally we get to hear what Dake has to say!

Dake Ken: I really have to admit. It feels GREAT TO HEAR YOU GUYS CHEER FOR ME!

The crowd roars as Dake smiles and takes it in for a moment.

Dake Ken: It has been a long time, and I really have to say ... I really love hearing you guys cheer for me! I haven't heard a pop for myself since I was in an XGWO ring, and that has been a LONG time! ... Now, I'm sure there are a lot of questions on everyone's mind. Rightfully so. It probably doesn't make a whole lot of sense that I'm working together with Seth Lerch. It's not a secret that we've had disagreements in the past over issues. It's not a secret that I was irate after X-Rated got a shot at the World Title before me. It's not a secret that was unhappy with the way a lot of the old WCF used to run. All of that is very very well documented and I'm not going to go back and bring it all up. I'm not here for a history lesson. If you really wanna know ... go do your research. It's all there for you to see. All you need to know right is this! I am back and I am still the BEST DAMN TECHNICIAN IN THAT RING!

The crowd roars as Dake is very very emotional. He is very intense and you can see it in his face.

Dake Ken: Now before we get to why I want to address a few people. Three other people to be exact. The first being Torture!

The crowd instantly starts to boo!

Dake Ken: Torture. I have never thought you were too bright. I've never even thought you were that good to be dead honest with you, but ... somehow ... you have managed to get that World Title around your waist a few times.

The crowd is really laying of thick for Torture. They hate him!

Dake Ken: I'll give credit where credit is due though! Sure you couldn't beat X-Rated and I back in the day. Sure you were nothing but a mid-card talent back then, and you aren't any better ... if anything worse ... now, BUT! I'll give it to you. You are the champion and that is great.

Dake cynically claps his hands as the crowd continues to boo.

Dake Ken: However! You REALLY aren't very bright!

The crowd pops!

Dake Ken: You act like this is a chore. Being a part of this tag team. You act like it's the last thing in the world you want to do. You, and I quote, "Have better things to do at Pay Per Views." .... right. Right ... because if Gravedigger has control of the WCF you are really going to have title to defend. ... Riiiight. I think you need to understand something Torture. If Gravedigger sees you as a threat, you can kiss that championship you worked ohhhh so hard for ... GOODBYE! What is so damn hard about supporting the guy who trusted you enough to give you a shot at the title in the first place!? What is so damn hard about that?! Get it through your head man. If Gravedigger gets a hold of this company there is going to be no more Torture. Since you, basically, go after everyone and everything with no remorse you will be deemed a threat, and you will be gone! It's not about ticket sales, it's not about money to this guy. This guy wants control, and if you resist, he'll just get rid of you. Then there is no more legendary Torture. There is no more World Title for you and there is no more WCF for you!

The crowd cheers at this notion but Dake insists his point.

Dake Ken: Torture, I'm going to be very clear with my statement to you. Get your head out of your ass, and look around you!

The crowd pops!

Dake Ken: Moving on. Logan. I'm am going to be straight up here. In my eyes you and not and never will be a legend. You have done nothing but leech off WCF for YEARS! I have never seen a more pathetic excuse for a "legend." So I will make it very simple. If you don't get your ass in shape. If you don't pull it together there will be no more WCF for you, and the "Legend" Logan ... will be nothing but a fat old man, sitting on his couch, eating hot dog after hot dog! So let see the Logan I've always heard about, but never seen! I wanna see the legend! I want you to prove to me what you have NEVER proved to me in the past! Come on Logan! You OWE it to Seth to give him the best. He has let you hang around here FOREVER and has paid you so much money! You OWE it to him!

Dake stops for a moment as the crowd absorbs his statement.

Dake Ken: Corey Black. We've never seen eye to eye, and I know you don't like me. There are a lot of reasons. Maybe ones that people won't really understand, but if you ever wanna settle all the crap between us ... then you're going to have to put our difference aside ... for one night ... and work together as a team. I am willing to do it. Are you man enough to?

The crowd isn't overly fond of this statement, but it still gets a mixed reaction.

Zach Davis: Strong words from Dake to those three men.

Shannan Lerch: He means business.

Dake Ken: So, now I should probably explain why I am even here. Years and years ago when I first started talks with WCF I told Seth that I would turn this place into a World Class organization. Nothing but the best, because I could bring in the best. He didn't have to sign me. He didn't have to sign X-Rated and he didn't have to sign Trent Hunter ... but he did. You guys might not like, but he did. Seth took a chance on us, and we came in and we tore this place APART!

Dake is very emotional!

Dake Ken: We came in and ripped this place apart and put on killer shows night after night after night AFTER NIGHT! We won titles, we entertained, we had money, we had it all! We took this small little wrestling organization and did exactly what we said we would do. We turned it into a world class group of performers. That was what The Elite was all about. Everyone knows I am an elitist. I want to be the best, and I want the best. Which is the reason I am back here! The WCF has turned into something that I am PROUD OF! I love this business more than anything, and I love this company. I look at what it has become and I smile! DAMN IT! IT FEELS GOOD TO LOOK AT THE WCF NOW! It took so much work, but I can confidently say that the WCF is the BEST OF THE BEST!

The crowd roars! Dake is intense!

Dake Ken: So when Seth explained what was happening, I told him I was in. Because I will be damned ... I will BE DAMNED ...

Dake pauses. He regains his composure.

Dake Ken: (slowly) ... I ... will be damned if I let someone ruin this company and everything I worked so hard to bring all you people!

The crowd roars as Dake looks out into them.

Dake Ken: So that is why I am here. I am on a mission. Gravedigger will be stopped. Even if I have to do it myself!

Dake raises his hands and slaps the WCF logo on his shirt again to a huge pop! He smiles and turns to leave but stops right before he hits the curtain. He turns and has one last thing to say.

Dake Ken: Oh ... and after we win our tag match and the WCF is on stable ground. Make note ... I will begin a new mission. To be the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!

The crowd pops as "Bow Down" by Born of Osiris kicks in on the PA system. Dake slips behind the curtain to a monster ovation from the crowd.

Logan/Corey Black vs Mikami/Chris Avery

The lights go out and Let It Rock by Kevin Rudolf blares through the sound system. The arena boos as the lights flash back on on time with a set of fireworks on the stage. Chris Avery steps out onto the stage and smiles at all of the fans that are boo'ing. Ignoring each and every one of them he slides into the ring puts out his hands like 'what? You kidding me? I'm the best'. He awaits his opponent.

Zach Davis: Chris Avery in the ring ready for his partner..

The lights go out and "The End of Everything" by Trivium plays. Two spotlights shine on the ramp entrance revealing Mikami standing there with his arms crossed. At the part of the song when the chanting starts, Mikami walks down the ramp and the lights follow him. He climbs into the ring and raises his arms, palms up, as the music ends.

Shannan Lerch: Avery and Mikami on the same team here, but will be meeting up for the US Championship that Mikami is hoisting around his waist.

A drum beat rolls, it rolls, it rolls, it beats and echoes dying to make the fans ears bleed. Metallica "The Struggle Within" BLASTS the speakers. The crowd explode cheering the bastard they love to hate, the Face of Treachery, Logan. He pops out from behind the black curtains marching down the ramp threatening to slap fans on his way, climbing up the ring steps, hopping into the ring, spitting glomps of salvia out into the crowd. Logan climbs the turnbuckle slapping his chest, taunting the crowd, talking generic shit. He then hops off and he paces around the ring till his music cuts.

Zach Davis: And his partn..

The crowd is buzzing, and a spotlight hits somewhere in the crowd. No music, pyro, video, or anything. Standing there is Corey Black, wearing his hoodie with the hood up. He makes his way through the crowd as they cheer him on. Corey then hops the security barricade and rolls into the ring. He throws the devil horns to the crowd, and Mikami clotheslines him down to the mat and dropkicks Logan right out of the ring. Mikami gets to his feet and Avery shoves past Mikami and goes for the pin!

One! Two!

Zach Davis: Black kicks up!

Shannan Lerch: Already we can tell this won't last long!

Avery gets to his feet and Mikami throws Avery out of the ring and picks up Black hitting a snap suplex. While Logan rests on the apron in his corner, Mikami goes for a pin. Avery slides back into the ring disrupting the pin fall and Mikami gets in his face. Avery backs off, and lets Mikami run his match first. Avery gets on the apron and Mikami turns around and is met with a spear from Black and wild punches with lefts and rights! Black picks up Mikami throws him to the ropes and hits a stiff side kick to the chin sending Mikami to his back. Black pins. Just a two count.

Black gets up and goes to tag in Logan who jumps down off the apron to pretend to check under his boot for something.

Zach Davis: What the hell is Logan doing?

Shannan Lerch: Checking for gum silly!

Black turns around and throws Mikami to the mat and turns back around to face Logan who jumps back up to the apron. Mikami tags in Avery. Chris runs over and german suplexes Black to the center of the ring. It's a pin.

One. Two.

Shannan Lerch: Just a two!

Black is picked up by Avery who heel kicks him back down then puts him in an arm bar. Black gets to the ropes. Avery tags back in Mikami. He picks up Black throws him to the ropes then hurricanrana's Black to the mat, Mikami never slows his motion as he runs to the ropes, springboards, and moonsaults onto Black. Black uses knees, however, and both Mikami and Black try to catch their breath.

Zach Davis: Corey needs to make the tag!

Black rolls to his stomach and crawls over to Logan. Mikami catches Blacks leg. Black spins, enziguris Mikami in the face and leaps towards Logan's outstretched hands. Except..

Zach Davis: What the hell?

Logan moved his hand at the last second and Black falls on his face. Mikami drags Black to the center of the ring, turns him over and catapult's him to the corner. Black lands on the corner and kicks Avery right in the face knocking him off the apron. Black then leaps from the rope and knee's Mikami in the face! Black lands, action-rolls to his feet and gets right in the face of Logan. Black mutters the words "want me to tag you in?" Corey Black slaps Logan right in the face. Logan is now pissed off as can be.

Shannan Lerch: Corey Black and Logan? They're on the same team!

Chris Avery slides in to the ring and sprints towards Black and Logan. Logan ducks, and rolls into the ring just as Avery tackles Black over the top rope sending both men to the mats below. Logan slides in, and Mikami turns around just as Logan hits The Connector! The crowd half boos, and cheers.. Logan rolls Mikami over for the pin!



Shannan Lerch: Oh jesus!

Mikami kicks out!!!

Zach Davis: So close!

Logan stands up, angry. And just as angry, Corey Black tags himself back in. Logan turns around to say something but Black is already climbing to the top rope.. and he flies off with a Phoenix Splash into a pin!




Shannan Lerch: Corey Black wins it! Corey Black pins himself!

Gravedigger and Jayson Stasiak step out from the back and motion at the top of the ramp causes all four men to look up. Corey Black and Logan start running their mouths at Gravedigger and Jayson. The crowd starts getting riled up and parts as Chester, Mike D, and Dobbie come out of the crowd and jump the railing. Logan and Corey are both in the ring taunting the owner of WCF and his manager, Jayson. Gravedigger and Jayson start slowly walking down the ramp as the rest of The Dark Side quietly sneak into the ring.

Zach Davis: Not good.

They stand behind them, stalking them, when Corey notices them. Gravedigger runs down the ramp and slides into the ring as the rest of The Dark Side pounce on Corey and Logan. Logan is overwhelmed by Chester and Mike D, but Corey is holding his own against Dobbie. This quickly changes as Gravedigger runs over and hits Corey from behind. The four men start beating down on Corey Black and Logan.

Shannan Lerch: No! Yes! No! Yes! I'm so confused.

The crowd goes insane as Dake Ken comes flying out from the back. Chester and Mike D get off of Logan and taunt Dake as he slides into the ring. Chester and Mike D pounce on him and start to get the best of him when he starts coming back. Dake Ken starts fighting off Mike D and Chester when Jayson gets on the apron with a kendo stick. Dake turns to stop Jayson but gets a kendo stick to the face. Mike D kicks Dake in the gut and powerbombs him to the mat.

Zach Davis: Oof. Not good for the returning Dake Ken. We need someone to even the odds...

Seth Lerch comes out from the back. Gravedigger waves to him to come to the ring. Seth keeps looking to the back and tries to encourage someone to come out. He's yelling at Torture who is apparently not coming to the rescue. The fans stand to their feet and await his arrival. Seth waves again towards the back and yells Torture's name. Seth clasps his hands together, begging in the direction of the back. Still nothing.

Shannan Lerch: Where is Torture...

Seth starts to get frustrated and tries once more.

Jamais Vu by Dredg hits.

Zach Davis: That's his music!

Shannan Lerch: The Dark Side has stopped the attacks! They're looking at the curtain!

Torture comes sprinting out from the back and runs down the ramp. Mike D and Jayson shove Seth Lerch towards Torture, who leap frogs over Seth and lands with a double clothesline on Mike D and Jayson! The crowd kind of erupts. Seth gets to his feet just as Torture slides into the ring. Torture ducks Gravediggers clothesline and Torture, himself, clotheslines Dobbie over the top rope! Chester runs at Torture but gets flipped over the top rope as well! Gravedigger escapes with Dark Side and they head up the ramp. Seth Lerch slides into the ring and picks up Dake Ken and Corey Black. Dake Ken gets up and violently turns Torture around and the two go face to face. Logan goes to break the two apart, but Corey Black turns Logan around and they begin to chew each other out!

Zach Davis: Oh no!

Seth Lerch tries to break apart Dake Ken and Torture who are now directly in each others faces, and Torture shoves Seth Lerch back into the ropes. Lerch puts his head down in disgust and looks at the Dark Side now celebrating on top of the ramp. Seth Lerch looks back at the team he's now put together and all four of them are talking shit to each other. The copyright logo comes up.

Shannan Lerch: Torture, Dake Ken, Corey Black and Logan all fighting with each other and in six days they fight as a team to save Wrestling Championship Federation! We might have seen the last of the good ol' days..

Zach Davis: It's going to take some Tom Cruise crazy magic to save us, and I just don't think it's going to happen. Fans, we'll see you at Explosion where the Dark Side meets these four for the stake in Wrestling Championship Federation. Seth Lerch really swung for the fences on this one.. We're out of time!

Shannan Lerch: We gotta go!

Scene fades as Dake Ken grabs Torture by the shirt and brings him in real close as Corey Black shoves Logan. More celebrating by The Dark Side.