Slam Intro
Logan vs Johnny Anthrax
Mikami/Ryan Daniels vs Dake Ken/Tank Reaper
World Title: Chris Avery vs Torture

Slam Intro

Kids by MGMT hits and Slam is on the air! As always, we go to the announcers.

Zach Davis: Welcome, fans, to the last stop before Aftermath! Tonight is headlined by a World Title match between Torture and... Chris Avery, of all people.

Shannan Lerch: That's right. Avery says he's tired of Torture ignoring him, so he's called him out for this match, which WCF officials made a World Title match. Torture even called Avery a nobody on Slam.

Zach Davis: Either these two will talk things out and figure out their friendship, or... we've got a fight on our hands, folks.

Shannan Lerch: Torture viciously attacked Johnny Reb at the end of Slam, and I'm told that Reb was unable to wrestle tonight. I'm not sure if Reb is even in attendance tonight, but I'm sure we'll find out.

Zach Davis: Next week is Reb's big chance at the WCF World Title, so he'd be smart to stay away until then, to avoid another injury.

Shannan Lerch: We have a tag match, with Mikami and Ryan Daniels once again teaming up to face the team of Dake Ken and Tank Reaper.

Zach Davis: Daniels had tried to once again show Mikami last week that he was worthy of the US Title, but it ended up costing their team the match against Corey Black, who was later arrested.

Shannan Lerch: Yes, the ToT had Black arrested for steroid and drug abuse.

Zach Davis: First of all, we don't know what they supposedly found in the bag. Second of all, I'm quite sure that the ToT planted that there, so you can pretend all you want but the WCF fans know it too. Corey Black is, unfortunatly, still held in jail as we speak, and won't be appearing tonight.

Shannan Lerch: Who cares, because Logan will be! He's up against WCF newcomer, Johnny Anthrax.

Zach Davis: Can't wait for that match!

Team of Treachery Segment

Logan and Jack of Blades are in their dressing room, watching Slam, when a knock on the door breaks their concentration.

Jack of Blades: Go Away.

The door opens and a WCF staffer enters, carrying a big black box with a red bow.

Logan: What part of go away didn't you get?

Staffer: Sorry, Logan, I had a gift from Seth for you.

Logan: I knew he couldn't resist me. Set it down and get out boudle.

The guy scurries away.

Jack of Blades: What do you think it is?

Logan: Knowing Seth...some kind of naked picture of him.

Jack of Blades: Huh. Kinda big for that. Maybe it's some kind of ancient Egyptian power urn. A spartan warriors crest. Maybe a relic of a long lost warrior culture...

Logan: Why you always gotta say such deep crap? It's Seth. It's probably just a penile gift.

Logan unwraps the box and opens it. A crumpled newspaper with the Headline "Charity Tycoon Still Missing" is pulled out. He throws it aside. Jack picks it up.

Jack of Blades: Doesn't he look familiar?

Logan: Who cares? I just wanna see what I got.

He pulls out a segmented Logan figure on a huge stand with a bright red button in front.

Logan: ME! Just what I always wanted! How did he know?

Jack of Blades: Because you're an egomaniac who thinks of nothing but himself?

Logan pushes the button. The figure comes to life. Raising his arms in the air triumphantly. A semi-Loganesque voice comes forward.

Figure: Boudles! Boudles! Shut up! Boudles!

Jack of Blades: Well, it's certainly you. They've got you down.

Logan: Shut up! Is that all he says?

As the figure quiets down and returns to position, Logan presses the button again. This time the figure starts posing, flexing it's plastic muscles.

Figure: Boudles! Shut Up! Anthrax sucks! Boudles! Boudles!

Jack starts snickering.

Logan: He just keeps saying the same thing. What the hell?

Jack of Blades: Yea, where would they get that idea?


Jack of Blades: Exactly.

They glare at each other.

Logan: Whatever. I'm gonna tell him thank you. I mean, it is pretty cool, even if it only says one thing.

Jack of Blades: As opposed to the real version, which says three things.

As Logan picks up the phone, Jack pushes the button again. This time a small piece of the base slides back behind Logan as the figure starts it's repetitive routine.

Jack of Blades: Logan, look at this.

Logan comes back around just in time to see a reaper figure rise. As the word boudles is repeated ad nauseam, the figure raises a sword and strikes the Logan figure's head from it's shoulders. The head falls to Logan's feet and repeats "Boudles" one more time before the eyes roll back and the figure crumples to it's knees, then falls forward.

Logan: (picking up the figure) What the fu...

Jack of Blades: I don't think Seth sent this to you....

We cut to another segment.

Seth Lerch/Jayson Stasiak Segment

The scene opens up backstage, right at the entrance to the live audience. Seth is standing there, talking to someone unseen by the camera.

Voice: Seth, I don't want to do this.

Seth Lerch: Look, Jayson, come on. You've been going city to city for the last two weeks, and now it is time to unveil you to the WCF public.

Jayson Stasiak: I don't see how this is helping save WCF from bankruptcy...

Seth Lerch: Are you kidding? You've raised awareness of WCF and with all the local promoting you've been doing, WCF has been selling out everywhere we go! You're a natural marketer and a great spokesman-

Jayson Stasiak: You mean MASCOT.

Seth Lerch: Yes, you're a great mascot and a great asset to WCF. And with Chester and Dobbie gone, you're the very last member of the Dark Side here. Time to show the WCF audience what you're made of.

Jayson Stasiak: ...sigh.

Jayson steps into camera's view. He's dressed as a big tiger, like a character from Disney World, but a tiger dressed like a wrestler.

Seth Lerch: Come on!

Eye of the Tiger hits as Seth Lerch walks out, microphone in hand.

Seth Lerch: WCF fans, please welcome WCF's newest mascot, Jayson Stasiak as Ricky the Wrestling Tiger!!

Jayson comes out, and for all he's worth he acts like a mascot should act: jumping up and down, slapping fans hands, all of those kinds of things. The fans are laughing and Seth is grinning ear to ear.

Seth Lerch: Now, Ricky, since I know you love WCF sooooooo much, join me in a big WCF chant!

Seth puts the microphone near Jayson/Ricky's head...

Jayson Stasiak: WCF! WCF! WCF!

The fans chant along with him, knowing full well that Jayson must hate the WCF as much as anyone.

Seth Lerch: Very good, Jayson, very good. But now I have business to attend to. Logan! Jack! Get out here!

The crowd explodes at Seth’s imperative. The two people to whom the demand was addressed, however, are less responsive. It takes a few moments but eventually, Jack and Logan appear on the ramp; Logan’s entrance theme played in conjunction with their descent to the ring. In Logan’s hand is a small black gym bag and at reaching the ring, he threatens to launch it over the ramp. Jack talks him out of this perhaps aware of the fragile nature of the bag’s contents.

Zach Davis: I wonder what’s in the bag.

Shannan Lerch: I don’t know but after what happened last week, I’m sure whatever is in there is of…a ‘sensitive’ nature.

Blades and Logan enter the ring and a stand-off begins between them and the WCF potentate. Microphones are given by stagehands. Seth now has two targets at which to direct his harangue.

Seth Lerch: Last week—last week, WCF superstar Corey ‘Creeping Death’ Black was arrested for possession of… of… ‘contraband.’ The aforementioned ‘contraband’ along with paraphernalia related to pursuits illegal within the United States of America was found, in his gym-bag, as the result of an anonymous ‘tip-off’ to the authorities. In the multiple conferences that I have held with Corey over the past week, both he and his legal representation have evinced the view that he is a ‘fall-guy’; his arrest the result of a manufactured plan against him. And I – I believe him.

The camera cuts to Logan and Jack giving each other a knowing look.

Seth Lerch: I believe him because last week, on a video exclusive to the WCF website, the pair of you admitted to having a plan against Corey Black. A plan to discredit him. A plan to get your vengeance on him. A plan—

Logan: Whoa, whoa. Stop with all the accusations, Sethy-weth! You’re right! You’re right. Jack and I did indeed have a plan against CD; a plan we put into action last week. But that plan wasn’t to plant any “contraband” amongst CD’s gym-socks and crotch straps. No, that plan was to take the MCE wunderkind and subject of CD’s grooming, Dehart and beat him like the ketchup-loving fool that he is. And we did just that. But we did not plant those…substances. The Dehart massacre? Yeah, I’ll put my hands up to that. Jack, put your hands up.

Jack complies, raising both hands above his head. The microphone he was given remains in his left palm. Seth takes a breath preparing more vitriol but Jack interjects before he gets a chance.

Jack of Blades: Seth, the first step to recovery is admitting you’ve got a problem or in this instance, admitting one of the doyens of your company has a problem is the first step to recovery. Regardless of whatever Narcotics-Anonymous aphorism you want to live by, maybe it is time you started looking at the cold hard facts. Think about all the years Corey has graced this federation with his presence. All those years, all those somersaults, all those hardcore matches, all those feuds, all those threats to a sub-sect of misunderstood teenagers. The scale of his accomplishments; in a way, it is almost superhuman. And perhaps…perhaps it is. Now, I’m not saying we send his face-paint to David Caruso even though that would be an episode of CSI that I would watch. No, all I’m saying is that we all have our vices. For Logan, it’s his hotdogs, for me, it’s unmitigated truculence and for you, well, for you, Seth Lerch, it’s that third brick of chocolate after a hard day at the office. You know, the one that goes immediately on your hips…

Seth Lerch’s cheeks are now plethoric with anger.

Jack of Blades: Look, we’ll level with you. We guessed that after Mr. Metal was gaoled last week, we’d be made the prime suspects for some Chandler-esque conspiracy. We assumed we’d be sent to the school principal for a jolly good rollicking. And so, we prepared ourselves. Logan, if you will.

Logan opens the bag he carried with him down to the ring bringing out two plastic jars each containing what appears to be ‘TANG’ orange drink. It isn’t the drink of astronauts though, a fact Seth soon finds out as the jars are thrust into his hands by the WCF Icon.

Jack of Blades: --Our samples!

Logan and Blades throw down their microphones and begin the sojourn backstage. Seth Lerch watches as his former friends abandon him in a public place as he is left holding two jars filled with the urine of other people. Just like his twenty-fourth birthday. Logan stays in the ring, getting ready for his next match, as Blades leave and Seth does also, glaring.

Logan vs Johnny Anthrax

The lights flicker on and off and Metallica's Cyanide kick starts the audience into gear. Headbangers begin to bang, drinkers drink, and women start flashing. The vibration of the heavy riffs are gettin' some of the older women off as Anthrax makes his way to the stage with an array of fireworks with his right fist in the air. The crowd begins to sing along after the first chorus and cheers begin to pick up as Anthrax jumps to the apron then steps into the ring, spinning around taking a look out at the crowd then running to the ropes and pumping his fist back into the air as a huge explosion from all four ring posts blast into the air. The fire dies down as the lights come back on and the camera zooms in on the sadistic smile of Johnny Anthrax.

Zach Davis: You can feel a lot of animosity between these men.

Ding. Ding. The sound of the bell ringing off doesn't touch their aggressive stare down. Their lips flapping, starting to trash talk one another. The tension explodes when Logan slaps Johnny Anthrax hard across the cheek. The crowd instantly "oooo's" upon echo, Johnny eats it up giving Logan a smile. After the provoke, Logan fuels the fire directing more hurtful words to Johnny, in response, Anthrax blasts into Logan spearing him down hard on the ring mat. Johnny does stop there, now straddled on Logan he crashes his fists down against his face. Logan manages to escape the massacre, squirming out from underneath Johnny and rolling out of the ring. Johnny stands to his feet taunting Logan as Logan paces back and fourth on the outside.

Zach Davis: Logan seeming a little cautious of Johnny.

Waiting for the right time to jump back into the action, Logan eyes down Johnny while trying to reenter the ring, Johnny doesn't have it though, and sends stiff stomps to Logan's entrance. Logan backs away from the apron talking trash to Johnny while the referee begins counting him out. Finally coming to a mutual agreement, Johnny obliges backing away and letting Logan slide into the ring. The two once again initiate a stare down, feet separating them, repairing the broken tension. The crowd eggs them on and the two begin squaring one another up, circling each other. Moving in at the same time they lock up, Johnny gains first advantage arm dragging Logan, and once he pops back to his feet with what would seem to be all the momentum in the world, Johnny hits another arm drag. Logan's body bounces off the mat and rolls back out of the ring, the crowd boos.

Zach Davis: I don't think anyone expected Anthrax to be this aggressive.

Shannan Lerch: His first match.. we didn't know what to expect.

Logan paces, shaking his head with a regretful look of ever showing up for this match. The front row audience begin a "Logan Sucks" chant, acknowledging this, Logan turns his back to Johnny and taunts the crowd. With perfect opportunity, Anthrax propels himself over the top rope and leap frogs on Logan's back sending him into the guard rail. Logan props himself against the railing struggling to gain a defensive stance, Johnny capitalizes sending hard rights against the skull of treachery. Logan slumps over the railing, Johnny grabs him lifting him high for the front row to see and drops him bouncing his chest over the railing. After a rough landing, Logan lifelessly falls over. Johnny reaches down pulling him up by his hair, sends a knee to his gut and pushes him into the ring following in behind. Logan crawls to the turnbuckle, grabbing the ropes for support to lift himself up, with a head full of steam Anthrax approaches the wounded Logan whom's leaned up against the turnbuckle. Out of nowhere, Logan kicks Anthrax's midsection and slings him into the turnbuckle trading places. Logan fires away with rights, Johnny eventually counters the assault and spring boards off the corner viciously close lining Logan down. The crowd cheering in response, Johnny builds off that momentum bringing Logan to his feet and sending a stiff chop to his chest. Logan stumbles backwards, hands clinching his redden chest, Johnny knocks him back down with another close line. Johnny continues the assault, lifting Logan up by his hair and leaning him against the ropes for another chop that echos throughout the arena, Logan slumps over holding onto his stinging chest with dear life, grabbing Logan, Anthrax irish whips him into the other side of the ring. Logan bounces off the ropes, runs back towards Johnny hoping to execute, and like a full powered train thrusting it's engines at top speed Anthrax spears Logan's body down to the mat and hooks the leg.




Managing to kick out Logan rolls over on his stomach clinching his bruised ribs. Anthrax picks the broken Logan back up, IMPACT STYLE! The crowd pops, both men fall over.

Zach Davis: Lucky desperation.

Shannan Lerch: What?

Still not fully in the game from Anthrax's dominate attacks, Logan rolls about nursing his ribs, the crowd begins a small to cheer to encourage Logan to pin, and through the pain Logan lifts his head up, "SHUT UP!", again the crowd pops and Logan finally makes the pin.



Anthrax kicks out! Looking a little desperate, Logan manages to get to his feet and begins kicking away at Johnny's knees. Johnny rolls away from the attack, stands to his feet, Logan flies at Johnny with a close line, Johnny ducks countering with a neck breaker. Logan goes down. Johnny drops a few elbows down onto his chest before picking him up, setting him up for a suplex, Logan manages to shift his weight and instead hits Anthrax with a suplex. Johnny doesn't stay down long, he comes back up to his feet showing strong signs of endurance. A little surprised, Logan kicks him in the gut and shoots for a jump swinging DDT, Anthrax lifts him upwards and over his shoulders sending Logan flying through the air. Maliciously, Logan lands on his feet, Anthrax's back turned to him, Logan dives low behind Johnny tackling his leg out from underneath him. Johnny awkwardly falls backwards cupping his knee cap, Logan waste no time following in kicking his exposed weakness. Johnny suffers that harsh moment of agony, Logan brutally stomping away at his knee before grabbing him by the legs and locking him into a Loganshooter. The hold is in, the pain has begun. Anthrax vigorously shakes himself away from Logan, however, his attempts fail, the lock is locked. The crowd notices the agonizing pain in the eyes of Anthrax, and, wanting this match to go on further.. Johnny Anthrax is cheered to overcome.

Zach Davis: The crowd getting behind Anthrax. Will he ta--

Shannan Lerch: Damn right he'll tap.

Keeping the hold tight, cranking back even harder, Logan can smell victory. Johnny Anthrax. WCF's brightest new star. Johnny Anthrax. A warrior born into a warriors world. Johnny Anthrax. Refuses to tap.

Zach Davis: He's breaking it!

Much to Logan's surprise he is flipped over and knocked off his feet, he sits up staring at Anthrax with wonder in his eyes, Anthrax stands up with the crowd one hundred percent behind him. Before Logan can do much of anything Johnny pounces towards drop kicking Logan straight in the 'money maker'. Gaining enough unknown energy to make it back to his feet, Logan does so, nursing his throbbing nose. Johnny meets Logan in the middle of the ring slinging everything he has at him, lefts, rights, chest chops. Logan manages to take some of it before falling backwards into the turnbuckle where Anthrax continues assault with vicious chops. Noticing the Logan is dazed and pretty much out of it, Anthrax lifts him up the turnbuckle and climbs with. Showing little signs of life, Logan does make a small attempt to fight back, sending stiff jabs to Anthrax's gut, however, it isn't enough to ruin what Johnny has planned. And Johnny initiates that plan, sending Logan and himself off the turnbuckle with a gigantic suplex. The maneuver takes a little bit out of both men, mostly Logan. They lie, center ring, exhausted. Anthrax crawls to the position of the fallen Logan and drapes an arm over his chest.




The last second of kick outs! Logan finds the strength to lift his arm high before it lifelessly falls back down. Both men begin to gather stamina climbing to their feet, Anthrax reaches his feet first sending a sharp jab to Logan's jaw. Logan falls backwards a little but maintains staying on his feet, Logan responds back slinging a right at Johnny which knocks Anthrax back a little. Johnny gains upper hand, punching a Logan a few times and rushing with a close line, Logan ducks, and the referee becomes a victim. Anthrax looks over at the accident, patting the referee on the back, LOW BLOW! The snake, Logan, lays Johnny out with the cheap groin shot. Logan struggles to get up, once he does, he looks more big headed than ever.. literally applauding himself with claps. Johnny winces with pain tucking his hands between his legs, and like a shark smelling blood, Logan grabs Anthrax by the hair, lifting him up and nailing a belly to belly suplex. Johnny lays sprawled out in the ring giving Logan a bit of time out, which he happily takes sliding out of the ring. The ring announcer stands to the outside corner, ring bell tightly in his hands, prepared to his job when a match begins or finishes. Logan snatches the ring bell away from the official before shoving him off his feet. Now equipped with a dangerous weapon to turn the match in his favor, Logan slides into the ring and immediately goes to work on Johnny's knee, repeatedly slamming the ring bell over his knee with no disregard. The bell chimes with each impact. Looking somewhat satisfied with the destruction of Anthrax's knee, he quietly waits, bell still in hand, stalking, hoping, daring Johnny Anthrax to get to his feet. The man of endurance does, though with a limp he still manages to hop to his feet. Logan charges Anthrax at full speed, ring bell in hands, Anthrax ducks, Logan spins around, Anthrax kicks Logan in the gut, Logan drops the bell and slumps over, Johnny hits a DDT and Logan's skull perfectly connects with the ring bell literally sending a DING throughout the arena. Johnny pins Logan and the crowd counts along.




Of course, without the referee doing the actual counting the successful pin fall means nothing. With Logan probably unconscious, this gives Johnny Anthrax time to limp to his feet and try and shake off the hurt knee. Anthrax softly kicks at the referee a few times trying to revive him. Logan still shows no signs of awareness.

Zach Davis: Damn referee, one little closeline and he takes an afternoon nap. Logan is gone. This is Johnny's match.

Shannan Lerch: Well.. Logan is playing possum.

Zach Davis: Okay.

The referee wakes up yawning a bit. Johnny moves over to Logan to yank him up and finish him off, SMALL PACKAGE! Logan rolls up Anthrax!



Two and a half!

Shannan Lerch: YES!

NO! Despite Shannan's celebration, Anthrax manages to escape at the last second. Banging the mat with is fist, Logan tries to stand up, still a little dazed. Anthrax is there to meet him, throwing rights and lefts at him before irish whipping him into the ropes, Logan flies towards the ropes, hangs onto them, and slides out of the ring hoping to catch a breath of air. Anthrax follows without hesitation. Johnny spins around a surprised Logan and nails him with a right that sends him flying backwards and crashing onto the hard ramp way. Anthrax picks Logan up, Logan sneaks in a swift kick to Johnny's wounded knee which collapses underneath him. Now down on one knee, Logan takes advantage striking a blow to Johnny's face then grabbing him and hitting a suplex on the ramp. The move effects both competitors. Logan clinches his back for a bit before standing up and pulling Johnny up with him. Johnny hasn't given up just yet! He hits Logan with lefts and rights, pushes him off the ramp way and into the guard rail where he drills him even more right hard punches. Johnny backs off, sizes Logan up and closelines him into the audience! With Logan's back against the railing his body does a slow backwards flip over and he lands flat on his face. Anthrax hops over the railing, Logan stands up and punches Johnny, he counters one of the shots and fights back getting the upper hand sending Logan reeling backwards onto the concrete. Fans slap their backs and form a small circle around the fighting duo, Anthrax picks Logan up and forearms him a few times before clinching him into his side and walking him through the crowd. They pass an audience member who looks oddly familiar.

Zach Davis: Jack of Blades!

Jack of Blades simply stands amongst the crowd watching the slobber knocker along with the audience, he even participates in the entertainment fiasco holding up a sign that reads, "Torture IS God". Trying to fight back, Logan breaks Johnny's grasp and the two exchange in a show of fists. Logan gains the upper hand and irish whips Johnny into a concrete wall located on the lower level of the arena.

Shannan Lerch: Logan showing off for his 'boyfriend'.

Anthrax smacks the wall hard stumbling forward where Logan greets him, knocking him off his feet with a closeline. The referee becomes lost in the crowd and anything illegal is out of his view, noticing this Logan grabs some camera cables and wraps them around Johnny's throat violently choking him. Johnny's hand clinch around the cables gasping for air. Keeping the cables tight around his neck, Logan wraps his arm around Johnny and locks him into a sleeper. The fans close to them instantly buzz at this preparation for a 'Connector', which, Logan plans to do. Logan leaps over Johnny's shoulder looking to knock his lights out with his finishing move, however! Johnny gathers the strength to push Logan off in his mid air attempt, Logan flies forward like a plane out of fuel and crashes through a wooden table covered with drinks and finger foods. As Johnny soaks up a well applaud response from the fans Logan clinches his sides laying in splinters of wood. Feeling destruction has been served, Anthrax grabs Logan's hand and begins dragging his broken body back through the crowd. Some fans slap Johnny's back and hop up and down with excitement. Some fans pour beverages of cold soda and beer on Logan as Johnny drags him along. The referee finally reunites with the pair. Johnny picks Logan up and tosses him over the guard rail back onto the mats. Hopping over the railing, Johnny goes to grab Logan again, Logan half way sets up and jabs Johnny's midsection. Anthrax quickly dismisses the assault jamming his knee in Logan's face. Logan falls back backwards, Johnny picks him up and slides him into the ring.

Zach Davis: Their back in the ring! We seemed to have lost them there for a moment.

Johnny Anthrax stalks Logan signaling for the end, Logan slowly stumbles to his feet half unaware of the anticipated Anthrax behind him. Logan turns around. Johnny charges with a spear, Logan side steps and grabs the running Johnny locking him in a sleeper. Logan goes for the Connector! Anthrax pushes Logan forward! Logan spins around. Anthrax hits the Torque! No! Logan squirms his way out of it and wraps his arm around Johnny's neck and hits the Connector! He let's out an exhausted breath and hooks the leg.




The bell rings. Logan slowly stumbles to his feet, leaning against the turnbuckle catching a breath and looking over at the downed Johnny Anthrax in amazement.

Shannan Lerch: My Looogie wins!

Zach Davis: Win or lose. Johnny Anthrax made a name for himself tonight. It'll be hard for anyone to outdo his performance tonight.

Jack of Blades slides into the ring. He's ready to help Logan beat down on Johnny Anthrax when the lights go out.

Zach Davis: Uh oh, is this another Creeping Death sighting?

Shannan Lerch: Or Rick Mad?

However, the lights stay out for about twenty more seconds.

Zach Davis: Ok, seriously, what's going on here? I'm getting nothing from the back, they're not even responding.

Shannan Lerch: Me either. Is this some kind of pow--wait what's that?

Very faintly, the opening sounds of "Awaiting the Turmoil" by Valley of the Dead can be heard over the speakers. Lights at the entryway start flashing like crazy, almost enough to give one a seizure. "Awaiting the Turmoil" gets louder and smoke starts filling the entryway.

Shannan Lerch: Who the hell is this?

Everyone is left in suspense as the entryway continues to be filled with the smoke. Halfway through the song, the smoke stops. A woman steps out from the smoke. She's dressed in all black. She has brunette hair. She lifts her face to the crowd and has on black and white make-up, done in a tribal design.

Zach Davis: Wow, who is that? She's beautiful!

Shannan Lerch: I swear I've seen her before!

Zach Davis: You have? Who is it?

Shannan Lerch: I'm not sure.

The smoke in the entryway starts to slowly clear and another figure can be seen standing there behind the woman. The man is wearing black wrestling tights and a black cut-off t-shirt. He has long hair that is down, covering his face. The hair is black and white strands. The guy leans his head down slightly and snaps it back, flipping the hair out of his face. He has on white and black facepaint too, just like the woman. The house lights come back on and he is instantly recognized by the announcers and also by the two ToT members in the ring.

Shannan Lerch: IT'S GRAVEDIGGER!!

The crowd goes nuts as they recognize him, too. He stands there at the top of the ramp with a really intense, pissed-off look on his face, staring a hole through Logan and Jack of Blades. The woman with him is then recognized as his girlfriend, Jessie. She pulls her hand out from behind her back to reveal a microphone. Surprisingly, Gravedigger doesn't ask for the microphone and Jessie lifts it up.

Jessie: I will make this short and sweet. You two little bastards or scum-sucking leeches as Gravedigger here would put it have screwed up big time. YOU HAVE DUG YOUR OWN GRAVES!!! The attack you performed on Gravedigger's brother and best friend will not go unpunished. You have unleashed a fury within the Epitome of Hardcore that will not be satisfied by merely seeing you pinned in the ring. The aftermath of Aftermath will be hell for you both, just you wait! This is not the same Gravedigger that was defeated at Explosion. This is not the Gravedigger that was owner of WCF. This Gravedigger is the real Epitome of Hardcore. The Gravedigger who will bury you both!!

Jessie tosses the mic to someone nearby as "Awaiting the Turmoil" by Valley of the Dead starts playing again. Gravedigger is still staring intensely at Jack of Blades and Logan who have no idea what to think about this. Gravedigger lifts his head slightly and then his right arm. He draws an invisible line across his neck slowly. Then he turns and heads to the back with Jessie.

Chris Avery Segment

Zach Davis: We now have a video feed, live backstage, of Chris Avery..

Shannan Lerch: Where's he going?

Avery himself stops at a door inside a hallway. The name is shown. Torture, with a star around it is on the door. Chris takes a deep breathe and steps inside. No one is there. Avery walks around inside the room and circles it. He steps out of the room and walks back down the hallway. He notices Seth Lerch at the end of the hallway talking with a few no-named wrestlers.

Chris Avery: Seth, have you seen Torture?

Seth Lerch: No, however I have something to tell you. Since this whole debacle between you and Tort kind of makes me laugh, and since you've stuck up with some of the crap that Gravedigger put us through I want to give a message to you and Torture both.

Chris Avery: Yeah, but Torture isn't here.. At least I don't think he is.

Seth Lerch: Oh well. Then I'll just tell you the good news. Tonight's main event is.. For the World Title! Good luck!

Chris Avery: Thanks.. I guess.

Lerch walks away as Avery heads down another hallway.

The footage cuts from backstage and we now go to the announcers.

Shannan Lerch: Wow! Leave it to my brother to have groundbreaking non-predictable news!

Zach Davis: Chris Avery gets a chance of a lifetime. A World Title shot at Torture tonight on Slam!

Shannan Lerch: If Torture ever shows up.

Zach Davis: Double true, Lerch. Double True.

Mikami/Ryan Daniels vs Dake Ken/Tank Reaper

Mikami and Ryan Daniels make their seperate entrances. They seem a little more at ease teaming with each other by now, besides the obvious animosity between them.

Dake Ken and Tank Reaper also make their seperate entrances, and the two men don't show any signs of problems. Not exactly mutual respect but they both have business to get done.

Zach Davis: Let's do this!

Tank demands to start the match, as does Ryan Daniels. Tank easily overpowers Daniels throughout the early going, and Daniels tags in Mikami. Mikami uses his speed to start bringing the big Tank down, and Tank eventually tags in Dake. Dake comes in and stops Mikami's offensive flurry, and the two trade several high impact moves, and each men gets a few nearfalls. Eventually Ryan Daniels once again tags himself in.

Shannan Lerch: That Ryan Daniels...

Daniels comes in at a very inopportune time as he runs straight into Dake Ken's Uranage Slam! Dake goes to pin, but the big man Tank decides to go for the glory and tag himself in as well. He climbs in and pins Daniels, one, two, three.

Zach Davis: Dake Ken and Tank Reaper get the win here, but look at this.

Dake Ken and Tank Reaper are exchanging words, Tank apparently saying he needed to impress his girlfriend by getting the pin because he wanted to get laid tonight, and Dake calling him on his obvious douchbaggery. Eventually Dake just snaps off a HUGE Bitch Kick, sending Tank down to the mat. Dake leaves, smile on his face.

Shannan Lerch: He didn't get the pin but Dake Ken got the last laugh tonight!

Dake heads to the back as Tank gets up, angry, and he grabs a chair from ringside and bends it and throws it.

Chris Avery vs Torture

Avery's music hits and the crowd kind of cheers. Chris Avery now fed up by not getting a hold of Torture, walks down to the ring in wrestling gear and steps inside of the ring where he gets checked out by WCF's head referee.

Zach Davis: Looks like it's on. Avery vs Torture.

Shannan Lerch: World Title match!

The music stops and the lights go out. Jamais Vu begins and the lights flicker back on and the crowd begins to boo heavy. Through the smoke steps out Torture wearing the GWC, and WCF Heavyweight Titles on each of his shoulders. However, something is different. Torture is wearing a nice button up shirt and black slacks.

Zach Davis: Street clothes?

Shannan Lerch: Jackoff does know he's defending the title right?

Zach Davis: Nowadays, I never question Torture.

Chris Avery looks confused as does the ref but Torture steps into the ring and walks passed the ref and Avery and takes a microphone from the beautiful women next to the ring. He slides his shades off and lays them over his shirt collar under his neck. He begins to speak towards Chris Avery.

Torture: Listen Chris. Lets put all that crap behind us and just be friends again okay? You need me and I guess I like having you around. Just apologize and let's move on.

Zach Davis: Wait what? This crowd is booing, and I agree! Why should Chris apologize?

Shannan Lerch: Wow Zach. You're really into this.

Zach Davis: Days of our lives, Lerch, days of our lives..

Torture: You hear me Chris? I said 'apologize.'

Avery again looks confused.

Torture: Plain and simple. You lost, you couldn't carry your own god damn weight in this ring, your moves suck, and face it. You probably won't win many more matches. So apologize to me for losing so many matches and we'll move on.

Avery mouths very vulgar words towards Torture and gives him the finger.

Torture: Whatever Chris. You don't have the balls to do anything anyway. Just get out of the ring.

The Tort makes a movement with his hands as if to say get the hell out of my ring. Tort now turns his attention to the crowd.

Torture: Now as you noticed, I completely destroyed the 'number one contender' last week right here in the middle of the ring. I did my part, Seth Lerch so now it's your part. Give me what I want. I want.. Rick Mad! Johnny Reb is nowhere to be seen, some hospital probably houses him now, who gives a shit, all that matters is the Pay Per View slot is open and it's time to give Torture what he wants. Rick F'n Ma-

Zach Davis: WHOA!

Chris Avery attacks Torture from behind. Torture drops both titles, and the microphone over the top rope. Torture turns around and gets a spinning heel kick from Avery which sends Torture through the ropes to the mats below. The ref rings the bell. Torture stands up, and Avery leaps over the top rope and crashes down on Torture. Avery gets to his feet and the cheers begin to rain down now.

Shannan Lerch: Seems to me Avery is a new face!

Zach Davis: Damn right! Get em' Avery!

Chris grabs Torture and throws him into the ring. Torture gets to his feet and goes for a clothesline. Avery catches his arm, and the body of Torture and northern-light-suplexes Torture over to his back. It's a pin.

ONE! TWO! Kickout.

Torture gets up and his sunglasses fall to the mat. Torture backs into the corner and sits on his ass to catch a breath. Chris Avery looks down at the sunglasses and puts his boot over them. Torture's eyes open wide and he mouths the words "Don't even think about it you son of a bitch!"

Zach Davis: He SURE does LOVE the sunglasses..

Chris Avery smashes the glasses into the ring mat and Torture lifts himself to his feet and sprints out of the corner, but Chris sidesteps and throws Torture shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Torture holds his shoulder and stumbles backwards and Chris Avery grabs his arms... And nails the Success! (Vertebreaker)

Shannan Lerch: Oh wow!

Zach Davis: Torture is out! Torture is out! Torture is out!

Chris Avery leaps to his feet and taps on the top rope and the crowd responds. Chris Avery hops to the top rope and points down at Torture! Then the crowd really responds..

Zach Davis: Wait a minute!

Johnny Reb jumps to the apron with a chair in his hand and swings it right on Avery's back! Chris falls off the top rope and into the ring. Reb slides in just as the ref asks for the bell to ring and the match is thrown to a disqualification. Reb picks up Avery and tosses him over the top rope. Torture is on his hands and knees crawling over to the ropes and the crowd now gets behind Johnny Reb. Reb holds the chair in the air and smashes it down on the heel of Torture. Tort was half way through the bottom ropes trying to escape when he grimaces in pain. Reb quickly slides out and drops the chair on the ground. Reb holds Torture's body who now tries to squirm out of the hold.. Reb DDT's Torture off the ring into the chair on the ground! The crowd cheers for Johnny Reb.

Reb now picks up Torture and throws him onto the announcer's table.

Zach Davis: Look out Shannan!

Shannan Lerch: I'm moving, i'm moving!

Reb slams the chair down on the chest and stomach area of Torture who is now out cold on the table. Reb runs up the ring turnbuckle and stands on top of it. Reb lands his Southern Discomfort from the top rope and smashes through Torture through the table!

Zach Davis: Holy! My god! Reb breaks himself in half!

Shannan Lerch: If Reb is broken in half, then Torture is broken in three!

The crowd loves every second of it as Reb moves through the table-rubble and gets to his feet. Reb grabs the chair and throws it inside of the ring. Reb grabs Torture and rolls him inside as well. Reb walks around to the other side of the ring and grabs the World Titles, GWC and WCF, off the ground and slides in with both titles in hands. Torture gets to his feet and Reb delivers a belt shot to the face busting Torture open wide and letting him bleed all over the mat. Reb stands to his feet and holds up the GWC title to his face. Reb smiles and drapes the title over the top rope. Reb sets up the chair as if he is going to sit down in it and then picks up Torture. Reb drops Torture with a DDT onto the chair, and Torture kicks around on the mat holding his face. Reb quickly folds the chair up and smashes the end of the chair down on the neck area of Torture several times. Reb stops for a second then kicks Torture to his back so he's looking up and Reb begins to choke Torture with the chair.

Zach Davis: Reb choking the Champion out!

Shannan Lerch: Johnny Reb is avenging the vicious attack from last week!

Zach Davis: Reb is not giving up either! Torture is lifeless!

Zach is right. Torture lays lifeless in the ring and Reb throws the chair down. Reb stands over Torture's body and puts his arms into the air. The WCF logo appears on the bottom of the screen and Reb slides out of the ring and soaks in the cheers from the crowd. Torture lays still in the ring.

Shannan Lerch: Aftermath next week is going to be wild!

Zach Davis: Join us on Sunday fans! Aftermath is live on Pay Per View, and Johnny Reb has the advantage now!

Shannan Lerch: HUGE advantage Zach! Reb wants that World Title.. and he's looking to destroy Torture to get it!

Zach Davis: We're out of time! We have to go!

Shannan Lerch: See you all next week at Aftermath!

Slam fades to black.