Sunday Slam Intro
Logan Segment
Mob Mentality vs Josephine "Jojo" Miyazaki
Jack of Blades vs JJ Biggs vs Ace
Seth Lerch/Logan Segment
Creeping Death/Torture vs Kurtis Victory/Frost
World Title: Outcast vs Reckless Jack

WCF Sunday Slam Intro

Glasgow Megasnake by Mogwai blasts, and yet again WCF Sunday Slam is on the air! We pan around the crowd before going to the announcer booth.

Zach Davis: Hello fans! Welcome to the first Slam back since Blast! I'm Zach Davis, as always, here with Shannan Lerch.

Shannan Lerch: And Logan is in charge!

Zach Davis: In fact, we WOULD have had Slam last week, if Logan hadn't felt like going on a vacation. Oh well, whatever. He HAS booked a good show. In our main event, we'll see Outcast take on Reckless Jack.

Shannan Lerch: Outcast is a two time Champion I believe, and Jack has only won it once. This is a big match for Jack, so he'd better be careful.

Zach Davis: I'm sure he will be. He's been keeping his Title by DQ or other lame finishes lately, though, so it's going to be up to Outcast to make sure that doesn't happen.

Shannan Lerch: And although the World Title is important, this just might be the main event in most people's eyes. Kurtis Victory and Frost teaming up to take on... Creeping Death... and Torture.

Zach Davis: He's baacckkk! I wouldn't want to be Frost or KV right about now.

Shannan Lerch: I'd never want to be either one of them. Friggin jackasses.

Zach Davis: Both Creeping Death and Torture are out for revenge. And tonight.. is their night.

Shannan Lerch: We also have three newcomers fighting for contendership at the Television Title. Jack of Blades is taking on JJ Biggs and Ace.

Zach Davis: Blades made his debut attacking Ellis, who was not booked tonight as a result. Biggs and Ace both debuted succesfully against the Team of Treachery, and they'd certainly like to keep the momentum going. Who'll face Tommy Havock?

Shannan Lerch: Speaking of the Team of Treachery, Rick Mad and Rage are going one on one with some new chick or something in our opening match. And it is hardcore.

Zach Davis: I think this is a case of Logan being a jackass. Booking a woman against those two.. in a hardcore handicap match!? Just not right.

Shannan Lerch: NEVER call Logan a jackass! Speaking of which...

Logan Segment

A drum beat rolls.

Zach Davis: Uh oh.

"The Struggle Within" by Metallica blast into the speakers throughout the arena.

Shannan Lerch: You ever think of the day where Logan is Boss?

Zach Davis: Nope. Especially not from a guy that's been telling me to shut up ever since I joined this commentary booth.

Logan makes his way from the back, dressed in a black "T.o.T" shirt, black jean shorts, and black boots. He carries a clip board with him in one hand, and a microphone in the other as he walks down the ramp. Logan climbs up the apron, and steps through the middle rope getting inside the ring.

Logan: Cut the music.

Metallica continues to play.

Logan: I said cut the music! Or your..

Logan smirks.

Logan: FIRED!

The music finally comes to a close, as Logan rubs his chin a bit smiling as he walks around the ring.

Logan: I've been waiting a long time to say that, and now I finally can.

Logan looks around at the arena, looking confused at the crowd.

Logan: Well, just don't sit there on your fat asses.. get up, and give your new president the respect he deserves.

The crowd boos.

Logan: SHUT UP! I knew I couldn't count on your boudles, so I had a little special packaged mixed up to honor your new President of Treachery.

Zach Davis: Special package?

Logan: I'll get to that in a second. But first off, I had a great time last week. You hear that boudles? I got a little tan. It's nice taking the week off, and if these bouldes in the locker room don't impress me enough tonight then next week I might just pack my bags, and take another week off.

Logan smiles, nodding his head to a booing crowd.

Logan: I don't care if these so called wrestlers don't get paid, I put myself on salary.. so it doesn't matter to me. Speaking of all these boudles backstage, you might all be wondering why I gave Outcast a title shot tonight. You must be thinking? Why give that washed up one time chump boudle a shot? Why not? We all know that he isn't going to win tonight. We all know that he's just going to get himself worked up only to fail. Nothing would please me more then seeing Outcast lose, and then go hide back in his little shell for another year till he decides to make another dramatic worthless comeback. But as you know, I'm not out here to waste my good presidential time talking about a boule like Outcast. I'm here to make sure that I get the respect I deserve as your WCF Legend, and as your WCF chairman. That's why tonight, I prepared a little special package for all you boudles.

The jumbo tron turns red, white, and blue as Bobby Dole walks out from the back with a cardboard box in his hands.

Zach Davis: What the hell?! That's Bobby Dole!

Shannan Lerch: Indeed. A short lived comedy gimmick in WCF.

Bobby Dole walks down the ramp with the box, as the crowd cheers for his return. Bobby slides the box into the ring, and climbs in too.

Logan: Let's show these boudles what's in the box.

Bobby Dole opens the box, and takes out a t-shirt reading "The Logan/Dole Administration".

Logan: That's right boudles, I'm appointing Bobby Dole the NEW Vice President of WCF.

Zach Davis: Oh my god, this place is turning into a circus.

Shannan Lerch: I wonder what Seth thinks about this.

Bobby Dole starts throwing the t-shirts out to the crowd.

Logan: It's all treachery now boudles. Me, and Bobby Dole are going to do our best to make sure every one of you pathetic basterds are happy. Something you want to add, Dole?

Bobby Dole takes the microphone.

Bobby Dole: It's been a while WCF.

The crowd cheers.

Zach Davis: Well, it looks like he was missed.

Bobby Dole: I'm glad to see you got rid of that awful hygiene freak, PC Cradle. But no, let's not dread the past. For now THIS is the future.

Bobby Dole puts his arms in the air, giving two peace signs as the crowd cheers chanting "Dole".

Bobby Dole: It's been awhile since I've felt this patriotic, and it's about time! It's time for your former President of The United States to rise back up into office, and--

Logan grabs the microphone.

Zach Davis: This guy still thinks he's Bob Dole?

Shannan Lerch: He is.

Zach Davis: Yeah, sure.. and you've only slept with five different guys this week. Now picture that!

Shannan Lerch: Well, actually.. err.. shut up.

Logan: As Bobby Dole was saying, things are going to start heating up here in WCF. But for now I guess we could just get on to the show.

Zach Davis: That'd be the best thing to do.

Logan: SHUT UP! So, I'd like to make some new rules, and blah blah blah.. but I've got tons of paper work that I don't even plan on doing so I've got to go.

Logan snaps his fingers on the microphone, as two backstage officals kick out a red carpet at the top of the ramp as it rolls all the way down to the ring. "The Struggle Within" by Metallica kicks back in, as Logan reaches inside the box putting on a crown.

Shannan Lerch: King Logan!

Zach Davis: Just because he's the new WCF owner, he actually thinks he's a king. What an ego.

Logan, and Bobby Dole walk up the ramp on the red carpet heading to the back.

Hardcore Match
Mob Mentality vs Josephine "Jojo" Miyazaki

Master of Puppets by Metallica hits, and out walk Rage and Rick Mad. They head to the ring, cocky grins on their faces.

Zach Davis: This match really is ridiculous.

Shannan Lerch: Don't underestimate women!

Zach Davis: I don't. She can be a fine wrestler, but a hardcore handicap match just isn't right for ANYONE'S debut, really.

"Love Destiny" hits and cherry blossoms fall from the ceiling like confetti, and after a few seconds, Josephine "JoJo" Miyazaki bursts through the curtain, bottle of sake in one hand and kendo stick in the other, long black trenchcoat flowing as she slowly makes her way to the ring, her faithful sidekick Kikyo-Chan shaking hands and slapping high-5s with the fans.

Shannan Lerch: She's smart to bring that kendo stick!

Once finally getting to the ring steps, Jojo takes the bottle of sake and chugs it, getting half of it on her before tossing the bottle out into the crowd.

Zach Davis: I wonder if she has sand in her vagina.

Shannan Lerch: What?

Zach Davis: Think about it.

She then sets the kendo stick on the ground, and slides off her trenchcoat, handing it to Kikyo-Chan who politely folds it up and holds it while Jojo grabs her kendo stick again... she motions like she's gonna enter the ring, but instead strikes a couple of sexy poses for her fans before FINALLY entering the ring, Kikyo-Chan cheering her on all the way.

Zach Davis: I wonder if there is anything going on with those two...

Shannan Lerch: You pervert.

Rick Mad and Rage still seem cocky. As she gets into the ring, they run at her, but she quickly strikes Mad in the gut with the kendo stick! She then hits Rage. She quickly hits Mad in the head, and then hits Rage as well, then Mad again, then Rage again, then Mad again. Mad falls to the mat. She then hits Rage with it in the crotch, sending him down too! Both men are bleeding!

Zach Davis: Maybe I DID understimate her! Wow! And.. OUCH.

She keeps hitting both men, over and over, until the stick breaks. She throws it to the side, and then slides out of the ring, looking under the apron. She pulls out a trash can, throws that in, and then throws in a chair as well. She rolls in, but now Mad and Rage are both up to their feet. They both kick at her repeatedly and the crowd boos.

Shannan Lerch: Well.. eh.. I like the ToT, but I also like women wrestlers... damnit.

Zach Davis: Here we go. Ugh.

Eventually, JoJo grabs the chair and puts it in the way of one of Rage's kicks. Rage holds his leg in pain, and she then thrusts the chair into Mad's gut. She SLAMS him over the head with it before slamming Rage as well. Both men go down again!

Shannan Lerch: Yay? Boo? I DON'T KNOW!

JoJo quickly picks Rage up, and then grabs the trash can. She puts it over his head and then grabs the chair. She SMASHES the trash can, and Rage goes down in a heap, the can still on him. She repeatedly smashes him again, over, and over, and over. Soon he isn't moving at all.

Zach Davis: ..Wow. Just, wow.

She turns back to Rick Mad. She sets the chair up, then throws Mad to the ropes, and hits a drop toe hold onto it! Mad holds his face in pain.

Shannan Lerch: She knows what she's doing with those weapons, and Mob Mentality understimated her.

She then calls for Kikyo-Chan. Kikyo gets a table from under the ring and slides it in as JoJo picks Rick up and slides him onto it.

Zach Davis: Uh oh..

JoJo then climbs to the top of the turnbuckle.. MOONSAULT! Mad crashes to the table, and JoJo is pinning him.




Shannan Lerch: JoJo.. wins!?!

Zach Davis: MIGHTY impressive!

JoJo stands up and slides out of the ring, heading to the back, walking cockily, Kikyo-Chan following behind her.

Shannan Lerch: Well.. ehhhh.. crap. I hope Mad and Rage are okay.

Zach Davis: I'm sure they're awfully embarrassed.

In the ring, Mad and Rage stand up. Rage is still super groggy.

Shannan Lerch: I'm glad he's still.. alive..

Zach Davis: I'm sure he wishes he wasn't.

They're about to roll out of the ring, until Bodies by Drowning Pool hits, and GENOCIDE SLIDES INTO THE RING BEHIND THEM! He has the Hardcore Title in hand, and hits both of them in the back of the head with it, sending them down!

Shannan Lerch: WHAT THE FU-


Shannan Lerch: NO! The Team of Treachery attacked him and put him out for good!

Genocide quickly pulls Rick Mad over to him, and hits the EXTERMINATION! onto the Hardcore Title! Mad holds his back in pain, yelling out. Genocide then grabs Rage, pulling him in and hitting the Extermination again!, this time onto the trash can that was used earlier! Rage holds his back in pain as well! Both members of Mob Mentality roll out of the ring.

Zach Davis: They look seriously hurt, but damnit, they deserve it!

Genocide grabs a mic, still fired up.

Genocide: That's right, motherfuckers. The Hardcore Champion is back.

Shannan Lerch: Can he say that?!

Genocide: And as I've just shown, I'm the baddest mofo on the planet. And THIS is what happens to anyone that fucks with me. So consider this an open challenge. Anyone want to step up and take me on? Man, woman, child, whatever. I'm not scared of anybody. Whoever wants the chance.. Step up.

With that, Genocide drops the mic, and rolls out of the ring, heading to the back.

Zach Davis: ..Whoa. Genocide.. well, what a triumphant return.

Shannan Lerch: The ToT probably won't be happy about this.

Television Title Contendership
Jack of Blades vs JJ Biggs vs Ace

Ennio Morricone's Whistling Overture plays. There's a short blackout before the arena is enveloped in bright crimson light. A solitary spotlight focuses on Jack of Blades through the blackout and then leaves when it turns red. The opening image of Jack is him kneeling cradling his face. When the whistling begins in his theme music he moves his hands back and slicks his hair revealing an insane grin of ecstasy. He walks to the ring muttering things to himself but in a very controlled manner. At the ring, he turns right and slides in. When in he runs diagonal to the turnbuckle. He jumps onto the second rope and remains static before spinning off and running back towards the camera and mounting himself on the ropes. He then proceeds to run the opposite diagonal direction (so his movements have created a 'V') and jumps on the turnbuckle. This time he reveals a red rose from his trenchcoat pocket raises it up beyond his head before catching it in his other and crushing it. The entrance ends with Jack still on the turnbuckle while rose petals fall in front of him.

Zach Davis: Jack of Blades certainly made his presence felt at Blast!, coming from out of nowhere to attack Ellis.

Shannan Lerch: As a heel announcer, I support his actions. But as a woman, I hope Ellis kicks his ass.

"Bits of Skin" by Gotham Road hits. The lights turn off as a single spotlight shines on the stage. After about one minute, Ace appears. He stops at the top of the ramp and looks out at the crowd with disdain and then points to himself proclaiming himself to be the highest card in the deck and that he can't be out drawn. He then slides under the bottom rope and climbs the nearest turnbuckle, pointing to himself and saying he can't be out drawn again. He then jumps down and slumps down and sits in the corner.

"Voices" by Disturbed hits the PA system. The curtain brushes open and out steps JJ Biggs followed by Jake Hudson. JJ walks down the ramp at a steady pace with Hudson by his side. Both men climb up onto the ring apron and enter the ring. They walk over to a corner and talk the match over as JJ waits.

Zach Davis: Ace and JJ were teammates last week at Blast! They teamed with Ellis and Larry XTreme to defeat the Team of Treachery. However, they'll be heated rivals this week.

Shannan Lerch: There's actually been a great deal of animosity between Ace and JJ, stemming from that match last week. Apparently, Ace feels that he carried the team at Blast! and JJ simply stole the pin away from him.

Zach Davis: If I were Ace, I don't think I'd want to get on JJ's bad side. The man is nearly seven feet tall and almost 300 lbs.

Shannan Lerch: Maybe so, but I hear that Ace plays a mean game of pinochle.

The bell rings to start the match. Ace walks over towards JJ and starts talking trash. JJ simply shoves Ace down to the mat and laughs at him. Ace angrily gets back to his feet and charges JJ. JJ lifts his boot and sends Ace flying across the ring. As JJ verbally taunts Ace, Jack of Blades ascends the ropes and takes JJ down with a missile dropkick.

Shannan Lerch: Very impressive move by Jack of Blades. I think JJ forgot that he's fighting against two opponents in this match.

Jack attacks JJ with repeated chops, but this seems to only infuriate the big man. JJ grabs Jack by the throat and knocks him to the mat with a massive headbutt. JJ lifts Jack up and presses him over his head before tossing him out of the ring.

Zach Davis: What an incredible display of power by JJ Biggs! I told you, Shannan, this JJ is a monster.

The referee turns his attention to Jack of Blades, who is lying motionless on the floor. As the ref checks on Jack, Ace pulls a pair of brass knuckles out of his tights. When JJ turns around, Ace levels him with the knucks.

Zach Davis: What the hell is Ace doing? He can't do that!

Shannan Lerch: He's simply seizing the opportunity. You can't take any chances when a shot at the TV Title is on the line.

Zach Davis: Seizing the opportunity? He could have killed the man!

Ace covers JJ. The ref turns around and makes the count. JJ stuns Ace by kicking out just before the three count.

Zach Davis: Ace can't believe that JJ kicked out!

Shannan Lerch: I can't believe it either. I want JJ Biggs tested for performance enhancing substances!

Ace works JJ over with some European uppercuts before hitting an Evenflow DDT. Ace covers JJ and gets another two count. Ace locks JJ in a dragon sleeper.

Zach Davis: It looks like Ace is attempting to wear JJ down.

Shannan Lerch: A very deliberate strategy by Ace. The big man isn't so big when he's off his feet.

Meanwhile, Jack of Blades is stirring along the outside of the ring. He rolls into the ring and sneaks up behind Ace, then he locks Ace in a dragon sleeper of his own!

Zach Davis: Double dragon sleepers, this is unbelievable! Jack has Ace locked in and Ace still has JJ!

Shannan Lerch: What is this, a Turkish bathhouse?

As Jack increases the pressure, Ace releases the hold on JJ and then struggles to break Jack's grip. After a few more moments, Ace seems ready to tap out when suddenly JJ breaks the hold with a vicious running clothesline on Jack. JJ attempts to end the match after a crucifix powerbomb on Ace, but Jack breaks up the pin with a running dropkick to JJ's head. Jack levels JJ with a pair of German suplexes and then locks JJ in the Judgment Day Jolt submission. JJ frantically struggles to reach the ropes.

Zach Davis: Jack can taste that title shot against Tommy Havock! JJ is fighting for his life right now!

From out of nowhere, Ace comes up behind Jack and hits him with the Russian Roulette.

Shannan Lerch: Once again, Ace just seized the opportunity! Make the cover, Ace, and get that title shot!

Instead of making the cover, Ace grabs a deck of playing cards from the ringside area and taunts the fans with his "highest card in the deck" catchphrase.

Shannan Lerch: No! What the hell are you doing!

Zach Davis: Ace could be letting a golden opportunity slip away!

Ace finally turns his attention back to the match, setting up Jack for the Acerbic. But Jack shakes out of it, kicks Ace in the midsection, and hits the Joker's Wild.

Shannan Lerch: In past weeks we've learned A LOT about the history between these two men.. but they seem to not let it affect them tonight. Jack may have the win!

Before Jack gets to pin, Biggs runs at him. Jack catches him and hits another Joker's Wild! He pins Biggs now.




Zach Davis: Jack of Blades wins the match!

Shannan Lerch: He didn't pin Ace, though. We'll have to wait until another time to see what's up with those two, perhaps.

Ace and Biggs roll out of the ring and are heading to the back as Blades is laughing in the ring. And the lights go out.

Zach Davis: Uh oh.

Shannan Lerch: Could it be...

Several seconds pass, and we hear some screaming, mostly from scared fans in the audience. And after a few moments, the lights are back on. Ellis is standing over Jack of Blades' unconscious body.

Zach Davis: This woman.. is just plain frightening. What...

She has a microphone in hand.

Ellis: Help me.... become everything evil......

And with that, blood red liquid pours from her mouth onto Jack of Blades, who is still unconscious. An impossible amount seems to come out, soaking Blades and the mat.

Shannan Lerch: This is disgusting.

As the final drops of red drip from Ellis' lips to Jack's body, Ellis drops down and rolls out of the ring, emotionless.

Zach Davis: I don't know how to call what we've just seen. Ellis.. blegh.

Shannan Lerch: And what must Tommy Havock be thinking!?

Seth Lerch/Logan Segment

Logan is sitting in his office, playing a PSP. He has piles and piles of paperwork on his desk. There's a knock on the door.

Logan: Come in, boudle.

Seth Lerch walks calmly into the office.

Seth Lerch: So.. hey there, Mr. President.

Logan: That's Mr. King President, now, actually.

Seth Lerch: Yeahhh.. so. Now that you're the President, what did you have planned for the few minutes where someone cleans all that blood vomit up from the ring?

Logan: Blood vomit? You been watchin' some of those fetish porn videos again, Sethy boy?

Seth Lerch: No! Errr. Ellis just threw blood up all over the guy that's going to be fighting our boy Tommy Havock.

Logan: Oh! Sounds like a freaky chick. Kinda like "The Freaky" Mandy. You remember her?

Seth Lerch: YES I REMEMBER HER, but that isn't the issue here! What are you going to do about Ellis?!

Logan: Eh, you say she attacked the contender? How about... At Payback, the Television Title match is Ellis vs Jack of Blades vs Tommy Havock? That makes sense! And with the added buyrates, maybe I can buy myself some new games.

Seth Lerch: Ugh, damnit, there's more important things than that damn PSP of yours.

Logan: Don't worry, don't worry, boudle. I've got that PCP you want-

Seth Lerch: NO! No! Aren't you paying attention!? Genocide attacked Rick Mad and Rage and SENT THEM TO THE HOSPITAL. They might not even be able to wrestle anymore! This isn't good, man.

Logan: So what do you want me to do about it?!

Seth Lerch: I want you to-

Logan: SHUT UP! If you're such a good owner, why don't YOU run the damn company?

Seth Lerch: I DID run the damn company until friggin Davey Ortega-

Logan: SHUT UP! I don't want to hear your damn life story! This isn't Storytime With Seth Lerch, damnit!

Seth Lerch: ...Er. Look, Logan. I may not be in charge of WCF anymore, but I still love this place, and I don't want to see you screw it up. How about... a friendly little match?

Logan: I'm listening.

Seth Lerch: You won't tell me to shut up?

Logan: I won't tell you to shut up.

Seth Lerch: You'll let me finish?

Logan: Yup.

Seth Lerch: All the way?

Logan: Sure.

Seth Lerch: Okay. Well, how about, at Payback-

Logan: SHUT UP!!

Seth Lerch: GODDAMNIT LOGAN! At Payback! One of the biggest matches in WCF history takes place AGAIN!

Logan: I don't know, I don't think Bobby Dole would like if I booked Cradle, and where are we going to find Defman?

Seth Lerch: NO NOT CRADLE VS DEFMAN RARRHGH. I'm talking... Logan vs Seth Lerch. Not a crazy hardcore glass match with light tubes or anything, just a one on one match, and the winner gets control of the company. Deal?

Logan: Hmmmm... You know what? You got yourself a deal. No sweat. A clean, friendly match. Between best friends. Deal?

Seth Lerch: Deal. Gimme a hug, brother.

Logan and Seth awkwardly hug for a second.

Logan: Bobby Dole! Escort this man out of my office, I need to get some work done!

Seth Lerch: What? I-

Bobby Dole comes into the office, and starts pulling Seth away. Bobby closes the door behind him.

Logan: That's better.

Logan goes back to playing his PSP as we go back to the ring, which is now all cleaned up.

Creeping Death/Torture vs Kurtis Victory/Frost

The lights slowly fade to dark blue. Bells toll as the screen shows shots of a big wooden cross wrapped in barbed wire in the middle of a snowstorm. While the cross is shown ... "200 Years" begins to play. Just before the song kicks in, snow cascades down from the heavens, in a wall along the stage. About ten seconds into it, when it kicks up, Frost emerges from the back with Kristen Volz on his arm. The two slowly walk down to the ring, and climb in. Frost jumps up to the middle rope while Kristen does Creeping Death's crucifix arms out pose. Frost does the same on the middle rope.

Zach Davis: Kristen is such a whore.

Shannan Lerch: No, I know women. She may be screwing another guy behind Creeping Death's back and trying to get someone to kill him, but she still loves him.

Zach Davis: ...

Remember The Name hits and Kurtis Victory walks out and down the ramp. The chorus of boos is heard as he steps into the ring. He just stands there in the middle of the ring.

Shannan Lerch: Asshole.

Frost, Victory, and Kristen stand in the ring as the lights go out. The pulsing opening chords of "Home" by Three Days Grace fill the air, as the crowd bursts into cheers. Every pound of the music, the lights flash. Twenty-some seconds in, when the lyrics come along, the lights come back on in full to show Creeping Death and Torture walking out from the backstage area. This generates even more cheers from the crowd. As Torture locks his eyes on Victory, his half-cheery demenor turns ugly, showing a side WCF has not seen before. Creeping Death also has his eyes locked, but on the other two standing in the ring. CD and Torture reach the end of the stage, and stop. The two look at eachother, nod, and then rush in a full speed sprint down to the ring. Everyone inside bails to the outside as they hit the apron. CD and Torture slide in and look down at their opponents, who are now in an almost huddle regrouping. Torture whispers something to CD and they nod again. Torture rushes to the side of the ring, and goes for a dive. The heels scatter, but Torture quickly fakes the dive and gets on his hands and knees. Creeping Death runs and jumps off Torture's back, to the top rope, and flip-dives onto Frost! Torture quickly slides out after him and goes on the attack of Victory!

Shannan Lerch: Whoa! For not teaming for a year, They're right back to it!

Zach Davis: Best Tag Team. 'Nuff Said.

Shannan Lerch: Creeping Death is punching away at Frost!

CD unleashes right hands on Frost, as Torture chases Kurtis Victory into the ring. Kurtis bounces off the ropes but Torture ducks a clothesline. Torture goes for a back body drop but Victory flips all the way through landing on his feet. Kurtis runs and springboards off the ropes into a moonsault. Torture catches him on his shoulder (as if he's going to hit a shoulder breaker), and spins towards the center of the ring. CD comes out of nowhere and hits a DDT on Victory off of Torts' shoulders. Pop from the crowd.

Zach Davis: Another great double team manuever!

Shannan Lerch: Listen to this crowd. They've never been this loud!

Torture and CD stand in the ring while Torture goes to the apron. CD looks as if he's starting out in the tag match. The ref asks for the bell as Frost gets in his apron. The bell sounds..

Zach Davis: And the match officially begins!

Shannan Lerch: Been waiting for this one!

CD picks up Kurtis Victory and hits a brainbuster. CD sidesteps over to Frost and punches him off the apron! CD grabs Kurtis and puts him in a chokehold from behind. CD tags in Torture. Torture throws Kurtis against the ropes as he comes back, Torture throws Kurtis straight up into the air and as he's coming down, CD hits a super sidekick to the jaw. Kurtis hits the mat as CD exits the ring to the apron. Torture grabs Kurtis and tosses him over to Frost. Frost tags himself in and goes for a kick. Torture catches it in one hand. Frost hits an enziguri. Torture hits his knee, one leg still standing. Frost hits the ropes and hits his back hitting a dropkick to Tortures face. Torture falls to his back, but quickly rolls over to his hands and knees. Frost kicks to the gut. Torture rolls to the ropes. Frost picks him up and hits an X-Factor. CD tries to get into the ring but the ref stops him. The crowd boo's as Kurtis just enters the ring and the double team begins on Torture. Punches and stomps in the corner. Frost steps to the apron as Kurtis takes over. Victory hits a back suplex in the center of the ring and locks on an armbar. Torture groans in pain. Kristen is yelling on the outside for some reason cheering on Kurtis. Frost wants to be tagged back in. Kurtis drags Torture by the arm to the corner. Frost jumps over the ropes and hits a leg drop on the arm of Torture. The same arm he uses the Torture Device with. Frost picks him up and twists his arm behind his own back and hits a back suplex into the corner turnbuckles. Frost stands up and taunts at CD. Creeping Death tries to enter the ring and the ref again stops him from coming in. Kristen slides in a chair.

Shannan Lerch: The chair coming into play.. The ref doesn't see it..

Zach Davis: I just had a feeling Kristen was going to be the deciding factor in this match-up!

Kurtis jumps to the top turnbuckle. Frost puts the chair on Tortures arm as he lays out on his back. Kurtis jumps onto the chair from the top rope! Torture yells in pain and grabs his arm. It may not be broken, but it's damn near. Frost kicks the chair out of the ring and gets on the apron. Kurtis drags Torture to the corner and sits him down. His head rested upon the middle turnbuckle. Kurtis goes across the ring to the other turnbuckle. CD runs over to where Kurtis is standing and throws him over the top rope! The crowd pops huge! The ref goes over to CD and argues with him about illegalness or something. Frost gets into the ring and Kristen hands him the chair. Frost runs over to Torture and hits a dropkick into the chair which meets Tortures face! Frost slides the chair out again and hurries back to the apron! Kurtis rolls back in and grabs Torture. He pins him. 1...2.. CD saves the day. The ref takes CD back to the corner. Frost gets into the ring.

Zach Davis: Great save from Creeping Death..

Shannan Lerch: Kurtis and Frost working well together, they obvisiouly have done homework, especially since they've yet to tag, and their constantly on offense!

Zach Davis: You are correct, Shannan.

Frost picks up Torture and hits two suplexes, still holding on, Frost lifts him up and sets him on the top rope. CD tries to get into the ring but the ref stops him. CD yells something over to Kristen. She gets onto the apron and CD pushes the ref towards her. Frost doesn't see anything happening. He's on the top rope with Torture with his back to the ring. With the ref turned, CD leap frogs off the ropes next to them and flips upside down, in one motion he catches Frost and flips himself into a sitout piledriver, with Frost landing on the top of his head! The crowd goes wild. CD grabs Torture off the top rope and pushes him towards Frost. CD steps to the outside. Torture, groggy as all fuck stands behind Frost whose standing up. Kristen jumps off the apron and the ref is turned back around to face the action. Torture grabs Frost from behind and goes for the Tortures Device, as he turns he drops the hold and grabs his arm in pain. The submissions and attacks on his right arm has affected Tort. Torture turns back around and musters enough energy to clothesline Frost, as Frost does the same. A double clothesline sends both men to the mat. CD head bangs the shit out of the turnbuckle. The crowd is clapping their hands, stomping their feet and head banging in unison! Torture is trying to move for the tag, as is Frost. CD reaches out. Torture reaches out.. Frost stands up.. Torture leaps and tags in CD!!! Frost turns around and tags in Kurtis! CD clotheslines Victory to the mat. Frost turns around and gets a gore from CD! Creeps turns back around and grabs Kurtis and hits For Whom The Bells Toll! The crowd goes wild.



Creeping Death rolls to the outside. Kurtis just lays motionless in the ring. Torture stands up and grabs Frost. On the outside, Creeping Death has a table set up at ringside. Torture grabs Frost and takes him onto the apron. From there, Torture bends down and picks Frost up in an electric chair. Creeping Death jumps up to the apron and climbs to the top rope. Torture inches over to Creeping Death, who grabs Frost and puts him in a powerbomb position. The crowd begins buzzing with anticipation. Creeping Death throws his fist into the air and then hooks it in. CD jumps off the top rope in a flip, pulling Frost off Torture's shoulders down to the table with The Eulogy of the Dead (flip piledriver) off Torture's shoulders from the apron breaking the table into pieces! The crowd chants "HOLY SHIT". Torture looks down at the wreckage with disbelief. Creeping Death sits up while Frost lays on his stomach in the rubble.


Shannan Lerch: WHAT DID I JUST SEE?!

Zach Davis: YOU KIDDING ME?!


Holy Shit echoes in the arena as Torture stands in the ring. CD notices Kristen and chases her around the ring. She runs up the ramp and CD follows. The crowd is cheering but for a different reason.

Zach Davis: Kristen is running for her life! Get her Creeping Death!


Torture is sizing up Kurtis Victory whose making it to his feet using the ropes. Torture is behind Kurtis.. Kurtis stumbles back and Torture locks on the hold. He taunts. He hits the Tortures Device! Torture is in pain with his arm. He rolls around a bit. Victory is out in the center of the ring. The ref waits for CD to come back, but it doesn't look promising. The ref says fuck it and Torture is now the legal man. Torture crawls over to Kurtis Victory. He lays an arm over. The ref quickly drops to his hands and knees. ONE! TWO! THREE! No! Kurtis kicks out! The crowd gasps. Kurtis kicked out! Torture is shocked.


Zach Davis: NO.. JUST A TWO!

Shannan Lerch: WHAT!? OH MAN!

Zach Davis: How did Kurtis manage to kick up?

Torture uses the ropes to stand up as Kurtis tries to get up. Kurtis turns back around again and gets another Tortures Device! This time without the 180 spin. Just a straight up Diamond Cutter style. Torture crawls over and lays on top. One. Two. Three.. The ref asks for the bell and the crowd pops huge!

Zach Davis: Now it's over! Torture wins!

Shannan Lerch: Yess! Kurtis Victory got owned!

Zach Davis: Looks as if Torture isn't done yet!

Torture gets on top of Kurtis Victory and unloads right hands after right hands after right hands. The ref tries to break Torture away.. Torture shoves the ref off. Torture snaps and keeps punching and punching. More refs enter the ring and finally break Torture off. Kurtis rolls out of the ring and Torture is calmed down enough to step out of the ring and walk toward the back.

Zach Davis: Whoa.. Kurtis is cut wide open.. yet again!

Shannan Lerch: Kurtis Victory is getting what he deserved!

Zach Davis: Man, Slam has been crazy tonight.. and we still have a World Title Match!

Shannan Lerch: Zach! Did you hear what was just said!

Zach Davis: Yeah.. Folks at home... we just got a bug in our ear..

Shannan Lerch: Should I announce it?

Zach Davis: With all due, be my guest, Shannan.

Shannan Lerch: Next Week on Sunday Slam... the Main Event.. Kurtis Victory.. in a Hardcore Street Fight.. against.. TORTURE!

Zach Davis: That is huge!

Shannan Lerch: You're telling me! Wow! Lets get to our main event!

Zach Davis: I'm looking forward to next week..

World Title Match
Outcast vs Reckless Jack

Shannan Lerch: And now, our World Title match!

Zach Davis: Outcast has quite a challenge ahead of him. Jack has been a better Champion, wrestling wise, than any of us expected.

God of Thunder hits as the arena gord dark. red strobes flash all around the arena as the words ''Hate, Lost, Pain'' flash on the titantron. When the lights come back on Victor is standing on the ramp gazeing at the ring. He glances to the fans at the right and left of him. He slowly walks down the ramp and to the ring. He climbs in the ring and goes to the center, he looks down at the ring and slowly raises his hand up, opening it.

Zach Davis: Here comes Victor Taylor aka "Outcast." Will he win here tonight?

Shannan Lerch: It'll be tough. Once Jack thinks he might lose, he'll just DQ himself.

"Bullet Theory" by Funeral for a Friend hits as the lights go out.

Zach Davis: New music for Reckless Jack now?

Shannan Lerch: He needs to die.

Once we hear "SHIT!" the lights are on just a tad bit as we can see the silhouette of Reckless Jack. The fans are booing as he stops on the stage. The lights are flashing now as well. He slowly walks down to the ring, taking his time. He hops up onto the ring apron as the lights come back on. Reckless Jack smiles as he gets in the ring. He hops up on a turnbuckle and talks trash to a fan or two. Once he is down, he gets in the middle of the ring to raise his arm in the air. The fans are rabid now as Reckless Jack spits towards the announce team. Once the fans are ready to kill him, he stands in the corner.

Zach Davis: There he is. The WCF World Champion.

Both men stand in the middle of the ring as the bell rings. Jack looks somber as Victor hits a hard right hand. Jack goes down and gets back up. Victor hits him even harder this time. Jack still gets back up. Reckless Jack and Victor shake hands in the middle of the ring as a sign of respect. Victor has the size advantage over Jack, so Victor runs for a clothesline. Jack dodges the clothesline. Victor turns around to get met with a stiff right hand. Victor no sells a bit and hits a right hand of his own. Jack staggers back a few steps. The crowd is is booing the shit out of Reckless Jack at this point. Jack mocks Victor a bit by flexing his muscles. Victor laughs. They both lock up in the middle of the ring with Victor getting the advantage easily. Victor hits a hard right elbow in the face of Jack. Jack falls down on his ass and gets back up. Jack comes back with a Spinning Kick to the face of Victor. Victor staggers back a few feet. Jack runs and hits an Elbow Smash into Victor's face. Victor goes into the corner. Jack goes over and starts to chop the chest of Victor. The crowd goes "WOOOOO" with every chop. Victor is able to powerout though. Victor pushes Jack to the mat. Jack gets up and tries to leg sweep Victor. Victor jumps and murders Jack with a clothesline.

Zach Davis: Jesus, what a clothesline. Must be all the pent up rage that he has towards Reckless Jack.

Shannan Lerch: Should have killed Jack, but we aren't that lucky though.

Jack holds his jaw as Victor goes to work on the right leg of Jack. Victor stomps on the knee, trying to take out the high flyer's legs. Jack tries to crawl away, but Victor keeps stomping on the right knee. Jack is almost to the outside of the ring when Victor pulls him back into the middle of the ring. Victor then picks up Jack by his right leg. Jack is able to hit a kick with his left leg midair. Victor staggers back. Jack gets back up, hobbling a little bit. Jack waits for Victor to run towards him. Victor doesn't. He instead flexes his body again. Jack turns to talk to a fan. Victor runs towards Jack, only to get caught with a Hurricrana. Victor counters that into a Sit-Out Powerbomb however. Jack is down as Victor picks Jack back up. Victor then hits a second Powerbomb, then a third and a fourth. Victor smiles at the crowd.

Zach Davis: Victor seems to be working on the back now.

Shannan Lerch: That's the sign of a veteran.

Victor starts to play the crowd, giving Reckless Jack time to recover. Victor walks into a Kipup Hurricrana. Jack is on his feet and ready for a fight. Victor is on his feet as he runs towards Jack. Jack uses to momentum to throw Victor out of the ring. Victor is getting up on the outside as Jack flies out of the ring with a Somersault Plancha. Both men are down as Jack gets back up. The crowd starts to cheer as Jack looks around at the crowd. They start to cheer even louder. Victor makes his way into the crowd as Jack is on the ring apron. Jack springboards into an Asai Moonsault into the second row at ringside. The crowd starts to chant "Holy Shit" over and over.

Zach Davis: Insane.

Shannan Lerch: Hiss.

Jack is on his feet as he throws Victor over the guard rail. Then into the ring. Jack is on the apron as he spingboards into a Shooting Star Legdrop. He doesn't cover. Jack picks up Victor for the Spinal Compression. Victor is able to drop out of the move. He hooks Jack up for a Full Nelson Slam, but Jack low blows Victor when the ref wasn't looking. Victor is holding his man parts as Jack hits the Moment of Impact. Jack covers.



Kick out by Victor. Jack gets up and shrugs his shoulders.

Zach Davis: How is Jack going to defeat Outcast?!

Jack rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair from ringside.

Shannan Lerch: Uh oh.

Jack rolls into the ring, in plain view of the ref.

Zach Davis: Here we go. He's going to lose, get the DQ, keep his belt-

As Jack raises the chair, the ref grabs it from him and quickly throws it out of the ring, yelling in his face. Jack shrugs and decks him right in the face.

Shannan Lerch: Well.. can't DQ someone if you're unconscious!

Jack turns back to Outcast, stomping at him, but suddenly the crowd is cheering like crazy!


With amazing speed, Cairo grabs the chair from outside and slides into the ring. He absolutely DESTROYS Reckless Jack with it, with one of the most brutal chair shots in recent memory.

Shannan Lerch: Bobby Cairo is PISSED!

Zach Davis: And Reckless Jack's "be a general dickhead and get DQed and abuse refs" tomfoolery has turned against him!

Cairo sits the chair on the mat and quickly puts Jack up, hitting a Death Valley Drive onto it!! Jack seems to be out. Cairo kicks the chair out of the ring and rolls out before awakening the ref. Outcast, still a little dazed and not sure what was going on, sees Jack on the mat and quickly pins him, hooking the leg.





The crowd roars approval, and Cairo looks on, smiling to himself. The ref hands Outcast the belt, and he stands up, raising it in the air to a big pop.

Zach Davis: For the second time in his career, Outcast is the WCF World Champion!

Reckless Jack soon comes to, looking at Outcast, then to Cairo, then to his belt, realizing what has happened. He slides out of the ring and chases Cairo up the ramp, leaving Outcast in the ring to celebrate.

Shannan Lerch: Well fans, that's all the time we have.

Zach Davis: See you next week! GOODNIGHT!

The copyright info appears on the screen before we fade to black.