School of Pain Intro
People's Title: Chris North vs Twister vs Thunder
Reckless Jack vs Fantastic Joe
Tag Titles: Ace/Biggs vs Sick Individuals vs JackHammer/Zafirah
Creeping Death/Neo/Outcast vs Logan/Lawnmower Jones/Shane Sires
Ladder: Skyler Striker vs Danny Vice
Hardcore Title: Dake Ken vs Jack of Blades
World Title: Chino vs Torture

School of Pain Intro

Revelations by Audioslave blasts over the speakers, and WCF's September PPV, School of Pain, is on the air! We pan around the fans, catching their signs and them screaming and acting like fools, and get a view of the set. We then go to the three announcers for the night.

Zach Davis: Zach Davis here and I'm with Luscious Jackson and Shannan Lerch. Welcome to School of Pain!

Luscious Jackson: Whazzup y'all?

Shannan Lerch: He's annoying already. Tonight we've got some big matches, and our main event is, of course, for the World Title. Chino, the leader of Devastation, Inc. is taking on Torture, the leader of the New Dynasty.

Zach Davis: This is a big match, and an interesting one in that the Team of Treachery is not involved at all. Regardless, this began when Chino basically demanded a Title shot. He pissed Torture off enough to get it.

Luscious Jackson: Chino's a big man, and he might be a rookie, but Torture ain't been lookin' too strong. Hell, his team got beat last week!

Shannan Lerch: Whatever. I hope Torture loses, and I'm sure he will.

Zach Davis: Although no ToT guys are going for the World Title gold, one man IS defending his. And that man is Jack of Blades. He's scheduled to go one on one with Dake Ken.

Luscious Jackson: Dake is known to be one of the most outspoken members of the New Dynasty, but he's also one of the dopest wrestlers.

Shannan Lerch: And speaking of the Hardcore Title, we have a Hardcore Title Contendership match... but not just any Hardcore Title Contendership match, this is a LADDER match!

Zach Davis: And it is between Skyler Striker and Danny Vice. We've seen these men battle for months, and tonight, this is it. The feud reaches it's conclusion. This is possibly the most anticipated match of the night, in my opinion.

Luscious Jackson: Yeah bro.

Shannan Lerch: Thanks for that vital commentary. We've also got a big Team of Treachery match, thank God! Logan, Jones, and Shane Sires are up against Crapping Douche, some Neo guy and some Outkast wannabe.

Zach Davis: Try to be impartial for just a second, Shannan. Creeping Death, the returning NEO, and Outcast. All three of those men are former World Champions! Neo main evented One!

Luscious Jackson: And an interesting historical note, three years ago at this PPV, in a six man tag match, Logan was teaming with Outcast and turned on him to bring back the Team of Treachery with himself, Seth Lerch, and Rick Mad. You can see that match on WCF Classics On Demand.

Shannan Lerch: Wow, some actual insightful and helpful commentary for once?

Luscious Jackson: They paid me to say it.

Zach Davis: We've got a big Tag Titles match. Team of Treachery members Ace and Biggs are also going for the gold, up against... well, this is an interesting situation. Chino and JackHammer are the Tag Team Champions, but Chino is in the World Title match. He's being replaced with Zafirah tonight.

Shannan Lerch: Girl power!

Luscious Jackson: Don't forget, the Sick Individuals are also in da match. They snuck their way in their, and they want the Tag gold bad.

Zach Davis: We also have Reckless Jack against Fantastic Joe, if they decide to show up to work. Last week Jack turned on Joe or something, and before that Joe had said he wanted to bring the best out in Jack. We'll see if that happens.

Shannan Lerch: And finally, in our opener, the new People's Champion will be crowned. Chris North, Twister, or Thunder. One of these men will emerge a Champion.

Luscious Jackson: Who's it gonna be?

People's Title Match
Chris North vs Twister vs Thunder

“The Enemy” by Godsmack plays over the arena’s sound system signalling the entrance of Chris North. The titantron plays a moving animation declaring Chris North to be the ‘Son of Perfection’ before the camera pans over to the summit of the ramp. North, lets out a roar, before hurtling himself down the ramp and sliding into the ring. He does a generic taunt to get the crowd riled for the following match.

Luscious Jackson: Here's come competitor number one.

"Money" by Pink Floyd begins to play. As the cash register sound ends and the music begins, Thunder walks towards the ring. He reaches the apron and climbs the turnbuckle, taunting the fans.

Zach Davis: Let's not forget that Thunder had the Television Title all but won last week.

Shannan Lerch: But this is a completely different night, he's going to have to do it again.

"TNT" by AC/DC replaces "Money". The camera once again returns to the ramp and demonstrates Twister’s participation as he poses before continuing onwards. Green lights shoot everywhere and smoke comes out of the sides of the tunnel. He gets to the ring, climbs the steps inside, gets in, and does a full frontal flex again to show his abs, biceps, and pecs. The four turnbuckle pyros go off simultaneously, very rapidly. He holds the pose for about ten seconds as the pyro keeps going off. As soon as Twister gets in the ring all three men begin leveling each other with lefts and rights.

Shannan Lerch: They're certainly wasting no time!

Luscious Jackson: What did you expect? The People's Title is on the line.

Admist all of the action, Thunder hits Twister with a clothesline, sending him out of the ring. Chris North gets the upper hand on Thunder by hitting several hard chops. Thunder quickly returns the favor with chops of his own. Soon it turns into a chopping match with neither man getting the advantage. Frustrated with it continuing, North simply pokes Thunder in the eye.

Zach Davis: That certainly stopped all of his momentum.

North hits a northern lights suplex and bridges into a pin.



Twister enters the ring and breaks up the pin. Thunder and Twister look at each other and then both begin to stomp on North. They continue their teamwork by sending him into the corner and hitting individual splashes. Thunder climbs up the turnbuckle and signals for a spike piledriver. They hit it, sending North crashing head first on the mat. They shake hands and begin taunting the crowd from opposite sides of the ring. What Twister doesn't see is that Thunder is also sneaking up behind him. Thunder grabs him by the arm and hits a short armed clothesline.

Shannan Lerch: Twister should have seen that coming.

Luscious Jackson: What an idiot, did he expect teamwork in this match?

As soon as Thunder turns around he is hit by Chris North's Lethal Injection. He goes for the cover.




Zach Davis: How did Thunder kick out of that?

North isn't fazed by this at all. He climbs up the turnbuckle, prepared to hit the Painted Perfection. But this is foiled as Twister gets up and press slams him off the ropes. Thunder comes from behind and locks in the cobra clutch on Twister.

Shannan Lerch: Cobra Clutch!!! Twister has to tap out here!

And, indeed, Twister taps out!

Luscious Jackson: Thunder is the first WCF People's Champ!

Thunder lets go of the hold and stands up, and the ref hands him the Title. He raises it high in the air and then rolls out of the ring, slinging it over his shoulder and heading to the back.

Reckless Jack vs Fantastic Joe

“To The Threshold” fills the arena as Fantastic Joe steps onto the stage. The fans cheer for him as he slowly walks to the ring. Once he enters, he paces around, business like for his match against Reckless Jack.

Zach Davis: Fantastic Joe is focused here tonight. Reckless Jack turned on him for no reason what so ever. Regardless, this is still built on the respect and friendship the two men have for each other over the years. From when they met in school till now, this is just going to be one of those emotional matches.

Shannan Lerch: This should be an easy win for him.

Luscious Jackson: You know that ain’t true.

We see Reckless Jack highlights on the screen as the arena is dark. Then huge pictures of Reckless Jack are shown with the words “He has arrived” on them. Now we hear the beginning to Slipknot’s “Pulse of the Maggots”. A faint silhouette is shown in the entry way, kneeling down with his head down. Once the actual song fills the arena as the masses of fans get to their feet. As the song continues to build itself the strobe light goes faster and faster. Once the chorus hits, pyro explodes as the strobe light stops. A red spotlight shines brightly on Reckless Jack as he is kneeling down. He springs to his feet and throws his arms out. The fans are mixed seeing Reckless Jack as he starts to headbang to the song. As they start to walk to the ring, the spotlight stays on him as the people continue to have split feelings. He slaps a few hands on his way to the ring. Once he is in the middle of the ramp, he stops and starts to hype himself up as he throws his arm into the air and lifts it high. A string of pyro shoots down the ramp as he brings the arm back down. He continues slapping hands with the cheering fans. After he gets to the ring apron, he rolls into the ring, hopping on the nearest turnbuckle, throwing out his arms once more. The crowd mixed, as he hops down and does the same on the opposite turnbuckle. He jumps off the turnbuckle, and then crouches down, waiting for his match to start.

Zach Davis: This man here, Reckless Jack, allowed his best friend in the world to get pinned after the Reckless Killing on Slam. Tonight, he knows what is in front of him. Both men are similar in size, strength, and skill. Those three things will make it impossible to predict who will win this one here.

Luscious Jackson: You long winded bastard.

Shannan Lerch: Since this a Pay Per View and we have more time, let’s listen to the ring introductions.

Zach Davis: Nah, lets say we did, but really didn’t... I have just received word that this match will have NO Disqualifications.

Shannan Lerch: I hate you.

Both men circle around each other as the crowd starts to clap. Reckless Jack and Fantastic Joe lock up in the middle of the ring. Joe slaps on a quick headlock. Reckless Jack slides of the headlock and heads behind Joe and puts him in a nice looking hammerlock hold. After a bit of struggling, Joe is able to shift his body behind Reckless Jack and put him in a hammerlock. Reckless Jack is able to throw Joe over his shoulder in a Snapmare like move. Fantastic Joe gets to his feet and looks at Reckless Jack as Reckless Jack does the same. Fantastic Joe and Reckless Jack lock up once more. This time neither of them are able to get the advantage. So, Fantastic Joe whips Reckless into the ropes. Reckless comes back with a forearm shot off the ropes. Joe staggers back, but fires back with one of his own. Then shoot each other a look in disgust, as if to say “You aren’t the better man.” Both men lock up in the middle of the ring for the third time. Joe goes behind and gets a Hammerlock on Reckless, but Reckless quick reverses into one of his own. Joe Snapmares Reckless over his shoulder and locks in a headlock. Reckless gets up and throws Joe into the ropes. Reckless hits a deep Armdrag and locks in an Armbar. Joe fights out of it and Hiptosses Reckless to the mat. Reckless gets up and hits a Hurricarana on Joe, but Joe gets back up and hits one of his own. Reckless and Joe kip up as the crowd gives them a standing ovation.

Luscious Jackson: Well, this is the start I expect from these two wrestlers.

Zach Davis: These two men have always been vastly underrated as far as their mat skills go.

Both men are circling around each other once more, still looking for that advantage. To no one’s shock, the two lock up again. RJ works in an early Side Headlock that forces FJ down to one knee. However, FJ gets to his feet and pushes RJ into the ropes. When RJ comes back, he is Armdragged down to the mat. He gets back up, only to receive another Armdrag from FJ. RJ pops back to his feet again. FJ runs towards him only to get Hip Tossed to the mat. FJ rolls to his feet and gets Dropkicked to the mat. RJ tries to get the advantage by picking up FJ, but FJ rolls him up into a Small Package.



No, Reckless Jack is able to kick out of the early pinning predicament. Reckless Jack gets to his feet as Joe shoots behind Reckless with a waist lock and attempts a German Suplex. Reckless is able to land on his feet. Now Reckless attempts a German Suplex. Joe is able to land on his feet and then Springboard into a Leg Lariat. Reckless catches him and has him for a Slam type move. Joe drops behind and Dropkicks Reckless into the turnbuckle. Joe runs in for a Corner Lariat but Reckless gets his boot up, thus colliding with Joe’s face. Reckless hops to the second rope and goes for a Double Axe Handle, but Joe dodges the move. Joe kicks Reckless in the stomach and goes for a Suplex, but Reckless drops down and Dropkicks Joe in the back, sending him out of the ring. Joe staggers to his feet as Reckless flies out of the ring with a Corkscrew Plancha. Both men are down on the outside of the ring as the crowd gets on their feet and applauds the effort of both men once more.

Shannan Lerch: Wow... just wow.

Luscious Jackson: Normally, I would say a smart ass remark, but I’ll have to agree with the ho.

Reckless starts hitting Joe with Forearms to the face. Joe is able to fire back some of his own. Both men are standing again, still exchanging Forearms to the face. Joe is able to hit a Standing Enziguri to the face of Reckless, sending him down to the floor. Joe rolls into the ring and starts to jump up and down. Reckless is on his feet now as Joe runs off the ropes and flies out of the ring with a Somersault Plancha. Joe gets to his feet and plays the crowd to a mixed reaction. Half the crowd is an Fantastic Joe fan but the other half boos because they are Reckless Jack fans. Reckless is getting to his feet. Joe grabs Reckless’s arm and tries to whip him into the ring, but Reckless reverses and sends Joe back first against the ring. Reckless rolls into the ring and drags Joe along with him. Reckless places Joe stomach first on the mat and starts to land knee strikes to the back. Reckless stops as he starts to stomp the back instead. Joe rolls around in pain as Reckless grins. Reckless grabs Joe and puts him into a Sideways Bow-and-Arrow Hold, driving the knees into the back of Joe. Joe starts to hit at any part of Reckless that he can in order for the hold to be released. Reckless releases under his free will as Joe rolls around a bit more.

Zach Davis: Very nice, targeting the back of Fantastic Joe. As much of a technical wrestler Fantastic Joe is, his main offense consists of aerial maneuvers and the like. So surprisingly, Reckless Jack has the advantage from the technical stand point.

Reckless picks Joe back up and puts him in a double underhook, looking for a Backbreaker. Joe is able to shift this move into a Hurricarana. Reckless gets back to his feet as does Joe. Joe ducks a Lariat. When Reckless turns around, he is met with a stiff Roundhouse Kick to the head. Reckless goes down because of this stiff kick. Joe leans into the ropes, resting for a moment. Once Reckless is on his knees, Jo runs and plants a Seated Dropkick to the face of Reckless. We hear the loud smack as the crowd marvels at the move. Joe keeps on the attack with a few well placed kicks to a rapidly rising Reckless. In order to keep Reckless off his feet, Joe uses a Step Down Enziguri to the side of the face to keep Reckless down. Joe plays the crowd as he goes to the top rope. He flies off with a Frog Splash, but Reckless gets his knees up. Both men are down, with Reckless holding his head as Joe rolls around on his stomach. The crowd is cheering again, watching both men leave nothing on the table in order to gain a win over one another.

Shannan Lerch: Well, this is going smoothly.

Luscious Jackson: Like your...

Shannan Lerch: Shut it!

Both men get to their feet and start to exchange Forearm shots in the middle of the ring. Neither man seems to be gaining the advantage so far. After each strike, they appear to be getting stiffer and stiffer. Finally, Reckless hits Joe so hard; Joe falls to the mat, mouth bleeding. Once Joe is on his knees, Reckless goes for the Shining Wizard. Joe ducks, hops to his feet and hits the Pele Kick. Instead of covering, Joe locks in a Fujiwara Armbar. He stretches the left arm of Reckless back a ways. Reckless is making his way to the ropes. With each passing moment, that arm is hurting more and more as Reckless makes the ropes, forcing Joe to break the Armbar. Instead of letting Reckless recover, Joe pulls Reckless into the middle of the ring and locks in the Cross Armbar, pulling at that left arm now. To his credit, Reckless is able to get his leg on the rope, forcing Joe to break the hold again. Joe does as he gets to his feet, stomping on the arm of Reckless. Reckless is trying to get back into the ropes, which will allow him to get to his feet. Joe kicks the arm of Reckless. Then he grabs Reckless and hits a Neckbreaker. Joe then pulls the left arm away from the body of Reckless before going to the top rope. Joe flies off with a Leg Drop that lands on the left arm of Reckless Jack. Reckless rolls around, shaking his arm, trying to get the feeling back into it.

Zach Davis: Again, more sound strategy.

Shannan Lerch: How would you know?

Joe now locks in the Cross Armbar again. Reckless is able to roll over and start to punch at Joe. Joe releases the hold as he picks Reckless up. Reckless is able to kick Joe in the head before hitting a Single Arm DDT. Both men are down as Reckless is shaking that left arm still, trying to get some feeling into it. Joe staggers up to his feet and grabs the left arm of Reckless again. Reckless though, is able to hit a huge Lariat on Joe, flipping Joe into a Backbreaker!


Reckless gets to his feet and goes to the second rope. He jumps off and hits a Mushroom Stomp to the back of Joe. Reckless uses his good arm to help lock in a Texas Cloverleaf. He wrenches back on the move, forcing more pressure on the back of Joe. Joe fights his way to the ropes. Reckless doesn’t break the hold, but instead drags Joe to the middle of the ring, switching the Cloverleaf to a STF. Joe is able to get of the hold quite easily as Reckless Jack’s left arm is still weak from the earlier damage. Reckless and Joe are both on their knees, breathing hard.

Luscious Jackson: This has been exhausting to watch and these two could just be getting started.

Zach Davis: Very true Luscious.

Joe gets to his feet first and goes for a Shining Wizard. Reckless moves out of the way and manages to grab Fantastic Joe. The crowd is on their feet as Reckless Jack plants him out of nowhere with the Reckless Killing! Reckless crawls for a cover!




The bell rings as Reckless Jack rolls out of the ring holding his left arm.

Zach Davis: Surprise ending aside, Reckless Jack is hurt again.

Shannan Lerch: He can't get a break right now can he?

Luscious Jackson: No he can't...

The EMTs come out and attend to both men as we head backstage.

Tag Titles Match
Ace/Biggs vs Sick Individuals vs JackHammer/Zafirah

The bagpipes and guitars of KoRn’s “ shoots and ladders” kick in over the loudspeakers as the lights go to a light blue color. From the back steps the Lovely Shanon, in her deerskin skirt and a Blue and White cut off “Kill Yourself” t-shirt. She motions to the back as “The Wolf” and “The Suicide King” make their way onto the ramp, Chad in his black shorts and Conrad in his Black utilikilt, both wearing the new “Sick Individual” t-shirt. Chad lets out a evil laugh as Conrad raise a fist into the air, setting off a blue and red pyro blast. All three Sick Individuals make their way down the ramp, Conrad and Shanon hand in hand, Chad taking his time to mock the fans at ringside. Chad and Conrad jump onto the apron, and hold the ropes open for Shanon to slink into the ring. All three pose to the crowd, with Conrad crouching down flexing with Shanon hugging him under one arm and Chad towering over them with a fist in the air as the lights come back to normal.

Luscious Jackson: Boo!

Zach Davis: Show some respect.

Shannan Lerch: He doesn't know the meaning of respect, Zach.

Luscious Jackson: Shut up.

"Master of Puppets" by Metallica hits the PA System. JJ Biggs and Ace appear on top of the stage and they slowly make their way down the ramp. Ace slides under the ropes as Biggs climbs onto the apron and steps over the top. The two of them walk to a neutral corner and they talk gameplan.

Zach Davis: JJ Biggs has been having troubles with his head. He probably shouldn't even be out here.

Shannan Lerch: I agree.

Luscious Jackson: Who cares?! Devastation Inc. is going to retain the titles, anyway.

Cowboys from Hell by Pantera plays on the PA system as Angel Black comes through the curtain. A few seconds JackHammer and Zafirah comes through. JackHammer walks down to the ring with stone look on his face while Zafirah walks down with a cocky grin. Both individuals climb up the steps. Zafirah enters the ring through the middle rope as JackHammer enters the ring over the top rope.

Zach Davis: Here we go! Zafirah is taking Chino's place in this match because he's facing Torture for the World Title later tonight.

The bell rings. JJ Biggs is going to start this match off for his team and he's going to be squaring off against Chad Allen. Trying to get this match going in his favor, Allen charges in the direction of Biggs. However, JJ takes him down with a shoulder block. Allen quickly gets back to his feet and he charges in JJ's direction once again. This time, Biggs takes him down with a clothesline. Allen is slow to get up, but once he does he gets taken back down with a Big Boot. Biggs grabs Allen and he drags him in the direction of his corner and he tags in his partner, Ace. Biggs holds up Allen's arm exposing his mid-section and Ace drills him with a couple of forearm shots. Biggs exits the ring as Ace goes on the attack.

Zach Davis: Biggs looks fine so far.

Shannan Lerch: Yeah, "so far."

Ace tries to continue the attack as he attempts to throw Allen off the far ropes, but he manages to reverse it and he sends Ace off the ropes. Ace comes back and Allen lunges forward taking him down with a Spear. Allen goes for the pinfall attempt as the referee runs over to make the count, 1........KICK OUT! Allen knew that he wouldn't be able to get the victory after that move, but the energy that Ace had to use to free himself from the pinning predictament could decide the match. Allen climbs back to his feet and so does Ace. Allen is on the assault before Ace can do anything. Allen kicks Ace in the mid-section and he picks places his head under his arm. A few moments later, Allen picks Ace up in the air and drops him down on his head with a Brainbuster. Allen goes for another pinfall attempt, 1........2.....KICK OUT! Allen climbs to his feet and he drags Ace over into his corner. He throws Ace into the turnbuckle and he hits him with a couple of knife-edged chops. Allen grabs Ace's head, brings it down, and he drills Ace in the head with multiple knee strikes. Allen backs away and Ace stumbles out of the corner and he falls down to the mat.

Zach Davis: Ace needs to make a tag.

Luscious Jackson: Damn right! He needs to make a tag to one of the tag champs so they can show these idiots how you're supposed to wrestle!

Allen has a smile on his face as he tags in his partner, Conrad Howell. Allen exits the ring as Conrad walks around Ace for a few moments. Eventually, Conrad reaches down to pick Ace up to his feet, but Ace drills Conrad with a desperation low blow. Conrad falls to his knees and he's grimacing in pain. Ace crawls like a maniac to the nearest corner and he tags in one member of the tag champions, JackHammer. JackHammer enters the ring by stepping over the top rope and he walks over to Howell, who's now making his way back to his feet. Hammer slaps both of his hands on Conrad's neck and he pulls him up to his feet. He holds him in the air for a few moments, choking him. The referee comes into the picture and he starts his five second count. He gets to four before Hammer slams Conrad onto the mat. Hammer doesn't waste any time as he immediately picks Conrad up to go on the attack. He throws Howell off the far ropes and he takes him down with a Big Boot.

Zach Davis: JackHammer has all of the momentum in his direction right now!

Shannan Lerch: Yeah he does! He hasn't aloud Conrad the chance to breathe!

Luscious Jackson: Yep, yep!

JackHammer walks to the nearest corner and he exits the ring through by stepping over the top rope. He's now standing on the apron and he slowly climbs to the top rope. Moments later, JackHammer lunges off the top rope and he's going for a Flying Leg Drop. However, Howell moves out of the way at the last moment and Hammer hits nothing but the mat. Howell slowly climbs back to his feet using the ropes and JackHammer eventually gets up to his feet, as well. JackHammer tries to keep the momentum his way as he charges in the direction of Conrad Howell. However, Howell is prepared and he manages to take the big man down with a Superkick! Howell climbs back to his feet and he allows JackHammer to get up on his own power. Howell tries to throw Hammer off the ropes, but Hamme reverses it. But, somehow, Howell manages to use all of the momentum from the reverse to once again reverse it and he sends Hammer flying off the ropes. Hammer comes back and Howell shows a great deal of strength as he takes Hammer down with a Spine Buster! Howell runs to the closest corner and he quickly climbs to the top rope. He flips off and he nails Hammer with the Crescent Moon (Moonsault.) He goes for the pinfall as the referee begins to count, 1......2........KICK OUT!

Zach Davis: I thought the match was over!

Shannan Lerch: I did, too! It looked for a moment that JackHammer wasn't going to be able to kick out!

Luscious Jackson: Nonsense.

Howell slaps the mat as he climbs back to his feet. He walks to the nearest corner and he tags in JJ Biggs. JJ climbs into the ring and he walks over to JackHammer. He's about to pull Hammer up to his feet, but the big man was lying in wait as he quickly rolls Biggs up and the referee counts, 1.........2......KICK OUT! Biggs is stunned as he thought JackHammer was down and out. Hammer grabs onto the ropes and he pulls himself up to his feet. Biggs charges in Hammer's direction, but Hammer bends down and he launches Biggs over the top rope! Biggs lands directly on his head and he doesn't look to be moving. Hammer doesn't pay any attention to it as he quickly tags in his partner, Zafirah. She walks over to the center of the apron and she jumps onto the ropes, springboards off, and nails Biggs with a moonsault. He shows signs of life as he turns over onto his side, with an expression of pain on his face.

Zach Davis: Biggs is hurt and it looks like he's hurt bad.

Shannan Lerch: Oh, no.

Luscious Jackson: Oh, yes, son. Maybe this will get him out of the wrestling ring so I don't have to watch his horrific moves all the time.

Zafirah manages to pull Biggs up to his feet, struggling as she does so, and she rolls him into the ring. Biggs is on his back in the ring, holding onto his head with both hands. Zafirah climbs to the top rope and she immediately jumps off nailing him with a 450 Splash! She goes for the pinfall and the referee begins to count, 1........2....... Ace runs into the picture and he breaks up the pinfall by nailing Zafirah in the back of the head with a boot.

Zach Davis: Ace saved the match right there! Devastation Inc. would have retained because I don't think Biggs would have been able to kick out!

Ace quickly runs to the other corner and hits double elbows to both of the Sick Individuals. Meanwhile, Biggs has Zafirah up, and he quickly kicks her in the gut. He lifts her up, and hits the Biggs Implant! He goes for the pin!


JackHammer is in the ring.


Ace throws JackHammer out!


Shannan Lerch: JJ Biggs and Ace have won the Tag Team Titles!

Luscious Jackson: I don't believe it!

The ref hands Ace and Biggs the belts. The fans start a "PLEASE DON'T GO" chant, directed towards Ace.

Zach Davis: Hmm, seems like we have some "smarks" in the building. Ace has gold around his waist, and that seems right to me.

Ace raises the Title high in the air before dropping down and rolling out of the ring. Biggs has put his Title around his waist, and has climbed a turnbuckle.

Shannan Lerch: And Biggs, who has won the Tag Titles despite his head injuries!

Biggs slides out of the ring next and heads to the back with Ace.

Creeping Death/Neo/Outcast vs Logan/Lawnmower Jones/Shane Sires

The lights slowly fade to black. Bells toll as the screen shows shots of a big wooden cross wrapped in barbed wire. It's a sunny day as the "happy" opening to "Battery" by Metallica plays.The crowd goes along with the sounds. "Doo-da-doo dooing" along with it. As the song gets darker and darker, the sunny day turns to night. Black clouds roll in and rain begins falling on the cross. Lightning crashes about. As the lightning crashes, white lights in the arena flash. When the song kicks up, one minute and sixteen seconds in, the entire crowd begins headbanging in unison and throwing the horns in the air as the lights come on just a tad, giving light to the dark. Standing on the stage is Creeping Death, wearing a hockey mask, arms stretched out in a crucifix fashion. CD stands there for a second, taking in the crowd's reaction. Then he slowly makes his way down the ramp, looking out into the audience. As he reaches the ring, he slides in under the bottom rope, and pops to his feet. CD walks over to a turnbuckle, jumps to the middle rope facing in the ring, does the crucifix pose once again, takes the hockey mask off, and then takes a seat on the top turnbuckle, awaiting the match to begin.

Zach Davis: One of the biggest icons in WCF history making his way to the ring right here.

Shannan Lerch: I don't see Logan...

Luscious Jackson: Shut up, hoe!

''God of Thunder'' by KISS hits and the fans pop. Outcast walks out almost like a man possesed. Once again showing no visible emotion, ocassional he will smile, but on a very rare occasion. He slides into the ring and goes to his respected corner...just waiting.

Zach Davis: Outcast had a tough week last week, losing in his return match by a sneak attack from Logan.

Shannan Lerch: Correction: Logan actually never hit Outcast, therefore not making it an attack.

Luscious Jackson: It don't matter, you still a hoe!

Lights dim and you see a person’s shadow kick-boxing on a brickwall with sounds of steam and a person training with a punching bag. Synchronized steam surrounds the entrance ramp. After a few moments, the hard guitar techno of Texas Faggott’s “Back to Madd” blares from the speakers. Neo appears as you see the screen fade to black with two words popping on-screen saying “New” in green letters and “End” in white letters. During this brief sequence, Neo has already ran and slid into the ring. He hops onto his feet as the screen fades in to a close-up of Neo’s red eyes. The screen then fades out again, but the left eye remains as a green “N” and white “E” appear to complete his name. Neo then points to the screen and mock-fires his finger as the red eye receives a bullet-hole on the mega screen.

Zach Davis: And a man who has made quite an impact over the years here in WCF, Neo is returning!

Shannan Lerch: Hey Logan, don't swallow the red pill!

Luscious Jackson: What you say, hoe?

Shannan Lerch: Why do you keep calling me hoe?

Zach Davis: Wait...what?

Shannan Lerch: See, this is why you both aren't married: you don't know how to treat a woman.

Luscious Jackson: Ahahahahahahaha!

"Master of Puppets" by Metallica hits the PA system. Tremendous boos from the crowd rise, as usual when Logan makes an appearance. Logan, Lawnmower Jones, and Shane Sires come out from the back. Logan and Jones have their titles around their wastes. Jones is without Lonnie, again.

Shannan Lerch: Now, Lawnmower Jones knows how to treat a woman. Lonnie is lucky.

Zach Davis: ...Lonnie isn't here...

Shannan Lerch: Jones probably told her to take a rest.

Luscious Jackson: You need to take a rest from hoeing all night, hoe

The T.o.T make their way down the ramp, slowly. Jones and Sires mock the fans, Logan staring dead ahead at Outcast. The T.o.T circle around the ring before entering.

Zach Davis: This should be interesting.

Luscious Jackson: More interesting than Shannan's sex life!

Shannan Lerch: (Teeth grinding) Grrr...

All 6 men are in the ring now, ready to go at it, but the ref is holding them back. The crowd begins a "New Dynasty" chant. Logan says that he will start the match for the T.o.T.

Shannan Lerch: The World Champ starting it off for the T.o.T

Zach Davis: He's not the champ!

Logan faces the Dynasty team, realizing they've chosen Outcast to lead off. The crowd rises to their feet in anticipation of the feud between the two. The ref rings the bell, and the match is underway!

Zach Davis: This should be interesting, Logan said he wouldn't fight Outcast this time around!

Shannan Lerch: Well, he could still mop the floor with Outcast, if he wanted to.

Luscious Jackson: Could he mop the floor with all the cum you dripped last night?

Shannan Lerch: What?!

Zach Davis: I don't think that was legal...

Outcast walks fiercely towards Logan, who drops back and tags in Jones. The crowd boos as Outcast shakes his head.

Shannan Lerch: Top notch strategy from Logan. Gotta love the mind games.

Luscious Jackson: Which do you like more, the mind games or the cock?

Jones and Outcast lock up in the middle of the ring, with Outcast taking the quick advantage putting Jones into a headlock. Jones whips Outcast into the ropes, but Outcast comes back with a flying forearm smash, much to the crowd's approval. Jones gets up, obviously flustered, and receives a kick to the midsection followed by a DDT. Outcast hops onto the top ropes, displaying his athletic ability and daring style. Jones realizes what is about to happen and quickly scrambles to tag in Logan.

Zach Davis: Outcast displaying his unique and unmatched talent. Jones seems to be flustered.

Logan enters the ring while Outcast hops off the ropes. Outcast gives a sadistic smile to Logan, who quickly tags in the monster Shane Sires. The crowd "ooo's" as Sires enters over the top rope and slowly walks to Outcast. Outcast looks around and realizes the best way to attack the giant is right at him-so he runs full speed. Sires catches Outcast and throws him into the turnbuckles by his teammates, displaying his muscles by flexing. Outcast quickly tags in Neo.

Shannan Lerch: Shane Sires is a monster. The way his body is built is that similar to a Greek God.
Luscious Jackson: What about the cock? Is it the cock of a champion?

Neo goes to Sires and steps up to him, nose to nose. Sires obviously has the height advantage, but this does not scare Neo. Neo unloads rights and lefts like lightning, making Sires stumble. The crowd begins cheering, hoping the giant is knocked down. Neo bounces off the ropes and goes for a cross body dive, but Sires catches him, showing enormous strength. Jones and Logan are cheering on the side.

Zach Davis: What power.

Shannan Lerch: What power.

CD and Outcast enter into the ring, delivering simultaneous dropkicks to Neo's back, knocking Sires down. Logan and Jones enter the ring to protect their stablemate, but Logan exits the ring when Outcast swings at him. Jones exchanges punches with CD. Neo is pinning Sires as a result from the dropkick.



Zach Davis: Close! But no cigar!

Shannan Lerch: Close! But no cigar!

Luscious Jackson: What the...

Sires shows his strength by pressing Neo off of him and tossing him to the side. CD clotheslines Jones out of the ring.

Zach Davis: Jones is out of the ring! Dynasty starting to take control!

Shannan Lerch: Jones-

Zach Davis: Don't.

Luscious Jackson: Hoe.

Sires sits up, but catches a kick to the back of the head by CD. We see Logan running to the back with Outcast chasing him. Neo begins to stir, but Jones is still out cold on the mat outside. Neo and CD then begin double teaming Sires, but the ref calls for CD to exit. He goes back to his corner, and Neo whips Sires into the turnbuckles. The two begin double teaming Sires more. Neo tags in CD, who climbs the top rope and delivers a top rope cutter on Sires. CD goes for the pin, but we see Logan running down the ramp chased by Outcast. Logan slides into the ring, the ref gets up to stop the commotion. This interrupts CD's pin. Logan looks at Outcast, who runs full speed, preparing for a spear. Logan grabs the ref and lets him take the spear, then quickly exits the ring. The New Dynasty tries to revive the ref, while Logan tries to wake Jones, who for some reason, is still out.

Zach Davis: And it's Logan again! Being chased by Outcast!

Shannan Lerch: Brilliant strategy! Distraction is a great way to get what you want.

Luscious Jackson: Do you distract guys from your ugly mug with your boobs?

Suddenly, Logan and Jones enter the ring, with chairs. The creep up behind the opponents, but the move backfires. CD delivers a standing dropkick to the face of Logan while Neo ducks LJ's swing. LJ turns around and catches a karate kick to the face, knocking him down. Logan rolls out of the ring and CD grabs the chair. CD hops up onto the top rope, preparing a facebuster onto Sires. Neo and Outcast hold down Sires, and the move is delivered.

Luscious Jackson: Oh snizzap!

Shannan Lerch: Give it time. The New Dynasty will falter, as always.

Logan is now on the beginning of the ramp. He looks towards the ND team, who are motioning for him to come back into the ring. Logan taunts for a few moments, but eventually waves it off. The ND team turns around, and Jones and Sires hit the CD and Neo with chair shots, opening them up. Logan makes his way back to the ring laughing as the crowd boos.

Zach Davis: Typical Logan. Leaving towards the end, when he doesn't want to be confronted with a loss he contributed to. Of course, it's all a trick. Logan couldn't seem to use his own superior wrestling ability to successfully pin another WCF superstar if his pro career depended on it!

Shannan Lerch: Easy college boy.

Sires delivers a chokeslam onto Outcast, Jones a version of his T-Bone Suplex "Rev the Engine" but the assault is not over. The two men lift Outcast up and hold him in place. Logan smacks Outcast tauntingly, then laughs. The two men whip Outcast towards Logan, and Logan delivers a "Connector". Sires kicks the ref, barely reviving him, as Logan makes the pin.




Luscious Jackson: Cheap...

Shannan Lerch: What a beautiful night! Alas, the superior team reigns!

Zach Davis: Although an interesting part is that he didn't get to pin someone from the New Dynasty!

The T.o.T picks up the cheap win as usual. CD and Neo make an attempt to enter the ring, but Logan and Jones have already exited, wanting nothing more to do with the match. Sires is still in the corner, taunting.

Luscious Jackson: Get outta there, Sires!

Both Creeping Death and Neo have chairs. CD smacks Sires over the back with his hard, and he falls down into the ring.

Shannan Lerch: Come on, Logan and Jones! Make the save!

Logan and Jones are about to, but then they notice Neo in there with the chair. They look at each other... and shrug their shoulders, looking nervous.

Zach Davis: Some teammates they are!

Luscious Jackson: Well, they are the Team of TREACHERY for a reason.

Neo and CD allow Sires to get to his feet, and then they hit a Con-Chair-To! They then throw the chairs down to the ground, CD pulls him in... FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS onto the chairs!

Shannan Lerch: Those ASSHOLES! Sires must be seriously injured!

Zach Davis: This IS a bit much. But the New Dynasty is definitely sending a message to the Team of Treachery here.

Logan and Jones head to the back, disgusted at what they've seen, but not wanting any piece of Neo and CD. Paramedics are coming out for Shane Sires. But Neo grabs a mic.

Neo: Ladies and gentleman, paramedics, stay where you are. This isn't over yet. Introducing, the one, the only, the returning-kind of-... Nate Nytro!

The crowd pops as Nate Nytro runs out from the back, a smile on his face. He high fives Neo real quick as CD picks Sires up. Nate kicks him in the gut, then Catatonic Finish onto the chair! And Sires is busted open, and hurting back.

Luscious Jackson: Ouuchhhh, man. Ouch.

Neo raises Nate's arm in the air, and the crowd gives their approval. Slight "Neo-Sporin!" chant, which gets a laugh or two. The New Dynasty team slides out of the ring, heading to the back, and the paramedics are finally able to get to Sires.

Hardcore Title Contendership Ladder Match
Skyler Striker vs Danny Vice

Zach Davis: And now, for what could be one of the most brutal matches of the night.

The arena goes black as the lights shut off. The incredibly fast opening riff to ‘Date With Destiny’ hits the arena and white pyro starts raining down from just above the stage. Skyler Striker appears on stage and makes the Fatebringer sign to loud cheers as the first verse hits. He looks around the arena and spreads his arms, pointing with his fists to both sides next to him. He brings his arms forward and pulls them back in a launching maneuvre and sprints to the ring as the second verse is halfway through. Skyler slides into the ring as the pre-chorus hits and stands, giving the Fatebringer sign once more. Skyler then jumps onto the turnbuckle and gives the Fatebringer sign before doing a complete backflip back to his feet. He repeats this with the opposite turnbuckle. As he waits in the middle of the ring, ‘fade and soon recede’ is sung, and Skyler lowers his head and waits for the following line. ‘You will see’ hits and Skyler snaps his head up, pointing into the camera, and once more gives the Fatebringer sign as ‘date with destiny’ finishes the chorus. The song starts fading as Skyler readies himself.

Shannan Lerch: Skyler Striker seems focused. And he needs to be.

Luscious Jackson: This dude attacked Vice's family! What an ass.

"Rookie" by Boy Sets Fire plays. The lights of the arena go out for several seconds. Two spotlights with strobe-like effects shine at the top of the ramp where Danny "The Vagrant" Vice stands. His arms are at his sides, bent at the elbow with his hands pointing upwards. His hands form two SuFis (middle, ring finger, and thumb extended). He lets out one loud scream then runs to the ring, sliding in under the bottom rope.

Zach Davis: And now, "The Vagrant" Danny Vice. Danny Vice was the one who started this feud, attacking Skyler Striker, and-

Before Zach can finish talking, Skyler Striker is all over Danny Vice, kicking at him mercilessly after he slid into the ring. The bell sounds. Striker kicks and kicks but eventually Vice brings himself up. Striker throws Vice to the ropes, Vice runs back at him and leapfrogs over him. Vice bounces off the ropes again, goes for a Vertical Body Press but Striker ducks it, sending Vice flying onto the mat. Vice is quick to his feet, running at Striker again, but Striker hits an Arm Drag. Vice is back up quickly and this time Striker brings him over and puts him in a Headlock.

Shannan Lerch: Wearing down the man early. Not the most exciting thing to watch, but as far as wrestling goes, smart.

Vice slowly works himself up, and jabs Striker in the gut a few times. The Vagrant then executes a Standing Dropkick, sending Striker tumbling out of the ring.

Luscious Jackson: The ladders are outside, we might see one soon bros.

Striker begins getting to his feet. Vice slides under the ropes and onto the apron, and then executes an Asai Moonsault as Striker gets up, sending him right back down! The crowd pops, and Vice slowly gets to his feet. He then grabs a chair from ringside.

Zach Davis: Uh oh.

He lifts it up, and BAM! Slams it down onto Striker's leg. Lifts it up, and again! And again, and again! Striker is screaming in pain and clutching his knee.

Shannan Lerch: Smart strategy. If your legs are injured, you climb a ladder MUCH slower.

Vice picks Striker up, and then rolls him into the ring. He then finally pulls a ladder out from under the ring, which gets another pop from the crowd.

Luscious Jackson: There it is! The first ladder of the match!

Vice slides it into the ring, and then teases setting it up... crowd pops... and he throws it to the ground. They boo. He then takes Striker's leg and puts it inbetween the two sides of the ladder.

Zach Davis: Oh no. His leg is already hurt... this can't be good.

Vice picks up one side of the ladder and then smashes it down onto the leg. Striker screams and rolls away, clutching his leg.

Shannan Lerch: Striker just needs to accept his fate! He's a loser.

Danny picks Striker up and tosses him out of the ring. He then sets up the ladder, and begins climbing.

Luscious Jackson: You may be right for once, Shannan. This is it.

Vice climbs up the ladder, and from the outside, Striker has somehow gotten to his feet, and sees him climbing. Skyler rolls back in, and the crowd begins cheering as he starts climbing up, chasing Vice. He grabs onto Vice's leg as soon as he can, and soon the two are brawling at the top of the ladder!

Zach Davis: Holy crap!

Shannan Lerch: Oh no! How did he climb up there!?

Striker is teetering on the edge, he's leaning back...

Zach Davis: If he falls off, he is done.

But no, he hangs on! He brings himself back and hits a hard shot to Vice, grabs him... AND HITS THE FINAL REVELATION OFF THE LADDER!

Luscious Jackson: AW SHIT!

Both men hit the ground and don't move afterwards. The crowd roars and chants "HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!" of course.

Shannan Lerch: That was desperation!

Zach Davis: It was smart wrestling. Striker wasn't going to waste his time, if he was going to hit a move, he was going to make it count!

Striker gets up, slowly, but surely. He is limping. He steadies the ladder, and then begins climbing up it again. One rung at a time, higher, and higher...

Luscious Jackson: I don't believe it! I was sure he was history! This is wack.

Vice is up, however, and throws himself into the ladder. This causes it to fall and Striker is sent crashing outside the ring, to the hard ground below! This illicits more "HOLY SHIT!" chants.

Shannan Lerch: NOW Striker is done.

Vice apparently does not believe so. He rolls out of the ring, slower than before, and heads towards Striker. Realizing he hasn't sufficiently weakend the leg, he picks it up and slams it to the hard ground. Striker once again yells in pain, and Vice smiles. He then kicks at the knee repeatedly before going under the apron and getting another ladder.

Zach Davis: And here we go again.

He picks up the ladder and throws it down onto Skyler's leg. He then sets the ladder down, picks Striker up, and executes a Double Underhook Slam onto it! He looks down at Striker, smiling, for a brief second before he slides back into the ring. He sets the ladder back up, and begins his climb.

Luscious Jackson: This time, Vice has gotta have it.

NO! Again, Striker is crawling back into the ring. Vice looks down and curses to himself. He tries climbing faster, but Striker is able to reach the ladder and start shaking it as Vice is at the top. Vice yells back down, challenging Striker to come up. Striker obliges, and begins climbing...

Shannan Lerch: Those two up top again? Ahhh...

Striker goes to hit Vice, but Vice blocks it, and as quickly as possible flips over and executes a Sunsetflip Powerbomb!! He smashes Striker down hard onto the mat and the crowd yet again chants as both men lay on the ground, motionless.


Vice slowly gets to his feet, but he's wobbly. The ladder has fallen down, and is leaning on the ropes. Vice grabs it and smashes it back down on Striker before picking it back up and beginning to climb again.

Luscious Jackson: Striker. is. finished. He isn't getting back up.

The Vagrant is to the middle of the ladder, but Jackson is wrong! Striker IS back up, and he's climbing! Vice can't believe it!

Shannan Lerch: This man will NOT stay down!

Soon, yet AGAIN, both men have reached the top. They're trading blows, trading blows... Striker is wobbling off, Vice is wobbling off... every so often, one of them reaches for the Hardcore Contendership contract... and with one, final, stiff shot to the face, Striker punches Vice and sends him falling to the mat! Striker reaches... and gets the contract!

Zach Davis: SKYLER STRIKER! Skyler Striker has won this war!

Striker raises the contract high as the crowd cheers in approval. He looks down at the fallen Danny Vice...

Shannan Lerch: What is he thinking...

Striker shrugs, throws his contract down to the ring, and flies off the ladder with his 360 Degree Senton!

Luscious Jackson: That's the Destiny Dive! Holy shit!

Zach Davis: And Striker has reached his destiny tonight!

Shannan Lerch: I don't believe he hit that move.. ahh!

Striker is on the mat, clutching at his stomach in pain. But he has a smile on his face, and he stands up, grabbing the contract again and sliding out of the ring.

Zach Davis: This win has been months in the making. They've been at each other's throats for quite a while, and some have said that Vice and Striker is the modern day Cradle and Defman. In a way, I think I have to agree.

Striker disappears behind the curtain, triumphant.

Shannan Lerch: Danny Vice certainly gave it his all, however.

Vice is getting a standing ovation as well. He doesn't seem to care, as he rolls out from under the ring and heads to the back.

Hardcore Title Match
Dake Ken vs Jack of Blades

Zach Davis: We have had a fantastic night so far and it’s about to get even better when we witness what has to be one of the most volatile encounters in a long time and I’m not talking about Shannan meeting a bottle of Vodka Ice.

Luscious Jackson: No, he talking about the Dake Ken Vs Jack of Blades match which is gonna happen right now, dog!

Zach Davis: It’s been odd watching these two go at it; Dake can’t work Jack out and neither can we. He helps Dake out and then attacks him the next.

Shannan Lerch: At that is why Jack of Blades is the most underrated talent here today.

Zach Davis: Never the less, if we can’t get his motives, we sure can look at his actions.

A tribute video plays showing Dake’s return to the WCF after a period of absence. ‘Annihilation’ by APC accompanies it as Dake is shown making his big debut only for the crowd to completely ignore it. The camera shows signs promoting superstars that have made their debut during Dake’s leaving principally Jack of Blades. We then cut to Dake’s interview where he reprimanded the failures of the WCF and then when he criticized Jack of Blades. We then cut to a series of clips of Jack’s actions such as attacking Ellis on his debut, winning the TV title, burning Kikyo and his relationship with Ace. It ends in a retelling of the match at Slam! with the two attacking each other with a variety of moves. We are then interrupted by Stevie Vai’s ‘Bad Horsie’ as Dake makes his way to the ring. Instead of the usual theatrics, he simply slides into the ring showing his focus on the encounter at hand. A few fans boo him for his recent actions of telling them his opinions on the state of the WCF candidly but he ignores them and even goes as far as not reacting to the loud cheering from the majority of the audience.

Shannan Lerch: Dake, less lively, more focused than usual. He’s going to need to concentrate for this.

Zach Davis: I think he just wants to put his energy into this match fully. Jack has been touted as the most ‘technically sound’ wrestler in the WCF, a title that Dake used to hold dear. This battle won’t just be for the Hardcore Title. It’ll be much more than that.

Luscious Jackson: They gonna fight for hoes?

In the ring, Dake warms his muscles by doing a few pulls on the turnbuckle and bouncing around the ring in preparation. His process is soon dispelled when the first tones of Ennio Morricone’s classic ‘Das Duell’ hit the speakers. The camera turns to the titantron where the usual entrance video plays. After a few moments, Jack appears kneeling at the entrance before flipping his hair back and revealing his trademark smile. He makes his way to the ring, occasionally laughing at something unfound by anyone else when looking at Dake. As he slides under the ropes, Dake falls to the floor and as Jack raises himself, Dake catches him with a Gutwrench lock. He carries Jack to the top ropes before hanging him on top of it and smashing him to the ground with a powerful right. Jack collapses on the outside as the camera moves around the turnbuckle for a better shot. The crowd roars at Dake’s early offence, breaking his focus, and giving him the opportunity to goad the fans into a further fervour. However, while doing this, he does not notice Jack climb up and springboard to the rope. Hearing the crowd noticing Jack, Dake turns around only to find himself being attacked with a Flying Clothesline. Jack soon gets to his feet and removes his trenchcoat and ‘Apollo-Dionysus’ T-Shirt, but leaves his Hardcore title on the canvas, and moves to a nearby corner. Dake rubs his chest from where the clothesline collided against it. Jack follows Dake as he crawls around in pain before helping him stand up further with a grapple. He hits a couple of chops to Dake’s chest increasing the injury done by the Flying Clothesline. After screaming from the impact of the chops, Dake charges Jack while still on his knees, and wraps him with a Front Body Scissors. Controlling Jack’s momentum, Dake smashes him with punches him without relenting until Jack rolls him over and applies a Kimura Armbar on him. With only one arm free, Dake struggles for a few moments before unwrapping his legs around Jack and using his free arm to pull his opponent back straight onto his knee with a strategic Backbreaker. Jack falls to the floor clutching his back as Dake runs against some nearby ropes. As Jack rises to his knees, Dake jumps forwards and hits him in the chest with a strong Dropkick. The crowd cheers at this early demonstration of technical prowess between the two fighters.

Zach Davis: Fantastic start here. I smell a dream match.

Luscious Jackson: No, that’s just Shannan. They both have that musk of sweat.

Zach Davis: I’d say Shannan is more like a Hardcore match...which this is.

Shannan Lerch: Can you stop comparing my natural scent to types of matches?

Jack rolls himself up from the ground, still suffering from the dropkick, while Dake uses the free time to get his bearings back in place. With Jack on his knees clutching his chest, he turns away from Dake Ken as if to try and escape but is dragged back in by Dake wrapped his powerful legs around Blades’ skull and falling back to complete the Head Scissors. Jack struggles for a few moments before flipping his body over so that his legs are by Dake’s head. Although this adds extra stress to Jack, he manages to clutch onto Dake’s torso by wrapping his arms around them. Dake looks to choke the final bit of energy from Jack but Blades manages to lift Dake’s body and his own up and stand. The crowd look amazed as Dake still has the Head Scissors on Jack and yet Blades is standing while holding Dake upside-down. Dake keeps the hold locked in for a few seconds before Jack manages to gain enough energy to drop to his knees driving Dake’s head into the mat with a Belly-To-Belly Piledriver. The impact causes Dake to release the hold with him stunned and Jack to fall to the mat still exhausted from his head being trapped. Jack manages to recover his state of awareness long enough to cover Dake.



Dake gets an arm up. Jack beats the mat in anger before applying a wrap to Dake’s nearest arm forcing him up to his level. Pulling the arm towards him, Jack forces Dake into a close encounter and quickly drives him to the mat with a Reverse STO. With Dake down on the mat, Jack jumps to a nearby turnbuckle and goes to hit a top-rope move of some sorts. He remains on the second rope looking at the audience for a few moments, giving Dake a few seconds, to run at him and hook his head underneath Jack’s legs. Raising a leg to the turnbuckle, Dake uses it to kick off, throwing Jack on his back and rolling over him, sitting on his legs into a pin.



Jack manages to raise his feet far back enough to break the pin attempt. Instead, Dake pulls Jack’s upper body through his legs in a wheelbarrow position and swings him around waiting to release it. As Dake spins with Jack as if he were a discus, he lets go for a moment giving Jack the opportunity to catch his enemy’s head in between his legs and toss him onto the second rope with a Head Scissors Rana. Jack lands on his feet, sees Dake leant against the second rope and charges forward hitting his shoulders with a raised leg across the back. Dake’s face shows the pain to his back as Jack removes the foot from where it was hung on the rope and instead applies both hands to the top rope. He then proceeds to stand on top of Dake’s back and pull on the top rope for momentum.

Shannan Lerch: Jack can stay in this move for as long as he likes. No disqualifications.

Luscious Jackson: Jack’s a smart guy, give him that.

Zach Davis: Luscious, who else did you call a smart guy today?

Luscious Jackson: Tom Cruise.

Jack continues to stretch and force more weight onto Dake’s back until finally giving up due to Dake’s resilience. Jumping off Dake’s back, Jack runs against the ropes building enough force to jump over Dake’s crumpled heap on the return and instead catch onto his head as he falls to the outside carelessly. Quickly looking under the ring, he finds a chair that he throws at the head of Dake. It bounces off his skull and forces him backwards. Jack doesn’t bother to catch it, instead jumping onto the apron and then flipping over into a Legdrop on Dake. Instead of going for a pin, Jack simply slides out to the side nearest the ramp and looks under the ring again. He launches two steel chairs into the ring before getting out a table and setting it up on the outside. He slides back in but fails to notice that Dake has crawled over to one of the chairs until it is swung over Jack’s skull as he prepares to pick him. Falling to the ground, Jack seems out of it as Dake moves to his feet and screams that he can be hardcore to. Dake soon leaves the ring and goes to the ring apron of the camera side. He finds another table there and pushes it into the ring. Climbing onto the apron, Dake is caught by a composed Jack of Blades dropkick that forces him into the barrier outside. Jack soon celebrates his strategy by lifting his hardcore belt over his head. The crowd boos at Jack’s ego, which simply magnifies his pride more. On the outside, however, the camera has picked up on Dake looking angrily at the inside of the ring. He soon charges in causing Jack to throw the title down and try to counter him. He fails and Dake blasts him with a few punches causing him to drop to the mat. Enraged, Dake picks up one of the chairs and starts smashing Jack in the back with it repeatedly.

Luscious Jackson: I thought these suckers were gonna do some methodical crap.

Zach Davis: Your appreciation for quality grappling is astounding as always.

Dake keeps smashing the chair into the back of Blades foiling his attempts to get up. With every swing of the weapon, Jack manages to move further away from Dake. However, he is still being pounded with heavy shots from the chair. Managing to jump forward to where the belt is, Jack cradles it to his torso so that Dake can’t see it. As Dake goes to take a final swing, Jack raises the belt and smashes it into his victim’s skull. With Dake on the floor, Jack recovers and goes to a nearby turnbuckle. He soon jumps to its apex and lines his vision with Dake and then flying off it with a Swanton Bomb. He quickly pulls himself back in for a cover on Dake.


Dake slides away from the cover with easy clutching onto Jack as he does. With Jack perpendicular to his body, Dake Ken flies backwards with a Last Call on Jack. With Jack out on the canvas, Dake takes the time to erect the table he sent in beforehand. Dake soon finishes this and goes over to Jack who tries to struggle but is prevented by Dake’s massive frame giving him the advantage. Dake leans Jack against the ropes directly to the side of the table and angles it so that on the rebound, Jack is in line with the table. As Jack is whipped off the ropes and bounces back, Dake looks to drive him into the table somehow. Dake stands in front of the table waiting for Jack to return after whipping him but as Jack reaches the second impact of ropes he hangs on with one arm locked over the top rope and instead whips the referee towards Dake, while falling to his knees. Dake, on adrenaline, does not notice that it is the referee until he’s lifting into a Flapjack. Realising his error, Dake releases the referee but due to the official’s lack of experience, he just goes through the table in a Back Body Drop. The audience catches Dake state a few exclamative comments in response to his actions before turning around into a Spear from Jack of Blades. Blades remains over Dake for a few moments before acknowledging the loss of any referee.

Shannan Lerch: Jack has a great spear, which is odd for someone of his size.

Luscious Jackson: Yeah, the whackjob don’t have the size or height to do a normal one, so he drags them down in the stomach, winding ‘em.

Jack decides to continue his attack by dragging Dake below the second rope and leaving him tottering from the ring to the outside. He hits a smash to the skull and drags Dake fully to the outside. A few stomps later, Dake is lifted and dragged around to the side closest to the announcers. Quickly follow the action, the camera witness Dake being lifted onto Jack’s upper torso and then onto his back before being dropped with a Widowmaker. He then climbs onto the announcers’ table runs towards Dake and flies off it. However, Dake raises a leg vertical driving it into Jack’s neck as he lands. Jack stumbles about as the camera cuts to a closer one and shows the strained gurgles on his face for a powerful picture. Dake uses this time to get to his feet and regain his senses. As Jack turns around, he finds Dake fully upright and is caught by the hair with him soon being driven shoulder first into the steel stairs. Jack writhes around while Dake adjusts the stairs so that only the lower set remains. He soon hooks Jack’s feet and rests his back upside down on the stairs before falling backwards and catapulting him tremendously into the turnbuckle pole. The crowd gasps at the echoing boom of the move as the opponents topple away from each other. The camera shows Dake move around the turnbuckle after the swaying Blades, who rotates his body around to show the steady rain of claret falling from his open wound. Dake catches up with Blades but is stopped from attacking him by a shin to his chest. Dake falls down clutching his chest as Jack whips him further away. Dake counters and instead drives Jack into the barrier. A new referee has now joined and mentoring the fight. As Jack stops at the barrier, Dake takes a running charge at him and prepares to Running Splash him. Jack moves just at the moment of impact causing Dake to career over the barrier and into the crowd. Fans surround him looking at their hero as Blades moves into the squared circle and then takes a second guess preferring to wait on the second rope on the outside. As Dake climbs over the barrier, Jack dives on him and forces him back down. Jack doesn’t hasten his attack quickly on his feet and placing Dake against the cover of the ring apron so that he looks outward. Jumping onto the apron itself, Jack is beside Dake looking in at the ring. With another movement, Jack springboards to ontop of the ropes before falling down and hooking Dake’s cranium with his legs and begins to pull. The Figure Four Head Lock continues until Dake, using his height to his advantage and steps up. The extra leverage causes Jack to topple over the ropes but he too manages to counter this into a Reverse Hurricanrana on Dake to the inside.

Zach Davis: Impressive show from both men.

They both get to their feet at different sides of the canvas and stare at each for other moment. They then move in unison as if to outdo the other’s attack. Dake runs forward with a baseball slide whereas Jack runs away from the camera side and perches on the second rope. Dake, obviously misses, allowing Jack to fly back with a Springboard Enziguri. However, Dake is fully aware of Jack’s move and ducks underneath making Jack land on his feet and turned away from Dake. Spinning around, Jack is punched in the gut and then lifted into a Vertical Suplex. Dake pops his thighs on completion and goes for another suplex but Jack remains low and applies a Double Leg trip forcing his victim face-first. As Dake comes crashing, Jack jumps forward and applies a Crossface. He tries to hook an arm with his feet but Dake avoids it and instead holds onto his tights and pulls him into a standing position. From there, it looks as if Dake tries to Fireman Carry him out of the Crossface but instead Jack falls and hooks an Arm Drag driving Dake out of the ring. Jack quickly assesses Dake’s standing before running off the ropes and diving onto him through the ropes. The crowd roars as they both fall down. Jack manages to get back to his feet before Dake and hammers him with punches forcing him onto the table that was set up earlier. From there, he runs onto the apron and walks along it before splashing Dake through the table. Jack rolls away in pain while the camera picks a few shots of Dake covered in shards of plywood. Not enjoying the New Dynasty member’s stamina, Jack gets by the table and begins shouting in Dake’s face screaming comments like ‘Being insane is being sodomized by Torture’s love stick for financial security, what do you think?’ After he’s finished his little rage, Jack finds the stairs that Dake through away and instead places them in between the gap where the ramp starts. He, Jack, then paces towards the barrier and prepares to run on it.

Shannan Lerch: What is he thinking?

Jack continues to pace on the barrier until he reaches the gap. He jumps onto the steel chairs and then onto the barrier at the other side as we find out why he placed the steel steps there. At this, he moonsaults backwards trying to land on Dake’s crumpled heap. However, Dake manages to avoid this and instead jumps onto the barrier and catches the ropes. Jack soon pulls himself off the wrecked table only to find Dake jump on top of him. But, Jack manages to get a stomach wrench on him in mid-air and launch him with an Overhead Belly-To-Belly onto the ramp. Both lie down exhausted with Jack eventually picking himself up at the same time as Dake. They pound each other with punches as they move up the ramp until Jack misses and Dake hits an epic shot into his gut. He then plugs Jack in between his legs, lifts and delays the drop, before smashing his skull into the ramp with his signature Stalling Piledriver. The camera catches the blood-soaked Jack’s expression, somewhat incapacitated yet still having that sign of a smirk on it, as Dake roars with fury. This gets the crowd going as Dake continues his goading. That is until Dake points to the pyro controls below the ramp that elicits a large applause from the fans.

Luscious Jackson: If he gets a pin on Jack, he got the match won.

Zach Davis: I think he wants to finish Jack off. Literally.

Dake drags Jack to the nearest point to the pyrotechnic desk and wraps an arm over his shoulder and screams to get the audience’s anticipation at a high again. The camera peers over Dake from the highest part of the ramp showing the immediate drop. It looks as if Dake is going to hit the DevaDAKETion on Blades onto the electrical equipment. However, as Dake prepares to ready himself, Jack in a last ditch effort, falls around him, applies the Butterfly Lock and throws Dake backwards away from the edge with a German Suplex. Jack tries to stand but soon collapses clutching his head from Dake’s earlier attack. He soon gets to his feet whoever and drags Dake through the entrance tunnel. The camera follows the scene as Jack takes a bottle of water from a stage hand and smashes it over Dake’s head. Eventually they reach the end of the tunnel and into the backstage area. Jack quickly hits Dake a couple of times before throwing him back with a Half Nelson Suplex. A few neutral wrestlers such as Thunder, Twister and Conrad Howell have taken to watching the brawl and so Jack decides not to go further into the wrestler’s area but instead kick Dake through the twin doors by the side of them. They soon enter a tunnel that leads to another set of twin doors. Jack picks up the grounded Dake rests him in on a trolley that is present and kicks him down the tunnel. The camera cuts to outside the twin doors where it views Dake smash through them on his trolley. It appears that they have entered the marquee area where fans purchase merchandise and food and the like. The fact that the twin doors are closed off to the public seems to point to this. As Dake careers through, a crowd of people form and stare at the sight with Jack soon following suit. Jack goes to pick Dake up and does so before planting him with a Tiger Driver. He covers but notices that the referee is still struggling behind. He catches up and begins the counting.



Dake pops a shoulder.

Zach Davis: That would have been a three if the referee had arrived sooner.

Jack screams into the face of the referee stating that he ‘is the important one.’ The referee just takes a few steps back before Jack returns to Dake, who has situated himself against the turnstiles preventing the fans from getting in. Jack goes to attack him but Dake catches hold of his tights and tosses him over into the crowd. Dake takes a few breaths before following after him. However, his rest has proved costly as Jack has climbed back up. Dake reaches for him but Jack instead smashes his own foot down onto Dake’s injured right foot. Dake roars in agony as Jack begins to laugh at Dake’s injury and misfortune. Then, he throws Dake into a vending machine and then charges at him with his Running Knee Strike. Dake manages to roll out of the impact at the last period available causing Jack to break into the shell of the vending machine. With his opponent’s knee stuck, Dake barrages Jack with a flurry of kicks before Jack falls out of the vending machine. Dake picks Jack up, throws him towards a fan that pushes him back and allows Dake to throw a Snap Powerslam. He then covers Jack.



Jack gets a shoulder up as the referee’s hand goes down a third time. Dake methodically lifts Jack upwards and applies a Front Face Lock before tacking a few steps back with Jack still stuck. Dake, then proceeds to lift Jack into a Vertical Suplex and forces him down onto the counter of a merchandise seller. Instead of falling down, Jack teeters over the counter with his back bent due to the impact. Jack facing belly up seems to give Dake an idea who asks the merchandiser, who seems to be retailing in WCF clothing for ‘two Logan power-lifting belts.’ The merchandiser hands over two leather belts, kind of scared of Dake who undoes the wrapping on them. Dake then goes and finds two children in the crowd watching and hands them the belts. He then points at Jack’s chest and ask that they whip him. They do so repeatedly as Jack writhes in agony while Dake enjoys the sight of two children beating Jack into that state. After taking enough punishment, Jack rolls onto his feet and makes the children scatter with fear of reprisals. Jack turns around to face Dake who makes a massive attempt at knocking Jack down with a fist. Jack manages to counter this however and wraps a German Suplex on Dake. As they land, Jack gets to his feet with the hold and hits another two German Suplexes before releasing with all the moves on the pure concrete. Both competitors stop moving any further due to the pain of their backs landing on such a texture. Jack manages to reach his feet but has taken too long to get a definite count on Dake. Instead, he lifts Dake up to his level and they begin brawling. They eventually pierce through the crowd and to a cornered off area. They topple over the railings stopping entry and continue punching each other in order. They area seems to have a large set of scaffolding to which suggests the reason why it was bordered off. Eventually, Jack manages to land a punch that knocks Dake away. While restoring his jaw back to feeling, Dake pays no heed to Jack lifting a table from the folded supply placed around the scaffolding until it’s too late and Jack has drove it into his chest and back. The table and the others were placed in such a way that only the surface shows and that the other side is not seen. Jack continues this and sets up the table without turning it over to reveal the back of it. With the table set, Jack rushes over to Dake and goes to pick him only to be receive a closed palm to the gut. Dake follows up with a Neckbreaker before going over to the table. After routing around the back of the table, Dake lifts a gigantic mallet that was attached to it. He calmly moves towards Blades and prepares the finishing hit. Blades quickly sends the referee in the direction of Dake who was already swinging. The referee is knocked out with the blow causing Dake to purvey his damage and Jack, to use the distraction, to remove the mallet from him with a Fujiwara Armbar.

Zach Davis: Mallet! Did you see the mallet?

Shannan Lerch: Second referee out. At least, they’re consistent in their vulnerability.

The opponents are grounded now with the Armbar still grinding Dake. Dake struggles for a few more seconds before rolling out of it with an ease that is impressive for someone of his stature. Jack quickly moves to his feet and continues an attack with a Cradle Russian Leg Sweep. This leaves Dake belly to the floor and unaware of Jack pacing backwards. After Jack has gained enough momentum he jumps and rolls at Dake, hooking his hands and bridging onto him with a Double Armbar.

Shannan Lerch: Cattle Mutilation! Which is ironic with Dake being a sheep to ‘Tort.’

Zach Davis: Cattle are sheep, Shannan.

Dake screams with pride at his work and causes the fans to cheer for his unique reversal knowledge. Within the meantime, the camera has picked up on Jack who lies in a puddle of red from his open cut made from meeting the turnbuckle.

Shannan Lerch: Looks like Dake has this won. It’s a sad day for all those who care about professional wrestling.

Dake looks to cover but knowing there is no referee and filled with fan support, he decides to lift the unaware Blades and knock him to lying on the table. Dake, then presses his head upwards causing the cameras to do so. They end up looking at the highest mount of the scaffolding. The crowd approves and Dake begins his climb to the top. He soon makes it after taking a few breaths and looks at the table longingly. He then turns himself around before jumping backwards off the platform into a Moonsault. The camera tracks his falling and at the last moment potentially for such a tactic, Jack dives off the table as Dake careers through it. The crowd applauds Dake’s attempt as Jack makes his way to his feet. Jack tries to soothe his head after it meeting the concrete and then takes ideas off Dake’s incapacitated position. Lifting him up, Jack pushes him through the railings and then prompts him through a nearby door into the hair. The camera returns to the arena but is now focused on the crowd where some steps provide an exit to an alcove, which presumably leads to the purchase area. Suddenly Jack and Dake burst into view, from the exit, with Blades clutching onto Dake. A third and original referee has joined the match. With the crowd surrounding the action, Blades swings Dake in front of him and then punches him down a series of stairs. This gives Jack the opportunity to launch himself on a set of banisters and run along the lower bar. Dake soon stops reeling from Jack’s punch only to find himself thrown even further down by a Flying Clothesline. This time though both Jack and Dake topple down such a large amount of stairs that even the camera has to pull back to show the full movement. Jack manages to stop himself on a landing before Dake, who arrives at the landing lowest from the ground level, which is just a few stairs away. The camera focuses on Dake’s crumpled heap until Jack springs into action and wraps a Buffalo Sleeper. The crowd bursts into motion sensing the end of the match. However, Dake disappoints by using the last bit of energy available to toss Jack over his neck and onto the ground. Jack manages to land on his feet but is not momentous enough to avoid Dake’s rush that forces both him and his attacker over the barrier and back to the ring’s outside space. Dake gets to his feet first and plugs Jack in between his legs. He seems to lift Jack into a Powerbomb but instead prefers to hook Jack’s arms while he’s resting on his back and position his knees so that they bend Jack’s legs.

Luscious Jackson: Gory Special! Jack gotta tap.

Shannan Lerch: Surely, Jack has a counter of some kind.

Dake walks around the ring showing his ability to the audience while Blades is almost torn into pieces by the pull of the submission. The camera follows Jack’s looks of anguish and the move causes blood to pump from his twisted flesh and run down his upper body in a horrific display. Eventually, it becomes obvious to Dake that Jack won’t tap a loss and so releases his hold for a moment. Jack takes this opportunity to spin out of it and catch Dake, as he turns around himself, with his Divine Comedy Jawbreaker. The crowd cheer as the match once again returns from a close finish and Jack goes underneath the apron and brings forward a ladder from Skyler versus Vice earlier on. He sets it up and moves over to Dake, who is trying to regain some sense by leaning against the apron. Jack goes to hip toss him onto the ladder but in return, Dake avoid the Hip Toss and instead just launches Jack onto the ladder’s levels. Jack collapses in pain at the indent the ladder has made as Dake just laughs and deconstructs the ladder and sends it into the ring. Dake soon follows leaving Jack on his own on the outside. Dake takes this time to erect the ladder in the ring and climb it. At its highest point, Dake slaps his elbow to signal his intent before a high-reaching camera angle shows the fall from the ladder to the outside which Dake plans to do. Dake soon flies after the audience soaks it in, but as he does so kicks the ladder so it topples over. Dake is fine though and continues to soar through the air and try to land on Blades. A camera cut shows Dake’s trajectory as he falls from the ring and to the outside. The cut also prevents Jack from being seen as he lifts a steel chair and smashes it against Dake as he falls to the ground. They both collapse out of exhaustion. Despite the length of the struggle, Jack still manages to get to his feet and make Dake do something similar although forced. Jack slides the seemingly eliminated Dake into the ring facedown as Jack bounces through the ropes and lands on Dake’s shoulders. He quickly applies a Camel Clutch on the Dake as the referee tries to find a decision. The crowd once again senses the match’s eventual end and begins to roar at the submission locked in. Dake has no way to escape as he is both too tired and placed in a difficult position. All he can do is rest his feet on the second rope to make Jack’s job more difficult. The frenzied crowd seem to help the effect of the Camel Clutch along as Dake soon fades out of awareness and it looks as if Blades has it finished.

Shannan Lerch: Ring the bell you fool! It’s over. Jack has it! T.O.T wins.

Zach Davis: The referee is completely perplexed. Dake is out of his senses but he has his feet on the ropes. Does it count in this kind of match?

The referee tears around looking at Dake’s attempted escape and then at Dake himself. He just can’t make a fair decision. This soon annoys Blades who releases the hold and screams at the referee. The referee tries to calm him saying the only fair way is to make the match continue. Jack looks sated by this before returning to the referee. He rests his arm on the official’s shoulder in a kind of act of being ‘pals’ and show that animosity is not present between them. That is until Jack uses the arm around the shoulder to spin the referee into a powerful Spin-Out Backbreaker. Jack, satisfied, pushes the referee off his knee and then looks at the ladder. Now showing that Jack has lost any interest in victory only appeasing his sadistic needs, Jack raises the ladder on top of a nearby turnbuckle with it leaning on the two sides of ropes. He then moves over to the still deflated Dake and with an show of power, lifts him onto the ladder platform. Jack then finishes his evil construct by going to the opposite turnbuckle, climbing it, and walking along the ropes until reaching the tottering ladder. Jack then splashes Dake causing the ladder to career off it’s delicate position and onto the canvas. Jack rolls out clutching his chest but happy with the damage he’s inflicted. He soon picks himself up with the motivation of destroying Dake. Reaching underneath the bottom rope and putting an arrant hand through the apron, Jack comes back with a small, dark bag. He undoes the string keeping it together and spills a rain of thumbtacks on the ground. With the crowd insane for more destruction, Jack goes over to Dake and signals his hand in the air for his Trading Places maneuvre. Dake is whipped onto the ropes and Jack prepares for the rebound. Dake manages to get enough energy back to avoid his grab, however, and Sprinting DDT Jack onto the thumbtacks. Jack rolls through as the camera shows Jack screaming with pain and clutching at the thumbtacks imbedded in his already destroyed forehead. A further shower of blood joins the dried skin of the previous release of blood. As the crowd grimaces at Blades’ appearance, a large forearm wraps itself around Jack’s neck and tries to pressure him out of existence with the Rear Naked Choke. They both land on their backs as Dake continues to wrench the life from Jack and it looks as if Dake has the match won as Jack did earlier. However, the lack of a referee means that Dake has to continue the hold for an exceeding period which in turn, makes the audience tear themselves into a riot with the tense atmosphere. However, Dake begins to be lifted without any force of his own and is soon on Jack’s back and even sooner off of it as they both fall down with a Piggyback Stunner. In the mean time, the first referee of the match is starting to regain his bearings and conciousness.

Luscious Jackson: I'm just gonna say it, I ain't no smark but this has been a great match.

Jack is the first one to his feet, but Dake is up too. They're trading blows, sloppily, as they've both had the life beaten out of them. Dake is soon getting the advantage, seeing as Jack just used energy to power out of the Rear Naked Choke. Dake is in the driver's seat, hitting shot after shot to Jack, and sending him reeling. Dake soon decides he has him sufficiently weakend, bounces off the ropes, and goes for the Bitch Kick! But no, Jack ducks it, grabs him, BAM JOKER'S WILD ONTO THE THUMBTACKS!

Shannan Lerch: OW. An eye for an eye, so to speak...

Jack does not go to pin, but instead turns Dake over and begins climbing to the top.

Zach Davis: Jack realizes that nothing less than 110% is going to keep Dake down... but...

Jack flies down with the Aerial Armageddon! Dake's back is crushed against the thumbtacks, and Jack hooks the leg...




Luscious Jackson: This match is over, and Jack has retained the Hardcore Title.

Shannan Lerch: Fantastic. Jack is incredible.

Jack grabs his belt, and slides out, in a huge amount of pain. Dake, in the ring, is not moving, also in a huge amount of pain.

Zach Davis: Dake may not have won, but LORDY did he give it everything. He has nothing to be ashamed of, that was excellent.

World Title Match
Chino vs Torture

Ring Announcer: This next match, is scheduled for one fall, and is for the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

Huge pop from the crowd. The chants are already beginning “TORTURE! TORTURE! TORTURE!”. Signs in the crowd read “I wear Tort’s clothing because it’s coooooooool!” and “Devastation, Who?”

Luscious Jackson: Torture is the most popular champion we've ever had, I'm gonna say.

“The Nameless” by Slipknot hits the speakers and multiple pyros shoot off the School of Pain stage. Chino walks out slowly, showing even less emotion than little and not banging his head as usual. His focus and determination can be seen on his face. The boos from the crowd are deafening for the leader of Devastation, Inc. He slides under the bottom rope and pumps his fist into the air.

Ring Announcer: Making his way to the ring, from San Juan, Puerto Rico, standing seven feet two inches tall and weighing in at THREE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FIVE POUNDS…….CHINO!

The boos become even louder as Chino settles into a ring corner, awaiting the biggest match of his life.

“Rock Superstar” by Cypress Hills hits the speakers and the flashbulbs go off even brighter than the pyrotechnics. Torture emerges on stage, title around his waist, to a deafening ovation. He walks down the ramp and slides into the ring. In true championship fashion, Torture lifts the title over his head in all four corners of the ring, posing for his adoring public with the World Championship.

Ring Announcer: And now, coming to the ring, from Los Angeles, California, he is the WCF WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION…..TORTURE!

Zach Davis: This is what the WCF is all about. World title on the line, the leaders of two big factions, and the future of the WCF hanging in the balance.

Shannan Lerch: There is nothing hanging in the balance here tonight, Zach. Chino is a behemoth. He is on a rampage. He sent your precious Tort through a table a few weeks back, and Torture should have just gotten out of Chino’s way when he had the chance.

Luscious Jackson: ‘Nuff jibber jabber, let’s see these two get it on!

The bell sounds as Chino and Torture meet in the center of the ring. The size difference is incredible between the challenger and champ.

LET’S GO TORTURE clap clap clap clap clap LET’S GO TORTURE clap clap clap clap clap.

Chino turns to the crowd as if to respond to the chants, then turns and hits Torture with a big right hand that sends the champ down. Torture pops up and catches another right, down to the mat. Right back up, and down again after a third big right hand on the jaw.

Luscious Jackson: Damn Tort’s taking a quick ass-whoopin’!

Shannan Lerch: Torture keeps just walking right into those big right hands, and Chino happily sends the “Chump” back to the mat.

Chino stands over Torture laughing. He grabs Torture by the throat with a single hand, lifts Torture directly over his head, and chokeslams him to the mat. The crowd boos heavily.

Zach Davis: Here’s a cover by Chino, forearm to the face. ONE! TWO! Kickout by Torture.

Shannan Lerch: Good, more punishment for Chino to inflict upon this false champion.

Luscious Jackson: False champion? Who da real one?

Zach Davis: Don’t get her started on the Logan thing.

Chino lifts Torture again and tosses him into the turnbuckle. Two huge chops to Torture’s chest send the champ to his knees in the corner. Chino drags him to the center of the ring by the hair and lifts him to his feet, then snapping off a DDT.

Zach Davis: Another cover by Chino. Kickout after a two count. The champion isn’t going to just lie down on his World Title.

Shannan Lerch: It isn’t going to be his choice by the end of the bout. Chino is just too big and too strong for Torture.


Chino waves for the crowd to continue to cheer their hero. He shouts back at them as Torture crawls to his feet. Chino walks back over and is met by two big punches to the gut from Torture. Then a third, and a fourth. Torture bounces off the rope and comes back to hit a clothesline that gets the crowd on its feet. Torture bounces off the ropes again and hits another clothesline, as Chino reels back on his heels. Torture goes off the ropes a third time and dives for a big crossbody block, but it is reversed into a huge flapjack and cutter by Chino.

Shannan Lerch: The PaperCut! This thing is already over!

Zach Davis: There’s the cover, hooks the leg. ONE! TWO! THRE..TORTURE GOT A SHOULDER UP!

Luscious Jackson: Fool took his sweet time!

Shannan Lerch: How in the hell did he get that up?!?!?

Zach Davis: We almost had a new World Champion! But Torture got his shoulder up!

The crowd is going absolutely crazy as Torture managed to get his shoulder up. Torture is hurting in the center of the ring. Chino lifts him and throws him again into the turnbuckle. The force nearly launches Torture over the corner and onto the floor, but his right leg was caught on the top rope. Chino walks over and climbs with Torture to the top rope. He places Torture on his shoulders in preparation for a top rope Death Valley Driver.


Zach Davis: Chino is going to try and break Torture in half.

Chino turns on the top turnbuckle. The gigantic Chino has Torture over 12 feet high off the mat. Torture begins to wriggle on top of Chino’s shoulders. Chino tries to perform the Death Valley Driver, but Torture is able to reverse and slide down Chino’s back, hitting a huge sunset flip powerbomb from the top turnbuckle to the arena floor!

Shannan Lerch: CHINO!

HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! The crowd chants and screams for Torture. Both men are down outside of the ring.

Zach Davis: Torture just threw Chino down off the top turnbuckle to the outside floor, right on his back. That reversal just changed the momentum of this entire match. Chino looks unconscious on the outside! What a main event!








Torture is the first to his feet, and he slowly lifts massive Chino to his feet and rolls him into the ring. Chino is trying to get up but still dizzy from that massive powerbomb to the floor. Torture takes him down with a double leg takedown, and locks in a Figure Four leglock.

Zach Davis: Chino is screaming out in pain, and nowhere near the ropes!

Shannan Lerch: NO! Pull to the ropes Chino! Get those ropes!

Torture leans back to gain more leverage on Chino’s knee, as Chino uses his arms to drag to the ropes. He reaches just a few inches short. Torture pulls back hard, but Chino is just too strong as he reaches the ropes.

Luscious Jackson: Takin’ the big cat’s legs out.

Torture grabs Chino’s leg, pulls him to the center of the ring, and applies pressure to the knee. Chino cries out in pain as the fans begin to cheer. Torture pushes harder and harder, weakening the leg of the monster. Finally, he releases the hold stomps on Chino’s left knee several times.

Zach Davis: Without that leg, Torture can take away a lot of Chino’s power arsenal.

Shannan Lerch: It won’t matter. A true force like Chino cannot be stopped.

Torture lifts Chino to his feet and tosses Chino to the ropes, drop toe hold by Torture, right into an STF. Chino again reaches for the ropes but is trapped in the center of the ring.

Zach Davis: Torture again going for a submission. A sound strategy due to Chino’s sheer size.

Chino uses his immense leg strength to simply power out of the move. Torture is first to his feet, but is met by two big rights from Chino, followed by a big right boot sending the champion to the ground. After the kick, Chino collapses to one knee. His left knee couldn’t support his weight. Chino lifts Torture up, and delivers a big headbutt, sending the champ backward off the ropes. Torture bounces back and is met with a big spinebuster from Chino.

Zach Davis: Another cover. ONE! TWO! THR! Kickout by Torture as Chino didn’t hook the leg.

Shannan Lerch: Come on! This official couldn’t possibly count any slower.

Luscious Jackson: Just got to finish Tort off with mo’ impact!

Chino looks disgusted at the referee, and slaps his hands together three times while yelling for a faster count. Torture begins to sit-up, only to be grabbed by Chino and take 5 shots to the head. Chino stands to his feet, lifts Torture, and grabs him in a cobra clutch. Chino drops to a knee and hits a cobra clutch backbreaker, then another, then a third; each one punishing Torture’s back more than the first. On his fourth attempt, his knee gives way, allowing Torture to escape the hold.

Zach Davis: That knee is still bother Chino, but he is absolutely dominating Torture tonight.

Shannan Lerch: I smell a title change tonight.

Chino climbs back to his feet and grabs a hold of Torture again. Chino lifts him high above his head, and hits a big fireman’s carry suplex. Chino again goes for the cover.

Zach Davis: ONE! TWO! Another kickout from Torture.

Chino is up first, slow to his feet, clearly favoring his left knee. He lifts Torture by the hair, but is met with a right hand. Chino throws a right back. Then Torture with a right. And Chino hits a right hand. Then Torture with a right, and another right, and another right. Now Chino is reeling, Torture hits a kick to the gut and a jumping fisherman suplex. The crowd goes crazy as Torture slams the big man to the mat.

Shannan Lerch: Damn Torture! Why won’t he just stay down?

Zach Davis: And the crowd is letting Torture really hear it.

Torture pulls Chino to his feet and delivers another right hand. And another right, then a quick left. Torture now tosses him off the ropes and connects with a dropkick, sending Chino into the turnbuckle. Chino takes two steps forward and falls flat on his face as his knee buckles again. Torture slides out of the ring and grabs Chino’s legs, turning him on his backside. He slams the injured knee of Chino into the turnpost, and then locks in a turnbuckle Figure-Four.

Zach Davis: This is the sign of a true champion. Picking your opponent apart, and beating them piece by piece.

Shannan Lerch: Come on ref! How long are you going to let him hang there?

The referee forces Torture to break the hold at the five count and not risk disqualification. Torture grabs one of Chino’s arms from the outside, and drags Chino’s upperbody over the edge of ring. He leaps up onto the apron, and then signals to the crowd to get on their feet. They immediately respond and begin to chant…

W-C-F! W-C-F! W-C-F!

Torture leaps up onto the middle rope, then up into the air and comes down with a huge elbow drop across the chest of Chino!

Luscious Jackson: Damn that shit was new!

Zach Davis: Great innovation by the champion, as the king of cool adapts to every situation like a chameleon.

Shannan Lerch: We’ll see how innovative he is when Chino breaks his little winning streak tonight.

Torture rolls back into the ring and drags the enormous body of Chino into the center. He climbs the nearest turnbuckle and raises his arms in the air.

Zach Davis: This could be it. COOL MINT! NO! Chino got his leg up and caught Torture right in the jaw. Both me are down!

Luscious Jackson: Stop playin’ da crowd and hit da man playa!

Zach Davis: Chino rolls his arm over Torture. One! Two! Kickout by the champion. Several near falls tonight for the challenger.

Shannan Lerch: There are only so many times Torture will kick out.

Chino is the first to his feet. He looks as angry as the Puerto Rican brawler has ever looked before. He lifts Torture by the head and immediately impales him with a reverse DDT. Chino now locks on a sleeperhold, putting all 375 pounds on the neck of the champion. The crowd boos wildly.

Shannan Lerch: Yes, Chino. Choke the life out of him.

Zach Davis: The referee is checking Torture, whose eyes are barely moving at this point. This could be the big finish for Torture’s storied title run. The referee lifts his arm for the first time as it hits the mat.

Luscious Jackson: Two mo!


Zach Davis: That’s two now! This crowd is screaming for it’s champion. I think the announce table is shaking. There’s the third arm drop! IT’S OVER! NO! TORTURE STOPPED HIS ARM! I THOUGHT THIS WAS IT!


Zach Davis: This WCF crowd is going insane.

Torture begins to roll on the ground as Chino shakes his head in disbelief and applies more pressure to the neck of Torture. Torture now climbs to a knee and begins to push up to stand in the ring. Chino releases the hold quickly and chops down on Torture’s back with an axe handle. Torture drops back to a knee, and then fires a quick right to the guy of Chino. Then another right, and a left, and a right. Torture runs off the ropes and leaps up hitting a twirling DDT on Chino. Torture rolls an arm over Chino for the cover.

Zach Davis: One! Two! Three! What! Chino got his shoulder up! What a match!

Luscious Jackson: Unreal my man! Unreal!

Torture is again is the first to his feet, stomps twice at the injured left knee of the challenger, then bounces off the ropes. He comes back in with a running knee drop to the back of the challenger’s knee. Torture kneels next to Chino, absolutely beat from this intense battle thus far. Chino is to his feet, Torture kicks him... TORTURE'S DEVICE!

Shannan Lerch: NO!

Torture goes for the pin!




Zach Davis: WHAT?!

Luscious Jackson: Chino kicked out of the Torture's Device!?

Torture is LIVID. He's up, arguing with the ref, he does NOT want to lose this match. He picks Chino up, and goes for ANOTHER Torture's Device, but no, Chino pushes him off into the ropes! He then rolls him up! Chino has the pin!




Shannan Lerch: ALMOST!

Torture just barely got out of it. Tort quickly gets to his feet, and he and Chino meet. They're back to trading blows, and Chino gets the advantage. He grabs Torture and throws him to the ropes. Torture bounces off.. CHINO HITS THE RKK!

Zach Davis: THIS IS IT!

Chino pins!




Luscious Jackson: What the fu-

It is Seth Lerch, wearing a ToT shirt. He hits Chino with it several times, over and over and over. The ref calls for the bell.

Shannan Lerch: YAY SETH!

Zach Davis: Why is he doing this?! Chino was one count away from the World Title! Chino has defeated Torture, but come on!

Despite the chair shots, Chino is getting to his feet. Seth panics, throws the chair to the ground, kicks him, and quickly hits a DDT onto it. Chino is bleeding from his forehead, and already exhausted after the match. Torture has grabbed his World Title and is backpeddling up the ramp.

Luscious Jackson: What a shitty way to end School of Pain! What the HELL!?

Seth has grabbed a mic.

Seth Lerch: Torture! Chino! Torture against Chino?! What the HELL is this!? WCF is MY company. I may not own it, but it is MY company. Fuck the "committee" or whatever the hell they have going now, I do what I goddamn want. The Team of Treachery does what it goddamn wants, and we're supposed to be in charge here. So at a Pay Per View World Title main event, THERE ISN'T A TOT GUY GETTING A SHOT? And this CHINO guy is?! Torture, the overconfident, cocky Champion is up against Chino, completely out of nowhere! And let me get this straight. TORTURE ALMOST LOSES THE BELT?! Bullshit. This match can go to hell, and so can this stupid goddamn committee. So can you, Torture, and New Dynasty, and you, Chino, and Devastation, Inc. The Team of Treachery is in control here, and we still do what we damn well please.

The fans boo like hell, and trash is being thrown in the ring. Seth smirks as he slides out.

Shannan Lerch: I agree one hundred percent.

Zach Davis: Seth Lerch can go to hell. Chino gave it his all, and rightfully should be the World Champion, I gotta be honest. Torture has held onto the belt, but damnit, he did not win this match. Chino beat him.

Luscious Jackson: This is wack, I hate ending the PPV like this, but we're outta time guys!

Shannan Lerch: Shut up. Ending it with Seth is perfect.

Zach Davis: I'm sorry fans, we're out of time! Goodnight, and see you at the next Slam!

The copyright info appears, and School of Pain fades out.