Till Death Do Us Part Intro
Mike Ragnal vs Jason Briggs
Creeping Death vs Dehart
Alliance of Violence Segment
People's Title: Outcast vs Chris Avery
Danny Vice/Skyler Striker Segment
Tag Titles: Lifeline vs The Red Devil Mafia vs The Violent One/??? vs The Alliance of Violence
Hardcore Title: Seth Lerch vs Skyler Striker
Jesper Reisert vs Willy Carter
Television Title: Conrad Howell vs JJ Biggs
Danny Vice vs Thunder
Lawnmower Jones vs Bobby Cairo
World Title: Logan vs Jack of Blades

Till Death Do Us Part Intro

Welcome, Ghosts by Explosions in the Sky blasts over the PA speakers and the crowd comes alive for WCF's February Pay Per View spectacular, Till Death Do Us Part! Red pyro blasts from the entranceway and ring before we go to the announcers.

Zach Davis: Welcome to Till Death Do Us Part! I'm Zach Davis, as always-

Shannan Lerch: And I'm Shannan Lerch, here with Luscious Jackson.

Luscious Jackson: Earning my once a month paycheck.

Zach Davis: This is the first Pay Per View since One, and we have another great lineup here tonight.

Shannan Lerch: Our main event is a One rematch, in fact! Logan is getting another chance at the World Title, taking on Jack of Blades.

Luscious Jackson: These two have been mad tight, but after what happened last week...

Zach Davis: Logan saved the World Title from the Alliance of Violence, but apparently didn't care whatsoever about the fate of Jack of Blades. Earlier in the night, Blades had given Logan the option to determine the stipulations for tonight's matchup. We still have no word on what Logan chose. To be honest, the whole main event is looked mysterious.

Shannan Lerch: We have some other top matches as well. Lawnmower Jones and Bobby Cairo collide, with Lonnie on the line.

Luscious Jackson: Stealin' a man's ho just ain't right, even if she IS a lawnmower.

Zach Davis: For once, Luscious, I agree. I hope Jones wins this one and gets his woman back.

Shannan Lerch: Danny Vice takes on Thunder. This match is personal. Last time the two faced, Janie Vice ended up turning on Danny and joining up with Thunder.

Luscious Jackson: These two know each other pretty damn well, havin' had several matches against each other durin' the Disorder by Design vs Striker and Thunder feud. But like Jones and Cairo, this is personal.

Zach Davis: Our Television Title match is Conrad Howell against JJ Biggs. This is another intense rivalry. We've seen Howell commit acts of violence against Biggs' friend and mentor, Jake Hudson.

Shannan Lerch: JJ Biggs is a former World Champion and an established star. Conrad Howell is on his way up. We'll have to see if he has what it takes here.

Luscious Jackson: We've got some wack ladder match with Jesper Reisert takin' on Willy Carter. I like that guy, but if he touches a ladder he loses. It's BS.

Zach Davis: And again, I agree. Jack of Blades used his influence to turn Jesper Reisert vs Willy Carter into a "If Carter touches the ladder at all, he loses" ladder match. At the very least, this will be interesting.

Shannan Lerch: And my brother Seth Lerch wins the Hardcore Title tonight! He's gonna take it from Skyler Striker.

Luscious Jackson: Keep dreamin'.

Zach Davis: Well, Seth DID defeat Striker last week, and I'd hope he has another trick up his sleeve this week as well, for his sake. I hope his victory didn't make him cocky. Well, cockier.

Shannan Lerch: We got a huge Tag Title match. Lifeline up against the Red Devil Mafia, a debuting team of Matthew Clark and Mike Corral, up against the new wrestler The Violent One, up against the tag champs The Alliance of Violence.

Luscious Jackson: We know that the AoV knows The Violent One, but TVO gotta find a partner for tonight. We don't know who that's gonna be.

Zach Davis: Our People's Title match tonight is Outcast against Chris Avery. Outcast attacked Avery shortly after Avery won the belt, and this is the NCW superstar's chance at gold.

Shannan Lerch: Creeping Death is in action in the MCE division, up against Dehart. Not much to say there, and we don't even get to announce for it.

Luscious Jackson: And finally, Mike Ragnal faces Jason Briggs. These two came into the company at the same time, and it'll be interestin' to see how they fare as they finally go one on one.

Zach Davis: Let's start the show!

Mike Ragnal vs Jason Briggs

The crowd stands silent waiting for the match to start. As "High Voltage (Footsoldier Remix)" by Linkin Park sounds through the PA system, the crowd immediately boos before the lightning-like pyroes explode on the stage. Out comes Mike Ragnal, with Sasha Pehl finally following behind him for this match. As they walk down the ramp, Mike tries to high five one of the fans, but slides the hand away in a cocky manner. When they finally get off the ramp, Mike slides into the ring and springs to his feet, climbing the turnbuckles to pump the crowd up. Unfortunately, the fans boo him like crazy, one almost missing Mike with his cup of beer. Mike steps down and looks to the stage, waiting for his opponent.

"Ride With Me" plays next, and the fans cheer on as Jason Briggs walks out next, the pyroes still spraying off the loudspeakers. Briggs steps to the side and lets Anderson walk out in front of him, Briggs slapping hands with the crowd as he heads down the ramp. Mike can be seen shaking his head in disgust, and decides to do something about it. Before Briggs and Anderson can get into the ring, Mike leaps over the top rope...springboards off the middle rope...Asai Moonsault on Anderson and Briggs! Both men are down as Sasha helps Mike back up to his feet. While Mike grabs Jason by the head and whips him into the ringpost, Sasha's taking care of Anderson by keeping her foot on his throat. Mike slams Briggs' head in several times before throwing him into the ring. As Mike gets in, Briggs tries to get to his feet, his face already a bleeding mess. Mike bounces off the ropes and dropkicks Briggs back down on the canvas. Mike runs to the ropes again and drops an elbow to Briggs' chest. Mike keeps it on top for the pin, but only gets two before Briggs kicks out.

Zach Davis: These two came into WCF at the same time, and have been rivals ever since.

Upset, Mike picks Jason up and whips him into a corner, rather roughly. Mike charges Briggs, but he's able to elbow Mike in the face just in time. Mike staggers back as Briggs climbs the top turnbuckle. Once Mike regains himself, Briggs leaps off and connects with a cross body. Briggs hooks Mike's leg for the pin, but unfortunately, Mike gets his shoulder up after two. Briggs stomps at Mike a few times before picking him up and connecting with a snap suplex. Briggs turns Mike over and goes right into an STF, but Mike reaches out for the bottom rope...he grabs it! The ref counts to three before Briggs lets go of the move. Briggs picks Mike up again and whips him into the ropes, expecting to nail a hip toss. Instead, Mike stops in front of the bent over Briggs and thinks for a second. He runs to the ropes left of him...Scissor Kick to Briggs! Mike looks for a pin, but Briggs kicks out after a two count.

Luscious Jackson: Almost had 'em.

Mike leaves Briggs where he is and runs to the ropes. He bounces off the middle rope, but before he can get any air, Anderson grabs Mike's legs! Mike falls right onto his back and yelps out in shear pain! Sasha axe handles Anderson in the back and slams his head into the barricade. Anderson looks unfazed by this, and gives a menacing look to Sasha. Fearing for herself, Sasha runs up the ramp to backstage, with Anderson following behind her. Mike uses the ropes to pick himself back up, but as he finally gets on his feet, Briggs meets him with a slap to the chest ("WOOO!"), and follows up with a Russian Leg Sweep. Briggs grabs Mike's leg and twists it into an ankel lock, but Mike is able to crawl to the closest ropes and grabs them. Briggs lets go as the ref counts to two. Briggs picks Mike up and onto his shoulder for a body slam, but Mike slides out to behind Briggs. Mike grabs Brigg's right arm and twists it into a hammerlock. Briggs struggles to elbow Mike with his free arm, but Mike is able to put it in a Half Nelson.

Zach Davis: Well that's something new.

Shannan Lerch: I've heard Mike calls that his Shock to the System. Supposedly it's a very effective submission move.

Effective it seems indeed, as Briggs is unable to move his arms. He walks around the ring to struggle free, but Mike has it in pretty tightly. Briggs gets enough energy to run to the rignposts, dropkick into it, and falls on top of Mike. Mike lets go as he grabs his lower back while Briggs lies on the canvas as he gets the feeling back in his arms. The ref begins the ten count as the fans cheer them on to stand up. Mike gets up first as the ref gets to four, and Briggs gets up at six. Both competitors run towards each other, Mike ducking a clothesline from Briggs. As they turn towards one another, Mike hits first with an ENZIGURI! Mike runs to the ropes and leaps off with a Lionsault! Mike pins Briggs, but olny gets a two count. Mike picks Briggs up and whips him into a corner. Mike charges him and hits a high knee to the face. Briggs stumbles out of the corner, and Mike bounces off the ropes...Running bulldog! Mike goes to pin again, but Briggs kicks out before the ref can count to three. Mike decides it's time to end the match and climbs to the top rope for the High Voltage...

Luscious Jackson: Aw shit, look who it is!

Yup, Mr. Anderson comes out and shoves a foot off the turnbuckles, groining him! Mike falls to the canvas as the ref tries to regain order, yelling at Anderson. Briggs takes advantage of this by kicking at Mike several times. Briggs picks Mike up and whips him into a corner. Mike rolls into it so that he's sitting on the top turnbuckle with his back to the ring. Briggs squeezes in and grabs Mike, and looks for the Lights Out Bomb...NO! Mike counters before he can sit into the powerbomb and hurracanranas Briggs halfway across the ring!Anderson tries to get in the ring, but Sasha Pehl comes out from the audience and groins him! Anderson collapses to the floor, cringing in a fetal position. While the ref checks on Mike, Sasha grabs Briggs' legs, and pulls him towards the ringpost, groining him! Mike gets up and lifts Briggs onto his shoulders. Mike spins Briggs around for the Ragnalrok...No! Briggs is able to counter into a hurracanrana! Briggs grabs both of Mike's legs for a pin! 1! 2!...No! Mike is able to kick out!

Shannan Lerch: Lucky break for Ragnal right there. If he didn't kick out of that, I would have lost all respect for him!

Zach Davis: That explains your dislike towards Kevin Nash.

Briggs looks to be a little upset over this, and decides to go for the Lights Out. He picks Mike up and sets him up on the turnbuckle...Mike punches Briggs in the face, then shoves him off to the outside. While he's laying out on the floor, Sasha gives him a good slap across the face. Mike, meanwhile, gets off the turnbuckle and onto the apron behind Briggs. As Briggs gets to his feet, Mike runs across and leaps off...Running enziguri! Briggs is now out on the floor, and Mike is quick to get to his feet. Mike yells for Sasha to get onto the apron, and Sasha nods, doing so in the process. Mike grabs Briggs by the head and slams it into the gaurdrail, then picks him up high over his head into a gorilla press position...dropping him hard on the gaurdrail! Ragnal signals for Sasha to do her thing. She leaps off the apron...guillotine legdrop! As Briggs falls to the ground, Sasha and Mike both grab him and toss him back into the ring. Mike gets onto the apron, leaps off the ropes...Springboard Frogsplash! Mike goes for the pin! 1! 2! 3...not even CLOSE! Mike tries for it again. 1! 2! NO! Briggs kicks out. Mike tries again...1! 2!...NO! Briggs gets his shoulder up! Mike gets pissed to the point he slams his palms down hard into the ring. Mike looks to the cornerpost and sees his last option.

Luscious Jackson: He's gonna go for the High Voltage, I bet.

Mike climbs to the top, then flies off with the High Voltage!... but Briggs rolls away!

Shannan Lerch: Almost got him!

Now Briggs is ready to end the match. He grabs Ragnal and goes to Powerbomb him, but no, Ragnal flips behind him, spins him around... picks him up into the Torture Rack position... and hits the Ragnalrock out of nowhere!

Zach Davis: NICE! This is it!

Pin time.




Luscious Jackson: Mike Ragnal scores the win!

The bell rings. Ragnal stands up and the ref raises his hand in the air.

Shannan Lerch: Mike Ragnal has won his first rivalry in WCF... is it a sign of things to come?

Mike slides out from under the ropes and heads to the back.

Modern Cutting Edge Division Showcase
Creeping Death vs Dehart

Zach Davis: Now time for our MCE match of the night. Me and Shannan are off commentary, but Nate Nytro is in.

"Deserver" by Index Case hits the PA system, and Dehart comes out from the backstage area to cheers. The crowd cheers as he reaches the ring and slides in.

Nate Nytro: Welcome, fans, to the MCE. The action speaks for itself, so I won't have a lot to say.

The lights slowly fade to black. Bells toll as the screen shows shots of a big wooden cross wrapped in barbed wire. It's a sunny day as the "happy" opening to "The Light That Blinds" by Shadows Fall plays.The crowd goes along with the sounds. "Doo-da-doo dooing" along with it. As the song gets darker and darker, the sunny day turns to night. Black clouds roll in and rain begins falling on the cross. Lightning crashes about. As the lightning crashes, white lights in the arena flash. When the song kicks up, thirty four seconds in, the entire crowd begins headbanging in unison and throwing the horns in the air as the lights come on just a tad, giving light to the dark. Standing on the stage is Creeping Death, wearing a black hoodie with the hood up, arms stretched out in a crucifix fashion. CD stands there for a second or thirty, until the vocals start, taking in the crowd's reaction. Then he slowly makes his way down the ramp, looking out into the audience. As he reaches the ring, he slides in under the bottom rope, and pops to his feet. CD walks over to a turnbuckle, jumps to the middle rope facing in the ring, does the crucifix pose once again, takes the hoodie off, and then takes a seat on the top turnbuckle, awaiting the match to begin.

Nate Nytro: CD's the one that started this whole thing, you have to think he has the advantage.

CD drops off the turnbuckle and the two men shake hands in the middle of the ring. Then they lock up, Dehart getting the advantage with a headlock. CD shoots Dehart off into the ropes, and catches him in a sleeper, but Dehart transitions to CD's side, relieving any kind of pressue and forcing CD to go into a headlock. Dehart shoots CD off into the ropes, and CD jumps over the top to the apron. Dehart rushes, but CD hits a forearm to the head, staggering Dehart. CD springboards off the top looking for a dropkick, but it met with a sidestep hook kick to the jaw! Dehart hits a quick backflip splash into a pin.




Nate Nytro: It isn't that easy to beat any of these competitors.

Dehart quickly grabs CD's arm in an armbar as he was kicking out. CD struggles to his knees, but when he's there, he has enough leverage to spin to a backslide, which Dehart rolls through and gets hit with a giant Gore like spear by CD. Creeping Death runs at the corner, right foot to the middle rope, launching himself up to the other top rope and coming off with a 180 spin elbow drop ... that misses! Dehart rolled out of the way. CD bounces off the mat, and Dehart is there to lift him into a Death Valley Driver, spiking CD on his head. CD sits up from the impact and eats a quick kick to the face, and another backflip splash, but CD puts his knees up. Dehart catches CD's knees as he lands on his feet, and rolls CD over into a Boston crab. Dehart puts CD's legs down and grapevines them around his own, then bends back and locks on a chinlock. Dehart has CD in the Muta Lock in the middle of the ring! To add injury, Dehart rolls over to his stomach and onto his knees, suspending CD in the air.

Nate Nytro: Now THIS looks painful.

CD doesn't give up, but he does fight out with elbows to the ribcage. Dehart is on the attack quickly, launching CD into the turnbuckle. Dehart runs in and flips over, driving the heel of his right boot into CD's face, then gets back up and begins raining down punches from the middle rope. CD blocks one and jumps, delivering the top of his skull to Dehart's face, knocking him loopy. CD climbs up between Dehart's legs and sits on the top rope. CD grabs Dehart in a DDT, stands up on the top, and Tornados himself into the ring, pulling Dehart off the middle rope in a DDT! CD with the pin...




Nate Nytro: Another nearfall!

Dehart gets up just in time. CD rolls out of the ring and looks under it, pulling out a 12 foot ladder. He places it on the apron, and like every other person that has ever done that ... ever, Dehart dropkicks the ladder, sending CD over the guard railing. Dehart takes the ladder, sets it up so it is at a 45 degree angle on the top rope, and runs to the other ropes. After bouncing off, Dehart runs up the ladder and launches himself into the crowd in a Tope Con Hilo, landing perfectly on CD. The crowd marks out huge for this, as they get to take an MCE Divison wrestler home! Not really, but CD and Dehart are literally in their laps. The two men struggle to their feet, and begin swinging at eachother in the crowd. Dehart ducks one of CD's punches, and gives him a German Suplex, turning CD inside out and landing stomach first on the guard rail! Dehart then jumps off a chair and double stomps the back of CD's head, slingshotting his body around back into the crowd. Dehart picks CD up off the ground and throws him over the rail, back into the ring area. Dehart jumps over the rail with a leg drop to CD's stomach. CD rolls over in pain. Dehart slides into the ring and sets up the ladder in the corner while CD rolls into the ring. Dehart stomps CD a few times and then takes the ladder and places it on the middle rope in the corner, you know how it is, makes an A, the ladder being the middle and the ropes being the outside.

Nate Nytro: A ladder is a deadly weapon in the hands of either of these two men.

Dehart takes CD and lays him on the ladder, before going up to the top rope. Dehart flies off with a Swanton Bomb, crushing CD on the ladder! Dehart with the pin..



kickout! CD gets up in time. Dehart is flabbergasted, as is the crowd. They thought he had it.

Nate Nytro: How'd he kick out?!

Dehart takes the ladder and lays it on CD, before once again scaling the ropes. Dehart comes off with another Swanton and meets just the ladder! CD with a quick pin!



KICKOUT! Amazing. The crowd is going nuts-o.

Nate Nytro: Ahh, this is fantastic.

CD uses the ropes to get to his feet, and puts the ladder in the corner, the top of it on the middle turnbuckle. CD picks Dehart up and drags him to the opposite corner. CD lifts Dehart in a powerbomb, and runs toward the ladder, but Dehart reverses into a hurricanrana, sending CD flipping into the ladder! Dehart takes the chance to springboard off the middle rope in a Lionsault and crush CD who is still upside down on the proped up ladder! Dehart turns CD around so his head is toward the turnbuckle, and drags him towards it. Dehart climbs up to the top rope while standing CD on the ladder. Dehart grabs CD, and flies off the top rope with CD's own Eulogy of the Dead flip piledriver, landing on the angled ladder and spiking CD on it! CD flops to the gound and Dehart falls on him.




Dehart beats Creeping Death in the first ever one on one MCE Match!

Nate Nytro: What an upset. Back to Zach Davis and Shannan Lerch.

Dehart heads to the back.

Alliance of Violence Segment

Backstage area as Davey Boone is seen standing in front of the camera as Carter is off to the side.

“Sweet” Willy Carter: Alright Dave, our very own personal interviewer is ready to debut!

Davey Boone: Alright, send him over then.

“Sweet” Willy Carter: That’s just it...he’s standing right beside you.

Davey Boone: *looks left and looks right* I don’t see him anywhere!

Just then Boone looks down to see a midget that’s wearing a kippah on his head like the Jewish men wear as Boone’s eyes get huge as you can hear the crowd laughing.

Midget: Alright, I’m here with...what’s his name again? Oh yeah, Travey Doom...

Davey Boone: That’s Davey Boone..and what the hell is your name?

Midget: Levi Yannis for your information!

Davey Boone: Sorry, but don’t you ever SHORT CHANGE me again, okay?

Levi Yannis gives Boone a strange look for his “short” comment he made, but for some reason Boone doesn’t catch it himself.

Levi Yannis: Tonight, you and the Alliance of Violence defend our titles against 3 tag teams. What are your thoughts on this?

Davey Boone: Tonight will be nothing SHORT of history in the making! Adam and I give all the credit in the world to these other 3 teams for being here, but the facts are these teams have a very SLIM chance to win tonight against us. Because the winner tonight will have to be the team who works great together as a team and do all the SMALL things, that team has been and always will be the AoV!

Levi Yannis “The Midget” is disgusted with the continuous bashing of him being a midget and kicks Boone in the shins! Boone clutches his shins as Knite comes into the picture as Boone is about to smack Levi.

Adam Knite: Hey wait a minute goob! Why are you hitting Levi for? You obviously have something against him or he wouldn’t be upset. Come on Yannis, what’s wrong?

Levi Yannis: Boone here keeps referring to....

Davey Boone: Crap! I’m so sorry man...I didn’t mean to make any Jewish comments! I’ve got nothing against the Jews...although they did stone Christ till death did him part...

Adam Knite: YOU IDIOT! The Jews didn’t stone Jesus Christ, it was the Catholics!

“Sweet” Willy Carter: Hey man, don’t you be saying anything about us Catholics! It was Ash Wednesday by the way, and I’ve given up a few things for Leant.

Davey Boone: What the hell? You aren’t Catholic you black bastard! And I’m not giving you anything for your lent!

Digs lent out of his belly button and flicks it off to the side.

Adam Knite: Geezus Boone, I swear you are the biggest piece of crap I know! Were you dropped on your head as a child? Did your mother smoke crack before you were born or did she shoot up some of the good shit? Hell, you are RETARDED!

Levi Yannis: You are all 3 stupid! You have been making references of me being SMALL!

Davey Boone: What? I don’t care what you have in your pants...damn it, this interview thing isn’t working out very well! I don’t think you have what it takes to be a part of the AoV!

Adam Knite: Carter, take this small fry out of here. He will only corrupt us with is Mormon ways!

“Sweet” Willy Carter: HE’S JEWISH!

Adam Knite: Same thing...get him outta here!

Levi Yannis: I hope Team Xtreme wipes the map with you 2 idiots tonight! Especially The Xtreme One when he makes his return and puts AoV where they belong!

Adam Knite: The Xtreme One? I thought he retired years ago, he’s not coming back is he Boone?

Davey Boone: No, just rumors man...just rumors.

Adam Knite: I think it is a little sad though....The Violent One comes up on the SHORT END OF THE STICK and is placed into a tag team match without a tag team partner. I guess that’s how it goes sometimes.

Levi Yannis “The Midget” comes back into the picture and kicks Knite in the shins as well for his “short comment”.

Adam Knite: YOU LITTLE BASTARD! Carter, get him out of here right now or you’ll be picking cotton tonight!

“Sweet” Willy Carter: Yessir masta Knite....*mumbles* idiot.....

The scene fades out as the cameras show Boone and Knite each wearing a tag team title belt!

People's Title Match
Outcast vs Chris Avery

"God of Thunder" hits and Outcast walks out. He points to his NCW shirt halfway down the ring. He slides into the ring and takes off his shirt, holding it up for everyone to see before putting it back on.

Baby Boy comes over the loud speakers and Chris Avery makes his way to the ramp. He takes in all of the cheers and applause and makes his way down the ramp. He slides into the ring and awaits the bell.

Luscious Jackson: People's Title is on da line!

Outcast and Avery tie up. Outcast uses his power to get the early advantage, pushing Avery into the corner. Outcast then starts unloading boots to Avery's gut and the crowd boos. Outcast backs up a bit, then runs and goes for the Sick Twist early on!

Zach Davis: He could have it right here!-

But no, Avery moves out of the way. Outcast hits the turnbuckle, and Avery rolls him up from behind.



No, Outcast escapes and is to his feet. Avery runs at him, Outcast ducks a Clothesline, Avery bounces off the ropes and charges back, Outcast hits a Big Boot right to his face! Avery goes down hard. Outcast then picks the People's Champ up, grabs him... and hits a Belly to Belly Suplex sending Avery right out of the ring! The crowd oooh's.

Shannan Lerch: Ouch! Avery thrown straight out!

Outcast rolls out and follows up by picking the Champ up and throwing him right into the ring steps, making a thud. Avery is holding his gut in pain as Outcast picks him up like a Fallaway Slam, then drops down and slams him on his knee, but still holding him. He takes a few steps, smashes Avery with the knee again. Few more steps, another smash. And finally, he hits the Fallaway Slam, but sends Avery flying into the ringpost! He again crashes to the ground.

Luscious Jackson: Looks like Outcast is havin' his way with the Champ here.

Outcast picks Avery up and rolls him into the ring. He makes a pin.



No! Avery gets the shoulder up.

Zach Davis: Avery still has some fight in him.

Outcast, unphased, picks Avery up again and then throws him to the ropes. He takes him down with a Drop Toehold, and then locks in the Mind Rager!

Shannan Lerch: Avery could submit right here!

Avery raises his hand, ready to submit... but fights it. He keeps fighting, his eyes obviously showing how much pain he's in, but refusing to give up. He slowly crawls to the ring ropes... crawling, crawling... makes one desperate grab... and barely gets the ropes! The ref starts counting for Outcast to break the hold. One, two, three, four... Outcast releases it. Outcast waits for Avery to get to his feet, and by the time he does he is limping a bit.

Luscious Jackson: Looks like Avery may have injured his legs a bit.

Outcast is ready to finish him off. He throws him again to the corner, and runs, and again goes for the Sick Twist... and hits it this time! He then quickly picks Avery up onto the turnbuckle, climbing up with him... and hits the Black Out! Outcast then goes for another pin!




Zach Davis: New People's Champion!

Outcast stands and is handed the belt. He raises it in the air to a chorus of boos, which he ignores. Avery slowly stands to his feet, and Outcast looks at him, a smile on his face...

Shannan Lerch: Get him, Outcast!

Luscious Jackson: Don't be a ho. The match is over, he got the belt, come on now.

Outcast runs and goes to hit Avery with the belt, but Avery ducks it and quickly hits the Blue Line Express! He then locks in the West Town Lock!

Zach Davis: Chris Avery has gone mad! And.. what's this? Security.....

A fan has jumped the rail and quickly got into the ring. He kicks Avery off of Outcast.

Shannan Lerch: I'm sorry about this fans, this isn't right.

Avery stands up, and the fan in the ring quickly hits him with a Pedigree after yelling "PULL THE PLUG!"

Luscious Jackson: The shit?!

Zach Davis: That's.. Hellz Angel's move, former WCF Champion and... former NCW Champion.

Outcast is up. The fan is saying something to him, but we can't hear or make out what it is. Finally, security enters the ring and begins taking the man away. Outcast simply grabs his People's Title and heads to the back.

Shannan Lerch: Great. So Outcast's whole "NCW" thing he has going has NCW fans jumping the guardrail on his behalf. What's next?

Luscious Jackson: Assuming that really was just a fan, anyway...

Danny Vice/Skyler Striker Segment

The scene goes backstage to Skyler Striker, who is walking through one of the many areas in the arena, hardcore title over his shoulder. As he gets to a certain point, however, a man walks past him and both men stop almost instantaneously. The man who walked past faces away from the camera, but Skyler knows who he is.

Skyler Striker: Hello, Danny.

The man turns around and the long trenchcoat and deep eyes reveal him to be, indeed, Danny Vice.

Danny Vice: Skyler.

Skyler Striker: I see you’re in a bit of a situation at the moment.

Danny Vice: A little.

Skyler Striker: Believe me, I went through it with Jade. I know you’ll fix the problem eventually.

Danny Vice: Seems like I’m not the only one who got themselves into a situation.

Skyler laughs at this to himself before replying.

Skyler Striker: A little.

Danny Vice: Well, I’ve had contact with Seth before. And I want to let you know that if anything funny goes down, know that I have your back.

Skyler Striker: Oh, really?

Danny Vice: Absolutely, see you around.

Danny walks off from the camera view and Skyler smiles to himself before leaving.

Zach Davis: Well, I guess they’ve got their own problems now.

Tag Titles Match
Lifeline vs The Red Devil Mafia vs The Violent One/??? vs The Alliance of Violence

Zach Davis: What a night we’ve had so far and I dare say this has been one of the greatest pay per views the WCF has had in ages! So much talent and so much cohesiveness in the history of wrestling today!

Luscious Jackson: Speaking of cohesiveness, that name fits perfectly with our next match being the 4 way tag team title match! The Alliance of Violence is by far the greatest tag team I’ve ever seen in a ring PERIOD! Nothing else like it and the tag team division will only get better as long as these 2 hold the tag titles.

The lights fade to black, Alice N Chains: Man In a Box begins to blare, red and white pyro shoots out from the entrance as The Violent One Emerges from the smoke. He makes his way to the ring very slowly making sure to smack the hands of the fans. He stops at the ring and flips up the ring apron and begins pulling out table after table and sets up a couple of them in opposite corners outside the ring at the corners. He then slides into the ring and looks towards the ramp awaiting his tag team partner.

Shannan Lerch: Are we going to see The Xtreme One return as the partner of The Violent One?

There is a long pause as TVO shakes his head in the ring and says something to the ring announcer.

Ring Announcer: T-V-O’s tag team partner was unable to make it to the match tonight and has chosen to enter into this match alone!

Zach Davis: That takes a lot of guts to go for the tag titles by yourself and I’m impressed with the courage of The Violent One and just hope he’s beyond any violence he’s ever had before!

Shannan Lerch: I’ve got news for him, he’s in more trouble than he can bother with if he doesn’t have a tag team partner.

"Riot" by Three Days Grace hits and green and white spotlights begin flashing and circling the stage area. White smoke begins pouring onto the entrance and it is impossible to see anything until Jayden and Dylan appear on stage. They hi-fove and Jayden sprints to the ring eagerly, sliding in and giving the Lifeline sign to the crowd while Dylan walks calmly up the stairs and into the ring. The two meet in the centre and both give a Crucifix pose and the Lifeline sign before going to the turnbuckles and posing again for the crowd.

Luscious Jackson: Seth Lerch has graciously allowed Lifeline another chance here in this match and given them the chance to become World Tag Team Champions!

"Headstrong" by Trapt hits as the lights in the arena die one by one before the lights turn blue and red as they whirl around the arena. Dudley Boyz pyro hits as Corral walks out along with Twizted. Corral gets into a Justin Credible pose as Twizted raises his arm in a Sabin pose and Bella just stnads there looking at her two men as pyro goes off. As all three of them walk down to the ring, Twizted hops onto the apron and does the Y2J pose as Corral slides into the ring and Bella stands at ringside. Both men pose on the turnbuckles as Twizted bends down, kisses his fists, and raises them high in the air before jumping down as Corral corkscrews off the ropes and lands perfectly. Both men then shed their entrance gear and wait for their last opponent to enter the ring. The crowd delivers a mixed reaction to the brand new tag team.

Zach Davis: Here we go! The WCF Tag Team Champions the Alliance of Violence!!!!

Rooster by Alice in Chains hits. The Alliance of Violence steps out from the back, composed of Davey Boone, Adam Knite, and their manager "Sweet" Willy Carter. The three men head to the ring together, the crowd cheering them on the whole time. They stop at the edge of the ramp way and hand their belts over to the announcers desk as they climb up onto the apron and slide into the ropes. All 4 teams go to different corners as TVO is standing in the ring first as Corral for Red Devil Mafia begins the match for them!

Shannan Lerch: The AoV doesn’t even have to enter into the ring and still lose the tag titles here tonight! This is going to be amazing!

Luscious Jackson: I don’t see any way that Davey Boone or Adam Knite are going to sit around and allow someone else to win their titles. This will indeed be a classic match that the WCF may not be accustomed to seeing!

TVO and Corral lock up arms as they joust for position. Still fighting, finally Corral has TVO in a headlock. TVO finds a way out of and reversed it and has Corral in a headlock! Corral is surprised at the wrestling ability of TVO as he begins to slam elbows into the face of TVO backing him up into the RDM’s own corner. He begins pounding on TVO in the corner and stomping away on him as the referee gets in the middle and pulls Corral back. Corral tags in his partner Twizted as he leaps over the ropes and slams his knee into the chest of TVO. He gives him another kick before lifting him back to his feet and swinging him into the far corner and goes to swing TVO across, TVO reverses and swings Twizted instead! He hits the corner hard and a blind tag was made by Dylan Ryder of Lifeline as he jumps into the ring and the referee demands Twizted to get out of the ring. Ryder sprints towards TVO who side steps him sending Ryder to the outside! TVO waits for Ryder to get back to his feet and as Ryder gets up, TVO flips himself out over the ropes and on top of Ryder! The crowd is going crazy at TVO’s guts being shown! RDM takes advantage of this and come around the side of the ring and attacks both TVO and Ryder as Jayden leaps off the apron on top of Corral! Knite and Boone feel the need to get involved as well as the referee has lost total control of the match from the get-go! TVO and Ryder somehow muster up enough strength to slide back into the ring but lay there as the referee is still trying to gain control of the match.

Luscious Jackson: Man, this match has ALREADY gotten out of hand!

Zach Davis: Alright, the competitors are heading back to their corners now as some of the chaos has been simmered down. TVO is the first back up to his feet as he continues his assault on Ryder.

TVO has Ryder and nails him with a reverse DDT and makes the cover!




Shannan Lerch: We almost had a new tag team champion and he doesn’t even have a partner!

TVO picks up Ryder and heads over to the corner of Boone and Knite as Knite is tagged in. TVO holds the arm of Ryder up for Knite, as Knite kicks Ryder in the side! Knite swings Ryder into the ropes and delivers a HUGE back body drop and attempts another cover!



Kick out by Ryder again! He’s giving it everything he’s got for these tag team titles! Knite picks Ryder back up and walks back over to their corner and tags in Davey Boone. Boone immediately kicks Ryder in the knee attempting to prepare him for the sharpshooter! He continues to work on the right leg of Ryder as Ryder is reaching out for Jayden but Boone is there to stop him from tagging! Boone swings Ryder into the far corner as Twizted makes the blind tag to Ryder without Boone seeing. Boone runs towards Ryder in a big splash attempt but Ryder moves just in time and rolls out of the ring! Boone walks backwards a little groggy as Twizted plants Boone down with a huge clothesline! Twizted makes the cover!

Luscious Jackson: Dis could be it!



Boone kicks out fairly easily at Matt continues the assault on one half of the tag team champions by hammering away with huge kicks to Boone’s body and ends it with a kick to the back of the head as Boone goes down. Matthew Clark holds up his arms in victory as the crowd begins to boo him as he tells them to shut up. Clark bends down as Boone grabs him in a school boy!


2.. Kick out before a 2 count!

Zach Davis: Lots of nearfalls tonight.

Boone is back up and is elbowed down! The crowd is trying to come to life to help Boone get back into the match. Clark looks to do something over in their own corner as he has his legs wrapped around Boone’s head and comes off in a hurricanrana attempt! Boone catches him..up and DOWN INTO A POWERBOMB! Boone is in obvious pain as he’s crawling over to AoV’s corner and Clark doesn’t know where he’s at and tags in TVO who hops over the rope as Boone is back to his feet and turns towards TVO as the crowd is now going nuts! They are going to lock up, TVO and Davey Boone! Two old friends from many years back are going to lock up here in the WCF!

Shannan Lerch: This is a huge deal to anyone who knows the history behind these men!

They lock up and TVO lands a knee to the gut of Boone and then begins to fill the face of Boone with several rapid forearms to his face as Boone attempts to cover up. TVO continues by delivering kicks to Boone’s face as he drops down into the corner as TVO finally backs off of Boone. He runs into the opposite corner and slams a huge knee into the side of the head of Boone who falls over to the side. TVO pulls Boone out into the middle of the ring and pins!





Luscious Jackson: I could swear we had new Champs!

TVO clamps on the Fujiwa Armbar as Boone is screaming in pain as the referee is asking him if he wants to give up as Adam Knite is stomping his foot on the side urging the crowd on as Boone is crawling over to the Red Mafia reaches out and tags Boone as Corral hops over the ropes and attacks TVO breaking the hold. Clark is in the ring with him and a stiff double team is done on TVO as Boone is recovering from his hurt arm. They swing TVO into the ropes and attempts a double clothesline but TVO ducks and runs through and comes off the opposite ropes and attempts a flying cross body on the 2 guys but RDM moves out of the way as TVO nails the referee. Corral is tagged in blindly by Adam Knite as TVO crawls over to Jayden and tags him in as Adam Knite and Jayden begin brawling it out in the middle of the ring as Ryder joins in and both are double teaming Adam Knite. The RDM has TVO in the opposite corner and are double teaming him as the match has gotten totally out of control as Adam Knite of AoV and Jayden Sarek are the 2 legal competitors of the match!

Zach Davis: IT IS OUT OF CONTROL!! We need another referee down here immediately!

Luscious Jackson: What a helluva match we’ve got here! Looks like the Red Devil Mafia is setting up The Violent One for The Oracle! Mike has TVO in the electric chair drop! Who is that coming through the crowd? This place as erupted into a frenzy!

Shannan Lerch: It can’t be him! The Xtreme One is here!

TXO jumps up on the ropes using amazing balance and sends a huge side kick into the face of Corral who was perched up on the top turnbuckle! Mike turns around but is speared by TXO as TVO hops off of him landing on his own feet! TVO and TXO grab Mike and swing him into the far ropes and double clothesline him over the top rope as they finally turn back around to help Lifeline off of Adam Knite. They begin double teaming Ryder as TXO points towards TVO and then points towards the tables as the crowd is in a frenzy! TVO beats on his chest and points towards the sky as TVO picks up Ryder into a version of the Awesome Bomb! He runs towards the corner where there is a table set up...and RUNNING AWESOME BOMBS RYDER THROUGH THE TABLE ON THE OUTSIDE!!!!! The crowd is chanting W-C-F W-C-F W-C-F over and over again! As TVO and TXO high five each other as Clark and Corral both slide slowly back into the ring as Team Xtreme fend off the 2 competitors. TVO kicks Corral back outside the ring as TXO comes off the ropes and delivers a baseball slide into the face of Clark as Clark nails the railing and clutches his side in pain. TVO looks towards the crowd and TXO again and comes off the ropes and SUICIDE DIVES OVER THE TOP ROPE ONTO CORRAL! TVO and Corral are laying out cold on the outside of the ring as TXO turns around and is met by a huge clothesline by Davey Boone! Boone begins throwing forearms into his old friend TXO and swings him back into the ropes and lands a huge power slam to The Xtreme One! Boone then begins to beat on his chest and points towards the crowd as he walks over to the turnbuckle and climbs up with TXO still at his side. He lifts TXO up into another version of the Awesome Bomb except he comes off and BOONE’S DAY DEVICE TXO THROUGH THE OTHER TABLE!!! BOTH MEN ARE OUT COLD OUTSIDE THROUGH THE TABLE!!! OH MY GAWD!!!

Zach Davis: We need another referee out here right now!

Luscious Jackson: Both Davey Boone and The Violence One paid tribute to the King of Hardcore himself, the late Mike Awesome! That’s just sick but everything that the WCF represents!

Adam Knite and Jayden are back to their feet as Jayden turns towards Adam Knite..KNITES OF THE ROUND!!! Adam makes the cover but there is no referee in sight! TVO, Ryder, RDM, TXO, and Boone are all out on the outside! Adam has the pin and definitely has him down for the 3 count but the referee is still out! Here comes a referee and makes the count!




Adam Knite is furious and grabs the referee by the shirt! He lets go as the ref gives him a warning and grabs the leg of Ryder and clamps down A RESTLESS KNITE! Ryder is yearning in pain as he attempts to crawl over to the ropes and is inches away from the ropes as Adam pulls him back out into the middle of the ring! Ryder is wanting to tap out!! He’s wanting to give up!

Shannan Lerch: Can he resist-

No, Ryder taps out.

Zach Davis: The Alliance of Violence retain the Tag Team Titles!

The bell rings. Boone slowly slides into the ring, and the ref hands them the Tag Team Titles, which they raise into the air.

Luscious Jackson: But what's the story between the Alliance of Violence, The Xtreme One and The Violent One?!

Shannan Lerch: I think we'll find out sooner rather than later.

The Alliance of Violence heads to the back, Tag Titles in their possession.

Hardcore Title Match
Seth Lerch vs Skyler Striker

Shannan Lerch: All right, now let’s get down to some hardcore action!

Zach Davis: G-rated, Shannan. G-rated. Watch the sex talk. Wait until you get home.

Luscious Jackson: Iced.

Ring Announcer: This match is for the WCF Hardcore Championship! Introducing first, he is the owner of the WCF... SETH LERCH!!

Master of Puppets by Metallica hits, and Seth walks out. He walks to the ring, slapping a few hands, and rolls in. He headbangs a bit to the music once he's in the ring.

Shannan Lerch: He’s got no backup this time... sometimes I worry about Seth.

Luscious Jackson: Yeah, the other half of the time you’re laughing at the fool.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, the WCF Hardcore Champion... SKYLER STRRRIIIIIIIKER!!!

A bell rings and the arena lights shut off completely except for a dark blue light that covers the entrance. Another bell replaces it with the same ring. This too fades until a guitar powers out over the P.A., and the bell rings a third time as the introduction to Metallica’s “For Whom The Bell Tolls” plays. The haunting sounds continue as more blue lights come and go around the arena. The preceding lyricless verse and chorus play, instead the song leads straight into the first verse with words. A shadowy figure emerges at the entranceway, completely black in the dark blue light. A flash of light reveals Skyler Striker, dressed in an unbuttoned black shirt and his torn maroon pants, Hardcore Title around his waist. He steps out onto the entrance stage and stands completely still for a moment. He begins his walk to the ring as the lone light follows him down, the arena still black. Skyler slides into the ring and stops in the middle, throwing off his shirt and spreads his arms in a crucifix pose as the lights come up with red pyro exploding from the turnbuckles. Skyler walks to the turnbuckle and does another crucifix, looking down at Seth on the outside and staring viciously at him. Skyler raises the title in the air and Seth rolls his shoulders.

Zach Davis: Skyler has held his title the longest of the five champions at the current time... and Seth has never held gold this side of Version 6.

Shannan Lerch: No problemo. He’ll knock Skyler out like he did last week and take that gold off him straight away.

The bell rings and Skyler, still holding the title, grabs the top rope and pulls it down, swinging himself over the top and straight onto Seth, nailing him with the title belt!

Luscious Jackson: He ain’t waistin’ time now!

Zach Davis: Always innovative, but he had to be to become champion, I guess.

Shannan Lerch: Seth’s not without brains either... just a little slow on the reflexes.

Skyler picks Seth up and slams his head against the steel stairs, and Seth collapses to his knees, looking up at Skyler and begging him not to attack. Skyler hesitates and Seth uses the few seconds rest to wrap a pair of brass knuckles around his fist and he hammers Skyler in the forehead with them. Skyler twists sideways from the blow and falls to the floor, and blood begins dripping from his forehead.

Zach Davis: Busted open already! That’s a nasty shot and a half!

Luscious Jackson: He hid them in his pocket. That’s one smart boudle.

Shannan Lerch: That’s Logan’s word. Don’t say it again ever.

Seth grins and gets to his feet, grabbing a chair from the ringside crew next to him. He jumps into the ring and sets it up straight in the middle before rolling back to the outside and throwing Skyler in. Skyler gets to one knee and Seth sits him down on the chair, and delirious, Skyler stays there as Seth hits the ropes and hits a superkick straight to his face! Skyler and the chair fall backwards and blood begins pouring down Skyler’s forehead. Seth covers Skyler for the first pin of the match and the ref counts, 1..2..no, Skyler kicks out. Seth picks Skyler up and hits him in the forehead again before grabbing him in a side headlock and rubbing his forearm into Skyler’s wound.

Luscious Jackson: Seth knows ring psychology? In a hardcore match?

Zach Davis: We’re all shocked down here.

Skyler, however, manages to regain some control and jumps backwards, hitting the top rope with his feet making him horizontal, and jumping OVER Seth to hit a neckbreaker on him – on the chair that was lying in the ring from Seth’s earlier superkick!

Shannan Lerch: Snap!

Skyler covers Seth, 1..2..no, Seth kicks out barely. Skyler shrugs and grabs the chair, going to Seth’s leg and hammering it with the chair.

Zach Davis: Ooohh...

And another shot to the leg.

Luscious Jackson: Ouch!

And a third before Skyler drops the chair.

Shannan Lerch: Nasty.

Skyler covers Seth, 1..2..no, Seth still manages to get a shoulder up. Skyler picks him up and puts Seth’s head down, hooking his arms in pedigree fashion and lifting Seth, holding him upside down and letting the blood drain to his head. Skyler then drapes Seth on the ropes, hanging him half and half. Seth finally gets to his feet on the apron but looks up to see Skyler diving through the ropes right in front of him to spear him! The pair crash to the floor below and the crowd let out a collective ‘ooooh’. Skyler gets to his feet first and lifts up Seth, leaning him against the table and pulling a monitor off it, taking a step back and simply THROWING the monitor into Seth’s head. Seth now starts bleeding from a cut just above the eye. Simply to rub it in, Skyler kicks Seth in the shin before pushing him backwards onto the announce table. Shannan, Zach and Luscious move out of the way.

Shannan Lerch: Oh, come on... we have to pay for these announce tables!

Zach Davis: No we don’t. Seth does.

Shannan Lerch: What? He’s been taking my salary to pay for these stupid collapsible announce tables?! Go, Striker! Nail him!

Skyler heads back into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle, yelling to the crowd before jumping and hitting the Skyler High Dive! Seth, however, has left the table and watches Skyler hit the table by himself – but it doesn’t collapse! The table stays up and Seth grabs a microphone from ringside.

Seth Lerch: I knew you’d try it! I knew it! Look under the table – a solid wooden block, built to stop these tables from collapsing! Enjoy that, you high-flying moron!

Seth then takes the microphone and begins hammering it against the scar on Skyler’s left leg. Skyler yells in pain, still clutching his back on the table. The scar breaks open and starts bleeding as well as Skyler’s forehead, and Seth grins, throwing the mic to the floor and pulling Skyler off the table. Seth throws Skyler into the ring and covers him, 1..2..3NO! Skyler kicks out!

Shannan Lerch: Well, there’s Seth using his underhanded tricks. Still can’t keep Skyler down for three, though.

Luscious Jackson: Smart idea to put something under the table, though. Taking advantage of Skyler’s flyin’ skills.

Seth sits up and cannot believe it. He stands and goes to the ref, telling him to ‘count correctly to three or go home without pay or a job’. As he does, however, there is a small disturbance in the crowd and a small figure – very small – moves through to the barricade, jumps over, wearing a set of jeans and a pink shirt with ‘Striker’ written on it. Their cap covers their facial features but the person has a chair in hand and they slide into the ring (although with difficulty, being only about as tall as from the floor to the ring canvas), coming up behind Seth and driving the chair horizontally into the joint in Seth’s leg.

Zach Davis: Who is that?

Shannan Lerch: Can’t you tell?

The figure smashes Seth in the leg again with the chair before sliding out of the ring and diving under the announce table, removing the wooden block and holding it high before sliding it into the ring to Skyler! The figure takes off their cap to reveal...

Zach Davis: Holy crap!

Luscious Jackson: She can’t do that! She’s only eight years old!

Jade Striker is standing there, confidently smiling and giving the thumbs up to her father, who is regaining balance and wit. Skyler manages to get a glimpse of his leg, on which the scar is now busted open on. Skyler yells out in a fit of rage and the his eyes get a maniacal look in them.

Shannan Lerch: Oh no...

Zach Davis: Striker has motivation now, if he didn’t before. That scar represents the life he put behind him as the fury crusader – a tribute to Danny Vice and Jack of Blades.

Skyler grabs the wooden block and picks it up laying it on Seth’s leg before going to the top turnbuckle and simply stepping on it as he comes down. Seth yells in pain and Skyler throws the block away, baseball sliding Seth out of the ring and putting him on the announce table again! Jade sits on Seth, who is now extremely disoriented, and she jumps off the table as her father jumps through the air, this time hitting the Skyler High Dive and collapsing the table!

Zach Davis: Skyler High Dive through the table! Seth must be out cold now!

Shannan Lerch: He’s still moving...

Jade steps on Seth’s leg but Seth, somehow getting a bit of control, ignores her father and grabs her by the hair, and Jade screams in pain. Skyler, however, recovers as well and slowly, grabs Seth from behind. Seth drops Jade, who runs to the entrance ramp and stays about halfway up. Skyler jumps up to the barricade and lifts Seth to it as well, grabbing him by the arm and neck and jumping backwards to hit the Final Revelation through the Mexican announce table!

Luscious Jackson: Looks like Seth was too cheap to put a block of wood under the Mexican table. Word.

Zach Davis: Word? WTF?

Shannan Lerch: Did you just use chatspeak? Oh my God.

The crowd now begin chanting ‘Holy Shit! Holy Shit!’ as Skyler slowly, slowly gets to his knees. Seth is absolutely out of it and Skyler is also very dazed, still losing blood from his forehead and leg. Skyler crawls to both knees and drags Seth to the ring apron, slowly lifting him up and into the ring. Skyler crawls in and hooks the leg, 1..2..3!

Zach Davis: It’s over!

Shannan Lerch: No it’s not! SETH KICKS OUT!!

Seth has kicked out right before the three, and the ref disallows the pin. Skyler cannot believe it and Jade also comes to the apron, arguing. The ref tells Jade to go away and Skyler, who is on his knees, collapses as Seth low-blows him from behind! Seth drapes an arm across Skyler, 1..2..3!


Zach Davis: NO! LOOK!

Skyler has kicked out and the ref AGAIN! is forced to disallow the pin!

Shannan Lerch: Skyler just will not give up, and neither will my brother! This is insane!

Skyler crawls to the rope and Seth also crawls away. Skyler stands, and in a burst of adrenaline, grabs Seth and lifts him, nailing a spinning sitout double underhook facebuster right in the middle of the ring! Skyler covers, 1..2..3NO! Seth gets a shoulder up AGAIN!

Zach Davis: This is crazy. Seth has never been able to stand up to all this pain.

Skyler turns Seth over so he is face down, and grabs Seth’s legs through the first and second ropes, pulling them through so he has the Lockdown hooked in and so Seth has nowhere to go!

Luscious Jackson: It’s got to be over! There’s no rope breaks in a hardcore match!

Seth raises a hand...

Zach Davis: Tap, Seth! Tap!

Shannan Lerch: Don’t do it, Seth! Keep holding on!

Seth holds his hand in midair, shaking. Skyler yells out viciously and pulls as hard as he can, driving the ropes into the joints of Seth’s knees. Seth raises a hand... and... HE TAPS!!!

Zach Davis: It’s over!

Shannan Lerch: Damnit..

Luscious Jackson: Striker escapes that one narrowly, y’all.

The bell rings and Skyler lets go of the hold. Seth lies on the mat, in tremendous pain, and Skyler is pulled to his feet by the referee. The ref gives Skyler the title belt and Skyler holds it high as ‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’ hits again. Jade slides into the ring and Skyler lifts her onto one shoulder, and Jade holds the Hardcore Title, pointing to her father as the crowd cheer wildly.

Ring Announcer: HERE is your winner and STILL WCF HARDCORE CHAMPION – SKYLER STRIKER!!!!

Zach Davis: Well, Seth said Striker wasn’t main event material, but we have WCF War coming soon, and Striker is in top form.

Skyler slides out if the ring and he and Jade pose at the entrance, Jade poking her tongue at Seth and Skyler smiling confidently.

"If Carter Touches The Ladder In Any Manner, He Will Automatically Lose The Match" Ladder Match
Jesper Reisert vs "Sweet" Willy Carter

Shannan Lerch: Time for what is probably going to be the strangest match on our card, Jesper Reisert Vs. ‘Sweet’ Willy Carter in a ‘If Carter Touches The Ladder In Any Manner, He Will Automatically Lose The Match’ Ladder Match.

Zach Davis: Yes, that’s right. If Carter touches a ladder in any way whether it be to climb up it or hit Jesper with it, he will be disqualified. Jesper, on the other hand, has free use of it. And of course, the loser of the match will be forced to have their rear spanked by the victor. In a manly heterosexual way though.

Luscious Jackson: Big respec’ for both of these guys.

Before the match and those partaking within it can be properly introduced, “Living Dead Girl” by Rob Zombie hits. At the top of the ramp is Dysphoria who promptly moves down the ramp, checking the erect ladder that has been set-up in preparation of the match. She then moves to the announce table where Zach does the obligatory move of standing up and raising his hand which is unnecessarily and heelishly retracted by a cold cut-down. Shannan, not particularly knowing or caring how to react to another female’s presence, just ignores her as she rests a headset on her pretty crown and seats herself next to Davis.

Zach Davis: It appears as if we’re going to be joined by Jack of Blades um...what would you call yourself?

Dysphoria: Concubine.

Zach Davis: Blades’ concubine then who is obviously out here to root for Jesper? Correct?

Dysphoria: I was told to come watch this so I can check Jesper is dead when he climbs that ladder and restarts his legendary feud with gravity.

Shannan Lerch: I’ve heard that you’re pretty good at defying gravity, Dysphoria?

Zach Davis: What’s that supposed to mean?

Shannan Lerch: I don’t know. I just wanted to imply she was of considerable sexual promiscuity.

‘Voodoo Child’ by ‘Jimi Hendrix’ plays in an excited ‘Sweet’ Willy Carter who seems to be robed in a similar fashion to that off a champion boxer. Although he is still bandaged from last week, he seems in high-spirits especially with the knowledge that a professional entourage is accompanying him to the ring. Nowhere in sight, however, are the ‘Alliance of Violence’ perhaps leaving Carter to his own interests.

Dysphoria: Now, this, ‘Sweet’ Willy Carter’ figure, I don’t know much about but what I do know is that Jesper has been on a rigorous course of exercises and diet this week.

Luscious Jackson: Excessive masturbation and gnawing at the furniture?

Before Dysphoria can respond, ‘Cell Block Tango’ by the performers of Chicago’ begins to play in one Jesper Reisert. After a few moments of ‘He Had It Comin’ being forced from sonorous vocal chords of two-tone actresses, there is still no appearance from the ‘potato philanderer.’ However, what can be heard is the epic revving of what appears to be a road-unworthy motor. After the purring of the hydraulics become greater, the source reveals itself. Out from the curtain and dragging it with it, is Jesper in a behemoth of a vehicle. Boasting two wheels, with spindles protruding from the expensive alloys on each side, Jesper’s vehicle roars its way down the ramp leaving a very considerable carbon emission on which the stagehands can choke.

Luscious Jackson: Wha’ sorta low-rida is that?

Zach Davis: Is that the wheelchair that he staked a claim on this week, Dysphoria?

Dysphoria: It is. As you can see, he has made numerous modifications to its original schematics. It now has twelve-barrel exhaust and runs entirely on ‘sexual thought.’

Jesper soon crashes his ride into the ring which in turns forces Carter to topple over. Happy with the momentum his appearance has garnered, Jesper unhooks himself from the driving position and goes into the ring. Carter picks himself up and goes to meet Jesper but any conflict is stopped by the referee before the bell can sound. As the announcer describes the obscure stipulations of this match, Dysphoria, Davis, Jackson and Shannan all converse between themselves.

Zach Davis: So do you know Jesper’s plan to get the win in this match, Dysphoria?

Dysphoria: He’s going for pure ring awareness.

Luscious Jackson: This the same guy who is right now tangled in the ropes?

The camera moves over to the operative side of the ring where Jesper is completely trapped in the ropes without any effort from another party. The referee manages to prize him from the ropes and calls for the bell. Motivated by the newly awarded legitimacy of the match, Jesper and Carter tentatively approach the other trying to emit a degree of aggression in their movements. What they do end up doing is repeatedly pushing each other in the pectoral region.

Shannan Lerch: Well, this is worth the hype.

Dysphoria: They’re just testing each other’s composition.

Soon, the match becomes even more heated as the pair engage in flapping their arms against the others to avoid being slapped anywhere else. After appearing to look like two ducks stuck in glue, the pair separate and give over breathing room. However as Jesper recuperates, Carter runs at him and throws him over with an Arm Drag. The crowd cheer at the first glint of any offence. Jesper looks slightly surprised that Carter was able to impose control of the match and starts blaming the referee.

Dysphoria: Jesper, showing how technically capable he is with that very unique maneuvre.

Zach Davis: He’s rolled himself into a ball in the corner and is rocking with fear.

The cameras return to the ring where a huddled Jesper is using the ‘hedgehog’ position to absorb the raining blows of a confident and determined Carter.

Dysphoria: He’s just playing possum.

Zach Davis: I think to play possum you have to consciously allow yourself to be ravished before biding your time and taking advantage of an arrogant enemy or flanking them. Not pleading with the referee to end the match.

We return to the ring where Jesper is being whipped against the ropes only to be met with the nimble calf of ‘Sweet’ Willy Carter who, since the match’s beginning, has been proving himself as more than an understated comedy prop.

Dysphoria: There we go. Jesper beginning to work over a part imperative to Carter’s moveset.

Shannan Lerch: He’s biting his own kneecap. Not even Carter’s.

Dysphoria: But as he bites down on it, it becomes wetter with saliva making it harder to clasp onto.

In the ring, Carter tries to give Jesper a back suplex but it fails causing the pair of them to inelegantly fall to the mat in a collective mass of limbs.

Zach Davis: At least Jesper is getting some damage in.

Dysphoria: Yes, some very unique damage, which of course is indicative of his technical mastery.

Zach Davis: He’s sitting on his head reading a copy of ‘Time’ Magazine.

Luscious Jackson: There is a very good article in dere ‘bout the ‘ffect of global capitalization on prejudiced economic delivery.

We once again come back to the mayhem that is the match as Jesper squarely hits Carter in the groin with his ‘wet kneecap.’ He then leaves the ring and returns with a steel chair formerly hidden under the canvas. Raising it over his head, forces him to stumble backwards at its levity. He then proceeds to ask the referee what it’s made out of.

Dysphoria: Steel. Jesper, the chair is made out of steel. For God’s sake.

Jesper is told by the referee of its composition and appeased; he brings it down onto Carter’s ribcage. He repeats this a few times before launching the chair away from him and turning to the ladder. He moves from the outside and brings it into a neutral position before sliding it through the ring. He follows it and returns it to its towering state. With Carter completely lifeless, Reisert begins the steady ascension across each step before he is reaching distance of the paddle. He waves his arm to bring the spinning paddle down. As he flails, he realizes that he is standing over Carter and a considerable distance and chooses, rather impressively, to leap off the ladder and onto Willy with a great elbow drop. A combustion of white captures the moment on lenses, tapes and phones throughout the arena.

Zach Davis: Very impressive. Something Jesper can take pride over.

Shannan Lerch: Yep.

Jesper climbs to his feet and looks to climb the ladder once more. However, he then realizes the stipulation that has been put in place. Knowing that if Carter even touches the ladder, he’ll automatically lose, Jesper instead begins pushing the ladder so that it will land onto Carter. After a few deep shoves, it topples over but as it crashes to the mat, Carter rolls away from it and under the ropes. Jesper picks the ladder up and throws it at Carter who once again dodges it. Jesper responds by exiting the ring and picking it up. They then start a very strange game of cat and mouse with Jesper chasing after Carter with the ladder swaggering from his clasp.

Shannan Lerch: Faster.

Carter moves around the outside fully aware of the increased danger of the ladder as a weapon. Jesper follows suit and passes a corner as the crowd beings to cheer. It seems as if from the other side, the Alliance of Violence are permeating the crowd before jumping the barrier and entering the ring. At the same moment, Carter leads Jesper into the ring and into the baying arms.

Dysphoria: You’ve got to be kidding me.

Dysphoria dives from her seat and makes an effort to save her only to find herself caught by Davey Boone. Davey Boone raises his arm to slap her but as she screams, he engages lips with hers and kisses her. The crowd goes wild as Boone throws the prissy convert away after he’s finished and she, in vain, tries to wipe the taste from her mouth.

Shannan Lerch: Told you. Whore.

Meanwhile, in the ring, Knite has Jesper, broken, on the mat. He begins to climb the turnbuckle as does Boone and they both fly off with simultaneous legdrops also known as ‘The Call to Violence.’ Jesper begins to shake uncontrollably at the impact before becoming static. The three members of the Alliance then look at each other and huddle as if trying to work out a way in which to win this match. They break their position as Knite rests his hand out which Boone, by circumstance, climbs onto using it as a plateau to force himself onto Knite’s shoulders.

Zach Davis: They’re making a human ladder!

Boone climbs to the top and gives enough height to put Carter in reaching distance. However, after a few attempts, he can only touch the bottom of the paddle and not directly pull it off. Boone and Carter jump away from their position and go through the ropes. Boone then proceeds to lift the apron up and move below the mat. He soon returns to visible level but this time carrying an inflatable doll.

Shannan Lerch: It’s the fourth member of the Alliance of Violence and my on/off boyfriend, Logan!

The two resume their positions in the ring but this time Carter uses the inflatable doll to knock the paddle down.

Zach Davis: ‘Sweet’ Willy Carter wins the match. ‘Sweet’ Willy Carter does the impossible!

Shannan Lerch: Wow. This is better than PC Cradle defeating Defman after months of rivalry.

Luscious Jackson: Really?

Shannan Lerch: No.

Back in the ring, Knite bends Jesper over his knee as Carter brings the paddle into contact with his buttock. At the moment of paddling, Jesper squeals out of instinct like a pig caught in a vice. Carter hits him again and the response is exact. Once more and no change in Jesper’s reflex. For the final shot, Carter takes a run-up and drives the paddle with such force that Jesper falls off Knite’s knee and beings rolling in pain. The Alliance of Violence, victorious, move to differing turnbuckles and leave Jesper to rub his rear against the mat like a hound with worms.

Zach Davis: It seems whatever is thrown at the Alliance of Violence, they can overcome it!

Shannan Lerch: In fairness, Jesper Reisert isn’t exactly a noteworthy difficulty.

With the Alliance of Violence entertaining the audience, Dysphoria sneaks into the ring and begins to pull Jesper out of it. Despite his weight, she manages to force him under the ropes with maximum struggle. Breathless, she goes to leave as well but is caught by Davey Boone as she stretches through the ropes face-first. He calls for the paddle and demonstrates it to the crowd on its receival. He then drives it down onto her petite butt causing her to collapse through the ropes and onto Jesper. Completely vexed, she picks her manservant up and rests him on his shoulder as they being the slow incline of the loser to the backstage. In the ring, the Alliance of Violence celebrate. Outside of it, Jesper comes to whatever senses he had left and acknowledges his failure.

Jesper Reisert: Damn you, gravity!

Television Title Match
Conrad Howell vs JJ Biggs

“In Bed With Quinsy” by Albannach starts to play; the crowd gives a mixed reaction, as Conrad Howell walks out to the center of the entrance ramp. Conrad sticks his arms out to the side and tilts his head to look up. After a few seconds of posing, Conrad's Bodyguard joins him and they both make their way to the ring, Conrad stops at the ring side area and starts bouncing from one foot to the other in sync with the drums, then slides in the ring as his Bodyguard walks around the outside.

Zach Davis: Conrad Howell is looking to win the WCF Television Championship for the first time tonight.

Shannan Lerch: Indeed. But, he's going to have to go through "The Greatest" JJ Biggs to do it.

Luscious Jackson: And Biggs is so pissed, you'd think Howell banged his mother!

"Voices" by Disturbed hits the sound system and it echoes throughout the arena. The audience, with an exception of a few, are on their feets yelling insults and such in the direction of the entrance ramp. A few moments later, the curtain brushes aside and Jake Hudson walks out onto the top of the stage and he's followed by JJ Biggs, with the WCF Television Title over his shoulder. Biggs is wearing a pair of expensive sunglasses and a self-promotion shirt. The shirt reads, "The Greatest" on the front and on the back it reads, "That Ever Lived." The two men slowly make their way down the ring. Jake climbs up onto the ring apron while Biggs makes his way up the steel steps. Hudson holds down the middle rope as Biggs enters the ring. Biggs takes off his shirt and sunglasses; and he acts as if he's going to throw them into the crowd for souvenirs, instead, he hands them to Hudson. He also hands Hudson his Television Championship.

Zach Davis: You have to admire the courage of Jake Hudson. It was only about three weeks ago when he had a cinderblock shatter against his skull, and he's back out here.

Shannan Lerch: Yeah, and he looks good. Can't even tell he was lying in a hospital bed for a week and a half.

Luscious Jackson: You see, when I was growing up, we couldn't afford to go to the hospital. When I got a cut, my mother just told me to spit on it.

Zach Davis: What? Just shut up, Luscious.

The bell rings. "The Greatest" and "The Wolf" are staring across the ring at each other with pure hate in their eyes. Suddenly, Conrad runs forward and he goes for a Clothesline, but Biggs ducks under it and Conrad runs into the corner chest first. Conrad quickly regroups though as he turns around and attempts to walk out of the corner, but Biggs grabs him and he throws the smaller man back into it. He unloads with a few European Uppercuts which causes Conrad's feet to momentarily leave the mat after each one. Biggs climbs onto the middle rope and he balls his right hand into a fist. He grabs a handful of Conrad's hair with his left hand and he starts pounding on the forehead of Howell. The crowd begins to count after each blow to the forehead: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6. It stops right there as Howell has seemingly had enough of this viscious attack. He wraps his arms around Biggs and he walks forward before slamming the big man down to the mat with a Spinebuster. Both men are momentarily down, but the referee doesn't even bother with his ten count as they both are stirring and slowly making their way back up.

Zach Davis: That was a nice counter by "The Wolf" right there!

Shannan Lerch: Indeed.

Luscious Jackson: Do you see the rack on that ho in the first row?

Zach Davis: Okay, two things: first, focus on the match. Second, nice ryhme, man.

Biggs is the first to make it back to his feet and Howell is right behind him. Howell runs in his direction, but Biggs bends forward and explodes upward upon Howell's arival and this sends him flying over the ropes to the outside. Howell hits the ground on the outside with a thud. Biggs is about to exit the ring, but he decides to do something else. He walks to the corner, exits the ring through the middle rope, and then slowly makes his way to the top rope. You can tell he doesn't do this very often; as he's unsteady and he's slow at climbing. However, the crowd in attendance is standing anxiously to see how this turns out. Once he gets to the top, however, Conrad's Bodyguard makes his way over and he climbs onto the apron. Conrad is on his feet and he's looking up at Biggs and he notices his Bodyguard behind him. Then, just before Biggs is about to jump, The Bodyguard pushes Biggs and he sends him flying into the crowd! All of the people moved out of the way and Biggs smacked the concrete!

Zach Davis: Oh, no! Ladies and gentlemen, there is absolutely no padding over in that area!

Shannan Lerch: I hope he's all right.

Luscious Jackson: Conrad doesn't seem to care how he's doing.

The referee isn't even bothering with the ten count as he's leaning over the top rope to try to check on Biggs. Conrad jumps over the barricade and he bends down to pull Biggs up to his feet. Biggs is bleeding profusely from his forehead now, as he must have smacked the concrete face first. He can hardly stand as Conrad throws him over the barricade and he climbs over it, as well. Conrad throws a couple of lazy punches which are smacking Biggs directly in the nose. "The Greatest" is struggling with his vision as the blood is flowing directly over his eyes. Conrad grabs Biggs by the head and he makes matter worse by slamming it off of the steel pole. Meanwhile, Hudson who has nothing but revenge on his mind, is slowly sneaking up behind The Bodyguard who's standing with his arms-crossed, watching Howell beat on the lifeless body of Biggs. Hudson taps The Bodyguard on the shoulder and as soon as he turns around, he throws a handful of baby powder into his eyes. Afterwards, he motions for the ring official to get up from his seat and once he does, Hudson folds up the chair he was sitting in.

Zach Davis: This could get ugly!

Luscious Jackson: A whole lot of ugly, actually.

Hudson swings the steel chair wildly and he smacks it off of the skull of The Bodyguard. Conrad notices this and he releases his hold on Biggs which causes him to fall to the ground. Conrad walks in Hudson's direction, but Hudson threatens to hit him with the steel chair. Conrad stands there for a moment, before going back to Biggs.

Shannan Lerch: Conrad Howell realized that if Hudson did attack him, he'd win the match by disqualification but he would not win the Television Championship.

Zach Davis: Smart man.

Biggs uses his forearm to wipe some of the blood off of his face as Conrad pulls him up by his arms. Conrad gives him a stiff toe-kick to the midsection before dropping Biggs with a DDT! Biggs is motionless as he lies there on the ground. Conrad has a smile on his face as he pulls the big man up and struggles to move him over to the announce table. He rolls Biggs onto the table and he delivers a few more tough shots to the chest of his opponent before turning around and climbing onto the apron. Conrad then slowly climbs to the top rope, so that his back is facing the announce table.

Zach Davis: What is he about to do?

Shannan Lerch: I don't know, but it doesn't look good for Biggs!

Luscious Jackson: It doesn't look good for us, neither! We have to get the hell out of here!

Indeed, Luscious spoke the truth. Hudson tries to run over and cause Conrad to fall much like The Bodyguard did to Biggs, but Hudson stumbles over the fallen body of The Bodyguard which gives Conrad all the time he needs. Again, with the fans on their feet anxiously awaiting the move, Conrad jumps off looking to hit a Moonsault, which he calls the Crescent Moon. No! He missed! Biggs rolled off of the table at the last possible moment and that's all Conrad hit! The table! Both men are down and the crowd is cheering wildly! This match hasn't been anything but crazy!

Zach Davis: I can't believe what I'm seeing! This isn't a wrestling match, this is a fight! Nothing more, nothing less!

Shannan Lerch: I have to agree! These two are trying to kill each other!

Luscious Jackson: Where I grew up, people tried to kill each other all of the time.

Zach Davis: I'm tired of hearing these stories from when you were growing up. No one cares, man.

Luscious Jackson: Your wife cares.

The referee has finally made his way outside of the ring as he's checking on both competitors. Conrad is motionless and Biggs is trying to use the apron to get back to his feet. He's eventually able to, but as he tries to walk in Conrad's direction he's stumbling. Able to stay on his feet, Biggs grabs a handful of Conrad's hair and he drags him by the said hair to the ring. Once there, he pulls Conrad to his feet and he rolls him into the ring. Biggs rolls into the ring as well, followed by the referee. Biggs does his best to cover Conrad as the referee counts, 1..............2...........NO! CONRAD KICKED OUT! Biggs rolls over onto his back and he's staring up at the ceiling of the arena. He can't believe it. He slowly rolls back over onto his stomach and he climbs back up to his feet. For the second time, he uses his forearm to wipe away some of the blood, which is still draining from the gash on his forehead. Biggs bends forward and he pulls Conrad up to his feet. Once both men are standing upright, Biggs grabs a hold of Conrad's arm and he Irish Whips him across the ring into the corner. The force behind the whip sends Conrad stumbling out of the corner. Biggs places Conrad's head under his arm and he pulls him up vertically into the air. He holds him like that for a few moments, allowing the blood in his body to rush to his head. Wants satisfied, he drops down to the mat with a Brainbuster. Again, Biggs goes for a lateral press as the referee counts, 1.........................2.........................KICK OUT!!!!!!!!!

Zach Davis: How is Conrad Howell kicking out!? The man has been through a beating!

Shannan Lerch: Both of these competitors have! I can't believe Biggs is still able to compete after smacking the concrete head first!

Luscious Jackson: Gold does strange things to people.

Biggs is breathing slow and hard as he climbs back to his feet. He walks over to the fallen body of his opponent and he attempts to pull him up to his feet. Out of desperation, Conrad nails Biggs with a low blow. The referee just throws his hands up in the air in disgust as Biggs' body falls to the mat. Although the move is illegal, it's smart on Conrad Howell's part. It allows him time he needs to recover and get back into this match. Biggs uses the ropes to get back to his knees, but he stays there for a few moments. Pain is visible on his face as he looks at his opponent, who's also struggling to get back to his feet. Both men are up at the same time and Biggs runs in Conrad's direction. Seemingly a step ahead, Conrad moves out of the way and he drops down with a Drop Toe Hold. Biggs falls neck first onto the middle rope which flings him backwards so that he's on his back. He's holding onto his throat with both hands as Conrad climbs back up. Cornad sees an opportunity as he exits the ring through the middle rope. He looks around for Hudson, making sure he isn't going to attack him, and he sees him standing on the other side of the ring. So, Conrad jumps up onto the top rope, using it to spring off and he nails Biggs with a Leg Drop!

Zach Davis: A beautiful Springboard Leg Drop right there! That may be enough to put Biggs away!

Conrad is willing to give it a try, as he does the best to hook Biggs' leg and the referee counts, 1............................2......................NO! Biggs gets his shoulder up at the last moment.

Shannan Lerch: Close call!

Howell picks Biggs up, and signals that he's going to end it. He goes to hook Biggs for the Quick Drop With A Sudden Stop, but Biggs has it well scouted and quickly gets free of the move. Howell quickly runs at Biggs, and Biggs, just as quickly, grabs him and hits the Biggs Implant!

Luscious Jackson: That's his move! There it is!



Howell gets his foot on the ropes!

Jake Hudson quickly throws it off before the referee notices!


Zach Davis: WHAT!

The ref rings the bell, and JJ Biggs has retained his Title.

Shannan Lerch: Biggs wins!

Luscious Jackson: Howell had his foot on the ropes! That ref is blind yo.

The ref gives Biggs his belt, which he takes and slides out of the ring. He and Hudson head to the back, smiling back in the ring towards Howell, who is standing up and obviously pissed off.

Zach Davis: I don't know if this is the last we'll see of these two against each other.

Danny Vice vs Thunder

Zach Davis: Up next is one of the hottest current feuds in the WCF, as Thunder and Danny Vice are set to square off.

Shannan Lerch: Feud, all that’s happened thus far is Danny getting his head smashed in by steel chairs. This isn’t a feud. Thunder is the hammer, and Danny is the nail.

Zach Davis: Nevertheless, it got personally weeks ago when Janie Vice turned her back on her brother and sided with Thunder. She has now cost Danny two victories in a row, will she make it a third here at Till Death Do Us Part.

“Money” by Pink Floyd hits the speakers as the crowd boos loudly. Thunder and Janie Vice walk out of the back tunnel hand in hand and head toward the ring. As they reach the ring, Janie rubs the chest of Thunder lovingly before sliding into the ring and holding the ropes apart for him. Thunder then climbs the turnbuckle and taunts the crowd as Janie points proudly towards him.

Zach Davis: It’s disgusting to see Janie Vice with Thunder. Just to know she is with him is disrespectful to Danny Vice, to Jimmy Vice, and just disgusting for the WCF fans.

Shannan Lerch: I dunno, I like the way they look together.

Luscious Jackson: And the girls fine!

"Faint" by Linkin Park hits the speakers as the lights of the arena go out for several seconds. Two spotlights shine at the top of the ramp where Danny "The Vagrant" Vice stands. His brother Jimmy standing beside him in support. He is dressed in a black long tights, and a long black leather jacket. He looks to his left and right as the crowd cheers, but his eyes give off almost a look of paranoia. He walks to the ring with a dead stare towards the center of the ring before sliding under the bottom rope and staring at Thunder and Janie. Danny then climbs the top rope and lifts a single fist in the air as a “V” pyro hits behind him. Jimmy Vice and Thunder exchange words in the middle of the ring before the referee gets Jimmy and Janie out of the ring.

Zach Davis: What an ovation for the Vagrant! The fans truly understand the emotional suffering this man has been put through the past few weeks.

Luscious Jackson: Emotional!?!?

Shannan Lerch: You mean physical, at the hands of Thunder, of course. The better man always wins Zach.

The bell rings and the two men lock up in the center of the ring. Thunder forces the smaller Vice into the corner, then delivers to knees to the midsection, and a strong chop across the chest. Thunder hits a belly-to-belly suplex, then pops up to taunt the crowd.

Shannan Lerch: A true specimen and a great showman. You have to love Thunder.

Zach Davis: He is a great athlete and a one time triple champion, but loving him is something I will leave to you.

Thunder stomps twice on the lower back of Vice as he pulls him to his feet, then drives him back to the mat with a fisherman’s suplex. Bridged into a cover..


Danny Vice kicks out.

Zach Davis: A little tribute to Mr. Perfect there, possibly a perfect-plex?

Thunder first to his feet, swings with a right hand, but it’s blocked by Vice, who strikes with a right of his own. Vice follows up with a kick to the midsection. He bounces off the ropes and hits a springboard bulldog on Thunder. Hooks the leg for a cover...



Thunder kicks out.

Vice is quick to his feet and springs off the second rope for a moonsault, but Thunder flashes up and catches Vice, then delivers a forceful running powerslam. Janie Vice cheers loudly from outside of the ring and gives instructions to Thunder, instructing him primarily to work the shoulders and back of Danny Vice.

Zach Davis: There’s Janie coaching her new beau along in his match with her brother. Kind of sick and twisted if you ask me.

Shannan Lerch: Two great wrestling minds working as one.

Luscious Jackson: He’s letting her boss him aroun? What a bitch!

Thunder locks in a Texas Cloverleaf and begins to put pressure upon Danny Vice. He screams in pain from the submission hold, but Jimmy gets the crowd to begin clapping, trying to will Vice to the ropes. After a crawling and clawing, it seems Vice is just inches away, Thunder pulls him back to the center and locks the hold in again.

Shannan Lerch: Vice will give up just like he did at One. This guy isn’t a gamer, he doesn’t have the will to win deep inside.

Vice struggles once again, and finally reaches the ropes. Thunder refuses to release the hold, as the referee counts.





Thunder finally let’s go, but the damage has been done on Danny Vice, who seems to be in excrutiating pain. Thunder pulls Vice to his feet and hits a scoop slam. He follows up with a running knee drop to the lower back, and the crowd boos loudly, while Janie Vice claps.

Zach Davis: Blood must not be thicker than...

Shannan Lerch: Water?

Zach Davis: Not where I was going with that, but ok.

Thunder covers once again, this time very non-challantly...



Vice gets his shoulder up. Thunder pulls Vice to his feet and sets him up on his shoulders, then drives him to the mat with Thunder and Lightning.

Shannan Lerch: There it is, no more Danny.

Zach Davis: Cover by Thunder. 1! 2! 3! No! Vice got his leg on the ropes, he’s still alive!

Luscious Jackson: Boys getting his head beat in out there.

Thunder is shocked. Janie Vice leaps on the apron to argue with the referee, but Thunder has pulled some sort of string from his tights. He is using it to choke Vice. Jimmy leaps on the apron to enter the ring, but the referee stops him as well, allowing the choke to continue.

Zach Davis: Let the referee do his job and get off the apron.

Both twins finally get down as Thunder puts the string away. The referee sees no foul play and continues the match. Thunder is up and ready to lock in a cobra clutch as Vice struggles to his feet, using the ropes the entire way. Thunder locks in the hold, but Jimmy Vice leaps on the ring apron again, distracting the referee. Danny uses the opportunity to hit a low blow with his heel on Thunder, causing Thunder to break the hold.

Luscious Jackson: DAMN!

Shannan Lerch: Cheater!

Zach Davis: Justice.

Danny grabs Thunder and hits a lifting DDT, then climbs the nearest turnbuckle. The crowd begins to cheer as Vice stands tall on the ringpost, and comes crashing across Thunder’s throat with a corckscrew legdrop. He covers...



3...No! Thunder gets his leg on the ropes this time.

Crowd: Ohhhhhhhhhh!

Danny grabs Thunder and tosses him into the ropes. He hits Thunder with a kick to the midsection, followed by a jumping leg lariat that sends Thunder over the top rope to the outside. Danny climbs the nearest turnbuckle as Thunder gets to his feet, and hits a cross body block onto the arena floor.

Zach Davis: It’s time for some offense, time for some brutality, time for some redemption for the Vagrant.

Shannan Lerch: Little bit of a fan?

Zach Davis: Someone needs to be over here.

The referee continues his count as both mean are being tended to by their respective managers. Vice’s head is bleeding as it seems to have struck the barricade on his way down. Neither looks to be in the best of shape as they climb to their feet. Thunder gains an advantage and goes to whip Danny into the steel steps, but it’s reversed and Thunder hits the stairs hard. Danny rolls into the ring to break the count, while Thunder slowly climbs the stairs to re-enter the ring. Danny jumps off the middle rope and hits Thunder with a roundhouse kick as he stands on the top step, sending him flying backwards, back first into the barricade.

Zach Davis: Great innovation by Vice, he truly is a master at using the ropes to his advantage for offensive maneuvers.

Thunder makes his way back in the ring at the referees 8 count, and Vice gains the advantage again, hitting a snap suplex into a pin attempt...



Thunder gets a shoulder up just before 3.

Zach Davis: Another near fall for Vice.

Shannan Lerch: Of course it wasn’t the end.

Vice again pulls Thunder to his feet, but he gets a thumb poke in the eye from Thunder instead. Thunder then lifts Vice and hits a backbreaker on Vice. Cover by Thunder...



Vice gets his shoulder up. Thunder digs his fingers into the pressure point above the collarbone of Danny. The crowd continues to chant and cheer as Danny works his way to his feet. Danny hits two elbows to the gut of Thunder, breaking the hold and hits the ropes, but is met from a monster spinebuster by Thunder. Thunder signals to the crowd that this match is finished as he pulls Vice to his feet. Thunder goes for Thunder and Lightning, but Vice slides off his shoulders, and looks for the Rejection. Thunder is able to reverse Rejection back into another Thunder and Lightning set-up, but Vice counters into a spinning DDT.

Zach Davis: Nice reversal there, Danny Vice is really starting to gain some momentum now!

Shannan Lerch: It won’t last, it never does.

Vice with the cover, but a two count and Thunder kicks out. Vice pulls Thunder up and hits a chop across Thunder’s chest, followed by a kick to the side of the head, causing Thunder to be dazed. Vice wraps his arms around Thunder and puts him in a fireman’s carry, then hits a facebuster across the knee. Thunder is busted open and the referee goes to check on him. Vice bounds off the ropes, looking for a springboard moonsault, but Janie grabs one of his feet and causes Danny to land awkwardly across the middle rope. He grabs his groin in pain as he stumbles toward the center of the ring, where a recovering Thunder lifts Vice on top of his shoulder and delivers a thunderous Thunder and Lightning. Thunder hooks the leg for the cover.

Zach Davis: One! Two! Three! No! Vice got a shoulder up!

Shannan Lerch: That was the finisher. It’s supposed to finish the match. Hence, the name, finisher!

Janie Vice is in disbelief outside of the ring. Thunder is shocked and argues with the referee about the count as Jimmy gets the crowd to begin to clap for Danny. Janie Vice hops on the apron to also argue as the referee instructs her to get down. Thunder hits Vice with several right hands to the skull before pulling him to his feet. Thunder whips Vice into the ropes and ducks for a back-body drop but is met instead with a kick to the face from Vice. Thunder stumbles back and catches the referee with an elbow, knocking him out. He stumbles back towards the center of the ring and ducks just in time to miss Vice’s leg with an Outkast. Thunder catches the spinning superkick and delivers a vicious modified powerbomb. Jimmy Vice jumps on the apron to interfere, but Thunder dropkicks him off, and Jimmy slams into the guardrail.

Luscious Jackson: It’s a family affair!

Shannan Lerch: Thunder is willing to bash in both of the Vice brothers tonight.

Zach Davis: This match is getting out of hand. And Janie Vice is now instructing Thunder to put Danny on top of the turnbuckle. She has a chair in hand on the ring apron, and looks like she wants Thunder to put him there for a Super Thunder and Lightning!

Shannan Lerch: And he looks happy to oblige as he laughs in the ring.

Crowd: You suck! You suck! You suck!

Thunder pulls Vice to his feet and places him atop the turnbuckle, as Thunder gets set on the middle rope to execute the maneuver. Janie Vice looks to get a good grip on the chair to striker her brother over the head. She reaches back to strike, but Jimmy has jumped on the apron and grabs the chair out of her hands. He drills Janie over the head sending her to the arena floor, then hits Thunder over the head to knock him back down the mat. Jimmy tosses the chair to the ground and begins to tap Danny to alert him. Danny comes to and stands atop the top turnbuckle as the crowd roars.

Shannan Lerch: No. NO. NOOOO!!!!

Zach Davis: Yes! Halo by Danny Vice. The referee is stirring. Vice covers and hooks the leg.

Crowd: 1! 2! 3!

Zach Davis: Yes! Danny Vice has finally pinned Thunder, and it comes at the Till Death Do Us Part PPV!

Shannan Lerch: Jimmy Vice cheated. Thunder’s victory was absolutely stolen from him, it’s a true sham and Seth Lerch needs to do something to make it right.

Luscious Jackson: Quit yo bitchin’!

The crowd roars as “Faint” hits the speakers. Jimmy Vice slides into the ring to help his brother to his feet as the groggy referee lifts his arm in victory. Outside, Janie Vice lies unconscious from the chair shot delivered by her twin brother, while Thunder remains out inside of the ring. Danny and Jimmy go to opposite corners and scale the ropes, they each lift a single fist in the air to a pop from the crowd.

Lawnmower Jones vs Bobby Cairo

Pyrotechnics explode at the top of the ramp, the lights in the arena flicker. 11 Dreams by Mercenary echoes throughout the building and the crowd immediately pops. Bobby Cairo appears at the top of the ramp and the crowd cheers even louder. Cairo struts down to the ring with a smug look on his face as flashbulbs go off all around the arena.

The words My Name is Lawnmower Jones, and I Love to Mow! are heard across the arena. Then, Scottish bagpipes are heard around the arena, as a motor starting then a lawnmower mowing is heard. Lawnmower Jones appears on the stage without Lonnie, his lawnmower. He looks saddened and depressed as he walks down the ramp and he rolls into the ring.

Zach Davis: Jones and Cairo hate each other more than anything, but tonight the only thing that matters is winning the match.

Shannan Lerch: That's right, Zach. Normally Jones and Cairo would only care about ripping each other apart. Tonight is different because the winner of this match will gain legal custody of Lonnie.

Luscious Jackson: Lonnie? Dat bitch is fine.

The bell rings. Jones and Cairo lock up. Jones gains the advantage with a headlock. Cairo shoves Jones off into the ropes. Cairo leapfrogs Jones. Cairo attempts a money flip but Jones sits down into a pinning combination. Cairo kicks out after two.

Zach Davis: Nice show of athleticism by Cairo, but Jones had that move well scouted.

Shannan Lerch: Jones is a pretty smart guy when he's focused...and sober.

Luscious Jackson: Sober? To Hell wit dat.

Both men are back up. Cairo charges Jones but Jones hits a devastating clothesline that turns Cairo inside out. Jones waits for Cairo to get up. Jones measures Cairo and connects with an ultra-stiff superkick. Jones makes the cover. Cairo kicks out after two.

Zach Davis: Jones is dominating Cairo early in this match.

Shannan Lerch: It has to feel good for Jones. He's waited a long time to get Cairo one-on-one and he's really seizing the moment.

Luscious Jackson: Beat his ass yo!

Jones whips Cairo into the ropes. Cairo ducks a Jones clothesline attempt. Cairo hits Jones with a spinning heel kick. Cairo drives his knee into Jones' shoulder.

Zach Davis: Cairo could be trying to soften up Jones' shoulder for the Clap Trap.

Shannan Lerch: We've seen Cairo do it many times before, Zach. He picks a part of his opponent's body and focuses his attack to soften it up.

Luscious Jackson: Dat's pretty smart yo!

Cairo hits Jones with the rolling German suplexes. Cairo makes the cover. Jones kicks out after two. Cairo whips Jones into the ropes. Cairo hits Jones with a dropkick. Cairo points to the top rope and the crowd boos. Cairo climbs to the top rope. Cairo attempts a moonsault but Jones moves out of the way. Cairo hits the mat hard.

Zach Davis: There was nobody home that time for Cairo!

Shannan Lerch: Cairo shouldn't be attempting high risk moves, Zach. He should stick to his strength and keep it on the mat.

Luscious Jackson: Dat was whack yo!

Jones climbs to the top rope. Jones hits Cairo with a diving headbutt and makes the cover. Cairo kicks out after two. Jones whips Cairo into the ropes. Cairo leaps onto the second rope and hits Jones with a springboard back elbow. Cairo waits for Jones to get up. Cairo levels Jones with a running enzuigiri. Cairo makes the cover. Jones kicks out after two. Cairo climbs to the second rope and drops an elbow onto Jones' shoulder. Cairo stomps away at Jones' shoulder.

Zach Davis: Cairo is really going after Jones' shoulder now. Jones could suffer some long term damage if this continues.

Shannan Lerch: Jones has to dig deep and fight through the pain. That's what separates the men from the boys.

Luscious Jackson: I'm goin' to da can yo!

Cairo gets a running start and attempts a knee drop onto Jones' shoulder, but Jones rolls out of the way. Jones stumbles to his feet. Jones rubs his shoulder and grimaces in pain. Jones whips Cairo into the turnbuckles. Jones charges and hits Cairo with a big splash in the corner. Jones pummels Cairo with punches in the corner as the crowd cheers him. Jones stops after landing ten punches and steps away from Cairo. Cairo stumbles around to the middle of the ring and falls flat on his face.

Zach Davis: Cairo is down and out like an Irishman on St. Patty's Day!

Shannan Lerch: Hahaha! I've been there before, Zach. Many, many times actually.

Jones stands in the corner of the ring with his eyes locked on Cairo. Cairo slowly rises to his feet. Jones levels Cairo with a spear and makes the cover. Cairo kicks out after two. Jones hits Cairo with a fisherman's suplex and makes the cover. Cairo kicks out after two. Jones hits Cairo with a double underhook suplex and makes the cover. Cairo kicks out after two. Jones whips Cairo into the corner. Jones charges in for a splash, but Cairo moves out of the way. Jones hits the turnbuckles hard.

Zach Davis: Both men are down! Anything can happen now!

Shannan Lerch: This is where we're gonna see who wants it more, Zach.

Cairo slowly stands up. Cairo hits Jones with the Security Breach. Cairo makes the cover. Jones kicks out after two. Cairo hits Jones with a running shoulderbreaker. Cairo locks Jones in the Clap Trap in the middle of the ring.

Zach Davis: Clap Trap! Cairo has it locked in!

Shannan Lerch: This is what we were waiting for, Zach. Can Jones muster up his strength and reach the ropes or will Cairo win this match right now?

Cairo screams at Jones to tap out. Jones struggles toward the ropes. The crowd is cheering encouragement toward Jones as he inches closer to the ropes.

Zach Davis: He's almost there!

Shannan Lerch: Jones is showing you what he's made of right now.

Jones reaches out and grabs the bottom rope.

Zach Davis: Jones got it! He got it! He reached the ropes!

Cairo is furious and he refuses to release the hold. The referee threatens to disqualify Cairo. Cairo finally breaks the hold. Cairo jumps to his feet and gets in the referee’s face. Cairo continues to argue with the referee as Jones slowly climbs to his feet.

Zach Davis: Cairo is making a big mistake right here, Shannan.

Shannan Lerch: You can't waste time arguing with the ref, you dummy! Turn around!

Cairo finally turns his attention back to Jones. Jones charges toward Cairo. Cairo moves out of the way. Jones inadvertently hits the referee with a leaping shoulder tackle.

Zach Davis: Ref bump! Ref bump! My God it's a ref bump!

Shannan Lerch: That's a huge mistake by Lawnmower Jones!

Luscious Jackson: What happened yo? I was in da can.

Jones checks on the referee. Cairo pulls a foreign object out of his tights.

Zach Davis: Oh no! Cairo just pulled a pair of nail clippers out of his tights!

Shannan Lerch: Those aren't nail clippers, you idiot! Those are brass knuckles!

Luscious Jackson: I don't like da looks of dis.

Jones turns around and Cairo nails him with the brass knuckles. Cairo stuffs the knucks back into his tights and covers Jones. The referee slowly crawls over and makes the count.




Zach Davis: Bobby Cairo just stole this match! I can't believe it!

Shannan Lerch: Cairo wins the match and custody of Lonnie. Jones is not gonna be happy when he wakes up.

Luscious Jackson: Dis is a sad moment yo.

Cairo jumps around the ring in celebration. Jones lies on the mat unconscious as blood oozes from his head.

World Title Match
Logan vs Jack of Blades

The lights dim in the arena, blue pryos shoot down the ramp, and a drum beat rolls into the PA speakers.

Shannan Lerch: It's time for the Main Event!

Zach Davis: A rematch from last month's five-star encounter at One. Logan versus Blades. World Title on the line in a 'Logan's Choice' match.

Luscious Jackson: That means that Logan can pick any type of match to fight in. An' we gonna find out what he's picked now.

Metallica's "The Struggle Within" blasts out of the speakers, and Logan steps out from behind the black curtain with a cocky look on his face as he walks down to the ring. On the way, Logan spits at the fans every now and then, telling them to shut up and whatnot. Once he's by the ring Logan climbs the steps, stepping into the ring through the middles ropes and climbing the turnbuckle to throw both arms into the air for a booing crowd. Logan hops off the turnbuckle, pacing around the ring until his music cuts.

Shannan Lerch: You've got to wonder whether Logan is prepared for this. He's been doubting his abilities ever since his rather flaccid performance at One.

Luscious Jackson: Flaccid? You talking about performance in the bedroom?

The sharp fiddle that opens David Draiman's 'Forsaken' preludes Jack's entrance. Simultaneously, a deep crimson envelops the entire arena. The large video screen begins to play a video featuring dark silhouettes. As the fiddle dies out in transfer for the gruff vocals and electric guitar, the red is dispelled with a sharp explosion of fireworks coming from the ramp. As well as this, the silhouettes in the opening video are also given form showing Jack seemingly in a ritual of preparation and grimacing. As the pyro clears and the video evolves, the camera pulls to the top of the ramp where Jack of Blades is kneeling in ceremony. Soon after, Jack of Blades moves upwards to his feet and poses as if he were being crucified; his arms leant out, his body forced forwards. At the same time, a red rain of sparks fall from behind him where the curtain lays, adding effect. As the 'rain' dies down, two walls of flame burst from the each side of the ramp and Jack sets down it, his face changing from ecstatic grin to professional glare. When at the ring, he slides through the bottom rope and spends a few moments on the canvas as if establishing the surroundings before charismatically getting to his feet by spinning on his heels. At his feet, he launches himself onto the second rope of a turnbuckle, sideways, and reveals to the crowd a red rose from his trenchcoat pocket, raising it up beyond his head with one hand before catching it in his other and crushing it. This cues a steady stream of rose petals to fall from the ceiling around him as he apes the same crucifix gesture.

Zach Davis: The champion makes his way to the ring, over-dramatic as always. Although, you can't argue that he doesn't deserve it.

Blades jumps from the turnbuckle and walks into the centre of the ring. Logan does the same meeting his tag partner, nose by nose, staring at him. Blades, without breaking the glare, moves the title belt from his waist and raises it above his head as if to simply illustrate his superior ranking in the company to anyone else let alone Logan. The only thing of Logan's that moves are his eyes to slyly check on the title that could be his soon enough. After taking the crevices and detail of Jack's name indented onto it, he returns to his glare. In the mean time, the ring announcer gets between the pair of them and prepares to announce the consequences of the 'Logan's Choice' clause.

Ring Announcer: The following match will be a 'Pure Wrestling Match' for the Wrestling Championship Federation Title. The match shall be one-fall to a finish with pinfall, submissions, disqualifications, count-out and total knock-outs all assuming a single fall. The call to re-enter the ring shall be that of twenty seconds and each competitor is warranted three rope breaks with which to dispel pinfalls and submissions. Standing to my left, weighing in at two hundred and sixty-seven pounds, he is the Face of Treachery and the challenger, Logan. And now, to my right, weighing in at two hundred and forty-four pounds, he is the reigning WCF Champion, he is Jack of Blades!

Jack of Blades lowers the title down to his waist, still continuing to emasculate Logan with his stare. The referee, unable to contain the mass excitement of the fans, signals for the bell to be struck. As the timekeeper brings the miniature hammer down, Logan, on adrenaline alone, arm-drags Blades over his shoulder causing the world title to fly. Before Blades even touches the mat, Logan pounces on him wrapping his trunk-like arms across Blades throat suppressing his momentum and breath.

Shannan Lerch: Logan looking to assert authority on the match from the first moments.

Blades pulls himself up to his feet with Logan still trying to choke him. Realizing that Jack is close to forcibly removing Logan's forearm, the Face of Treachery whips Blades onto the ropes. On his return, Blades is met with a well-formed dropkick to the shoulder. He collapses on collision with Logan's feet.
Logan lets out a scream of some primal emotion at his success before going to follow up. Clutching onto Jack's long hair, Logan raises Jack to his midriff. However, before Logan can rally another episode of attack, Jack pulls on his calves and drops him to the mat with a leg trip. Now fully upright, Jack bounces against an adjacent rope before launching himself into the air and grounding a devastating kneedrop to the eyesocket of Logan. In response, Logan moves from the mat clutching onto his damaged eye as red dribbles begin to seep through demonstrating the whereabouts of the imploded blood capillaries.

Luscious Jackson: Logan got blood in his eye, probably the worst place to get it. Excluding pee.

Logan squirms around trying to find his way around the ring. Jack traces his movements and on occasion hits him furiously. Eventually the lack of vision and the tactics of Jack become too much for Logan and he collapses against the rope. Jack goes to line-up a kick but as he moves to connect, Logan ducks underneath and rolls through with a bridge for the first pinfall.



Blades gets a shoulder up. Logan still trying to find his bearings with half his vision obscured moves to his feet and throws on a simple headlock on his competitor so he can retain any advantage. Jack, capitalizing on Logan's unease, forces him back into a turnbuckle and begins to climb it with Logan. After a number of exchanged fists, Blades manages to turn Logan upside down before launching the pair of them down to the mat with a Super Tombstone. Logan's head bounces off the mat and he collapses into a supine state, which Jack then covers.



Logan manages to raise a hand in defiance of the cover. Blades looks slightly surprised at Logan's resilience but finds himself motivated to climb a nearby turnbuckle without Logan weighing him down in this effort. After a few seconds perched on the rope, waiting for Logan to lift himself up, Jack flies from it and tries to connect with a Kikkawa Flying Knee. At the last moment though, Logan snatches a hold of Blades and forces him down. In a moments notice, Logan has Blades stuck in the Loganshooter. Jack riles himself into trying to escape and finds himself leaping at the ropes forcing a break in the hold.

Shannan Lerch: Blades had to use one of his rope breaks then. Two remain.

Blades, free from the hold, moves to his feet only to find Logan's arms once again wrap themselves around his body as if to suplex him over his shoulder. In a last ditch effort, Blades drops his weight and trips Logan in the ankles causing him to stumble and lean against the second rope. With Logan hung up, Blades takes the initiative to gain a considerable advantage in the match by moving to the apron. He then centres himself in front of his former leader and catches him with a Guillotine Headlock.





Jack falls away from the hold. As the referee goes to admonish him Jack jumps back onto the apron and once again initiates a Guillotine choke.





Zach Davis: What is Blades doing?

Shannan Lerch: Well, the referee has just told Logan that he has one rope break left. This isn't about wearing him down; it's about wasting Logan's vital breaks when they're not needed.

Blades once again removes the hold before he can be disqualified only to reapply it after a severe enough conversation with the official who is supposedly in control.





Shannan Lerch: Logan is out of rope breaks. Very nice idea from Blades.

Zach Davis: If Logan is now caught in a submission of any type, he is going to have to power through it or technically escape it. The easy option has been eliminated.

Blades satisfied by his numerical advantage looks Logan in the face from outside the ring before slapping him across the jaw and then sliding through his legs. As Logan topples over, Jack gets up and hits a German Suplex and then rolls through forcing Logan onto his back. Blades then assumes control by applying a Bow and Arrow Lock causing Logan's sore back to eschew into an unnatural arc.

Shannan Lerch: Blades looking to focus on the back after utilizing all of Logan's rope breaks. Probably because his finisher, The Judgment Day Jolt, is specifically designed to be injurious to the spinal cord.

Blades rolls from the Bow and Arrow Lock and brings Logan to standing posture. He soon brings him back down with a thunderous spinebuster.

Luscious Jackson: Definitely the back.

Zach Davis: What's been quite interesting about this match as that they both seem entirely focused on the match and we've had no glimmers of the relationship between the two. Are they allies or is there enmity between them? I can't read it.

Logan tries to escape any further insult but soon finds himself trapped by Blades applying a waist lock at ground level. He then, almost immediately, finds himself vertical to the ground as he's thrown backwards with a Gutwrench. Jack doesn't allow Logan to rest however as he pulls him back to his feet and readjusts the waist lock hitting a further two more suplexes of the same description. As Logan flies against the mat for the final attempt, Blades shakes the sweat from his upper frame and begins to climb the turnbuckle. With Logan face to the floor, he is in prime position for a Flying Headbutt centred directly on the sciatic nerves. Upon being dented by Jack's skull, Logan is turned over for a cover attempt.



Logan manages to get up from under Blades to the champion's chagrin. Almost as quickly as he picks himself up, he soon finds himself entangled with his arm resting over Blades' cranium. He is then thrown backwards and bridged with a Northern Lights Suplex. Before the referee can reach the mat for a count, Logan is picked up and turned over once again.

Shannan Lerch: Las Plagas!

Logan is awaiting a third suplex of the same nature as Blades bends over once more. However, as Logan is lifted into the air, he is soon brought down to earth by his own senses. Jack makes another attempt to lift him but once again fails. As he does so, he recognises the danger of having his head in its correlating position to Logan's body. The Connector is hit!

Luscious Jackson: NEW CHAMP!

Logan makes the pin!




NO! Jack kicks out!

Zach Davis: I don't believe it!

Logan stands up, angry as hell. He looks straight in the face of the ref, gives him a middle finger, and quickly hits the Impact Style kick.

Shannan Lerch: What is he doing?!

The crowd boos, and Logan looks at the fans and gives them the finger too. He rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair.

Luscious Jackson: But-

Logan slides back in and smashes it down onto Jack's fallen body. Over, and over, and over again. Logan keeps smashing Blades with the chair, aiming for the head mostly.

Zach Davis: I think we can safely say that the Face of Treachery has finally shown his true colors.

Logan pins Blades, despite knowing full well the ref is still down. He counts his own pinfall, one, two, three. Of course, that means nothing. Logan stands up and grabs the World Title belt from ringside, climbing up onto the turnbuckle and holding it in the air like he's won it.

Shannan Lerch: I think it is possible that Logan has lost his mind.

Master of Puppets hits.

Luscious Jackson: Oh lord, what now?!

Seth Lerch steps out from the back, slowly, simply looking into the ring. Logan is looking back at him, wondering what the hell is going on. Seth makes his way to the ring, sliding in. He looks from Logan, to Jack, to Logan, to Jack...

Zach Davis: I don't quite know what is going on here.

Seth does nothing. Nothing at all. He waits for Logan to make a move. Logan looks in his face and starts to argue, but Seth simply yells "PIN HIM FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!" Logan finally decides to make a real pin attempt. Lerch makes the count.



No, Jack gets the arm up this time. Seth's count was fair, not fast. Logan stands up and begins arguing with Seth again, but this gives Jack, who has had plenty of rest, time to stand up. Eventually Logan turns back around, and his eyes widen in shock as he sees Blades up and standing. Blades uses the element of surprise to hit the Joker's Wild! He pins, hooking the leg.




Shannan Lerch: Jack of Blades retains the belt!

Seth takes the belt back and hands it to Blades, who looks at Seth not quite realizing what exactly just happened. The fans, too, are confused as to Seth's motives. Jack shrugs and goes to leave the ring, but Logan is crawling up to his feet, signalling him to wait. He does. Logan offers him his hand.

Luscious Jackson: Even after those chair shots... Logan wants to be friends?

Jack is smart enough not to take Logan's hand this time, as he's obviously not all right in the head. Logan shrugs and tackles Jack out of nowhere anyway, hitting punch after punch after punch.

Zach Davis: This is it. The friendship is over, Logan has snapped.

Seth tries pulling Logan off, but Logan pushes him away. Seth pulls him off again, and this time Logan hits Lerch with an Impact Style!

Shannan Lerch: DAMN IT LOGAN NO!

Logan looks down at Lerch's fallen body, smiling to himself before turning back to Blades and stomping at him a few times. Logan takes Blades' belt and raises it into the air for himself.

Zach Davis: Fans... we're out of time.

Luscious Jackson: I'll see y'all at War.

Shannan Lerch: Goodnight!

The show fades out with Logan standing over Jack and Lerch's bodies, World Title in hand.