WCF War VI Intro
World Title: War Match

WCF War IV Intro

We hear a bell chime. Once. Twice. The WCF logo appears on the screen, and Metallica's For Whom The Bell Tolls plays! The War VI logo explodes onto the screen before we go to a jam packed arena. Every single seat is taken up and fans are screaming their heads off and waving their signs. "Welcome back WCF!", the most obvious one. We go ringside to our usual announcers. Zach Davis, Shannan Lerch, and Luscious Jackson.

Zach Davis: Fans, I don't know how many times I'm going to say this, but WELCOME BACK TO THE WRESTLING CHAMPIONSHIP FEDERATION! I'm here with-

Luscious Jackson: You're here with me, Luscious Jackson, dawg. Not to mention your ho and mine, Shannan Lerch.

Shannan Lerch: I will kill you in your sleep.

Zach Davis: Regardless, we are beginning this new era just like we've begun every new era - The War. The rules should be awfully familiar by now, but let's go over them anyway. Two men will start in the ring, and every minute, someone new will enter. You can only win by pin or submission-

Luscious Jackson: What about KO?

Zach Davis: Yeah, KO too I guess, whatever. The point is that there are NO disqualifications, NO over the top crap. Just wrestling.

Shannan Lerch: We do have some former World Champions in this match. Logan. He's won War before. Creeping Death. Rick Mad, too.

Luscious Jackson: Hold up, he barely counts-

Zach Davis: We also have some guys who have never won the World Title, but are formidable opponents. Dake Ken, one half of the legendary DKX team. His Elite stablemates Trent Hunter and X-Rated are former World Champions, but the belt never got to Dake. Will this be his motivation? And what about Dark Prophet? And a new face, Big Country!?

Shannan Lerch: Guess we'll see later tonight!

Zach Davis: Hey, Shannan, isn't it about time your brother comes out here and cuts some promo? Let's not break tradition, here.

Shannan Lerch: No, Zach, he'll be wrestling in the War just like everyone else! He's been preparing for the match all day.

Luscious Jackson: Then I don't see no reason why we shouldn't get this shit started.

Zach Davis: Well put, Luscious, well put. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare for WAR!

World Title Match: The War

The bell chimes once again. Twice. And following this, Rollin by Limp Bizkit begins to play! Burn Out drives out from the back on a motorcycle and the crowd roars for the first star they're seeing return to a WCF ring.

Zach Davis: Burn Out and his friends have been a cornerstone of WCF for a long time, and are some of the most reliable guys we have. Let's see what Burn Out can do entering at number one!

The bells chime again. The lights fade to a crimson hue, and the cryptic and eerie intro to "Falling Away From Me" by Korn begins to echo through the P.A. speakers... as the guitars rip through the speakers like the dead being drug through a swamp, lightning hits the entrance ramp, exploding in a plume of smoke, and Dark Prophet slowly begins to walk out from the back.

Shannan Lerch: And here is our number two entrant, Dark Prophet! And I have to say, he is scary as all hell.

Prophet is met with jeers from his haters, and cheers from his long standing fans. He approaches the ring and slides under the ropes, and as he rises, the lights rise as well. Prophet takes off his trenchcoat and lays it by the ringpost and the stairs.

Luscious Jackson: Two huge men startin dis here match off. Damn.

The two big men circle each other and eventually tie up. Dark Prophet gets the best of Burn Out and sends him to the ropes. He catches him in the Sidewalk Slam and then quickly pins, hooking the leg. One, two, kickout.

Zach Davis: Dark Prophet, trying to get a real early elimination. Not a bad strategy.

Burn Out is to his feet quickly and hits Dark Prophet with a few forearms to the head. Burn Out pushes Prophet into the ropes and then throws him across... B.O. catches him with a huge Powerslam into the pin! One, two, no! Another kickout.

Shannan Lerch: Starting so early may hurt these two huge guys a lot, actually. They need to spend a lot of energy to keep up with each other.

Instead of picking Dark Prophet up, Burn Out grabs his legs and locks in the Figure Four Leglock. B.O. breathes deeply as Prophet does his best not to yell in pain, and mostly succeeds.

Zach Davis: It seems like Burn Out heard you, Shannan. He's slowing this match down and catching his breath.

Dark Prophet is soon able to grab the ropes, and he pulls himself all the way under and out of the ring. He climbs onto the apron and Burn Out goes on the attack, but D.P. shoulders him in the stomach. Prophet then grabs B.O. and suplexes him out of the ring and to the floor!

Luscious Jackson: Dag yo, that move was WACK!

The bell chimes. Once... twice... and Raining Blood by Slayer hits.

Shannan Lerch: You know what that means.

Zach Davis: Creeepiingggg Death!

Creeping Death runs out of the ring and slides right in. He takes one look at Dark Prophet and Burn Out on the outside, runs to one side of the ropes, runs towards them, and dives over the top with a Suicide Plancha!

Luscious Jackson: Dag yo, that move was wack, too!

Shannan Lerch: God I did not miss working with you. But that WAS insane. That's Creeping Death for you.

Creeping Death is the first to his feet, being relatively fresh and all. Dark Prophet is slowly standing up, and Creeps kicks him a few times in the leg, stiff as hell. C.D. throws Prophet into the guardrail, measures him up, and Clotheslines him over and right into the crowd! Creeps picks Prophet up and leans him over the guardrail so his body/head is facing towards the ring, face down. C.D. climbs onto the apron, ready to dive..

Zach Davis: Oh GOD what is he doing now!?

But no! Burn Out grabs him by the throat... and Chokeslams him right onto Dark Prophet! This causes Dark Prophet to fall off the guardrail and back into the wrestling area, and he and Creeping Death are crumpled up on the ground. Burn Out picks C.D. up and rolls him into the ring before sliding in after him, and goes for the pin. One... two.... C.D. kicks out.

Lucious Jackson: He's carazy.

Bell chime. One... two... Walk by Pantera plays.

Luscious Jackson: Here comes the Whole F'n Show, Mr. Monday Night-

Zach Davis: No, this isn't EC Dub. This is WCF, and here comes Jon Michaels!

Indeed, Jon Michaels runs to the ring and slides in. He goes right for Creeping Death, getting on top of him and showering him with punches. Dark Prophet is back in the ring now and brawling with Burn Out. Michaels gets off of Creeps and starts laying kicks into him before picking him up. He hits him with a calf kick, picking his shots, before kneeing him in the gut. C.D. doubles over and Michaels quickly runs to the ropes and hits a Shining Wizard!

Shannan Lerch: Who comes up with these move names!?

Luscious Jackson: White people. Crazy crackers.

Michaels pins Creeping Death, hooking the leg. One... two... no, Creeps kicks out, refusing to quit. Meanwhile, the two big men are still going at it. Dark Prophet has Burn Out on the mat and he's stomping away at him. Dark Prophet the begins climbing to the top rope.

Zach Davis: That man is HUGE. What could he POSSIBLY be doing up there?

Prophet looks to either side of the ring before jumping off with a 450 Splash into pin!!

Shannan Lerch: He calls that the Fall From Grace, and my GOD was it impressive!

One... two.... three!

Luscious Jackson: Damn, first elimination of the night. Burn Out is eliminizzled.

Zach Davis: You mean eliminated?

Luscious Jackson: That's what I said.

Dark Prophet turns his attention to Creeping Death and Jon Michaels, who are trading blows. Out of nowhere he grabs them by the throats... he's going for a Double Chokeslam! But both men manage to kick him in the gut and get out of it. Jon and Creeps look at each other for a second before nodding and throwing Prophet's arms over their shoulders and lifting him up in the Vertical Suplex position and sending him over the top rope to the outside!

Shannan Lerch: I would NOT expect to see those two working together-

And, indeed, that didn't last long, as Creeping Death grabs Michaels out of nowhere and goes for the Diamond Cutter! Michaels pushes him off, however, goes for a Clothesline, C.D. ducks and then grabs him again and hits the Cutter this time! He's about to go for the pin before the bell chimes and it is time for someone new.

Luscious Jackson: Who's the next suckah gonna be?

"HEAD LIKE A HOLE! BLACK AS YOUR SOUL! I'D RATHER DIE! THAN GIVE YOU CONTROL!" Head Like A Hole hits, and Wreck walks out from the back. He walks around the ring and sees Dark Prophet on the ground, clutching his back. He starts stomping on him, and in the ring, Creeps turns his attention back to Michaels and stomps him a few times before hitting a Standing Moonsault into pin. One... two.... no, Michaels is able to kick out.

Zach Davis: Michaels got lucky, C.D. almost had him after that Cutter.

Outside the ring, Wreck picks Dark Prophet up and throws him to the guardrails. Prophet clutches his back, and Wreck runs at him... Prophet moves away at just the right time, causing Wreck to crash head first into the rail! Prophet stumbles around for a few seconds, catching his breath. He grabs Wreck and lifts him up into the Torture Rack!

Shannan Lerch: He can't get a submission outside the ring. Why is he-

Dark Prophet slams himself backwards and Wreck's back hits a turnbuckle! The crowd cringes as it looked very painful and we can see it on Wreck's face. Prophet isn't done yet, and repeatedly rams Wreck's back against the metal. After three times he throws Wreck to the ground and looks down at him, snickering.

Luscious Jackson: That was just BRUTAL, yo. Damn.

The bell chimes, and it's time for someone new. The Struggle Within by Metallica plays.

Zach Davis: The one... the only...

Shannan Lerch: Logan.

Logan steps out from the back to thunderous applause. At this response, he promptly flips off each side of the arena, and the crowd soon goes right back to booing him like they're used to. He walks with purpose to the ring, and right before he's about to slide in, he turns and runs, Clotheslining Dark Prophet down. He stomps viciously at D.P., showing no mercy.

Luscious Jackson: He's lookin as good as ever, daddio.

Shannan Lerch: You're telling me!

In the ring, Creeping Death has Michaels up, and throws him out. Creeps slides under the bottom rope, kicks Michaels a few times, and then begins looking under the apron for something.

Zach Davis: Uh oh. This can't be good for Michaels.

Creeping Death finally finds what he's been looking for... and it is a table. He begins setting it up, but has stopped paying attention to Jon Michaels. Jon has a steel chair, and BAM! He hits Creeps in the back with it. Creeps stumbles away from his table, and Michaels follows him. He hits C.D. over the back again, and then someone grabs the chair from him. It's Logan.

Luscious Jackson: I just saw him mouth "I'll be taking this, boudle" or some crap like that.

Michaels is about to argue, but Creeping Death hits him with a low blow from behind! Logan turns to Dark Prophet, who is beginning to get up, and cracks him right over the head with it! Prophet begins bleeding, and Logan cracks him with it again! Prophet falls to the ground and Logan smiles.

Shannan Lerch: That sadistic bastard.

Zach Davis: I'd say we have more than one sadistic bastards in the match right now. Speaking of which...

Creeping Death is leading Michaels back over to the table he has set up. He punches Jon a few times and then rolls him onto it. Creeps climbs onto the apron and onto the turnbuckle...

Luscious Jackson: What in the name of Will Smith is he doing!?

Creeping Death hits the Duality from the turnbuckle onto Michaels and through the table!! The crowd erupts in a "HOLY SHIT!" chant. Creeps slowly gets to his feet and picks Michaels up, who could be dead. The bell chimes. Bloodlust by Chimaira hits, and Reckless Jack comes running from the back.

Shannan Lerch: He sure is in a hurry!

Zach Davis: Yeah, look, Creeping Death is pinning Jon Michaels. One, two-

Jack slides in the ring and hits a Running Dropkick onto Creeping Death.. a SPLIT SECOND after the referee's hand comes down for the three!

Luscious Jackson: Jon Michaels is eliminizzled! But why was Jack going to stop Creeps?

Zach Davis: It all goes back to another federation. Reckless Jack and Jon Michaels are rivals, and Jack has never been able to pin Michaels. And Creeping Death just took that opportunity from him.

Shannan Lerch: Creeping Death and Reckless Jack aren't exactly the best of friends, either. As we're about to see.

Indeed, Jack is stomping the daylights out of Creeping Death. Creeps valiantly begins pulling himself to his feet, and soon is able to defend himself. Jack and Creeps trade blows, and Jack begins to gain the upperhand. He hits him a few times and goes for the Moment of Impact, but Creeps ducks it!, kicks him in the gut and gets him in position for the For Whom The Bell Tolls!

Luscious Jackson: Here it comes!-

The lights go out. Only for a few seconds, but when they come back on Jack has his opportunity to get out of the move. Jack picks Creeping Death up in a Torture Rack... and hits the Spinal Compression! Jack quickly pins Creeps, hooking the leg. ONE! TWO! THREE!

Zach Davis: Creeping Death has been eliminated. But what was that lights out crap all about?

Shannan Lerch: We don't have time to think about it now, we'll figure it out later. Outside the ring, Dark Prophet is beginning to fight back!

Logan has been beating on D.P. all this time, but Prophet is slowly gaining the upper hand now, much to Logan's chagrin. Prophet grabs Logan and smashes him into the railing. He then whips him into ring, and Logan clutches his back. Prophet grabs Logan and rolls him into the ring, and is about to roll in after him, but Wreck attacks from behind!

Luscious Jackson: Wreck is back into this match! After that brutal attack earlier I forgot about him.

The bell chimes, and Remember the Name by Fort Minor hits. Out comes Kurtis Victory!

Zach Davis: This man has Torture as his mentor. That should be a HUGE boost in just about every way.

Kurtis Victory slides into the ring, but he looks around, not sure what to do.

Shannan Lerch: Zach, I think that is his devastating "Whatever.." move! OH MY GOD!

Luscious Jackson: Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Shannan?

Shannan Lerch: Read his roster entry!

Reckless Jack has noticed Victory, and runs at him. Kurtis grabs him and hits a quick Powerslam. Meanwhile, Wreck and Prophet have entered the ring. Wreck is hitting forearm after forearm over Prophet's back, and then positions him for a Pumphandle Slam. He tries to lift him up.. but no! Prophet is too big. Logan is in the ring now, and he kicks at Prophet a few times. He and Wreck both kick Prophet in the gut before hitting a Double DDT!

Zach Davis: Logan and Wreck are working together? Okay.

Victory is stomping down on Reckless Jack. He picks Jack up and then Clotheslines him down to the mat and starts kicking him again.

Luscious Jackson: Looks to me like Torture gotta teach that boy some more moves.

The bell chimes. "Do it, you won't!" Tommy Havock's music plays, and he steps out from the back.

Shannan Lerch: Tommy Havock is one of WCF's newest stars... let's see what he has to offer!

Havock walks cockily to the ring, smiling to himself, and slides in.

Luscious Jackson: With that catchphrase, who does he think he is? Yoda?

Havock goes straight for Kurtis Victory. He hits Victory a few times before throwing him to the ropes and going for a Clothesline. Victory ducks it but Tommy then hits him with a few European Uppercuts. He then hits a Reverse Neckbreaker, sending Victory down to the mat. Havock then goes right into a Rear Chinlock.

Zach Davis: Good wrestling here. He's going right for Victory's head and neck region.

Reckless Jack is back to his feet, and now he is stomping on Prophet with Logan and Wreck. Logan picks Prophet up and holds him for the other two men, who grab him and throw him out of the ring. Logan rolls out, as do the other two. They drag Prophet over to the spanish announce table, and Wreck and Jack both grab him by the throat.

Shannan Lerch: Ah.. what are they doing? Keep Logan far away from me!

Luscious Jackson: Don't worry ho, they're en espanol right now.

Wreck and Jack lift Dark Prophet high in the air, and as they do Logan positions him like a Powerbomb and all three men send him through the table with each one of them using a huge amount of force! Prophet lays on the ground and Logan, Jack, and Wreck kick at him cockily.

Zach Davis: Dark Prophet looks pretty much dead. He might as well be out of this match.

The three men are about to roll back into the ring until the bells chime. They look towards the entrance way, wondering who the next to enter will be... but Logan is hit in the back of the head with a chair!

Shannan Lerch: What the-

Davey Ortega has jumped out from the crowd, and after hitting Logan he proceeds to smash Reckless Jack with the chair as well. Jack goes down. Davey then jabs Wreck in the gut, throws the chair into the ring, and then pulls Wreck in. He picks Wreck up.. Hangman's Suplex onto the chair!!

Luscious Jackson: DAG YO. Painful.

Davey pins Wreck, hooking the leg. One, two, three! Wreck is eliminated. Logan and Jack are slowly getting to their feet, and they look pissed. However, the bell chimes again.

Zach Davis: What the hell? That definitely wasn't a minute.

Seth Lerch comes running full speed out from the back and slides right into the ring. Ortega turns to him and Lerch Spears him down before getting on top of him and throwing punch after punch after punch.

Shannan Lerch: SETH IS IN THE MATCH! And he just decided to come in early because.. well.. he does what he wants. And I know he isn't happy with Ortega talking about taking control of WCF and all that. He wants to take over.

Lerch pins Ortega, and the ref goes to count. One, -... Ortega kicks out at one.

Shannan Lerch: SLOW COUNT!

Lerch picks Ortega up, and puts him in position for the I Own You. However, Ortega hits him with a Back Bodydrop. Lerch gets to his feet and Ortega catches him... another Hangman's Suplex onto the same chair he got Wreck with!

Shannan Lerch: NO!!

Ortega pins Seth. One... two...

Shannan Lerch: SETH KICKS OUT!

Zach Davis: You're delusional. Lerch just got pinned, and probably faster than anyone else in this match!

Ortega stands up, raising his arms high in the air, very proud at his accomplishment. He picks Seth up and throws him out of the ring, laughing. Lerch gets to his feet, fuming, and motions towards the back. Stand And Feel Your Worth by Thrice hits, and Rick Mad and Rage run out!

Luscious Jackson: Dat's Mob Mentality right there.

Shannan Lerch: But more importantly, Rick Mad and Rage are aligned with Seth and they're going to avenge my brother! Yesss!

Mob Mentality both slide into the ring and both go right on the attack, bringing it to Davey Ortega.

Zach Davis: Meanwhile, we have five other competitors in the match right now. This is huge. Prophet is still technically active, though not moving, and we have Logan, Reckless Jack, Kurtis Victory, and Tommy Havock.

Logan and Jack slide into the ring. Logan attacks Victory while Jack attacks Havock. Logan grabs Kurtis from behind, spins him around, and hits a big Belly to Belly Suplex. He then applies an STF.

Luscious Jackson: Hey, you know what would be bitchin'? If we called it the STFU! Like the internet slang!

Shannan Lerch: Go die.

Tommy Havock and Reckless Jack share rights and lefts, but Havock eventually gains the upper hand. Havock throws Jack to the ropes and grabs him as he's coming back before hitting a big Fallaway Slam. Havock gets to his feet quickly and pins. One.. two.. no, Jack kicks out. Tommy gets up quickly and lets Jack use his energy to get up on his own. Havock taunts at R.J., who runs at him, but Havock catches him with a Jumping DDT!

Zach Davis: Picture perfect looking move there!

Havock again waits for Jack to stand up on his own power.. and as soon as he does, Tommy hits the Havock-Wrecker!! He quickly pins Jack, hooking the leg! One, two,-

Luscious Jackson: Logan lunges to break up the pinfall-

Three! Logan doesn't make it in time, and Reckless Jack has been eliminated.

Shannan Lerch: He spent a lot of time in the match and gave a great effort! Not to mention that Tommy was a fresh man, pretty much.

Logan is now the one being double teamed, as both Kurtis Victory and Tommy Havock start attacking him. They kick at him over and over, and as they do so the bells chime. Rollin by Limp Bizkit plays.

Zach Davis: Time for Road Rage!

And, indeed, Road Rage heads out from the back. He heads for the ring and slides in.

Luscious Jackson: Great. Now we got Road Rage AND Rage in the ring. Maybe we should just call him Regular Rage.

Shannan Lerch: You might not need to worry. Rage might be gone soon!

Road Rage is attacking Rage and Rick Mad as we speak. Lefts and rights to both men before he grabs them both by the throat and lifts them up... Double Chokeslam!

Zach Davis: Impressive.

He pins both men at the same time. One, two.. No, Logan tripped over Road Rage, breaking the pin.

Luscious Jackson: How's that shit for irony? Logan accidently saved Rick Mad!

Logan turns around to see what happened just as Rick Mad gets to his feet. The two meet each other's gazes and you could cut the tension in the air with a butterknife. Before anything can happen, Victory grabs Logan and spins him around before DDTing him down to the mat. Rick Mad tackles Road Rage down and Mob Mentality begins beating on on him. This leaves Tommy Havock and Davey Ortega looking around for someone to attack, and they see each other and begin to brawl!

Shannan Lerch: This is pure madness!

Luscious Jackson: You could say this is WWAARR!

Zach Davis: You are lame.

Kurtis Victory picks Logan up and picks him up for a Vertical Suplex. Logan is able to shift his weight and lands behind Victory, however. Kurtis turns around, Logan executes the Impact Style!, but no, Victory gets out of the way in time. Logan goes for a Clothesline, Kurtis ducks it and picks up Logan in the Fireman's Carry position.

Shannan Lerch: He's going for The Win! That could be the end of Logan!

No! Logan manages to slide down behind Victory this time. Again, Victory turns around and again Logan goes for the Impact Style!...

Luscious Jackson: It connects!-

Zach Davis: Yeah, but it connects with Rick Mad!

Victory managed to get out of the way again, but Rick Mad was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He stumbles back and Tommy Havock. Havock turns around and BAM! Another Havock-Wrecker. He then goes for the pin. One... two... three!

Shannan Lerch: Rick Mad is eliminated! And this Tommy Havock guy is impressing the hell out of me.

At the same time, the bell chimes. Bad Horsie by Steve Vai hits and the crowd erupts!

Luscious Jackson: Awww shit. It's Dake Ken.

Dake runs to the ring and slides in, beelining right for Logan. He tackles Logan down and showers lefts and rights at him. Logan rolls out of the ring, and Dake hits a Baseball Slide, sending Logan crashing into the guardrails. Dake then rolls out and starts stomping at him some more.

Zach Davis: He sure knows who he has to beat up to get noticed! Dake is on a war path. No pun intended.

Tommy Havock and Kurtis Victory have gone back to fighting each other, and Ortega and Road Rage are double teaming Rage. Victory punches Havock a few times and then throws him to the ropes. He hits a Powerslam into pin! One... two.... no, Tommy kicks out. Victory picks him up again and grabs him... He hits Success! Pin! One! Two!

Shannan Lerch: Tommy Havock is gone!

NO! Havock got his shoulder up at the exact last second. Victory stands up, not happy. Davey Ortega and Road Rage are still beating on Regular Rage. Ortega hits his Hail to the GM kick to the groin, and the crowd OOOOH's as Rage's face tells the story of horrible manly man pain. Road Rage then grabs him and hits the Rager Edge! One... two... no, Ortega kicks him off. Davey and Road Rage start arguing.

Luscious Jackson: Looks like Davey wants to make the pin. Uh oh.

Arguing turns to pushing, and soon Ortega and Road Rage are trading blows. The bell chimes once again, however... Keep Away by Godsmack plays, and Big Country is the next into the match!

Zach Davis: By my count, that is nine men at once that are active right now.

Luscious Jackson: Ohhh lordy.

Big Country slides into the ring, and the first one to attack him is Rage. Country catches him however and lifts him up with a huge Chokeslam! He then picks him up quickly... Powerbomb! Big Country goes for the pin. One... two... three!

Shannan Lerch: Wow. He made short work of Rage!

And on the outside, Dake Ken and Logan are still brawling. Dake is laying into Logan, furious lefts and rights and lefts and rights. Logan soon manages to fight back, blocking one of Dake's shots and hitting a few of his own. Logan then ducks a Clothesline attempt and locks in a Sleeper!

Zach Davis: He's going to hit The Connector!

No! Someone attacks Logan from behind.

Luscious Jackson: That Dark Prophet cat is back up! He's still alive!

Prophet hits several forearms to Logan's back, and then picks him up and hits an Inverted Atomic Drop. Dake then jumps back and hits the Bitch Kick! Logan drops to the ground. Before Dake can do anything, Prophet runs at Dake and shoulders him right in the stomach, sending him slamming into a guardrail. Prophet knees him a few more times and then executes a Spinning Neckbreaker.

Shannan Lerch: I think he was just resting and waiting to pick his time to re-enter this match, because he certainly has his second wind.

Back in the ring, pretty much all hell has broken loose. Kurtis Victory and Tommy Havock are brawling, as are Ortega and Road Rage. Big Country is taking various shots in wherever he can. Country and Ortega end up focusing on Road Rage. Ortega hits him with another of his Hail to the GM low blows, and Country then takes him up with a Powerbomb!

Zach Davis: I hate seeing that Hail to the GM move. OW.

Ortega and Big Country both get on top of him to pin. One... two... three! Road Rage is gone, and the bell chimes. Ironically, Rollin by Limp Bizkit plays, and Ripper runs out to take Road Rage's place!

Luscious Jackson: If Road Rage could have held on a little longer for Ripper to team with him, I don't know if anyone could have stopped them.

Ripper slides in and instantly goes for Ortega and Big Country. He Clotheslines them both down and starts kicking at them relentlessly. Kurtis Victory has Tommy Havock in the corner. Victory hits him with Clothesline after Clothesline, and then goes for a Bulldog out from the corner. Havock pushes him off, however, sending him right into Ripper. Ripper turns around and Victory picks him up! He hits The Win! Pin.... one, two, three!

Shannan Lerch: Ripper is eliminated! The Win, indeed.

And with that, the bell chimes for the last time. The Everlasting Gaze by The Smashing Pumpkins plays, and Nate Nytro enters the arena!

Zach Davis: We have our final eight men. Dark Prophet, Logan, Kurtis Victory, Tommy Havock, Davey Ortega, Dake Ken, Big Country, and Nate Nytro.

Logan has made his way back into the ring, while Dark Prophet and Dake Ken are still going at it outside. He looks at the possible opponents, and grabs Davey Ortega from behind. He hits a Back Bodydrop. Davey is to his feet immediately, but Logan grabs him and hits another Back Bodydrop. Logan is to his feet again, about to grab Davey, but Dake is in the ring! Dake grabs Logan, whips him to the ropes, and hits a big Snap Powerslam. He then turns to Ortega... DevaDaketion! He pins. One... two... three!

Luscious Jackson: Aw damn, another eliminizzle.

Shannan Lerch: STOP SAYING THAT!

Dake turns back to Logan, but instead Nate Nytro Springboards from the outside apron and into the ring, flying towards Dake with a Vertical Bodypress! Dake catches him though, and hits a big Fallaway Slam. Nate is to his feet... Bitchkick! Dake quickly pins, cradling Nytro... One, two, three!

Zach Davis: Holy crap! Dake Ken has got another elimination under his belt. He's like a machine.

Dark Prophet has made his way back into the ring, and he's kicking at Logan. Logan is slowly making his way to his feet, using the ropes to get up. The two begin trading shots, but they're both nearly exhausted. Prophet throws Logan to the ropes, and then runs opposite those ropes, running towards Logan...

Luscious Jackson: He's goin' for his finisher, the Off The Wall Spear!

He goes down for the Spear!, but Logan leapfrogs over it. Logan turns around, but Prophet grabs him and quickly Chokeslams him! D.P. falls to the mat and rolls out of the ring before looking under the apron for something. After a few seconds he finds it...

Shannan Lerch: Oh my God, it is a steel chair.. wrapped in barbed wire!

Prophet gets back into the ring with it. Big Country runs at him.. BAM! Chair to the head. Kurtis Victory runs at him... Chair to the head! Tommy Havock is smart enough not to try to attack. Prophet turns towards Logan and smashes the chair over his back. Logan yells in pain, and his back bleeding a bit. Prophet waits for Logan to stand... BAM! Brutal barbed wire chair shot to the head. Logan is down now, bleeding from the forehead. Prophet drops down and pins him. One... two... no!

Zach Davis: How did Logan kick out of that?

Prophet is angry. He goes to pick Logan up... but Logan hits him with a stiff low blow. He then spins him around and locks in the Sleeper... and hits The Connector! He falls on top of Prophet, his blood dripping onto the mat. One... two....

Luscious Jackson: Three! Prophet is gone.

Zach Davis: He was in there longer than anyone else, great showing.

Tommy Havock has both Kurtis Victory and Big Country on the ground and is stomping away at both of them. He lets Victory begin to get up, and grabs him in the Vertical Suplex position. Victory manages to get out of it and drops down behind him and hits a huge German Suplex! He's about to pin him before Big Country kicks him right in the gut and goes on the attack. Country hits Victory with lefts and rights, and then positions him for a Powerbomb. Victory is able to counter it with a Back Bodydrop, and Big Country stumbles to his feet. Victory picks him up in the Fireman's Carry position... The Win! He pins, hooking the leg. One! Two! Three!

Shannan Lerch: Another elimi-

Luscious Jackson: ELIMINIZZLE!

Shannan Lerch: DDIIEE.

Zach Davis: Anyway though, we're down to our final four. Logan. Kurtis Victory. Tommy Havock. Dake Ken.

Victory gets to his feet and leans back in a corner, catching his breath. Logan is at the opposite corner, and Ken and Havock are at the others. They look at each other, wondering who will make the first move.... and that man is Dake Ken. He runs at Logan, Clotheslining him into the turnbuckle. He punches him with brutal lefts and rights followed by knees to the gut. He picks Logan up and sets him on the turnbuckle, climbing up with him. He positions Logan for a Superplex...

Luscious Jackson: This could spell the end for the Face of Treachery.

...but Logan, out of desperation, starts jabbing Dake in the stomach. He is able to push Dake off, and then positions himself... He jumps off with a Diving Headbutt! He throws his arm over D.K. One! Two!

Shannan Lerch: And three-

No! Dake kicks out. Meanwhile, Tommy Havock and Kurtis Victory are once again going at it. Victory hits a big Belly to Back Suplex, and then locks Havock in a Grapevine Leglock. Havock pulls himself to the ropes, but Victory won't let go. Havock pulls himself, out, throwing Kurtis out with him. Havock stumbles towards him, but Victory grabs him and throws him hard into the guardrail! Victory then hits several Clothesline while Tommy is leaning against the rail, each one sending him rocking. Victory then rolls him into the ring, and rolls in himself. He goes for the pin. One... two...

Zach Davis: Havock kicks out!

Victory picks him up and signals that it is time to finish him off. He goes to pick him up for the Win, but Havock hits him with the Jumping DDT!

Luscious Jackson: Cranium Crusher!

He then quickly makes his way to the top rope. He looks around for a second before jumping off with a Guillotine Legdrop!

Shannan Lerch: And that is the Havock Headache!

Tommy makes the pin.




Zach Davis: That's it! Kurtis Victory is eliminated! Another good showing, though. Torture has trained him well.

Havock quickly gets to his feet, looking to follow up his elimination, and targets Dake Ken. He yells to Dake, who turns. Havock then goes for the Havock Wrecker!, but Dake catches the leg, spins him around, bounces off the ropes and hits the Bitchkick!! Dake quickly pins Havock as the crowd is roaring.




Luscious Jackson: Havock is gone too!

Havock rolls out of the ring, angry at the loss. He sees Kurtis Victory near the entryway, pointing and laughing. Havock runs after him, but Victory heads to the back. In the ring, Dake Ken turns and sees the one man left. Logan.

Shannan Lerch: This is an amazing faceoff. Eiher Dake Ken or Logan will be the next War winner and WCF World Heavyweight Champion.

The two men look at the crowd before circling the ring, cautious of each other. They eventually lock up. Logan puts Dake in a Front Headlock, but Dake pushes him off. Dake bounces off the ropes and hits a Shoulderblock. Logan goes down, and Dake hits a quick elbow drop. Gets up, another elbow drop. Gets up, another elbow drop. Gets up, goes for another, but Logan rolls away in the nick of time. Logan is to his feet and kicks Dake once before hitting a big Leg Drop. He then hooks Dake's leg and makes it a pin.



No, Dake kicks out.

Zach Davis: You'll notice, Logan wants to end this match NOW. He's been in here for a while, and due to Dark Prophet, he's losing blood.

Dake pushes Logan off and rises to his feet, as does Logan. Dake hits him with a few shots to the head, and then pulls him in for a Stalling Piledriver. Logan clutches his head, and Dake kicks it a few times before picking Logan up. Dake signals that he's ending the match, and hooks Logan for the DevaDaketion!

Luscious Jackson: This could be it!

But no! Logan elbows Dake in the head a few times and gets out of it! He then somehow hits the Impact Style out of nowhere!! Dake goes down and Logan pins him quickly, hooking the leg!




Dake gets his shoulder up at 2! The crowd is loud as hell, expecting that to have been the end.

Shannan Lerch: It is VERY rare for anyone to kick out of that move. Dake Ken is tough as nails.

Logan is getting a second.. or third.. or fourth wind now, and is taunting Dake to get up. Dake does, and Logan locks in the Sleeper! Dake knows what is coming, however, and elbows him in the gut a few times, breaking out of it. Dake goes for a Clothesline, Logan ducks, another Sleeper!... LOGAN HITS THE CONNECTOR! He falls onto Dake, making the cover.




Luscious Jackson: What!?

Somehow, Dake Ken managed to get his shoulder up. And now Logan is angry. He's stomping sloppily at Dake, not sure what to do. Dake is slowly climbing to his feet, however, and Logan starts hitting him the most he can. Dake manages to shake off most of the hits, and starts punching Logan, sending him reeling. He throws Logan to the ropes, then runs at him, BITCHKICK!

Zach Davis: DONE!

Shannan Lerch: NO! LOGAN DUCKED IT!

Logan grabs Dake from behind again and hooks another Sleeper and BAM another Connector! Logan falls on top again, this time having enough thought to hook the leg!




Luscious Jackson: ELIMINIZZLE!!!

Zach Davis: Logan is your first TWO time War winner and four time WCF Champion!

Dake rolls out of the ring, and Logan lays there for a second, his face still covered in blood. He slowly rises to his feet, and the ref hands him the belt. Logan simply looks at it for a few seconds, and then raises it up into the air. The crowd cheers for a second before Logan once again gives them the finger, and they quickly boo him yet again. The ref raises Logan's hand in the air, and is quickly met with a belt shot to the face.

Luscious Jackson: That's our Logan.

Shannan Lerch: ...and our World Champion.

Logan puts the belt around his waist as the copyright information appears at the bottom of the screen.

Zach Davis: See you next week at Slam!

The show fades out.