XIII Intro
Creeping Death vs Nemesis
Davey Boone Interview Part 1
JJ Biggs Segment
JJ Biggs vs Reckless Jack
Seth Lerch Segment
Dehart vs Nemesis
Davey Boone Interview Part 2
Jack of Blades vs Merc
Davey Boone Interview Part 3
Creeping Death vs Dehart

XIII Intro

"Let It All Bleed Out" by Rob Zombie plays over the loudspeaker, as we open up to the WCF Arena once again all decked out in black. The ring mat and ropes are black, turnbuckles and posts are red, and the mats on the floor are black. The noticable difference from the last XIII ... two rings, set up side by side War Games style. The camera sweeps over the crowd, getting a good shot at the signs in the arena. Signs such as "Chino = Big Black Bubba's Love Slave", "Nobody Cares. Whatever.", "Ellis is Emo Kid Queen", "I WANT ACIDY SPIT TOO!", "One Night in ... Sasha", "Zane is inZANE!", "JoB > Cena", "I'd rather be SAFE than RECKLESS", "TXOTVOWTFBBQ", "QQ Smalls", and "PLEASE NO EUTHANASIA". We come to the announce table where Nate Nytro and Jodia sit.

Nate Nytro: Hello everyone and welcome to XIII!

Jodia: Creeping Death's wish a while ago was not only for one show on Friday the Thirteenth ... but a contract for every single Friday the Thirteenth thereafter!

Nate Nytro: Thus, CD has made tonight quite possibly even bigger than the last. The Modern Cutting Edge Division will have a Champion tonight, as Dehart, Nemesis, and Creeping Death himself will fight eachother in singles matches. Beat both opponents, and you win the MCE Title.

Jodia: Also, Jack of Blades will go one on one with Merc of Team NCW. What is the story behind this match?

Nate Nytro: I'm not sure, JoB and CD have had their issues, and CD was a part of NCW as a company, but not as a team, so he could feel resentment towards them?

Jodia: Either way, these two will face off. Also in action are a returning Reckless Jack and a departing JJ Biggs.

Nate Nytro: JJ is ending his WCF career against Reckless Jack, a fitting opponent, and they're fighting under the same conditions as their first meeting ... Submissions Count Anywhere.

Jodia: Yes, it's a sad day here in WCF, with JJ... what is this?

The Arena goes black. Pitch black. The fans roar, though, they don't know much about what is actually going to dropkick them in their nuts in about two minutes.

Jamais Vu by Dredg hits the speakers. Some fans cheer, some fans question the song. Most fans know they've never heard it before. All this much, the song plays for about thirty seconds. Around the fifty second mark huge pyros go off near the stage. Shooting every which way in every color ranging from Blue to neon green. Gold fireworks spray up from the bottom of the stage. You can't see anything near the curtain. The crowd roars back up again. A shadow steps forward just behind the fireworks. For nearly half a minute this shadow stands there.

Jodia: Well who the hell is it?

Nate Nytro: I think it might be someone new!

The fireworks completely shut off. The shadow stands there and does not even move. The smoke is clearing slowly... Jet Black And1 Basketball shoes. Dark blue baggy jeans. Sky Blue long sleeve polo shirt.

Nate Nytro: Wait a god damn minute! I KNOW WHO THAT IS!

The crowd starts to roar as they now know who it is..

Dawning a shaved head, and that damn cocky smile, Torture stands with his hands in his back pockets staring out into the thousands upon thousands screaming fans.


Nate Nytro: This isn't on our script! I hate to say that, but we never talked about this, and I sure as shit didn't know he was in the building!


Torture begins to walk down the ramp with the music still playing, and the crowd still roaring. Some hardcore fans are crying in joy, while other internet smarks know that most wrestlers backstage are saying they don't give a shit, or saying they knew he'd make an appearance, however, they don't know jack shit.

Nate Nytro: What a opening. Look at that new hair style! No Hair! What is he doing here though?


He walks up the stairs, and enters the squared-circle. Torture is handed a microphone. He looks out at the entire crowd who then cheer once again. Torture puts the microphone to his mouth, and before The One and Only can spit anything out, a "YOU'RE THE CHAMP! YOU'RE THE CHAMP!" chant begins. Torture smiles and nods in agreement. Torture quiets the crowd down once again, and gives them some knowledge.

Torture: Oh, how lucky I am to be standing in front of you once again.

The crowd roars in approval.

Torture: Don't think for one second, I came to Thirteen without something to shoot. I've been sitting at home, in my brand new house, watching on my brand new TV, that this Wrestling Championship Federation has turned to pure garbage. The company that was on top of the wrestling word, is now running with one leg, and no face. Who is steering this boat? Seriously, when are any of these boring characters going to jump out on a limb, and say something they really mean. Boring! Even the top characters in this place are boring. What happened? If this is the future of Wrestling Championship Federation, then this company is doomed. Doomed straight to hell.

You think for one second because Torture is off TV, for some strange reason that Torture is done with WCF? Hell no. 99% of you don't even know the real reason why Torture was "fired" in the first place. The real reason is because Seth and the rest of those punks backstage don't know real. If reality jumped out of the lake and punched them straight in the face, they still wouldn't know what hit em'. Seth wants, what HE wants, not what the rest of the company wants. Again, why would this be fun for wrestlers, when it all comes down to being fun just for Seth. After all that pure-shit, I left. I gave back the tainted WCF Title, and told them to stuff it in their ass.

I'm not going to take it any longer. I've never been Seth's bitch, and I sure as shit, am not starting now. I'm going to stand up for what is right and am no longer knocking on Seths door. I will break that door down, and I will keep breaking doors down, until my points get across. You want real, WCF? You're getting real. Real Torture means real ratings. Enough of this boring garbage on television.

There is a reason why I was undefeated in this ring, and there is a reasony why I was called the Veteran-Killer. I beat every Veteran, every Legend, every newbie, everybody the punks backstage threw on my plate, I ate them up. Except for one...

Jodia: WHO!?!

Torture: You.... Seth Lerch. You're the only one left on my list that I haven't finished business with... and lets say...the time is nearing Seth, the time is right around the corner. It's the ultimate showdown... Seth Lerch vs Torture. Don't try and stop me Seth, you won't even get close to shutting me down and with that said, I'm out.

THUD. The microphone hits the ring, and the crowd cheers. Torture jumps to the outside to notice five security guards walking down the ramp. Torture shakes his head and smiles. They grab Torture and escort him up the ramp. The One and Only walks through the curtain quietly and then exits the arena.

Jodia: Torture is going to stick around?

MCE Round Robin Tournament Finals
Double Decisions Match
Creeping Death vs Nemesis

"Pathetic" by Lamb of God blasts across the arena and the lights go out. From the backstage area come the glowing red eyes of Nemesis. He walks down the ramp and enters the closest ring to the ramp. The lights come back on as Nemesis walks to the far side and checks out the second ring. The crowd politely cheers for Nemesis.

Nate Nytro: Nemesis defeated Nick Woo and Jigsaw to gain entrance into this Round Robin Tournament.

The lights slowly fade to black. Bells toll as the screen shows shots of a big wooden cross wrapped in barbed wire. It's a sunny day as the "happy" opening to "The Light That Blinds" by Shadows Fall plays.The crowd goes along with the sounds. "Doo-da-doo dooing" along with it. As the song gets darker and darker, the sunny day turns to night. Black clouds roll in and rain begins falling on the cross. Lightning crashes about. As the lightning crashes, white lights in the arena flash. When the song kicks up, thirty four seconds in, the entire crowd begins headbanging in unison and throwing the horns in the air as the lights come on just a tad, giving light to the dark. Standing on the stage is Creeping Death, wearing a black hoodie with the hood up, arms stretched out in a crucifix fashion. CD stands there for a second or thirty, until the vocals start, taking in the crowd's reaction. Then he slowly makes his way down the ramp, looking out into the audience. As he reaches the ring, he slides in under the bottom rope, and pops to his feet. CD walks over to a turnbuckle, jumps to the middle rope facing in the ring, does the crucifix pose once again, takes the hoodie off, and then takes a seat on the top turnbuckle, awaiting the match to begin.

Jodia: Colibri and Pennywise fell to the creator of the MCE Division and XIII itself, Creeping Death.

Nate Nytro: Not only is this for a point in the Round Robin Tournament, but to win this match you must secure a decision in both of the rings. Very innovative idea here.

The bell rings and we're off and running. Creeping Death and Nemesis approach eachother and lock up. Nemesis grabs on a headlock, and CD pushes him off into the ropes. Nemesis comes back and ducks a CD clothesline, going behind and throwing CD in a German Suplex. Creeping Death backflips it and lands on his feet. CD clubs an unknowing Nemesis between the shoulderblades. CD takes Nemesis and runs to the ropes, bounces backwards, and rolls through. Both men roll through, however, and stand up to their feet. Creeping Death rushes Nemesis, but Nemesis hits a back body drop over the top rope and into the second ring!

Nate Nytro: If that ring wasn't there, CD would be done for.

Nemesis stands in the first ring, bounces off the far ropes, and comes back with a plancha over the ropes into the second ring onto CD with a flip senton. Nemesis stands and stomps at CD before picking CD up and pushing him into the corner. Nemesis stands on the middle rope and rains down punches to the top of the skull. Creeping Death counters a punch, grabs Nemesis in a powerbomb, turns, and throws Nemesis back first into the turnbuckle! Nemesis slumps to a sitting position. CD jumps up to the middle turnbuckle, backflips off, and hits a low dropkick to Nemesis' face.

Jodia: Creeping Death with typical offense.

Creeping Death grabs hold of Nemesis' ankles, and pulls him out of the turnbuckle. CD, while holding Nemesis' ankles, rolls him over his head so he lands on his feet and takes Nemesis over with an STO. CD quickly locks a Key Lock on Nemesis' arm, bending it into an impossible angle. Nemesis manages to put a foot on the bottom rope right as he was going to tap out. Nemesis crawls to the joined aprons of the two rings, and stands up between the two sides of ropes. Creeping Death meets him with a forearm to the skull, causing Nemesis to slump on the top rope facing CD. Creeping Death bounces off the other side and comes flying at Nemesis with a front dropkick, hitting Nemesis with such force he bounces between the two ropes twice.

Nate Nytro: And that is the danger of standing between two rings.

Creeping Death pulls Nemesis under the bottom rope into ring number two, and goes for a pin.



Jodia: Fall number one!

Nope, Nemesis with a kickout. CD picks Nemesis up and looks to end him with a Eulogy of the Dead flip piledriver, but Nemesis counters out and swings CD back down with a sitout Alabama Slam. Nemesis stands and leans over CD while holding the ropes for a pin...



Nate Nytro: Nice counter but not this way!

No again, CD kicks out of the cheating pin. Creeping Death kicked Nemesis in the side of the head to break the count, and is getting up kinda slowly. Nemesis runs at CD and gets a drop toe hold, sending Nemesis into the middle rope. CD bounces off the far ropes and comes back hitting a picture perfect 619, sending Nemesis back into the ring. CD goes into the first ring, springboards off the top to the top of the second ring and bounces off that into a 450 Splash!

Nate Nytro: Double springboard 450!

CD with a pin...




Jodia: Creeping Death gets a pin in the second ring!

Nate Nytro: And what a move that was. All CD needs to do now is score a pin in the first ring and he scores a point in this tournament.

Creeping Death slowly gets to his feet and drags Nemesis towards the first ring. Before reaching the ropes, Nemesis jabs CD right in the crotch.


Nate Nytro: Uh what?

CD stumbles and drops to his kness as Nemesis pulls himself up by the ropes. Nemesis rolls CD to the aprons and goes in there with him. Nemesis grabs CD and lifts him into a powerbomb ... but runs towards the crowd and flies off the aprons in a sitout powerbomb to the floor! Creeping Death flops to his stomach from the impact.

Jodia: That's the danger. Dropping to the floor from that far up.

Nemesis stands and pulls CD to his feet. Down from the backstage area runs Keiji Ezaki.

Nate Nytro: What is this? Isn't this the opposite of why CD made this division? No run-ins?

Regardless, Keiji Ezaki reaches ringside and clotheslines the hell right out of Creeping Death while Nemesis watches on and the crowd boos to no end. Keiji slowly pulls CD to his feet and drops him with Hiroshima's Revenge, a nasty brainbuster, right on the floor.

Jodia: This is ridiculous.

Keiji picks CD up off the floor ... literally ... and throws him into the first ring. Nemesis quickly slides in and pins.




Nate Nytro: Well, we're tied up now.

Nemesis takes Creeping Death and rolls him into the second ring. Nemesis prompty pins while the crowd boos even more.



Jodia: Sigh.

CD kicks out!

Nate Nytro: YES!

Nemesis is stunned. He got one pin, but the second one was not to be. Keiji Ezaki takes a chair from ringside and launches it to Nemesis, where he holds it and awaits CD. Creeping Death stands and Nemesis swings ... but misses. On his turn around CD catches him with a Van Daminator knocking Nemesis through the ropes and into the first ring! CD crawls into the first ring and pins!



Nate Nytro: Huh?

Nothing. The third slam of the mat didn't happen. Creeping Death looks at the ref, who is now on the floor thanks to Keiji Ezaki.

Jodia: Damnit!

Creeping Death finally gets enough to take out Ezaki with a quick baseball slide. Ezaki hits the guard rail and catches CD flying over the top rope in a tope on hilo into the crowd, but he hit Keiji, pulling him into the crowd as well. Ezaki stands up and takes a spinning heel kick over the guard rail and back into the ringside area. Down from the back runs Pennywise.

Nate Nytro: What is THIS? Pennywise? This is worse than Raw.

Pennywise helps Creeping Death up and puts him into the ring. Pennywise gets up on the apron and begins cheering CD on while turning back and keeping Keiji Ezaki at bay.

Jodia: Well, a fair fight I guess?

Creeping Death walks over to Nemesis and takes a headbutt to the stomach. CD stumbles to the ropes and Pennywise grabs him, jumps over the top rope and spikes CD with a DDT!

Nate Nytro: Goddamnit, what the hell is this? MCE backlash?

Ezaki throws the ref into the second ring while Nemesis and Pennywise take CD over there. Nemesis covers.




Jodia: Dumb.

Nate Nytro: Well, Nemesis scores the first point in this Round Robin Tournament, but not without the help of Keiji Ezaki, someone we haven't seen for a month, and Pennywise ... a clown.

The three men stand over Creeping Death and pose for the crowd, who are still booing. We cut out.

Davey Boone Interview Part 1

Scene is in a room where Zach Davis is seen sitting wearing a nice suit. He flips up his tie as the cameraman tells him they are rolling.

Zach Davis: Hello everyone, and welcome. Many of you are probably confused as to why Zach Davis is sitting here before you, after all, I am only a commentator. Davey Boone specially requested me here for this interview. This will be an interview unlike any other we’ve seen in wrestling. I will get very personal with him and find out exactly his take on Blast, his future in wrestling, and the future he sees of the WCF. And here he is, Mr. Boone, welcome and it is an honor for you to request me here to do this interview.

Davey Boone: Thank you Zach for accepting the request, it does mean a lot to me.

Zach Davis: How about we begin at your entrance into the WCF with Adam Knite and Willy Carter? What made you 3 want to come here?

Davey Boone: Actually, Carter is a friend we picked up off the streets and thought he had a real knack for…well, for being black. So we asked him to come along with us since he didn’t have much of anything to begin with. Adam and I have been friends and foes for a long time now and have been involved in some of the most gruesome matches in wrestling history. One time, we were against each other in a grudge match and fought in a Lion’s Den Match. It ended in controversy and I won the match basically because Adam Knite was defenseless being hand cuffed to the cage. Now I actually watched the WCF for about 3 weeks to a month before I started speaking to Seth Lerch about a contract. My original plan was to come in and do singles competition and have a great time wrestling again. Not worry about getting any gold, but just have a great time getting back into the swing of things. Adam caught wind of my idea and checked into things himself and next thing you know, my plans have changed and Adam joins as my partner and we bring back the Alliance of Violence. He and I had been the AoV since we wrestled together before our nCw days with Team Xtreme in a place called Pinnacle Web Wrestling where we completely dominated as a tag team and became tag team champions there as well. So Team Xtreme did have the name of the Alliance of Violence but they didn’t have it before us. And here we are today, right in front of you.

Zach Davis: Wow, now Davey you do know this is a shoot interview right? We haven’t rehearsed these questions I’m asking you and you haven’t rehearsed answering them. We are shooting straight from the hip here. I have to ask this question, can you please explain to me what happened just before War VII? And what would be different if at all, Davey Boone had been in War VII?

Davey Boone: Zach, I’m not a man to point the finger at anybody. I’m here to wrestle and have fun doing what I love to do and gold isn’t even on my mind and not on Adam’s mind. We dominated the lack luster tag team division Lerch has here in the WCF so there was nothing really left for us to accomplish. He had no choice but to place the gold around our waist. And that’s what happened, just one of those things. But before War VII, Adam Knite and Willy Carter had to take a leave to handle some personal issues and that’s alright by me. I knew what I was getting myself into and knew that I was great friends with TVO and TXO and thought we’d have a great friendly match. I was wrong Zach, I was brutally attacked and given a severe concussion. I do blame myself for this because of the trust that I placed into different people, but I also blame Adam Knite and Willy Carter for this as well. For if they had been in the arena that night or even at ringside to help even up the odds, I would have not have gotten hurt and went on to War VII. Now, me being in War VII might not have changed anything and Skyler Striker would have still won it….then I’d be a liar. I was suppose to win that match and go on to face the World Champion Jack of Blades sooner than later instead of Striker. As you saw, Adam Knite and Willy Carter couldn’t come to my aid because they were away on personal business and I got the ever living hell beat out of me! Anybody would be upset when something like that happens, but being out of War VII wasn’t that big of a deal because Zach, we aren’t worried about winning gold right now. I’m just concerned about the state of the Alliance of Violence right now.

End of the 1st session of questions! Next session to be later on in the night.

JJ Biggs Segment

Hank Brown is standing outside of one of the many locker rooms in the backstage area. The name on the door reads, "The Greatest" JJ Biggs. Hank is wearing a nice suit and he has a microphone.

Hank Brown: I'm standing outside of "The Greatest" JJ Biggs' locker room. I'm hoping to get an interview regarding his match later tonight. Most of you know, well probably all of you know, that tonight is Biggs' last night in professional wrestling and he'll be facing off against Reckless Jack in his last match!

Hank nods to the camera as he proceeds to knock on the door. It doesn't take long for it to be answered and "The Greatest" JJ Biggs walks out of the locker room wearing his wrestling gear. He closes the door softly behind him as he stands next to Hank Brown.

Hank Brown: Where's Jake Hudson tonight?

"The Greatest": He's in Miami. We agreed that this being my final match, it'd be best if I came here by myself.

Hank Brown: Oh, I see. I was hoping to get your thoughts on quite a few things. How do you feel going into your match with Reckless Jack?

"The Greatest": Quite frankly, Hank, I feel honored. You see, it's been said all week that he and I have a huge history. I've beaten him, he's beaten me. We've had one of the most popular rivalries that this business has ever seen! And tonight, that rivalry is going to come to an end. I'd love to be able to look back on this day and say that I got the best of Reckless Jack. I want to be able to say that I left this business on a good note. However, I would not be disappointed if I lost this match tonight. Reckless Jack is probably the only man I wouldn't mind losing to. He's that good. And I have that much respect for him.

Hank Brown: I see. I'd also like to get your thoughts on your career in general?

"The Greatest": Well, I think it's been pretty good. I've had fun. I've gotten the opportunity to wrestle some of the best superstars in the world, and I've beaten quite a few of them. I've..I've had a great time, Hank. And I'm probably going to miss it. But, retiring is the right thing to do. It's better to retire while you still have your health.

Hank Brown: You have any regrets during your career?

"The Greatest": Not really. I've done some controversial things, but I've always had a reason for doing what I did. Besides, you shouldn't live with regrets.

Hank Brown: Well, thanks for the time, JJ. It's been an honor to conduct your final interview.

"The Greatest": Thanks, Hank. It's been great, man.

Hank Brown: It's been fun interviewing you for this past year.

Biggs nods as he turns around and heads back into his locker room. Hank stares into the camera for a moment as the scene slowly fades.

Submissions Count Anywhere Match
JJ Biggs vs Reckless Jack

We hear the start of A.F.I.'s "This Time Imperfect" comes into the arena as the lights go out. Blue strobe light starts up as the crowd rocks out to the song. The strobe light stops only to see it start again, this time with a reddish hue to it. A faint silhouette is shown in the entry way, kneeling down with his head down. There is also a white mist surrounding the area where the silhouette is at.

The strobe light stops when the chorus comes in for a second time when pyro explodes as a red spotlight shines brightly on Reckless Jack as he is kneeling down. He springs to his feet and throws his arms out. The fans are cheering seeing Reckless Jack as he starts to breath deeply and exhale. Reckless Jack looks on at the fans, some of which happening to be headbanging out to the song while the others are just kinda enjoying what is going on. Reckless Jack smirks as he starts to walk down to the ring in a WCF Hoodie, jean shorts and ADIDAS shoes. The spotlight stays on him as the people continue to cheer. He slaps a few hands on his way to the ring.

Once Reckless Jack is in the middle of the ramp, he stops and starts to hype himself up as he throws his arm into the air and lifts it high. A string of pyro shoots down the ramp as he brings the arm back down. He continues slapping hands with the cheering fans. After he gets to the ring apron, he rolls into the ring, hopping on the nearest turnbuckle, throwing out his arms once more. The crowd cheering, as he hops down and does the same on the opposite turnbuckle. He hops down and he gets himself ready for the match!

Nate Nytro: Ladies and gentlemen, there is Reckless Jack! The man has had a great career in WCF, and he's going to be facing JJ Biggs tonight!

Jodia: This should be a great match!

"Voices" by Disturbed hits the speaker system and the crowd quickly stand on their feet once again! The music plays a little bit before JJ Biggs brushes the curtain aside and walks out onto the stage. He sticks his arms out to the side and pyrotechnics shoot into the air around him! He slowly starts to make his way down to the ring. He slaps hands with a few fans and he even walks around the ring to slap hands with a few more. He then proceeds by climbing up the steps and he enters the ring through the middle rope.

The bell rings. The crowd is cheering loudly as Reckless Jack and "The Greatest" JJ Biggs meet in the center of the ring to shake hands. The two back up and they slowly begin circling around the ring. Biggs finally charges forward and he goes for a Clothesline, but Reckless Jack ducks under it. As soon as Biggs turns around, Reckless Jack nails him with a Spinning Heel Kick. Reckless Jack backs up and he waits for Biggs to get to his feet. As soon as he does, Jack charges in his direction and he does a Baseball Slide between Biggs' legs. He slides onto the apron and he's up to his feet quickly. Biggs turns around and Reckless Jack grabs onto the top rope and uses it to fling himself up onto it. He springboards off and he nails Biggs with a Dropkick! Reckless Jack is moving quickly as he grabs Biggs' legs and he's about to lock in a Figure Four Leglock, but Biggs reacts quickly and he drills Reckless Jack with a boot to the chest which sends Reckless Jack falling through the middle rope to the outside.

Nate Nytro: Reckless Jack was going to go for the early victory, but Biggs managed to save himself right there!

Jodia: Reckless Jack has been in complete control so far! Biggs is lucky that, like you said, he was able to save himself from getting locked in that submission hold.

Biggs slowly rolls to the outside of the ring and Reckless Jack is back up to his feet. Jack tries to hit Biggs with a right hand, but Biggs blocks it and he nails RJ with a couple of rights of his own. Reckless Jack recovers quickly and he charges at Biggs; but Biggs quickly wraps his arms around Reckless Jack. He immediately flings him overhead with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex and he crashes back first into the ring post, landing directly on his head!

Nate Nytro: Reckless Jack might really be hurt after that one!

Jodia: He's fine!

Nate Nytro: The man landed on his head!

Biggs reaches down and he pulls Reckless Jack back to his feet. Jack can hardly stand on his own and Biggs has to use his own energy to keep him on his feet. He walks him over to the ramp and he looks to be setting up for the Biggs Implant on the ramp! He has Reckless Jack's head under his arm. He goes to lift him up, but Reckless Jack manages to squeeze his way out. Reckless Jack turns his back to Biggs and he flips backwards nailing Biggs directly on the top of his head with the Pele Kick! Again, Reckless Jack landed awkwardly on steel. Both men are down and the crowd is cheering wildly for the effort from these two so far! Slowly, Biggs is starting to get back to his feet and Reckless Jack is doing the same. Both men are nailing each other with rights and lefts as they slowly make it up the ramp. By the time they reach the top, Biggs has gotten the best of Reckless Jack.

Nate Nytro: Where are these two going?

Jodia: Wherever the battle takes them!

Biggs grabs Reckless Jack's head and he bounces it off of the steel wall! He doesn't release the grip on RJ's head as he walks him to the backstage area. Biggs continues walking, but he has given Reckless Jack too much time to recover. Jack elbows Biggs a couple of times in the mid-section before grabbing Biggs' arm and taking him down with an Armbar DDT! On the concrete! Biggs' skull just bounced off the concrete! Biggs is motionless as a small puddle of blood begins to form around the head of JJ Biggs! Reckless Jack continues on with the match as he walks to the right leg of Biggs and he lifts it up from the ground. He then proceeds by slamming it down, knee first, onto the concrete! Biggs shouts in pain, which is a good sign as it shows he's alive! Reckless Jack grabs the leg once again and he slams it knee first onto the concrete!

Nate Nytro: Reckless Jack has a plan! He's weakening that right leg which will make it easier for him to lock in a submission hold!

Jodia: He's a smart man.

And it doesn't look like Reckless Jack is going to wait around before he utilizies the now damaged right leg! He grabs that leg once again and he proceeds to lock in a Single Leg Crab! Biggs lifts his face from the cold concrete and he's screaming in pain! His face is covered in blood and the referee is inches away asking him constantly if he wants to quit. Reckless Jack is leaning back as far as he can and he's shouting for Biggs to tap-out!

Nate Nytro: This could be the end of the match! I don't think Biggs is going to be able to get out of this one!

Biggs is so close to tapping out, but somehow he manages to push his body up off of the ground with both hands which takes some of the pressure of the hold off of his leg. His leg is badly injured, however, and he's struggling to free himself. Somehow, someway, he manages to come up with enough strength in that right leg to fling Reckless Jack forward sending him crashing face first into the wall! Biggs collapses back down to the cold concrete floor where Reckless Jack is now lying, as well. Biggs struggles to get back to his feet, but he can hardly put any weight on his right leg.

Nate Nytro: If Biggs isn't able to walk on his leg, he isn't going to be able to use any of his power moves that have helped him so much in the past!

Reckless Jack is slowly getting back to his feet and Biggs is gingerly walking towards him. Reckless Jack now has a cut on his forehead, as well, but he's not bleeding nearly as much as Biggs. Jack tries to go for a right hand, but Biggs blocks it and he nails Jack with a right of his own. Biggs uses his forearm to wipe some of the blood away from his eyes. He then nails Jack with another right hand and he grabs him. He sends him flying into a pop machine with an Irish Whip! Reckless Jack stumbles backwards and Biggs manages to drop Reckless Jack with an Inverted DDT! Biggs is grimacing in pain as he grabs his injured right knee. Biggs grabs Reckless Jack and he manages to lock in the Rear Naked Choke!

Nate Nytro: JJ Biggs with the Rear Naked Choke! I don't think Reckless Jack can get out of this submission hold!

Jodia: It's only a matter of seconds before Reckless Jack submits and thus gives the victory to Biggs!

Reckless Jack is struggling to free himself from the submission hold and it appears as if he's only moments away from tapping out. Reckless Jack is kicking his feet and swinging his fists trying to free himself and he ends up kicking Biggs a couple of times in his injured knee, which sends enough pain through Biggs' body to cause him to release the submission hold.

Nate Nytro: And Reckless Jack managed to free himself! This match continues!

Jodia: The match indeed continues, but I don't know if these competitors are able to continue.

Biggs is slowly getting back to his feet and he's hardly able to stand with his right knee in pain, but he's up. He manages to grab Reckless Jack and pull him back up to his feet. He looks around for something to use and he notices a table. He limps his way over towards the table with Reckless Jack in hand. He gets to the table and he delivers a knee to the midsection, almost losing his balance. Reckless Jack bends forward and Biggs places his head between his legs. He wraps his arms around his midsection and he tries to go for a Powerbomb, but his knee won't let him. Biggs tries it again and you can hear him screaming in agony as he manages to get Reckless Jack on his shoulders! His injured knee is wobbling as he goes to execute the Powerbomb!

Nate Nytro: This could be the end of Reckless Jack!

At the last moment, Reckless Jack shows magnificent strength as he somehow manages to execute a modified Hurricanranna that sends Biggs clumsily back first into the wall, but Reckless Jack went through the table and Biggs landed on his head! Both men are down, and as far as anyone knows, both men are out! The referee is checking on both men, looking for any kind of movement. He sees Reckless Jack blinking and Biggs is slowly moving his arm a little bit to show he's still in the match!

Nate Nytro: Oh, my God! That was a terrible move! Both men could have seriously hurt themselves!

Jodia: It looks like they did hurt themselves! I don't know if either of these men are going to be able to execute any kind of submission hold after the chaos this match has brought!

As quick as a hiccup, Reckless Jack rolls over on top of JJ Biggs and rolls again bringing JJ with him, in a Dragon Sleeper! Reckless Jack wraps his legs around JJ in a scissors, and the ref is right in JJ's face.

Jodia: Oh this looks like...

JJ is shaking his head no, but Reckless Jack keeps applying pressure.

Nate Nytro: Hold on JJ...

He just can't do it. JJ taps out on Reckless Jack's arm. The bell rings and Jack releases the hold.

Jodia: Awesome match put on by these two. Simply awesome.

Reckless Jack slowly makes it to his feet, and helps JJ up as well. The two men embrace and Reckless Jack raises JJ's hand, and with his other points to JJ, showing great respect.

Nate Nytro: JJ Biggs, we shall miss you.

We cut out to the fans chanting "JJ! JJ! JJ!".

Seth Lerch Segment

Master of Puppets hits, and the crowd erupts in MASSIVE booing.

Nate Nytro: The ticketbuying public knew this would be a Creeping Death show, and most people here are hardcore Creeping Death fans, and thusly, hate Seth Lerch with a passion.

Seth steps out from the back, a grin on his face, taking the hatred in. He is flanked by two large, mean looking bodyguards. As Seth arrives at the ring, they stand outside, facing the entrance ramp. He slides in and grabs a mic.

Seth Lerch: Aw, thanks guys, I love you too!


Seth Lerch: No, but seriously. Have you guys seen Clerks? "I'm not even supposed to be here today!"

A few people who appreciate good movies get the reference.

Seth Lerch: I wasn't going to be. This is Creeping Death's show, and I didn't want anything to do with it. So I'm watching from the back, minding my own business, when I see that son of a bitch Torture show up.

The crowd pops huge, and a slight Torture chant begins. Seth ignores it.

Seth Lerch: Well, you want to hear what I have to say about it?

Slight cheers, because they do.

Seth Lerch: Well then tune in to Slam, Sunday night! Opening segment, you get my thoughts on Torture, and a huge announcement about the main event of Payback! See you then!

With that, Seth drops the mic to the mat. He slides out of the ring and begins heading to the back.

Nate Nytro: What bullshit.

Jodia: Seth is such a coward. He knows Torture is here... I bet he's getting the hell out of the building as we speak.

Seth disappears behind the curtain.

MCE Round Robin Tournament Finals
Double Ladder Match
Dehart vs Nemesis

Jodia: And now it is time for the Double Ladder Match, featuring Dehart and Nemesis, who beat Creeping Death earlier tonight thanks to Keiji Ezaki and Pennywise.

Nate Nytro: There is no telling why these two men helped Nemesis, but Dehart better watch his back.

Inside the ring, WCF crew members are bringing out ladders and placing them around the rings. The chair, which is black and painted with a red X on it, is lowered to above the first ring, a good 20 feet up and the spool of barbed wire is lowered above the second.

Nate Nytro: The concept of this match is to secure both items, wrap the chair in the barbed wire, and hit your opponent with it to win.

"Pathetic" by Lamb of God blasts across the arena and the lights go out. From the backstage area come the glowing red eyes of Nemesis. He walks down the ramp and enters the first ring. The lights come back on and the crowd now boos for Nemesis thanks to the events earlier.

Jodia: What an asshole. Creeping Death gets him a job over here in the states, with WCF no less, and Nemesis, Ezaki, and Pennywise ALL basically turn on the MCE Division. Go Dehart.

"Deserver" by Index Case hits the PA system, and Dehart comes out from the backstage area to cheers. The crowd continues the cheers as he reaches the first ring and slides in.

Nate Nytro: This man has a victory over Creeping Death, and then Pennywise and Colibri, and more recently had a fantastic match with WCF World Champion Jack of Blades. Let's see what he can do in a Double Ladder Match. But remember, not only has Nemesis had a match before, but he has back-up.

Dehart and Nemesis circle eachother, trying to find an opening. Dehart does as he hits a quick kick to Nemesis' left shin. Without wasting any time, Dehart slides out of the ring and snags a ladder.

Jodia: We know the storied history with Creeping Death and ladders ... how will Dehart fare?

Dehart takes the ladder and slides back into the ring where Nemesis is waiting. Nemesis drops a leg across the back of Dehart's skull, forcing his face into the ladder. Dehart bounces to his knees holding his face. Nemesis takes the ladder and puts it up in the corner.

Nate Nytro: Where could this be going?

Nemesis takes Dehart, whips him towards the ladder, but holds on, goes to throw him the other way, holds on again, and hip tosses Dehart upside down into the ladder!

Jodia: There is where it is going.

Dehart hits the ladder and falls to his stomach on the mat. Nemesis is already tired, having already wrestled before. Nemesis takes a breather on the ropes, giving Dehart time to get up and launch himself at Nemesis with a clothesline.

Nate Nytro: That is why this set up is so dangerous. Nemesis is tired now and if he loses, Dehart will have to go against a pretty fresh Creeping Death to win the Title.

Dehart takes the ladder and sets it up in the middle of the ring under the black chair. Dehart begins his climb but is held by Nemesis when Dehart gets about seven feet up. Nemesis holds onto Dehart's ankle, but Dehart breaks free and kicks Nemesis in the top of the head. Nemesis drops down and quickly goes to the other side. Dehart makes his way up the other side.

Nemesis, though, meets Dehart at the top with a punch. Dehart shakes it off and hits a huge elbow shot to Nemesis! Nemesis doesn't fall, but rather slumps at the top of the ladder. Dehart pushes Nemesis' torso out a little bit and leaps over the top of the ladder and sits on Nemesis' chest, causing the men to fall and land in a seated senton! The crowd explodes.

Nate Nytro: Nice move by Dehart!

The impact of the move sends Dehart into the ropes and Nemesis just lays on his back. Dehart rolls out of the ring, grabs another ladder, and throws it into the second ring. As he is doing this, Nemesis is crawling up the first ladder to get the chair. Dehart scampers up the ladder in the second ring and retrieves the spool of barbed wire.

Jodia: Dehart has the first part of this puzzle!

Nemesis is reaching for the chair, and in the other ring, Dehart begins tipping over his own ladder. Standing at the top, Dehart succeeds in tipping the ladder over towards the first ring, and as it is falling, leaps off with such force. Dehart hits the ladder Nemesis is on with a shoulder block type thing, knocking it over, and causing Nemesis to fall the opposite direction from losing his footing! The crowd explodes again.

Nate Nytro: What the hell was that?!

Dehart still has a hold of the spool of barbed wire, which surely has to be cutting into his hands now. Regardless, he doesn't let go. Nemesis hit the ropes on his way down, knocking him back towards the center of the ring on his side. Dehart gets up and makes his way to Nemesis. Dehart lays the barbed wire down on the mat and grabs Nemesis in a suplex, lifting him up and sitting out with a Falcon Arrow onto the barbed wire spool!

Jodia: Dehart utilizes the spool of barbed wire there. Sick.

The barbed wire causes Nemesis' outfit to rip and tangle. Out from the back, once again, runs Keiji Ezaki.

Nate Nytro: What the hell? Again!?

Before Keiji hits the ring, however, Nick Woo comes running out to stop him. Nick grabs Ezaki's tights and pulls him from the ring apron.

Jodia: Phew, Dehart's old tag team partner. At least he has back-up.

Nick Woo enters the ring and promptly boots Dehart in the stomach and rips his head off with a Stunner!

Nate Nytro: Jesus, this reminds me of a certain Russo.

Jodia: Damnit, what the ...?

Nick Woo sets the ladder up in the ring and climbs it. Just before reaching the chair, however, Creeping Death slides in the ring and pushes the ladder over. Nick Woo flies into the second ring and totally crashes and burns.

Nate Nytro: XIII should be subtitled 'run-in-a-palooza'.

However, yet another run-in occures, as Pennywise comes running down to the ring and joins in entering with Keiji Ezaki. The two men administer a beatdown on Creeping Death, allowing Nemesis to pull the ladder once again to a standing base and climb it, retrieveing the chair.

Jodia: No ... not this way ...

Nemesis drops to the mat as Nick Woo slowly gets back in the first ring, laying the boots to Dehart. Ezaki and Pennywise are still beating down Creeping Death, and Nemesis wraps the chair with the barbed wire.

Nate Nytro: Goddamnit, just ... shit.

Nick Woo grabs Dehart in a full nelson and Nemesis cracks him right in the forehead. The bell rings.

Jodia: Nemesis has won the MCE Title ... no thanks to half the roster helping him out.

Ezaki and Pennywise dump CD to the floor as the bell keeper hands up the new MCE Division Title to Nemesis. Ezaki, Pennywise, Nick Woo and Nemesis with the title all pose in the ring as the scene fades out.

Davey Boone Interview Part 2

Cameras return to the 2nd part of a 3 part episode of a shoot interview with Davey Boone by Zach Davis.

Zach Davis: There are people talking in the backstage area about how frustrated you were with losing to Team Xtreme at Blast. Just how upset are you about this and what happened in the match that caused AoV to be beaten?

Davey Boone: I’m not sure if you or the people listening to this right now know, but Davey Boone never lost the tag team titles for AoV. Kelly Fox did…Adam Knite did…they are the ones who lost to Team Xtreme. I gave everything I had in me and Adam comes up short again and allows…after I told him Craven wouldn’t come down to help us again…he has the nerve to allow her to come down to the ring and cost us another match! As I said before, gold was never that important to me and as you can see as to my reaction of the match it changes us all. I’m sure it has changed Adam Knite, so it is my opinion that we are better off without the tag team titles. Because by not being champions, this allows me to just have fun wrestling again and not be stressed out with trying to be the best every night and just be me. The past month, Adam has forced me to be someone I’m not by not being around much. I understand he’s got a lot going on outside of the WCF, but come on atleast he can show up and help me to not get my brains bashed in! I’m mad because of the way it happened, but if you look at the facts and watch the match over again. Adam Knite was beaten by The Xtreme One and The Violent One, they’ve never beaten me before and they never will. TVO beat me a few weeks ago in a fluke match and I was damn near crucified again, if it wasn’t for the help of one Johnny Craven, Texas Red!

Zach Davis: You lead me into my next question, Texas Red Johnny Craven has played a pivotal role with you and the AoV since his arrival. What is Craven’s status with AoV and why did he Lights Out Adam Knite through the table ultimately costing you guys the titles?

Davey Boone: Anybody…any Rookie willing to come to the aid of a veteran such as myself and being unaware of my situation with my team is a friend of mine. And he didn’t cost us the tag team titles, Adam Knite cost us the titles. He deserved what he had coming to him for the things he said about Craven, the timing was bad no doubt but Adam had it coming. I compliment a man with a lot of guts like Craven has, I thought the only person willing to jump Adam Knite and kick the hell out of him one on one was me until Craven did it. I’m giving Adam another chance, he’s my best friend but if he makes another mistake and has Kelly come to the ring one more time and cost us the match then I’m leaving AoV and teaming with Craven.

Jack of Blades vs Merc

Jodia: A rather odd match-up next. World Champion, Jack of Blades versus the newcomer, Merc. Which I’m assuming is short for ‘Mercenary.’

Nate Nytro: Or a Mercedes.

Jodia: Yeah, that’s it. Now, this is the first time Jack will do battle in two rings which could put him at a disadvantage.

Nate Nytro: But this is the first time that Merc has stepped in a ring. Period.

Jodia: Touché.

The lights go out and "The Enemy" by Godsmack plays. After a few seconds, Merc walks out and two yellow spotlights circle around him. He jogs down to the ring leaving the spotlights behind. He climbs up the steps and through the ropes, and then the lights focus on him again. He points at one of the lights and it turns red and fades out. He does the same to the other one and then the house lights come back on.

Jodia: This should be very interesting to see. Merc seems to be a little more experienced than we know about.

Nate Nytro: It’s the army look, right?

Jodia: Perhaps. Either way, I think Blades may have more trouble on his hands than we expect.

The lights go out and "The Enemy" by Godsmack plays. After a few seconds, Merc walks out and two yellow spotlights circle around him. He jogs down to the ring leaving the spotlights behind. He climbs up the steps and through the ropes, and then the lights focus on him again. He points at one of the lights and it turns red and fades out. He does the same to the other one and then the house lights come back on.

Nate Nytro: Merc looks very prepared here.

David Draiman’s version of ‘Forsaken’ begins to play over the arena speakers. The lights flicker and the usual spectacles take place. However, the usual moment in the song that cues Jack entrance comes and goes without any sign of the champ. After a slight pause, Jack makes his way from out of the curtain, his title faintly swaying in his loose grip as opposed to it adopting the usual position of around his waist, looking rather disenfranchised. Dysphoria accompanies him, her worried expression permeating through the cosmetics caked heavily, trying to encourage him. He moves forward completely ignorant to her requests. Any sign of the smile he used to have is gone.

Jodia: Jack is looking pretty miserable tonight.

Nate Nytro: Understandable. World champion. Accompanied by the beautiful Dysphoria. A great wage.

Jack moves down the ramp prompting the red rain of pyrotechnics to fall. Jack, who is usually found posing to this display, just turns back observes it for a moment and continues on nonetheless. He walks down the ramp, his face a picture of discontent, and reaches the bottom. Rather than sliding in as usual, he simply climbs the stairs and moves through the ropes with all the confidence of a mute opera singer. He stands in the middle of the ring, trying to find some solace in the crowd’s reaction, before uncaringly slinging his belt to the floor.

Jodia: None of the ‘spunk’ we usually see from the champion. Must be very into the match.

The referee does the usual things needed to start a match and signals for the bell to be rung. As it is struck, Merc forces a stiff fist to the side of Jack’s face; the power of which causes him to stagger around. Blades recovers and just stares at Merc without a smile or chuckle. He then forces a straight kick directly into his enemy’s chest driving any air from his lungs. Jack then quickly applies a headlock and works over Merc’s shoulders.

Nate Nytro: No nonsense offence here!

Blades legs soon find their way around Merc’s torso moving the hold into a Guillotine Choke. The camera zooms up on Blades face, which is not demonstrative of any effort or noticeable emotion as he applies further pressure. Merc eventually drops in height before impressively lifting Blades frame high in the air with the hold still in full momentum. With Blades dangling in mid-air, he finds himself dropped into a massive Atomic Drop. Jack immediately clutches the area of impact before rushing Merc with a Spinning Boot Kick. With both of them recovering on the mat, the referee begins a count.

Jodia: Very impressive show of power from Merc there.

Jack uses the ropes to get to his feet doing so slightly quicker than Merc. However, Jack rests on his laurels and the rope for too long, allowing Merc to approach from behind and toss him past the shoulder with a throw. Blades bounces up from the canvas and jumps onto the nearby ropes trying to catch Merc with a springboard elbow. This is prevented by Merc ducking and forcing Blades to roll over his back. Blades, annoyed at the counter, falls to his feet and bounces off the second rope with a Spear just as Merc is turning around. Blades picks himself up from the mat and begins to realign Merc’s body parallel to the ropes.

Jodia: Blades looking to do something special here.

This is confirmed by Blades moving through the ropes and to the second ring. He then proceeds to move to the furthest point possible, bounce off the ropes and springboard himself onto the ropes of the first ring. The crowd cheers at what Jack’s about to do before souring into a series of boos as Jack just jumps down.

Nate Nytro: Jack is just taunting the crowd now.

Jodia: But, look at his face, it seemed as if he just couldn’t be bothered to do it.
Blades responds to the boos with numerous heavy boots to Merc. Blades continues relentlessly until caught by Merc who tosses him above the ring with considerable power and catches him with a Jumping Flapjack. Merc then continues to flaunt his skill by rolling over with Jack’s legs into a Boston Crab. Jack struggles around without his usual zeal as the referee asks for some sort of confirmation.

Jodia: Look at that form! Beautiful submission.

Merc looks completely in control as he reclines backwards applying further suffering on his victim. Blades, in response, lifts himself from the mat as if pushing up and catches one of Merc’s arms. The move falls apart and Jack spins Merc between his leges. He then struggles to lift him up for a Powerbomb but manages to. However, before Merc can be dropped, the NCW member falls away as if to give Jack a Hurricanrana; a feat of epic skill for someone of his size. Blades simply responds by moving forward and using Merc’s voluntary position to form a Texas Cloverleaf.

Nate Nytro: Submission of his own.

Jodia: And, we all know Jack is good at these.

Jack has Merc perfectly placed in the ring in that he is nowhere near any ropes and he has enough room to adapt the hold if considered. Merc screams with pain but is resilient in his attempt to escape. The distance looks insurmountable though. That is until Jack, in pure frustration, simply throws Merc down and screams at the referee. Jack’s words are base and uncivil and lack that usual performance of his. He is so engrossed in his undeserved reproach of the official that he fails to notice a charging Merc catch him with a Running STO.

Jodia: Did you hear the impact on that?

Nate Nytro: Well, you don’t just hear the impact, you see it, and can feel it…it transcends single sensory input.

Merc grabs onto Blades hair and lifts him up to his level. Blades drives a shoulder into his opponent’s gut but it’s too late. He finds himself swung into the air and drove down with a devastating Brainbuster Suplex. He unsurprisingly covers him.



An errant foot of Blades’ finds its way upwards and thrusts Jack from the pin. Merc complains at the referee’s slow count and that it was deserving of a victory. Dysphoria, a non-factor until this, decides to get herself involved with the argument from her position on the outside. This takes enough time to allow Jack to recover and drive a clothesline into Merc’s back. The referee extremely close to all this manages to dodge it.

Jodia: Wow, a ref with some sense of the ring. Impressive.

Blades drags the captive Merc to a nearby turnbuckle and begins to hammer away with European Uppercuts. One after the other. Sweat flies from Merc’s throat with each strike. Eventually, Merc falls to the ground after absorbing all he can. Blades simply brings him back to a satisfactory level and continues the process again.

Nate Nytro: Look at that wrist movement! Faster than Seth Lerch at a ‘Hentai’ convention.

Jodia: Indeed. Indeed.

Blades, himself, tires of this strategy and begins to pull Merc up the turnbuckle with him, by his hair. Blades underhooks the arms only for Merc to pull out of it. For his resistance, he receives a chop. Merc returns with a eye gouge. A knee from Blades. A palm from Merc.

Jodia: They’re both dangling from the turnbuckle. It’s like King Kong versus the biplanes.

Blades tires of the rally and drives a Roaring Elbow into the side of Merc’s face. Merc looks to fly off onto the floor but catches a hold of the ropes at the last instant. He then forces himself up with a straight fist to Blades’ chin that reverts the momentum. Blades steadies himself and returns to Merc with a Headbutt. Merc replies with a forearm. Blades, however, comes shining back with an awesome Yakuza Kick ... when suddenly something happens. In a flash, the ref is down.

Nate Nytro: What now?

Standing in the ring, towering behind Jack of Blades is none other than ... Steve Carr!

Jodia: OH MY GOD former owner of Net Championship Wrestling, Steve Carr, is in the ring! What is this?! Could he be?

Carr boots Blades straight in the gut, and places Jack's jaw on his shoulder, wrapping his arm around it. Merc struggles to his feet, but lifts Blades' legs ... and with Blades hoisted in the air, Carr sits down and nails his finisher, a reverse stunner!

Nate Nytro: Sweet move, the Ultimate Stunner!

Carr rolls out of the ring and shakes the ref, trying to wake him up. Merc crawls over for the pin as the ref comes to..






Jodia: Merc deafeats WCF Champion Jack of Blades! Not without help from Steve Carr, which is ironic, because basically last we saw of Carr he helped Jack of Blades in the very same manner!

Steve Carr jumps back in the ring and helps Merc to his feet as the crowd is ... mixed, to say the least. We fade out.

Davey Boone Interview Part 3

Cameras cut back on the session with Zach Davis and Davey Boone as we near the end of the interview.

Zach Davis: Now we venture into some more current questions to be asked. This week Seth Lerch has stacked the odds against Logan and forced him to team up with Madd Dogg to go against Thunder, Team Xtreme, and the AoV. What are your thoughts on this match and will AoV be there for the match teaming up with the new tag team champions?

Davey Boone: I’ve seen Logan get screwed the past month by Seth Lerch and can honestly say that it does disgust me. Logan should be the current WCF Heavy Weight Champion in my personal opinion but thanks to Lerch he’s not. I have nothing against Logan, and have beaten him and the world champion in tag team competition and I’ve also lost to them in tag team competition. Or actually ADAM lost to them in tag team competition; he was the one that got pinned. I can’t speak for Adam or Carter, but Davey Boone WILL NOT be in the match and teaming up with Thunder and Team Xtreme and even AoV. Who is to say that Boone won’t play some kind of a role in the match, I don’t know. We just have to wait and see what happens. But Davey Boone will not walk out with AoV and team up with Thunder, Team Xtreme, and AoV this week on Slam.

Zach Davis: You’ve stated many times you aren’t interested in any gold and are looking to have fun. Let me bring you into a situation and you tell me how you’d take it on. Davey Boone is presented with a WCF World Title shot against Jack of Blades at Payback. A one time deal, if you lose then you could lose any chance of ever getting a World Title shot again. Would Davey Boone take that shot?

Davey Boone grows silent for a few moments as he just stares blankly into the air and then finally snaps into something we’ve yet to see from him.

Davey Boone: Zach! I’m a multi-time World Champion and you dare ask “The Savior” if he’d turn down an opportunity at the WCF World Champion Jack of Blades? Not only would I accept that match, but I’d allow any stipulation the WCF would want..the fans would want ANYTHING! Just as long as that World Title is on the line, I’D GO THROUGH ANYTHING TO GET IT! If that means destroying the literate Jack of Blades or the phenomenal Skyler Striker or even the legendary Logan, so be it! I’m sick of this crap I’ve been putting up with since AoV has been here and I’m sick of how I’m being treated! It is high time Davey Boone got himself back into the spot light and if this is the way I’ve got to do it then consider it done!

Zach Davis: What has caused you to change like this on us?

Davey Boone: Let me put it to you this way…my past has caught up to me and I’m here to collect on what’s mine! And that’s to be the best in wrestling and that means becoming the World Champion!

Zach Davis: Thank you Mr. Boone for this interview and good luck.

Davey Boone: No Zach, thank you!

The scene fades as the look in Boone’s eyes is sadistic!

MCE Round Robin Tournament Finals
MCE Cage Match
Creeping Death vs Dehart

Nate Nytro: And XIII's main event is upon us. During that last segment, the WCF crew put up the cage around the first ring.

Jodia: Indeed they did, and it looks menacing. Inside are tons of weapons, and going across is a scaffold. Imposing and menacing and just scary, really.

"Deserver" by Index Case blasts across the PA, as the crowd begins cheering. Out from the back comes Dehart ... and Creeping Death.

Jodia: What is this?

Both men hobble their way to the cage, and climb up it. They reach the top and stand on the scaffold to cheers. Creeping Death pulls a microphone out of his pocket and motions for the music to be cut. The crowd is going nuts.

Nate Nytro: What in the world is this?

Creeping Death: I don't know what the fuck you guys think you're doing, but I got you jobs in this place. I did. You knew what was going to happen, you'd have to fight me and eachother. Where you got the idea to band together like that and decide your first champion is beyond ...

Dehart snatches the microphone from Creeping Death.

Dehart: You wanna talk about bullshit, CD? Nick Woo ... my tag team partner for years ... joins up with Nemesis, Ezaki, and Pennywise. And for what? Power? Get them out here right now.

CD takes the microphone back.

Creeping Death: Sounds good to me. This match is no longer happening. Instead, you're going to see a clown, Jap, nerd, and shadow get their asses handed to them.

As CD finishes his sentence, the four men come out from the backstage area, Keiji Ezaki holding a microphone.

Keiji Ezaki: You think we're that dumb? We aren't coming down there. We did what we had to do tonight, and now, we're going to celebrate.

Creeping Death shakes his head.

Creeping Death: You leave me with no choice but to right the wrong. Payback, April 29th. Nemesis, you will defend your newly won MCE Title against Dehart ...

Nemesis grabs the mic from Ezaki.

Nemesis: So?

Creeping Death: ... in an ULTRAVIOLENT LADDER MATCH!

Crowd explodes. It gets even better as Creeping Death drops the microphone. As it hits the scaffolding, Dehart and CD fly off it with flip dives onto Nemesis, Ezaki, Pennywise and Nick Woo, taking them all out!

Jodia: Oh my god, they covered twenty feet with that jump! Plus a HUGE match made for Payback!

Nate Nytro: We are out of time though, thank you for joining us for XIII! We'll see you in July!

We fade out with CD and Dehart standing up and kicking at the four men that turned their back on them. The crowd is chanting "That was awesome" as we go to black.