Thirteen Intro

BOOM KAPOW BLAMO explosions and shit go off. A packed set-up around the ring and stage as Slipknot is busting out "(sic)." XIII is on the air! The camera shows Slipknot playing a bit and then switches to Nate Nytro and Nikki Venus at ringside.

Nate Nytro: Hello and welcome to the fifth edition of XIII! I, as always, am Nate Nytro and I'm joined tonight by Nikki Venus.

Nikki Venus: And what a hell of a show we have, someone's career ends as Torture defends the WCF World Title against Corey Black ... and the loser retires. No more WCF contract whatsoever.

Nate Nytro: On top of that, Jack of Blades and his new sidekick Rick Mad are set to take on Skyler Striker and Logan. There's so much history there, I don't even know where to begin.

Nikki Venus: In a match that actually means something to me, the GWC World Championship is on the line in a Farewell Match, featuring the biggest and brightest from GWC's history.

Nate Nytro: And first up is a Ladder Match for United States Title Contendership ... but wait ...

Dark Side Segment

We go backstage. Gravedigger, Seth Lerch, Dobbie, Chester, Mike D and Jayson Stasiak are all present. Everyone has a beer in his hand except Seth and Jayson, who are by a table with a bottle of Bicardi 151. Each one has a shot glass in his hand.

Seth Lerch: Come on, Dobbie, get over here! I need you to do something for me!

Dobbie comes over, and Seth whispers in his ear.

Dobbie: Aight yo, Dobbie can do that.

Seth nods, and he and Jayson get ready to take the shot.

Dobbie: UNO!

Dobbie: DOS!

Dobbie: TRES!


And with that, Seth and Jayson take their shots! Afterwards they react with that typical "damn that burns" face that people that do shots do.

Seth Lerch: Good job, Dobbie. Good job, Jayson.

Jayson Stasiak: Yeah thanks man. You know...

Jayson puts his hand on Seth's shoulder.

Jayson Stasiak: I almost feel bad about all those times we beat the crap out of you. You... you're a good guy, man.

Gravedigger marches over and slaps Seth on the back.

Gravedigger: Yeah, you're not SO bad, Lerchster. And tonight's the night to celebrate, because after tonight either Corey Black or Torture will be GONE, forever. What a major victory for the Dark Side.

Seth Lerch: Hey, Jayson, let's drink to that! Gravedigger, you can do the honors.

Gravedigger: Uno, dos, tres...

All of the Dark Side: DRINKO!!

Seth and Jayson each take another shot before going back to ringside.

Ladder Match - US #1 Contender - Avery vs. Gravedigger. vs. Snad. vs Robb Morrison vs. Biohazard

A shot is shown above the ring. It is a briefcase holding the contract for a shot at the United States Championship in the near future for the Wrestling Championship Federation. Biohazard, Snad, and Robb "Diablos Bojangles" Morrison stand around in the ring. The lights go out and Let It Rock by Kevin Rudolf blares through the sound system. The arena boos as the lights flash back on on time with a set of fireworks on the stage. Chris Avery steps out onto the stage and smiles at all of the fans that are boo'ing. Ignoring each and every one of them he slides into the ring puts out his hands like 'what? You kidding me? I'm the best'. Chris stands in the ring looking up at the briefcase and his other opponents..

Nate Nytro: Only one man left..

Nikki Venus: And he's scum..

"Dig" by Mudvayne hits the speakers. The curtains part and out walks Gravedigger with his manager Jayson Stasiak, valet Jessie, and bodyguard Mike D. Gravedigger stands at the top of the ramp and soaks in the jeers from the crowd. He grins as he walks down the ramp, feeling the electricity from the crowd. Gravedigger walks up the ring steps and holds the rope for Jessie and Jayson as they enter the ring. Mike D leaps from the floor to the apron and then steps in. Gravedigger enters last. Gravedigger walks to each corner and stands on the middle turnbuckle, taunting the crowd from each one. As soon as Gravedigger turns around Chris Avery clotheslines him own to the ground. Snad hits a Snadcutter on Biohazard! Avery turns around and Snad hits a snadcutter on Chris Avery! The crowd yells "BANG!~" Gravedigger just got to his feet to have an awesome snadcutter from Snad! Snad leaps into the air and grabs "Diablos Bojangles". Robb throws Snad over the top rope and shakes his head no. Snad hits the mats below and holds his back. Robb slides out of the ring and instead of going after Snad, he opens the ring apron and looks underneath. Robb then, shockingly, crawls underneath the ring.

Nate Nytro: What the hell is "Diablos Bojangles" doing?

Nikkie Venus: Might have his own plan here. In a ladder match, the rules I've learned is to never trust anyone.

Chris gets up and begins punching away at Biohazard. Avery knocks Bio over the top rope and goes with him. They both crash down. Gravedigger gets up as Snad rolls in. GD begins beating up on Snad with his brawling skills. A throw against the rope, and Snad gets a backbody drop over the top rope and he lands on Avery and Biohazard. Gravedigger slides out and grabs a ladder from under the ring. He slides it out but it stops. As if it's caught on something. Gravedigger looks underneath the ring and notices nothing. Gravedigger then slides the ladder out from under the ring and slides it inside. He sets it up dead center, and begins climbing up the ladder. Avery slides in and climbs up the other side. Both men reach the top when Snad slides in and knocks the ladder over. GD flies over the top rope and lands face first on the guardrail. Avery lands on the top rope and moonsaults off of it back on to Snad! Biohazard rolls into the ring, and Avery throws him right out of it. Chris Avery picks up Snad, and Snad hits a Snadcutter back on Chris Avery! Both men are out, as GD rolls back into the ring. He looks at Snad and Chris and shrugs it off. He puts the ladder back up and begins climbing it. GD reaches the top and notices Biohazard rolling back in. Biohazard grabs GD and tosses him off. GD lands on his feet though, and punches away at Biohazard. Gravedigger hits the Embalmer on Biohazard and rolls him out of the ring as quickly as possible as the fans explode with boo's, then they turn right to cheers when they see Snad standing right behind him.

Nikki Venus: Another Snad Cutter?

Nate Nytro: Like vanilla pie.

Nikkie Venus: Yeah?

Nate Nytro: To be honest, I had no idea where I was going with that..

Gravedigger turns around and Snad leaps into the air for a snadcutter. GD shoves Snad off of him and Chris Avery flips Snad over the top rope to the mats below. GD and Chris Avery go face to face in the center of the ring. Both men livid at each other for control and the reign of Wrestling Championship Federation. Gravedigger strikes first, but Avery strikes back! Both men punch at each other before Gravedigger grabbing an advantage and throwing Avery into the corner. GD grabs the ladder and runs at Avery. Chris sidesteps, and GD slams ladder/chest first into the turnbuckle. GD leaves the ladder there while stumbling backwards and Avery has enough time to hit a stiff german suplex! Robb crawls out from under the ring and brings in the special twenty-five foot ladder! The crowd goes insane. Robb slides the ladder in and Avery takes it from there. Avery stands it straight up into the air, while Snad and Biohazard roll into the ring. Avery throws Biohazard into the ladder setup in the turnbuckle. Avery then grabs Snad and throws him into the corner and Snad runs up the back of Biohazard and moonsaults into the air, but Avery sidesteps that, and Snad crashes into the twenty-five foot ladder that was standing in the middle of the ring. Avery picks up Snad and hits a hulk hogan-big boot sending up out of the ring. As Chris turns around, Biohazard swings the ladder directly into his face! Avery hits the mats, then rolls out of the ring. Gravedigger stands up just as Biohazard swings hte ladder at him! Gravedigger takes a faceful of ladder and hits the mats. Biohazard throws the ladder over the rope and sets up the twenty-five ladder.

Nikki Venus: Oh damn.

Nate Nytro: I've seen that many of times in my day! That ladder is ruthless!

Biohazard begins to climb when Snad rolls into the ring slowly. Snad begins climbing up the other side of the ladder. Both men punch at each other before Snad taunts for the snadcutter. Biohazard sprays him with ooze right in the face! Snad screams in horror, then stops. Biohazard looks at him? Snad wipes it off and hits a snadcutter off the top of the ladder!! The crowd cheers in approval! Gravedigger gets back up as Chris Avery rolls into the ring. Gravedigger picks up Avery for the Embalmer, but Avery escapes it. GD turns around and Avery goes for an eye-poke, but GD slaps his hands to his own side, and hits a quick DDT! Gravedigger stands back up and notices Snad going for yet another Snadcutter. Gravedigger shoves Snad away before picking him for an Embalmer! Gravedigger nails it in the ring. Biohazard gets up and clotheslines Gravedigger right over the top rope! Both men land on the mats on the outside of the ring. Chris Avery crawls to the bottom of the ladder that's set up in the middle of the ring. Avery gets about halfway up when the crowd notices someone running down the ramp. It's Felipe Salarose with a chair in hand! He slides in and swings the chair and hits Avery across his back. Avery falls from the ladder and lands onto the mats! Felipe flips off the crowd in attendance and slides out of the ring and escapes back up the ramp. Biohazard slides in and begins climbing up the ladder. Gravedigger trying to get himself up on the outside of the ring motions to the back! Dobbie and Chester come sprinting down the ramp and slide into the ring. Chester grabs Biohazard and pulls him off the ladder. Chester hits a Morning Star on Biohazard and they pull him out of the ring and begin beating up on Biohazard. Gravedigger slides into the ring, but Snad pulls him back out and HE slides into the ring. Snad begins climbing the ladder when Jayson from the Dark Side runs down the ramp. Jayson climbs up the ladder and swings at Snad. He ducks, and catches Jayson for a Snadcutter. Jayson breaks his clipboard over Snads face and that sends Snad right off the top of the ladder. Gravedigger throws in a chair and Jayson catches it swinging it right down on Snads face. Jayson and Snad get out of the ring. Gravedigger straightens the ladder and looks around at all the bodies. The crowd erupts into boos. It's over. Gravedigger laughs at the crowd in spite, and climbs right up the ladder.

Nate Nytro: Looks as if Gravedigger may have this one in the bag.

Gravedigger reaches from the top of the ladder, when Robb "Diablos Bojangles" Morrison rolls into the ring.

Nikki Venus: "Diablos Bojangles"? He's done nothing at all and now what is he going to do!?

Robb pulls Gravedigger off the ladder and he lands back first. He looks up at Robb and is questioning why he's doing this. Robb moves his hand slowly to the back of his mask. He slides it off to reveal..

Nate Nytro: WHAT THE HELL?!

It's Corey Black. Gravedigger reels into the corner and lifts himself up, just in time for Corey Black to lift him up into a Death Valley Driver! Corey Black rolls GD out of the ring where he picks up a chair and slams it across Gravediggers face! Corey Black taunts to the crowd who explodes with cheers just as Chris Avery begins to climb up the ladder very slowly. He reaches the top and reaches upward towards the briefcase. Avery grabs the case and unlatches it. He falls to the mats as the crowd half boos/half cheers. Chris Avery won the #1 Contender for the United States Championship!

Nikki Venus: You never cross the boss! In this show, Corey Black is the boss!

Nate Nytro: Right, indeed, Venus.

The Return'th Segment

People are still buzzing from today's events and their cheers turn into boo's as the camera changes view to the stage and we see, recently released superstar Ryan Daniels standing on the stage, and he doesn't have a happy look on his face.

Ryan Daniels: You know... if I had to live in this piss-stenched town.. I'd be mad too.

The crowd boos... no one likes getting their hometown trashed.

Ryan Daniels : Over the last few days, I've been in negotiating, with one Mr. Gravedigger. A few weeks ago, on the March 2nd edition of Slam, I was in a Last Chance Battle Royal. And according to the ref's "official" ruling, I was eliminated by being thrown over the top rope. But the things is. The rule clearly states that "both feet must touch the ground" and it shows clear as day, my feet NEVER touched the ground. I landed on Thunder and my feet didn't touch.

I should of NEVER been fired.

The crowd boos... they don't care, they want more action.

Ryan Daniels: You know what... fuck you, I'm gonna talk and there isn't anything any of you can do about it... we already got your money.

Daniels smirks as the crowd boos even harder.

Ryan Daniels: So, thanks to these negotiations, I was unable to participate in the GWC Farewell Match. But in all fairness. I feel who is in that match, should be... so I'm not gonna say anything on that. but... the GWC match is one night... and while I'm all about the one night stand, I feel that, I need something more.

So at the end of the negotiations... I got myself a brand NEW contract with WCF. And while, yeah, I'm on a short leash, I have a job, which is more than most of you can say, and Gravedigger gave me a HUGE guarenteed salary...

More heat...

Ryan Daniels: And thanks to some recent "housecleaning" matches, I dont have to deal with, guys in snowman outfits, over-aggresive blacks... and dirty, dirty Mexicans. i guess what I'm saying is bitches and gentlemen...Ryan Daniels is BACK and if you don't like it, FUCK OFF!

Daniels drops the mic and holds up the double middle fingers as he turns and walks to the back.


Dark Side Segment Part Duece

The scene opens up again in the Dark Side's personal dressing room. Everyone is more drunk than before, except Gravedigger who just came back in from his ladder match, cursing Corey Black's name.

Jayson Stasiak: Man... I gotta take a piss.

Seth Lerch: Me too, Jayson, I'll go with you. Who knows who'd try to jump us in this goddamn Iowa place. Probably a corn former.

Jayson Stasiak: Or probably a hog. Did you know there are like eleven million hogs in Iowa and only like three million people? I'm serious.

Seth Lerch: Haha, yeah, Let's go.

Seth and Jayson head out of the room and down the hall. After several moments of looking...

Seth Lerch: Man I can't find this goddamn bathroom.

Jayson Stasiak: Me neither. And MAN do I have to piss.

Seth Lerch: Look, there's no one around, let's just go right there.

Seth points to a secluded corner.

Jayson Stasiak: Okay sounds great because I'm gonna piss my pants in the next minute or so!

Jayson begins to walk quickly to that corner before Seth stops him.

Seth Lerch: Wait, Jayson, one sec.


Seth Lerch: I just need you to do me a quick favor and sign this. It's somethin' about-


Jayson grabs the pen out of Seth's hand and quickly signs the paper. He then heads to the corner and we hear a zip followed by the sound of urination.

Seth Lerch: You know Jayson I think I'm just gonna try to find the bathroom. I'll catch up to you later.

Seth leaves as we go back to the ring.

Global Wrestling Coalition World Championship Match
GWC Wrestlers Only

The ring is already almost all the way filled with GWC superstars, as Mike and Joe Ragnal, Zak Warner, DeAngelo Williams, Brad Kane, and Jamal Carter all stand waiting for CSB. No music or anything, but CSB walks out to a chorus of boos, holding the GWC World Title high into the air. We switch to the announce table, where Phil Brooks and Josh Harter are sitting.

Phil Brooks: Oh man oh man, GWC time baby! We're ready for this over the top rope battle royal!

CSB rolls into the ring and the bell sounds!

Josh Harter: And here we go!

Everyone runs to the middle of the ring and starts pounding on CSB. He gets his ass handed to him for what seems like forever, and everyone hoists him over their head, Muhammad Hassan style, throwing him out!

Phil Brooks: Looks like we're gonna have a new champ!

Everyone turns to each other and begins brawling. Zak and De pair off, Carter and Mike Ragnal, Kane and Joe Ragnal.

Phil Brooks: What a brawl this is, ladies and gentlemen! Then again, could you expect any less of GWC's finest competitors? I -- Holy crap! Somebody just jumped the crowd barrier!

Josh Harter: That's not just somebody, Phil! That's Johnny Reb! And he's got a chair!

While the referee is busy with the wrestlers in the ring, Reb slides under the bottom rope, and immediately encounters Joe Ragnal. Johnny nails him with the chair before he can react.

Reb turns to find his next victim, and settles on the other Ragnal brother. Without warning, DeAngelo Williams grabs Johnny and sets him up for a gutwrench powerbomb.

Phil Brooks: And pandemonium reigns in the ring here tonight as Johnny Reb manages to reverse what could have been a devastating hit. The crowd does not know how to react to this, but these superstars do!

Josh Harter: I hate to say it, Phil, but you're right.

Zak Warner begins trading hands with Johnny Reb. Johnny ducks a haymaker from Warner and delivers a low blow, then rushes for the corner. He begins to climb the turnbuckle, but Brad Kane has other ideas. As Reb perches on the top turnbuckle, Kane grabs his ankle.

Phil Brooks: Oh! Damn. I hope Johnny didn't want kids anytime soon.

Josh Harter: What a disgusting and reprehensible act! There's no excuse for that!

Phil Brooks: Right, except that Reb was never signed for this match, and shouldn't even be in the ring.

Josh Harter: Not the point, Phil.

As security forces start filtering in from the back, Brad Kane takes the opportunity to deliver a series of punches to Reb's face before tossing him over the ropes to the outside. The match resumes, more or less as if nothing unusual has happened, as Johnny is led away from ringside, casting hostile looks over his shoulder at the competitors in the ring.

Phil Brooks: I have no idea what is going on?!

Just then ... pure chaos. Slipknot comes back out on their stage and begins tearing parts of it up. The GWC members are brawling like mad. Every member of Slipknot manages to break a piece of the set apart, and throw it to the crowd, which they then jump on. All nine members are on top of the crowd, crowd surfing a piece of set to the ring!

Josh Harter: What the hell is this?!

The crowd helps Slipknot to the ring, where they leap off their makeshift canoes. They slide into the ring and stand face to face with the GWC wrestlers.

Phil Brooks: This is surreal.

Without warning, Slipknot begins assaulting the GWC superstars. The crowd is going bananas. Amidst the brawl, DeAngelo Williams sneaks out under the bottom rope, and watches from the outside as one by one, Slipknot throws people over the top rope.

Josh Harter: Oh my GOD! Mick and Jim ... 7 and 6 ... whatever, they just tossed the Ragnals!

Phil Brooks: And Corey Taylor throws Jamal Carter over! It's metal mayhem!

Left in the ring are Zak Warner and Brad Kane standing face to face with nine people in masks. Zak simply bails, jumping over the top rope and eliminating himself. Brad tries to fight his way through, but he's stopped by Joey Jordison, who hits a low blow, and Clown sends Brad over the top!

Josh Harter: I guess ... I guess that means DeAngelo wins!?

Indeed, the bell rings, and DeAngelo Williams is handed the GWC World Title!

Phil Brooks: What a shitty way for GWC to go out. I'm disgusted.

Phil stands up from the announcers table and storms off, Don West style. Slipknot high five fans as they head to the back too.

Announcer Transition / Torture Segment

We see the cameras cut from the ringside GWC announcers of Phil and Josh and we cut back to Nikki and Nate Nytro.

Nate Nytro: Well an action packed event so far, the undercard was heating up, but the main events are right around the corner!

Nikki Venus: You sure are right, Nate! We have two huge matches..

Nate Nytro: Sorry to interupt Nikki but we have something going on backstage... It's.. It's Torture!

Nikkie Venus: What the hell is he doing?

We see Torture walking down a hallway still in 'civilian' clothes with no world title, and no Chris Avery. He stops at a door. The camera shows that the door belongs to new GWC World Champion DeAngelo Williams.

Torture kicks open the door, and Williams turns around. Torture runs at him knocking him into his own locker. Torture picks up Williams and throws him through one of the glass shower doors! Glass bursts everywhere, and Williams begins bleeding from his upper body. Torture, again, picks up Williams and throws him back into the carpeted locker room. Torture picks up the GWC Title off the ground and shines it up real nice.


The Tort delivers one stiff Title Shot to the head of Williams. DeAngelo is now bleeding from his forehead. Torture rolls up his long sleeves and bends over Williams. He holds the back of his head and begins delivering right hands to his face. Each puncher faster, and harder, and Williams is now out cold.

Torture: Welcome to the Wrestling Championship Federation, Williams.

The One and Only stops punching away at the lifeless body of Williams. Torture takes the GWC title and straps it around his waist.

Torture: This message just isn't from the WCF World Champion, it's from YOUR GWC World Champion..

Torture takes the plaque that was JUST placed on the Title that reads "DeAngelo Williams" and rips it off. He throws it down at Williams body.

Torture: You wouldn't last one week in Wrestling Championship Federation, and finally the belt belongs to someone whose worth more than your entire federation combined.

With that being said, Torture opens the door and leaves.

Nate Nytro: Wow.

Nikki Venus: Oh my god.

Nate Nytro: Obviously, believe it or not, Torture liked GWC enough to take the title away from Williams, and keep it to himself.

Nikkie Venus: The new self-proclaimed GWC Champion?

Nate Nytro: I guess so.

Dark Side In-Ring Segment

"Dig" by Mudvayne hits. Massive booing.

Nate Nytro: Well, look's like The Dark Side has decided to make an appearance tonight out in the ring!

But only Gravedigger steps out onto the stage. He grabs a mic from a random worker.

Gravedigger: I'll cut to the chase. I didn't want to be out here in front of you inbred nobodies again, but Seth Lerch made a mistake and ventured out on his own. And SOMEONE decided to get some revenge for last week and attack him. Now was it you, Corey Black? Was it you, Davey Boone, even though you already got fired? Was it that random M.M. guy that attacked Logan last week? I WANT TO KNOW!

Two people step out from behind the curtain.

Nikki Venus: I think we have our answer!

It's Corey Black, and he has Seth Lerch by the collar. Seth seems barely conscious.

Nate Nytro: No matter what side that guy's on, he gets the crap beaten out of him.

Corey drops Seth down and has a mic. Gravedigger looks super pissed.

Corey Black: What, Gravedigger? You think the Dark Side can step into MY state, MY show, and not suffer some more casualties? You're not the only one that I can mess with here.

The crowd cheers.

Corey Black: It doesn't work that way. And tonight you made one of the biggest mistakes of your career.

Now Gravedigger is curious, and he mouths something like "Oh?"

Corey Black: Because before I met up with good old Seth looking for the bathroom, he had Jayson sign a contract. A contract I have right here, and I can do whatever I want with it.

Again, Gravedigger looks on, curious.

Corey Black: Let me read it.

Black pulls out silly looking reading glasses and puts them on to exaggerate the effect.

Corey Black: Firstly, let me remind you that anything Jayson Stasiak signs is completely official, as per the Dark Side's contract with WCF that you yourself designed, Gravedigger. It says here, "On the 29th of March, 2009, regardless of the results of XIII's matchup between Corey Black and Torture, Corey Black will face Gravedigger in a one on one matchup."

The crowd pops, and Gravedigger is livid!

Corey Black: Hold up, I'm not finished. The contract states, "And if Corey Black wins this match, control, ownership, and all legal rights to WCF shall return in full to Seth Lerch, effective immediately."

The crowd pops and Gravedigger's eyes go wide. Beside Corey Black, Seth Lerch begins to stand up, a smile spreading across his face.

Nate Nytro: WHAT?!

Nikki Venus: IT WAS A TRICK ALL ALONG! Seth's never really been on the Dark Side's side!

Seth shakes Corey Black's hand and Gravedigger is storming around, furious.

Corey Black: See you at Timebomb, 'Digger. Hope you had a fantastic time in your ladder match. Now, if you'd excuse me, I have a match to get ready got..

Corey Black and Seth Lerch leave, leaving only Gravedigger on the stage. The fans boo and begin to throw trash at him. Gravedigger proceeds quickly to the back.

Nate Nytro: Well, there you have it! Whether Corey Black is forced to retire tonight or not, he will face Gravedigger at Timebomb for control of WCF in what could be, at least, one last match.

Nikki Venus: Logan couldn't do it, but if anyone can... it will be Corey Black.

Tag Team Grudge Match
Rick Mad & Jack of Blades vs. Skyler Striker & Logan

Nate Nytro: And now, now it’s time for a grudge match of epic proportions. Four men are about to enter the squared circle, each of them carrying enough emotional baggage to make Shannan Lerch’s psychiatrist rethink his life choices…

Nikki Venus: Speaking of which…

‘Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey hits the speaker system. From behind the curtain, Shannan Lerch emerges looking as miserable as the worst sin. Her pre-match cigarette is soon finished and launched onto the floor as she moves down the ramp.

Nate Nytro: “She’s just a small town girl, living in a LONELY world. She took the midnight train going to any-whheere!”

Nikki Venus: Shannan Lerch does not look happy to be here.

Nate Nytro: Jack of Blades and Rick Mad demanded it. And Corey Black acquiesced.

At reaching the commentators desk, Shannan stops dead in her tracks. She stares intently at the vacant seat before rolling her eyes and joining Nikki and Nate.

Nikki Venus: Shannan Lerch. It’s great to have you her--

Shannan Lerch: Yeah, yeah, I’m an inspiration to female commentators everywhere. Let’s just get this think over with.

Ennio Morricone’s magnum opus, ‘Das Duell’ begins to haunt the arena as a foreboding crimson shroud falls onto the ring and crowd alike. This time, however, there are two hooded figures standing there. In synchronicity, both of their right hands stretch upwards and clutch their respective left pectorals. In two sweeping yet unified motions, the raincoats are removed revealing two, separate mad grins.

Nate Nytro: And there we see Jack of Blades and his new acolyte, Rick Mad.

Nikki Venus: Indeed. Now, Shannan, certain people have speculated that the reason Jack of Blades arranged for your presence here tonight because the pair of you are in cahoots, that the pair of you share some kind of secret ploy. So is it true? Are you in bed, figuratively or literally, with Jack of Blades?

Shannan Lerch: Look. Nikki, is it? I’ve been in bed with a lot of men. I’ve also been in bed with a lot of vegetables. But I would never go to bed with Jack of Blades. I mean the freak dressed me up in a sex-cow uniform…

Nikki Venus: Yeah, but didn’t Logan once dress you up as a ho

Shannan Lerch: Shut up!

While this commentator tit-for-tat has been taking place, Jack and Rick have slid into the ring and are in the final stages of their entrance theatrics. Jack does his usual trick of jumping onto the turnbuckle and raising his head up to reveal a rictus smile. Rick Mad also approaches a turnbuckle but rather than climbing it, he instead decides to repeatedly bash his skull into the padded corner of the ropes. After this process has resulted in a small cut to his forehead, Rick Mad merely stops and adopts a smile not unlike Jack of Blades. Blades, meanwhile, just glares at him with a look of complete disgust.

Nate Nytro: Looks like Rick Mad has crazied up his entrance!

The lights dim in the arena, blue pryos shoot down the ramp, and a drum beat rolls into the PA speakers. HIM "Sigillum Diaboli" blasts out of the speakers, and Logan steps out from behind the black curtain with a cocky look on his face as he walks down to the ring.

Nikki Venus: Look at Logan’s face. It’s like five islands stuck on a pancake.

Shannan Lerch: Don’t talk about him that way, you tart.

Nate Nytro: “Tart?” Isn’t that an English phrase? Like Jack-of-Blades-English?

Shannan Lerch: Once again, shut up!

On the way, Logan might reach out every now, and then snatching peanuts from fans, or whatever else their snacking on. He hits ringside, resting on the apron catching up on a breath or two before sliding into the ring, and leaning against the turnbuckle corner. The camera cuts to Blades giving an absolutely despairing look at ‘Mr WCF.’

Nate Nytro: Is he going to be able to survive this?

Nikki Venus: If he can survive a night with Shannan, he can survive anything!

Shannan Lerch: SHUT UP!

Entrance: “Fallen, broken. Simply dissolved into an incomplete thought. An empty shell, cracked, and disfigured. With no remorse, I have been blinded by the darkness. With no disdain, I have received my punishment. And with no haste, I await them.”

Before the words even finish, Skyler Striker is pelting down the entrance ramp determined to strangle the life from Jack of Blades. At seeing Skyler’s vigour, both Jack and Rick jump out of the ring to the outside. Logan manages to calm Skyler down long enough to discuss tactics for the match and decide who will be the starting competitor. Jack of Blades and Rick Mad suffer no such conversation as the Bastard Clown orders his subordinate into the ring. However, this decision is soon changed when it becomes apparent that Logan will be active at the ringing of the bell. Jack slides in.

Nate Nytro: Logan and Jack starting the match off.

With the bell rung, Logan does not run so much as a ‘motivated stumble’ towards his opponent. Seeing the advantage in his enemy’s inferior physical state, Jack of Blades hits an Overhead Belly-To-Belly Suplex on Logan. Surprisingly, after this manoeuvre, the U.S. Champion manages to reach a crouching position rather quickly but his resilience is soon met with a Blades Dropkick that sends him through the ropes.

Nikki Venus: Blades showing that he was the dominant one there.

Shannan Lerch: Logan’s just playing possum.

Nate Nytro: Watch out Jack!

Nate’s warning is proved apt as Skyler Striker pounces onto the top rope and then onto Jack of Blades with a flying clothesline. Rolling with the move, Skyler then frenzies the prone Bastard Clown with a number of well-placed punches.

Nate Nytro: Skyler’s been waiting to get his hands on Blades all month.

Nikki Venus: From what I hear, Shannan wouldn’t mind getting her hands on Blades either.

Shannan Lerch: For the love of all that is good and holy, for the sake of God’s green and verdant earth…SHUT UP!

The referee manages to break Skyler’s assault and reprimand him for not being the ‘legal man.’ Reluctantly, Skyler moves back behind the ropes and into his corner but not before projecting a globule of spit in Jack’s direction. Jack, secretly appreciative of the referee’s strident adherence to the rules, begins to reach his feet after Skyler’s remonstration. Logan also manages to slide in after his expulsion from the ring only to be met with a Butterfly Lock. Three consecutive Gutwrench Suplexes later and Logan is covered for a pin.



Logan kicks out.

Nate Nytro: Logan showing his reliance there. It looks likes the ‘Classic Logan’ is not quite dead yet.

Nikki Venus: Yeah, sure, the ‘Classic Logan’ isn’t dead, it just takes him time to break through the inordinate amount of flab. I mean just what would make any woman find him attractive in this current state?

Shannan Lerch: A bottle of Jägermeister and a lifetime of broken relationships.

Irritated, Blades lifts Logan by his receding hair and launches him shoulder-first into Rick Mad’s turnbuckle. With Logan attempting to rub some sensation back into the injured area, a tag is made. Rick Mad, now the legal man, begins to pepper Logan with sharp kicks to the chest.

Nate Nytro: Smart tactics. Identify the weaker threat and make an example of it.

These ‘smart tactics’ are further displayed as Rick Mad picks up Logan for a Stalling Suplex. After letting the blood rush to his hot-dog obsessed head, Mad drops Logan back down to Earth and another cover is attempted.


Once again Logan’s pudgy arm bursts into the air before the third strike of the mat. Regardless of whether Logan had tapped into such a reserve, Skyler Striker was already half-way through the ropes in anticipation. The match moves on. Rick and Logan both climb to their feet and begin hammering each other with alternating fists. Soon, Logan manages to regain control of the match and applies a hammerlock to his opponent. Rick strains for a few moments but Logan merely tightens the pressure.

Nate Nytro: Technical mastery of the wrestling ring is like a night with Shannan Lerch. You never forget it!

Shannan Lerch: AHHHHHHH!

Rick Mad soon finds himself thrown over Logan’s shoulder with a Hammerlock Belly-To-Back Suplex. Landing on his trapped arm, Rick Mad rolls around the floor in agony before the bingo-wing elbow of Logan stops him dead in his tracks. However the elbow encourages something else from Rick Mad, something unheard of before. Riotous laughter. Logan connects with another elbow.

Nikki Venus: It looks like Rick Mad has adopted one of Jack of Blades’ most idiosyncratic mannerisms for himself.

The laughter continues. Another elbow drop is attempted. This one however misses as Rick Mad rolls out of its trajectory.

Nate Nytro: Looks like Rick Mad has also adopted some of Blades’ trademark chicanery as well.

With the advantage now going to Rick Mad, Logan finds himself on the painful end of a Sidesweep Powerbomb. Whatever that is. Adding insult to injury, Rick Mad emulates his grounded opponent by driving an elbow deep into his windpipe. With Logan now sputtering out yesterday’s ‘hotdog-and-kahlua’ breakfast while attempting to catch some stagnant arena air, Rick Mad returns to his corner.

Shannan Lerch: Classic possum tactics from Logan here!

Nikki Venus: Possum tactics? He’s moving like a fish out of water and screaming for, and I quote, a “medic!”

A quick tag and Blades is now the active competitor for his team. Meanwhile, Logan crawls over with the hope of Skyler Striker replacing him. Looking like a slug in a salt-bath, it is little wonder that Jack of Blades laughs at the Logan-esque figure. Just as Skyler is about to become the legal man, Logan’s progress is halted as Blades steps on his ankle. Dragging him backwards, Blades applies a Wheelbarrow Camel Clutch on his portly counterpart.

Nate Nytro: Blades is now choking Logan. And after that vicious elbow drop from Mad, you’ve gotta wonder whether Logan has enough air in his lungs to keep him conscious.

Shannan Lerch: Trust me. Not only is Logan a mighty champion but he can also hold his breath for ten minutes. Trust me.

Contrary to Shannan’s belief, Logan’s body soon becomes limp or flaccid or at least even more limp and flaccid than it was. The referee raises Logan’s blimpish arm. The appendage falls without his support. For a second time, the arm is lifted and for a second time, the arm drops. The power of three applies here as the referee checks for the third final time…

Nate Nytro: If the arm falls again, it’s all over.

LOW BLOW! And a painful one at that. It appears as if Logan was indeed playing possum as he drives an unseen foot into the crotch of Jack of Blades. Unseen by the referee, the shot caused Blades to double over in pain. It also buys Logan enough time to make that vital tag. Skyler charges in like a bull on fire much to Jack’s dismay. The crowd explodes. With his eyes widening either because of fear or the shooting pain in his genitals, Jack of Blades tags out. The crowd shows their disapproval at Jack’s pusillanimous behaviour.

Nikki Venus: Look at Skyler. He’s ready for this.

Slightly reluctantly, Rick Mad moves through the ropes. Jack of Blades, still crawling on the floor, moves behind Mad and uses his large frame to pick himself up. Seeing that Skyler is not going to stop in his pursuit, Blades uses his henchman as a human shield before pushing him towards the Fatebringer and rolling out of the ring.

Shannan Lerch: Oh God!

Nikki Venus: What?

Shannan Lerch: I’m starting to sober up.

Forcibly driven towards Skyler Striker, Rick Mad finds himself the victim of an arm-drag; one that lands him in a seated position at the turnbuckle. Seeing this advantageous positioning, Striker charges towards Mad before clutching onto the top-rope. Hanging vertically in the air as if to show off his aerodynamic capabilities, Skyler soon flips backwards catching the grounded Rick Mad with a Crashing Dropkick to the jaw. Rick Mad is soon pulled out of the corner as Skyler attempts the pin.



Mad kicks out but that is not the most interesting thing happening right now.

Nate Nytro: Looks like Blades is taking the fight to Logan.

Nate Nytro’s commentary is proven appropriate as the camera cuts to Jack of Blades moving between Logan’s legs and powerbombing him off the ring apron. An Imploder Suplex later and Logan is repositioned in front of the commentators desk.

Nate Nytro: Two different fights are going on. Here. In front of us!

Nikki Venus: Yeah, it’s like being in Shannan’s bedroom.


In the ring, Skyler Striker hits a Spin-out Neckbreaker on Rick Mad; outside of it, Jack of Blades dives underneath the ring searching for ‘something meaningful.’ And out it comes: a ketchup squirt-bottle. He approaches the commentators.

Nikki Venus: Looks like Jack of Blades is coming over here!

Meanwhile, Skyler Striker is preparing to put finishing touches on Rick Mad. One Leg Trip later and Rick Mad is trapped in The Lockdown. However, Mad, calling on his month long tenure in ‘The Box’, just beings laughing.

Nate Nytro: Ketchup bottle plus Logan equals trouble.

Lifting The Face of Treachery to His Feet of Treachery by His Hair of Treachery, jack of Blades just glares at Shannan. Logan struggles for a few moments before a forearm to the chest places him in the full-control of the Bastard Clown. A stream of invective flows from Logan’s mouth. In return, a stream of ketchup is ejaculated back into it. Blades just glances a smile in Shannan’s direction.

Jack of Blades: Hey Shannan, is this your hero! Your prince? Your knight in shining armour, hmm?

Shannan just returns his glare. The red condiment torrent just continues to spray all over Logan’s person.

Jack of Blades: Are you feeling hot, Shannan? All hot under the collar?

Seeing this absurd behaviour, the referee changes his focus from Skyler Striker’s submission manoeuvre to the mayhem happening beside. And, just as expected, Rick Mad taps while the official’s back is turned. Back to the outside.

Nate Nytro: Logan, here, is wearing a crimson-yet-pleasently-tangy mask.

Jack of Blades: Does this, this corpulent failure-pump, turn you on?

And like a coiled-spring Shannan Lerch bursts from her seat to slap the Bastard Clown across his chiselled jaw.

Nikki Venus: Oooooooooooooooooh!

The impact surprises Jack of Blades who immediately drops Logan to the floor. Spinning around with surprise, Jack of Blades has no defence against Skyler Striker who, in a moment of pure athleticism, leaps over the top-rope (without touching it) and hurracanranas Jack of Blades, six-feet, into a nearby ring post. Now, Jack of Blades is also wearing a less-sweet, more ‘AB negative’ crimson mask. He is also unconscious.

Nate Nytro: Did you hear that impact?

Nikki Venus: Which one? The slap or the meeting of cranium and corner?

Rick Mad must be feeling segregated from his fellow sportsmen as he rolls out of the ring, breaking the referee’s count in the process. Pulling Skyler Striker by the hair, Rick Mad flings him into the ring and follows suit. Logan and Jack of Blades remain on the outside. Shannan Lerch throws away the headset connecting her to the voices behind the curtain and goes to leave the ringside. However, something unconscious stops her after only a few meters of travelling. She moves over to Logan’s prone body and gives him a soft kiss on her forehead, tasting ‘Heinz 57 Variety Catsup’ in the process.

Nate Nytro: I guess she wasn’t in league with Jack of Blades after all.

Nikki Venus: Yeah, yeah. On with the match…

Rick and Skyler are going for it. Punch after punch. Kick after kick. Head-butt after head-butt. Eventually, Rick’s considerable strength overwhelms Skyler as he whips into the ropes. However, Rick may be stronger but Skyler is noticeably faster. And so, Rick Mad finds his skull planted into the canvas with a Tornado DDT. A cover.



An unsurprising interruption in the pin-fall process. Rick Mad manages to get his right arm up. Vexed, Skyler Striker slaps the mat in frustration and lifts Mad to a kneeling stance with an Arm-Lock. However, before Skyler can capitalize, Rick drives his own head into Skyler’s chest winding the Fury Crusader.

Nate Nytro: Look at the blood coming from Jack’s open wound. At least he is back on the apron, ready for that tag.

With Skyler stunned, Rick attempts to whip his opponent towards the recovered Blades. However, not accounting for Skyler’s agility, Rick Mad finds himself hurtling towards the Bastard Clown. Connecting with both the corner and his tag partner, Rick Mad staggers backwards only to be met with the Last Chance. Sensing the end is near, Skyler Striker signals his intention to finish the match. The crowd roars as Striker propels himself onto the top rope. He gives a small knowing glance to the crowd before leaping backwards and hitting the Skyler High Dive on Rick Mad’s supine person. He pins. It’s over.

Nikki Venus: Skyler’s won! Logan’s won!

Except they haven’t. The referee does not count the pin-fall. After five seconds of simply lying on Rick’s chest without any hint of resistance, Skyler stands-up and begins questioning the referee’s motives.

Nate Nytro: What the hell? Why isn’t the referee counting this?

Nikki Venus: Wait a minute. We are getting news from the editing truck. Something about some ‘Instant Replay’ footage that NEEDS to be shown.

The video plays. It shows the reason why Skyler Striker has not had his hand lifted in victory. It appears that when Rick Mad met both turnbuckle and partner, Jack of Blades had managed to achieve a legal tag on his follower. Informed of this change in legality, Skyler Striker turns around only to be met with a kick in the gut from his official counterpart. This is followed with The Joker’s Wild.

Nate Nytro: Joker’s Wild! It’s all over!

Nikki Venus: But, what the hell is Blades doing?

Nikki’s question is answered as Jack drags Rick’s inert body over to their home turnbuckle. Placing his defeated partner through the ropes, Blades tags himself out and throws the lifeless Rick Mad across the lifeless Skyler Striker.



Logan slides underneath the bottom rope displaying a look of determination that has been absent from his face for quite a while. A Jack of Blades legdrop prevents any further progression.


Nate Nytro: Jack of Blades and Rick Mad win!

Nikki Venus: Jack of Blades keeps the XIII undefeated streak alive!

The referee rushes over to Rick Mad with the intention of lifting his arm in celebration. Although the referee does manage the signifying gesture, Rick Mad is too drained to appreciate his success. That is until Jack of Blades takes over from the referee, holding Rick’s arm up for all to see. A chorus of boos come from all directions.

Nate Nytro: They did it. Rick and Jack proved themselves to be a formidable team, indeed.

Logan has disappeared from the ring. He presumably saw a hotdog stand unattended somewhere in the crowd. Conversely, Skyler Striker is milling around the ringside looking furious at his inability to avenge Jade’s misfortune. That is until the referee sends him away in defeat.

Nate Nytro: Just listen to that cacophony. The fans are truly unhappy that Rick and Jack came out on top in this encounter.

Their boos soon turn into a different sound. The sound of surprise. The reason for this change in auditory ambience is the shocking meeting of Rick’s dense head and a devastating Jack of Blades clothesline. Stomps follow.

Nikki Venus: A month-long alliance? Should I be surprised?

Nate Nytro: Probably not. This is Jack of Blades we are talking about. I remember one time, when we were on a European tour, a barmaid gave him his ‘White Russian’ shaken rather than stirred. He spent the entirety of the tour negotiating with her family for her safe release.

In the ring, Jack of Blades demands a microphone. Upon receiving the desired item, he applies the Joke Choke to Rick Mad and begins to talk.

Jack of Blades: You. You truly are one of the greatest jokes I’ve ever known. You gave it all up. After nineteen stitches, a minor concussion and a Sit-out Powerbomb onto scattered glass, you finally had their respect. You got want you wanted. The mewing masses were finally yours to mould. But, you gave them up so you could trail me around like a lost puppy-dog. What a punch-line! Speaking of which…

Jack drives a steady right directly into Rick Mad’s temple knocking him unconscious. Throwing the microphone away, Blades leaves the ring and begins the slow incline up the ramp. All the way, he watches Rick’s broken frame. All the way, he’s smiling.

Nikki Venus: For the second damn month in a row, that sickening smile has made an appearance.

Nate Nytro: And for the second damn month in a row, Jack of Blades has put on a wrestling classic. Seems fair.


MM Segment

The XIII logo that has been occupying the JumboTron space in between matches suddenly disappears, and is replaced by two M's.

Nate Nytro: What...that's the same sign we saw after Logan was attacked at the end of Slam!

Nikki Venus: Well, almost the same. This one's not handwritten.

Nate Nytro: Well, no, but you knew what--

Nate is interrupted by a voice from the speakers.

Voice: The attack on Logan was a test of my power. If you can hear this recording, and see my sign, then the second test has been a success. There will be a third test, but in the event that it does not succeed, I shall reveal to you my motivations now. Logan had the opportunity to return the WCF to Seth Lerch, the lesser of two evils. Instead, he fell to temptation. He must be the first one punished. He will not be the last.

The XIII logo reappears, and everything is as normal.

Nikki Venus: That madman! Why would anybody want to hurt Logan?

Nate Nytro: Apparently, he feels like we'd all be better off working under your brother...but I have to agree with you. I don't see how beating up Logan is going to solve anything.

Nikki Venus: Who the hell is he?

Nate Nytro: No idea. That voice doesn't sound familiar at all.

Nikki Venus: He seems to be pretty familiar with WCF, though...

Nate Nytro: You never know the lengths that some of our fans will go to.


Retirement Match / WCF World Championship
Corey Black vs. Torture (c)

Intense background music comes over the speakers, and the crowd begins cheering in approval. The camers cut to a close up on Nikki and Nate.

Nate Nytro: Alright ladies and gentlemen it's simple. Torture wins, he retains the World Championship title and he abruptly ends the career of Corey Black.

Nikki Venus: However, Corey Black does have one last match against Gravedigger at Timebomb! But, after that, the WCF will never see Corey Black again.

Nate Nytro: Flipside of that? Corey Black makes Torture submit, or wins by pinfall then Corey Black is awarded the World heavyweight Championship title and Torture will leave Iowa with no professional career in Wrestling.

Nikki Venus: Torture is not slated to continue fighting in WCF, so his career would officially end. Nate, this match is already giving me goosebumps.

Nate Nytro: Let's not forget that both of these men were best friends at one point in their respected lives. Torture and Corey Black have been through four, count them folks, four professional Wrestling Federations and they've carred Championships together. They have chased the same titles, and respect from each individual in the back, and for the most part they have it. Make one thing clear; you either hate them, or love them, but you do respect them. Torture is obviously still in his prime as he still carries the title, but Corey Black is one you never want to cross, and the numbers and stats don't lie. When everything is on the line who comes through? Corey Black. Take the clutch skill of Corey Black, and the undefeated streak of Torture, and you have yourself one god damn hell of a match! It's almost too perfect, something has to give, Nikki because tonight someone wins, and someone loses..

Nikki Venus: Nate, you okay, you got a tear in your eye?

Nate Nytro: Well Nikki, I'm not going to lie.. I respect the hell out of these men, and within the next hour I will either be unemployed, or I will be watching the last match of Torture.

Nikki Venus: Let's roll the tape..

A quick sixty second video is shown leading up to it. Clip shows the matches from XCW, WCF, GWC, EWE, and many others, Rumbles, Championships, Tag Teams, Ellis style RPs, and among other things set up a very intense showdown leading to these two men..

No theatrics. No lights going out, nothing. Slipknot begins stirring on their stage. Corey Taylor begins ... "If you're five five five then I'm.." and the crowd breaks out a giant "SIX SIX SIX!" The band comes in and plays "The Heretic Anthem!" Corey Black comes through the curtain and onto the stage, wearing the Creeping Death mask, along with a black hoodie with the hood up. Black stops on the stage and take in the reaction from the crowd, looking out to them from behind the mask. Corey walks down to the ring, not veering from a straight shot into the squared circle. Corey slides in under the bottom rope and gets up, throwing the devil horns as he stands, to which the crowd does back. Corey pulls his hood down and removes Creeping Death mask, once again looking out and getting a reaction. Black takes off the hoodie and drops all the items on the apron, then walks to the far corner and awaits the match to begin.

Jamais Vu from Dredg hits the speakers, and the crowd begins to boo. Some hardcore Torture fans cheer. Fireworks go off on the stage as the lights go to black and smoke fills the top of the rampway. Torture steps out from the curtain and stands in the middle of the stage wearing the WCF World Title. The smoke clears 20 seconds in, and the crowd boo's even harder. The hardcore fans keep cheering. More boos than most though. Torture is wearing face paint.. in the style Corey Black used to have it as Creeping Death! Torture walks down the ramp smiling yet focused and intent on beating his opponent. He slides into the ring walks to one of the ring posts and taunts to the crowd. He throws one hand into the air, and his other hand points to his Championship Gold. He backs down off of the ring post and the lights slowly comeback on. Torture hands off the WCF Title and it's on.

The bell rings. Both men calmly, but intensely walk to the center of the ring. Torture smiles through his face paint to Corey, who smirks. Corey slaps the hell right out of Torture, and begins punching away on him.

Nate Nytro: I think he's trying to rub the face paint off, and that's not a bad idea at all.

Torture backs into a corner, and Black continues the assault until the ref forces him to break it up, Torture launches at Black and gets a few hits in before he can even get off hte turnbuckle. Torture irish whips him into the ropes but Black ducks a clothesline and dead stops. Torture turns around and Black just hits a 180 clothesline himself, knocking Torture straight to his back. Black picks up Torture and throws him to the outside of the ring. Black taunts to the crowd. Black goes to the outside and throws Torture into the guardrail. Black grabs a chair but Torture kicks to the midsection and grabs Black by the hair and throws him headfirst into the railing! Torture grabs a chair and slides it into the ring. Torture then throws Black inside as well. Torture rolls in and sets up the chair in the corner, sideways between the top rope and middle rope. Torture grabs Black and irish whips him into the corner. Black climbs up the turnbuckle and asai moonsaults onto Torture. Torture catches him, however and drives him headfirst into the chair!

Nikki Venus: Ah!

Nate Nytro: This is must win, and Torture is going to do all he can, apparently!

Corey crumbles to the mat, and Torture climbs to the top actually landing a quick Ice Cold into a pin!



Corey kicks out. Tort picks up Black and throws him to the corner hitting a few punches before throwing him to the opposite corner where Torture hits a huge Chris Avery-Like stinger splash! Torture lets Corey Black stumble out of the turnbuckles before he picks him up and nails a backbreaker. Torture bounces off the ropes and leaps into the air dropping a knew on Blacks explosed back. Torture gets up and stomps a few times on Corey Blacks head and back area. Torture lifts him up and delivers a stiff punch and then a forearm to the back of Corey. Torture picks up Black and holds him up for a bit before giving another backbreaker. Torture bounces off the ropes and leaps into the air for another knee to his back. Torture begins to taunt at Corey Black and his legion of fans. Torture walks backwards and hits the ropes and Corey trips him on the way back, floating around into This Cold Black!

Nikki Venus: Submission locked in! Out of nowhere!

Torture manages to fight to the ropes with his legs, and gets the rope break. Torture stands quickly and is whipped into the ropes. Upon return, Corey Black tries a quick roll up!



Kickout, didn't catch Torture off guard enough. Corey runs and jumps off the middle rope, looking for a huricanrana, but Torture catches him and powerbombs him into the corner!

Nikki Venus: VICIOUS!

Torture rolls Black into the center of the ring and slaps a headlock on. Black gasping for air as the crowd is trying to rally behind him. Torture lets go and shoves Black over to the corner. Torture picks up a chair that was inside the ring.. He jumps to the apron, but out of nowhere, Black delivers his own chair shot to Tortures' head! Torture falls off the apron and crashes down below to the ground. The Tort lays on the ground on the outside, Black gets on the apron and sizes him up! Black jumps to the top turnbuckle with chair in hand. He hits a 180 legdrop, with the chair inbetween Tortures face and Black's leg!

Nikki Venus: VICIOUS.. AGAIN!

Corey Black gets to his feet just as Torture does. Black walks over to Torture and goes for a punch of somesort, but The Tort gives a good stiff kick to the groin of Corey Black. Torture throws Black into the ring. Torture picks up Black and throws him down, butterflies the arms, and looks to hit For Whom the Bell Tolls! Corey Black manages to wiggle out and falls behind Torture, pulls Tort down and hooks in Torture's Device! Tort throws an over head punch to Corey's gut, though. Tort quickly spins over, hooks, and drops Corey Black with For Whom the Bell Tolls!

Nate Nytro: He hit Corey's own finisher!

Torture is slow to the pin.




Torture has no idea what is going on. He picks Corey Black up and wants to end this somehow, but BOOM Corey snaps to action and drops Torture with Torture's Device! Corey flops over into a cover!




Black picks up Torture and lifts him into the air. Black's body gives out and both men fall to the ring mat. WCF fans begin applauding at the effort both men, more specific; Corey Black. Black lifts himself up by the ropes and raises his arm into the air acknowledging the crowd. Black runs at Torture and jumps, Torture takes everything out of his body and grabs Black in mid air and turns 180 degrees and slams Black right into the turnbuckles. Black holds his back and stumbles out of the corner, Torture takes his right arm and locks it under Blacks chin and left arm. Torture lifts Black up and hits a flatliner! Torture's finisher circa 2002. Torture doesn't even attempt a pinfall, he just lays out on his back trying to get some energy back. Black does the same.

Both men get to their feet at the same time. Torture goes for a punch, but Black catches him and goes for a german suplex. Torture spins around to Blacks backside. Black sits out and bends backwards and gives a kick to Tortures face. Torture stumbles backwards into the ropes but comes back forward, Black turns to his stomach, and lets Torture walk over him and bounces off the other ropes. Black gets to his feet and leaps into the air. Torture front flips under neath the leap frog, and now Torture bounces off the ropes once more. Black baseball slides under Tortures leapfrog, but this time Torture lands in place, while Black runs behind Torture and goes for a bulldog. Black lands on the ropes (as if he was going to sit on them), Torture bounces Black off the ropes and turns him and throws him back into the center of the ring, Black lands on his feet and continues running, he bounces off the ropes and rebounds, just as Torture runs at him, both men hit a double clothesline sending both men to their backs in the center of the ring.

Both men are confused and exhausted. Corey crawls over to a corner and sits there, regaining whatever he can, stamina wise. Torture begins stirring as well. Torture makes it to his feet and over to Black, hitting a quick knee. Corey jumps up to the middle rope and tries for a tornado DDT, but Torture spins and places Corey in a sitting position on the top rope, climbs up, and superplexes him off! The impact takes a lot out of both men.

Torture and Corey Black somehow get back to their feet, each man using the other to stand. They start trading haymaker punches. One after another, they just lay into each other. Torture leans back and tries to spray a white mist into Corey Black's eyes!

Nikki Venus: White Death...!

Corey ducks out of the way and fires an angle shot of black mist, connecting!

Nate Nytro: No ma'am, Black Death!

Torture scratches at his eyes and takes a big kick to the face, knocking him into the corner. Corey runs at Torture and leaps up, dropkicking him right in the face! Torture, with nowhere to go, buckles in the corner and drops to a sitting position. By now, Corey Black has already bounced off the ropes and comes flying in with a VICIOUS foot across the face, using the ropes to keep himself from flying out of of the ring!

Nikki Venus: Oh here we go..

Corey pulls Torture into the middle of the ring, face broken. Corey walks to the corner, and climbs up to the top rope ... and then he flies off, driving both knees into Torture's face without mercy!

Nate Nytro: OH MY GOD.

Torture's finished. Corey looks down at the carnage he's caused, and the crowd cheers him on to make the pin. But he doesn't.

Nikki Venus: PIN HIM!

Corey looks down at Torture, and then out to the crowd, and then back down to Torture. The ref is just looking at Corey. Without warning, Corey drops to his back and rolls out of the ring, and grabs the WCF World Title from the timekeeper. Corey slides back into the ring and symbolically lays the title across Torture's waist, before again rolling out of the ring.

Nikki Venus: YOU CAN DO THIS! DON'T...

He does. Corey begins slowly walking up the ramp backward, never taking an eye off Torture, who hasn't moved. The ref has no other choice, and begins counting Corey out.

Nate Nytro: What the fuck is he doing?!

Nikki Venus: He ... he can't do it.

The ref reaches ten, and rings the bell. Corey is at the top of the ramp, and drops his head down before simply walking behind the curtain. The final shot of the show is a split screen; Torture laying in the ring with the WCF World Title, and the curtain to the backstage area.